The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on May 31, 1906 · 1
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 1

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Thursday, May 31, 1906
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r Ei yri 1 1 tl SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $800 PER YEAR CHARLOTTE N C THURSDAY MORNING MAY 31 1906 PRICE FIVE CENTS of water 38ARY headquart -with Dr SUICIDED FAR FROM HOME YOUNG ROWAN GIRLS ENDS LIFE Miss Minnie lTmberger INmghter of Minister Living at Mount IHa Discouraged at Treatment Received from Others Ends Her I4fe in Kaunas City Where She W as a Hospital Nurse — Used Gas and Drank Bichloride of Mercury — Left Note Telling: of Falling Faith in God — Mas Graduate of Searritt Rlnlc antl Training School Bpeclal to The observer Kansas City Mo May 30 — Letters found among the effects of Miss Minnie Umberger a hospital nurse who committed suicide here with gas show that her home is in Mount L'lla N C that her father is a minister and that her mother's name is Mrs C AV Umberger The scene of the suicide was the Searritt Nurses Hume East Eleventh street whore 'Miss Umberger resided "I don't see why God does not reward people for their trust In him I try so hard to do good to others but the crazy ways of people do so much to discourage me that 1 almost feel that I could lay me down and die" This despondent sentiment written in a weak and scrawing hand on a leaf of a tablet was all that was left by Miss Umberger Before she disrobed yesterday she placed one end of a tube over the gas Jet attached a tin lunnel to the opposite end and lay down to end her earthly sorrows Her body was found about 6 o'clock by F V Billings an umbrella maker from whom' the nurses rent their apartments on the second flour of the above number He said he was llrst attracted to the room by the smell of gas coining down into his apart ment through the pipes heater NO INQUEST NECI He first notified police rrs and the ambulance George Pipkin went to the home Dr Pipkin then notified Deputy Coroner O H Parker who viewed the body end ordered it sentto Newcomer's undertaking room The coroner said thai an inquest would not be necessary Miss Umberger was about 30 years old and had graduated from the Searritt Bible and Training School Askew and Harris avenues six years ago Miss Umberger must have gone about Iter preparations for death in a mosl deliberate manner On a dresser near the body was found a box of bichloride of mercury tablets A glass of water in which some of thent had been dissolved was also found DRANK BICHLORIDE OF MERCURY II Is belieevd that she af first took the poison and finding the patti very great atached a tuba to the gas jet placed the tin funnel on the opposite ltd and packed absorbent cotton in the pit s w here (he tube did not fit The position of the body showed that the lay back on the bed with her feet Mill touching the floor and inhaled the gas until death came The door to her room wus open leading out into the hallawy and if she had merely turned on the jet and laid down il would have taken longer to accomplish her purpirse Eleven nurses do light housekeeping at this number and most of them have been there one year and three months Miss Umberger went then? 3 months ago It has been the custom of the nurse who remains at home to attend to the rooms and do the other light house work Miss Umberger had been alone in the apartments Billings said since Saturday morning It is not known just what time she committed suicide but as a clock which runs only "4 hours was running and still half wound up Jt is believed that the act was committed sometime yesterday GAVE WAY TO MELANCHOLY Nurses who had known Miss Umberger well said that ordinarily she was nol f a despondent nature but during the last three weeks she had often given away to tears and had expressed herself in language similar to that found in the tablet Billing's said he had seen Miss Umberger come down stairs Monday morning and read the paper but hi'Jl neither heard her about the nurses apartments nor seen her since thaL time YEAH AT DAVIDSON ENDS I HIGH CARNIVAL AT MADRID j ABmUES FOB LOCK CANALJbEHIXD BARRED DOORS J H RAMSEY CONFIRMED PRESIDENT IN MEM0B1AM DECREES A XI) MEDALS GIVEN I MARRIAGE CONTRACT SIGNED CHAIRMAN SHONTS l TLANTA PROBING WADESRORO IVNCHIXG As POSTMASTEK AT SALISBURY TRIBITFI TO RANK AND I 111! u Kieharus stutesvllle mas-arts J S Guy Lowryville S M V Davidson: McConnellsvilie 7 vn 1 HENCE DOl S 1 1 Senate Cafe Was Closed on Account of Holiday anil Hungry Conferees Took Earlj Adjournment — Much Good-Natured Chaff Over Senate's "lollies" Washington May 30 ''You 'are honor bound to stand by the Senate amendments" said Chairman Hepburn of the House committee on Inter-State commerce to chairman El-kins of the Senate committee at the conference on the rate bill to-day when he latter called up the anti-pass amendment and endeavored to get some action In the way of perfecting it Under the rule uf conferences the House will have to suggest the alterations in amendments made by the Senate All of this discussion was in the way of chaff and as Senator Klklns remarked the House conferences are disposed to hold up the Senate's "various