The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on February 8, 1917 · 1
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 1

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1917
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1 i "An Affair of State" A Story N t1I nEws motet-LAI-tom FOR THE WEEK FADING FERRI- ART 3 DM 4 Daily average rxtlay—29795 Saturday February 3 ---33938 VOL 121 AVOIMIEIG WAR IS A EtOSTIGPORTE 3 pp Another American Sacrific ed On Altar Of ‘litithlessness CALIFORNIA'S AMERICAN SHIPS J SIITIZEN REACH 10UiTLY WIDENS 9 ninon CROSSING OCEAN 1 KILLED NB SIGNAL FOR HOSTILITIES TOTAL 162 NOT IN DANGER Six Others s How M -Become Victims of Submarines KEXP A 'ECTED T AN Y TEVE ' 41 LOST or Mines ervweor' Br7ish Passenger Shi SHIPISSUN e Bo d D t eA P i3 Am cans on Boar ue o rive ut Have Not Yet Reporterd George Washington Loses Life When German Sub-Germany gtL 11ch 's Submarine Campaign Developing With Fury Thai Consul Frost at Queenstown Sends State Department Report on Destruction ' of Big Liner NO WARNING GIVEN BY DIVER OFFICERS Washington Is Told Steamer Eavestone Was Torpedo ed Without Notice Big 's 7 Tonnage Sunk Fifty-nine Ships Sent to Bottom Since New Submarine Order NS:AV you'll February Se—Fifty nine ships have been sunk by German submarines or mine" according to it compilation ntude here front cable reptte since the German blockade order took effect February 1st Fourteen vessels of 2997 tons are reported as lost yesterday and last night bringing the total tonnage of the victims of the German navy up to 116841 Thirtv-tro or more than half of this number were Bridals ships five carried the flags of other entente belligerentat one was an American the HOUNIttiOnie and twenty-One were owned in other neutral countries - 1 itTASHINGTON February 8—The latest report on the destruction of the California received today at the State Department from Consul Frost at Queenstown puts the number of survivors at 162 and the missing at forty-one It says the ship apparently was torpedoed about 10 o'clock Wednesday morning Other reports to-day from Consul Frost on the sinking of the British ship EaVeSt011e say that she was also destroyed without warning This point has not been cleared up In previous advices One American a negro was killed Boat Sulks Quick LONDON February 8—The Central News says the California sank nine minutes after she was torpedoed Three women and two children are reported to have been among those lost Surgeon Algoe and Assistant Purser Eadie also were lost The purser is said to have been killed The News says the California's life Moats on the port side were launched end that some of the passengers and crew were able to get away on them A few who fell into the water were rescued There was no panic and &though a number of passengers were injured all acted in a calm and courageous manner After being In the boats a short time they mere picked up by a steamer and landed last evening ( e Manes to tee Guns ' The California was armed for defense but did not have an opportunity to use her guns as no submarine was seen There were pathetic scenes at the quay side where the survivors were landed Many were only scantily Irlothed for such severe weather Nurses and doctors were waiting to (Continued on odgo two) ADVERTISEMENTS Women of Gentility who abhor blunt commercialism in business appreciate the culture and courtesy afforded them in this institution's accurate and responsible service Every banking ' convenience that appeals to feminine requisites is furnished women who bank here 1M EEP NETV YORK February lio—Nino passenger liners filyng Dago of tho Entente Allies two ship of the American line and one of Holland are to-day on the Wait nen between New York and European ports All but three the American and Dutch ships bound East are within possible danger of submarines or mines SHIPS NOT REPORTED In addition two British passenger ships frpm New York are doe to arrive but have not been reported It is possibit word of their arrival has been withheld in accordance with recent orders of British authorities Nearly all have Americans on board The ehips at sea several of them the largest now in trans-Atlantio pies January 24th now in the Medservice and loaded with rich cargoes iterranean are: Saxonia (British) for London yin American liners New York from Halifax January 12th Liverpool February 3d and Kroon- The Mistocie (Greek) for Greek land from Liverpool January 31st ports January 28th was