The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 20
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 20

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 20
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iome Interesting Statistics Relative to Kern County Kern County lias 8100 square milf>.« I shipped from the county (it an aver- territory, or 5,184,000 acres, and In ! ago value of $35 each. On the ranges e territory lucre are in round mini-! ;uul pastures there are 60,000 head of •rs Koo farms. '19,00(1 acres ;vere last year devoted wheat growing, and 13,900 to bar- y. The yii-id was 11,035 tons of heat and W.'O tons of barley. 4fiOfl ns of corn were grown. The to- 1 value of the cereals produced was •47,652. In alfalfa hay 22,0'00 tons were .Ipped "Ht of the county nnd there ere 13.000 tons of grain hay shipped. ie value of the hay exports was 27,000. The. total of fruit and nut trees is 2,460, including apples apricots, .errles, figs, oranges, pears, nectar."ft almonds, walnuts, etc. ^The shipment of fruits out of the unty amounted to 1, 261,400 pounds igh nnd 1,508,000 pounds dried. The i A\ value was about $60,000. !n the live stock industry there re, estimated, 23,000 head of cattle beef tattle and 30on head of dairy cattle, their value being $1,170,000. Tho total amount or livestock In the county, Including cattle, sheep, bogs, males, etc., Is estimated at 313,815 with a total value of $2,937,320. For the year past, 1,600,000 pounds of wool were produced, valued at $112,000. From the poultry farms, the figures are: Production of eggs, 150,000 dozen with n value of $30,000; 2600 dozen chickens, value $10,000. The county produced 225,000 pounds of honey worth $11,250 and 160,000 pounds of alfalfa seed valued at $22,400. During the year there were manufactured in the county 2,400,000 bricks, 498,000 cigars, 17,435 jMureli of flour nnd 90,000 barrels of lime. 379,000 hides were exported and 214,000 pounds of tallow made. E. H. LOVELAND Prominent Fruit Distributor. ',: rho handling of citrus and ilccldu- ,>j fruits forms quite an industry in wheels Is carried in stock. In the line of lock and key work quite a business Is transacted, and in the rear of the main store are the repair shops which ae kept busy. Here is kept on band a line of second hand bicycles T .-'gon points, /n many Inslai / els for the or / I'd. tmckine n In making o« see 111 Store, ami; Phonier avoniu man tree decorations, bon !>ons, so-1 either Los Angeles or San Francisco. leet candles in fancy boxes, nuis, etc. 1 Recently a carload of soft drinks dm prices are ri^'lil. too. 111-1 ! amounting to $1600 was shipped to kerslield and is carried on very ex• sively by the above house. The • n was formerly conducted as hove, d and Long, but Mr. Lovuland Is ('"', successor to the old firm, with of>s and local stores situated at 1614 jetoenth street, where an extensive 'ifness Is transacted In the handling fruit of all kinds direct from the •wor to tho jobber and others. His Incss of handling fruit IB not con- Hi to Kern County or the San .Tonu Valley, but extends throughout entire state, owing to the favor- e freight rates, especially from •gon points, Instances the firm con- •ntlre crop in the or-' In tllc silence of my cabin id, packing and handling the pro-' When the lamp is burning low, •t under own labels. Some car- I shipments are made to eastern •H tut the trade Is confined priu- lly to the Pacific Coast. In addl- , ip the ha.fc<]!i;;£ of cltrug ami de- •j'jufl fruits tho flrm transacts a to and constantly growing trade !hc handling of hay, grain, pota- 1 i, beans, etc., which are shipped ; Through the lens of pictured fate, over the coast, (r, Lovoliind says: "The FRED QUNTHER COMPANY. Interviews with a number of the leading business firms of Bakersfleld developed the fact that they were a unit as to the prosperous trade enjoy ed for the your just drawing . to a close, and all looking ahead for the coming year as one of unprecedented prosperity. The above wholesale liquor firm, although but six months old, reports that the business since opening the doors has exceeded all expectations by at least fifty per cent and they are anticipating a heavy trade for the coming year. They have certainly backed up their opinions and business judgment by purchasing a handsome business block on Eighteenth treet adjoining the Kern Val ley bank. Tho structure has been especially arranged nnd fitted up foi the requirementH of the business, the firm occupying Hie entire basement and steet floor, while the upper story or top floor has a modern rooming house. The building has a frontage of 66 feet and a depth of 57 feet, whle the basemeat or lower story floor is laid in cement. Recently