Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Monday, Feb. 24,1964 Redlands Daily Facts Rubbish collection Voters' group elaborate on initiative proposal Principal provisions of an ini'that people will not make use ofjtional fee will be charged if the tiative ordinance relating to rub- it. {resident places the containers on bish collection in Redlands are We of the Committee admit i the curb. Wc believe that if a elaborated in the following stale-; that there has been some litter- resident wants to keep the col- ment by the Voters Committeeing and disposal in unauthorized! lectors out of his property and Against Compulsory Rubbish locations, but both the City andlif he is willing to place the con- Collection. The ordinance w i 11 County have police departments. |tainers on the curb that he be on the April 14 city ballot. IHas anyone been brought intojshould not be charged the extra This is the second portion of,court and sentenced for improp-ifec. the committee's lengthy state-," - disposal of rubbish? The pre- Need Medical Doctor ment in rebuttal to a City,sent ordinance has punitive! The present ordinance author- Council statement published clauses. Have they ever b c e n,izes the head of the Disposal De Feb. 19. In the first part, pub- used? Wc contend that one or lished in the Facts on Saturday, two maximum sentences would the major provisions were out- immediately stop all disposal in lined in brief. For continuilv:unauthorized areas, they are repealed here: I Councilman Burroughs s a y s. 1. The City will provide a disposal service that can be made use of by the residents on a voluntary basis. "Laws are not forced on us by the majority", and in this case he is so right. The law is forced jon us by five men. These five ;are penalizing the whole citizen 2. The City will not give it- rv , 0 prevcnt a few irom brcak . self a monopoly of the collection; jng laws that we a i ready havc and transportation of refuse. | Thc council would do well to 3. Any individual may dispose; straighten out ^jr thinkmg and of trash and garbage on h l s bc „ jn t0 ma);c laws t0 pena | jze own property providing he does !hc unruly and not the !aw abid . not create an unsanitary con-'j n „ c j(j zen dilion or a fire hazard. ; , ' - „ .. , _ . ,. . Volume Collection 4. Samtarv inspections must „ .. _ . , . . v j u .u ii I.. r.f • Councilman Burroughs state- be made by the Citv Heath Of /iccr or by a member of his ment that by making the use of the service voluntary it will raise costs because a "Volume" collection will reduce costs. Neither he nor anyone else can substantiate this statement. It of Medicine or a Graduate Sanitary Engineer. Statement Not Valid In regard to Councilman Bur- . _ . . , ,, , , , , . , . is negated by the provisions of roughs prepared s atcment on .. ,. J .. . .. , „ j- , A •., , u the ordinance that limit the vol- the ordinance presented with the 1 , „, ,„ f ..„„ ,•.„« ...:n u„ „, . ... ,. ., . , .. .itimc of refuse that will be col- lnitiativc petition, it is not valid'. ... „, _, _ , .„ ' , , , lected at one time, and will not stand up under a, ^ thorough examination. His state-! ... ment that the City will not bej^,^ ww>k d w , did healthy or clean is an insult to CouncU (hc pur CV "-V , cn ' , ... 'chase of $50,000.00 worth of ad- Kedlands was clean and heal-„„, „„i,:_.„„ ,„ , „ „.„ ,. , , . iditional vehicles to transport the thy for is years under a volun-i „„,•,„,„,, ,. „ , ' , ,. , estimated 10 per cent or ID per tary disposal service. The merely jncrcase jn volume , hat ^ closing of the City dump and. compu|sory service was going to provide And if "Volume" decreases cost why is the South Side penalized by a greater charge when the increase is substantiat- partment to make sanitary inspections. This committee contends that the head of the de partment is not qualified to make such an inspection. No evidence was presented to this committee or the Council's Citizens' Committee to show that this individual has received any technical or special training in sanitary activities. If Redlands or San Bernardno County allows their Health Department to be headed by other than a graduate Doctor of Medicine it is way past time for changing the qualifications for these offices so that only a graduate Doctor of Medicine or a Sanitary Engineer is qualified to determine what is or is not sanitary. The City Council of the City of Redlands