Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1898 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1898
Page 8
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OAILYPHAEOS MONDAY, JAN. 24. 1898. ill GITY NB.W3-, Thomas Brown is visillng 1'riends at Delphi Mliss Mary Manley entertained th Cooking club Saturday afternoon. Mrs. M. D. Fansler is at Larayette visiting her cousin, Mrs. Mary Murphy. See our home-made nightgowns two and three-fourths yards wide- Trade Palace. Rev, and Mrs. W. E. Belderwol are entertaining the former's slater of Montlcello. Mrs. William Winters, of Wabash is in the city for a few days' visi with relatives. Mrs. Frank Stetson, of Rochester is in the ciiiy, called here by she ness of her daughter. Mr. B. E. Buckingham;of Chicago spent Sunday in the city with hi wire and other relatives. Wm. Wolf, who is employed in the Lake Erie & Western shops ab Peru Sundayed with relatives ID the city * Capt. Home, a book agent, go drunk Saturday, and becoming i nuisance about the City hotel, wa committed to jail. J. B. Stanley returned this morn ing from Gas City, where be wen Saturday to organize an 1. O. G-. T lodge of fifty members. The local Division, Ancient Ordei " of Hibernians, attended services in £ body at St. Bridget's church, at 8 o'clock yesilierday morning. A son arrived Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. W Wipperman. Mother and child are reported t j be doing nicely. Will Wittsel, a Panhandle car re palrer, fell; Into the Wabash river this morning. He got too near the water anci slipped In, but crawled out again. While operating the loop machine at Krela Bros.' harness shop this morning, 'Will Skinner cut off the tip of his right, hand, Dr. Hetherlngbon dressed th:i wound. The fine music box disposed of at Porter's drag store a few evenlcgs ago went to number fifteen, held jointly by Line Ullery, Henry Poit, James Porter and Mr. HaskeU. Constable George Hltchius and •wife are dwelling in harmony once more. Th Is assertion is based on the fact that the suit for divorce brought by Mra. HI tchens has been dismissed. Harry Tunnenlll, wanted at Peoria, Ills., for the attempted murder of a railroad conductor, was in the city Saturday la charge of Sheriff Rotter, of Peoria. Tannehlll was captured at Bellaire, O. James Hanley.a former well-known Panhandle engineer and popular young man. of Logansport, now residing at LaQrande Oregon, Is in the city, visiting relatives. Mr. H. left Logansport nine years ago. Kokomo Dispatch; "Jim Elaine, jr," a St. Bernard mastiff, weighing 133J pounds and belonging to L. C. Hoss, was shipped yesterday to the Loganspoi t Poultry and Pet Stock show in charge of John Bernard. An open, meeting of J. O. G. T. lodge No. 429 will be held at the Southside U. B. church tonight, and the public is Invited. Kev. Coolbaugh and J. B Stanley and others will addre ss the meeting. There will also be good music. What you can buy of Traut tomorrow for 5c: can baked beans, can raspberrios, can blackberries, can mustard sardines, can wax beans, bottle lemon or vanilla essence, curry comb, good plpe.paokage rolled oats and one package good coffee, all for 5c pei article. —Traut. A delightful surprise was given Miss Flossie Relst, of the Southside, Friday e'rening, by a party of friends, occasioned by her 18th birthday anniversary. An enjoyable time was had at gumes and in listening to a special programme of music arranged for the occasion. Luncheon was served. Ml^s Relst was the recipient of many presents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanley, of 1116 Speir street, entertained a company of relatives and friends last evening in honor of the former's brother, James Hanley, of LaGrande, Ore., awl his cousins, Mrs. Adams and Mrs, Heck, of near North Manchester. Besides those named there were present Mr. and Mrs. Coughlin and fam ily and Mr. and Mrs. Ales. Hauley und family. All report a fine time. The English Lutheran church Is to be congratulated on having the services of Rev. H. E. Wieand, pastor of the largest Lutheran congregation in the sync* of northern Indiana at this present time. Hei preached very able discourses yesterday and installed'Rev. Shaner as pastor o:(St, Lake's English Lutheran church. The congregation and many friends congratulated their pastor and wished him abundant success in the work here. Six persons nntted with th>i church yesterday. Revival services will be conducted every night this week. All ara welcome. SUED IN UTAH. J. T. McSary Will be Required to Fight. The State ftatioaial Bank in the United States District Court at Salt Lake. A Salt Lake, Utah, speaial, under date of January 21st, says: "The