in MediterRyndam (Dutch) from New York ranean waters for Rotterdam via Falmouth January Ships that should have arrived but 28th and ordered back to this port have not reported so far are the Or yesterday when within 14 hours of duna of the Cunard line whioh (tailed Falmouth January 21mt for 11vpr000l Pnrin Orlin White Star Liners Oat White Star liners Baltic for Liver pool January 29th Adriatic for Liv- erpool February 3d and now 1100 miles out Cretic for Naples February 6th French line steamer Bochambeau for Bordeaux February 4th about 1900miles from New York Carmania (British) for Liverpool February 4th about 1900 miles from this port Dante Alighteri (Italian) for pia BOPP RAISES INCREASED BAIL MONEY Former German Consul General and Lieutenant Von Brincken Profit by Transfer of Bonds SAN FRANCISCO February &— Franz Bopp former German Consul General and Lieutenant George Wilhelm Von Brineken pnder sentence for conspiring against American neutrality put up 150000 with the United States District Court to-day to save themselves from going to prison pending their appeal Von Brinckens liberty was made possible when C C Crowley and Mrs Margaret Cornell convicted assistants surrendered themselves thus transferring $211000 bail money Former V!ce Consul E H Von Schack yesterday put up $25000 making a total of $75000 supplied by patriotic Germans and sympathizers All the defendants were out on $10- 000 ball Ball Filial: To-morrow Actual documentary filing of the bail for Bopp and Von Brincken will be accomplished to-morrow CrowleY will tstart for McNeil Island then Mrs Cornell left to-day for San Quentin Prison HUSS TROOPS TAKE TRENCH IN WU DASH Teutons Lose Ground Near Kirlibaba in Carpathians Counter 'Attacks Unsuccessful Says Petrograd --- PETROGRAD February 8 --Russlan detachments says the Russian official statement Issued to-day yea" terday attacked the Teuton positions near Kir Mahe in the Carpathian mountain! and dessite artillery anti rifle fire and mine explosions dashed through the barbed wire entanglements and Occupied the German first 1 line trench A German counter attack i was not successful in recapturing thc ground lost Mndi EMOill 1 Mn ADVERTISEMENT EACRAMENTO CAL pies January 24th now in the Mediterranean Saxonia (British) for London via Halifax January 12th The Mistoole (Greek) for Greek ports January 28th was in Mediterranean waters Ships that should have arrived but have not reported so far are the Orduna of the Cunard line whloh sailed January 2Ist for Liverpool ParinOrtia (British) for Liverpool via Halifax January 22d and Taormina (Italian) for Naples January 20th Unuanai Contaes Taken On account of the submarine and LEAK SOURCE DISCLOSED BY Prompted Her to Inform Lawson WASHINGTON February 8—When the Leak Investigating Committee quizzed Mrs Ruth Thomaaon Visconti to-day on who gave her the information on which ebe reported to Thomas W Lawson that SecretarY Tionnity and others had profited in stocks on advance informatiori of President Wilson's peace note she declined to anewer in public on the grounds of her constitutional rights" She offered to testify in secret SPES1011 She did say however it was no one in official life The committee went into an executive session to consider It Makes Name Known Mrs Visconti finally gave the name of her informant to the committee In confidence writing it upon a piece of paper but with the understanding that the committee may if It deems advisable later make the name public She was then excused temporarily while W W Price a correspondent who she told Lawson acted as a go-between with TumultY was recalled to the stand Denies Tumidity Conference Counsel Whipple questioned Price about his conversation with Secretary Tumulty from December 18th to December 20th the "peace note leak period" ' "Did you at any time between December 18th and December 20th have sny conversation with Mr Tumulty on the matter of the President's pace note?" he asked "None at all" declared Price emphaticallY Canadian Troop Train Wrecked 30 Injured Two Will Not Recover WINNIPEG Feibruary A—A Grand Trunk Pacific train carrying 800 officers and Than of the Twenty-third Battalion eastward bound for m - markment to Eurove Was derailed Just before reaching this city to-day Five cars rolled down a ateep embankment of more than thirty nersons who were Injured Dr Ituesen the batteflon' medical officer and a negrp porter will not recover The accident was attributed to the breaking of a rail We Want Good Loans