Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 3, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1916
Page 2
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TWO, ? K i '*' ?• i H I Look the Part -— i ------ -—i- JJERE are the new things in Stetson's famous hats that will add'that touch of'dis- tinction that you need for Dress Up Week. Buy one of these fine hats and experience new comfort in a hat. $3.00 Berkley No Name Elmwood , thf rju;!.-- tsf ttrit"' IK-V,- *-i1! ;R Y<T«r 1> tri'it* O?* t.fw 'hi-« bf..'n i r«i ' '.-•*.,-i .* ;'•• !•.-:<•.•:•;!."» ' ;>;« n."-- :>!\v;U -• t = r«"t ;,!, ;.•-%;•• . .-. ;'?<•• : It'- 1 ' tft i t!y i f ->':!•• -|! •• ' '• • ' ' ' ; i nc!y i Kl:ul t,. !•(*•• I-!' »;• r •••;> • -•-- .1!'-; v ' i! <?<--«-i-rv>'.] :»>; i. n-ii' • ris' n! MARRIED HERE i Two Out ef Town C"9ol.»s W*r« Mari died In Th,« City j TV.M fi-'u.|<« frum ("it ' f tt.v. ri i ,'iTvi 1 " 1 j to M'iTTi«'>n ••!) SaHlfii-iv ,>!;<! M *r" I mf>rrj«'d fi*-n-. Arthur li. Smith nn<\ '; Mi«t Mft£Kl't Kit*-', lit.'th of StPrlinR. j f-;im*> !<> thf« city, priMMirrf'.'l .1 lirenif* f ind ^ i-i-i' rnsitTiMl bv Jnsiii-. S K. JHnll. li»a, !.>(«. Ii»mnv«n«1 *-f V.if«:tn4; TI- mnni'd Tn K-v, W. R ft-<-mran» . iimnmmifl. m-ar .'?!* J8.C i't Jiyj-U.'*- ';".'*-*--'« 'Di'- n-r "f tit* liriilf. Tin\\ill i csidf ini ;» farm on CORN CARNIVAL Wi(( i* Held On Thursday In 0!trd«r» Plain Tlic« Rtttuinl ("fn r.'4rriiv;ir "f th<» rural *rhoot* <if <;nnt--n Pbilo township, will Iw* In til <in Thur-mlay, O.-to- bfif f., Tin* »|.i(t««it!« f»r tht* 'various m-hunls ' « !U bril'K lh«-lr "extifWrs A3 usual und Oit'tv is «r«it rivnlry "»m<>ng th« dUTer'-ut /h<n>l*i JUKI tli*- I'tiplls for |hf! Jftiai-Kf nujcnlicr of prizes ami honor*. At noon thr Indies of the rnmmun* Ity jvlli atrvu a ( hicken H<* dlhn^r to everyone and following this will coma the uroKtnm of thw iifternomi. In the afternoon l>m u»nlr»l* mid mow be! olm» Imld and mm h sellout s-plrit In Shown In th«<f. In all tlte thty ftmm- IBOS to bo a very vtitorliUnttiit; ono for All whn will ti«». jrrlvllbjp'a to "nttoml. JpOHRISON 0ATLY GAZETTE ^i*-^.* "*» * • « .-'•-.- •-. * -•• •• -.•? • • • - - - MOBRI80N, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OOTOBEE 3, 1916 HELD FOR THEFT j take Shear to Fenton for a hearing j Hf- is at present ponPned t6 the coun- >'_.4all_-awaiUng—the .action -of the T*eft At FMltpn Fen- tou tamje, 40. «kjwrr»inv. Monday moru- Jntf 'jvHf> * warrant for the aru-iit of 'ifhonittf. 