Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1916
Page 4
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. ILUNOiS. WEOfrESDAY.'..OCT. 4» !§I8. set Shades Window of Cloth Rollers Hang Shades Book Store Gait His THE PENALTY br.-ir.J :• "8 'v'l !>;r .i-.'^'f f7vr.«s b.^M ,•' ••r;-1 ''''- y-''"'"~'S TM'i's mnr'-, *• ?:<".-:: ! j! T.!.-' • .••.-*.- i-ri-in h.t.i !•*«•!> :irr.< .:,-d. f"flTsy-!:'i!<l h:-fi l«'fn YiS<M <h,''t !>• "•;.*,! «f.f.!f-n ftl,"!'»*. Hr!--> i« v. bi'f >;- !,.:,! (h«» li;'"!**• ••'. h- n hi*? <:\«--- i rijiv i.-p {•.•;• {,r"i>?ri!t< trv h'-inm.' in <'!-.!<-;>rr> A ?'<••/•.- ;'.!'.--r -. ir,' .T;tM r'-ol it It lllis'!:! |*r- tnV. I !.•:> I !'. thr. anil 'id<l f.imily. JSy iirs h? h:u!.b.ui!I tfc w.'t:-! l-in-lti- y « liff> and f! .1 m h'.l <--:in<1v. i*> pr r;i;i\ •h* bi i;nm. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD, in MM' •V'Ttftui) vr: MI i« * PnldUhed 'Imily Kxrept snnd-iy, p \V —«44i-V-NI)O\ f; S 1 *NS, Kditors and l'nbH«lni« (Hl're., Ill U'ect Third'Htie»t . tailed ii iloU'ir on bii |<l (<•«' Ifl alter tb» uhoh-s.-th bolide h:id ral,«ed him a dollar and lif- tei-n ec.nt». Kin p.ilrtins. thoiiuht In WHs ,'• lobber, but be lost on r'yi'iv s:il'- i itmpnf'il with former prle*>j» Kxpei it'll* <'H of (his kind ,aro romrnon wit (i^ iirji i v S jsinii'ing : ""ntitl a .icjir« ity of «-oiir.wo JW^b'-l '•< inn piirili tlto i out nn to' :;<<• i"•n-iiiin-r. lint il j's nnnoyinK I,. !,!• i',i|tl|'«'li<'d to tin HI*. '•! It IntMTiii'tw irnile, makeji Nonio |.<>o,; pie f«-el that they aro belnx diserim- I Inated aKTiiiiHt even when th*« dealer By C«rr!tr Jn^Sterlinfl j>r Rock Fall*, J |N nrtnaHy ff-lllnj* thn higher priced e at a ltwMjover_wha,t IIP w«add on the-AibI price. There l.n.noth- tho Hltttutlon. and iftunato Jt can I'iit -!:•< Kitf «itf» fh*» ivrons kind of fnJkf. * Likf. ,,())»<•(• yrttinff m*>n h* found, liy Jtnrii r vi'«T!«»rn «--, that nn iilt^r rti.«rf>- t;;ir«l of rode tem^ta «<n« ?o n difctttaril for Ihft^crlmltiai cadt-..__l J lke iTrii^f,*, )i«» finiiiil timVnniv M* to |ciy- this penalty. l'i*rh,-»iw it con |H> i«s- «-iij-*il f ( ,i a limfe Imt fvrnl unity ii ntupf reiltn-, Hiirtiotifnt H tvhen n mirilsipr ndvesn t\ wnrnfnir rtimin^t railing in %vlth thf wir.nft kind of folks, ihcr* is & tcn- ilcncy nn tin' jijirt c>f fhn hearer tr> rr- Tli" .')!!!•"« mr»y '«• enininsr but they will nrtt.r-nt rhrlstmns dinner at Berlin this rpsir. Knlet*d nt J'oHloJlico, H — - .rtH-Ht'ei-U'l-t-'lujsil Jllillier... .. ... SUBSCRIPTION By M»il, Outside of Sterling and Rock Fa 11 hi,. ^/»ywh»r* in th» United l -"--•'" Stiitea or Canada.(>n« y«*r In nUv«.no««. .$ \ Slit mowtlw in ailvaiire ,.,,.'.. li.'