Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1898 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 25, 1898
Page 18
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STILL ON TIB TRAIL Indiana Continues the Hunt for the Men Who Outraged tier Dignity at Versailles. IfUOH PEOOF AGAINST LYJTOHEBS, X.oa B h, It I* Clui-m-d, to Convict Fifty Men-Suite Suld lo Hav« "IMuyed It Hue .„ the «ob Mr»l»«~I>e»th of Two ,-ay Men ul Sew Allmny-Conscleiiee . . ... ^..lli.i-*,—Mrs. Heath i Troublu at a ColltB«—-«"• Acquitted -State Sown Items. Versailles. Ind.. Jan. 25.-The state of Indiana has not abandoned the effort lo hunt down the men who made up the mob that lynched five alleged thieves here last September. It is said that as noon as the newspapers of the county announced that the effort to bring the lynchers to justice had been abandoned rhe state authorities redoubled their efforts. The report is current here tha Utorney General Ketcham now has in his office evidence sufficient to convict ut least fifty men. No one here can do jjore than guess at how this informa- , -don was obtained, Horrible Sunpieion Has Arisen. the last two months many have appeared in the county -some as peddlers, others as book agents and some as representatives of a company .that proposed to build a railroad through the county. It is now uspected that some of these men have been skilled detectives in 'he employ of state. Suddenly the people elnce last January. Sixteen Inmates, e"ht of each sex."died during the year. The number of applications for admission pendlns is »*. an increase of at P?< cent " the last year. The home now ".. .... , ,i, c \t r .a-n accommodate. has all the inmates Sti-ikeirs Stop Forty I,bar.on, Ind.. of Jan. 25.—Strikers and Southeastern railway seireV and side-tracked the west-bound cxprew train when it arrived here las 1 y pveni train „. -,'orty passengers aboajrd the 1 TP ric-d up here. The strikers -omrik-te possession of tb< ; r ,j s The delayed passengers are the hospitality of private homes in the city, as Public sentiment is unan- islv in favor of the strikers arc- -.trikins for ba-ck pay and they say eifcht months' pay is due of them. Nlclicl Flute Knsineers Me«'t- Fort Wayne, Ind., Jan. 25.-There was a secret meeting of Nickel £, n eew in the hall of division No. 22 this city, Sunday. Delegates were present from Chicago, Buffalo, and Connc-aut they had some to most New York Is Warmly Discussing "The Conquerors." CHARGES OF PLAGIARISM MADE. May inrin to Try "The Swell Ml« Fitz- well" on the Londoners — Julia Marlowe',1 Fl»y » SncceM-Bernltardt to Vi,it CB A ([ ain—The playwright*, 1 Plaint. Thea-trieal New York is talking of but on« thing just now. That one, thing is Paul M Potwr, the announced author of t equatorial play, "The Conquerors, which )s the current attraction at the exclusive Empire theater. Aside from the fact that the piece is outrageously improper, or, jn ther words, "audacious," as we prefer to , The men admitted tha. grievances and that season, and to be her policy. ""•-"« The recent produc- net uvi»**J . — — — — - , Knickerbocker is no new de- the meeting was for the purpose of dis- ivu e Within cussing them. They would not aivu e the nature of the grievances nor would they say what action ^vas taken. Mni. C.rnnt Heath Acquitted. Sullivan, Ind., Jan. 25,-Mrs Grant Heath ol' Owen county, indicted for phoning her husband, and who was transferred to this county on a change of venue, was acquitted by the Jury last Saturday evening, after a ret.rement o minutes. The court here that the crowded" an the Announcement of the verdict was received with every demonstration of approval. Mrs. Heath has been in jail for many months. She Was the Uride of Death. the state. Suddenly the have reached the conclusion case was Dlaced in the hands of the Pinkerton detective agency by the governor and the attorney general. One st™ y current here Is that the governor S. may call a special session of the legislature for the enactment of a la^v under which the lynchers can be reached. •Who AsHaulted Thin Old Couple? Ja-ioer Ind.. Jan. 25.