Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 11, 1974 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
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Thursday, April 11, 1974
Page 7
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Consumers in Japan Wield Power in Business and Government ByLEONARDPRATT TOKYO (AP) -Japanese consumer groups are making themselves felt as a major force in the development of their country. Far from testing vacuum cleaners or tightening automobile seat belts, Japan's citizen groups —whose sponsors range from the League of Women Voters to the Japan Communist Party—are squabbling with government and industry over everything from the location of steel mills to superhighway routes. They have delayed or forced cancellation of projects worth billions of dollars in the last few years alone. Such organizations as the Housewives Movement, the Conference of Regional Women's Organizations and the Japan Consumers' Union have found themsleves in the forefront of Japan's new debate over pollution and economic priorities. They have been supported by several opposition political organizations which have found consumer issues a handy way of attacking the ruling Liberal-Democratic Party which, despite its name, is a conservative grouping allied with powerful industrial interests. Perhaps the most spectacular demonstration of their power so far has been delaying opening of the much needed Narita Airport. Tokyo's old Haneda Airport was overcrowded 10 years ago. The new super-modern airport at Narita, 18 miles northeast of Tokyo, was supposed to open in April 1970, but still sits idle. First it was farmers who didn't want to sell their land for the airport site. The current issue is a pipeline that is to pump aviation fuel from the seacoast to Narita, 25 miles inland. Times Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, April 11, 1974 / At least that was the plan. Nobody thought about the tough-minded residents of Chiba City, however, and they don't like the idea of all that high octane gasoline running through their town in earthquake-prone Japan. Narita's 2.4-mile runways have yet to see anything but test flights. Officials now estimate the airport won't open until 1975. Fishermen have also managed to postpone sea trials of Japan's first nuclear-powered freighter for over a year. The 8,350-ton Mutsu was designed to be the world's fourth nuclear freighter, and cost $22 million to build. It has been bottled up in the North Japan Bay for which it is named by fishermen who fear the ship's power plant will kill off marine life along Sparrow Puts Zearing on Map With 40-Horse Hitch ByJACKBRANSCOM ZEARING — Dick Sparrow doesn't live in Zearing, he lives on a 1,100-acre farm five miles southeast of Zearing, and lately he's been spending more time away from home than he's been there. However, Dick Sparrow is the reason Zearing has received a great deal of national publicity. Dick Sparrow, a powerfully-built man of 44 who was raised on a farm near Zearing and attended Iowa State University, is the only man in the world who drives a 40-horse hitch. Not only is he the only man in the world doing it. he's the first since 1904. As his wife, Joy, observed, "it's put Zearing on the map if it wasn't before." Since Sparrow first drove a 40-horse hitch almost two years ago, life at the farm has changed. Oh, how it has changed. Take that month-long trip to California this past December and January. An estimated 1.25 million persons turned out for the Rose Bowl Parade which featured Sparrow's hitch, and another 100 million or so saw it on national television. During the trip 30 persons traveled with the Sparrows in seven vehicles, including school-aged children who were flown'"back to school after the holiday season. Five of those vehicles carry the Belgian horses Sparrow uses in his hitch. The trucks also carry the saddle horses used by the "outriders" needed to help control the hitch along parade routes. People turn out to see the 40-horse hitch, which is sponsored by a Milwaukee brewing company. Dick owns the horses, but the company takes care of the costs on just about everything else connected with the operation. One million people were on hand to view the unveiling of the 40-horse hitch on July 4, 1972 in Milwaukee. On Labor Day that year 60,000 watched the hitch clop down Zearing's main street. Ten rows of horses, four abreast, pulling a seven-ton circus wagon amount to about 140 feet of power that Sparrow compared to "trying to hold back a locomotive under a full head of steam." Even for a 240-pounder, controlling 47 tons in 10 reins, five in each hand, is exhausting long before the parade route is at an end. "I'm simply not physically capable of driving for two or three miles, as big as I am," he has said. Last year Sparrow and the hitch made 16 appearances, ranging from California to Washington, D.C., from Chicago to El Paso, Texas. This spring there are plans to perform in a Kentucky Derby parade in Louisville, Ky., and a parade at Indianapolis during the "Indy 500." Yes, life on the farm has changed. Almost daily there are calls from all over the nation, requesting performances by the hitch. The