-' •than nix..tnonth*. i»t>rmonth or by Mail at the Sterling or - - - Rock F(»H« PottoWice Ono y'wir in advam'-',.-........-S'« «" ttlx montbH In advance --"'Ji MIR plea^inK about Thrw>- montlui in ndviuun*., . ' •• j ,\ but >» nior». nnfot Uni» month in advance,.,,...' •».• j ~l*y" tho wretc. payable f«» the farrier - -1" i/inu." Inn when. th<ry. «-omr> frwn a ytimitf n\nn who IH In fh« nhadow of th<.' jifnitcniiiifv on account "f this v*-r> Ihlni?, Ihpy are apt lo bp heard,- ADVeRTISlNO^VS. RELIGION A \\'iwotifiln |instor, who In ibiHrrlb- «•'! a* liHonnlnsr lo tho 'old Mcb>>ol." raises hl» vtili-c in prolenl a-tainnt the pr«<'tle«». whieh many t-nxtcirx hav« of advertlsine ftir the - benefit of the < bur.-lv. affording to' the i'c-oria Wt&r. Tbi-* hff* <'»-rttl«l n, t-nntmvrrny in rer- tiUn < Inuvh rlrrlr«i whleh linn nttrart- • d pome attention Hut «llh all tlno t.\i|.i.,( to tin- {ijiiitor in ituin'tion wo fail to nee' bow tht» <iiii«e of ( SOCIAL AFFAIRS J CHURCH WEDDING Miss Marie Morgeiistera To Become the Btide Of R. Koster. .Tltt* St.: raui'H Oprrnnn rhurrh will be tbr scene of « pretty thi?> "evertlnsr wh"n at :30 o'clock Ml*,* MftrlP C.'irolino MnrB»«n« • •an . be. injuri-il by adverflnlnst it abroad. If the t-burch i* a goo'l Iblng, and < ali'dl.iteil why ke»-p u fronj any man whose sou! . Bavins. to »«ve men'H !«ou|s, om Trm mcn arc to ho drawn ALL LINES HAVE TROUBLE " Not only the iiew*pap«?ri« hUT "TT «*ther liiieM ,fr«> hnvinit a hard time to get flto«*l< cve'ii lit an iti-Trow In •"><•*>: rniWH of nod IHM- rent, and -other lines art* Hiifferlnt; not. only from illK-V hich prire." but from a « ar<-ity reniai lie.d todny that -il- r for thOUHH'!»«•_ had pbrced an ord earlier than nstiial, -and he ha'd n>cc'i\cd wuril from Om la"'(.rv tlift KiMKlM ro.nUl n«t I ><» «hlH'<>*' «» ' |H < " ...Jwitl iuunil it, •loipo.*i'i'>l«» '" ««;«. i'imn the inillii. 'the toec«ji«tmry- Another HtitU-d thiit. ho WOMAN VICTORIOUS T7J17T >ejii * aRT> -TTfe >l lb Iieinocrati.' Hiate ptutform Ilittened t<» vtometi nuffniK:i»t« cooly and then refused -to irrant Ihrlr request fot- ?i plank favoring o<nwl »ufi'ra«ri«. miyn'the 8prlnKl!ehl X«>W» Heeord. the frnrner,-* «>f -the 1!M<5 a plank favoririK <'.jual suffrage, hut also perniitti'd lh<! Huffrafji^ts to \\rile nT^ni]riTrir"nMMnHelv^m^iniTliie^ c.f H woman UN a preMldcntinl vle< tor- sil-lai'80. Th« women havo fotijTlit a Kot'rt .»• U t j i n » ho VI n Jo «f i Jm r»\ u n-h an d Iw'neJItwl theteliy tlirouKtt tho medium of advertittinif, how fan ah v ChHutian man <-on."