-One year ago Samuel Kirby and wife, two old and reacted people of Orange county, near £en"ch£lck. were so badly beaten while at home that their recovery was doubtful :for weeks. The attempted murder occurred about midnight and robber> was the object. Klrby that day having closed a real estate deal. Some time Charles Wlneinger was arrested on his trial is set to take Last Saturday the depu- Barney Chasteen two young men living where the crime Car- Friday: was to have been a bride Monday. She was to have been married to W Tidel, an iron-worker, of this citv 'but instead of standing at the altar clad in her bridal robes, n the ^««-h cemetery wrapped lies in French them. Durbin After a State Office. Anderson. Ind.. Jan. 25.-W. T. Durbin Republican national committee- San from Indiana, announced h candidacy for treasurer of state. selected by M. A. ' tion at tbe The gossips will have to dramutists unable to E=^-j5srstt ^SLsarssa-sK -of untried men, even though they out more than the usual measure 01 They prefer, it is alleged.* go y again. , •What is the matter anyway?^ " OATJULTURE. been ob bas the Are .our At the Kansas station in four successive years the best yields rfoate bare obtained on spring plowed land, wben the seed is drilled in, there been practically no difference in u» yield in these years between toU plowed land and land not plowed at alL The oat land had in all cases been in corn the previous year and tbe corn had been-well cultivated. Tbe past season, tbe seedmgs made the first and second week in March gave he best yields. While the time of seeding must necessarily depend upon tbe weather, as a rule it is best to sow oath M early ia March as tbe ground can be put in order. Light, inferior seed is certain to produce less than seed of fair quality, but between a fair quality of seed oats and heavy, sifted seed there u, not very much difference, the best yields during seven years having sometimes produced by one and sometimes tbe other. Tbe average for BEAUTIFUL SKIJL SSi to'rtrilhcto'. 1 \rto**^>* scaip.p»- duced bv CCTICCBA SOAV. the mo (uticura , li «old throus&oiit 1*» TO !*' ,,... sois rn>[».. B ?f w °'>;^., -.- .. Hoir U) Pun" »n<l B«ul . »v iniunnc BABY HUMORS it» Stl«, S*il» ' bv /ears is, . however, in favor of the heavy thl country the odds are about ten to one, rather than make a much less ox- experiment with a native work. "hici he thought good enough to produce l and then agree to pay a handsome weekly ago suspicion, and place at Paoli. ty iiheriffs arrested and James Jones in the neighborhood wa> committed, but both deny any knowledge of the affair. Shortly after the Klrby affair Chasteen left for Kentucky, but recently returning K.rby and his wife have recovered, but are terribly disfigured. PECtTLlAK CASK IX COI/LEGE. Con»clenc« of » Pupil Kejects Part of the Scheme uf Education. Vincennes. Ind., Jan. 2S.-The Vln- cennes university board has been called on to decide a peculiar case. Rev. S. V7 Garber. pastor of a Dunkard church at" Allison. Ills., has conscientious scruples against teaching military tac- ti£ the religious belief of theDunkards being to teach peace and not to m- cu rate the mind with military ideas HH son Howard Garber, Is a student at "the university. One of the features *f rhe Vincennes university is teaching military science and cadet drilling, and on<> o£ the requirements is that al. young men shall become members of Mif' cadet class. , , The cadets are under the supervision and training of a lieutenant detailed bv the government, and he has full control as military instructor of he ss^s-.s-r.rtr service, under pain of with- He Hanna to be a. mem- executive committee and'Vas one of the three placed in charge of the Chlcagojieadquarters. It Is Mighty Rough on Schooler. Crawfordsville. Ind.. Jan. 25.-A number of Crawfordsville people were cau-ht by the failure of the Masonic took out a $5,900 policy, and carried it to the time ot Jhe failure. Found Herself Still a Wife. Auburn, Ind., Jan. 25.