Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1916
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

STSRUNG,. ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1916. PAGE i BARREL OF-4PPLES PAID 'STATEMENT OP THE i ° rnfc mtm i-rl sf««i r^*i«,«* ! MANAGEMENT, CIRCULATION. FOR HURLER NOW FAMOUS ETC.. REQUIRED BY THE I • ! " ACT OF CONGRESS OF I That IB A>| Connie Mack Got for Stan- I ••••'( \ fey Cov";«Me, Star Pitcher of ;•'"/ i • the Cleveland Team. 'I " : -"' ,.' AUGUST 3-t, 1«i2, !>••! :•',: , • ' U N-.f :1 ', I '.!' ir 1 ,• .,-,!'•. !?< il ! > \V f s ' H < :! r • .-.-' (n n whiff* th« pnp-rs j ' ,'^ ;1 :i p'ory n'tnut rt pit'her i j.., i(h. th<> U'-'i^hiiitsinn dub, ; ;••••• i-.'..ri!Uii,' to tin- >.'«rn, h.-td ;;\';"- r:i'i"*I f:;r n ffu-'injr ttcig. !,..'. i •r the- tni** w:ts tnti* fir not, Itjs-o: inis'l'- L''"«'>d rc-.'!'lit:C ft«r tho fnn-4. j : '':''•''' V-v.t ronn!" Mark Tins- tin' b»--nff-n. ! '^.''..^,^''^ r , ^^:^',"?.'.'. Tin- \V;iv!'iUiCfnn prfchfT npvf-r ninom nlf gr-f u hurrd nf Oregon «fip!«*s foF'yff CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CBHT A WORD '"- HELP WANTED—MALE V,'A NTT;! i -l>->rn barber lt;sr p-<\. !vi' ; y tu If.'trn, r{* >c !jH*i "!'- '.il'ii-il V.eJ'.-. 'T!r;eM KVFtem i'f H.'iV- !••••!• ("..>.'.'•:,-:-; in tho t".' S.--.*;'» hi;inrb ?-v'>..'i'N :i!'i| , c h<'-p<«. U'ri'e f"!" i-if'i- 1>:-M ".•?•.•. f. M"!ii|,-..lll. i>:'f FOB fARM LANDS .-•.-''I'-KF FAfiM. IK' CASH .">","V M '.'V.i'-.i '. :••'"• '"".1 f.'isr 'A i "•• i'l.t ;.' ,.;.•••••!•:.s, 1 ,* and • -•• - .M • . i •> r:: N. V • ;t»< >!.i II.M v no' I'.Yk.M, :IT!;«. "-» (•;<• ~K I'.*!!--. ln- -,-M nth A\-- TS-S-J*- A S ' I;.«: !;• "»MKH, H..!.< •!. it A?M| h*- t!i(» evt-n -asked if K<-«ni.-i«;"i>f, pi- this f»-; nt, 1*1 wi ire.S:ud f.!ilih» iiiiiill f, it- Ih( it:j!*-i '.;/-L .*..-'.Ill <h<- :>!'"-•[-• (Si|-l!>-ri. t'fi|!|(rfit ' "" A' 1 ! "f AnRiiM "J-l. I'M: 1 , f-»ri- in !»f-! lion 418. Cental I.JWM 'in.I . ;<v ,j * A.) .^ %• '(.-< .i> .! A xi . ,M .-' I'l'. • '!•'!!•• I ;!,•!«• !•• I"- II", 0 !» v-tf-.-iril V'HVMt JtTI-i ' • i::<r *;ive fuli !>-tf! :<"'•!!.,, ,, , t . M ,.-ff»~i i., (*-Ufl As!- •"""' -">'' I:!'-"!", "f .; ! mk, Uiil frill fur ;i'.,t-'• vrif' *';'rr/"tYe. 7 r '->'>* ^ '*• !.'U;i'.C"t''l. l:<-!h phones. VYANTKlt TO r»'V J'KKH HOTTJNES Like getting back home for Thanksgiving-*they satisfy ! , j Thanksgiving with the old folks at home-^it does satisfy I Fof'5your smoking, Chesterfields do tho same thing—they satisfy ! But Chesterfidds are MILD, too—that's the wonder of it. Don't expect this ntxy cigarette enjoyment (satisfy, yet mild) from any cigarette but Chesterfields, because no cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend —an entirely --ties? combination of tobaccos and the biggest discovery in cigarette making in 20 years. the Stanley ('m-Ho^kh', wtio 1ms been do- j'th** publisher." Ing sri'-at work for Cleveland, got his •'"'' hu^im-** t Ii! Stanley Coveleskle. first m.'ijor loa^tio trial with (he Ath- n frw years up*. Hr |iHH»«tl or four .jjiime*. in otiw of which \V <i!