The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on March 11, 1931 · 6
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 6

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
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PAGE SIX BIB AID TELEPHONE 27401 THE HERALD MIAMI FLORIDA HERALD TELEPHONE 27401 WEDNESDAY MARCH 11 1931 etljc Owned Bf Th Miami Htrala Publishing FRANK B SHt'TTS President tad publisher Co WEDNESDAY MARCH 11 19S1 Office end Plant Corner Miami Avenue and 8 W Second Street Miami Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATF9 PAYABLE IN ADVANCE A DAILY AND SUNDAY One Month $ M DADE CITRUS troubles I announcement that the tax upon I OPEN WIDE the DOOR lQUR organizers lor the Flor- gasoline has been lowered to five rT'HE door to economy in county " Ida Citrus Exchange will be in or better yet four cents A government having been j tomorrow to begin what Justification exists for the as- opened Just a crack by Chairman J might be termed an educational sessment upon motor fuel when C H Crandon of the county corn-campaign to build up the mem- the money so raised is devoted to mission the people justifiably bership of that body among the the construction and maintenance feel that they are entitled to a citrus growers of Dade county of highways These are for the full view of the whole vista of posit is one of the misfortunes of benefit of motorists and they may sible saving The chairman has suggested j that a saving might be effected by THE OPEN ROAD By a DELMAN KUYKENDALL Afoot ana lighthearted x taka te tha open road Health free the world before me Tha long brown path befora ma leading wherever I choose —Walt Whitman Three Months" ’ " 1 " j 3j Florida citrus growers that they be expected to meet the cost al one Year"! ’ : : : : : : : ! : : J 09 are not sufficiently organized un- though good roads also increase We Do a Little Private Headline Hunting OC 1 Cttl eeeeesra a e v 1 daily 'only We1 I der one marketing agency to get the value of property and further abolishing the office of clerk 0"f XHE paper ay that Tammany HaU i?ee Month VVVW i’m the maximum out of their ‘crops the welfare of the entire state the Criminal court and adding the lx-Vont- 2591 a — 1 a 41 Justification does not exist duties of that officer to those of I alwy opposed that m New official la to be investigated I had on "Yirr“ dlol Altogether there are about 150 1 Justification does not exist I duties of that officer to those of I Blway uPP°se' tba New York feunjaiEdition sis inonth mtil cpir i so 1 8eparate Ehipplng and Eelling however for a gasoline tax to help the clerk of the Circuit court But Tammany is Lice Caesar’ wife-above groups in this Florida industry defray school costs state adver- instead of taking Just that peek BUSPlolon' all more or less competing with tlslng or other governmental ex- into the alluring realm of re-' oi 611 the slUy expresslons “blanktB one another ' I penditures There Is no good trenchment let us fling wide the The Florida Citrus Exchange reason wy the motorist especially door and take a good look around largest of these groups claims I I3® discriminated against while we are about It in the matter of taxes The automobile is a creator of wealth It makes possible many lines of business It furthers the develop ment of a commonwealth It the upbuilding of Entered At second-class matter November 30 lBiO at the post oface at Miami Fla under the act of March 3 1879 MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Pres Li exclusively entitled to the use for republicatlon of all news dis- patches credited to It or not otherwise ered- fhed to this paper and also the local newel published herein AH rights of republicatlon of special dispatches herein also reserved about 42 per cent of the annual crop in Its membership But It needs at least 75 per cent to be-come really effective in marketing effective enough at least to compete on even terms with the of Know” seems to me most Inept Snow always covers everything and I have never seen a blanket that would cover my feet early on a cold morning A speaker in St Petersburg Bays be pending $22300 a year for a sal- sees that prohibition Win be an Issue aried board of county commis- in the next presidential campaign Such sloners when the business Of the oracular perspicacity Indicates almost county could just as well be ad- delpfalo skill In prognostication If he ministered by a county manager thought it up by himself he ought to AVIATION Capt Ira Eaker California exchange which today suburban sections It is essential acng wbh the advice of four become a weather prophet I i va iva Am am4 MonAta fian I I army pilot hopped off from I dominates the market Not more Long Beach Calif for a nonstop than 50 per cent of the Dade flight to Atlantic Coast To test county crop Is listed with the I army