cannot have the best interests of the City in view if it is paying for inferior service in the field of health and sanitation. the opening of a County dump, a few miles from the old City dump, is no cause for saying I A KX WEST COAST THIATUt 1 *1 123 Cojon Str»ai • ft. 3-4331 Wed. Miss Fortune Start* «:.">". Thurs.. rrl.. Men.. Tun., : p. M. Sat. and Sun. Cont. from 1 V. M. ed by the disposal department because the residences have a greater volume of refuse to be disposed of? Curb Collection Curb collection is not specified in Redlands as in most cities because Redlands' residents do not want to carry containers to i Citizens Bury Garbage volume determined costs! Citizens of Redlands have a limit on the individuals [been disposing of garbage in their own gardens and orchards for years, using their garbage for fertilizer. Disposal of gar! bage by burial is an approved, method of such disposal and i>j the one used, indirectly, by the j Redlands City Disposal Depart- j ment. [ If anyone has observed the operation of the County dump he must be well aware that the burial or "covering" of refuse is minimal and certainly n o t sanitary and rodent proof. Yet. the City Council refuses to allow the citizens that it is supposed to be representing to use the same method of disposal that it is using. The individual homeowner or orchardist will take far better Grand Jury report Needs seen in county's probation department A number of changes in faci-'Sitc of the Glen Helen Ranch to lities used by the probation de partment were recommended by the 1963 County Grand Jury in its recent report. The following findings and recommendations regarding probation and detention were listed: FINDINGS: a boys' facility. 3. Build a women's detention and rehabilitation facility on the Glen Helen property. 4. Build a Verdemont type facility for girls at Glen Helen. 5. Space should be allowed at the Glen Helen facility for a 1. The branch detention cen-'State forestry training center as jters in the county appear to beja further aid to rehabilitation. !poorly planned and inadequate.! 6. Space should be allocated :particularly those for femalesjfor the development of h o n o r land juveniles. !camps in the near future for re- It is our impression thatjhabilitation of prisoners similar both the adult and juvenile div jsions of the probation depart- iment are doing a good job with- j in the limitations of their staff ;and facilities. We believe that !the staff officers are dedicated to the rehabilitation of the offenders within their jurisdiction. RECOMMENDATIONS: 1 Convert Verdemont Ranch, now used for a juvenile detention and rehabilitation center, into a Sheriff's training facility. 2. Convert the original home- Vandals fry to burn vacant house to the honor camp system, in successful use. in San Diego County. This system is especially important for the age group 18 to 25. 7. In recognition of these needs, we recommend that none of the property at the Glen Helen Ranch be converted to public recreational use. 8. Serious consideration should be given to the work furlough program for county prisoners similar to the "Work Furlough Program Study" as presented by Malcomb Curry of the Probation Department. Boy rescued from ledge Vandals attempted to burn | down a vacant two-story house A 16-year-old Rialto boy was on East Citrus twice over the rescued from a ledge 200 feet weekend, the Redlands Fire De- above the floor of Lytle Creek partment reported Canyon Saturday night by mem- The old house, located in a |bers of the San Gorgonio Search grove on the north side of Citrus; an <>. Rescue team between Judson and Lincoln! \inccntBi ac k became strand- streets, was set fire Saturday^ 1 ** m he; fe I while hiking with morning and Sunday afternoon. i/ n . Mds / Hc ha< [ bce P on the RETURNING TO REDLANDS — Now the nation's top woman folk-singer, Joan Baez will make a return to her former home town when she appears in Redlands Thursday. At 8:30 that evening she will present • program in the U. R. Memorial chapel and in the afternoon, from 4 to 5, she will give an hour's program without intermission in Clock Auditorium ot Redlands High school. With chapel seating nearly sold out, it was announced today that seats are ovailoble for the afternoon performance and amy be reserved through the high school office. Joan is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Al Baez, now living in