a large modern vault has been installed in the base- mnt or lower floor, and such other Improvements made as were necessary in the conduct of the business. The firm are extensive dealers in domestic and Imported wines and liquors and nrc the exclusive agents for tho well known whiskies of the Jesse Moore-Hunt Company for the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, extending from Fresno City southward. All the wines and liquors bottled by the flrm are put up under a uniform label and package system, while domestic and foreign cordials of *H'kinds are purchased direct from the manufacturers in quantities. The firm are complete outfitters for clubrooms and saloons and carry everything required with the exception of the front and back bar fixtures. Their stock of glassware is'the most varied and extensive outside of San Francisco or I-os Angeles, 'hat. branch of the representing a large outlay and motorcycles. Mr. Bible has resided in Bakers- Hold for the past five years and is a blacksmith and machinist by trade, up a splendid trade. , «-..» . : With the distillery connections of v-itiif your Christinas |HiiTh;:s- j the flrm nnd tho favorable freight e di.s'id.iv. at tho drand Candy rates on that class of merchandise Christ-j the firm Is enabled to compete with n pon CHRISTMAS MIRRORS. the spattered window •e the falling snow ; sticks arc burning brightly, j w „ b , the grate ! """- ° jMin-or scenes forgotten ; Through the lens of pictured says: p for the season of 1908 was nor- d i: r, to make 'any predictions as to '•, \!tfd crop. 1 have resided in Kern ..Mtoty for twenty years, twelve *Jrs of which in my present line of ' Shadows of a distant home, By the grand Australian trees, A little path of sunshine Meets the whispering seas, 'hrongh tho fancied distance Run glad children to and fro, taeas. Things are running along ,ly with me and while Bakersfleld Ilmieaih the Christmas sunshine I Kern County are growing the a try should develop more rapidly., Whore the flowers have no snow. )Sa?ro^rcos ld "0^ J High up in the branching wattle, jrounty In tho state and capable of i-jortlng millions of people." Mr. •'el'ind Is n su'-'eossful and business man and a member n< rsfielil Hoard of Trade. /'BIBLE'S CYCLERY. f!wln;s nro tightly bound, Roys anil girls together rill th< % air with joyful sound. above house. w:i^, 'tliree yoaiK a«0 llV the J!l'esell1 •/r, who reports business for the •: year as excellent, and lonks foi* J to I'.luO with an assurunci: ot Awaia I fee] the cooling ail- Whore tho summer sun sinks lute U'tille the pictures fado before me As tho embers leave tho And turning from my firsidc 1 welcome at the door ! an extensive stock of bicylces motorcycles, he having the sole icy for such leading makes as the •ce, Snell. Iver Johnson, Heading tdard, Peerless and Tribune els. Shortly after the first of the r Mr. Bible will carry a line of :i«l bicycles of his own make, rh. he fully guarantees. i the line of motorcycles is car- the famous Curtis, Reading id'anfrJjRht, and also the great irco Vibratloss," which is the on- Vmerlcun made four cylinder ma- ic upon the market today. In ad- in to this the house handles largo ntltles of and IH the sole agent , , the celebrated Fisk and Pennsyl- •ia tires, which are especially ' Ipted for this climate. From •'' 'All beginning the trade of the v--.iB : e has grown so rapidly as to re:--,'re an expert inai liiniM. in the >.* dlipg of repair work on motor- i *,'les alone, for which machine* a !' ''I'plete line of renewal pans ;\n/l That grace my humble floor. Yet I love them In my sadness With their pure and spotless ray Passing on to tears ot gladness Mirrored bright this Christmas day. —Doc Wilson. The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 251 the Mojave Soda Works, competing with Los Angeles houses. At the present time the house is shipping goods north to Madera and south to Barstow and is gradually entering the territory formerly monopolized by San Francis, co and Los Angeles concerns. Mr. Otinther states that "tho enactment and stringent enforcement of the pure food law has been of material assistance to the jobber and wholesaler throughout the interior of the state, as the carrying out. of the pro- i visions of that law has largely broken up and driven from the road the sellers of adulterated nnd Inferior goods, thus leaving the business open to those who conduct a legitimate ' trade." ; While the flrm of Fred Gunther ' Company Is comparatively a young i house, yet he himself has been iden- i tided with the business Interests of Bakersfleld for years, where In conj Junction with A. E. Savole, he con. i ducted the Kern County Bottling Works. n"w an asset of the Fred Gunther Company. This