-illi. l.-!i, Sterility, •;(••! iiitir. l!l: MntlnKlnt: Ivli HtetliflK. III. I',!!«ine---f( .Manntrei*. |'!i;.t.,;i (• I;I-;HI. • Inn. i^tftiinK,' 111. i! Th.'tt the <i\vn'm arc iiJive ft'iliie ;it>fl the rinrfif'H nml :nhlres«es nf Htm kli(>liler« ii\\Ht!)(; nr hnlditu: 1 (>r-r < ent or inure nf Ihf Int.'il annitint of The .Sterling 1>. VV. <»l;iinl»!i. HSitlini,', III. fieii (» <Jr;:iniliiti, Hti'ilinir. III. rii'.«tiii! I*, (iraiii'ldti. Hterliiu-;. 111. 3 That (he I<IHIWII tiotiilhnlilers, ii-es, "sirul oihei .ui'i iirily hniif- er? 1 nwtiinir nr hohliiiK 1 r*'i" < f nt 'nr 111"!'- f'f tl'till illlt'tilllt l>f |H>||<|I«. ni'il'l - i;;ii;eM, 1,1 nther «f urltie« ;ire; (If there lite Millie. Mi Mjite I 1 >. \\ . <il;ttl<loll, H|e| |i|l^, lit t. That I IIP ttvn pnrsiKriiphs next ,h"\'e, jjlvinjr tho imnM'-n «>f the nwn- r«. «tOi kliolderw, tirtil.Mvrurlly holilori*. If any, (Hilitnin riul only the liM nf HELP WAKtED \VA.XTK 1» .leffersi'Il I" 1 ';; \V \.\TKI>- \V " v,<!ik .1! thi AT i-'ou »;H.VKI:AI. ' w A.\Ti-u >-,«!' iniiMlfM. will pfl A)«"> fc'l ft!! kin flu- |lf> TitH«ir.' \V-\NTI;I> T\VM riu«hnl r.»«m' AND AUTO- !b<> Mphwt price !>f TH!!KK I'N'- fi>f \VA.\TKU niui> roii f;KM:iiAi. housewnrk. Mrs. Albert frank. 1111 J,oei|«I St. "i'-H * FOB SALE—EKAL ESTATE M r;x ST',T.' MISC3ELLANEOUS •v;jilnin« how w K" nrrrt AVrRt • Sixth St. HertHOnab!e ; prlcf, Imiulr* fit 409 Wfst Sixlh Kt. ' 71!l? trsirlc rjulcltly n CATA- tfiich thP 1 '?il l ' t L FOR 8A1.K -1 TRAM MrLKS, Cin:AT if taken tit onee, rail Hell i'N-3. S'i , SAI.I: imrsi:Hi I'ritM- '< iH SAI.I-' (i< ton si;t hli'Vele. lll(|illre ,'11 .l.'lli ell";: «.t(ifi'. 71-96* I'AI-:M I.-'ANS — I HAVK MdXfU' TO >, t.s interest, ttith pri-payment < i iiise Any funouiit required, prornpl wrvlcp nnd fnlr trentm«>nt. When In iiet-0 nf .'I losin will npj»ff>» ri.-ite vi.tir pntn'MinRC. II. It. Chnplln, l'tt-<t Nntiiitinl Bank Bide. "Itf II ,V VII. XI ...-...._.. Connie dliln't think tho, Intl wj|«'<jult« retuly. Sr> iiy sent him to I'ortlaiKl, Oni., with a proylso that ho could be ri'imrchnscd. Tills was* very noommry, ItniNiuurh JIH tho C!?lovi>lnud, club, for several-years, IWH hud first cull on nil 1'ortlatid player*. While Cmeieskio %yns with Portland there W«H some i,'hunt,'o.ln the orpuil- 7.n t Hm of the club, which, Juvul veil UH« mnklnK out of nmv pupers. Thp owner* ij (orRot to protect iluck'« dnltn to J'oveleskle/flTiil when tile denl was completed CleveUttid hud tx grip (»n him,' ' uiul xiH'tu ity hoklt-rH they apprnr Upon Uie honks of the «r nr welililv holiler iippr'nrx llputt tilt" I'lioks <if the tninp.inv lift :nintt>e nr