Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1916
Page 2
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two STERLING WEDNESDAY, OCT* 4, 1916. 1 n'r'lcf , Get the home care of shoes habit—It pays WeH dressed people always have well sWned shoes. SwiiotA, with the fcey for opening the box, its quick shfaiflg ^uiUities and the handy 8«we«A HOME lit for polishing, makes the home care of shoes a pleasure; A SOCIAL TIME W,if Enjoyed By the Junior Department cf tha M. E. Church BLACK YAM WHITE SHINE WITH AND SAVE At all dealert-Ac«pt flo "iT.tsr-Bfi't ;» b» h r. l>rirn.iri- uf-r« t •!<••:( Hc!'r»----fimi'!!tf of ih<> M, F-I tv ;it th*» » hurch r*ar- .' fnitfl four ''{ itu« cJa.»,K <•( mrmb^r," o ;ii!n,i U'd fr^ni th» :ii.>1 l-rfti i'Hvnjt>t*-d t«> ! Tbfrf u»-]-r> tbfrty i>r<'".'<-»r)t nnd t(if> fwntrs with K:\mff. rn ;ind i. ak AT INTERSTATE OFFICE Mis* Ivy Fisher of Hockford ha ft(.-f''j.ilc'd ;( i>o^itifin n« dpfnilor at tlr i.tflc.- r,( the Intf ( omjiany nnd "taklriR tli*> L. It. Ali'JL'tr, viihii lifts rpMttm**} he MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS'WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1916. BALL TEAM LIBR AKIMBO ARD ACCEPTS A NEW POSITION • M ijns Bvr.t5ii rrTiiMs.: "Wte has fd for «r>mp time at thr> offlc «if th«« .Morrison Ti>!»»fih(iTH' compitny rfSijtnpd thnt intuition t" In thf «)flti'f( of th«' 1 LH>by, and Ijibtiy rnllk plan!. Ml*ft Ohlld thp plm* Ipft vnciint'by thf ITS And Position* Are Appoint*d Monday Evening •-•. ! M«et» And Csniidir* . New Bocks Of The Moirlnon IH«til,-in Injr nml prat-tiee In" ti><- Monday evening, M<'*d .Ilixici waji rhfiwn captain of tin- fa") Hoy M. Hou*«< inanttM'r. with tin vi(> us follow*: Joe Fffdwan — l* 1' -•It. I' In M a ni'-ft- The Un.-ml, i,f direct orn of the odi'll armory uii , public library held their regular ineef- au J iiiK Monday evening. They decldwi int J .ni the purchase of n list of new books iv" j but It will in nil probability b<* a- I tiuinth before they HVC received at liw lllirary and am ready for vlrculallrxi, ; J nines \Viiiu-otnlj" Ulley" Week will I*' I,. Hindlny It <: Jnim»rf Feldmim -'-•<* ' ff, Th« bqys fat pet* t in piny th<* nnutirt Grovo team on' Thurndny ewritnK. They nr<< now In itn^pxrH- Jortt condition mid would like tt» correspond for j£ui»«?»'wfib tiny tenms in tin* northwestern pftft of the state-. MARRIEDTUESDAY i thirteenth and Mian Corcoran IH a,t ; pr«>*enl • biiHlly rnKWd in prrparinj? j old nuiterlHt nttd In •riding' new In- fere*«t for thin event, * • Miss .Darl«n« ...j .and Metwm l-JlHworih . HhtiUn'.of Ixyndoti nuil Minn. l>urlen«\ HerRp of l*ror>h«tM*> town, were united In inarriai?o In thN vJty by U«v. James letter «t Uu> Mi TO. r««n«>naK« jmi. b«-fera noon on TIK-H- Thry wnro accontfatJli'd by 'Pdullnft Herire.»iiUitrr of the brldo and JCHW Wllrlclc, both of Pn>i<hrt«- tcrtvn. Thu tmnpy younj? coui>l«> left. Morfinon In Ilici