Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on October 7, 1965 · Page 7
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 7

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1965
Page 7
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IT PAPER IS MISSED— CALL 663-3114 URG Greensburg, InJ.. Thursday, Oct. 7. T965 Section -Two EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? By Blake THE FASHION! PLATE USE- THIS BECAUSE NOME OF \ / THE GUVS APE weAftNS THAT KIML7 OF STUFF AMY HAVEM'TAMY CLOTHES < icate. Inc.. 1965. World rich Ready for President- Convert Hospital Into White House By HELEN THOMAS BETHESDA, Md. (UPI)—For all practical purposes the White-House is going to be the 19-story U.S. Naval Medical Center in this Washington suburb for the next 10 to 14 days. White House aides, Secret Service agents, telephone and telegraph installers and a small army of workmen today were busily converting part of the huge Bethesda Naval Hospital into a presidential command post. President Johnson enters the hospital tonight to undergo surgery Friday for removal of what his doctors describe as "a poorly functioning gall bladder with stones." He announced his impending hospitalization and surgery Tuesday evening. This was the first time, at least in recent years, that there has been as much -advance warning of presidential hospitalization. Thus, instead of the hasty makeshift arrangements of prior presidential hospital stays, there was system in the planning of White House aides for Johnson's expected 10 to 14 day stay at Bethesda. Extensive Preparations Press aides were making extensive mechanical and technical preparations to insure a full and detailed accounting of the President's condition — something the White House has gone out of its way to do since the hospital stays of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Instead of the 17th floor suite where he stayed when he was hospitalized for a bad cold last January, Johnson is to occupy a third floor two-bedroom suite converted from a newly constructed examining area. The change was recommended by the Secret Service so that the President easily can walk out if there is a fire, and not risk an elevator failure. Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson will occupy one of the two bedrooms in the suite during her husband's stay: There will be a room across the hall, which wil] be occupied, at least for the first three nights, by Johnson's surgeon, Dr. .George a. Hallenback, and his family physician, Dr. James C. Cain. Both-are from the Mayo Clinic ,in Rochester, Minn. Nearby hospital' rooms were being transformed into • offices for the president's secretaries and for security personnel. Forest Hill Church Homecoming Sunday A homecoming observance wili be held Sunday at the .Forest HLU Presbyterian Church. Regular Sunday school and morning worship services will be followed by a pitchin dinner at 12 noon. Speaker for the homecoming service at 1:30 p. m. will be William Smith, Rushville, well known lay speaker and manager of the Federal Land Bank Association of Rushville, serving Decatur, Franklin, Rush and Union Counties. Special music will be provided by the women's quartet of the church. MOST FARMS WASHINGTON — Texas has the greatest number of individual farms, followed by North Carolina and Mississippi. complete delivered ONLY $395 Easy Term* New Model GW-I 1% HP. offers 12 addtd op**end safety 'features at no price increase to yoo. fcfc designed for small builders; schools and shops . . . Big Bam Capacity and Quality for _ small saw cost W mm .cuts 3" deep, tip* 28* wide. .Uses 12* saw to cut 4' deep where needed.. Come in and try it ypur- self. No ohligatioo. 314 W. MAIN Scout Is Hero of Rescue Operation— 3COUT is nero or iteacue wpwi*"""- I Youth's Cave Duel With Death Ends • ^••^ ^•^~ s • ___ „«!. J._ _ . ,, ™ . . _ t-.^ __ vrr 'I-— —A™ «*;*!* -nintni* rtnft (TltT/vOT-in tft >P- ttlP rfiSl*M1fi- K&ITclS By MICHAEL PRENDERGAST MEDINA, Ohio (UP1)—A 26- hour duel with death was .over today for . 