In any nthcr fldtii'lfiry rel«- llnli, tin 1 liaini' of the person or eor. iHTHtldn fur whom HIII h Iruatfo i« act- in*;', IH Rlvert; also thnt thp wild two ianiHr;*ph« contain MnlcnwnUi orn- it in IIIK ufflnnt'n full kiiowlodKiD nnd ii'llef im jo tho cln-imifInncpn nnd roti- llttiitifi under Which t«tiieklu»ldi'rs and (Ci'iirlty hnldf\r» who do not nppear up>n Ihc luiokM of the enminny HH triiH- vt'H.'hold Mui k and. H<MurttU'H in a eii- Mii'lty other thiiH ih.nt <if a 1'iinii (hie •wiier; mill thin nffiniii IIIIM >••- reason o hfll« g vi« tluit any other person. n«Nn- idti«(ii, or «ni-|K,i;itlon ItftK any inter- nt dlieet or Ilitlirect In thi; »;iid ."liiek. londH. or other • xeeui itl».'fi thuu UN HO f»l<Ue*1 l»y him, 5. That the j»venii:e ininilu'r of rn|'ie.H nf eiieh iHHiic of Ihls ptthlicatlon .stiiLl_ur- 4lKtimiuUuL-Uuxiiuilt. .ilie.-HuU.lii or otherwise, to I'.'lld clib!** I lhel»( dtir- ln»r the HIX ntfintlm lU'eeedltiK Ihe date Khowti al«>N«" is "i,!)l3. (Thlx Inforin.'i- tlon IH required from daily ptihltra- tloiiM duly,i 1». \V. (iniiiiliin. Sworn to nnd HtlhmTihed hefore Hie" thiH -Ith day of < k-tolier, KUti. Keehler. M~UcF; o|{ SALK - S-no\S"« MH'onMfCK' ftirit r<rhifiltii-i". \V.' M, llfitMf. lt"« k Fails. \V.-st l"ift»i St. iiliil llth A vi'. F«»H J4ALK HIl'.VCLH. t.'iki'n at one« •. S«>V«'Htll SI. liii|iilrf CAl' ll'i »2. \Vi-st ' A FKW 1'IAHK HAHOAIN'.*' IN' VIS!till- Hi-mindon Tj pcwrltcru, like new, *3.S..'«n .i-uMi. Ounrnntor-il IIIH- year, -l>Vf-4layn I'VtittlJUmlluP. Sllipped ex- pri-M« i •. o. p. Ami-rli-nn Mitrliin*- On., 31!ll South PUBLIC SALB. Idlt WILL SKLh AT ri.'HUC s:lte M>i!<lld.l>'. <>et. T ;\i | . 3l| |i nt . <-n the |t|-i mi'-< <. the fnlh'Willi; de- "eliheil |i|i.|ii||y !.'•! NO. two til) III Illnek \o "HI lit nf l,o| NII, nne (I) - iif Itlnek "I-"' hfiim^i cnh-ili\(jilnn of t he -jini I hwe. ,< fi.ietional qiiivltef of 1 Seetlnn Twenty-Seven !_'<> Town- >!|lt|i Tu eiit\-I'lie (L'll Nit'rth ItnilKt' S> ven iTi l>-i.«t of the iMinrth P. M,. ^itvjalt'iL In .the..ejty of ISoek FallH, A I.. <•.,•-, Am t.. A. f. I'eters-cnt. Own-" ~ er. 7!>-!<2 J 1 J FOK SALK. ' <*ndlllac; one CLOSING OUT SAbiE. ll;i\it!|i,* dei iileil to unit .fnrt 'I" 1 ' 1 ",!';;will sell WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11, 1916, UlT-l. i-'K in n. in., on the John l'i itch hoiw- OI11CA1'«~O,\K 19IB "<teiid. witiiaiid :.' ntile-t ,«nnth of Colotn, ao and A COMPARATIVE STATEMENT. - J l'lnj-Oa*rt'h*-i»u'n*ha-?nn!-the- on June 24. mid the ilrnt tfm>t' of the The Oazett >tnlenneiit. itul The hist thre H> rnlh"*. tin! ihwe.«t of stM'liiiK and 14 All huv(> electric stiirierntid eico- ln(lrH "<'>'l«"»f" "f Morrison. thi» fol- trie liKhiH nnd In nrst-clrtwn fnjidi. jl"*vln« pi-opt its-: 10 Head of Horwn— tlon. A-.-J. "l'*rntt'i» CJnritKr. TOtf '' I)|U(> " 1IUI l'«'«' r l"""' ««"t«'. * y«'«ri» .Sold, wt-lsht 1 , 1.