State National bank, of Logansport, led., has entered suit In the District court here against John F. Johnson, Mattie L. Johnson, Joseph T. McNary, Belle T. McNary, Sophronla J. Elliott. Louise Elliott and William M. Elliott. In the complaint it is alleged that dur- iDg the years 1889 to 1898 inclusive, the defendant, John F. Johnson.was an officer of the plaintiff's bank, and that he secretly and wrongfully, by the aid and connivance of the defendant, Joseph T. McNary, abstracted from the funcls of the bank about $24,500, and with the money purchased real estate in Lincoln Park addition to Salt Lake City. "The real estate stands in the name of McNary, who, together with John son, hasi been sibsent from the stati of Utah, for some months. Becans< of the alleged acts of Johnson and McNary, the plaintiff claims that an implied trust rose in the real eetate in favor of thtu plaintiff. The other defendants claim an interest in the property, which interest this plaintiff contends is subsequent to the claim of the bank, which, it is alleged, on account of the defalcation of John son, was obliged to close." It will be remembered that the bank has filed a similar suit IE the circuit court here against the lame defendants, it being alleged that the money used by McNary In the pur ;hase of the Maple Grove addition was advanced by Johnson from the funds of the bank, and that the said sum hau never been accounted for. UNCAGIN6 THE ELEPHANT. The Republican Primaries Held Saturday Slimij Attended. The Republican primaries, called o choose delegates to the congress- onal convention and to select members of the county central committee, were held la Che townships last Saturday afternoon and In the wards of he city last Saturday night. A. very lim attendance is reported. The following delegates were se- ected to represent this city at the ongressional convention to be held at Wabash next month: John Banta, . A. Adams, Dr, J. Z. [ Powell, J. T. McNary, J. B. Winters, Dr, J. , Sterrett and J. E. Grain. The members of the new central ommlttee for the city are: First Ward—Absalom Miller, Will McKee, William Miller, Leroy Fitch ,nd James A. West. Second ward—0. A. Smith, W. S. Wright and C. D. Sellers. Third ward—George Gonser, Geo. W. Kitchens, John Saaers and A. !. Walters. Fourth ward—Henry Tucker, Geo. '. Chase and Jamea Chidester. Fifth ward—F. M, Blasslngham, \ W. Potter, H. A. Rogers, G<;o. R. ackson, Robert Knight £ind W. M. 'ickard. Bowling Alley Cnize. The bowling alley erase: has broke >ut among the ladies of neighboring lities, and it is said that a certain gentleman i* preparing to give the adies of Logansport an opportunity to enjoy the .sport. He will es- iafclish an alley In the room on Broadway, recently vacated by J. T. llllott &Son. Bimetallic League. The Cass County Bimetalli: club will hold a business meeting Wednesday night, and all members are urged to be present. Hereafter the meetings will be held on the last Wednesday night of eacti month: C. E. CARTKR, Prest. N. W. PHTPPS, Sec'y. Notice, W. B. C., Ko. 30. Woman's Relief Corps, So. 30,will meet in regular session in Bern Hur hall, over Dr. Bell's] .office, Pearl street, Tuesday, January 25tb, at 2 p. m. Officia! facsimile of ^c.Ja; Awarded OR. PRICE'S CREAM BSSI8G POWDER v£ra-^BSS£wi • i*^ \ 1) I £* PnaSikfcirPgritrC V\*k*H!Ly« • •; iT-';!'; FfLi WORLD'S FAiK.CHlCAGCI, [893 ASHrtOBTfl'S ASTICS. Fell Into the Wabash River While Fishing for Driftwood. A crowd which bad congregated at the Panhandle station yesterday afternoon was somewhat amused by a mishap to Tlaoinas Ashwortti, the well known colored man. Thomas was fishing for driftwood that had been dislodged by the high water and was being carried down stream by the- swift current. He had spiked a log and, mounting it, was in tne aot nl poling it further inshore, when he lost his balance and fell headlong into the Ice-cold water. Probably five seconds later a wooly head, a black face, covered with mud and leaves, and two black bands, appeared simultaneously above the surface of the water. Tom threw one of his arms over the log, ana after discharging the water that had entered his mouth in the descent, the colored brother took a long breath, then pulled for dry laad. As he crawled upon the shore a bystander inquired: "Did you reach bottom Tom?" "Did I reach bottom? Well, I guess not. I don't believe clar is any. I do know dat de water am mighty cold," was Ashworth's response, as he hurried away from the scene. FORGOT That the Money She Loaned Had Long Ago Been Paid Her. A peculiar case, involving the relatives of sev -.ral Grass Creek families, came up In a Cincinnati courb a few daos ago. Mrs. Rose