The Sacramento Building & Loan Association Jolt EL ARNOLD Pres 724 J St FRANK HICKMAN Seel Organized 1874 of Diplomatic Intrigue Will Run in the Bee Next Week E SACRAMENTO BEE ranean waters LONDDN February S — George Ships that should have arrived but Washington an American negro have not reported so far are the Or- was killed when the steamer Turin duna of the Cunard line whioh aalled was sunk by a submarine This was January 21st för Liverpool Pannonia announced In a report received to-(British) for Liverpool via Halifax day by that American Embassy here January 22d and Taormina (Italian) Washington was one of three fire-for Naples January 20th men on the vessel all of whom were Unusual Courses Taken On account of the submarine and According to information received raider menace commanding officers at the Embassy his wife resides in of British and Allied ships have been Liverpool An effort Is being made taking unusual courses and avoiding to find her the usual sea lanes thus lengthening American Saved voyages end making uncertain dates One of the survivors is Calvin Bay of arrival Admiralty orders have an American citizen of Fillmore also forbidden the uA of wireless at Utah sea to give positions The Torino was a British vessel of 2702 tons She sailed from Norfolk All I r on January 19th for Liverpool Her sinking was announced early to-day from Queenstown ulillir Ma0 MINIE AM MB AM 'fti m 0 President t A w resi en Anxious ASHINGTON February 8—Prep 0 71 S ELosEll By lident Wilson was In the executive offices when the-news of the subrnarine attack on the Turtno with the killing American negro was communt- MRSII' III scolut of an 11 1 cated to him He at once issued in- Istructions that all the facts be gath- erect as promptly as possible Secretary Visited Immediately after receipt of the i word of the sinking or the Torino Tell s Committee n Secret President Wilson went to the State :War and Navy Departments building Name of Person Wholwhere he conferred with Secretaries 1Lansing Baker and Daniels - - Special inducements offered for Gilt Edge Loans on Sacramento Real Estate Low rate of interest— Long term— ' Installment payments— Send for explanatory booklets— e ZN THURSDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 8 1917-16 PAGES George Washington Loses Life When German Submarme Sends British Steamer to Bottom WILSON WANTS ALL THE FACTS QUICKLY Immediately After Hearing News President Confers With Secretaries Lansing Baker and Daniels "1 find that this is the Quickest way to transact business" he said s 1 Brazil Will Hold Kaiser To Account South American Republic to Make Germany Responsible for Consequences of Diver Warfare declaration that no country should dissent from Germany's purpose to employ all means to render effective her blockade under the conditions mentioned In her note 41-o-0 SAN FRANCISCO SHIP WRECKED AT SAMOA AN FRANCISCO February Pl—The American schooner E B Jacknon owned by Hind Ilo lph & Company of San Francisco Is a total wreck at Apia Samoa Dispatchee to this effect were received here to-day The crew of twelve men was saved hie was out of Melbourne Australia to load copra OUITLY WIDENS t 11 FURNISHED ROOMS do not "rest themselves" Even the most desirshls one require the little Begs ADVERT'S ING NO 19711 EXPECTED AT ANY TEVE Germany's Submarine Campaign Developing With Fury That Officials Believe Soon Must Confirm Worst Fears Held For it and Produce Overt Act That Wilson Said Would Bring on Conflict WASHINGTON February 8—Ambassador Gerard American Consuls and Ameriean sailors brought in on the prize ship Yarrowdale are being held In Germany until assurances have been received from here as to the safe deperture of Count Von Bernstorff and the German Consuls and the safety of German war belligerents in this country Ambassador Gerard is in Berlin and not at Berne Switzerland as was reported yesterday Sensational 'Reports C n it It was said at the state Department to-day that sensationai reports have become current in Germany that the German ships here have been confine cated and their crews seized rem:ling confirmation Germany has de- tained the Americans importance Minimised tpfficials here are inclined to minimize the importance of the detention because they believe it largely has arisen from a misunderstanding and soon will be straightened out probably 150 Americans are affected the American Embassy at Berlin and twenty-two Consulates in Germany four in Belgium and one at arsaw lilt) JANEIRO