iift«»rn«on for a-wookV visit ut th«» HUHIP of tins gruoni'M brother In KU-nlrii; IH, 'i'ht-y will r«whk» on A SMALL FIRE -Started At Reynelde- Til* Worka On .Ropf FOOT BALL TEAM May Be Organised By Several Ex- High Schdol Stars A town football tram will in all >>rnhnhility bft orjranlzed in a short j. time.. ln_ Mori inoh, lt_w.lll I>e_compo8- ed of AX-high vchool.nnU eolleftn font ball xtJirti and from the arnbnnt of -Kootl material iii_tlife-^dty_vgi> nhouUl Imvo «v winnlriR team as in fornior yenrH. 1'ho, town team- haB^not been defeated for two yeztTB and in tho.ptuft five ypai"« haw only lout two puneii. Any team In the vk-lnlty tbiu. wishes to malte iirraiiKcmentu fot a game, may do HO by correapondlnK with Oeorffe Rick. BECOME^ItlZENS Thirteen, Applicanta Paia , Examination } for Naturalliation IS READYTcpLA8TER It ih ttitiMH-ted thai tlw» work. on the north side »i,-h0ol buildlncr will b« fln- l«jhfd m> thai 'the rooms will be reft to I'ttister t>y FYidny or Sulurday 01 lhlv« w»»«k. C. 1'fllnntul.nt of ChlHri hug. th*« (ontrnct folk plastering tho bulldinj?. .' . , „ PROBATE COURT RECORDS t>t;itr» of Henry Hte'iiimi-yer, dc- of Mary K. Miller, (.'eriHIratti of pubiiBhin^ tiotlco to creditorfl filed and approved. Claim nllow^l 'iiulU-ld Iffham, I7V.G4; tiuardian Kroehnr !•*. Ho'dcn, .dc- fenmxl, Edwin Koreman, 'mirnir. Uuardian'H final receipt illed Heptetn- ber 2Sth prencnted and upon app«a,r- unco and aKre.emrnt of both guardian and .ward, reoeipt I* considered and ordered u|K)ii payment, of KSUUo jtA^ttOl -tiTfMJfltyn; d«*CeftiSe(1. '>rtHICBt«* of -piibliHhlne and nll'idavit of pouting noticed to creditors this term of <!{rcult court and of i tifteon applicant*, tho name« of whom nypro publl«hfd In Monday's |K«U«. summoned to tho KeynoklH Tile factory on Kant Murkel street Tuesday afternoon about four o'dock, A »mall bad been started on the roof from -«ht» chltnniiy and was "Ify^a. 'Kt'hooT-'boy WluTTWiui, wa the Htr»?«'t and save th*> ulium. It tutd not had tlmo to .guln much headway and was put out In it few -min,utei». A »mall hole wa* •burned In the roof but the Ions sustained wan not a Kreat amount. WILt 00 SOUTH , Oeorgo Hodjfi', diiuishtor, IMury, nnd «6n O«irg««, will h'uv<» Thursday for JMontffwmiM-y, Alubiiniii. wlu-ru they will upend th«' win lor at rhw homo of Mr, .llodffo'ri nlHttT- It- in liopod thnt tho 9hang»« of Hlnwto will be u bciielH to. the henltli vf Jr.. -,\» ho -h«H been MuffcrliiK wllh broiu'hlul t rouble examination an'd beeamo cltUens of tho I'riiti'd Blates. The elninlnation of KoruUeii.gmU g( t'ulton wiui j>otit- i'uin>i> UnUl Ffmay of tlil»~week. John Vail Wioreri. who l» at prcHent not In thlH lofallty, did not appear. Samuel B, Gallagher of tho Chicago district bureau of .Immigration, conducted the 15«tat«"TDayid II, ClaJra allowed » Lilliiin .M, Hypr*. I736.K4; \v, l?. Perry, J3,f>(»; jMvld JUy- t-r», $127.00; J. 1* Jinavcly, ll.OO. " liativln of Auguftu .M. J. UiwreJH-e, dcccMOrd. Inventory -IHe<l nnd approved. - Kstato of IJcnry Hrei'rfi deceased, In ro-pr«>of of iieirnhlp. Hearins: continued Uv Novwnlier 6th, 1916.