( lentlouHly lift hia yolce usninwl an tiRrncy which — manifestly does uhat IUrt fhurch ha* hlthwto fall<*d to do— no far nt lcnj»t nx that In- . of i his i-lty and Rudolph W. Koster. of A^neft-. Will' lie united In ttio-holy ln»nds of mntHtinony. Hey. K. Hc:ver, pastor of thfi chiirrh will per- from ih«* Impreswfve Cer«'h|ony, \\hit-li wlM l»«» a tloul'le finf setrlc«. Tin- ;it- tendaiitM wilt b« MTs* Anna Moiitcn- Htern, a sister of the bride, and ller^ ii«rt Ko«b'r. a hfcthpr of the groom. The wedding mnreh will 'w» played hy Helen K»»t«»r, a sinter of the groom, and Mr*. O(lo Helde-wlll The htidt- will l>«- atllred in a hnnd- sown of White net over white tftffeta nnd will wrry fi bourjnot of white and the will and they have won. Tin; platforms of both partli'sf ttnc for of a ecrlftin Kind « y«'nr, un«t iln- in-Ue ha»' fif«Hn> from around t~'W •'' t'«r to $1,800 a ear. Thin concern i« ft ill Belling H» products at th« l»it <>ttntti>t iwn It in-. Bulldlnsr operations nro held up be- m- 1 S&S Market Co. S&S Special on sale Thursday, October 5th 1!>. ,.... .18c resh Spare Kilts, per punntY 13%c Picnic llaius, per pound 5 15c (At Hie WOK? only* in both the *>tatt> and natlonT:'The 1U-- doelar«>d for a federal amendment, and tho J're?t!d<*nt in ««el«ing reeloi'tion, points with prldo to the fuel that he voted for 8UffntK« in his homo ututt^ nlthongh h<» doet* not t-i-;t! Miii.-i>i!ioent, In a fed- at 1 ! isndef which Illi^Thi» .-<i!irr -nol» worsen ni'.o Vo!e for elci-tkmtj anif*. et.TUii.ii...local'., and eighlti tU'iHtal A*f<eiiihly in whk'h-lle- pubii'iviiis niiil i'roKi'ySHivPM held the •balance of i>'i\ver, Tho principal oil- poNltioh )>' il came from tho Demo- cratii' xble or the houHtv. .• The I vinoi'ralx were slow to eapitu- late antl even at la«t week's conveii' tion o»e \-ob~e wan falsed :iK;tliiHt ««uf: fiae.tu !Uit the party ua a. wliolu JU,'I fr|>l« it. • ' ' .-: ; H..IV 111-4. bioKi-n the'laKt lines tif'd«",! «est, therefore, -that inilead of mll- Inu UKainst the prnclIcA <»f advert 1st hit?, that th«i pastor In qneiitlon utillzo it and ihn» spreail thn Word of Truth to tut ciilaigod ooimtttupncy. CTEWAND ~~ The pi-lee of meat unjnmlfl has in- i>r«,l ^3.7 JUT cent tht> im.«tt twelvo luvordfiiK " to Bovt>rhih(i<iit tlff- morn -m«<nvy. for the famii'ia, which will be n good thing, IJttt with laU<r IndepfMident It .onl hours and ~«xp««<-t« to \** h»n led be Downed in a light Hh«d» «>f Kreen de rhiiie mid will Carry II boll- of pinlc roaejt. 4, K»ii«t«r~ i» the "daughter of Mr. nnd Mrw. t'nri .MnnrrrrstTTtt. of 1'0'J West Wallace Httt«et. and for the past thrM» yearn was employed In the null department at the J. K. Chtiiti-r sior<?, and where "by her ideiudnir... perHonability won many warm friends, who will con- jfrtttulnte her on the event. She in a ^Hlued;.worJi*ji_ln^JJ«>_i8t,_ eran church. • • . The RTtiotn is the xon of Mm AKnr-4 r, of Ajfiiew, and is u man of »ter- lirtK -iinatity. HP i» a prominent farmer in that vicinity and his many friends have perdioted for him u »uc- cpstiful weddwl life. * Your Friends Are first attracted to you by your personal appearance. Your other qualities would not stand a fair chances without the introduction of attractiveness. It has been said thai^the hat is the mairt article of .