-Petition has been filed in court here to annul the marriage of Stephen Likens and Mrs. Bover She made application for a pension and was informed that her former husband was living and drawing pension. TERRIBLE FIRE AT SPOKANE. Keport That as Many^lfty Person, Ha,ve Been Burned to Death. Spokane, Wash., Jan. 25.-Fire broke out last night in a business block, and it is certain that some lives will be lost, a holocaust. At mid- destroying- the Great Eastern block on Riverside avenue. The stairway was burned away and people PAUL M. POTTER. call It in order to show that we are so blase that we cannot be shocked by a little thing like vulgarity, it is now open y asserted that Mr. Potter deliberately filched the story and nearly all of the situ ations of this drama, from which he is without a doubt drawing large royalties. SB indictment is an exceptionally Btrong one. Tbe first act is such a palpable Captation of Guy De Maupassant s gtorv "Fifi" that; Mr. Potter's warmest admirer would admit the not o'er 6 oft impeachment. From toward the dose of the first act up to the very end of The Conquerors" the source of the dramatist e inspiration is alleged to be Sardou's La Haine" ("Hate"). This has not been so Sy followed L "Fin," but Mr Potter has nevertheless practically rewritten bar- dou's piece, which is generally considered the best, by the way, that the great Frenchman ever did. He gets no credit, however, on the Empire playbiUs, and it does not seem possible that Mr. Potter could have imagined that he could escape deception, for the similarity of the two worts is so great as to be positively star- the r oy U Jty so lonl as he might use the piece, which would finally revert to the author Acain it le but a short time since Hyde fc Behman of Brooklyn, one of the wealthiest theatrical firms in this country advertised in tbe dramatic papers that they would Pay $5,000 cash for a play suitable for Billy Barry, the Irish comedian. U is true that thic is not a particularly largo price for a high grade drama, but it is a pretty stiff sum to pay for an Irish comertj, and one which has never been tried and way prove upon presentation to be absolutely worthless. . Bo matter which Bide is right in the little dispute which is now going on between dramatists and managers and which, by the way, may be said to be perpetually going on, it cannot be demod lihat any really great play is pretty certain co get a reasonably prompt hearing in tnu. country, for most works submitted to the best managers are really carefully reed. If therefore a man's work is extraordinarily good, it will find a purchaser but it , '. i« .vim-,*-. *hn nrdinarv thing it In an average of rfx years no other method has produced so good results as feeding with a shoe drill with press wheels; nest follow in order shoe drill without press wheels, hoe drill and broad casting. Tbe average of sis.years indicates that it is not advisable to sow less than 2.5 bushels per acra Heavier seedings have in some years yielded more, in ethers less, than has that amount, but the increase in yield bv heavier seeding does not appear to more than cover the additional amount of seed used over 2.5 busbels per acre. Smutted seed oats produce smut in tbe crop, even though tbe soil is changed. Of tbe eight varieties of smutted oats obtained from the Ohio station for this test tbe per cent of smut was increased above that contained in the seed in. five varieties. Tbe theory tbat a change in soils will clear the oats of smut is there- lore false. Tbe average yield for six years past places tbe best yielding 12 varieties ot oats tested here in the following order: Belgian, Brown Winter, Board of Trade, Bed Georgia, Pedigree Bed Bust Proof, Golden Sheaf, White Side, Northwest- era White, Bed Bust Proof, Yankee Prolific Welch and Black American. E. D. Faulkner and C. M. Latter, students at the CulTor academy, Sun- flayed in Loganapot. How's Tbisl We offer One Hundred Dollars rew«rtf for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured fcy Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY t CO., Props.. T«i«*o, 0. We. th<) undersigned, nave kmow» F. J. Cheney for uxe lost 15 years, and bellrre kiw perfectly honorable in ail business trang»«- tionfl and financially able to carry »»» "T obligations made by their flrxn. WIST & TEDAI, wholesale Druggist*. Tole**. ff^Irso, KIKNAS & MXBVIK, wk»lesil* Druggists. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken lnwar*ly, »«v ing directly upon tbe blood •*« m»- oous surfaces of tie system. Prlw, 75. p»r bottle. Sold by all druggists. TesO»oni»J» ientfree. Hall's Family Pills arc the beeU Anderson News: Alfred Turner,, who ha,s been employed with Photographer Beeves, haa gone to liogani- port to work in a photograph gallery there. . The Gr«.y Wol»68. stockmen of western Nebraska, snot the first time that Mr. Pot- been accused of plagiarism either. li'Sheridan; or, The Maid of Bath " which was presented by Sothern at the Lyceum a few years ago, he was not only if there is not night fire was in the building crying for help. were at the windows It was feared the loss The building is the upper floors It is anw,,.*, his patronage from the school The board was in a quandary, but after th, matter had been fully discussed in all of Us features. Garber's request was granted, and his son '.s now exempt from further military drills. tOCOMOTlVK GOKSTSTO THE B1VKK. I-oar Men G« with It, Two of Whom Lose Their Lives. New Albany. Ind.. Jan. 25.-Two men lost their lives, two were badly hurt and propertv to the extent of $2.000 was de- ittoved'ln a wreck which occurred on the "Belt and Terminal railway. The d..-ad are: John K. Burke, conductor; TVIlllam Miller, switchman. In J ur ^- Fenrv Murphy, engineer, and Charles piann fireman. The accident was due t,> the weakening of a trestle sixteen l=.et high by the storm raging at the time The train, composed of an engine and "several care, was hurled into the river, the engine striking and sinking a coal barge in its descent. The crew saved their lives by jump- i-iig but Conductor Burke, who remained in his cab, was scalded to death. The body of Switchman William Miller was in six feet of water crushed between a car and one of the piers. En- rineer Murphy was found unconscious •Lnd badly injured on a box car, and 'Fireman Hann escaped by swimming no shore, though suffering from many Injuries- Big THiuicJ-y Catches Fire. Columbus. Ind.. Jan. 23. — At 2:30 o'clock Sunday morning one of the buildings of the Mooney tannery, the largest concern of the kind In the world. caught lire and it was with great difficulty that the main buildings The heavy gale blockaded the with wreckage of telephone, light and telegraph wires and flre department experienced g of life would be great six-story brick and are used for light housekeeping, now feared that fifty or more persons have perished in the awful furnace. The upper floors were occupied by seventy-five or 100 roomers, thought that more than have been saved. The Weather We May Expect. Washington, Jan- 25.-Followice are the weathTlndicutions for twenty-four hours from S p. m- yesterday: For Indiana and I Uno f- K£» in southern, mow .or; ram » north- charged with having taken a lot of bheri- dan'f dialogue, but was proved to have a£ propriated several pages of It without the oha nge of a sentence. Ho laughed it off, however, and the matter was entirely for- «tren-ewept by the critics-long before Ms phenomenally successful dramatization of "Trilby" came along to restore him to favor and popularity. 'Potter is n peculiar quantity. While th re can be no sort of doubt as to his •buSy.it is a fact that if that auy trifle -The City Directory" be escepted, he has never written a successful original play- th Si t is to say, a play sufficiently «cce* u! to excite great comment. "Sheridan Rlieumatlt MyeticFCure" for rbeuMattt: radically cures in 1 to 8 tie system i» Cured in a D»y. m »"* «"e«» <»?•• r j? «* to and it is not twenty-five Indiana; easterly •nrt- For Jlk-niiran—increnaing cloudiness a^snow or rain; iocreasing northeasterly wifar For Wisconain-Snow. increasing north^rl^na^b^^n^'^y. ce . The Cabinet Minister" both made money, but Sothern in the former and Crane in tbe latter wonta nave done tha, with practically any medium. His ±-a- dflc Mail" wa. only "The Overland Route" rewritten, his "Trilby" was on adaptation, his "Duchess" was not generally regarded as a very big bit, and inost — ^h to look persons were inconsiderate enough to look ling" s a flat fail- The upon "The Ugly Duckling' For colder weather; becoming northerly. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain mid Produce. Chicago. Jan. 24. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade: Wheat—Januarj, closed nominal; May closed Pork— ^u,y M ^c.°cS i$Z ^^ e ^o^I» JJ^. onened $10 02V'-, closed 10.00. Lard-Jan- uarv? opened- $4.72%, closed nominal: Mav, opened $4.S2i~. closed S4.S;>. Julj, anened S4 ?*¥•. closed $4.9s. >?oduce: "Butter-Extra creamery. 1S'^ per fb; extra dairy, l.c: fre>n s£r a r^,«^ii per Tb; chickens, b©.c. d.uck-,. Potatoes—Common to choice. 52«J60c"per bu. Sweet Potatoes-Illinois, Sl.501f2.50 per l)bl. Cliicrtgo Live Stock. Chicago. Jan. 24. as a flat fail ure Now comes "The Conquerors,'' which, it must be admitted, with all of its inexcusable nastiness, ha« developed into a great box office success. No sooner have the Bialtoites b«d the opportunity to ob- erle that at last Potter has written a genuinely popular original P^J ^ along come those pesky critics with the inconveniently retentive memories and declare that the piece isn't original at all, at least as far as Pnul M. Potter is concerned. And yet Potter thrives like the proverbial green bay ir,-». U is probable that there are very few public officers in this country who have made as much money during the last couple of years as he has, and though be is said to be sensitive to criticism, it is doubtful, if he were to have to go through the some experience nest month, that he would acknowledge his debt to bardou and De Maupassant In this very peculiar city, if one wishes to be considered an authority on matters theatrical, he must affect to discredit every report which may gain currency. If an actress really happens to lose her jewelry, he must turn up his nose and contemptuously attribute it to the Ingenuity of her press agent. If an accident occurs on the stage and some one be badly hurt, he must; ascribe it to the invention of the same functionary and the ability of the injured it is only about the ordinary thing stands very little chance of ever emergirg from obscurity. And, after all, that ta about the way things go in every branch of endeavor today. Sarah Bernhardt will make a tour of this country next season unless something unforeseen should occur in tbe meantmm.. She will not, however, visit any but the yery large cities, and owing to previous bookings in Europe she will remain hera only three months. It is her purpose to try her new play dealing with anarchists on us, and if we ehould like it she will present nothing else durinn her American tour She is said to have made arrangements to go to Bussia after leaving this country, and may then pay the South Americans a visit, if they should be in, Ernest about giving her the fabulous prices they have hitherto informally of- 6 There has recently been a disposition on the part of the theatrical writers of this country to create the impression that Bernbardt was, to use a cant expression, "played out" in Paris, and that even in the other French cities there is not tbe wild desire to gee her that there was a few years ago. A person who goes to Paris CTery yeara.nd takes a great interest in matters theatrical and who, furthermore is not an ardent admirer of the great Sarah's torrid school of acting, says that nothing could be farther from the truth than that France is tired of Bernhardt. He declares that that remarkable woman can today create more enthusiasm m her Sonth Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming are having a vast amount of trouble with gray wolves, which are very numerous and so destructive to cattle that they intend to have a convention to talk the matter over and see if some plan cannot be devised for ridding the country of the pests. Irrigation Age tells that in western Nebraaka these pests are particularly numerous. The losses are increasing yearly, and the stockmen say that the gray wolf is becoming as great a curse to northwestern Nebraska as the jack rabbit is to Australia. Tho I*rice»t Potato Yield. The largest potato yield on record was produced in northern Wyoming in 1890. According to sworn testimony, it amoMted to 974 bushels and 49 pounds an acre, of which 838 bushels were marketable. The expense of production was stated to have been $74.80. The average yield of potatoes in tbe Unitea States is in ordinary years about 100 bushels to the acre.