transport airplane He said Florida Citrus Exchange and he would not attempt to better much of that membership in the the transcontinental flight record past few years has been far from to trade and transportation Advertise the state yes but don’t add that to the burden of the motorist! such established officers as the county Judge the sheriff the Circuit court clerk and the tax officer This is a move which has been considered for several years coincident with the success of the Gov Huey Long denies that he He didn’t! He was forced down I satisfied with the results of their j has dunked his state program in I city manager plan at noon on a farm in Kentucky I membership Birmingham political potlikker Another very worthwhile by engine trouble His plane There can be no question but consolidation ' would be that of the France took Its census In one day Wha’smatter with the French politicians? They don’t seem to know the first element of stringing a Job out as long as the money lasts Growing to be ninety year old as Justice Holmes has Is largely a matter of circumstances beyond one’s control —such as Just missing a slippery banana peeling and such things But stuck In the mud and was badly that organized marketing is the r A NEW LEADER IN PROSPECT county tax collecting and assessing gr0Wing 0id grandly if something else damaged He was not hurt That only hope foi this great factor in 'T'WO events already this year offices the office of supervisor of again that i within one’s control was a test for the airplane But the state’s economic life The have combined to throw a registration and the taxing offices not so favorable Better however Florida Citrus Exchange is the shadow upon Senator Joe Robin- of all municipalities in the county I There Are Several Nice stars to be seen to learn the weaknesses In peace only agency that can possibly son’s claim to authority as leader a substantial saving could be ac- ' ' Any Night Now than discover them la the eraer- build Itself up to control the mar- of the Democrats of the United complished by having only one The southern cross observatory la to gencles of war bet properly If Dade county I States Senate and the subject of prosecuting officer for the county be open to the public This l probably growers therefore find them- his successor according to Wash- combining the offices of county not or great interest to the major part selves dissatisfied with the man- lngton advices already is being solicitor and state’s attorney ot the public which is more concerned 'T'HREE persons were killed and I agement or indifferent to the discussed The work of the Court of Primes wltb 8tar whlob do : ElUnmer lB ‘ the sky In case you happen to be interested In eteUar spaces galaxlee nebulae end such little playthingSi the observatory Is a very aUurlng place As a matter of fact It Is one of Mlaml’e major attractions and there are few places on this old globe where the x two injured when unlicensed I methods the only thing for them I Senator Robinson the Arkan-1 and of all the justice of the peace airplane crashed on Oklahoma to do is to increase their mem- sas hope during the drought courts could very well be given to farm Just taking off on a short bership and assert leadership relief fight was not only intern- the Civil Court of Record and to pleasure flight when the accident within the exchange They can perate in speech during that the county Judge with the result occurred Went into nose dive at accomplish nothing by staying fight he was almost abject in ant saving of the salaries of the altitude of 100 feet Probably it outside ' bowing to the will of President judges and attaches was the first flight for the pas- We have felt over here that the Hoover and of one of the Arkan- All of these offices as we take Bt7rt "©faii kinds may be studied to sengers Just a few feet and Florida Citrus Exchange is a Tam- sas political leaders in effecting a full lighted view of them are on Letter advantage right here in Miami death Aviators may fly for years pa concern operated by and for a compromise In which the presl- much the same footing The abo- x dont know m’UCh about stars but cross oceans travel thousands of the growers of the West Coast and dent came out at the big end of litlon of the office of clerk of the ona ot the most exciting evenings x miles without injury That is fate the ridge section We have not the horn Criminal court would require an Lay ever spent was at the observe Fortune of circumstance And had in several years any activity With this fresh in mind the amendment to the constitution as I ury rutting about gaily from star to caution Jon the part of the exchange in Arkansas senator then plunged that office is provided for in Ar-later' Dade county that would let the Into the Democratic national com- tide 5 Likewise the other econ- general public know it