pieces of monumental folly" as long as pos nlble "Anyway" said Senator Klkins In retort to good natured gibe "If the House had passed a good bill the Senate would not have been led Into these follies" He referred to what he termed the inconsistency between the pipe line and the coal amendments as well as what has become known as the "pass monstrosity" Chairman Knapp and Assistant Secretary Tecker of the inter-State commerce commission were before the conferee explaining the various amendments made at the request of the commission relating to the administration of the bill None of these amendments affects the workings of the proposed law No action whs had on a single amendment The conference adjourned at 2:55 o'clock for the reason that fhe Senate cafe was closed on account of the legal holiday and the conferees were hungry The next session wlU be held at 10 o'clock to-morrow w Sixty-Ninth Annual Session Hest in College's History Comes to a Close — Diplomas Awarded to Thirty-Seven Graduates — Honorary Degrees Conferred on Several Professional Men — Mcdais Awarded (he Junior Oratorical (Joins to C B How — Orations Delivered by Six Representatives of Graduating Class — Large Audience Present on 1 inn! Day Special to The Observer Davidson May 30 — The sixty-ninth session of Davidson College is ended and the record passes into the realm of history and of the things that were The latest is in every particular the best In point of number of students size of faculty revenues and financial receipts in the whole trend and direction of things that make for progress and usefulness the college was never so prosperous or its future so height i President Smith ut the close of this year has a right to feel satisfied and to indulge in self-congratulation To-day's exercises were of such an order as to make all who took pan in them or who Witnessed them feel that Presbyterianism has nothing to be ashamed of in the programme presented on the campus and in the commencement hall Both the Charlotte band and the college orchestra furnished fine music A big crowd was present to see and hear and the speakers of the day boys and mature men in what they had to say spoke us those who knew their parts and were prepared to (day them as they should be done The procession consisting of the band trustees alumni faculty and students formed a few minutes bo-fore 11 o'clock In the quadrangle and escorted to the strain of marching music the graduating class to the auditorium In the main building The following took their places on the stage: President Smith and the faculty Rev Dr C G Vardell and W E Hoggs and the six representatives from the graduating class ofli-cered by Acting Chief Marshal Unfits Heed The exercises were opened with prayer by Dr Boggs and then the following orations were delivered: Salutatory second honor "The Young Man" Robert King Summer-ville Ga: philosophical oration third honor "The Independent Spirit" L T Wilds Columbia "The Permanency of Democracy" E 1 Erwin Morganton "The Triumph of the Vanquished" S H Ha?- Libertv Hill S C "The Appalachian Forest Reservation" P G Jackson Gastonia "The fcpfluenee of Presbyterianism on Government" B it Lacy Tr Raleigh If any of the six speeches was not a good one I am a poor judge of graduating orations The excellence was marked the difference between them consisting in degree of merit The following degrees were an-nouncd by Dr Smith: Doctor of laws — Rev Dr Daniel McCilvury Chieng Mai Slam and Judge William A Hoke doctor of divinity — Rev George II Oornelson Jr Concord Rev W L Dingle Rock Hill S C Rev ter of C R If Laffertv J W McConnell S C The degree of bachelor of arts was conferred on 20 young men and the degree of bachelor of science Dn 1 7 the names having already appeared in this correspondence Miss Gladys Summers Davidson was given a certificate with distinction as having completed the course with the (Mass The following medals were presented by Dr Vardell with appropriate remarks he emphasizing as Dr McCosh used to term it the strength that lies hidden away In a college boy of which sometimes very fortunately the boy like the lower animals Is not conscious else in the effervesence of youth he might use it to wrong purposes till discipline and training have come in to show him how to use aright The declaimer's medal from the Eu Society O M Anderson Jackson Miss from the Phi Society C S Clark Clarkton essayist's medal from Die Eu Society S H Hay Liberty Hill S C from the Phi Society J Erwin Morganton: debater's medal from the Eu Society T C Merchant Gainesville Fla from the Phi Society E J Erwin fiction medal E J Erwin C B Flowe was the winner of the medal In the junior oratorical contest of last night The Bihle medal was won by E J Erwin and Robert King as a close second was presented with a handsome copy of the Bible These vlere presented by Dr Llngle in behalf of Dr Shearer He described at length the beautiful symbolism on this medal The circle emblem of eternity the fig leaves signify God's blessing the centre shows the cross as the central fact in history '1 1 1 e words "Via Veritas Vita" the "Way the Truth the Life" appear on the medal Sir Walter Scott's w ell-known words when dying "there Is but one book" were quoted with fine effect