15-year-old Morris Baetzold.' He had fought bravely and won. "I feel fine," he tojd rescuers Wednesday when he was pulled from a cave where he had been wedged in a crevice, head-down since Tuesday afternoon. Mor- ' Doctors said the rescue came just in time. Tired, hungry and cold, ris was rushed' by 'ambulance .to Community Hospital. Doctors said his injuries were minor and listed his condition -as fair. -Rescue Hero Mike Ulrich, a 15-year-old Eagle Scout, was hailea as the hero of the rescue operation, which involved more" than 100 volunteers and .the U. S. Air Force. Slightly built volunteers, including an 85-pound nurse, had made repeated attempts to reach Morris but failed. Then young Ulrich slithered into a narrow space near Morris and managed to. touch him. Ulrich, under the direction of the National. Capitol .Cave Rescue Team which had flown to the scene from Washington, attached a nylon harness to Morris. When the attempt was made to pull him out, however, Morris's trousers came off. Ulrich went back into the cave with another harness. This time, rescuers were able to pull Morris far enough out for Ulrich to slip a board under him. • Morris' body was then coated with water and glycerin to reduce friction, and he was pulled to 'freedom. •"Grease and oil had to be ruled out because both are* inflammable and since there was oxygen in the cave, we couldn't take the risk of an explosion," explained Willism Karras, head of the Capitot Cave rescue team. "Mike was the real hero of the rescue," Karras said. The danger *o him and the youngster he sought to rescue.^were paramount .at all times." Karras and his team arrived about 16 hours after Morris .be- .came wedged in the crevice, which- was 65 feet from the entrance of a cave' known as "Wild Cat." For Personals — 663-3111. HOOK'S OWM BRANDS U EVEN MOR AND HOOK'S FULLY GUARANTEE BOTH THE QUALITY AND THE SAVINGS! HOW COULD HOOK'S POSSIBLY FILL OVER 15 MILLION PRESCRIPTIONS? SO C OFF 50 C OFF! HOOK'S AMBER ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH KEEPS BREATfi CLEAN AND FRESH HOOK'S BCD ASTRINGENT MOUTHWASH LONG-LASTING GERMICIDAL ACTION HOOK'S BLUE ORAL ANTISEPTIC CLEAN TASTING AND GERMICIDALLY EFFECTIVE COMPARE THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF THESE PRODUCTS WITH ANY SIMILAR ONE-WE KNOW YOU WILL DECIDE ON HOOK'S OWN BRAND. ANSWER: WITH CARE, SKILL, COURTESY and EXTREMELY LOW PRICES THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TO FILL PRESCRIPTIONS, AND THAT'S THE WAY HOOK'S DOES [T, PRECISEY AS YOUR DOCTOR INTENDED IT! YOU KNOW THAT YOUR PRESCRIPTION, FILLED AT HOOK'S LOW CASH AND .CAREY PRICES, IS THE BEST PRESCRIPTION VALUE ANYWHERE! YOUR CHOICE FULL PINT 49 J- PLAYING CARDS DURABLE, LONG-LASTING, BUY NOW FOR THE COMING LONG WINTER NIGHTS. 50V SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER BORDEN'S PECAN CANDY ICE CREAM BARS 10c VALUE 5 _ ' s'1.19 PREPARE NOW FOR THE COLD WEATHER GENUINE PRESTONE ANTIFREEZE rncc&E ONE CALLOW 1.59 1 WILD BIRD SEED P0 ^ ND QQ C | FOR YEAR-AROUND FEATHERED FRIENDS BAG O7 BELL-AIRE PROFESSIONAL- TYPE HAIR DRYER DRIES HAIR SASTER. ADJUSTABLE *\ HOOD. FULLY GUARANTEED. 19.98 NEW FROM GILLETTE HEADS UP HAIR TONIC COMBS RIGHT IN SO YOU CANT TELL IT'S THERE 79c VALUE BOTTLE ^ • _ OR m^ m^ C TUBE QO CHIC HAIR CUPPER SET 16-PIECE COMPLETE HOME BARBER SET rusric STORAGE BOXES NEAT, CLEAN* SB-THKUGH CONVEMEMCE 39< 69* ANTIQUE DESIGN PINCH BOTTLE DECANTER ASSORTED COLORS 98' I 1 I I I I I I I Contac I Cold | Capsules • WITH ABOVE COUPON! HOOK'S MISSION . DAILY MULTIPLE VITAMINS ONE TABLET DAILY INSURES FULL VITAMIN REQUIREMENTS BOTTLE OF 100 BOTTLE OF 250 WITH IRON BOTTLE OF 100 B. 1.38 50c OFF WITH COUPON HOOK'S MISSION THERAPEUTIC VITAMINS HIGH POTENCY TYPE MULTIPLE VITAMIN FORMULA 1.49 TEK TOOTHBRUSH WITH 75c TUBE OF CREST TOOTHPASTE BOTTLE OF 100 3.99 C. 50c OFF WITH COUPON HOOK'S MISSION MULTI-CAPS SUPPLIES ESSENtlAL VITAMINS PLUS IMPORTANT EXTRA f ACTORS 52 BOTTLE OF 100 7.95 1.59 KB 3,19 50c OFF WITH COUPON HOOK'S HUSSION. p. CHEWABLE VITAMIN C EASY TO CHEW SOFT TABLETS.DELICIOUSLY FRUIT FLAVORED BOTTLE OF 100 1.19 50c OFF WITH COUPON HOOK'S MISSION CHEWABLE VITAMINS DELICIOUS FRUIT FLAVORED TABLETS. Y EASY TO CHEW, FOR ADULTS OR CHILDRIH io s _$1.29 20s_$2.20 BOTTLE OF 60 3fl 9 HOOK'S OWN SLEEP TABLETS FORMING SLEEP AID. NO AFTER EEFECTS. 98V BOTTLE OF 24 HOOK'S OWN PURE ASPIRIN 5 CHAIN FAST. SAFE, DEPENDABLE RELIEF OF HEADACHE PAIN. PROOF-POSITIVE, HOOK'S SAVE YOU AAORfc BOTTLE OF 300 79' Sequin HOOK'S OWN SEQUIN HAIR SPRAY NON-STICKY, NON-FLAKING, FOR NATURAL-LOOKING SETS. REGULAR OR HARD-TO-HOLD 1.00 VALUE Sequin BUB on. Sequia CBJBB BATH OIL ENRICHED WITH COCONUT OIL CHOICE OF NARCISSUS, FLORAL, SPICE, OR PINE. ONE QUART 1.00 VALUE HOOK'S OWN MILK OF MAGNESIA PLEAS ANT TASTING RELIEF OF UPSET STOMACH, INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN. FULL QUART 63 HOOK'S OWN • MALDROXAL LIQUID A TRULY EFFECTIVE ANTACID^ SOOTHING. NON-CONSTIPATING, GOOD TASTING. 17-OZ. 77- 39c VALUE RELI-A-DENT TOOTHBRUSH ONLY HOOK'S CAN OFFER YOU THIS TOP QUALITY TOOTHBRUSH AT SUCH A LOW PRICE. ONLY 27' CARYL RICHARDS JUST WONDERFUL HAIR SPRAY HOLDS AND HOLDS- YET LEAVES YOUR HAIR CLEAN! 13-OZ. CAN ^ OF 60 • •A 7 - or "° **•.-:• m ^ COLOR PRINTS FIOM ' ' KODACOUt NEGATIVES VALUE 54

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