The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 22
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» Ij ft'* up to ;/<Hi," whether do your trading Ity the 5tcCttnkn/ system or the old, •«rclrnx way. Our don't K(ty, "Yon linr-c w« trith f/oods we never //<*/. Win/? llcoausc we UUP. the MIc( • (uikey Register. * •;• •:• FOB THE CAKE Seeded Raislm. Reckoned Currents. Fresh Almond*. Candied Citron* Pure Spices. Dried Figs Pure Extracts •!• •{• •!• 4* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Don't Blame Your Wife! If your dinner is not good. Perhaps you are not •jcKing the very highest quality of groceries. In that case it is not her fault. You May be Sure You are getting the very best goods at the very lowest of prices if you get them of us. Let us help you with the Christmas Dinner. Bnrtavia Shrimps or Lobster Salad with Durkee's Salad Dressing. Undenvood'8 Littleneck Clams or Blue Point Oyster Soup. Boneless Turkey or Chicken and Cranberries. Olives, DU1, Sour or Sweet Pickles. Celery, Head Lettuce, Cauliflower Cabbage, First Choice French Peas. 11. R. Asparagus and Iris String Beans. Canned Pumpkin or Mince Meat in packages or jars. Canned Fruits of all kinds. Black Arkansas Apples, San Emidio Oranges, and Bananas. C. D. 0/aershaw & Co. * * Trow/bridge's Fine Chocolates. Small fancy mixed for stockings. Cream mixed for Chrismaa trees. fVmdiYx in Phone Main 165 1610 Nineteenh St. AND TKA.DING STAMPS WITH IT ALL •:• »:• * •:• * ** .j. .»..«..«..;..;..;. .j. Wahmts, first choice and Jumbos; Almonds, soft sliell; Fresh Brazil and Filberts} Pecan* and Chestnuts. Pop- com tha,t pops. January Christmas of the Julianites IN C TY NOTfCE FOR SEALED BIOS. Notice is hereby given that I will Deceive tip to tne hour of 10 a. tn., nber 26, 1908, sealed bids for te of the water tower and elec- rootor ,aiHl iniinp at the Kern nnty Hospital. bids to be filed with the aty Clerk, at hla office In the ! Court Mouse, at Bakersfleld, ana be I accompanied wllh certified check for i not loss than 10 per cent of the I amount bid. I I reserve the right to reject anj ',anil all bills. A. J. WOODY, 12-18 SupervlBor's Com. Advertising In the brings big returns on the Investment. SPECIAL SALE. (Copyright. 1908, by American Press AM»- cffttlonj "//^ HBISTMAS cornea but one* a It year," wrote somebody, and \^^J everybody accepted the statement as truth. It ia not true, however, for Christmas come* twice a y«.<r. ThoM of us who reckon by the Gregorian calendar celebrate Dec. 26. ThoHo who still adhere to the Julian calendar observe Jan. 7. Russia Is the only great nation which still holds out fur the Julian calendar. The Greek Catholic church sticks to the time nicnnurement adopted by Julius Caesar forty .six years before the birth of Cbrlrtt. Thus the Qrtcks and ail' the adherents of that church, Including tha Russians, of course, hold their Christmas on the* Tth day of January. In the city of Now York both Christmas days are celebrated. The January date, as a matter of course, Is observed by comparatively few . persons, but it is observed rigidly, elaborately and faithfully by those who desire to render unto Caesar thnt. which Is Caesar's eren as to the calendar. New York city has a considerable population of Greeks, Russians, Armenians, Syrians, Servians, Poles, Bulgarians. Montenegrins and Vlachs, all of whom observe the Jullanlc Christmas. For forty days prior to Jan. 7 they observe a fast, eating no meat neither beast, flsh nor fowl. They eat lisli eggs or caviare, but draw the line there. Their principal diet for the forty diiys' fasting is made up of olives, ben us. caviare bread and crackers. I!ut at 0 o'clock on the morning of Christmas day, Jan. 7, the Jullanist fast Is over, it Is not necessary to hint Dial these people count the days till Christmas or that they rejoice and are exceeding glad when the anniversary arrives. These facta are obvious. C'hrlHttuas means for them a glorious feiist, a square meal, several square men Is—In fact, a round of square meals. Our Jullanist friends go to church THKY FAST VOn KORTT I)ATS. (parly on their Christmas morning, but Beginning next Monday Mnlno's Cy-! QOt to ° enrl y- Tn °y e »t breakfast clory ut 1725 19th street will Inaugu-' nrst - H| 8h mass ia