SOME OP THOSE PRESENT Among the older alumni present are Dr R Z Johnston of Lincoln-ton Dr J B Alexander of Charlotte and R E Allison Esq of Lancaster who was a member of the class of '52 The class of 'SB! was due a reunion here this time but only three members of the clan gathered These were Wllloughby Chambers I' A Stough and Rev R- M Williams The 'following Is 11 partial list of the young ladies that have been attending the commencement: At Mrs H M Sloan's Misses Allin Smith Chattanooga: Wilcox Augusta Misses Watt Thomasvllle Ga Hicks Wilmington: Springs McAden Douglas Haynes Scott Robertson Whit Gray of Winston Bridges Sheppard christian McNeill Balfour Thomasvllle Abell Lowrysvllle McCutchen Patterson of Chester Clark Hankin Casper Alexander Ethrldge Graham At Mrs Paisley's: Mioses Wadswortrt Concord Pearl Ford Wyman GoMsboro Pearl Robinson Memphis Williams Boals Louisville Hendricks Greensboro At Mrs Vinson's: Misses Meta Watson Winston: M Graves Carthage Lois Brown Winston: Lottie Ray McAdensville Adams Gastonia At Mrs Holt's: Misses Klrkpatrlck Seneca Julia Smith Ashevllle At Mrs Neel's: Misses Stockard and Smith The marshals' regalias have t - beeft hon-tinw (lec tin Ibi distributed as follows and the ored and envied wearers are showing their gay plumage and orations in fraternity and sooiety to the satisfaction of themselves their chaperones and special admirers: Chief Marshal Jackson to Miss Julia Smith Ashevllle L T Wilds to Miss Bridges Charlotte: D E Scott to Miss Madeline White Graham J A McMurray to Miss Maggie Hell Mc-ClSntoek of Charlotte Rufus Reed to Miss Edlth Sloan Davidson W t Continued on Page Ten) Spanish Capital Aglow With Fireworks and Electrical Illuminations and Streets Packed With Vast Throngs of Rejoicing People Many (roups Being in Picturesque National Costumes — Wedding Contra J Signed by Eminent Personages as Witnesses on Both sides Jvlng Alfonso Affixing His own Signature — $90000 a Year for Bride and $50000 if W idowed 0 Madrid May 30 — All Spain is rejoicing on the eve of the wedding of King Alfonso and Princess Victoria and the capital has not seen such scenes of enthusiasm during the present generation To-night the whole city is aglow with fireworks and electrical illuminations while the streets thronged with dense masses of people All the central points from the Puerta del Sol to the Pardo are literally packed As the decorations and Illuminations take on their most lurid hues il is a motley throng Which1 touches almost barbaric — swarthy Moors wrapped in flowing robes and with red turbans on their heands Austrian dancers performing their native jota gypsies from Cordova and Seville Salamancan herders in red velvet and tinseled gold with many-representatives of Spain's clergy and hordes of blind beggars singing the melancholy music of old Spain At the corners hands play for street dancers The municipality has given free rein to the popular rejoicings The schools and public institutions have been closed and the whole population has given itself up to celebrating the King's marriage WEDDING CONTRACTS SIGNERS The chief events of to-day were the King's reception to the foreign envoys including the diplomats of the United States and the signing of the wedding contract The latter ceremony took place at the Pardo Palace In the presence of Premier Moret and the other' cabinet Ministers with the solemnity befitting a great State ceremonial affecting the future succession to tlie throne The witnesses for Princess Vlctorie were: Sir Maurice Hansen the British ambassador at Madrid Polo Bernabe the Spanish ambassador at Lnndan who was the Spanish minister to Washington when the war between Spain and the United States broke out: Lord Hugh Cecil Marquis ile Viana an intimate friend of King Alfonso and Marquis rte Vil-latobar The witnesses for the King were: Premier Moret Senor Maura former president of the council General Azearuga former Premier General Montero Rios former Premier the Duke of Solomayor chief of the royal palace the Marquis de la Mlna chief of the royal hunt: General Pa-cheio chief of the Royal Halberdiers and the Marquis de Borja Intendant general these representing the statesmen the royal household the army and the nobility BRIDE GETS $90 000 A YEAR The marriage contract appears tonight in The Official Gazette Article 2 gives the bride an annual income of $UUOOO and in the event of the King's death $50000 in article 3 Princess Victoria renounces all right of succession to the British throne The other articles relate to the marriage Preceding the signature of the ion-tract the Spanish journalists presented to King Alfonso a gold pen with which to sign the document The King laughingly accepted the gift declaring that he had always defended the Spanish press against criticisms v Many receptions were held to-night among them those at the British embassy to the Prun e of Wales at the Italian embassy to the uke of Genoa at the German embassy to Prince Al-brecht of Prussia at the French embassy to General Dahistein and at the American legation to Special Envoy Whlteridge Tins latter reception was attended by many prominent personages in diplomatic and court circles Addressing Georgia Metropolis' Chamber of Commerce the Head of the