- * Kstato of Edward Tym». . dooeiusod. Knot import "tilpd, liearinir net/, fo fff£ AUTUMN EXPOSITION It is but natural that the E, & W., with its five 'store organization, should endeavor to excel its own previous efforts in this Exposition of 191(5 The latest styles for every occasion and requirement from America's best sources are here. ^ ^ >~ Fall and Winter Suits, Overcoats, Furnishings, Footwear and many j apparel are now complete and ready for Ketato Henjamtn Kranktl/i Buntle> dcoeaaed. Final report, appro dlHcli.-xrff" ordered upon iMtymunt o of 0«orKT> \V«mrr, d««cf Will admitted to probate, fllcd and ro corded. ''• '-' : ." -"iraarntan . Klla IS 'MAILING GOOD Little. Dauflhtar of Mra, Julia Wttt- fall R*inar Plays ,fit Movies * ' Reiner and- daughter. Mormon Mr*. Julia =** T>t Sunday and Monday .viBlting old frkmdt*. MIM. Hefner will be remembered a« luivlnff formerl^ been .Ml«* Julia Weatfall of this city.' Her little dauKhtor. Vera. who la bin fourteen yearn tif ago has already been malt- IIIK K'io'1 »H u movio mar,- She .has been working with a mo vlni? picture J, JfaxHeld. Iir-t to sell reul ostuto of minor Floyd MeT>onald, .cause -heard,' toon nxed at 113,000, filed aud .approved and :orxl«retl. minor, Uenio Dale Maxlteld. heard, bom) nxed at $500. tiled and<ap- provod nnd. sale ordorod, Kstate of Julia. Thompflon, deceased. Claim- allowed* \Vfttertown. State hospital, 1380.00.- MORRISON BRIEFS Janet Qrler«on left today where she wilt remain nnd rtinlto Jier homo with her brother, Walter. ,4C ,M. r Sishryner of, Prophetstown visited friends Jn,, Morrison Tuesday. Mrs.- W. Itt uia|r visited friend* m for «om« tlnuv «'onccia> -for Borne tinjo nt..ti^-«Uary of ' Dlxon Tue.mliiy. $30 n-.wttejt and lum Ju«t algned a year'n Victor Klastrum npent Monday even- Putting it ^ver The <*» • -,,,. • / Many a man can think up playa in sport or business who lacks the rugged strength and energy to carry them out • ^ •» Human power comes from food, and it ia vitally essential that it contain the elements required by both body and brain—in good balance, and in form for prompt digestion. - — with Cream ^f — combines all the .nutriment of whole whent and malted barley, including their mineral salts so nfecessary to thorough nourishment, Grape-Nuts ia a winning food^—ready to eat direet from package, easy to digest, rir'hly nourishing, and wonderfully delicious. F. veVy tr.!»!<i .ivc ""!