^..woman's attire* Therefore it is most intttof-tant that you buy your hat where "artistic battery' 1 is the watchword. .\ Special for Thursday, Friday, Saturday Trimmed (No two alike) All tin- .hccominii sluipps ami similes. Trimmed with %<M t silver, bountiful «>rna . mciils or winir.sbird*. cahocJions, odd llowors, novHly feathers. Most shops would ask from $10.00 to $'_ ) 5.0() for ImlV wliicli we sell at $5.00, $7.50 and$10m , / K ;.'»|n'r,,^.-.-^-*f One tablegCplored Felts; closing out tfj'Hi special, this week - - . «]{> J. • New Km* children's hats received this week. Hats re-trimmed or made over. Good work guaranteed. Reasonable charges. Second floor, entire front; Lawrence •Building Enlrnnct Ftrit Avenue GLEANERS* CLUB • ' el ""' < h wm tmW n i*****™ •*. t '~——. i «hort coriKviiew and hiuwh- :it tin- Held An lnt«r«8tin fl Me«tin fl at the ^'"^^ Mow* of Mr«. Fratier, j, uul the ; publiq il'cordially luvUtdT" 1 The Cleaner* Hob of the Fourth; ,~r- > . , RiiwrM<Wo»li,4l church"hWil"An «-h!«>i-t meeting: hi«»t nif:ht at thf borne, of Mr*. t'htirh'H Km* lor. About thirty I member* were j>re.«ent and the follow- I [t\K Officers ...were elci-te.l; SURPRISE WEDDING President ~-..Ml*x Woodruff. Vi<-e rn-nidont— Mrw. Wllll.-im llol- • — Miss t'arolino Conner, Treasurer — Mr«. Hurry KUId.' FollowiiiK th« meetltiK th«.' wpi'iit In it sorlal way nud Amu ____ I find JkJrn. K«u»ter will 'leav«.< for Lake- Held. Mlii'n.. where they will ttjHtnd their honeymoon with rehitives. They will be nt~-hnrne t>n the -Kroom'-tt ftirm near to their ttiany trlunda after Nov. I.. wound in an r iurn>'d. froin tife to the tin* farmer cnnnot Ket help enonch to pmluco crow . nutfiCJontly to rntue many moro cattl«s or much of nnything elso in «orno lot:a)itlw>. The farts are tho pries IH away up because* then- are not enough cattlo Krown to around. When there Is plenty of lensti'. iin> women will carry, tlie tn'iich.'S ulthout illlliioiilly now, and' jt nm.nKI ho hut u. matter u£ time up-, n»i.vth»nir prico 1s When th*ro is a ncarclty the rrlctv is Hupplynnd demand seem"* to ' the price. That IH the old law* and It 10 regulate the prloea now as 25TH ANNIVERSARY ' ed In Honor Of -Event. ------Mr. and Mrs, Charlew Brown; who live east of Propht'twtown a mile, were aline vu»'"'''* n '" r » m n of tho-marl-iaKe of in entertainiiiK by Mrs. Km- Mnl " ' A "K<i«ta llurmborKcr of thin! Van I'le.jt and .Mrs. William ! " < ' lt > v . ^"•'.''