is in ex- mlttee meeting last week with a omies suggested above would ' Coals to ewcast e POLITICS No adjournment here jstence and " certainly so far as fiery condemnation of the wet necessitate a revision of the con- Th ultimate in optii toe 1 even with congress gone Plans the general public can determine wing of his party that definitely Utitution and if an election is 'ep”saned euT hTbeen circular outlined for 1932 by Chairman there is not even at this time any set aside any claim he may have called for one the same election f a ffort BeU fresh Fess of the Republican national effort being put forth by the ex- had to being considered as a calm could include the others with little “ r committee To acquaint country change to assist the growers of and cool-headed leader additional expense r" with work of administration this county in the ways that they It is thought by some that Sen- George F McCall the clerk of I xhi Expain tbe Enormous population Democrats believe that will not might normally expect such an ator Robinson In that speech ad- the Criminal court has notified of Florida city take long That it may be dlffi- exchange to help them vanced himself to the key posi- the commissioners that he will be w "Yank” in tha North when th cult to discover the constructive Groves are abandoned all the tion as the dry candidate for the willing to submit to a vote of the weather grows cold accomplishments' James Francis way from Miami to Homestead Democratic presidential nomina- people the question of eliminating Pack our bags trunks and boxes full Burke general counsel of the I one of our best crops of grape-1 tion Certainly he gave notice to I his office The county commis-committee said ‘there would be no fruit oranges and tangerines has that large and active wet section sioners should be Just as willing to early meeting of the national gone begging in Miami markets of his party In the senate that he jay their offices before the peo-committee as the country “Is suf- unable to compete with cheap is not the man for them to follow pie and let those who pay the fering of an overdose of politics” fruit shipped in from up state in matters of national legislation bills decide if our present form of He Is right there It Is a serious and unable apparently to gain an The senator’s Intemperance of county government can be im-malady that interferes with eco- even footing with the fine varie- speech appears to have been more proved upon nomic recovery ties of the Indian River country I than his aridity of expression I But just back of this pleasing or win profitable prices in the could overcome panorama of money saved should North Senator N Walter F George of be placed the background of effl- If ever the citrus industry of Georgia is being considered as a ciency It might make a differ-this county needed help and en- possible successor to Senator Rob- ence you know if in contem-couragement it is now But the inson as Democratic senate lead- plating the saving of a $7500 an- Certalnly if the South is to nuai salary we discover that the PROHIBITION however was the main and only topic at the Southern convention of the Anti- Saloon League of America In St growers themselves must come atler Jt Petersburg Plans proposed for least halfway to meet thq ex- continue to lead the senate Demo- citizens served by the recipient of nation-wide organization to es- change Nothing but a stalemate crats Senator George ranks up that salary would be penalized in pouse the cause - Would form dry can reSult if they sit back and re- with any of them for that respon- decreased efficiency as much as units in counties and townships juse to arbitrate or co-operate slbility Because of the possibil- $50000 by his removal Advocate education Excellent wbh the Florida Citrus Exchange ity remote but nevertheless pos- After the eighteenth amendment jt js unthinkable that a condi- sible that the Democrats will was adopted the prohibitionists on crop stagnation such as control legislation in the next ses- smiled Victory at last A law obtalns here this winter can be sion it Is highly important that eliminated liquor They left It to au0Wed to continue I the Democratic members plan the law But discovered that a statute does not automatically re- as they’ll hold And trek far away By night and by day For “Its always June ln Miami” we’re told So we travel by night and w travel by day We leave all our work and do nothing but play We hie us alar By boat tram or car TUI we reach Florida City and there' where we stay L L S MORNING TALK By GEORGE MATTHEW ADAM3 YOUTHFUL AGE JT IS typical ot Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Just turned 90 years old that we find him ren-early and well for their leader- dering an eru$te opinion upon Ship the status Of airplanes one Of our I famous and great men among them be- very newest