•}'">; 1 Krey IVrchenm l|t).\KV KOU ' RA"L13— IM'RE Iv.X. iiehliiik'." 3 yearH old. \v. ; i»-1ir TTIOuf 2" traeted or in romb. Will deliver In «rey I'eieheioii mnru-x, 1' years olil. •Sterllnii nnd llork Knllx. I,, llotme. I weiuht I.HIMI each; 1 hay m.ire driver,. H»ll ictltl. Cull...mornlriK, noun or! ", J' : * ! i««'!<), i grey i-oreheron ntitro, fvenln^H. 73-!*S^'- >' (li| rs old, welKhl l,f»!»fl; l^huy Hfl* —"- ' — : .,.,.,. ,, ! jjjnti liinre, 3 yearn «dd. weiuht 1,050; '"tt SALE—BEST KK.MKKY l-'Ofljl M-n-r Ii UHI', li* yenrsHid. w«>l«lit rheiunai|(<m. Send oiu- doliar fnr n>- |.!.t""; 1 >:!•> mare, 14 yearn old; I cipc,j\ddren«. llos 42S, Hoek l'all». Ill, JKi-ey mule, nood Worker, weight 1,300. ~~ ~ — — •; •' — ;|art.'e • WI-M will he hred dv day of dtlo; I- '»!< SA l.i: — DHIVINC IltiK^K. ;'.i Ia«l sprmu lamhs, nnd 1 thoroiiKhhifd < heap tor «|inek mihs Inijuln" at lent-^Wold ram. Farm Mai hlnery—g honwe on 1-,'ast Fifth St. T.N.MI* ',lra«^, one-3 ,-ectlon and one | .Hectinn; •-•'—- ~~-~~~ .".r™^ '—" "—-~-—~:" >tnnu plows; 1 Oliver, with wod- lull- ''V' • MA! ' 1 ; r<)t HI.NV, CAK KI.K('.; t ,,nM extra: 1 K.ain se, ,, Kmomm trie «i<irtrr nnd lights, (.-irxt-rliiMM|,| (H ,.- , pulverizing nurrovv or tiurfnre i,,, , H - -x-riiMM! ( || H ,.; , muvi-rlBinK nurrovv or tiur .•«i>dith.n «Ji,.ap, In.niiii- at F-r.lV UMilliv«t..r: -lieere hnv lond.-r; IJce I|gJl;L-il-Hl!»l^ ^.^....JJi. Miu«__i^_i j ui a__cui^ Jaau^<ai»aa>_, i-\>u KAu-: r m;miKv. JIAHD i'<>Af,!" lk<v r<> '" ' r " rn1 ' lmy r '" ko: 1 ' " " '"" "'" Inirns hard heater, a kitchen inder, rut <'><) ai'i'fx, ti-foot cut, ton- KIM;, truck; SiH'«-eH« manure fprcadar; io Jtluyer bcIoiiKOd to Ms clufi, In which ho probably was right. Hut he la-ver got niiy action, All that he ples, sent to him by tho club owners, apparently us a peace offering. Connie says that u pitcher Is a pretty clump buy at the price of a barrel nf np;»ti.M - .nen If'friilf <«» f»u-ny ijp qf c LEAGUE STANDINGS ' j. .St. l.i.nK /. .. ; . ... ... . . ?!• J .\e\V \i>l k ,, . '7'S .5«r, vi11, BENEDICT, URiSES •:'!.^ TtGERS TO FOLLOW SUIT AMERICAN LEAGUE. llontori \v. .., .\>i. .. w i,. r.'s For Balky Bowels ' | An(LBheumati8m j Try Trex, The.Finest Thing You .Evtr'j Saw For Cleansing Byttem of Im- { purities,. Mild, Quick, Ploasait. , Ycsterday'e Results I'iiihiiii h>hiu '. .Ho.ston,' :!, I'liaU'li h'hi;t 7, 'il'ii-fnn 'i. Today ihii.iuu lit ..N't-.vv- YiiitJi C2i. NATIONAL LEAGUE, W, I- -Tt-^nUr i Propaganda of Detroit Player Threat,! ens Trouble, for Man«fl«r Jennings I Doesn't Like Bridegrooms, i Oscnr Vilt threatens to bo Jonnlnsa' • nipnaco. AB mo»t fans know, tha 1 young nutti from Iho- const", having. , won hlt»8(>lf & rngulnr bt>rth wltto tho i Tigers, Immediately took to himself ! a Urlde. This la In utrk-t accordance j with tho unwritten "big ^Ifngao law, marriujso bolng regarded aa tho natural follow-up to the gaining of an ce- jabllHht'd poaitlon In tho profoaslon this time, A»yow*-wlth another Gove- tPsi»te-TJT-ire-rt(!to~riin~ffct n carload or apples from Muck, or from tray other .manager. Ilielilde (he . luiiluiva t l"ii elreitliition of In'lh — piU'eiH, - T!te -•Ssst* f r ¥ r s;zr -F'"-;H«.:™";. ass ara^?S: -' ?Maii(Jiu<l —--rhpst-nnd tools n ml fHirfnVt hpitrhv 'inr nirii iflowH ~TTirt-ti' "wlrtr Jdinwl* —^ 7udc" 0 !!niv r "V »'"*• If" V-M^'!, " lllrtll »- 4"7 Sec, , t , ir . ltul |) H our mirface plow (new)";' ! e" month* -- '' "'"' lt 1- " U "-. '...1__!^ B .°' 1 AH|ilnwaU potato planlVr; 1 four- S ,.ni..n.,11 ,,r i.-nn WAI i,«_. i_\»i.'\u ji, ,,•»,. ,7i.-,'C. I''""'"•' Hoover (H»fK«'r; l potntu muter: i All nfl'ii e Hri'ttlrtth'n nrrljr. employe*. i-i)rr<>H|Mindvnt.-i, and Ki-rvlc-r- pa porn are countetl liy the A, .It. *". n« paid althoiiKh not wo t-laHHl- Ih'tl. The folluwinK IlKiirew u'hifli are jiji r t of i lio^ off K-li'il wtTi temell r AV 1 1 1 ho gnms dl«tril>utlon per day . Av*»rni{'«* pal.rt UlHtrilmNon per day Bine*! eoiisolidatkn 731!j Tur A '^^"r 0 ^^'.?!^^^ : *' "' *"*'„!" '"stiit tuple iioxrw. :< MetM wajroti HITC?ATIO'N Avomttnr prnctirai nnrHo; raro of chl) dren pref«>rr«-d. Airs, K. !•:. Ilaix-k. Kuroru'iui Hottd. XO-81* The Royal Way. J lll'l'e'h tins. MUlvkeWt, raisli'Wt way In | ,New Yuri. ,, Ulf world to rid the ny.stem nf iiii- i !'l'V--.t'.!o JiuritlcM*. tlJth find initiitinw i«iif«ihn | .I'itti-i'inr. .,..,, thut eauBo lu'iidae.lH'H, I'ixKlni'.ss.. •lull..- .~ : t I-i-.iA .., ,. . no-aCt'UUIIt, WUllt-tO'do-iinlhiiiK ftn-l- ' '>: 'inn.l«l . . . . . . lint, rlii'iitiiuli^in anil other «ffion«-; * __ i YesTcrday't Results i t s i.jjj.-l>n a. New VnfU tl. *>!( N'l (llHea«eH Try Trt'x. Trox Htflrt« thln«M inovliu; In liurry, Htlr« up tin- ltiei\ 'Mild clouuR mil the howels. litttural hudy drulnaije. jfUuvJ-H Btoinui'li nf ft'ruu'iittiiK, Now, Vltt, who rathor fanclea lobby oratur, Js lelf aa Ing much of hU tlroo prt'achlng tho gospel of matrjinony to the young and unmarried saemhora pf the party. "Hoj's," ho IH wtmt to »ay. "It'e tho ct>m{oi-t Dear liuiRhlng ej-en, I will not pray That tiud shall never send J0U Thnt clotnllt'ss .sunsiilne, day by day, Shall brighten nil your coining year*. 1 pray that Mill through cloud iitid rain Your iuuirr UepUjs'iuay holu their llpiir, > ' And under happiness or pain ~. You find tho Father's meaning bright. Heading In all life's meaning Your title of high womanhood. eHIEPHEALEY; Members of Police Force and Dotoc- ' Are Subpoenaed, (liy 1'nlU'd I , III., Oci, •). the j»i)lk:e..-furciv. . Jut'ludliiK Chief and <totecUveo, in coiiiu-etlon with the c««o of (Juy JiiditincM', a of the Bui'ttn <irlfi-ll\e dt;eiii-> so* ROOM KOU HUNT— Modem cuavonU'ticoH. 