•••renoo \V. JCwuuy of Hock- I ! tho IJoyal lodgo last even: , ini; V\,IH attended by" a very j crntv'l. Ja!-\ ii> orchestra . tho numb* and all present report a I nit e (info, CROCHET CLUB Was Entertninod By Mr*. Clyde Snart ••- - - •- - Tuenday - —"~— Mr*. i*l>de Snarl of Sixth aveniio ibet i-iub Tuc»«d.iy afternoon. Tho lime. U-.-IH MiM-itt >ilea»antly in crochet""•—•• jinn after Whit It HIM llOHU'ftM nerved card* wro reoolvfd i ,tnlnt.v refiTHhmem*. Miss Mabel Hunsbergcr and jCJare-nce-_Xeejiey^Marricd- r In Rockford, j ! ober. 2nd in Korkford. KITCHEN SHOWER The comwa an a Rival sur- I prise to their many friends, but ail i Was Given Last Evening in Hon&r ? pf j tli' i will, hasten t«>...eoimnUulalu them OH evont. ANNUALMEETTING Of the Rock Riv?r Baptist AtaociaUon-- Being Held in R&ckford. The forty-nlxth annual meetlnu of thn^j Hlver ItaptiHt a«Hor'latlon'IK |M--~" .Miss Alice Rourke. j .Mr«. Keeui-y itt the d»UKltU>r of Air. .. .... , , -, ' ., , , ! ;intl Al .rn. A. J!. Jlun.sberscr of HiN tltv MIR. A, .11. rank nnd Mrs. vSophia . iUl( , , W(S been employed a.s. hookkwp- .Newell we,V joint hoMMm-N laM even- J cr j,,.,^ H|iy (J _ WlMK , fl turnHur* Ing a».a Mnrprijo. kitehen^h.nver f-iven , sl «, rtv .j UBt . re>iiunluir liar i.oMiliin-L,. riitijjUojj fj.'J!.. t ..lhiifcr ln»j held itt the Klt-Ht JU>|itixt " Hockford thi» week. One hundretl and four Kivt>n. H «siirprino Hunthvy when a -party of tlu-ir relatives and frlenda gathered tit. their hom«» appralalng them that it wa« their twenty-fifth anniversary of __ daughter, Mrs. Ernest- Brown and Mr«. Henry and the hidton suc- herelo CAjJSHT ON THE <>no rnuHon Kivois by a brlsht why »|M,» did not «*t raarrJeil was Iw cuiiso i^htf could net afford to kwp a hiushiutd. Khe declaj-ed a lot of • t|.io sf- f ! For Thursday falliwr ami if they-Kot married hoily wonM huvo to kwp tliem. If father KOt rid of *hwn it wtmld Im up to ttlftry. .She didn't luncy the job. JioojwveM juid Tuft me! nnd each ceeded most admirably in workiiiK their scheme for the parentH never fell for what WUH ^uiiiK on and their tboughtN Wero tiu» farthwest from unythlnR of the kind. Whert all had gathcrwl there were «omc sixty* flyu preacnt who with Mr. ami Mns-^Brown enjoywt the day to the very utmost. The tlmo wn« upent In mrrrymakinK and socially AVHS a ro- miwler of the ninny frienda whom they Allf«* Hoiirke, -winWML- mar* rian«* to Pr. Schmidt, of Mttrtdialltown, la., l« rtii event of next wfek, Th* fhov istered l.a»t eveninK find mdr Mr. Kwney is known hrrp ho was employed at tho <', j{. &. otiico until a fow months «RI> when .ife waH-hebl ut Uie Jhom*j wem lo H(M . Hf ord to aeoept a (irkj-f *l>lvi*t< Ir l*<1 k> •ff*ir*t+.t^' I . . --—•••(••••v rrf Mr«. t'rank and thirty• K lrl» friends 1 u ,, n ,„ tlu , Enwnwn fftrt(> , T . "'J! 11 ", 1 ^";. 