extensive nnd 'complete bottling works Is located on the main line of tho Southern Pacific railroad and connected with that-sys- item by a spur track to expedite shtp- ' ments. Hero is manufactured all' soft drinks, oorbonated waters and other beverages. Hero also is bottled large quantities of the "San Diego" and "Tlhustallor C.ilt- Kdgo" brands of boor," both nf which products find an ! enormous pale in the territory covered i by the flrm. I The bottling plant, is equipped with tho very latest, and up-to-date mechan- • leal appliances used in the manufacture and handling of the products, and outside of Fresno here will bo found the only complete sterilizing and Pasteurizing plant in the San Joaquin Valley. The above plant represents an investment of $4000 and was installed last spring, the Installation of which has greatly expedited the cleaning and preparation of the bottles prior to being filled. From the time the bottles are stacked up by hundreds for washing they are handled by a continuous automatic system, being fed into the machine In large numbers by means of endless trays into a strong solution of caustic soda, automatically discharged into a fresh water compartment for final washing and then discharged at tho other end of tho machine all In one movement, and whore they arc received by a man in charge. In the operation of tho entire business of I lie Fred Ciitnthor Company a number of wen find steady employment., the industry forming an Important factor In the Industrial etiterpris. The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES Brewers of Celebrated Red Ribbon Wiarzburgcr Bottled Beers A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfleld. and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 g Kern. Advertising ID the Callfornian brings big returns on the investment. Holiday !! Good Things to Eat and Fine China ••\V carry tlio finest line of imported j-joods to lie found Valley. Import lass. t'l ed Figs in baskets, StuflVd Dates and on Olives in hollies. California Olaee tli iu's in boxes nnd l-Yuits. I'mard i'i ',;;•.,. ;M L'lnss. Shelled Almonds, liowney's Chocolates in fancy boxes, i-.i'.i. 1 !: •'<::[. PvoserveH. Jlcin/.e's Mince Meat in si one croek.s nnd bill;-. Kcinember wo .irs- --:•' «--'on1.s for National Crest CoflVo. A visit to our Htorc will convinee y,:;. ,.:' !];•• minenoT_ quality oi our jjoods nnd melliod of doitif,' Our hi.;:.': •>:' M::vilMtid and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. oFuplo \vii<> ;,.v. •• callod nt our store in past week were ama/.ed at onr hentitil'iil dis- ph:y of Haviliintl Hand Painted China, Cut. (ilass, Brasses, Can-in- Sevs, St. 4ns and articles in n'eneral, whieh appeal to Ohrmtmas sliop- pers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street Kahler Says: Now is the time to make your selections from ocr complete stock of Christmas Goods Suitable presents for yduii" and old at prices to suit all. Be sure and conic. HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS AND BOOKS. BAKERSFIEID DRUG GO. Kahler Bros, MHONE MAIN 42 Comtr 19th & I 8U. Holiday Rates WIlCPC will you spend the Holidays Everybody cau make Holiday Trip Santa Pe Holiday rates in effect between all stations where one way fare does not exceed ten dollars. Tickets on sale Dec. 23-24-25-31, 1908 and January 1, 1909. Limited for return Jan. 4, 1909. Let us suggest San Francisco—Oakland—Berkeley—Stockton — Fresno — Merced Bakersfleld—Visalia—Hartford. Phone or cnll on N. J. Hudson, Agt HolidaystRates Try a Californlan want ad. DIXON SON Undertakers, Funeral '.>r» '"mbalmere, 8ucces«or» to Morton & Con. > ,„ < \ttendantl4U 18th It RED OKOM AMBULAH01 *>» *ht or Day, Main 9) Phone Main 1144 The 1821 Chester Avenue Eakersfteld •a^i ^»w% ^v^Qkl&e •"•"48 •$*& ^»'«^ ^^^» r» ^^l"fc^Xl^t L lonccF oar ness onop A complete stock of Saddlery goods and leather novelties suitable for Xmas Gifts Mexican Saddles Boy* Saddles Ladles' Astride Saddles Single Harness Double Buggy lH Harness Team Harness Collars Bridles Sweat pad s Stable 0 rooms Feather Dusters Chamois Currycombs Mane combs Brushes Lined Gloves We carry a complete line of trimming goods, •.•:••-. on,->ui!)!H dashboards, sockets, etc., and do tin i::!!iis ••(' !'ii',".'.v ii|.ho!«toring and repairing. Ilarnes. )iuuini»:-!>"•••;;_; ;"»•! repair!'!^ of every description. Headquarters Cor the best make of tents. Also tents to rent. Robes, Horse Blankets and Storm Aprons. Working Gloves Ladles' and Boya' Gloves Carved Purses Leather Music Rolls Hand Bags Dog Collars Pug Dog Harness Leggins Silver Inlaid Bits and Spurs Cinches Hair Robes Rlattas Braided Reins Quirts Chaparos Riding Bridle*

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