—Field and Farm. port. j. B. Stanley returned this morning from Gas City, where he went Saturday to organize an 1. O. 6. T. lodge ot fi/ty members. Weak nerves indloaie deficient blood. Nervous people find relief t>j" puiifyiDg and enricning their bloo* with Hood's Sarsaparilla, the grea* nerve tonic. Hood's pills are the only pills to take with Hood's Saraaparllla. Car* 11 liver ills. The state board of health assert* hat about ten per cent ot the milch. ows of Indiana have tuberculosis, and being so afflicted are a menanc* ,o the general welfare. 4 Tl8n'tsafe to be a day without Dr Thomas' Bclectrlo Oil in th« house. Never can tell what moment- an aecldent Is going to happen. Proiflt In Onions. Onion' growing is a paying industry at Greeley, Colo., according to tbe Denver News, which claims that the onions grown are firm and white and noted for good keeping qualities. "The prinoi; customers are Oklahoma, Texas, Mis souri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois s Iowa, and there is a steady demand for all that can bo raised." situate< saved streets The the difficulty in reaching the scene. loss will not exceed KMO. Jolmsou Is Noit * Candidate. Richmond. Ind.. Jan. 25,-Representative HontY r. Johnson will not be a candidate for renomication in about | storm: er. hi one as a simulator of pain. In other words, whether the news be of the sale of the foreign rights of a play or the announced determination of a man with more or less money to build another theater on Broadway, it must be promptly discredited if you would maintain your reputation as a shrewd observer of dramatic her. at and S3 65@o.S5 for mixed S3TO@S.S5 for heavy packing a^d lots. Cattle—Estimated re- cninriinc luto. v_-a v v»i- •*—•••• " ceipts for the .Jay. 16.500; ^^f/ 0 ^ quotations Choice to exti"a ^*.^v.--. •- — -.- — ^ choice do., S4-35@4.90 fair to goou. ia»-t AV*. »»-" I tO (."11UJ*-*-: ^*v i •*"-•—-^ --- - t^ ~fl trict He has at last made the official $3.^4.40 common to medium «L°" «•'" announcement of his intentions in a @4. 20 butcher/ «««. J,.20<S,.So stock-the oeopV of the Sixth con- j ers . « C(WSJ "" m a letter to "tne peopV of the Sixth co LrVssional district" in which he states flatly that "I am not and shall not be a candidate for renomination." Xot Knough Room for the Afflicted. Wabash. Ind.. Jan. S5.-Superinten- dent Vlexander Johnson, of the Indiana for the Feeble-Minded, has pre- his report to the governor for the juat ended. The total number of inmat«« is now 5TO, twenty-seven boys «nd nineteen girl* having been received BCENE FBOM "THE COTOTESS VALESKA. home city than all theCoquellnsand Bad- tags and Bejanes put together. This same centleman is authority for the statement that it is the intention of Bernbardt to retire from the stage after the Paris exposition of 1900. Frederic Edward McKay, tbe well known theatrical feuilletonist, very truly observes that last season when Miss Jessie Busley and Miss Minnie Dupree made tremendous hits in the «tle roles of ' 0. wo Little Tyrants," reports rushed after Home Water Supply. Many country homes are upon slopes, with the well on thehighe land above the house. But with such an advantageous situation of the wate supply there are few families that take advantage of * nature ' s willing- PLAS FOB SIPHONING ness to pump wa- WATEE. ter into the kitchen sink for them. Farm Journal gives an illustrated description showing how- nature cm be harnessed to do this work. A pipe is laid from near the bottom of the well to the frost line of the ground and down the slope to the cellar of the house, where it turns upward to kitchen sink. Where the bend of