10 ;'"',.^ i :.. KUCStR : , T ^i T»«^ w»' »>» «t horn* t,, \^ r mMy t,,r^ tm ^ nK ,^^r y J^tiekfurd»--tiyCHUlor( > and udjawitt townn while the l)i.xon an«oi'latlon includf.s Dixon, Hterllnic, Fre*port. Huvannii-and other nelKhhoriiiK ttmna. ;_ The proKram I Imt han hcen prepared came . .. . , -• -i---y-r»». ».-*_- «»», •«»••( \T. • irif «.iii*ii if ({.(.at ^ in kltehen apparel nnrtj fripnds af , cr ,,etob*r tenth, at s«s the evening wan npent In playln K hearts, j , Mttst ,. r , IV1 ., 11M>> Hoekfoni, III The boiiM'"wuH iltTDiati'd in luaiis and i*iipld»~nnd-«t the obimt'.of- thoweninK an excellent lunch was served. .Miss Koiirko-rutwlved many useful JOLLY CLUB ; Wa* Entertained Royally Qy Mra. W. F, Stedman MTU. W I- 1 *. Stedman of the .» Villa entertaineil twenty im«rnh«»rs <>t tho Jolly and Fridy |-* iff til* 1 .<* t * 4* l> • Grocery SUGAR Fiiu* dry ^yaaula^t \ .- -you <.^" After- fijt-vvlmir-i-lwo- *tluin« !«* »uiy? They dul not men* jciiuue they wualed »y mw-t bukto h th«- public that buih we«> workiiiK for »ml Hupportini; Mr. ilugrh<>N. -Kvet>hody hut an jjjrl who ha.s an cyt- to bt< feraftcd on a Froi|eh : ^ifr/c.-rtamiy haa gono w«r imw*. A lwi»'Co«r>ie dinner was Nerved the i;umpuny "anrt It. WHH jimt wuch a dinner a« 'farniem wives only can nerve and JUM Mich a dinner as all enjoy, JJc- for takinii" Ths-ir -dcparttirft for home M'r. and Rlrp~, • Hrown were prenented wJTITNi pnrtto well filled with the "needful" to uso a« their pleasure might tHrtnte. TLit" uoiiplp will feo the. _to__ inuke. home. Mr .Urown owns u farm in that »lite. • J i 10TH ANNIVERSARY Of Their W«ddling Was Celtbr»ted By ytv tutu ImutUn; 214 First Avenue Both Phones Palmblive Soap $ \()i' tiarn for 19o Anples Kxlni 1'aiH-y Cuul^UM Ap*,--'' • , . • Galvanic Soap 5 liur.s for ,...,. I9c Olives Larm- full ijiiurt jurs plain Olives, per JHr ,.»'.. 25c Hemember we will ...._,, ...~.,^^!**i^^!~^^^^^^^^^^B*lt Wiflipwp- • VWpWMMV* sell you a good 9&*^&iyt* ^RWRwmi||M ffi*M i|MnM||M^pnMM^ WATCH ;_ Extra fancy Keefer'Pears lfaSf$ f ? r caun *ng; finest in the Vfll iJ Gl ^' ^ a ^ a »d leave your 25 order. Per-bushel i4*r^i' I'.V «-aii K. t'. ( J uluiiK't HaKinu l't>\\ jfrn- ,....:. 9c Sweet Potatoes J*J.vlra_faiu' - v -luci Peanut Butter ar- tur .25c Three dollars down and Butteriiie One dollar per week Y«»u pav ou \\t-ar li. ou our MP. and font, F. C. Mr. and- Mrs. VVank 'C, Spmul,' of Dixon, cclehfuted their tenth wedding anniversary, ftt thtlr lioine. • BOO V«rf«t Miroct, laxt tn s SELECT DANCE Will Be Given Thlinday Evening By Odd Fellows, The Hterlin« JLodK««. No. 174. 