The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on April 20, 1908 · 2
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 2

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1908
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0 1 T 2 - THEODORE BELL TO BE ORATOR NAPA MAX TO DELIVER ADDRESS AT MEMORIAL EXERCISES OF' 'PILE EAGLES It is the custom in the Fraternal Order of Eagles for each lodge to meet once a year to hold memorial services in honor of the membes who have passed away during the preceding twelve months This year the local figicllsonallodelenuan 000 Subdivision Rio 9 On Sale Wednesday April 22d Only 24 lots and at the prices advertised above will be sold in one day Just to give you an opportunity to pick out your lot is the reason why the date of sale is April 22nd Reserve your lot at once and it will le held for you until date of sale $5000 Down $1000 Monthly Interest 6 Per Cent Hickman-Coleman Co No 412 J Street Phone Main 73 A ehnire tern-acre cornr tract In the "Aliamont Tract" just eamt of the State Agricultural Sacicty'e l'air ttrountle Thla wlfl undivide nIcely into Iota being only a few minutes' walk from the or line 01 wtll make a cheive suburban home:lite a0 the Doll la good 1: rooke 618 J Street Id Swell New Bungalow Jarit about two blocks from the entrance to Oak l'el lc We ere offering the mail conitiletA end most attractive little home in the Park This huntgalow So new 1es oil tlit upto-doto 11prove utid I ontralently errstoged Thu lot IN extra :ergo hoe goo' lotrn on the alley an4 is all plittited to fruit trees end rog-int:N Ttre 1:nt unythltg in all of Ouk Perk to Nor:Imre wIth It for the prhie The beauty ut tt ic tL dool take touch money to lian die it We will giedly lake you out any time that nulls your coUVenianUe 1005 Seventh Street Members Sacramento Realty Board Double tat burtilng on eilialen lot Quite now with all totem improve intents In an Al 10Loton for routing on Y dire' between Ninth and Tenth This investnont will tot s per ue ttleinsorge 4 Heilbron lid A TIOMEI Or 1111AETY ig A Joy FORICIIKR ADYFIRTISEMENTS I' II aerie will hold its seivices on May 10th BuREN womAN In the Congregational Church lion Theodore A Bell Worthy Grand President of the Eagles has accepted the invitatIon of the Sacramento Aerie to deliver the oration As Sacramentans well know resident Bell is an eloquent speaker and the local Eagle consider FORFEITS I P themselves exceedingly fortunate in securing him as the orator of the day The other epestkers for the °cc:melon -- have not yet been selected An excellent musical program will be rendered The following Committee hes been COURT DECLARES TUE MO appointed by President J M Higgins - to take charge of the memorial exer- CITY WHEN SHE DOES NOT rises: W W Bassett R E Callahan Ed Hammond Walter Howard and AN APPEARANCE Richard T Cohn --- MURDER AT SKIDOO° LOS ANGELES April 20—A special When the name of Remelt& to the Express from Rhyolite Nev received this morning says: wee called in the City Justice Joe Simpson a saloon keeper shot this morning there Was no respt and killed James Arnold a butcher at the Court ordered that the IWO Skiddoo Cal yesterday Simpson en- up Sunday for her appearance tered Arnold's store told him hts time felted had come and shot him under the heart Citizens talk of lynching Simpson S Bramlet the Galt ranch V STREET V S'I'llEIET GOOD 111V FOR $700 Vit eafty Co Phillips & Estes FILfilVe Nietnbrt Pturantegit Remit y Hoard ) Uo J TILIKET Ittnt lainte I eautY oulevard P ark 11 mom pLuvol To tom r teolotiiM 1411L011 (11V SAN FRANet$4:11 April 30 4shlgt of Situate on Thin cottage Is Indeed a "Boulevard Pat It" beauty Containe five pretty One ot the Parked room& arranged with a oar for own tout and convenience contains all of Streets Surrounded the Mt eenentiale to nage up a mod I y Nice Homes rn coutiostm home hencinent le high int in 0)1110 on eorner of itn alloy newer in awnings for 11 of th win dowa haat tNrIi in Le roar RPOl1 e1 li thik you have Om extreme pivenare Ity lox on a tivautiful pat it1 street that will become tours beautiful tiely S estr Now yuu con hnve thin uptoolate home fur a small amount duan toceolo(un tie you pocasu Price $3200 i IlI:I4 I JOY 1 VA A 1110M teET A011111 joy tAlLikiMINN111111111111111 4'ourt "SWIPOW: 11Ndlimpoz eftror Owurirpingempill"pre77 ! 