Paris, Dr. Baez is a former member of the University of Redlands science department faculty. Traffic commission for new stop sign, yield sign I Firemen reported that about 110:45 a.m. Saturday a fire was started under a stairway on the! ground floor. At about 3:15 p.m. Sunday a fire broke out in the |roof of the building. Other fire reported over the ledge for more than four hours before rescuers pulled him to safety at 8 p.m. Darkness, combined with strong winds and cold weather, hampered the rescue, but the youth was taken out uninjured. Also, in Color. Tuesday Weld "BACHELOR FLAT" i the curb. The initiative ordin-jcarc to prevent the breeding of ! ance provides that where a resi-| insects and rodents on his own Ident refuses the disposal depart-iproperty than the City is doing iment the use of a driveway aj n its disposal activities. Even ,double fee will be charged; as though the County dump is outgoes the present ordinance. [side the City Iimis it is adjacent | In addition, it provides that where this is the case no addi- 49th national to the City and deficiencies in its operation will be fell in Redlands. Has the City Council taken any action to force the County to do a proper job in its dump operation? One additional side effect of the burial prohibition, which is of no concern to the Council but is of concern to those that do bury their own garbage, is that it improves the soil and is an weekend were as follows: | Q — Saturday, 2:21 p.m., grasslO.O fire at 333 West Stuart, no damage. — Sunday. 5:17 p.m.. brush fire, cast of Oak street between tile Redlands freeway and Sunset drive, an area about 50 by, 50 feet blackened, no damage, j — Monday. 9:02 a.m., fence fire. 131G Clay street, minor damage. A new stop sign and a ncwidcrcd for traffic on Glenwood'inez for a pedestrian crosswalk; yield sign were approved by the [drive at the intersection of at Brockton and Columbia. ; City Traffic commission this.South Buena Vista. This was ; Decided that no traffic con- week for two intersections hut f based on the accident record at'trols were warranted at Xcu more study will be made before | the intersection, including one York and Park avenue, based j any decision is made on the fatality. jon low traffic counts, but did : Fern and Center intersection. •< At what the commission 1 refer the problem of hishi The new stop sign was recom-' lermca " as "problem" interscc-'shrubbery to the park superin-,' mended for installation to stopj 1 '™- and Center, it was tendent. traffic tleciclcd that additional traffic Approved the installation of counts would have to be made a "snorkel" curbside mail bo\| skin an(1 Scuba Diving course to determine whether a four- on West Citrus just west of' wiI1 ? ct underway this evening way boulevard stop should be Fourth street. . at 7 p.m. at the Redlands YMCA. installed there. Directed that arrow-type pave-! Traffic counts of both-way • ment marking he used on Red,. . , .'traffic in a 24-hour average I lands boulevard and Cypress 4-tiour penou anu iperiod S , )0W0( , approximately| avenue to clarify the desired Skin, Scuba diving class opens tonight The Redlands YMCA Certified! CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. WILBUR RICH 326 W. Fern Redlands Cm PLEASE ACCEPT WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS A One Pound Box m?mm emits Your Choice. Stop in Sooti. southbound Oak street at its intersection with Franklin avenue. Engineering studies showed»: irl stallod"Iherc \ Directed that arrow-tvpe pave-! Registration for the course is that there are an a\eragc ot| Traffic count! . of ooth . wav : ment marking he used on Red- j still open with enrollment limited 2400 cars on Oak-street at tna j traffjc - n a 24 ., 10ur averagc |lands boulevard and Cvpressj to 20 persons. Cost of the course 9-m "V II P ° period showed approximately! avenue to clarify the desired ! is $25.00 plus a minimum 3 mos. 2^00 on iranktin. . yoo cars usjng Ccnter a n j turning movements. Redlands YMCA membership.! The new yield sign was or- aDOut 2 ,150 using Fern. J Approved installation of a .'The course includes 21 hours of " j And the accident diagram s 'op sign on Campbell at Oakiinstruction, the use of all scuba property owners owning less prepared by the police depart- street. j diving equipment, a certified than 5 acres are prohibited from j ment listed 16 accidents since 1 Agreed to have an engineer-! certificate an d an ocean check ,filling depressions in their prop-. 