Commission Vttacks Sos-levcl Plan as Cosily ami Imprae-t (ruble so I'm' as Big Ships are Concerned"""-Would Cost Including Interest on Difference oxer 000 000 More and Would he Deep Winding Ditch — (hill Region Getting Its Share of Nupplj Business Atlanta Ga May :!u --Theodore P Shonfs chairman 1 the Panama Canal commission was tie- guest today of Atlanta friends but his presence in Atlanta was mad" tie- occasion for several entertainments and met a id profes-two ad -: dedica-u Agnes r women antu The citing bo-roe when the South ok strong loek-eu-ening Mr l banquet attended th 'man Mi rs ADDRESS iwn tl th if tl tlo f nils vv hen la 1 iotiship l'a nam 1 from two purchase - entering anal and ic Smith's opening V1 1 1 I i v-di FOR PR1 EDOM rive Rowan Convicts Overpower Guard and Gain Their Liberty Special to The observer Salisbury May 30 — There was a hit of excitement in the convict camp on the Wilkesboro road this afternoon when the five prisoners committed to the care of Mr Worth Plyler made a dash for freedom and were successful The men had been taken front the camp on the new Mocksville road where they are grading the road and Mr Plyler was guarding them The men took advantage of him when he was nol looking and overpowlng him wrested his pistol from him and escaped All were nelrrnes Wore stripes anil chains and are oasilv marked They were short-term men and the reason for their rebellion is not explainable easily Mr Plyler was excessively kind to them and they could have had no grievance toward him They did not attempt to hurl him after they relieved him of his gun Immediately upon learning of the riot among the men Chairman Bernhardt of the county hoard of commissioners offered a reward of $10 each for th' capture of the men who are Andy Young Will By-ers John Handle Will Hardy ami Henry Murph Whether they have confederates on the outside or not cannot be guessed The story of A H Newsome last week that negroes had planned an attack upon the camp could nol have had reference to this because the two places are In different localities PRICE-OSBORNE Mr A H Prici Miss Helen Jacksonville Special to The Jacksonville Church of th evening Miss of Salisbury Weds Wood Osborne a( Fla 1 ihserver Fla May 30v -In the Good Shepherd this Helen Wood Osborne public functions at which I large number of business an slonal men and delivered dresses The tirst was at li lion of a new building Scott Institute a college in Decatur a suburb of A second was delivered this fore the chamber of eiunn lie spoke on the relations to the Panama Canal II grounds In advocacy t 1 nal system Later in the Shouts was entertaine-1 at tendered by 50 citizens ai by Governor Terrell and 11 of prominence pomuauv cially In his formal a Shunts said in part: MR SHONTS Inasmuch as the only 1 in the world is in Alalia ma I am in the house of my f I am in the South 'lie between the South ami canal should be consider points of view: first 1 of tlo- material and supi into the construction uf 1! second the development industries by reason at of the canal The present commission p g irds the Panama canal as the property of the United States with the citizens of tie-United States as the stockholders It therefore felt that it was 11 llrst dun to provide that each section of 0111 country should have equal opportunity with all others in the sale of'all materials and supplies which it produces and which will be consumed in the construction of this great work Wit ii that idea In view the policy was adopted of requiring that all bid-should be made on the basis of deliveries on the Isthmus of Panama so that every manufacturer in each section of the country could figure on his own cost plus his own railroad transportation plus ocean transportation through his own ports I am glad to say that since the inaugural i I this policy notwithstanding the epidemic of yellow fever during a large portion of last summer which practically blocked all gulf ports the volume of supplies sold by the Mississippi vallev and which lias gone ui through the gulf ports has b Ily increasing Eciual opportunity is the our Institutions But equal nltV does not make equal women Equal opportunity t roods on the isthmus will not s goods of the people of the Mi sippi vallev if they do not ris the ouDortunlty and huslb make the sales Mleawbet the opportunity but didn't get an 01 the fruit They say thut opportune knocks once at every door We hiiv seen to it that it has been and Is now knocking at thin door of the South and il Is Cor the South "if hedng to awake if feasting to arise-'' and meet il TREMENDl H'S PoSSIBILITI ICS In regard to tin- second viewpoint I believe there are hut few vho a -precl'va the tremenuous possibilities which the opening of the Puna 01 1 Solicitor Robltftam an Judge Neal So-Called Charges Against Nominee Together With Attorneys Employed lor Rc-appolntmcnt to sali-burv by Governor Spend Entire Day In- I IN st mastership Made small lin- vesilsatlng Recent Lynchlii" of 1 ressloii on Committee — lint lor Ac- V Johnson— Number of Witnesses tivlty of Mr Overman Be Would Examined — Governor (Hon 11 Spends Have Gone the Way ol (rant and D y in Wadeslsiro and Issues I raier — National Politics Being statement (ailing on Cltlaeus to I Played