5?heiir, whn was charged with the theft o/ 4- IIHIHH "T" valve fn«n the 1-Vn'toh hraiivh or the l.tbhy McNeitl and lllo'Vy plant. ton frohi u'nfi wiwwl «fC the vaho whU:li jvelgh ed 7fi poundM ami was -valued at 1^ When WininmV^tHiper, the manager oi Shear dmve to Fen- and borrowliiK. wvut to tl»u Plant tho I'laut «nt>carvd Monday mornliiK he mlcaed the vrtlvo and after liinnlry from tho tn'IsnborH «"d rccelvliigr tho " j'iicj« al>out there." h« mediately ««on» oul a warrant for his WBH located at the dupot bef«»n> tho eleven o'clock,twin arreflt, ' with »i ticket 1o Fulton in hl» jdjpn. II<t udrnltted having. taKon the \*n.U'i», which ho «ol(l to lucul Ju«k iy-9 for |J*M (| . but he clainiB that the \alvo wa« klvt,n to him by two former umD''')" 61 '* 0<1 tla> i' lunl w "° ltuvft \j^h «vwny "from Morrison for HOIIIO tfmW 'On an-oiint of Uic'Knnul jury .»uwil<in—ut- thw prt'sent (lino will bf rtispoBPd '" of Imme- th diately '»nfl (I y»l not »e necen»nry LYCEUM •> > •- COtJRSE Oct. l». Court Singers, first nvim- ~b»r inf the l^yt'eilm Ci»ur»e will be lit the Auditorium. Thursday, -llesevved Bwit'-nale begins morntnu fit Kentm-ld's, All of nea«ot> tk'M* l '»il ll! ! %0 rew'rvwl without extra (myinent. Single »4i)nfs»lwn4 Adult*. . n-swvad neat, 75e, unre«t»m<d weal. M; <<4illdr«*n. as. MeuBon ticket H are wtlll on nnle, the fotirsi' U blifger than ye»r but the julco is the" name; 'IJ.50 for udiiltM. .»nd |i oft for chndreji. • Any. ON 10 of the ftiuibtiuniberH U worth "the jir!''& "f I'K' i».'»»»ion ticket M«r- I* to bi« rotmrnlulatcd on havlns fc^.LJili-J'JL'-l*'' 1 "^' 1 '* ''"'"'-''— — Uiliiil-! ~MtMTl»»on ~|or by r ri«-l<«'ti» at Ki-nUleld'.a. — — l'"r PASTOR^ESIGNS R«v. 8, E, Ko«tor Rttignt As Puctor Of Dutch Rtsformod Church. Th6 formal resignation of Rev." S EX KoHter, pastor of the Dutch Hc- toinHHi ehurch wa» pr*»eni«d to the , congregu t Ion and,-, accepted hy them a.i the tiwnlceB ffunday although it has been, known for Moma time that this move wa« contemplated, Tho resignation will tako effect October .Jlf- totnuh, Mr. Roster oxpectw to locate in HoSland, Mich., where two of his «oni nrt» attending school. • In appro- -oUitlon of hiR telthful service* during hiM utay here wus given him by ftne contribution to In n*ytnE the expeiuei of moving. Tho aucwBKor to Mr. Ko«t«r IB not known tt» the congregation not yet decided send the call, to whonj they 'will FINE AP|NTMENT Mlu Juitlna Snyder Appolnttd to Po- iition of Awi»t«nt Foftma«t»r Justine, Snyder li^6 received notice of her Appointment to the T* ti»n of assistant p&ftmanter In the Morrluon office. Mis* Snjder has been an employee in tho local postollk-e for the past four years and ha» for some time filled the position of money order LISTEN TO REASON You who »uft«F, why 4jk>-you hfl»i- tate to try what ha0 removed the auf- feringa -of r others? That goo4 o\d fashioned romedy, inad« from roots uid hi'rbs—Lydiu IS. I'lnKhanrB Veg* •tiiljli- Compound— utood the test it hn» no rival Ju aycreomtniMhe all: •nrti t»—-prruthir—to—jrom" HCXT^ Why should it not do fur you what it done for others? Give U a chunce. REPAIRJAKERY / D»m«o* Don* To Building By Fir« It Being R«p«lr»d Carpt-ntprn wre now lutnily In repairltnr she <!.UII?IR*> \vrouirht tho HOKO| lyikrry by the rec-ent lire. A new. floor \vlll.. b« layetl and. new JoiHlH put In to replaev th«» h\irnwl onpa»^_lt will »U«» JM.'