1.U-H FOR RENT— OFFICE 8UIT15. JOHN ilurphum Block. Bell phone 770-1, •_ . • 6I-S6* TWO , UT «I. rf^rtit ~uarThoos0~" 'I'ho jsoftcMt, dalntleat tusks tor yofl; God send ytiti strength to give and use, (Jod seutl his work for you to do, Who IK hf-liijf held ill .New \oi-K pend- ln« hnhcHM corpiiH proeceilinKx Me If. WHiHfd here on the ch.'irKe nf Kraft Ing while a- member wf tho p4»yre f..rie, n t la extrudltlon in New Voik. STERLING BOARDOF TRADE <t—ami .Mt'inher Hoaitl of Trmio, <*lllef»K<i, 111., llct. i. .*,,. P P *" Hi » h L ° W ClOM Wheat ^TI 1UONT— .MAKCH TsT . farms on shares. (,>n,. u f ^>yo the other 100 ROM-H. In Caeh tennnts nrn tn furnlhh work liorxe nnd farm machinery, nnd to he (In tinciiilly uhle and willlnt; to huv fo tontine wprlnK*, .-inin^ with top; Mtuel wln-el truck wnj?on;_ hay rack und ho.v rack comhiiu'ir;"«ldcie" ruck: Sterllnt;- J'ortahlK corn «M«v«tor»— with -IS feet of darg; 1% hor«t> Kftso- lim> eiiKim-; i pump-jack; lurjie wteel HtocU tank; rnilk tank; Ice box; hlack- Miiillh'M unvH iinsl vine; forge; xrlnd- fitotie; hund corn xheller; t* KOOI) hiiy ropefi. each IfiU ft<et; I hay carrier f«ir WOIM.I iraeK, 8!) eeJiieni lih)ej4M; Uhiik Heeil potaloeM. l-'iill «et of old fuiidture; 1 I'ennlsutnr hard dv'e. large sly.e; 1 IVntii«uiiir i MtiVeka cloned earrim;**. 'ball and riibher tlrex; . 1 breakinK can; I hlKh wheel l-Vuzier road oart, rnhher tire*, % job oie.w); one 2-pan>- r road cart, with thills and polo; y polen; horwe clipping niachlue; team 1ir;iMH mounted hreechlnjf Imrtiefm; I. (.iniiiUinade; I tmnio and collar l»nrnenH; I JiroiikliiK •ollain, cle.j~TWmn: AIT HUiifH~iif mil under, eaMi. over that itmoiuU a •iMlit nf ten inonihs will lu< uiven with . J B . i • .--.--, , , -.. ,„ „ ,,, i • ^ • t > ii» t*n iii**i|iiir> *» 111 til' ilittir nil II iS°,±ra ^ ,!!,' i:i 'f,":":!:-'J" «"•-'. -««•:• "«•«. d«t.-»f «^ Kw . 20 hem! of pure bred flolMein eow> and 10 head of pur* hud HOWH. und for the Kintiller farm to huv a. hull inieri'«t in in (-own and tive miw«. Km further information ;ippl> at Woodlawn Kuril), Hoth phone <<. Tfi-M UI:NT -, — One bliH-k . Amu* iiurkholder, you'ro missing by not U^Ttof your own I'hiludelph:;i t you feel One, full of pep and (duticr, ready for xvork 01 pleasure, eager for i»oih.. ijef , relief now. Try TnN -J,n ,_ t i K I'hurinai y «'<», «u ntini diir; or direct It mil ti t! l'<nti>n A C'o. (Not liii-.J ih-uidMtisui, III i «r To r> move cir'^i.'tiiix jnl' (l,i»,. vUUi leiiuui, oiiiti ••• or hiiitt-r. Ad\ ertmn jn Tin- 10 •t. u i T" j jiic KiiiTtMi nniusiry 10 IUHHI, _ The round at houst-hnld toll nipl onro, Tho hKiiliiu,' up of hearts that bleed, Tho girding up- of lu-art.s that dttro— • Tho luhtir uf low's luw niudo'cotitl In ro.vni .vi'itrs of wowuuuouU. - Dt'ur dancing fpct, I would not wake • Your pa til all suioo|U from thorn uncj brier; The climbing rond lie youra to lake, The 'thorn-st't, splendid strugglu hlghwt-7 God glvf you still life's spriugtitno *i'»t, Novor content with wbut is past ; Uod grunt you through earth's wour- f '« V | 1 T V t J.