Around lllackbiirn ppoini- Tell All Thcv Know and Offering incuts — The Observer Corrcspnti- Simes :s stance — Some Slue- ill unite tlie iiMies viciiiu 01 a Light- 011 Vnson's II rrlble TragtHlj Special to The observer Wadesboro Ma 3u Governor Glenn has hen here lo-day his presence being due to tli lynching Monday morning ol John V Johnson I by a mob I asked the 1 lovernor why he came "In coming to Wades-I Vt Portsmouth Va Under Armv and Navy Union's Auspices Chief Lveeutive Addresses Audience Numbering Thousands and Iitei "-M-ak- at Hamilton to Si intents of Colored Institution — In Portsmouth Vddress he Gives Highest Praise to (rant and Lee Hut Insists That in War ir Peine Average Man is Chief Factor oiisplracy It IIIIDEBBWD Observer Hureau 1417 G Street N VV Washington May In looking over The always struv'tlve Congressional Record t bill horn" lie replied I had io intention it was discovered that the Sena of interfering with any Judicial in- j t- n f i rriveil Hie nomination of vest igut ion hut I came at the earnest I ci leanest of the solicitor of the dis- " Ha usey as post m ust e a sul Irict w ho fell that m presence in j The Mo-rnlled charges were Wadesboro at this time would run- ted to members of the rommitt duce to the belie enforcement of uv - makl) much imp: the law and to the bringing to jus- lice of the participators in the mob I fad ' aiiegatt that lynched John Johnson I I were considered trivial is hi side ieei inat a mm 1111s oeeu cast 011 no- quest 101 good name tun only of An- 1 county f hut of the entire Stale There wus ' not a shadow of excus for indi- 51 r Hams would have gone il vidua Is taking the law in'o their i way of Grant and Frifcler The coi hands John V Johnson had been Iried Duly one man was for manslaughter with II for a higher offense There was no reas m to be lieve justice would miscarry in a tics is being phived around these second trial The commissioners Hkuk)uni jiumllts Tn0!1( v wishing a speedv trial ol Johnsons case and others' had requested a subscribe In lids view sa that But-special term of eouri ind I bad ler has succeeded in convincing Sena-ordered same for July ltilh: there- j t(r ivnt'ose who is h airman of the fore it cannot be urged thai jit st'ce was unnecessarily dehle The ex- l-stol tic cmnmiltee thai lie will b ruse offered by the friends of the able to control the Republican party lynchers themselves is thai they were ! muehlnen afiei the n i Slate con- V : m oath V ginia to-dav ii f tie 1 ii)! Prcsid 111 : nieiit er'-t by tlie Arm liowrv or tor had v 1 livlt of Senator ' 1 Vict bin has become settled in th minds of 1 number of gentlemen a this 1 ml -ii ihe line t hat nation 1 1 poli nouiii on tl May 3 0 — Presi- d the people of a beautiful and o the nation's tlie memorial tire number-Hate) 0 flee 1 ' Mo day 1! inonu-I Coin e terv panii 1 iidren made Ports- r sign Old was simply punishing a man ulln Had committed 111 tinier CIMME OF MOB W( USE THAN JOHNSON'S volition and has prom ise( m ib liver the delegation to ilie national convention to n Itoev er has the : upport of "Hut in in cool deliberate iient when they conspired togeth 0 go ( mi' put ana lane a uetju irisnner mil of his ci II lg- lor tl the Pcnnsv Ivania Senat iiii nt ia I nominal ion When the llantsev noniHi 1 in Weill to the Senate and Alt Pi in half a mile he begging Ii the tun-1 ler mercy and hang him to and shoot his body full ol led committed a murder In the ighl of bol h ( rod and man nmi'i heinous than that of their ictlm u Ho slew a man in anger When a ivoman has eec dishonored robbed ol" lo r virtu we Have condoned I a certain ex-tciit tin- father brofhei ir husband who with others lynched the (tend lor we have respecl for his feelings 1 now ingr as we do I ha 1 he does wrong But fids was no mo Ii case There was no excuse for this lynching and every good citizen of An son county should call it what ii is eiunlei I I hep lore call upon every vv il! In act 1 11 uiiipl k 111 I lie matter of continuation thai gentle tmv I man went to hacking and tilling and tolling how Her w ere no charges 1 ia nsetiiienccs and how the niui-t r vv ould he disposed of at one- but it was noticed that vv lien lie vv a s pressed for imineil la t e action He 1 1 ways wanted lo "see ah an it" and kill lime Senator 1 Iv'ernia 11 1 lien gave notice thai he would go before 1 ho full roiiinilth e W hen M r Pen rose saw the North ('iifolina Senator meant business and thai his hand u mid he Inn 1 d lie began lo St! up and lake notice Penrose sa w thai 1 1 would never do (o a I low ihe rime 111 It t ee to cnnie to the realization thai ! sjilenl -h sti id- genilt- o! oppoi lu men ami dl lie good citizen In the county to tell bo was holding tip 1 hose nominal ion-i w 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ca use I I PLKSS VH Tl M 1 iK 1 'I HXSPI 1 1 AC V This writer was recently made the hapless victim of an awful conspir acy vv lieu a night or so ago vir Hip ler gal leadv lo aim am that to H ol wlial he knows and do 11 in his power to ferret out this matter and luing the vvrongdoei s t jnsl i e rriley may be assured I lull as (Jov-1 ruor of the State I will aid them in every way 1 can even il necessary putting the whol-' Stale of North Carolina behind them In order