•». /. There's/ a other lines of men's your inspection and selection. .. . . , This store extends to all a cordial invitation to view, during the opening days of this Fall Exposition, the authoritative styles oh display. -^RTDAY^-SATURDAY tvltli,rriend .In Sterling. Mr». Mury JJartln . and Kate Marlln have returned froip u visit of M. % v«ml. daytt with itHidu ut Albany. Mrw. deorgo J\>ii« returned from jQUnton Tuesdny-wbere sho visit wl bur son. Ijloyd, who is roroveflng from an operation , in • Ui« hospital, aho rc- portii him to bo getting fUong nicely, Kd Wenver and family motored to Clinton Tue»dfty. • ; A* r W^.OJdja at Clinton rwa* in sior- riaon o« busiheee Tuejtclny. Harry Arwpach returned "Monday. from Uelmont, Wia., wbcrft ho has t>een Clyiffs Hattleld for the iui«t two weoke. ">~ > : — Hen MiUhews visited relittives In tound Qrova yucgday, _ __ ~ "Mra owtlft BufiSivFwent to Hterling" Tuonday where »!>• visltwj «t tlus homo of Mr. And Mm. John Bubrow. — Mm. 1*1 lAwton ttpent Ttiadny with , . .>•*' rent«4 the new roctfntly huttf-by'Tom ^y on Went «jov« there WKJII and wcjwctw tot. (Jardeuplaln, -, Tu«d»f even- ng on a'l)ui«|n«aii trip. lo Jwnc<; Wls. wa« Kccoropaatad mi 'far as i.'hicu- Pflatlves. Clark returned Tue*day eveninjr from * visit of several days vith rolaUvoa in Cltntpi). •• , Mr*. 1 fhftrlen Patrerson • of liKtiPk, 8 visiting her nlHter, Mra. George Pope. Wr, Dingnmn of i'rophctHtown \\a» a, bti»liit-»8 visitor in Morrison Tuesday. Mrs, M, Shuler wturuwl Tiu».sduy rotri I'erry, !«„ where «h«> has been tltip hir daufhter. Mrs. Roy Mow- for tlu» pawt throo TAMPICO NEWS J AUCTION SALES The seanon for auction sal en will soon b<- ben- and The (laxctto will be in beiu-r poMition to K«V«> the fiirmeri* ff tiiiu Hwtlon nuclt a Kervice a« they never had ln-fori 1 . The Gazette doea tll« mile bill work of this HPctlon rflllnqtilnhlnB its other Job printing when it purchased The Standard of A. U lUchmond. ' Mr, Illehinond ut tho mime rime discontinued '.the printing of auction «ale blllH of all kinds. •In thiw connection Tin- fjir^etio would nay that ulthuucU tliero haw been a Wg inrreiuie in tli«« COM! of tho stock lined m.'nal« bill« no in- will be madi* In last your'a iifsT~nf~Jirmiar,v. FnrmerH who have made for aiioiloiiK tthoiitd arrange for their vbjlls at |e«»t tNrt-« mn«kK be- fori> htrnd if posHibler becjntsr-f hf rr- wlll be Hiirh it riinb that it will not always be puHMible. to K* 1 ! tiie billH Iho name day t lit* order comeg in. And always it ahould be remain* heix'd thai the furmsTH of title unction read The ClM'zette,—und/ th« place tbey expect |o see ihe ud- -V^Ht«fft^-«f~MM«—nut'tlon—twl«-t«- ii* lit 'ttre ad\«'rtirtliig'colnmToi of •*hi*" paper, * JKvery "auction should bo ad /ej*. wUU th* full bill at let*»l uix, befuro tha uain. . , last week. Sir. and JWr«. t'harlc-s Mc- (JoniKal uud ilin, Mary I'mtor tuv keeping houve Tor them uiui raring lor Ma uttd KruiiK .Uuxltt'lii, ,MihseH Xcllie and Kjtte Mc("*«ir»nirU intivt'U tlu-ir iuiiiiiiehotd K') 1 "^ in-m Ihe Ali>«»iu'r lious*- acio»h fr.nn Um to the roonii* " the hull lu^l \un-K and will ««•• ENTERS THE UNIVERSITY. UJy United I'rewt.) ClmrnpalKU. III.. Oct. 3.