1956, two of them just two daysjing study made of the intersec-lout dive at Catalina. excellent fertilizer, and reduceS| Crty w j tn trasn t, ut mus t pay the|apart this January. ;"'on of Palm and Alvarado to! or entirely removes the require- 1 City to nau i , t away and thenj But these conditions were i determine if the present sign weekly, Monday and Thursday ment to purchase fertilizer. | Day som oone else to fill unwant- ; still borderline for cngineeringl'ng is correct. (Palm is now evenings. Instructors are Angeles County certified. PHONE ORDERS HONORED MAIL AND DELIVERY SERVICE Under the present ordinance ADVANCE SALE ADVANCED TICKET SALE LOCATIONS 5th and V. Kt«., San Bernardino 3rd and K 6t»., N/W corner, San Rrrnardino 3rd and C St*., S, t comer, San Bernardino S»£p's - Pel ftoba, San Bernardino Sage's - FUseKne, San Bernardino Del Vallejo jr. Ilirb School. San Bernardino Harris Co., San Bernardino Sears. San Bernardino Palace Market, Mill St, and Waterman Ave., San Bernardino Our Lady of Guadalupe School, San Bernardino 8th and H St*., Collon Ilelman* Dept. Store, Colton Thrifty-Mart, Collon Loma Linda Dmr Arcade, Loma Linda Itarri* Co., fUvenido SagrS. Riverside Downtoun, RJallo North Riverside Shopping Center, Rialto Safewav's, Bloomincton Shopping Square, Kontana Shopping Center, Victorvflle Post Office Stand, .Mh and D. San Bernardino Courthouse Lohby Stand, San Bernardino Bob's Body shop, 1348 Menlone Bird., Mentone Moron to Valley Markell** Dept. Store, San Bernardino Service and civiliin personnel. N'ATB through Base Sen ice Dir. I'.O.R.L'., Highland Ave., San Bernardino BETTER THAN EVER!! FAMILY NITE SPECIAL (Tuesday ONLY) DELICIOUS FRIED CHICKEN INCLUDES: • FRENCH FRIES • COLE SLAW • ROLL AND HONEY FOR ONLY 89 ( FOR FAST TAKE-OUT SERVICE Call 793-1296 "There Is A Difference . . . QUALITY!" B fir B DRIVE-IN Highway 99 at Alabama Redlands tion of Palm and the pay someone else to fill un\vant- ; still borderline for cngineeringl'ng is correct. (Palm ed depressions. land traffic safety standards for!stopped there). The Voters' Committee a four-way stop. ~— Against the Compulsory Dispos-i In an attempt to resolve the | ;al Program contends that thelquestion, the commission de-l *pry objections of the City Councilicidcd to direct the engineering) are unrealistic, unfounded a n department to make an addi- Icannot be substantiated. Thatitional traffic count of just "ap-| ithe Council in continuing itsiproach" traffic only, 'intransigence, in this matter is; In other actions, the commis- : merely continuing its policy ofsion: jlong standing that only the; Agreed that the west side ofj : Council knows what is good for Division adjacent to the Frank- jRedlands and that the wishes ofjlin elementary school play- 1 the voters arc not to be consid- ground should be posted "no I iered. parking during school hours" j It appears that the signatures and tiiat the school should be; ; of over 2600 voters cannot break!asked to request parents to pick' through the wall of self-esteem ;U|) their children on that side ;that the Council has built aroundiof the street on "wet" days! itself over the past decade. Per-| ra 'her than on the east side. J' m Rochford — Assistant The class will meet twice Los! MARCELLA'S 4 Orange St. 792-3402 haps the ballot will. W /io Has a Birthday FEBRUARY 25 — Mike Massey Douglas Ransom Hugh Cummings Don Massie D. C. McClelland Albert E. Martin Billy Lantz, Jr. Jerry Lage Jerry Sanders Mike Dwight Oscar A. Wikstrom James Da vies Arthur Furtada Tom McCormick Ben Gist Donald A. Hanson Woodrow E. Torketsen Donald Phillips Richard Seavey Albert Wincher Matt Burdiek H. W. Brownlee John Derrick Robert Fabans Col. C. W. Johnson Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. PY 3-2505 j Referred to the engineering I I depart ment for study a request! for a four-way stop at Ford and j South avenue. j Referred for engineering] study a request by Tony Jim- >. Bill Smith — Assistant Sam Bury — Service Mgr. Hurricane Descructicn More property damage is said I to have been caused by Hurri-j cane Carol than any other sin- 1 gle U. S. storm on record. This! 1P54 hurricane killed 68 persons' injured 1.000 and caused $500 ; million in damage along thri eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Maine. 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