Cain, who is 80 years of age, brought suit against Mrs. Mary Harrigan to recover $300. The plaintiff claimed that about twenty years ago ahe gave to the defendant that amoant, to be held in trust for her. Now Mrs. Cain declares that she wants the money and annot get it. She says that at the time that it was given to the defendant the latter was to buy a home aad^ was allowed to use the money toward paying- for it. The testimony showed that Mrs.. Cain lad handed over the money, as incli- .ated. but ic was (jstabllshed through witnesses, that the money had long ago been paid. back. It is believed ibat owlcg to the advanced age of .he plaintiff her memory is failing and that she is unable to recall all of the transaction with regard to the iflair. Fnneral of Mis. Dr. Sejbold. Yesterday at 2 p. m. the funeral ervicesof Mrs. Dr. Seyoold, of Pop- ar Bluffs, Mo., were conducted at he English Luthern church. A very arge crowd was in attendance. The ervices were very impressive. Kev. Jhaner preached from John 16:20— 'Your Sorrow Sbull be Turned Into Toy." Mrs. Seybold was baptized in ln- ancy in the Lutheran church and was a member of the aid societies In the E. and Presbyterian churches in Poplar Bluffs, where she left a host of friends as well as here. She was prevented^from carrying out her in- iention to unite witn the church by her fatal illness, which strangelyi set in on the fourth anniversary of her marriage, After a month of sufl,'er- ng, during which time many physicians were called In, she went 10 rest, aged 26 years, 6 months and 1 day Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. WORTH TRYUiS. A. Simple Remedy for, the Prevention of lockjaw. Woman's Muslin & Cambric Muslin Underwear Sale* The Golden Rule's Annual Muslin Underwear Sale Now Going On. In these garments we carry many exclusive styles, you won't find them anywhere else. We make no extra charge on account of holding these advantages. It isn't our way of doing business. We wish to again emphasize the fact that teis ocean of perfection has been vouched in the production of these Ready-to wear Undergarments. Not a single essential quality can be found lacking in these, We give- special attention to matching these garments correctly in sets, or sell them separately, as you prefer, all lull sizes. Muslin Night Gowns. Every little while we read of some one who has run a rusty nail in his foot, knee, hand or other portion of the body, and that lockjaw resulted therefrom, causing death. If every patient was aware of the remedy i.'or ill such wounds and applied it, then all such reports must cease. The remedy is simple, almost always at hand, and can bs applied by any one and what is better, is infallible. It is-simply to smoke the wound wllth burning wool or woolen cloth. Twenty minutes of smoking will tstke pain out of the worst cases of ini3s,m- oaation arising from the wound. Maslln Underwear. This will be the greatest and best week of our January sale of mnslin underwear. Think of it. Embroidery trimmed corset cover lOc, embroidery trimmed drawers 19c, plain drawers, three Ducks, only 15c, plain with cambric ruffle, 25c, lace irlmmed gowns 39 and 49c, skirts 25o to $3.50. Ask to see our special jowns, two and one-half to lihrce wide—Trade Palace. Death of ISdward Johnston. Edward Johnston, of Shnltztown, died this morning of a complication of diseases, aged 63 years. The deceased served in Capt. D. H. Hull's company, company H, of the T3d Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He lea.ves a large family. He was a good citizen and was held la high esteem toy a arge circle of friends. The time of the funeral will be announced tomorrow. Elegant Fine Quality Muslin Night Gowns in all sizes, full length, only Extra Nice Muslin Gowns trimmed neatly in handsome Embroidery and Insertion to match. ROYAL UNOERGARMEWTS.J Wide Umbrella Drawers and Cehemise. Fine Muslin Drawers Nicely Trimmed Only 19c. Extra Wide Umbrella Drawers Trimmed in Fine Medsie Lace Made of the finest quality Cambric. Can match this perfectly in other garments, at this sale only - - 48c Nicely made Cehemises,trimmed in Lace or Embroidery at only 98 cents- Corset Covers And Umbrella Skirts, latest covers, maide of fine cambric in all sizes, some trimmed in Lace Embroidery, others plain at 12 l-2c, 19c, 24c and up. UNDERGARMENTS Cambric Umbrella Skirts We think we have the best and prettiest line of Umbrella Skirts that you can find in the city and here you will find them very cheap. Elegant wide skirts trimmed in fine MediseLace, full] 4 1-2 yards a beauty at 89 cents. Sale Now Going On. Jt ThelQolden Rule.

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