to ptmasU r General ( V rtdvou Kecre- see the laws property exeuiei ury Taft and Senatr Carler would N'oiliing would have brougbl in- ' 1 ' address ihe liepuldican Stale conven-Wadesboro 1 xeepi Ihe l-il that h s imm u o canal means especially to uti evidence 1 it I will ipiot presence by 1 to all our cotinti y he Southern States f how some men reg a remark made in ne of the so-Liillet'i 1 u my t li-llle In- tains of Industry in ibis country of the men who liaveMieen most strumental in the internal deveb p-ment of this nation one if the men who have made our wonderful pro perity possible one Of the men who control the greatest corporation in (he South In speaking of his holding in Ihe Tennessee Coal & Iron Company he said "When the Panama canal is completed every share of my stock in that company will bo worth a thousand dollars" Ho said the opening of that canal will make Birmingham the Pittsburg of the South and will give It the same relationship to the gulf that Pittsburg now has lo tl " Atlantic coast He said the immensity of ttafftc which originates within forty mile) f Pittsburg and which is the marvel of the world will be duplteat'd in the same territory surr ui ling Ihe Cry of Birmingham Ib aid that when he inquired his large interest In this property he did so because ol his abiding faith Hi the development of the South and because of his confidence in the astonishing gtnwth which would take place there upon tha opening of the Panama anal The -lews of this level-headed and far-seeing man are the views of many other of your mot pr Jirressiv - dttzen-i ami he development to v im-1 ho Ir ks f-irwtid as regards Tennessee coal and Iron is only an ind - of what will lake place In all he industries bi(ii(Vl rs Hut gent lemen of selling your sup-enter Into the con-canal and the pc- penlij: ir this aiul vnnt :iw -breakers to know that II will not be my fault if they are not arrested and punished ' Governor Glenii addressed n Hit 1 10 shcril'l' J A lioggnn which aft el selling forth the substance of ihe foregoing statement continues 'Tlo mob must be brought to justice To noie 1 heir crime and lo screen litem would be an outrage As 1 Inventor Of the Stale I will 1 end' r vott all the aid in my power wheihci it in- ill employ tug aide ouilsel t 1 help the solicitor or In ctl n of need in 01 deripg out I lie Sta 1 militia o ill you in enforcing the law Neither lime nur expense should be considered in pn scouting the p t pet ri! 01 s of litis li'ii t l ble crime " A 11 QI'IET IN THE T WN If Kay St innar 1 Baker Had com 1 1 m- to-dav as Met 'lure's MagaHie en! ill 111 to Statesboi o 1 la to see 1 lynching town lie would have found t fie same situation as lie (h lihed tl'cte ii perfectly (lUlet almost sleepy village where courteous i gentlemen sil In tin- shady phu and ladies dallv with ice cream Butt the statemeot II the tiilk has been of the lynching headlines about Ih formation from The cthscrviT correspondent ami the plan would have Worked had II Hot Been for the kindly disposition of a friend employed bv one of the press associations The statement aimtil Senator Carter was apparently an afterthought dropped ill lev vvav of furl Her terrifying Blucji burn lies imt only Bv 1 he haructi r I (lie in 11 who are lo move on Greensboro July 1(1 from Washington but I iv sheer force of numbers Senator Cartel' merely smiled when 1 h report was show 11 him and he said it was Ills purpose to be In Montana 111 July lie would tiol lie said go lo Not ih rnrolina The Washington I'usl published 11 st-ltentent from Mi But b-i denying a report sent Ihe Post from Greensboro that Mr Blackburn bad got th' lu st of II si the recent ' State committee 1 1 1 I 1 ok The Po 1 St il 1 1 ntent begins with I hi una! de vice: "the attention of" formr-r Sena i 0 Hut ler being eu I led" eli when as : a mat ter of fact Hut ler went to I He j ol'liee ol the newspaper and made 1 spei 1 a I plea for the publico 'on of I even wrote Ihe " But ler 1 action ! at Mn At !:::( o'clock President Hooseveii landed from I tie Mayflower at the navy yard He was received by Hear Admiral P 1-V Harrington commandant ol the station and escorted to a carriage In waning to convey him to ihe Naval Cemetery Both sailor-itiiii and marines from the warships vv-)- 011 parade m the jnrd to assist in the reception The procession was formed immediately and proceeded to the grounds ol the Naval Hospital where the exercises of the dav were Ik-IH 'I be procession consisted of v em thousand men 1 cm the North Mbiutii I'Teot Army and Navy I 'ni'ii orgti nizat ions Grand Army veteran-' eu in ps of Confederale veterans and many other societies OHKAT KNTIIUS1ASM SHoU'V PoilsmoutH wus hentulfully and pt 1 riot icti 1 1 v decorated Business houses and residents were a blaze of red while and blue and ihe Quaint old city gave such a reception to the 11 Mr Booseveft sel-d The procession c navv I'd to the sa-ounis through solid lines of people and the President was receiv -'d w nit marked 1 tuhusiasm A notable feature of the demonstration was the part taken bv the school children vv ho at various places along the lin of march greeted the President with the strains of the Star Spougled Banner and the waving of liny American tings A pretty incident