_ rM« 1 ( 1 ''tn'f'l_all over Inwldo and th«V rixtuw« reHnlshod. When this work has all been completed tho rimma""will have'"n very attractive appearance. - IMPROVTOG STORE Many N«w Flxtur»« To Bt inttallsd In Candy iKtchen Within tht? next thirty days. J. Uviieditta Is Kofiis to liiive Ihstaliwl Vh^ hl» nfw *toro n.vtnrpH to thp value .of j .oy«r^anB-iJioiuiaiuLdultiir& These Im- provempntM will (^hnnlnt of a new -frnmtnilTTTfeW Trt»T?nn^>re.T5e!« > a" hot drink urn and a new ea»h -r«»gii!- tcr. Thi>n«< will nink«» » con^ldemUlo dlffprenco fr>r tho Iwtter, In the »p- tiearanro of the randy kitchen and will bo a great aid to better and n«rvlce-a» well.- — ' ---•NEW PROPRIETOR^ , C. Scot* S»ll* Soft Drink Parlor to ; John Bl«e« —- - T The> Brtft drink parlor In th* \Vhlte . hotel wan 'Hold Monday mornlnsr by V. C. Hcott, who has condticted Uie InmlnfHn for Koino time, to John <:r-of thts city, Mr. filager took iNiST ALL OFFICERS rtrove I^dgp. No; S57, I. O. O. R. will hold'their minlar mwth.ic on 'I uenday eveiilnKT ami will al«o hold v-lr JUinuttl tmttuUatlon (»f oftw.vrs. A full attfiidaflcc i» - ,:«'% 7~^*i : --" f - I -----V /•..:..' V , 1;^;-' fl~" " :\ />'•"'/ i 1 : \\ / i-v^\ / :>RuJi !££/,' ; ''•) L<Vin1 **: «; !/ xMlui /£' V Style and THE Woman ' I N selecting a coat the greatest problemniefore a woman is to achieve correct style without sacrificing her individuality—her personality. Not only must she patronize a store with a reputation for fashion accuracy, but she must also choose that store which offers styles in .the greatest range of varying details and colorings. In other words, you must select from fashion's allurements that coat which was associated with you in its designer's 'inraginaTioii. Come: and seerihaf^coat: 7 Our Fashion Show demonstrated the fact that we are Sterling's headquarters for ready-to-wear. New garments arrive each day. Sterling's Greatest . a Tvp^k at- - teinlint; Hit» 1'nitpiV National >'l.>Ui!era ' AUHttn convention. " ' ~~ (it wr L;!.>r ? |-.lay. "W. If, n«-xt VV«'<lri''.H- T Strange Ounrten friend wfm tht« with fripndH in Clinton. T _Alra,-Jh'r«ul.Ilf>riiv(m,, Mrs. Anna Hak- pr and Ml«4 Mnrtha Konttlcld -lofi <m Monday 0101711111? for Springfield to at' Chf ilraiul '<"hai>ter O, K. B. , and Mr«. R M. lJndd.w«'r«« un ay at tht» Kilo Htntx* homv METHODIST AID SOCIETY. The> J^uli.JH' Afd of the ehij'rch Served""dinrieV on Wtidnenday nt noon.' A KUO.I ninny !«>n JM.'irtha <.'Httci, '.Mr*, f, <;'. \v<-i.«. 