*»-.'i f\ _ Corn l'i*v'. V4^n .lluv .TT'a <H'l. .Mi Outs !)«•«•. — ' T . '% \fn\- " 1 7 *»l'l> .-'I ' * Pork • U't. ,'>; .'.it Jlec •*?. I'M Lard i'. 1 11 In Jiin \ s JN Ribs It. I It: 'in l »:i'>4 i ., f i ;i'i * r , 1 i*>S 1 ' >'» I.'.^T -. - - _, <•! ' H ' . 1 1 ^4 . i ,1 "Ij Sli .« .1^* AJi_ ... -„ ___.•'!;-, -'*>;'n .'ii.'n -juT L'J lid ".'! MI i!«' .".',' ,','MI ,'.'n. :•.•:,: 1 1 1;. 1 M a ; n ii,' i:; )>j is .".'I m.77 !,;!•: M M'» i ;i,'i, , , - -^* — W-W^t f*7 — ^!hr-^-f-4yI$ — k. ik i 11 *. t 4fc>. MI i-^, .\o.*a i 1 mUfd, SOSi S7 No.. C mixed, 81 '•i 7U. 1 ^H^i^-jSit*^ — J — \ 'J ^ Into* 47 1 *:i^i l?arloy — Oa^h, H>i' -No, ^, 1 'STERLING (forrt ' — <Moaes D »S'o. 3 >ello\v eoi .Vow Xo. 4 \elln line Third >U UKNT -K... modern conve«lejjee«, iti \\VM J.'ifth MU, Hell phonu fi73-l. . Nf> ( ',v 1 .', \u •"• iiii\eil, S4 vi s.", simple nr.'oie 71 .vhen 4lue. if not no paid 7-, will hn--~ •haik-ed, II. U Jlarrlngion and Wnrd 'rom, AuetioiieorH," ,M. j,;. \viim-r, «'li»rk, O. E. PEt/GH, Proprietor. 24 HEAD OFXATTLE. Mho ill the H,imp time iind pj.nv tho tindclNlKIU>d \\lll Hi-H L'l heud of eattlt.. -f IWo-«yi>rtr-nlrt KU'e|'-{, WelyhlllK iiro'lllld I,o5o. 7 y«<uiliiiK Mti'ci.s; 13 heifers, part )f these juv heavy Hjninits AUo n f«-w 500,1 hulls. GEORGE 8CHNEIDEB, ()i'i. a. I, 5 ii,' 7, i). LEGAL NOTICJ5, t \vhlle Ii f Jui'Oli Jlersh, deeeawed. The underpinned hnvitiK been ap* Milnieii udminiutrator of the entate of lijeoli ller«h, |af«« of the County of .Vhitehide and State of Illinois, 4«, eaieil hen by tdvt's notice, that 1>» will Mir 1« (lif- KuilirlVi jMiiul>. Oscar Vltt, lioin**. iy"l you don't niiprwlatn tlu 1 »•«>• HnoiiHbi!it,r >»u'it< shukiug as a citi' iu-a Follow my »'taii»i»U»," ' iVia>t, CaiirVrralu and many intn r — i .\\im-u it. all ngut in a way. only ; " that Mr. Jennings dw» n»t raro ior EXCURSIONS 3R 24 TO PCTOBKH 8 Tin 1 Hiu'fiujj'lon is (he'H;i> !ii,'iit x-niii- rmitf in tju' I*<i4i'iiS!' tVwiv't. N-t.' iHiU!«'r win rr yur, want to u»». lit** ' liurliiigluH cait .lilki'_4^U.J|i*iL.'iJiLidiiJiLJl_djdiL-'' , rail--. U'lH uuiY'In* in i-ilt-rt l\.»r ,11 inad and cour«'rt« i d rush for- ti«Kt< IIf«'«sos and « lot «if wvddUisu ttll ut uuv«. All luahuKBt* mi'UT unir tied plu>o«H. \>hu are ujoic di-dvfH' «nd HteaiU than Iht' HiiiKlt' iiK'ii Hut Uu 1 ) dieatl hi Hlt'K'Moiux And tlm iiU'H- at lout it ilh tin'ir Hive's (hohiih- |»n-n are, tins gteatct Hu» U-ur. 'i'lu- br'giupiu ia vu'jit |u hpvnd t»o tituo tu'unuhiK Hi«i guuK Jiiu !_' '-'u l;:: ; i^ 1 :i; to the Ja«f, -CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. To heuvcu'ti height of — The Ni»w liuide, M:M> lltuJ hlu-'fcaw (hi- jd.t> h«- ju»t H I'll) IB • GEO, F. DBMUREAY. Gen'l Aut-ut «•'» ^.