Sparrows have two phones in the office, side by side, that are constantly in use. Their monthly phone bill ranges anywhere from between $250 to $450, and Dick says the personal mail daily "outnumbers the junk mail." In 1972 there were two films, in color, made at the farm, one that lasts 26 minutes and another that runs nine minutes. On one of the films the narrators are Dick Sparrow and actor Ernest Borgnine. The movie crews were from New York. Changes? Joy, who says she and Dick met while they were freshmen students at Iowa State University (she's from Springfield, 111., Dick was born on the farm they live in), is what you would call the business manager. Last year she said income tax forms for 38 persons were handed out, making them just about the biggest employer in the area. Farming is still high on the list for the Sparrow's, however, and that included feeding 82 horses (70 of them Belgian draft horses), about 100 head of cattle, 30 more beef calves, and raising corn, soybeans, oats and hay. There have been some additions to the house but, as Joy pointed out, their children are the fifth generation of Sparrows to live there. They plan to stay on the farm five miles southeast of Zearing. SEUF-BUTTERING CORN POPPER PRESSURE-FLO COFFEEMAKF.R for depositing $5,000 at Commercial Federal Your choice of four high-quality electric appliances from the Dominion Division of Hamilton-Beach OR ... DEPOSIT $1,OOO ... take your pick for $5.95 DEPOSIT $100 ... choose your favorite for $9.95 The "Burst ol Steam iron that uses plain Inp water and works like a charm on any fabric the new pastry toaster that toasts both frozen and non-frozen pastries and bread — thick or Ihin . Ihe self-buttering corn popper that coats every kernel with goodness the pressuro-llo lwo-lo-len-i;ui) electric collpnmaker 1 {plus applicable sates taxi Four ol todays most-wanted appliances—and you can take your pick when you save now at Commercial Federal Come in soon . open n new account or add to your present one earn the lop rates paid on insured savings and choose the appliance you want! SUPPLY IS LIMITED . SO HURRY' (Only one tu>e (jilt PC' liitwty Maiiim only outside ot Dour;/js and S.trpi' Counties, anij Potia*attanue County, Iowa Allow three weeks tot doiivory) We pay you a lot more interest than any bank. ANY bank! Commercial Federal M Savings and Loan Association Assets over $480,000,000! HOME OFFICE, 45th AND DODGE, OMAHA. 68132 • PHONE [402! 558-5400 Question, Answers on Income Taxes the coast — a particularly potent argument in the only nation ever to suffer atomic of f aplr Work on the 277-mile Chuo Expressway was delayed for three years and five months by homeowners in one district complaining of possible air pollution and noise problems. They were able to force a halt in construction of a half-mile stretch of the $1.25 billion expressway, which is now not to be finished until $456 Raised by 'Coffee Day' This column of questions and answers on federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Q. I've divorced and remarried. And I have custody of my child from the first marriage. My new spouse is helping to support the child. In determining whether or not I can claim the child as a dependent, do I count amounts furnished by my present spouse as support furnished by me? A. Yes. A divorced parent with custody who remarries is now allowed to consider support provided by the new spouse in determining who contributed over half the support for the child. Q. My son spent his earnings from a summer job to buy a car. Does this amount count toward support furnished by him when I figure out whether or not I can claim him as a dependent? A. No. Amounts spent to REAP is Reopened WASHINGTON (AP) —The Associated Press erroneously reported Tuesday that a federal conservation subsidy program has been revived to pay farmers for land improvement projects they carried out in 1973. That will not be the case. The Agriculture Department said Wednesday the 1973 program was reopened but that it will provide payments to farmers only for projects approved and carried out during the remainder of 1974, not for work last year. Last Monday the department announced: "The total authorized funding level of $225.5 million has been released for the reinstated 1973 Rural Environmental Assistance Program (REAP)." The AP story said the program "will pump $225.5 million back into rural areas as payments to farmers for projects they carried out last year." Gardner Smith, a program official in the department's Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, said the REAP funds will not be used to pay farmers for conservation work they may have initiated on their own in 1973 when the program was not in effect. The department terminated 1973 REAP on Dec. 22,1972, a few months after announcing it would be in effect at a spending level of $140 million. Congress had authorized $225.5 million. A federal court late last year reversed the cancellation, and the department on March 11 announced it would comply. At that time USDA officials told reporters they thought the original $140 million level would be in effect. The announcement'this week, however, said the full $225.5 million