— Albert Pike, TWO DIED FROM^ F|JME8. fhic«Kt». II!.. Oct. 4.—fr!ld«» by wide LoufH II. Ue.vNent, KB year* old, nnd big captain of last year's champion, pr«-p W |fo, Hthcl. 7S vear.s old, «irUK«U>d I™" 1 -. 1 :^ 1 ,- ^'^i,! 11 ^^!!^' -asainM. U.atit.m ga%-riH« l l,fl«t.,uid^ IIIIH entt-nnl tbo UniverHity of Illinois. liui-uusc uf a bad kntiu KiiKtiiined in tuiKketball, Coach iluppk* ban ordurfd 1'lke to refrain, from freshman yandty competition HUH fall, Jin '..will be tligi- ble fur the vursity*in 1917. v Didn't Llkp Hirsute Adornment Ouo Suudj»y Helen's fHther aud mother took JUT tp cburcli, jdttliiBjiwt behind a man who P-nd red whlnfeers. Helen would not look up, but kept hiding her face, ami whoa her inoth'or In»l8tod on knowing \vhnt said: "I'm afraid of the. uiua wlf foavore on bfs face," CJOSE WILL Gall Btonoa, Cancor aKdiUUT«r» of th« Stomach and Intestmeg, Auro-lntokloa- lion, Yellow Jaundice, other fatal ailments re*ult from Stomach Trouble. Thousand* of Stomach ia Mftyr'n Wondwfut Remedy, Unlike any other for Btotrtltejr ftUffiehU. J\»r n« !«• by Hterllng Pharmacy c'o, and •$$%t::. • v":' '*- " w; the Mr. and Mr«. Honuir- - Huni.s 'uijd iiiHltUT tml Mr- and Airs. 'Lean i'.a- ner, left Stindaiy in the"Burn4«'- nui» or Sfatu-h'irtwr, fowa. to visit inio at tho home of Otto Hurtix, Mr.-, ll iJ. Mi-Kitn/.it Mr. and Mr». Harvey ftai-iimt-yt-r in heir Hunt" in Auroia and spt-ni sev- f;ti d»y» viniting her »i»t«>r, Mrs. Will ^uii'<>n» 9Ud wt tho iiin i hme>jpr liumo. **ftt-r n weeks' viHit'uii-i her i'-H'l. Alls* U; 1>. Xfi', 3ti> ,• f«-r ltron/i. John Turner, it. t< AlU-ti -uul 'ifOH;*'' i»h«'l'W«H)ll lll"t(>ICll til IvIH'lv ford Saturday to attend a larm> g.Uh- j i-itn^ of Mfi*»m»8 livid In (iMt tH> 1^ ilr iind Mi'M .Ii H Mirtiie w Im lusM' j J iH-i'!,i 'i«>.t.i«l i'« It'iv' I HI- M.IU>' i nue n»it\- ( im i lu'iiu" at Xmburiif, Mo .ind If-ft i fm> ilitii> |ii.-'t l'"nduy c\fi,i'ig j Mul'lt* iuis 1,111111111} tlll<'ll>t,H ItCM I in I'lil-r (•> lu< in ,u (!,' ir ihll On", nitivi-d (» .MisAiiin i Vi'J'l-. \\,ih,il Hjl'>-( «il I In- I-' I,, 1 hi'iui I i,-»i -vi'i'l. H«- i> .1 si.n ni • : < hunt ii ln-li -I l»'> ' " 11" HIGH more important—the" perfume of a soap while you are using it Mr. Inn Mi. \ !•*»! M1-.S Humu I'uuy is' cc'K AvrtH hj-r m«th.i'r. '•n i y. Mi*;* i Wulnut fur- im "riu i -tu» of Kl PHSII urrhesti here iLLv; -jeiiiiiuig and \uuied~juvi-t iiuu-- uy ;tt the M Q, t'ru'nfp Jiume. Tiu-j iu* in h«'t> Mis ('r»'^los \\ if,_, ' N or felie after-feeling and appearance of the skin? Ivory Soap is unperfiirned. The onl$j odor it has is the sweet, natural fragrance of its extremely mild, pure, high-grade ingredients. But—Ivory leaves a fascinating feeling of refreshment and a healthy glow of jpi^ieet cleanness which cannot be~equaled. IVORY SOAP THKOA'J'* AiSU TON' UollV fil( tills ,tNf> CiUt»i*

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