February 8--Bra z zil's reply to the Orman note to be I No Americans Arrive made public to-day will in terms po- COPENRAGEN Wednesday Febru- lite but firm decl al are Brazil's inten- y 8 M —Not a liale American has tion to hold Germany r arrived for rrived in Copenhagen from Berlin consequences which May result from j since the breaking off of diplomatic the new submarine warfare relations between Germany and the Break Not Desired United States The reply expresses the desire of the Reginald Foster agent in Germany Brazilian Government not to be corm- of the Reockefeller fund was expelled to break the amicable relation peeted to arrive here Monday night it always has maintained with Ger! many a fact howevr which will not Spiritualists Brazil from taking measures piritualists t of protection and from protesting against the menace to Brazilian corn- mere and navigation contained in the note of the Imperial Government con- Ciain Powel cerning measures for the marine blockade Fundamental Frinelpim Dissension is rife in the ranks of Brazil bases its protect upon the the Spiritualists of California following four fundamental princi- Sparks which evidently have been Pies: I Amon ldering for some time have First the extension of an inadmisI burst into flame causing factions sible blockade Second: The unexpectedness of among groups of people embracing the communication which gives only1 the came faith and the filing of a !bitter protest with Secretary of State the short Interval of five days be 1Frank C' Jordan against what is fore the putting into effect of sub- mv eaersienl es charters by the State I The protest comes from the Board maeafascutrestShaigehalnparteennytsanpdraazilll termed the promiacuous granting of 1 of Directors of the California State now at sea from adopting measures with regard to several Brazilian ship a or anchored in foreign ports Spiritualists' Association and bears International Law Ignored the name of Mary C Viasek of Los 'mentioned though it is made plain !Angeles Secretary No names are Third: The ignoring of all rules established by International haw and I by direct reference that the remon- the principles set forth in solemn I oltrance is aimed at the National In- treaties and conventions the signa- Ide Los Angeles People pendent Spiritualist Association tories of which are Brazil and Ger- which was incorporated this week by many herself ten Who are - -- --- -1m :named as directors Fourth: Brazirt objection to the 1 ASIIII1-GTONIFebbruaryd8d—Thhe bireachallattweenIthe United States and Germany is hourly growing wider and hope that i heas Il Germany's submarine campaign of ruthlessness is developing with a fury that °Mends here believe soon must confirm the worst fears that had been held for it and produce the overt act that President Wilson has said will be the signal for war None of Sinldngrs so Far Constitutes an Overt Act On the basis of reports received on the destruction of the steoiner California and other ships so far it is stated authoritatively that none of the cases constitutes an overt act but the mins he'll is believed to be merely a question of time Government Will Not Be Hurried Into War - While regarding the destruction of the California as plain ev idence that Gernuthy has fully abandoned pledges to the United States it was stated that the Government will not be hurried into war until there is undisputed evidence of violation of American rights by destruction of American ships or loss of American lives in violation of international law All Hope Abandoned That Get many Will Give up Ruthlessness All hope if any evvr existed that Germany might modify her campaign of ruthlessness has vanished and there is no doubt here that it will be only a matter of hours or days before an Am ericau ship is sunk or Ameriean lives are sacrificed " Government Preparations Quickened GERARD AND His The only effect so far of the destruction of the California has been to quicken the preparations the Government is making for the expected eventuality ASSISTANTS ARE American ship owners to-day had official notice from the State Department that it could not advise them whether their vessels should sail through the war zone but that in general they HELD IN BERLIN before issuance of still held the same right to go anywhere on the seas they had the new German submarine notice In effect they were told they might arm their ships for defensive purposes Moral StePtiort et Neutral's -------------------- 11 S -Ambassador and Consuls and American Sailors a The United Statists Government 'felt ' eDnrsJanitrenrprynnfehninHips Wifti ssured to-day of the Moral support Francisco Dr elmar ISPILCS011 San alrnrda n - Taken From Prize Ship Yarrowdale Are Detained of mbst neutrals in the einoaurny nounced their intention to remain in cehiPlellr The list of those who have an as Hostages by Imperial German Government attganipnpsetarGnedrmattnnyn'rsoncnontrnee ofrrt that en' San Francisco: a 1 pt 11 0017:Int nermnny for the time being Includes Vil ASHINGTON February 8—Am- He had not reached Copenhagen last baseador Gerard American night and no further word has been Consuls and American sailors received from him ship Yarrowdale are being held in zpromr tasn yo of n try ladn and br eak trhe7a t7oands the they would de- Mary Halliday Los Angeles Hester nounce the new sea war plan an II- legal ellimni San Francisco Dr George Martin he neutrals' replies to Miss Viva Dillon Hope of maintaining diplomatic re- California brought in on the prize i e rrrrr pondent to Leave Liermany until aasurances have been London Stirred lations with Austria-Hungary has The American newspaper corre- s etill lingering in per — - about fled pondente are lingerin London Stirred LONDON February S—Dispatches reporting that Germany is holding Ambassador Gerard and all Americana in Germany as hostages for the safe return of Count von Bernstorff and a large number of Germans eclipsed all other news in the London evening papers to-day Talk in the streets soon became focused on possible re sultant developments May Reatriet Mare conduct The general opinion here was that there probably would be no uneuperable objections on the part of the Allies to the granting of a safe conduct to Count Von Rernetorff but that it was unlikely any such safe conduct would be extended to a considerable number of Germans whether officials or civilians rrObiLDLY IOU AMPLICOMB are ahem! the American Embassy at Berlin U S Consuls Changed id twenty-two Consulates in Ger BERLIN February g—Via London any four in Belgium and one at February S—All American Commis arsaw General and Consuls have been or dered by Washington to report to No Americans Arrive lee COni!ill General Harold R Quer- ten who is in charge in Berlin in the COPENHAGEN Wednesday Febru-'abaence of Consul General Julius G 'y S—Not a it Ingle American has Lay Quarton has been ordered to 'rived in Copenhagen from Berlin Rotterdam as has also Vice Conaul nee the breaking off of diplomatic Lee Gray Jr of Hanover Vice Conlations between Germany and the gni Riley at Warsaw goes to Stockdited States holm Vice Consul Eugene E Harter Reginald Foster agent in Germany at Brunswick to Copenhagen and ' the Reocketeller fund was ex- Vice Consul Harold G Waters at Dermted to arrive here Monday night lin returns to Washington Spiritualists Up in Arms Claim Powers are Usurped ' Claim Infriagment That as a religious body of Spiritualists duly chartered and recognized as such the Directors of the California State Spiritualist! Association claim that it is an infringment upon the right of their body to allow another State charter to be issued whieh embraces an a bailie principle of its name spiritualists or Other grounds for the complaint are as follows: 'That the churches chartered under the State of California are extending ordination papers promiscuously without' regard for ability or eharter "That these ordination papers are granted at so much per-1 to $25 has been pritA for rope Attempt to Eath LIVOltile "That it is only an attempt to evade a license in the various cities for the practice of card reading Palmistry crystal reading fortune necromancy and all of this under the guise of a pretended spiritualist body" It is declared by the protentanta that "we protest for the protection not only of our religious body but for the public in general knowing full well the truth of our religion and the happiness and comfort which It brings to humanity and recognizing too that medlinnship Is susceptible to fraudulent practice and (Pen”1e1 "I —re W - n : 14:: Hope of maintaining diplomatic re- e rrrrr pondent to Leave lations with Austria-Hungary has The American newspaper corre- spondents are etill lingering In per- about fled lin though the following applications --- have been made to leave on Arnim- ' s- 1- Austria Remains Firm 4 Carl W sador Gerard's train: Ackerman and family Tn WASHINGTON February 7—Aug- diana: INtn C Dreher and family tide it was Ptated officially