The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 16
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THE BAKERSFIETjD CALIFORNIA??. MONDAY, DBCBMBftR 21, 1908. I ruit Company Dealers in GROCERIES, FRUITS, NUTS, VEGETABLES AND CHRISTMAS CANDIES This is the place whore the bulk of the Christmas nuto an<l candies were sold last year'and we are the poopio tkat always repeat our past performances with a little more added to it each time, so when you pet ready to buy your Christmas goods in our line,see us first, it will save you the trouble of looking the city over to find what you want and at the right prices. We sell for cash only; that tells the tale. We, have the best in our line and you will be treated right. Shop early and then you won't be disappointed. Remember the place. It's 1319 Nineteenth street. Or just call us up and we will deliver it free. Main 732. . Main 732 (A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all) 1319-21 Nineteenth Street I How to Make Christmas Presents For Both Sexes—Hatpin Cushion — N.eedlebook. Suit Case Set For a Man. The hatpin cushion shown ia made of pompadour ribbons and vnl lace. It Is tied In the center with baby ribbon. The needlebook is also a dainty little trinket, easily made, and appreciated cither by men or women. The design shown la a conventional primrose pattern worked In ribbons. For tfce man who travel* nothing will be man appreciated than what is call- One .piece of cotton wadding. One yard of Dresden ribbon. Yisrrf and half valendemet lace. Quarter yard taffeta lull. Two yard* baby ribbon. Try a Callfornian want ad. . A Bargain!! fCn "SALE—Lots 23 and 24, block 39, on Q street, between Kln« and Rukor streets, Kern. Price $-};0. TWrr,:) Jf H<>o)rn<j $150 first payment; balance 1 2, 3 yours. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California. CROUP QUICKLY CURED. Dor't Let the Child Choke to Death While Waiting For the Doctor. Hyomel, the miraculous, antiseptic, dry air treatment, will cure croup In either the first or second stages. Easily inhaled, even when the breathing Is irregular, It reaches more promptly I than any oi&ttf remedy tfcs? terribly !a.! flamed membrane of the windpipe. Its' soothing balsams act Immediately, the inflammation Is allayed and the swell- Ins reduced. "Not long ago our little boy, Walter, awoke in the night with & bad attack of oroup. We allowed him to Inhale Hyomel; he began to breathe easier, and in half an hour waa fast asleep. I am glad to speak a good word for a remedy that will rob croup of its terrors."—Rer. Geo. Sisson, pastor of M. B. church, South Londonderry. Vt. Hyomel (prononnced (HIgh-o-me) is guaranteed by druggists to cure catarrh, ooujshg, colds, asthma, bron- •-hSUs tta'3 croup, or nioaey back A complete outfit, inuiudiug a neat fcarC! rubber pocket Inhaler, costs only $1. An extra Tjottlo of Hyomel, if afterwards ueaded, coats bu SB cants. We Have Everything Up-to-Date <All of Our Goods New and Fresh and Net Shopworn Maino's Cyclery |> \We will gtoe a first-class JUVENILE Whoolto the one holding Lucky Coupon. One Coupon gften 'toith every 25c purchase ** *# ** y WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE HATPIN CUSHION, ed a suit case set So many people use the suit case, but have never been able to overcome the difficulty of keeping the shoes and brushes from rubbing up against their clean linen. There are three different articles In this set, all of which are made of coarse linen. The receptacle for shirts Is In the shape I of a large envelope, the edges bound ' with braid, and should be large enough to contain two shirts. The bag for collars i» made from the same material. The bottom Is circular and made from pasteboard. A good Idea is to sew to this a strip of pasteboard about two inches deep. Th^se should be covered with the linen before being fastened together. The upper part of bag should be full and gathered with a drawing string. This protects the collars from crushing as well as keeps' them clean. The third article in the set Is a plain linen bag lined with oiled silk. This Is intended for sponges and protects the contents of the suit case from tho moisture of this toilet necessity after It has been used. The hairbrush can be put In this bag If no sponge is used. The monogram can be embroidered on the outside. To make a slumber robe for baby