celebrated In the rate a special sale. Whereby each per- Orcek Orthodox church at 8 o'clock, son buying an article valued at 251 The forty days'fast having ended two cents, will be entltleil to a coupon rep- hours before, the Jullanlsts are joy- resenting a chance to secure free a j fully full of the good things of this Cal!fornlan new "tandard mate bicycle. tf world f>erore they %nter the house of Want arts, 50 cento a week worship The chief viand, BO far as Its symbolic character goes, Is a spiced loaf of rye bread covered*and tilled with walnuts, with a cross cut on top. This Is culled the chrlatop- jsoma—"bread ot the Christ." But it Is not to be doubted that beefsteaks, fowls, fishes, saddles of mutton and other substantiate are^evoured. Here and there one of the presumably faithful proves faithless and falls before Christmas, his craving for a meat diet being too strong to resist. This weak brother is ignored by the faithful. It is In the cafes In the sectlomi of the city where the Jullanlsts dwell that this Christmas'day is celebrated With the most visible gusto. The Greek "young bloods" gather In the little restaurants and sit long over tables heavy with edibles and light with wines r\ONT Worry About Xmas Baking When You Can Have the Finest Line of Pastry *£ Annett's Bakery 1 627 Nineteenth Phone Main 390 At no time in the history of Bakersfield, n ot even during the stirring daya of the first oil boom, has there been such activity in the building line as at the present time. On all sides new residences are being erected, and many of them suostantiai residences for permanent horAes. On Nineteenth street, once of the choice residence streets, the improvement is little short of marvelous. Then in the outer districts and in Kern many thrifty mechanics are building or have built homes for themselves. Nor is the work of fined to the residence year has seen the new Hall of OH W1AE BMTHXB IB IOMOBBD BY 7KB The names of iome of the diners are IntemitlQg. Constantino Economopo- lous is a budding florist who gathers •round him bis rosy young friends, Harralatnboa CbrUtatos, Mlnlcaluap Kepaclacoa, Perlclts Doguugps tnd, Hreaala Pappanlcclas. And don't let us forget Nicholas Booms, editor of the Dally Thermopylae, who gets oat an extra edition in honor of the day. These Greeks, many of them arrayed in gorgeous new clothing, bring tholr feast to an end with the cups of Turkish coffee and the Turkish cigarettes, mixed in with songs and toast*. It IM highly interesting for a plain American, with a plain name like Jim Joivs, to sit In one of these cafes and he; 1 !- the songs of the foreign gentle- me i with the seven jointed surnames, ob,-prvo the satisfaction depicted in tholr countenanced us the feast goes oa juiil receive thi- impression that this Is roal Christmas cheer, though It b« thirteen days late according to our method of counting time. building con- districts. The Records, costing $50,000, completed. Work is now in progress on the new home of the Woodmen of the World. The Western Company IB doubling the size of the old postoffice building, and the remodeled structure will make a handsome business house. A. Weill has made extensive additions to his block. The Brlgnaudy building on Nineteenth street is completed at a cost of $10,000. A. F. Stoner has doubled the size of his Chester avenue building. The Elks hall may be counted as a building to be erected In the near future. The .contract is practically let for the new Bakersfield Garage. Welll & Ferguson are to build a handsome structure on Chester avenue. Mrs. Hamilton is already having the excavation made i for a new two story, brick adjoining the Hall of Records. Winters & Bridges are building a reenforced concrete building on K street. James Arp will shortly begin the erection of an up town business house for rental, but his plans are not yet perfected. Then there is a whisper that Bakersfleld is soon to have another modern hotel on Nineteenth street, though no plans are yet made public. Among the new residences built or in process ot construction are: Dr. Mitchell, $&600. Elmer Conley, $2700. Walter Burke, $2700. Max Oundlach, Jr., $2200. M, A. Lindberg, $6000. J. C. .Payne, $5000. Earl Russell, $2400. F. W. Webster, $4500. Mrs. A. O. Webster, $4000. M. O. Sylvester, $2600. Al Morgan, $2000. H. A. Jastro, $6000. Kern County Land Company, $4000. Rev. D. M. Crabtree, $5000. C. E. Oetchell. $2500. Mrs. Humphreys, Kern, $1500. Jack Stephenson, Kern, $1760. Mrs. P. Olllesple, Kern, $1650. E. Ecclestrom, Kern, $600. Mrs. Marsh, apartment house, Kern, $8500. Mrs. Woodbury, $1400, ..