occurred as the head of the parudi passed tit Confrrlerate monument on Court -'treei The members of Stonewall Camp of Confederate Veterans were pasesd In review by Ihe President KovitgnUIng Colonel W Ii Stewart the commandant of the camp PresiiU'ni Ituosevelt stopped In 1 a rriag v sltook ha nds with ( '"liitn I Stewart and Ihutei c with him for a minute or ivve The great throng on the street enthusiastically sh ailed its approval ol the day look place ids of t He Naval Hos- y 1 1 mporarv si a ml d for the President ol guests Around organizations vv hlch the parade funned a hollow s 1 us re Citlv ns and invited guests to the number of several mov d l r Naval Ho 'I'd 1 1 Hied daughter wf Col and Mrs Frank It Osborne was united in marriage to Mr Augustus Hobson Price of ritills-bury N C The church was beautifully decorated with palms ferns and lilllos The ceremony was performed by Rev Campbell Stryker Mrs Clarence Shine presided at the organ owing to the recent bereavement In the bride's family no cards were issued and what would have been a brilliant society event owing to the prominence of the contracting parlies was curtailed to a simple but very pretty wedding The ushers were Marshal Osborne and John Huberts The maid of honor was Mrs Huth Drew Tlie bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her father Mr W H Hobson cousin of the groom was best man Mr and Mrs Price left this evening for Lake Toxnway N (' The young couple will reside In Salisbury where the groom Is a prominent young luvvyer within V'tii' b i-d between Ihe l-nn plies which will struction of thi riod when It will result mi 1 lie ilev lopmi-ot of 1 ur country a gulf f listed H w grent and wide that gulf is will depend on the type Of eanal selected The present commission believes that the type of canal the people of this count 1" Want is th- one which will provide adequate and safe passage for the largest vessels on the sens and which 1 can he constructed In the quickest time and lit the bust cost The commission's recommendation in other words has been based on the Idea that what the people want Is the near by practical rather than the remote ideal It hus therefoW recommend-1 eil the construction of an 85-foot level lock canal for the reasons that first in itsJudgment it can be completed for about half the eont and In half the time of the so-called sea-Ievcl canal second because It will be tpto-ojunfe for all the commerce vvhha can reasonably be expected to seek that route during the next two hue dred years: third because If the tonnage should Increase beyond un h ex pectation it can be enlarged more cheaply and more ipilckly than tl e so-ealled sen-level canal fourth be-cause from the operating point ( I view large ships can he put through more safely and more ipilckly than : through the sea-level fifth because when the lnt"fest on the difference ui 1 cost of construction is added o the cost of operating the saving to the government every year will be 12-344000 "fllxth because when built It will (Continued on Pugs Three) Thai the Governor's presence and bojng on top thus dearly showing liilluence and the solicitor's seal are thai Mr Butler regards himself as Mutely is evidenced by the fact that tin- real head of the organization almost everybody Is remembering forces and he predicts the defeat of! that the lynched man was of a via- Blackburn at the State convention K lent unruly dangerous character 11 McNeill who is associated with and that he was nol Insane but nor-1 VI r Butler In their political undertak inal Those who recall this however ings and In their effort: educati admit that It makes no difference j t he "poor mountain vv biles" also took whether he was it raven ot 11 dove a statement lo The Posl along lines when the guilt of tin- mob comes to similar 10 those touched upon by Mr! be considered All day the solicitor Butler and predicting lite undoing j and Judge Neal have carried on the of Blackburn hut tile paper de lined examination of witnesses behind to publish the statement which al- j close 1 doors together with Mr Gul- so began by telling how "It H Mo ledgii and Mr John Bennett whom N'elll formerly secretary of the Be j the Governor employed on behalf of publican Slate eye utlvc committee the state I know what they did was seen by a Post reporter" but I vv ill not tell To-morrow I hope thcv will lake the gag off The a voice which nccnrdlng to a negro I tails of the lynching ate absolutely who was at the jull could have been horrifying There are new panels In heard half 11 mile shouted "Boys lite lower floor of the jull The old don't do thai that's nuclei" The door w as shot to pieces and buttered mob's reply will nol do lo print lit with sledges and crowbars The ! When the sheriff told them that the tain gutters show bullet lodes as dol'aw was sufficient for their purposes the brick walls of the jail Marks j they jeered "Bump the law" of three spent hulls are 011 Ihe They tiled a full v olley upon reach-1 Sheriff's sou and 0 whole gun load" 'ok Main sire 1 and all along the I missed the sheriff less than half an I mute of n tulle they kept: up a de-Inch While a pistol ball scathed his stiltory fusillade The barefooted j side A little girl put her head out j tracks of the