sllkollne, three bolts of No. 1 ribbon, one skein of Shetland floss and one bat of fine cotton. Divide the sllkollno Into two equal parts, pi/ice in a frame and put in BATERIAIS MQD1HD. Quarter yard of plain taffeta sillu Quarter yard of brocade silk. Rio embroidery silks. Two yards of half inch ribW MBKDUBOOK. (•yen of cotton between, ready for tying. Tie the ribbons all In tiny bows. Thread the needle with the Shetland toe*, using It double. Bring the needle up from the bottom, then down again, taking t stitch through one of the bowl. Tie the yam on the wrong side, with'three or four extra needle* tied ia the knot to make a small tuft. Continue the knotting in this man- oer, beginning with two and a half Inches from the edges, making the fufts four Inches apart Turn In the edges all around and buttonhole closely with the yarn used singly. Crochet a' row of shells around the quilt, each shell of five double crochet fastened with a single crochet and placed close enough together to make the work He flat and fulled at th» corners. On the right side, just inside the butf' nhollug, make a row of feather- stlti-Mng with the yarn. makes a light, dainty cover for 'by. It is very prutty of blue "i< tlod ivitii whl<<» rihlmns or of • ilkolluu tk-il with pink nnd bine. T the slltj, whl: Safety Pin husband's death three yeara ago, and she kept at tt day and night. She was so sweet, so brave, yet so desperately miserable over leaving her little girl alone in the world." . Dr. Van Valkenberg sat silent. It was true, then. This was Katharine's child. He had not known of the death of Armitage nor of the subsequent poverty of his widow, but he had known Katharine's baby, he now told himself, the moment he saw her. "Well," the nurse resumed, "after she died we raised a small fund to buy Sonte clothes for Hope and take her to Chicago to her new home. Mrs. Armlrnge has a cousin there who has agreed to take her In. None of the relatives came to the funeral. There are not many of them, and the Chicago people haven't much money, 1 fancy," Dr. Van Valkenberg was hardly surprised. Life was full of extraordinary situations, and his profession had brought him face to face with tuauy of them. Nevertheless a deep solemnity filled Mn, and a strange pe:i"o settled over him. "I vrant her," he said briefly. "Her mother aijd father were old friends of mine, and this thing looks like fate. Will they give her to me—these Chicago people—do yon think V" Tears filled the woman's eyes. "Indeed they will," she said, "and gladly. There was"—she hesitated— "there was even some talk of sending her to an Institution before they finally decided to take her. Dear little Hope! How happy she will be with you!" He left her and went bock to the seat where Hope sat crooning to the doll. Sitting down, he gathered them both up In his arms, and a thrill shot through him as he looked at the yellow curls resting against his breast. Her child—her little, helpless baby—now his child to love and care for! He was not a religious man. Nevertheless a prayer rose spontaneously in his heart. "Hope," he sold gently, "once long ago I asked a little girl to come and '[live with me. and she would not come. X'ITV i wu'it to s?k you to comi> and stay with me always ;;:;d u>> m.v jv.-n little girl and let me take care of yoi add make you happy. Will you coinoV The radiance of June sunshine brok out upon her face and shone In th. brown eyes upturned to his. How we! he know that look! Hope did not turn toward Nana, and that significant omls slon touched him deeply. She seemed to feel that here was a question she alone must decide. She drew a long breath as she looked up at htm. "Really, truly*?" she asked. Then aa he nodded without speaking, she saw something In his face that was DAJW to her. It was nothing to frighten a little girl, for it was very sweet and tender, but for one second she thought her new friend was going to cry. She put both arms around his neck and replied softly, with the ex qufsite maternal cadences her voice had taken on In her' first words to him when she entered the car: "I'll bo your own little girl, and I'll take care of you too. You know, you sr.ld I could." Dr. Van Va'kenberg turned to the nurse. "I shall go with you to her cousin's Trotn the train," he announced. "I'm ready to give them all the proofs they need that I'm a suitable guardian