'mean! (Lio sAN FRANC100 April 20—A sat of coracle comparing Unit ersity profssisors to logger Indians suppreasod for two Sacramento ontli of ilia Pelican thc Pnlvoraity t' mof California tunuy paper uppeami iu - - - ' the last lingua of the nutgasine which THE SACRAMENTO BEE: MONDAY APRIL 20 1908 EN WOMAN WILL STAND BY FORFEITS BAIL THE BOYCOTT COURT DECLARES TIIE $100 IS FOR CITY WHEN SHE DOES NOT MAKE AN APPEARA-ACEL When the name of Hemel lda Buren was called in the City Justice's Court this morning there Was no responee and the Court ordered that the $100 she put up Sunday for her appearance be forfeited S Bram let the Galt rancher who alleges that she fleeced him out of $60 was present and seemed to be perfectly satisfied when he heard that the WO was given up Attorney Itobert Hart who repreented the woman stated that his client had promised to be in Court She said she had to go to San Fran CASCO as her baby waa ill but she would be back in time for the hearing H believed that either the little one was very low or that something had happened to the mother and asked the Court if he would give her a chance to recover her bail if such proved the case The Court replied in the affirmative Bram let alleges that he went to the concentration camp Friday night and there met the woman Ho alleges that she took $60 from a purse be had in his pocket The testimony was all heard last Saturday but the Court took the matter under advisement until this morning The woman is charged whh vagrancy MENDON CASE WORRIES MARCH CITY JUSTICE HAVING DIFFICULT Timm DECIDING CHARGE Of LARCENY 9 X MU ' graphing the High School furniture and woo z City Justice March la having a lot the levee honde that were recently passed 0 of difficulty solving the problem of The High School bonds are for V0000 for furnighing and equipping tho i whether or not AN' F Menden is guilty new High School and the levee bonds 40 a 00 of petty larceny for the alleged theft for $75000 for Ittrengthening the B of a drese suit case belonging to At- ' Street levee from Twenty-third Street : WO torney AN'illiam H Devlin The taking to Elves Station of the testimony in the 01 rt WKS COn The Fire Committee will'probably re- - m eluded to-day and although it was port on the plans for the new fire eta: m shown that the defendant lied Altor- ' lion it is proposed to reet on Eighth ney Devlin's suit came in hie possession street between T and 11 Streets the Court was unable to arrive at a I The Board will at on the confirmaI M ! verdict 'Hon of (Mora Buchanan appointed re- The matter was continued until Mon lief man and Charles De !Ague at) $ U day morning in order to give His lion- I pointed call man for the Fire Depart-or another chance to dig into the nient crevices of his law library for en-1 The ordinance giving the Mayor lightenment power to appoint the firemen at the Mendon has now been in the City i sump will come up for final passage Jail about a month Ills trial was be-1 ----e-e-o----- gun about four days ago That Mendon i REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS was at the qouthern Pacific depot on I ---- November ith when the suit case was! stolen he himuelf admits lie itiMa acknowedgles that lie pawned the suit ease but refuses to toll how he got hoM of it The