lynched man show than at an upper window of the Jail when I they had him on the run He was j one of the mob cried "Take back J pleading for mercy and praying all your head damn you or I'll shoot It the way In front of a certain house! Dir" Their treatment of the sheriff I be caught hold of a gate post or 1 was most brutal The Hubbub of I other stay ami resUlod II was then then profanity was heard far and as Is supposed that ids wrist joint Hide "Help help" the prisoner! was severed with a knife thrust His " reamed "Bold have no-rev on me corpse 1 ore a cut n l oss Ihe forehead thousand attended the ceremonies At li o'eloik the exercises vv ere opened with prayer bv Bishop Van tie Vvv : ihe i 'i hollo diocese of Hi hnioiid President Roosevelt was introduced by Colonel J Kdwln Brown national commander of the Armv and Navy Union The President's address follows: Tin pbi:siii:nts vihhikss 'I'lds day is hallowed and sacred ui nur history for on this dav throughout the hut I W meet to pay homage to the memory ol the v: the great civil vv serve so Well of t Will 111 We owe ft countrv Moreovei valor we owe it tl il to whoa was pr to see er it 1 and enlisted men of the regular forces of the United States Kxarttv ai titers veterans of the civil war so there is no other body of ni'-n among all of our citizens of to-day who is a whole deserve quite fis well ol Hi country as th officers and enlisted men of the army and the navv of the United States Every man who bus served well nntl faithfully bi Hard protect ma" Thcv- beat down the outer doors mounted the stairs ctrrving the helpless sin riff with litem Seeing the strength of the cor barred cell where Johnson crouched thcv thrust through the bars 2ft or :in 'gnus and said "We win kill him HEGfiKD FOR Tl M K T" ' PR A V "What are you going to do boys''" Johnson asked them "Itamn you" thcv answered "We are going to kill you" lb- begged tlp'tn for time to pray "You didn't give Gwinn time to pray damn you" they answered "We are going to have you or kill you here" Tlie sheriff seeing limy were on with humanity and Justice If all (he point of riddling hint in his celt ends in miscarriage of justice there wilt tie a reign ot terror nre as-j sasdnatioit Is n handy tool and will tie applied to those who uphold the law Meanwhile the helnless will a long diagonal cut across the chest ' besides this severed wrist IBs left I arm was broken by a club blow Tlo that (here is not a square Inch 01 space above his knti not penetrated bv bttllejs Below the I wo knots f ropie ir fhe little1 pine limb Ihe ground is at HI clammy! COB BKNNKTT TALKS "Tlie Guvernor Is in the spot Inking thought and action to meet the situation" said Col I T Bennett! "We confide In bin Judgment and sincerity Kverythlng is being done! to fix the responsibility for the crime! Usually those efforts end In disap- 1 polntmottt Friends of law and order) hope for an outcome more consonant ! afloat or asl United Htates es certain qin peculiar degr In the s self uplifted time of tutor lienor upon h of von bllity proud 1 Tins veteran who ha army a They ai ties of 1 tlie 'ut affeetln !( lege 01 IV wed in the service 01 tlie siiown that he possess-i which entitle him in a the respect of all hi die every man who is l cannot but feel him ie thought that in any sis it may he that the ile nation will depend There rests upon each ius burden of responsl-re to you belongs th bearing that load of them wall and take him outside A posse of them went with the Rheiiff down stairs after the keys His fellow prisoners sav that after the keys came not much else was said take refuge in countermining There They presume that one of the mob ought to be a military company sent stuck hla knife In Johnson there for here to restore the nerve of the com-they heard the protest "Don't don't munity" wait till wo (jet him outside" Tin ! The Governor bus gone to Charlotte Ball of blond is still there When 1 to-night but the Judge and solicitor the mob had got him in the jail yard and had him going at a trot are here met to-morrow will he a rosy day J C M j mposed largely of he civil war largely of men wed in or are serving in the navy of the United States cerned not only with the du-Idier and the sailor but with the civilian with all matter niain every day citizen as he ryday duties For we must ways remember that In Our country our army and navy are an army ana navy made up of volunteers: all our forces are volunteers our regulars afloat and ashore are merely our fellow-citizens who of their own free will have taken up this particular task The task one through they return to the body of our ttlrcnMhlp and exactly as the efficiency of our military service depends chiefly upon the efficiency of the average enMlf ed inan so the efficiency of the nation us a whole depends chiefly upon the wnv in which the average man performs his plain everyday duties BURDEN OP THE LEADER This does not mean that the leader whether in military or civil life can escape heating a peculiar burden of responsibility To him has heen given mtieh ami from him much will be demanded It Is right and proper that the man In a high position whether his position be that of (Continued on Page Nine)

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