The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 13
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miW 11 j"Vf>'*MrtfWi*'l • THE BAKERSFEELD CALIPOENIAN MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1908. SOME OF OUR PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS HOUSES CALIFORNIA AND CITY MARKETS and IB the smoothest running .. _ _ — chine,now on the market M. P. Smith, A. W. Ranch and L. P. Ke«ste r , Proprietors. ma- The supplying of meats forms an important industry in Bakersfleld and tributary country, requiring the employment of many hands in th conduct of tbe business, In this connection the above rapidly expanding meat supply concern does an enormous business, purchasing large quantities c and hogs. In the \ ments of the business some 24 men find steady employment, the flrm employing more butchers than any similar concern in Kern County. The company has recently Installed a complete refrigerating and cold storage plant, which Is a direct expan About the first of the year a carload of sporting goods will arrive, at which time Maine's Cyclery will be in a position to handle the rapidly Increasing business in that line in Bak- ersfleld. Mr. Malno, although a recent acquisition to the business circles of the city, comes well recommended. He was formerly engaged in the same line of business in San Luis Obispo, where he conducted a !J garage in connection. When only 17 years of age he embarked in his good rooter for Bakersfleld and present line of business. He is a speaks in most glowing terms of her year of ROY WHITE The Man That Buys and Sells Anything That Don't Eat. Interviewing the marchants of Bak. ersfleld is full of Interest and the expressions and words of encouragement dropped leave a kindly feeling as one passes out of their establish- elsewhere. The company also maintains a shop at Oilcenter in the Kern River oil fields, where they have a blacksmith shop fitted with steam hammers and oil burning furnaces, and also a horse shoeing and a wagon and carriage repairing department. The machine shop at this point is equipped with drill presses, shapers, etc. Two pipe machines have ments. Satisfied with trade for the i been Infilled here, one of which is present year, hopeful for the year 3909, is the general remark. Jhe above house Is engaged in a business distinctly Its own and where everything from a needle to an anchor is purchased and sold, or as Mr. White says, "I buy and sell anything that an extrr large self-contained "Jar- ecld" mnr-hine, In conclusion It might be added to this repnrt that the annual output of the various plants of the above Important industry will probably exceed $400,00(1 for the year 1908. The af. 1909. In the conduct of the business .ws'j.Hrss.' 11 Ma ° w " ° rr work turned out from murage pmui, wnicn is a direct expan- ,. . .. r „(„_ *_ ~ i_ „„«„ v,,* «„ Bion ammonia system, at an expense "JfJ^/l™,* 0 1 mpl °£ n ° na ** e £ of 47,000, which includes a series of y£%^*&J? ^m"™ £ handsome plate glass show cases in which is displayed in a tempting manner choice cuts of meat and kin dred meat products. This flrm does an extensive wholesale and retail astf ^AB^. a ^*r.f=?Bt!i«s^= H. G. PARSON i don't eat." Here will be found a com- fairs of Hie Bakersfleld Iron Works plete line of new and second hand and its detailed operations are repre- goods, including furniture, carpets, sented by the following gentlemen: stoves, tin and granite ware, in fact, W. S. Porter, general manager; E. a full line of staple household goods. C. Wilson, assitant manager; O. In connection with the above busl- Scrlbner, secretary. ness, so varied in character, the firm Mr. Wilson, who has entire charge operates the White electric ca/pet of the Bakersfleld plant, was formerly cleaning works, which is the only car- connected with the Baker Iron Works pet .cleaning plant Between Fresno of Los Angeles, and brings to bla and Los Angeles. The firm are exclu- present position a thorough know. their system of delivery covers a wide business was established eleven years ago, but the present two years ago, since which time the has rapidly expanded. The reports a splendid trade for 08, with every prospect of a large the volume of business for year'lffOD. 