Court believes that the law which says a man cannot be concieted merely because he has it ntolen article in his possession is applicable in Mendoni rune Menthol in a man of plettaing addreso and refinement Detective Otbnon of San Francisco when paying u visit to the City Jail a few days ago recognized hint am a man named Magill who believed to have been Chief of Police of an Eastern city at 0110 time POEM MAY CAUSE MORE TROUBLE SILT or VVIISES IN PICLICAN PANES oIA USK PROVEss011s” TO niticicit INDIANS wag issued on the campus of the Uhlyestirilay morning and mold in large r U uih r ii I $to tiro d The puetn hes created rotieldetthld On the t yteptilt HMI II to itIttIO'llt I hat hIdit or Carl Vt iiittnore of the might have twiii wiper it he hail re-fumed to publish the SM I at all At I he t IIfl they were f trot 'submit ted for pulillsUII itt thy Pelican or wo months ago Wet? WON a di ((fruity bog wee ei amt of the ene inheres if t he Matt and Otto of the inatructoo a In the hy know their ritrjoet tip and (Iown They Weill' a vet) learned look They !lava an alorentniinlir41 frown And Ivo tikrit levtures like ot They know know their isuidroA high and low That la ail 'boy rvally kiluvr The" nver think of anythIng Ifeitt the one thing that they know A chat iii met t 'nom chattering Aout the thuenree of the ht get a breinetottn t or why Amoebas haven't learnt to fly They oott potaton with st knit And eusk tholo whiekox in the NteW They lead tti otittiVIe iitot And No du 'nutter ihituto too They talk nu matter whore they nu About the one thing Met thoy know -el PAN FRANCtriCii April 30 tshiel of Iiittay le emiebletine notion that will force Kiruna I1m4'min to lute' In city Vvidenee of tole lotntimi was iiPti thirty uniformed polleemem aom of whom VIPFS rriVinit v1 lib' twenty dtectlYe wre deleiled to atingle with the audinr itt her lew t ores y eta rday ft er noon aral ittet night at Wltons' l'avilion Slid patrol the pidewalk and etreet in front of U ioirine her afternoon lector Chief Higley wee Iti ttndinco end returned to lieten to the ur:y port of her rr”n INC iOtUre II Walo however when the women 01tov eoaated tilt' dAfloince of V tnitiPlit SIM LOAFS till 016 MPS!) nf realitine the ambition of Miarehlem N MOULitiT IIflEIK4HIl PIOUS° Ni A l'HOg 1 Pottintrtft ' ttPriNANit (1AItah) A aril 10---tleMONO he broueht Natalie Itonzalea a native of Narrelone rino”4 an undesireble person Into this rtitted S tates from tiritieh Colomble John Torrotti a native of Nome wan tienteneed hy Judg rolward tt'hition RIN 11 the United Pietas Court for the Nati-tut of Eletern Waohineton In Poolane to serve two 'elite In the ectored Jell on McNeil's leland Walsh and Ay a fine of 1000 The eirl wee e iontenced to aere len day in the rounty Prison here for contempt FEDERATED TRADES COUNCIL TO PROTEST AGAINST SHER RAN LAW President Thomas Wright of the Federated Trades Council declares that at the meeting of the Council to-night he will bring up the matter of entering on record the opinion of that body regarding the Shorn-um Anti-Trust law and more especially regarding the Supreme Court construction of it which makes boycotts on Interstate trade illegal The Supreme Court decision on the case of the Danbury hatters against the American Federation of Lobo virtually breaks the backbone of the latter organization It makes such an organization liable to damages amounting to three times the injury inflicted on interstate trade 'through Its exorcise of the boycott President Wright is decidedly of the opinion that the Sherman Anti-Trust law Should be emended He declares that it was never intended as a measure hostile to Labor Unions Ile thinks that every Union in the countitv should stand together and insist that Congress recognize the right of Labor Unions to make use of the boycott Mass