'ami' first night a way from h»?r mother nod , Ui«- lu-v. I'anBhey Nfjjinr attended tin-s tiomc When Bho awnko next morn- lay -i-'hool,.co«vi.nti..n -«i •• | . >r 'M'h^tK--|- IS --p- ( ,-- i¥t --up- TS ^ d wjtti oyos aflrtf '^ _« ._*.>.»»•. t/v>-\lrn.l tit-nltitcl nt f^V^rV* ^ na anuccrs, looked liroumt tu in I people w*fr»? prewnt und the Indfps *ifj Halph / IKIH sol«J hl« elevijtor at; thltiR, and fluully Httld: "\Vhcro 18 dlfl -thjs nociely Hpcnt'thi' ^ifternoon \vitli j I. ; yi!ili»n who will take j>(^s«-:).*iuii tn- tlii'lr nef'tlH'Wtirk /itul a hiitlin'^s mei't- (day. inn VVHM h«-ld by tb«> presidrnt. Mrs, t Mr nnd Mrs. l-'loyd McKcii'ihl. Mr UNDERGOES OPERATION •IJoyd; POIHN 'tho -«'li!(hU«tsn •••- your «ld :>n of :Mi-8.'Utalw Pti|.c-. who movoil to MorrlKon Iftst winter from Hound drove, was tnkon suddenly JJo was taken to the Agatha hoppital in the nftcrnobn 'ho und<TW(?nt on ration, r*>»u'lv«d from him today vr.nt to Monday »yherf sho vlsitod ln?r nephew, dart Blerrnan, who IP tfcovtTinir from a rirtH'nt operation' nt tht- hospital. Mr, uml Mrs. t'. H. Itoyer• :uul son. lUawrt-iu-e, nioiortul to Sterling Wun<&y where tlu-y spoilt thn ilHj',at the home of >lr8. Anna lloyvr. ,'''•••• Mrs. Ella ..JU^lIn left S;itnr;ia.v for an extended ptrty in l*hlla'drl['>hhi. "~. Paul Bent unU Homer. Menklns vl«j Iti-d friunds in Jii111 ,'iiHl Mr.t. l-'l.iyd McUunald vifitetl St,r- !n Tim (Jaiette. Tin READING CIRCLE. J{eudi.»K ("irclf^ met on Tu.mlay evening at "th . Th est wa« iTni next week Crowell, ho'nie i'f- Mrs. A. attendance and inter- Tin- eirelo will meet ut the ht'ime <if Airs. r HOPKINS NEWS RALLY DAY SERVfeES The annual rally day Berylceu wore t'lil at tho M. K, fiumlny. school .on i^und.ny morning,- with a record breaking flUtfindiuice of ovur "4*10 mombpr* ient. It wns ttlBojlhe ujnmm4 promotion <lay ft»uf Bpvoral.'iniriils "we're- promoted to JUtrher CALLED AWAY MONDAY Mr«, CharU»6 P. QallenUne W«H svid- afternoon on uecomit oj th«> dwuh of i»r ftunt, Mm. Emma Qreen Bradshaw. She just received wonl in tho iifternoon ajjil depivrtcd at- once. BIRTHS Uftwlon—A baby boy wa« horn Hun- lay evening to Mr. and Mra. I/PO Lawon of this city. • Mr*. It. IX l>onirky went to Sterling Monday tnornlnK, rallinl there by Jin death of her niece, M IBS 'Jessie Brk-k- er, ..Mrs. J. A. Kossiler and daughter, Ppiirl and Mrs, C, W. l|.i«rr«'o'f Ashton spent ""Monday- vlwlting WcndH ih thi» city. , itev, James Potter will leave Wed- nefcday* tio attend lh»> M. 'E, confer - cnco. at Chicago. Hook, John Workman, Will Snyder and Qvarga Ardftpple ~~lvtl Monday vVoniiiK for Ka.nsas City where they will purchase i-attlo to feed Uurlnt; th« winter. Morrtnon on buslnews Monday. Verne Drohan of S|M.»ncor, t>hio, IB yUritlng relatives in tlil.