1. O. <>. P., has banned lnvitatjon« for a i*cbvt party to bo jjjven. Thursday Ort. 6th, in th«-.l. o. o. I*, hall,- HVIU'H four-plecp iireheKtra will play. Thf rt-eeptUm i-omml«tee i* ,-om- ! unn ""' !M)ot> >' « ir !* to - ehih Tm'Hday, The ladies rnado tho trip to and from tha prt'tiy country homo via train. In the inornhis tho tirno wa« Hrx-nt Inj'lny- iiiK 5I.HJ and Mrs,Mahet Myer« won iiio, whilo .Mr«. Jut»i>h. posed of Anspach, Hoy A, >! At noon an eliihurate pietiie. dinner IM.M, A. <\ I'fundMtein. Tbarleis .Si'hu- «u,s .served and was loll.nved by a proKram which wa« as t'ollowti.: —.Mrs, S. S. Itoyer, !. lUiycr uiut jVli'fi. lilaitrhi) Johnson, . ' . -~-*~ v< " ] KetidliiR —Mr>*,' Al Koyer, Me«ar*. Stahl and Farrell Will Enter- « j'umo select ion—Mrs. Am'el Ktei- tain at Gait Home. • ; i,.| t s. ___. * - . •' •' " • er and 'Kin - l Thoma». ! Sli-THIRTT DINNER WILL HOLD RALLY Hanly And Landrith Will, Be In . en go For Windup October 7th tlly t'nited ChlfaKo. III.. (>et. 4.~ A prohibition rally prep,*tiiitory t t » the wllulnp of tho nut tonal cjuii|>alK" will be lu-lii in ChlivKO on Uetober 7lh with .!. Frank- ', Httnly and Ira ljandritli..nfe tiie chief M|M>nkt:rK.' It •-•ill mark' the llrnt lap of the' lu.i)00 mile campaign (our tho f the' lu. iyH ««• Totlay'n today In Th6 My customers are . <V V. Stfthl and .1. W. Furn-ll i T-ho ladies wt>ro al»o <Mitcr(ained at Will entertain forty at a i Mippcr by Sti'dlliau .in.i thirty 'o'*»liM f k dinner thirf ovenum nifreinrn- homo until • tho * ;so o't'louk the tlult House, Tho guests will lie J train in thw ovoftfnK. I ho clerical force of \Vyne-IHwiver l>ry j The iu»Xt mw»tlnK Of th>* Huh will be G(KMbi Store and a few ontwider** who j bold Tuesday afternoon, tieinber ITth, took part in tho niylw tihow of last j at the fcoftie M'MI;*, Ift»iiry (.'m»r. couple had been Invited to spend the. «veninff with them, thos« lieint; prett- ^nt 'were; Mr- «rt»l Mr«. Bert Kmice ( Mr. nnd MtfJ, l/>tiis Hcltitmm. Mr. and MI-H, o. T. fiylb-rk, Mr. and Mr«. J-Iarl BproiU. Mr, arut Mr«. li- A*. Hose, Mr. nh(i MTM. Mark .Smith, Mr. and Airs. Will HIM Now w, und Mr. and Mrs. W. 1-1 White, formerly ot'thl* city.' The parly part of the evvning waft plcanantv )y. fiy«iit" tn irawipir, followed' by re- fre»hinei)t« served by the bo.steHH. Mr. und Mr*. Sprout were thtt-a' pt-vltrul handaonie and valuabl timohK them Iji-lng «n atnmimnn'»'offt'<» w, c. T. uJwii^ MEET! AI: NEVVBANKS On Thyr«d«y Afternoon With Mr«. C. j ' r. and Mr*. N»wbank» Celebrated Wodding Anniv»r>«ry M p ; C. T, imet with ('. I). 'Thompson on. Kirwl avenue atrcet on Thurwlay itftwrnoon, ut -3 o'clock.? It Is 1h«s dewlre that all I rs. i \Ve»t Third »tri»t, enteriaim-d J ( n<V | friends at «, »lK o'clock dinner .'last in honor of tht-ir . wed* members b* 1 }ire«ent an an intiiortaiit ; After the, dinner tho bout aiul bos*- Inp^tjijif wjtl'tjft h<fldi'" . ' * T--.