meetings wree held in San Francisco on Saturday night for the purpose of entering the protest of Organized Labor against the existence of a law which outlaws the boycott on interstate trade Labor leaders are at present striving to persuade Congress to adopt laws which shall remove the ban thus placed on the greatest instrument of power possessed by Organized Labor Organized Labor in nearly every city in the land is uttering protests against the Sherinan Anti-Trust law and adopting resolutions urging amendment of it by Congress BOARD WILL RECEIVE BIDS --- The Board of Trustees at the meeting to-night will receive bids for litho The following real estate transfers have been filed with the County Recorder since The Ree's at report: ttaturtlay April 18 1908 A and Catherine (wife) Van 'Alaren to W S Sinunondts (deed April 15 1906)—E 6 of lot 8 20th and 21st K and L A M end Bertha N 0We) FOWItot to Robert A Waring (deed April 11 1906)-1ot 10 block 10 Inalroaki tract containing 11126 acres W S Kendall to f A McClelland (deed April 17 1906)—N b of s 6 of lot I 26tit anti 27th 1 and V Robert Chriateaert to henry ChristeScn (mg& March 4 1907)—Isota 1 and 2 and fractional s 8 of n e 8 of section 6 township 5 range 5 and w 40 acres of n w 8 of section 5 township 5 rango 5 Estate of Robert Christesen to Henry Cbritittoten tdeed March 211 19081-- Sarno tts taut Sarah E Morton ti Frank Keeler Wed April 10 1908)-2 lots In northern part of Gait Frank Keeler to James Whltaker and Ray Gower (deed April 10 1908( —Same as 'ant W 1 anti Lenora (wife) Frazer to F !trivet (deed April IR 1908)— Lot Strtet Suburban Tract 1 J C and Carrie A (wife) Franks to t 11'Ist-ril Company It Iced Niarch 9 lattat—l'art of S L P 557 561 and all of $ 1 S 904 and part of P L P 541 anti 560 on Sherman Island Ju intlt ltver to M S Williams (deed April 11 DOS) —10 5 Inth and litit T anti V Philip Jr and Minnia twifel Wolf to Mary C Cialinaky (deed April 17 ----S 40 feet of lot 4 20th and 2lat N and O C and (wife) !larder to C Is Meattwan (deed April ta 1906— Lots 14 and IA AI J !Ullman tract salativialon Ni 1 4 acres Filzatteth )I Foley to tjttong Wag 01441 April 15 110191-1: 85 ttcrca of al 8 to a c 8 of se? tin 19 township a ranee 5 except 2290 atres Ptiat NIA 441 r the Inetructota In the IIIt'K movrim univerity and it wee rented that the P" 1111Y vete stIlIctlectl to epend publication ot the vofil might artct three months In the Voutity Jail this the ttlitor'm stantlitta 11 ht clay wonting nrtyr Putrto 'man Thie lan hid thInatown at all hours tho night The poem which hen °tat he wits hanging about much 011011Vnt nt thy l'hlvtotalty am tOlit)111 Th 11011io1 he 11110Weta to 'RV V6: tit city und prontleed never to return Dulled of VI iota Proframore The routt withheld sentence to allow :hint to &quirt M4)111114111 104 M1011 41111051 111oST415: Aprll — P MorrleseY of thv Ntonotry Atlitole Club Vonkere 74 V Won tlf Morothon tomtit rare to tovtotig Ole twroly-flve 11111P8 III brmi le 27 tolnotre nod 41 15 tireonds I toltsotr 1914 Noontide brhInd the too ord retoblIeltrd lent yrur by Thomas 11q0mnt COUiPIP: (IV fCriI)V Th County 140N1 of Etiltention met elototAky loopr000n to go over tho new voot pot of etude to bo tulutitell Many new lookoo ere conettlrreti but it 010 Intutrioux one no motion will be thken for pool Iltne vot A1)1 F:111'11IFIM SY2 Net Income Modern two Flat house west of 15th Street Building in A1 condition and always rented kloombre oorantent Board Pb 101 tom THE NONPAREIL How About Your Travelling Supplies? 