• James Arp, $1000. Mascot apartment house, $9500. Fred Andrews, $750. Mrs. T. C. Miller, two cottages, $1600. James Arp, cottage, $2000. Mrs. Carter, $300. Kern County Hospital addition, $6000. Announcement Extraordinary Prof. J. Francis Drennan, the world's most celebrated palmist and clairvoyant, • has arrive m the city anil has opened an office in the GRAND HOTEL, Cor. 20th Street and Chester Ave. Room 2. where ho "an be con*. suited on all affairs of life. Prof. ' Crennan has no equal in uls profes- He stands alone, the prince ol Monday, Dec. 21. DEAR FRANK; I'll send Kate a box of Gruenhagen's candy for. Christmas, and you send her sister Gurtrude one/ We'll get them at Meroney's. BILL. Wlant ads, 50 cents a week. sion. , clairvoyants, and ia recognized by the press and public as the greatest master of the science of palmistry the world has ever produced. He guarantees to reveal every Incident of your life; tell when, whom and where you will marry; tell you Just what yon are fitted for and how to obtain money you are in need of. The happiness of your future life may depend upon the right solution and proper advice. The profe&wr makes no mistakes, and all his predictions are true, and he may be relied npon. You may wish to know If It is advisable to make a change In business, In love and In marriage. WHOM SHALL I MARRY? HOW OFTEN SHALL I MARRY? SHALL EVER BE DIVORCED? DOES AN- OTHRB SHARE THE LOVE THVT RIGHTLY BELONGS TO ME? IF SO, WHO? IS MY DISEASE CURABLE? WHEN SHALL 1 LEAVE HERE? AM 'i LIABLE TO ACCIDENT? SHOULD I INVEST MY MONEY? IN WHAT SHALL I IN VBST? HAVE I ANY ENEMIES? CAN I TRUST MY FRIENDS? IN WHAT TOWN OR STATE WOULD I BE MOST SUCCESSFUL? HOW CAN I SELL MY PROPERTY? The professor tens all these things, nnd many more. He is ever ready to help thoae with small oanltal to find a quick and sura Investment. If your business ta unsuccessful, or if you are In trouble of any kind, you should see this truly gifted medium at once. He baa belped taotmands oa the road to success and he oan and will help you. He not oily telte you what your life has been and wlU be, but ateo bow to better JOHT ooadltkm to every possible way. Tfcouaaads «f people are failures today simply because they do not see these things tot UtemserreB or are not tallowing tie right trade or profession, Prof. Brennaa has made a life study of 'these tW»ga and be fa now prepared ^a aoow you how to make a thorough success of your life. His fee Ia reasonable and within reach of -ail, ind if he does not make you a reading that Is superior to any you have 1 ever had he wlH positively refuse to accept any fee whatever. Office hours, 10 a, m., to 8 p. m. Sunday, 1 to 4 p. m. Lady attendance, Three reception rooms, so arranged that you meet no strangers. Perfect satisfaction by mall. Send H, day and date of birth, for mail reading. SPECIAL— Prof. Brennan is the only medium in the country who poa- lively tells your full name; and he vill tell It free of charge to all who come prepared to take a reading. Cap- till furnished for business enterprises; partners found; property bought nnd sold, nto. Remember the address, Grand Hotel, corner Twentieth nnd Chester avenue. Office located just at head of stairs. tf City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. A. Lyons **• 1512-18 Main 977. Try a Californlan want ad. Adams Fruit .Company Has enlarged its store and is prepared to accommodate tke public with all kinds of Fruit and Groceries Just received a load of mountain apples, for holiday trade. • 806 Baker Street. Telephone Main 714. Want ads, 50 cents a week. THE WERINGEE ASSAYING 00. Is now prepared to make assays of all ores, metals and waters Ore samples by mall cost Ic p? ounce. Send for free mailing envelopes and price Hat. F. J. WERINQER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist Woody, Cat. Near Bakersfield

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