problems Although mg the beloved wui Rogers In that n udferan of tViia I distinguished assemblage he didnt ap- T HAS been my pleasure and profit to have met and known many great men and women Not merely famous folk for that does not always mean greatness at alL I recall being ln a large group ot HOW IT BEGAN By RUSS MURPHY Eeny Meeny Miny Mo wh£n CHILDREN count OUT ONE OF THEIR GROUP TO BE 'IT” THEY ARE A -DOPTING THE METHOD OUR GARLY FOREFATHERS SOMETIMES USED OF DECIDING WHICH OF A GROUP COMMITTED A CRIME BY COUNTING HIM OUT WITH MAGIC WORDS PURISTS IN ANCIENT TIMES SELECTED FOR CONDEMNATION WORDS AND PHRASES THEY OID NOT CONSIDER GOOO ENGLISH THEY SAID THESE WORDS AND PHRASES WERE EX UNGUA(pUT OF THE LANGUAGE) " LOWBROWS SOON CORRUPTED "EX LINGUA INTO "X LING" AND TUEN'SLANG? FbuRiNG Oil Om "Troubled Wat SAILORS FROM EARLY TIMES HAUS POURED OIL ON THE ROUGH SEAS TO CALM THEM PUNY SPOKE OF "THIS IN HIS NATURAL HlSTpfS AND STATED THAT IN THE SAME WAY SOFT WORDS WOULD SOOTHE ANGERED FEE LING Sw 1931 by Metropolitan Newapaper Feature Service bn Great Britain ngfata r 11 have ether idea as to BOW IT BEGAN write te Rosa Morphr eare ef The Miami Herald- If rev want te eee hew seme etheff particular custom er sarin be an let Bui Morphr knew and his answer will be illustrated la this series SIDELIGHTS By W BOB HOLLAND i AIR MAIL PROGRESS move thirst and booze Campaign touring the past decade air must be renewed If drys will de- LJ mail has made great progress Mayor Jimmy Walker has gone I a bullet-scarred veteran of the I distinguished assemblage vote their efforts toward temper- an’d promiseg to far outdo its rec- to California to be late at a few civil war he remains active in the pe to be 8reat at but he made I v v 1 AM J W1U1L 4M -Hah I I A aIsA fppl hi WAS ance education and urging obedl- i ord ln the deCade to follow Dur- banquets and public functions ence to the law in place of using L ig2g government mail planes political hammers on legislators a total di3tance of 653i764 they will do more for the actual miles carrylng more than 500000 cause of sobriety AN UNOFFICIAL PARTY GROUP of United States sen- service of the highest court ln the United States and proves himself keenly informed of every new step of progress As Chief Justice Charles Evans I Hughes said of Justice Holmes: 'T'HAT man Sandino Nicaraguan Insurgent has a lively publicity representative Claims he has won five recent engagements you and everybody else feel he was great It’ that wholesome all-around balance and simplicity that make u love old Will Rogers — and there 1 no greater ln mind or heart among us Long live Will Rogers! This same all-round balance and ators which in Its incipiency tance flown by air mail planes I was known as “insurgents”' has was more than 15000000 miles gradually changed its appellation with approximately 7500000 to “progressives” Under this I of the young He Is the ap’ostle of I EdiJn to the" world and they pounds of mail more appealing name the group the latest generation” win make him immortal! Thus the air mail has multiplied today will begin the formation of The ninetieth birthday was cele- Abraham Lincoln grows greater each kmiiTslSONicaraeuan national I some times since its establish- a legislative program and what brated Sunday and assumed na- year because of it regardless of any euardsmen Orieinallv this Da-1 ment’ There are now 26000 miles may be regarded as an unofficial tional characteristics through the effort to beuttie that extraordinary triot said he was attemntir2 to ° alr ma rout:es as compared third party utilization of the radio the yovh- character drive out 'the American invaders with 14’561 mUes M 1928’ The members are careful to ful invention Tribute was paid “Suffer little children to come unto But now he is shootlne the na- This rapid extension has speed- avoid any move which might by the chief Justice and by the me and forbid them not” -Neither tives Marine renorts contradict I ed UP the mails and has furthered I make them heads of a party in its I president of the American Bar do I condemn you” And that other Sandino Show ffve eneaeements the cause of avlation bein one accepted sense with the necessity Associatloilt and Justice Holmes stance where the Christ looked into with onlv one euardsman and of the Triclval factors in the for going before the voters with replied briefly his words going nByo” nd the tue i-— — j m — I aeronautical development in this candidates for national office over the air throughout America j£a he was to spend the day at his country Miami is concerned in But actually they will have the Here was age jn a most modern house AU-round balanced simplicity! this progress and this splendid same affect upon future lawmak- performancei the oldest man to Beatutnte0"ey privilege recently to have spent a happy week with a three civilians