to-day South Carolina: Oscar King Davin at the State Department has not ret and family New York Philip 3f withdrawn or modified her note ad- Powers and wife Boston: Raymond tiering to the German submarine E S Wing Chicago Slencken Balticampaign niore The possibility that a break with Other correspondents' including Austria also can be avoided has prac- 1 James O'Donnell Bennett Chicago: tically been given up Despite Horne i 14 B Conger end CYril Brown of New differencen in Austria's situation her York Oswald Schette ard sister of 'strict adhesion to the principles Chicago plan to remain for the time enunciated by Germany both in a being and leave later for Copenhagen note to this Government and in other and Switzerland WASHINGTON February 7—Auptria it wan Ptated officially to-day at the State Department has not :7et withdrawn or modified her note ndheringt to the German submarine difference' in- Austria's situation her istriet adhesion to the principles enunciated by Germany both in a note to this Government and in other communications makes her position Americans in Germany BERLIN February 8—The breach of diplomatic relations between the United States and Germany has developed the fact that there are ROMP 400 native or naturalized AMPrieRrig In Berlin a large majority of whom have applied to the United States Embassy for passports permitting them to leave Germany for Switzerland or Scandinavian points Californians In Germanr About one-fourth of the total are Americans temporarily in Germany on business or study The other three-fourths are either naturalized citizens or the children of such who rushed to the Embassy at the eleventh hour to secure papers and establishing their status before the departure of the American representative The list of native Americans who have applied for permission to leave Germany on the earliest opportnnity includes the following CalifOrnignE MrIN Olga Manse San practically the came U Small Hope Watehed U S Tanker Sails Officials who have been hoping PHILADELPHIA February S— that a break might be avoided with I After delaying her departure several l Germany gave no intimation as o 1 days the American tanker Goldshell why a definite announcement is not P 1 4oaf :p8:0citr ool:eli mt::: for ar t1 to o- dt l ea ny 7 '1Trt ah a ac e c : The gh ::: made rhi la taken to Indicate however This is taken to Indicate however that the mall hope remaining' la being carefully watched Sown s Note Here WASITLNGTON FehruarY R — Spain'a note which it is understood formally declines to accept President Wilson'ti suggestion that she break off diplomatic relation e with Germany was received to-day at the State Department but was not made public PIEMOMENEMOMPIIIMM 0MBEa Al) KHTIItAlKIMITO The Remarkable Growth OF THE CALIFORNIA SAVINGS BANK Or SACRAMENTO hag again made It necessary to thereat Ita Capital and Surplus 111000000 PER 41 11110 CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 110000000 FEM 0 11317 CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 37000000 FEB 11 11310 DEPOSITS $1543234:1130 FED 6 11117 DEPOSITS 272501391 Uder the Same Root and Management au THE CALIFORNIA NATIONAL BANK OP PACHAMPNTO v Francieco: Dr Selmar ISPILCM011 San Francisco: Dr J Henry Phillips wife and children an Francisco The list of those who have an nounced their intention to remain in Germany for the time being Includes Miss Viva Dillon San Francisco: Mary Halliday Los Angeles ter San Francisco Dr George Martin California (i tanker whi( h is owned by the Shell Company of California (arries a crew of 47 of which 18 are American citizens Guns Go to New York WEST POINT February 8—All available six-inch siege guns at We Pt Point were shipped to New York to day for use at the forts protecting the city France Clears Way WASHINGTON rebruary 8--rranee has formally granted safe passage through the Allied blockade for Count Von Bernstorff and hie suite Notice that England also has grant ed safe paHRage for Count V011 Bern (Continile4 on giro two ADS EIV111111ME TS MIMPMMJ u LTE —The Bifocal that Satisfies And just because it overcomes that very serious objection to most bifocals—the ' rainbow '—you will find the ULTEX the lens you will finally wear The next time you change your lenses or break them why not investigate these better bifocals and be convinced DOS K Si SIRTAPUNTO C:1 503- LEA:313-11T1 c C ( a It A ff !a CL11 71 A CLa E IN!l 1 I it ' rt kT IMIP I TH

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