-P m- m.aa u» th« . , . .' • ' ' '- ' '-"'. " ht'> i'>e on_ liry* audieji.'c. After IjUo ' ' • n.'vilU o! itmttlfd lift' Vk« i aia ulf, Uio Jt*. V'-' liie i mi u.s 4 Klv/l'TclO. To Tell Pure Butter. Ill lhi'M> diijji wheu oh'omi or |»riH'f.>» hutU't* i-iiu hardly bo dbtla- KUlsiU'd frimi tlu» j{fiiuiue iirtick^ it^ N well for tHfry'woiiiuu toLuow'it s>iiniili> !i£L_°, r two thiil will aid In di'lei-tiug Iho KOtmuu»'from imitatiuu, 1'urc butter, if ii.te[l«'4l.,.'-ho!iui b»» rli-ur; if ii is cloudy, it. i* ttu-- nuuuil'HrSurAl urtid- }n t. 1'nt n htiic butter in n spooo, and hold u over u lluiiu-. if it hputtvrs iiud I'tth-tS'- u'S-i.'v, H K, oleoumuiariiu 1 ; bUltel rnll'l'li .> \VttluiUl ! H"Kh l.i II 'Vet <• .od lle.l* V t 'tilcairo, HI , « U'l 4 , open «)ou . , ^' i"*i . j!l "II 'I '.I till, U lulu oatH N*o 3 mixed pi'.c Wheat .No. r ....... $| tf, Hye . .» ............... ...... . ...... ar,i> Barley ... . ---- . .......... . ......... 85s" Live Stock, (Plupwt Hros. ,v C(ie)- Pat Btoettt ................ $u ooft 10 ','f, ' ippoar hiiurt' this i'uunty_Cyurt of A'hiieside County, nt th«» f'cmn"llouso n MorrlHon, ut thi' N'ove<inl!»«r t'orm, •n the HIM MundU)' in Novi»mlu>r itpxt, it which lime nil perxoiiN fiUylni; I,lints iiitainst KlUd t'M.ite an- ilolUltHl illd lei|Ui"<|e,l to atlelld for tilt' put'. nine i.f h:»VJHK the H.ltne iidjllfli'd, All pi>iMim> indeliteil tu «uid • re r«i|nest(<d to inukt> inumwliuu> pay- Daleil. the 2<nh diiv \ 11 litlii. 1'ivUiK IIer.-.h., H«>pt. -4 «7. Oct. 4, l.atnlis $s tn)'<( ID.Ot' $5 On'M « OH ei t I ..*;- itile I.,.!,!• I .".'fill! i.' llllll ' lifl'.lllV _ Fj''<>t to galute American ,F[afl_ fji'tei 'i-tr <ji> jii.i.-it". o; ihe t'«»|oii> of j-i piihJu' ai Si C TTTe~ 111-' • !,, il .'i u i I" > tint •' its,- \nii-41 li.uUu »>j ,^i. LI^L.I.U-* an Mi. . e ll\.^' i '..H| sllnnr !•' fn L. hu'h' I i -i- :• i,, i-. l'-,11111 H. i CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. i hliM.;.. Ill ( •» t i U I.. H . N . i,^ ! .;« ' -v N,. ' i>iit <•, •> t, i j i,; -i i i.. ii. No J—ri^i __UJ— •, , ^__^ tj LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (SterllnK iHMil Store.) Dairy—R«tai!. Dairy buiter . ... . Uun.ifiAd ereainciy bmtei Oiiiry—Wholesale, IXuty butter ... , . 3|c B, T. MOEEHOtrSE Optoruetrist Over Corner Drug FITTING OJF-*1RA8SE8 ^ * f i',\v it I k i > * "•- t i 'i »',i i -; ,v- New Veaetablei. lemj IfttiU'i', per he.i'j VU'ry. eui'h t"m urnher. 1 --. eurh . . Parsley X"<"'.\ "i'ui'lF.c.-.," \n. •" !,< ,if U-tltti f, H' . . Dr, E. W, Wahl SPECIALIZING IN * n diseases. 2t E. 3rd 8t, Over Gait's Book Stor» Sterling, ill, tin i n j Xi >\ i .i H>. ilii -JH4«4- 4H..!IX>;''-<. t'tillf, diMeH Ix'illiiiio Aiji'ii . ... *•;, -," ""*" " "* • i GLA3SE8 OORHeCTLY

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