Injured There must be an error ln the adding machine Perhaps' Sandino goes on the theory that it is just as glorious to slaughter enemies on paper as in reality : record as she has become the ing at least as long as the regu- i sb on the Supreme court bench I terminus of routes from the lar Democrats and Republicans broadcasting by air All America change in the policy toward Russia is contemplated by President Hoover Relationships have not been altered That Indicates the administration will con tinue to refuse recognition of the North the hopping off point for the mails to Latin America The air mail is bound to repeat its marvelous advancement in the future are evenly divided as would regularly constituted party The progressives will take up in order such subjects as utilities! I tariff farm relief unemployment and Industrial stabilization All are objects of disagreement be- was thus able to sit in on hi§j birthday party It is not given to many men to attain the ripe age of 90 within a decade of the century mark It is even more- rare for men of such dear friend a man of wide and useful Interests I have never known a gentler more sincere or unselfish man His very simplicity of thought and manner Is an Inspiration that follows you “The boast of heraldry the pomp of power” acclaim great wealth possessions how they all shrink beside that all-round balanced simplicity of char- PARK ROW has for many years meant the newspaper region of New York City Just as Wall Street means the financial capital qf the country and as Fleet 8treet meant journalistic and literary London F P A who ha taken his column The Conning Tower from The World back to The Tribune where he was a columnisWrom 1914 until 1923 prints this quip: As far as journalism Is concerned there Is no longer any Park Row Well you can’t keep a good paper downtown The quip has Its value in the fact that The Tribune followed The Herald and The Times ln moving uptown The Herald abandoned Its office at Ann street and Broadway ln 1893 to go to Thirty-fifth atreet and Broadway which It named Herald Square and Th Times left Park Row for Forty-second street and Broadway about 1904 When I first reached New York City about 1888 The World was on Park Row halfway between Broadway and the building with the gold dome that Mr Pulitzer afterwards built a half block north at the end of the Brooklyn bridge Trusting to memory I will say that other dally papers at that time on Park Row were The Times The Press The Commercial Advertiser and Its morning edition called Th Adver tiser Across- Frankfort street from what was to be the site of the new home of The World was The Sun really n Nassau street but apparently on Park Row a it faced City Hall park and next door to the south was The Tribune building which was also occupied by The Morning Journal Albert Pullt zer’s paper which was bought later by William Randolph Hearst In the Immediate vicinity of Park Row were The Herald The Mall and Express The Evening Post The Star The States-Zitung The Morning Telegraph Dally America The Recorder The German Herold and a score of weekly publications Including Robert Bonner’s Ledger The Family Story Paper The Police Gazette and Harper's Weekly Few of these papers are left ln the vicinity of Park Row now The Sun Is at Broadway and Chambers streetf the German papers are still ln the region or were the last I knew of them The Evening Post Is ’In a fine office on the Hudson river and the Hearst papers are far over on the East river F P A is right There is no longer a newspaper park Row though the street of course Is still there distinction men who have been Ucter thaLe dJeetSofS mem npHE world should be told more I tween Democrats and Republl- I active ln public life who have car- God ia rn a human being when He A generally of what Florida has to cans But ln the next congress rjgd heavy responsibilities But can press the form of a child to His Soviet government Even though I offer in constructive advantages the progressives may find in one there seems o be something heart- and wlp0 away lts tears- the attitude does result ln trade ln agriculture and industry and regular party or another the sup- ab0ut the judiciary that contrib- " lsm-bT Georg Mfttthew Adams'' loss Even though Americans are commerce in attractive home port they need to advance their utes to the calm contemplation J for Cleveland assisting in the upbuilding of the sites in climate and playground own ideas on any of these national and thus prolongs life °ne dlslikes to deny Chcae° any Communistic cause through mate- facilities America has been well issues Age has not turned Justice rial help in Russia American informed about the latter f:a- The return of prosperity to the Holmes into a conservative Rath- ideas and ideals are not to be in- tures but not of the more perma-1 United States and a falling