set by Congress would be made available. Smith, in an interview, said if a farmer had applied for 1973 benefits and the application was approved by his county ASCS office by Dec. 22, 1972, he would have been eligible for compensation. But if a farmer had not been cleared for 1973 REAP before the cutoff and had carried out improvement plans anyway . he is not eligible for compensation under the revived program, Smith said. "Approval now for 1973 work will not be retroactive," Smith said, "a farmer will have to start all over again with his application and county office approval." purchase a car do not count toward total support. Q. I was out sick two months last year, but my employer paid me sick pay. The sick pay is reported on my W-2 form. Do I still have to use your form to compute my sick pay? A. No. If you have sick pay and your W-2 form shows the amount, you do not have to fill out a Form 2440 with your return. Just enter the sick pay amount on your Form 1040 and attach the W-2 form to your return. Q. How do I compute my sales tax deduction? A. You may deduct the actual sales tax you paid on your purchases, based on your records, or you can use the tables in your tax forms package. If you use the sales tax, tables to determine your deduction, you may add to the amount shown in the tables the sales tax paid on the purchase of an autmobile, airplane, boat, mobile home and materials you used to build a new home. Q. What kinds of losses are deductible as casualties?' A. Casualty losses include damage from a hurricane, tornado, flood, storm, fire or accident, damage to the taxpayer's auto from an automobile accident not caused by the willful act or willful negligence of the taxpayer, damage from a mine cave-in or sonic boom and certain losses from smog or vandalism. Losses not .deductible as casualties include breakage of china or glassware through handling or by a family pet, residential property damage to trees and shrubs as a result of disease, damage from progressive deterioration or moths or termites, expenses incident to a casualty, sucn as rent for temporary quarters, losses from reduction in value caused by a nearby disaster and the loss of future profits^ Q. Are scholarships taxable? A. If you receive a scholarship or fellowship grant, you may exclude the entire amount from your income if you are a degree candidate. If you are not a degree candidate, you may still exclude up to $300 times the number of months for which you receive amounts under the grant during the tax year. The exclusion for a non-degree candidate is limited to 36 months during his lifetime. Payments under a grant are taxable it made to compensate you for past, present or future services or to allow you to pursue studies or research primarily for the benefit of the person who granted the scholarship. For more details, see IRS Publication 520, "Tax Information for American Scholars in the U.S. and Abroad." It's available free from your IRS office. The "Coffee on the House" benefit project conducted by the Carroll County members of the Iowa Restaurant Association March 22, realized $456.10. This is an annual collection in which the restaurant proprietors give free coffee and the patrons are asked to make contributions. The collection was taken for the benefit of mentally retarded children as a state-wide project of the Iowa Restaurant Association. C. H. "Mac" Hermsen of Mac's Casino Cafe, Carroll, general chairman for the event thanked all those who co-operated. Mrs. Marilyn Leiting, President of the Carroll County Association for Retarded Children also helped with the event. Taking part in the project were the following: Carroll - Chairmen: Jerry Vorsten and Mrs. \"*' i _'ii__. T ,....,**• 13 Aot niir'irit Maticm <: March 1975. And when it is done it will come complete with anti-noise walls three feet high and 480 feet long at both ends of the highway tunnel under their town. A local citizens' group has even managed to at least tone down plans for what the government says would be the world's largest industrial complex at Tomakomai, in the North Japan island of Hokkaido, host to the 1972 Winter Olympics. 388 Calves Die in Farm Blaze SWALEDALE, Iowa (AP)— Fire destroyed 388 eleven-weekold calves and three buildings on the Martin Meier farm south of Swaledale. The animals were worth about $125,000. About 250 fire fighters from seven north central Iowa communities fought the blaze Wednesday night. Local organizations are still opposing the $2.3 billion Tomakomai plan, distrusting government assurances that" the complex would be pollution-free. The list seems almost endless, even without the millions companies have paid out to victims of industrial pollution or lost when consumer boycotts forced cuts .in prices. Freight Rate Increase Okayed DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A four per cent increase in Iowa intrastate railroad freight rates has been approved by the Iowa Commerce Commission. The commission said failure to obtain general revenue relief could pose a threat to the maintenance of adequate railroad service in Iowa. ICC Chairman Maurice Van Nostrand said some railroads reported almost no profits and some negative