-i vicinity. Pierre- Jackson arrived Huhday from |<ew Orleans fi?r a visit with relatives in thia city. ,8. M, Bradley Mr, and .Mrs. Jx-e, Whistler roturn- Sunday from 1'oilfi. _ CJi^ . JA-, wht>ro they huvt» bi«en visiting at thw Sber WhlstU-r luunu for the past tea hiy»r Paul Boyd >»'ent to ' 'hicwgo on bun- ness Monilay., Mr. wnd Mrf. Joo Civbjihton of Cor* und f J^yndon *|iei\t Huiuiay ut tho Ai- i'c4 Alien lumu.', C'. y. ]{o*?«;i' went to ChUMKo Mon- of Sterling wa? PL visitor in Muri'lKon Monday. H. P.. Odell and ilan«liter, > ur<* Spending a wei'k at the of Mr«(, C)d*>ll'« pmvi)ta, Mr. und JIr«. Oeorga (ihiser. _-A^Jl. Jiaird r&Uiriu^l Sunday from Cplfax, la., whuro h» has heen for th? two di) 'A. * For Goodness Sake KG BAKING POWDER fjyyjfg Ftfrt " ' '• " ' It will never disappoint ! these Doughnuts ™* * V* ttobjpson -went to imventn'rt Mon- Monday. iMura with Iru-ijja iu'.t'Hntou. W. HeynoUla went U» I'lln- Monday for a hhort ' vlt-ii with LYNQON NEWSJ BmTHOAY DINNER. Mr. Ojid Mrs. A. E. Hamilton •fnu-r-' |ned memherw of th« family at a H( . »>*clock dinner Wednesday afternoon in honor of the birthday of Mr. Humllton'-H ,motlter, Mrs. The»»ra K Hamilton. Th»? tabU-H were beautiful^ decorated with Iturplo uwtci's ami Koldtutioil*- The The I'ollowutK were' present • Mr. and Mr«. A K. H.<mmnn, Mu.. K 11 Mur- ijs, Mtt»N'\ KliV..ilHlti HaiULitnii. Mrs. Lucy <; lUUiit-, Mr. and Mrf W. i J-*. Mdlikun. Mi- Martha <,<Mitd, Mr- The»rn W,- SlHntiU'iu M^.-ew Urnee iiml j «'U Hamilton. Hmr.v .'itid Unnalii j Hamilton, ..Mr an. I Mr- M>r«.ti j^vsr'ii ,'i'l ".< t .f. It,;iu"<' i- .11 .null Win S!i BITTEN BY DOG. Clark SlitDwirnion w«« bitten by. doK at bin farm \VedneMduy. Tin wound ia a painful one, but it is nut thought to be BorJnUH. The d<»K t>e- IODg»-d to Arthur Hamilton. LYNDON BRIEFS. of Mr«....... vlMited la«t wook at. the home of Juhn 6hephard. '•'.'' : . • . Clyde Howen, K. R Gardner, Hal Whallon and W. A. UoiiKh wero Dixon viaitorB Sunday. Mr. und Alrw. JleHk<'tt Sell, of Hills- Uul«f, motored tu Uyndon Monday brlijKing home their daughter, Mh« Theodore Bja^tr .mul children. MndBt , wRo^pi'iit tin- pit^t nuiniti at th*s Sell home at HUUitale, Mrn. Hertlia I'urtfH. of M<irrl»i»n, was u gtte«t Hunday al the home »f her frlemr. Minx Vera Hhephard. \V. W. Wlsby IXUH Koiie_ti>_>larci*lUi' lkTff^r.l~vTi»Tt~fiT5'jlaiik^iter, Mr«. .Wit Ham'MannliiK. Mrw. W. H. Holland w,M* a dinner guest of Mrs. S. A. Smith at Hamilton Urovp on Wednesday. Mm. t*. C. Maherry and «on. fJerald, returned from Hhoron whent they were over Sunniiy KU''»ts «t tlut hwrae of Mr, and Mrs, II, C. Hlley, Jklr«. 