pipe in the well is higher than kitchen sink all one needs to do is to put a faucet on the end of the pipe and so draw water at will. This principle of siphoning wafer on the farm ought to be more often utilized. In the illustration C denotes the cellar and W the well- •mines That Are Told- In its widest scope tbe arid region of the United States comprises half the territory of the entire country, for to so great an extent must irrigation be em- THR City Nalional rL Bank. L»OAKSP«KT, IN»CAPITAL. $200.000 JOHS GJUT, President, I. N- CKAWFOED, Vic» Free. F. R. FOWLER, —»»UBCTOBB — G. Newell. J,. T. Kl *» personal smd c»U»t«»«t- Loan money when deposited wen. rented at fco (5 to »* per year the the the McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AHB VAH UlREh »r CHICAGO. } feeders, $2.15@3.90 cows, oxen „ „„ -.75 veal calves. Sheep and Estimated receipts for the day. IS.OOO, Quotations ranged at »S.60@*-=* *«*: ems. JK.60®4.'50 natives, and J4.M@a.SO i lambs. 93c; llilwaniee. Jaa. -wheat-Hleher; No. 1 northern prin^. -. . •When it was statac! n few days ago that Mav Irwin would go to London in the Bpring to present "The Swell Miss Fitz- Well," tie doubter got in his work as •usual. Tne press agent was again held responsible for the canard. But this time it was th« cynic who was wronp. for the fat. fair a. a d jolly Miss Irwin wjU really KO to Lorrilon as announced, and she will plav in that city at least six weeks at the Shafcesbury theater. Most persons whose opinions are worth the asking think that she will make » success of H too- There is one thing that cannot be denied— if May Irwin should fail to eicite the Londoners risibilities it •jrill be worse than useless for any other of our comediennes so attempt the task- _ J«lia Mariowe seems to have secured a -onniM success In "The Coonteffl T»Uska," t** plaf in Wkfcfe ahe to now »p- them to find out how they made up so graphically M look like boys and to find out -why they had not made as important successes before. Their pictures appeared in all the 10 cent magazines, and they asked for the star dressing rooms. Neither one of them has appeared here so far this Mason, however, and I have heard no q^Sesasto where they are or what they are doing. We are an exceedingly fickle theater going public, you will observe Miss Busley has just been engaged to appear in -Oh, Susannah," when that piaybegins its run at Hoyt's theater, following Robert Billiard, Robert F. Cotton and Blanche Burton «IB also to be in the new piece. OCTAVTJS COSES. Kew York. Che»p«r Many bicycle dealers state that tbe days of the $100 and upward wheels are over, and that no departtire, no matter how al, will ever bring tne bicycle bnfl- back t« i* «W 4*7*- ployed either aa a primary or secondary factor in the cultivation of crops. The past season has proved that the rich soil and warm climate of southern Kansas are adapted to the production of cotton. Never -was a state in a better condition for an era of prosperity than is Colorado today. Barley has never produced a satisfactory yield at the Kansas station- South Dakota has 145 creameries now in operation and several cheese factories. Sugar beets under irrigation call for intensive culture, as this only gives paying results. A new scheme in irrigation, proposed by Governor Leedy of Kansas, is the establishment of a 1,700 mile canal, extending from Montana to Texas. This would drrert the waters of tbe Missouri and Mississippi' valley*,, impound tfwm and nil«M» them when needed. RRE PROOF. One blocfc from C. ». E- * fc. S. Si HI. S. R»ilr.»«* !mp-ovements costing }875,000.00 just been completed, and the {«» offers every convenience to be found hotel, including hot and cold water, light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in oonnection. WILLIAM McCOT, to «f decflfe One War t* be I«t*»ttendto th« comfort of 7<nr £••)*Should one of them catch «I<»W or «o««fc, ~, w w. Porter, corner Tourtk w»d Hur on W.H. Porter, corner «treett-K>teWHt,«nd«et 0tto'« Core, the (or*** » trial •nd all di»«we» *!*• throat aa* hiac*.

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