profits. Melvih Leiting; Tony's Restaurant, Baugh's 66 Truck Slop, Carroll Bowl, A & W Drive In, The Derby, Mac's Casino Cafe, Western Inn, Don's Place, Pauline's Cafe, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Country Kitchen, Red Carpet Lounge, Denny's Comer Inn, Elk's Lodge, Fritz's Place. Arcadia - Chairman: Paul Wuebker; Wuebker's Cafe and Porky's Place. Manning - Chairman. Cathy Milkert; Corner Cafe, R»l-Mar. Lewis & Reinhold Drugs. Saunders Cafe. Chris's Dairy Sweet, Virginia Cafe. Halbur - Chairman, Mrs. Ray Hacker; Ray's Chicken Inn, Mel's Place. Dedham- Donna's Cafe. ,„„.,„ Coon Rapids - Chairman-"Swede Nielsen, Southside Cafe, Jo and Bill's Northside Cafe. Lidderdale - Genevieve Huegerich. chairman ;H4J Tavern. Roselle-Trio Tavern. Maple River-LittleGus's. Willey • Artie's Tavern, Chairman Mrs. Arthur Schultes. Mt. Carmei - Fleskes Store, Al's Comer. 'Mini-Slots' Are Not Illegal DUBUQUE, Iowa ( AP )—Miniature slot machines seized by Dubuque police are not illegal gambling devices, Iowa District Court Judge Wayne Norman Jr. has ruled. Authorities said the machines were seized March 22 from the Goodin Chemical and Supply Co., which had advertised slot machines for sale. The machines are sold as amusement banks and operate like slot machines. CONTEMPORARY CARDS The fun way to My "thinking of you." STONE'S K. of C. Bldg.—Carroll WANTED Homes in Need of Painting Homeowners in Carroll will be given the opportunity to have their homes restyled and rebeautified with the all-new, wood- grained, super-strong UNITED STATES STEEL siding, finished with Vynasol Vinyl. UNITED STATES STEEL siding can be applied to your home with optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the interest of homeowners throughout the United States who are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. It is maintenance free, virtually indestructible, carries a 30-year prorated guarantee, provides full insulation summer and winter as well as fire protection, and is highly hail-resistant. Our new product can be applied to every type of home including frame,- concrete block and stucco with amazing rebeautifying results. It comes in several colors and is now going to be introduced in the Carroll market. Your home can be outstanding in your vicinity and you will be offered a substantial discount off the regular retail price if you are interested in this special introductory offer. Homeowners who act now will be offered a FREE household gift for helping us introduce this quality product in their area. iasy Financing Available. VYNASOl VINYl® We Cover The State! far Information writ*: CAMPBELL BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC. Advertising Dept. P.O. Box 4805 Des Maines, Iowa 50306 (fw ImmMllaU Mrvlct phont collKi 515/285-1156) Business & Professional Directory INTERNATIOMAL Handling all phaiei of Travel NO CHARGE FOX OUB SERVICE 108 W 8rh, Carroll 792-9742 BUY - SELL - TRADE USE THE DAILY TIMES HERALD CLASSIFIED ADS PH.: 792-3573 BOOKKEEPING FARM MANAGEMENT HAROLD WM. SCHMIDT H&R BLOCK TAX CONSULTANT Carroll Manning 792-2770 Home 105 *. 6th Sf 653-1616 R. M WINJUM O D. Optometrist Complete Vision Care including Contact Lenses Dial 792-3318 1 Block West of Sernett's COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Life — Accident and Health — Fire — Auto All Commercial Lines Robert I. Krous, Ray P. ten* Carroll 792-2580 — slredo 673-4422 KRAUS & LENZ Insurance Professional Center 6i: North West Street Are you a cautious investor looking for more income? * The Fund seeks current income by In- vestlne in securities which are guaranteed by the U.S. Government or its Instrumentalities both as to the payment of principal and Interest. * Daily Interest accrued by the Fund on the portfolio securities. * Minimum Investment: $250. fr'or Fund Prospectus write: American Giowth Fund Sponsors, Inc. 611 North West St. (Professional Bide-) Carroll, Iowa 51401 Phone; 792-2866 Attention: Wayne Halbur, FARM MANAGEMENT Hail Insurance Investments Stocks and Bonds Contact HARRY D. FRANK 2002 Crestview Drive 792-4400 CarroK TYPEWRITER & ADDING MACHINE arr° U SALES and SERVICE vpewriter Cecil H. Cobble Owner ' F 223 E. 5th, Carroll, Iowa 5M01 Phone (712) 792-3248 No Charge For Estimates lervice DR. JOHN E. MARTIN OPTOMETRIST €YES EXAMINED - CLASSES FITTED Contact Lenses — Children's Visual Problems New Ground Floor Location — 524 N. Adams St. iBetween Hannaieh Beauty Shop and Sherwin-William*) (Closed Sat. Afternoon) Phone 792-9709 Carroll, Iowa DR. H. K. RICHARDSON, Optometrist Dial 792-9687 805 North Main St. EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED CONTACT LENSES Ralph M. Cronfl ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Die! 792-9277 Slft'/i N. AdemsSt. R. j. FERLIC, M.D. 715 N. Adams—Carroll, low* Office Hours: 9 to 12—I to 5 General Practice—Obitmtrict Fractures—X-teyi Office Pie) 792-4120 Home Dial 792-3401 ""^"•"kHlWHI BILL COMITO BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Over Wetter** Appliance Cmtwr Ph. 7920105 R. B. MORRISON, M.D. 117 East 6th St. - Carroll, Iowa Gtntnl Prattle* — Mcdlcln* Offic* Phont 792-3543 — Homt 7924630

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