- - ' ti'iiH wertv Kurprlyed Mr. and Mr«. H|truul an- well known here and their friends* in on- )uipp> tiit-iii many GOLDEN WEDDING Wan Celebrated Today 8y a Prominent Polo Couple. ' -Mr. and Kir*. 'J; JHinganiuh', prom- Itient ptHiplo of Polo, nn» today celo- prl^eil . when annilu-r viowd ut their local'friends walked in on them unexpectedly to t>pi>iul tjic evenini;- Thn tUn<* c wu* «i»*nt in play? j ing cards und all h;»d a line time. j\|rs. " hfttl huf homo bcautU'tiliy in uuiunm leaver aiul ctiitm At tht» «'lo«» of thv «-i Ask one of them; then become a customer, i ;,, Henry Bete Kilflour Building i ± their s anntv«>r> u clttclf" (iimifit' tins i will bt> ftpcnt Mr. and Jtra. Xe tr tiitu nt lmiigT~i?r A RECEPTION « Jennings Wa» -Tendered Rev. and Mr*. B. Lee Tew«l«y of Jordan. I{«-V. H I^ee TOWMPV unit wif«>. »t, -Wr-iv Kivi'H a pb-asv!«iit .v,!ilp-| t»e by I!'* member.-i of llu-lr fiSitt;t^eutition laHt eveniiiK. ll«»v Tt wsley ykii^ri-ci nf- l> i (minted to tlu> Ku»t Jordnn I'nited Uritbt-rn i-lajroh fur th«- tifth jear and and the POSTAL- CARD SHOWER. A jMintal t\»nl hiiowt-r was u-iui*iiii J.i«U\>> t'HHH'>' of M). ('ai'rotl l«Hia> jn hitnor of hi>- tiirtltdiiv Mr t'.%rin l > i>ii (oiijier sii-iiinu i CM. i. ni ,iiit| i.i- tiuu<K IM r" Ytinhi<l in Kiiti in- inutiy pii oa*»ion. . Tirt* out of twwn BUCX!^ «t tin j'n-r Wi'io MIJI. i;ii/.,ibc(li \\ ilcnn, iifi Mr« \\'ilbon, .Mi.-. StlxHh alitl ilt", .tllij Mlt* *!eo|j;c t^mitb oj ftllu ROYAU NEIGHBOR OANCE y bun thU ' SIX O'CLOCK DINNER, Mr u. ii Mt» l.i">n< Cri'iuv.-i-.. i ,>f 'ih S' » ou-ii.iin* H at a •-•)> t«\i.«K it W<(H 111 tlOlli'l tl( t •vyife wtre «U'en ;» JleV. Ulld Mrs* T'»WN|( V thelf jju*'v|«i ft-H it itujus >-J»|o>jblf tune l» Itp<>rtei[ t > ill.'tt III' 'tl,.i Illh b_ \j \yy_;_j L i\j'_'> th> tn>- T\< I'nTfc' xvhu>' IT! heh it!" or 16*' i It* t pttol) ••"ill tn.ub iitj a \.<r.\ Tio- i ill'- i i. v* -j,.r,, i iliiin-i l.i-t BftlOOS "Mt. -I .! *1i I I ti-ci Mi-, i'l..t-, i I! !"•! !\ til H u.i U.i 11 lust i lute ui. deliver Sl»00 orclws t.r IH \i n.- > titti'l i !l> '> V I Ml! I 'IN •r tb« \\ .fit HRAIHlf V II t i I •- «f A For the Treat- mcnt ol Liquor and Drug U*ing SiKce**f«l few yew* in d&tuk t#m of p«t«!}it'* iwp»o«mei.t begin* t»m«dfciWy— oo cwfiMflical; no W»6 ol ti4R»f afwgwr danger tws dwgt. z trcarm«i| only by •lilted, kindly THE KEWJFV IHSUlUffc »•»•«<* < lady Windmere Bordered and Tinted Stationery i \" ellent «|llltiHy »l |i' w in butb \\lvin* .ui'i oiii Specially I*riced 29 rugJDo.. Tif . a "t:

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