off in er to the contrary He is really fluenced by dollars" ' In' this case nent values Chicago seeks both the big national A state ought to representation among either Re- one of the liberals of the Supreme conventions next year Not content advertise as well as any private publicans or Democrats may can- court bench whose opinions fre- with Thompsonism and the prospect of enterprise cel out the power of the progres- quently differ from his fellow the 11 uTd FOOD news Gasoline in Miami There will be general agree-1 sives as such But it is not too J judges He is youth although his rcnniai big shows Well mayDe — and again maybe not cents a gallon That will save the I a procedure There will not be I that within the next five years I In his own anniversary ' re- I ' lettL’mocraticonventiS motorists- a few pennies weekly such general approval of a pro- this group may build around it- marks Justice Holmes said: slip through our fingers This time And is more in keeping with gen- posal to draw upon the gasoline self sufficient strength to make “Work never is done while the fingers are crossed and we want the eral oil prices Out In California tax to foot the bill If there is up an official national party and power to work remains— To live blLeveiand has the auditorium the there Is a destructive rate war any excess sum in the gasoline put forth two of its members to is to function It is all there is hotels an early summer climate un Gasoline in Los Angeles sold as tax fund it should result in the run for the presidency and the in living” excelled and a reputation for hospitai- low as five cents a gallon which reduction of the present high rate vice presidency of the United That thought might well be I can pJrfencinJg011 nfL perhaps is one cent less than the Florida of six cents a gallon the maxi- states while advancing candi- considered by the young as well immodest to boast nut’ the facts speak tax rate upon it If one must tour mum in this country One excel- dates also for the two branches as the old Justice Holmes does National Democratic leaders look California this ought to be the lent method of advertising and of congress in the general elec- not retire He will be youthful “ remaln time for thrifty travelers ' attracting tourists would be the J tion of 1938 junto the end pil in Dealer part—cieveiana JUST FOLKS By EDGAR A GLEST Unpurchasable A RICH man called hi on aside And said: “The money I’ll provide To an unlimited amount 111 guarantee your back account Go out and walk the market’s length And buy yourself a stock of strength As men buy rifles so that you Can bear as much as others do Then while you’re shopping keep In mind You’U need the very finest kind Of courage so make sure to buy The best the market can supply If strength and pluck are shown for sale - ' - " Buy every barrel Jug and pall Which you may chance to see displayed And gladly wlU the blU be paid Go out and pay whate'er you wlU To any master for his sklU And bribe a scholar to dispose Of every helpful fact he knows Flourish your gold where 11 may see And cry: TH buy Integrity! My character is worn and frayed I seek a new one ready made' ” The youngster left and round about Tbe startled merchants heard him shout: "Good gold for courage offered here! For brains I’ll pay a million clear! Who'll sell me strength that I may hold My own against the brave and bold? But those who heard him thought him daft ( Or pitied him or merely laughed (Copyright 1931 Edgar A Guest) LITTLE BENNY'S NOTEBOOK By LEE PAPE THAT Philadelphian who has left a fund providing for the paying of $12000 a year to the wife of the President -of the United States as “pin money” had a curious notion of what to do with his cash While this country does not treat Its titular rulers as liberally as some nations It does pretty well by them With a salary If $75000 a year and house rent free the president Is able to save something If he is economical And Mr Coolidge could tell you that an ex-president can pick up a few dollars writing for the press to say nothing about other sources of Income Still sillier wills have been made than that to which Henry G Freeman jr signed his name before he died nearly 15 years ago He left his estate of $2000000 ln trust for his two children and the bequest to tbe ‘‘first lady of tbe land” did not become operative until Ihe death of the last one a few days ago PICKS ITS COMPANY Opportunity doesn’t knock around with other knockers — St Petersburg Time iyE WAS eating brekflst this morning ' ' and ma sed to pop Well Willyum Ive saved enough tobacco cupons to get myself that set of luncheon dishes that Ive been wuntlng Izzent It wonderful Willyum Just think of presenting a lot of little scraps of otherwise werthless paper and receevlng a bewtl ful set of luncheon dishes without the expenditure of a penny ln axual cash ln