for the child, but," he added, with a touch of the boyishness that had never left him, "I want this matter settled now." The long train pounded its way into the station at Chicago, and Dr. Van Valkenberg summoned a porter. "Take care of these things," he said, indicating both •eta of possessions with a •weep of hia •rm. "I shall have my hands full with my little daughter." H e gathered her into 'hie arms aa be spoke, and she nestled against bis broad chest with a child's unconscious satisfaction In the strength and firmness of hia clasp, IIK .NESTLED AGAINST "Men-vrhrint HIS BBOAD CHEST. n»erry uurisi- mas!" sounded in every side. Everybody was al>- »rt)t>d and excited, yet there were fow vuo Old not find time to turn a last .x>k on a singularly attractive little hlid held above the crowd In thu rms of a toll man. She was laugh- Bargains! BARGAINS! THE HOMEBUILDERS Homes for all Classes "V H. G. PARSONS Real Estate Broker 1707 Cheater Ave. 811. — Ten acres, only 7 miles from town, all under cultivation; good house, barn and outbuildings; furniture, Incubator, brooder, 150 chickens, 1 cow, and all implements go with the price ....... $2000 100. — Good 4 room house, alfalfa, 1 1-3 acres of land, In southwestern part of Bakersfleld. A nice suburban home. Price ... 220,— LflU on I street, Bakersfteld, ' cloHfJ In, with cement walk In front, good neighborhood, per front foot ......... ., ....... . .t1f) 672.— Lot 37 1-2x122 on Chester ave. if sold for cash ................ $300 474.— Lot 57x122 feet, adjoining above, running to corner, per front foot- .......................... $10 694. — Four room cottage, well papered Inside, convenient, ou 00- foot lot, in northern part of town; only one block from street car. Easy terms. Price .......... $1000 594a. — Pour room cottage, on 32-foot corner lot, and on car line, only five blocks from 19th street. Easy terms. A bargain at ........ $2000 284.— Well built und well planned 5 room cottage in Kern City, on lot improved v;lth fruit and shade trees, chicken yard, etc. A beautiful little home. Mortgage at easy payments cun stand. Price ........................... $1600 306a— Lot 06x122 feet, on car line, only six blocks from the Court House. Cheap at ............. $650 430 — Cottage iiumc, uurrui'in'uK. •,_. fruit and .shade trees and tlowers, with 1 1-G acres of land, in southern part of Bakersneld; I'alf cash. You make no mistake !f you buv this nt ................. ' . $1800 713.— Lots on 24th street, Bakersfle'd nice building site; per front loot 549a.~Two lots in Kern City, close to Baker street, In best resident district. These lots are rheap: each ......................... $185 289a.— Good five room cottagu In Bakersfleld, one block from street car line, with 66 foot lot, lawn shade, etc. Neat home for anyone. Price 120.— Ten-room 2-story house on lot 50x150 feet, located In good neighborhood, few blocks north of S. P. railroad shops, Kern City; suitable for boarding or rooming house. $200 down; balance rental terms. Price ...... $2000 428a.— 3 room house, with bath, well Improved lot, close to S. P. Railroad shops in Kern City large brick cellar; good bargain at ........................... $700 475— Quarter section of land on mesa north of S. P. Railroad, near Edison; good orange land; price per acre ...................... $10 256.— Quarter section of land in the artesian belt, Tulare lake country; natural gas; In Irrigation district; no.w under cultivation; rich land. Price per acre ...... $30 22a.— Four room cottage, on Jot 33x 136 feet, near Santa Fe depot Several other cottages at same price, and on similar terms. $130 down; balance, $13 per month Prt 06 ....................... $1200 22.— 40 acres of good land in artesian belt, close to station on Santa Fe Railroad; well now on place. Per 80re 8a.— Lots in Kerti City, four blocks north of the railroad shops; $10 down; $5 per month, without interest. Each ............. i - -"••«"«»n»n. tj LIU v> un in UK 11" As ti gift to young iuatlK'i-s to nccom- 'ins; triumphantly as he bore her mv thrt hfthv haulrai- aufiitv r\li» Krv*..l_ « ,.- i. ri._ it .... pany the baby basket sattty plu ?ro make useful presents. through the throng, and his heart waa In his eyes as he omiled back ut b»r. Want ads, 50 cents a H, 6. PARSONS \ 1707 Chester Ave., - CAL

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