10 -EHIO NONPAREIL ' NONPARICIL Trunks Sun Cases Travelling Bags Discount 1111 0 Discount Tuesday 11111C Tuesday This extremely unusual offer applies to every TRUNK including steamer wardrobe bureau and regulation every SUIT CASE leather or straw every travelling bag in our stock Our reason is to introduce our big Trunk Department and enable you to SAVE YOUR RAILROAD FARE to San Francisco and return if you buy a trunk or suit case here on Tuesday A whole carload of new trunks just received from the best makers in America including the famous Drucker Trunks Travelling Bags Trunks—Values up to $7500 Suit Cases— Values up to $2000 Bag--Values up to $1650 ALL SUBJECT TO THE 10 DISCOUNT A FEW TRUNKS Slightly damaged in transit at 25 Discount Discount Do You Want A Fiaving ' One a five-room house on a very fine corner in the besteresidence loca tion in the city This can be had at a price and on terms which make it a desi rabe l buy eith m em er SI a hoe or an invstent Vineyard?! The othr is a double fiat finely located which Le paying a good Income The lot is 4011160 with barn and other fine improvements ton't fail to in 1 vestigate either or both of these fine Were' of property See us We have some Of the best 311st a h's lots adjoining the (qty 210 down and 210 a moth These are loceted in the district of modern 0011V011ietiCP1 1400 up to 2700 Get ono offering' to be found anywhere of these One 1r Instance-20 acres fine deep soil near Florin: 12 acres in To hay and other grapes orchard of IOC young F 47 BIL0017ER fruit trees good house and barn 5041A J Street—Off ice J G Martine Such a vineyerei moans a dignified IPHIONEti—Mala 10111 Stark Wt independent position for life And It Is easy to buy for the price is only 23000—part down BEE BUILDING 16 SEVENTH ST ItODIIICS and Cameras $ $3500 Kodak Dove loping and Print in talatottia and prices on appli ratIon Mall orders promptly filled The log 86 Al lee Col 1)REUS Mtn KOnAKI SP Istpq Cast I Post Miro "GOOD AS GOLD SALE" COMING Wasserman-Gatimann Co The Nonpareil G0041 Blift GAMS OR RI STREET The Price PRIIII Suit Vou Bight on the crest of Whiskey Rill and within a stone's throw of the shop site we have two acres of land with a -room house gasoline engine barn etc that will subdivide and yield nice profit This otter holds good for TWO IA111 ONLY so quick action is necessary The price is MOO W will loan 12700 on thie bargain Real Estate and Insurance gififiPP street Lot --$1 55 0111111111111111111111111111111111 e Is fine roxidenat street near Tiventyfighth we have a high 40 Filch we Sr efferitle Cs nele On this fine residence street near risentyfighth we have a high 40 140 lut which we are offering for only Price other lots In this location and you will readily see what a Me bargain thin lot is You only neeit a email IIMOUnt to pay down PHORL MAI12 223 WP1 '0enS0111neWPM00 Are You Going to ) See the Fleet Come In? - Rash NATHAN a ClICHEL $1550 BM Trunks 10 Discount NEED ilf ELLIOTT vy 708 J STRUT Ice yorwre IIT !I -I t A 4 A ! 3 ! et 1 ! i m t $ $ I $ $ 8 c t 11 911 : 1 0 ! et ci 40 x SO v w 40 i 80 WO $050 40 x 80 40 x 80 I $700 1 $00 40 x ke 0 40 x PO 11700 ma 40 x SO 40 x 00 000 0000 8 8 io 8 : - 2 - t $ Ifr 1 s p 2 2 2 I F i u $ - 4 4 I Vi I m 0 le 1 11 IA1 A I ' THY() ' I g A 4 0 JP() 1 GPM U-UJO Y FORK A' ER IhniailLwy qi I P11- r r I - p 2 '''''1 - THE SACRAMENTO BEE: MONDAY APRIL' c'O' 1908 Am g i k f ----- 1 ------ TIJEIMADE DEI I 1 sheirtlieleill hold its setscos on May ongregatIonal Church 'HOUDIN MIRIAM 111111 I OTAIJR DV I THE NONPAREIL HEI NONPAREIL ' ' ' THE NONPAREIL i Trunks Suit Cases tw v 10 mow — --g'' V----31 st5 i 10 xo 01 iii isiii tit illivat i Discount -ew ) Discount 1 IA ' ' ''z''al )' ii 1 About liF1 '11--ArDII4:!1:17111I- 111 If 1 How 4:- -kh::-y-----d-tt- (io21 114- Are You - Mittr 1 1 4 i'! Going to mita ( ' Your 1-t tb 111'11 : 1---- ) See the !' i Travelling ' ' -- - - - Fleet Supplies? Come In? t mil n -T1 I 7iAfIg nkw 0111111111111MEE IMINIIIIIMMIllk VI R NOBLEEt0-:i 10151111MSt SAC RANI NYC 1

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