'Mabe(ry'» mother ac-companied Mr». ,MaJnT»y tu I^yndon whore she rennUned for the day, Mru. Klley Htated that her NOII and (laughter, Koreut and Annu. who a trended the I^yndon «4*ho«ilr» ttS& few ago ai'e atleruUnK Hrown'ri busi- iltPBir nt'tiavenporr, la: Mra. KUzabelh Miller, of 8t. I'loud, Pin., wan a euppi'r Monday at the hiirnu of Mr, und &lra. W. 1-VMU1U kfin. • ' Mrs. M. A. Mt'Kerjr entertained at a dinner at lionn,> on Friday, Mis. rillxabeth Miller lieiiu; Km-xt of hun- or. > V\ r . W. Ulxby luw reute.l hi« village :esld i ' nee ti.» tin 1 iiiKbt oi>i'i'.4t'ir ut lu-n- " Mr. an«l MIH I. rt <*n»sn and the chtl- It'i'ii and Mr. and Mrn A K Hamilton and baby -vistted Sunday at Hock • ' Mori IK, Mr, ,uul Mrs. ci. iKittie _M,Lirris uiid .Si 'motored to'Tjiiwell i'ai'k~Viunilay, • ( - Mrs, Tlu-urii 1C. Hamition nnO family inolui'eil tu ,Mt Cat coil- Suiutu> and ,n>\ VIM(.<! MIMH Aini-liu ilitinilton. al.s.i <h« cave on «h( s Kinith farm. The L.'dlt;*' Alii of the t'on«i'e>;.ilion- al.clmrt'h will n-rve «.Uiui"» .U the Inane - Fred l.andherr is havinx a new mod- ' ern Ini.).: houso erected on his f.'irm m-- ; enj.ied by DIoK HinrJchs. Henry Hln- rlehs I.H ilol^ur the carpenter work. Mrs. Frances Emory has returned, tu b<-'i^ homo in Itoek Island, after ^IK-UiliiiK sevt-rjil wet'Urt at tin- home uf Mr. and Mrs,- Simon WhistU-r. and visiting .other rolutivea ami friends, in thlH vjeinlly. Don't Suffer From Piles BendTof TrWTrlnU. Tre*tm«nt. *• Noiimtter how long or now bod-gote our d>u«iu ^** your box Krnest Stern v to,. . ,.. - Thiir*fda.v muntintr, where he will viiiit ut tl»> homes of relativea and friends. He exiwrts to return homo Sunday evening, • , The youngest child of Mr. and Mr*. -at- rioas-l>— ill ~ ~at~ eholi'ta infantum, and under a doctor'u <'nr«». " ~. ~~ " ............. " Minn Clara Thorjie, of Iowa, daughter of "Mr, and MrS. T one to arrive at the home of Mr. i vtU Blve relief, and * 1 <U n ,«, 1 -Vjj°f n °^ n ,,. i ruri'd A trial Ptt(Stll»80Blttll«fll IIW» III t rt-y, Wedues- , £"«^;.t; if von2»ua nilouopon below. ami Mr*. Wlllard Humphrey day for u short visit. ' Mrs. Chnrk'H'Mitchell' of Morrison, wlu> is seriously ill, to reported tia no, better,, wTapp-Tr U ym > »e»a w&m ****> Social Llffl. The art of conversation is eald to be lost, but. we doa't miss it whoa the la good, FREE 1AWPLE COUPON NiUHO Mtrctit CHy...'.,. Unbeatable .he^SS^ i;ii/.-«btitii*i<i<ili*V, uf .sV. rii.i.d. Wt.n h.Kr-^'fi \t-,hU)Jl it Uu- h"HHt 4iui t'tht-r ihw h.j;i«i! gi»<->.t JUi- JLi; Si-.. f.{,uit at tl.t'- lia;;u!'."u l."iu- it •< T 1 . titty 'Mi', and Mi- S< »U :ui-l its-, -Mil-i SALLOW SKIN is one of the greatest foes .of womanly beauty. Jr. is quickly j cleared by correcting t he cause i --^sluggish liver—with the aid of "the" gently stimulaTmg, safe . and dependable "remedy-— ^^p^^ if^wwwfl^w^l ^^BW ^PI ^W>w ^^**fffc l^ ^w* i^iw^ u» iho JGIIARANJEED Con <K Concrete Prainage Tile and Curload or nioro ,li> your non rt'Hf rnUr*>iul itu.or niiy number <>r by Icnin ft'oiu 1'iU 1 - tor\, at a j^riec ami <»u thai nu'atm Dollars In Your Pocket \vif1ioiil oiio to UMT any .ill. all, See or -Write

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