the sents of money she sed And the exact same set is on sale at Hook-binders for 32 dollers grately reduced she sed ‘ And tonite during supper she sed Well Willyum I got the luncheon set I hope the plates are large enough to hold liver and onions pop sed Being his favorite thing and ma sed Of corse I dident actually need a new luncheon set ln tbe sents of reely having to have It but as long as I could practically get it for nutbing I tbawt I mite as well have It They had the Identical set that Hookblnders are av vertlzlng for 32 dollers and It was reely attractive ln a mild way but they had another set with a reel willow pattern that was positively exquisite ln every sents of the werd Naturelly dident have neerly enough cupons for It but tbe woman at the premium place told me ln confidents that a man that keeps a cigar store around the cor ner made a specialty of selling exter cupons to peeple that dldent have enough s I hurried around there to see if he had any and It seems he did and he sold me enough to make up the dlffrents for ony 35 dollers and got that marvelllss willow set wlch Is werth fully 75 dollers or perhaps even between 75 and 80 she sed Yee gods 35 dollers for a luncheon set we dont even need? pop sed and ma sed But Willyum its the principal of the thing The principal is 35 dollers and the intrlst would be 4 million 2 hundred dollers and 82 cents If compounded annually for 300 yeers pop sed Im going down to the office and brood about It be sed And he put on his hat and overcoat and went out ECHOES OF MIAMI By GRACE NORMAN TUTTLE OFTEN as the story of Miami's Inception has been told it never grow old It 1 presented again by Burroughs F Perry ln this week’s copy of The Greater American Greeter general house organ of hotels It has lost nothing of its romance ln his retelling given ln part below “Cape Florida where today stands the old lighthouse which was built 104 years ago was erected on a site long' used by the Spaniards as a warning beacon It was a rendezvous of Black Caesar pirate The light was discontinued ln 1876 55 years ago but the g old structure remains as a landmark g During Miami’s pioneer days as anY ’ Indian trading post the light waa used a retreat for settlers fleeing from Indians on the warpath” Old Fort Dallas ln what la now Dallas Park was built as a protection against the Seminoles The barracks were moved to the northwest section of Miami a few years ago and last week those of us who live In Dallas Park now could hav used that fort Then came settlers: John Egan John and Polly Lewis John Fitzpatrick and Alfred Peacock They settled south of the river and ln Coconut Grove William Brlckell and Edward T Sturde-vant came next They chartered a schooner in New York and cruised down the East Coast to settle south of the Miami river Brlckell Point Brlckell avenue and Brlckell apartments being reminders of the location of tbe land selected Mr Sturdevant later preferred the Biscayne coast a little farther north and took a government homestead of 160 acres in what U now Miami Shores Julia Sturdevant Tuttle his daughter of Cleveland Ohio sailed Into the Miami river 40 years ago this year She traveled ln a schooner named the Emly B In command was Captain Hendrickson Julia Tuttle brought with her on that boat her family a sick husband her household furnishings cows chickens cats hogs dogs She landed on the north shore of the river and made her home near the " site of "The Tuttle” a hotel-apartment and perhaps her cows roamed Dallas Park Her son and grandsons are still Miami residents Mrs Tuttle owned 640 acres of land practically all of the downtown Miami area of today Mall was brought to her once ln a while by a boat running between Jacksonville and Key West Then Henry Flagler built a railroad down the East Coast It had not been extended as far south as the Tuttle farm when the big freeze of central Florida occurred in 1895 That was Julia Tuttle’s opportunity She offered Mr Flagler a townslte If he would bring the railroad to Miami "where frost was unknown” Coconut Grove people of that time were not very anxious for the railroad One Sunday Mrs Tuttle and Mr Flagler went down there to a meeting ln the church where the question was discussed but no enthusiasm was aroused Still Julia Tuttle had the temerity to prophesy that some day Miami would be a town of 50000 Inhabitants -X YEP THE BURN RASCAL We used to kick and complain because young boys were allowed to drive a speedy horse through town then we had another fit because they were allowed to drive cars and bow comes the news story that a 17-year-old chap piloted an airplane from Miami to Havana — Perry Herald ALL WET Prohibition may not have made It much harder to get a drink some places but it has made It much harder to drink it— Tampa Times TT

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