0 » • BAKER8FIELD GARAGE AND AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, The above Institution, established less than three years ago, has entirely outgrown Its present quarters, which have been found entirely inadequate to handle their increasing trade. Plans have been drawn and work commenced for tbe erection of, a handsome, two story, red sandstone real estate agent of Bakersfleld and is an authority on city and country property values. In the course of an interview he stated: "I consider the large land buyers are into the county than ever, and in most cases the demand is for unlrrigated lands, which can be $10 to $15 an acre. i of the Individual buyers are looking for raw land, which they can improve and develop water on. Most of the land from the Calloway canal west, ward to the Coast Range is underlaid with water strata, and wells fr«m luu to 500 feet in depth will develop ample water, and in many cases at the latter depth an artesian supply can be developed ate far as the northern limits of the county. In the Rio Bravo section pumping wells can be developed at a depth of 100 feet. Alfalfa is the KERN RIVER MILLS. A Leading Industry—Something of Its History—Business For 1908. The passing out of the year 1908 leaves behind it a story of- prosperity and business activity, which condition, from all Indications, will follow through the coming year. Interviews with the banker, merchant, manufacturer, producer, horticulturist and agriculturist, all predict the most extensive supply of goods In their respective lines than any similar concern in Kern County. The firm has conducted buslucss^in Bak- ersfleld for the past twenty years, ana p.mong the contractors. ;.i : r.tprs ani carpenters, as well as The horticultural, agricultural and oil sections, eu- joys a large and constantly growing trade. Among the many branches of their business may be mentioned the carrying of a full line of builders' hard- year of greater commercial progress ware, and supplies, glass, paints and ami material development. oils, stoves, Studebaker wagons mid In referring to the industrial condl- j buggies, farming Implements, etc. IB tlontlon of Bakersfleld a visit to the addition to this the firm carries a fulJ Kern River Mills flouring plant serv- line of everything required in oil vveH Rd as an Index to the great future of'supplies with the single exception oT Bakersfleld for the establishmnet of; well casing. The house also carries numerous manufacturing Industries, i a full line of mechanics tools, ami aro The above mills were established ' the sole agents for the_famous Sher- away back in the '70s, using a two stone roller process, and are the pioneer mills of the San Joaquin Valley. Today on the old site stands one of the most modern, up-to-date twelve roller flour mills in the entire state, methods f of business has earned for the firm a splen- wln-Wllliams paints. The pursued In the transaction did standing among the building trades and elsewhere. The Bakers- fleld Hardware Company is a close sive agents for the Angelus stove, made In Los Angeles, of which make seventy-five have been sold locally in the past ninety days, without one complaint. The trade of the houseMs not confined to Bakersfleld but ex- tnds throughout the Kern Valley. Mr. White has resided in Bakers- fleld| for the past twenty years and was formerly engaged in the paper hanging and auctioneering business,' the latter branch of which he still carries On throughout Kern County, ledge of the business. METROPOLE HOTEL. This is the leading hotel of Kern City, was established in 1904 and is conducted by Messrs. Stevenson and Bernarfl. It Is situated directly opposite the Southern Pacific railway depot and has always enjoyed a patronage that taxed the capacity of the house, which contains thirty-seven rooms. Connected with the house is with the garage there will be erected on the corner of Twentieth and G streets, and separated from the garage by an alley, a fire-proof white sandstone brick automobile shops 115 by 122 feet and will be when ready realized in a year. "There have been several important land deals made during the year, while recently J. W, Crosland, E. H. White and others have purchased a half section of land some two miles u) itc. iceu ouu win ue »ueii i KUUJ st , n n l-prRflpV r-n hnth slrlea nf for occupancy, the largest automobile . ?h shops in the state and equipped .with . h a P Co rallwv awte Part ' « e *• p - Co. B railway system. Part all modern Wthen the buildings are completed tbe entire investment of the company will represent an outlay of $60,000, of this land is under the East Side by in question will be subdivided into five !2 mess until it considered most thor- ; amj ln addulo / to th ? B he a i arge renting and insurance business and ment for that purpose, and it is wor- r8presen t 8 a , bse nt property owners. thy of mention that this company 1 8m ong whlcn class he has numerous automobile tires than i _n,,_ta more thy handles any other concern in the state. Their stock of automobile accessories is the most extensive and complete .of any clients. W. H. REEVE. The gentleman whose name heads this Interview conducts the only and awning works in Bakersfleld fornia. The company handles the "Buick," ^^ ^^ ^ _^ "Cadillac," "Tourist" and "Frayer-'. a t"20oTl"street! He' has been" estab" Miller" automobiles and reports a j , lgned here for e i ght year8 and dur ing splendid trade for the year 1908. The : the 8ummer season enjoys a large firm predicts a record breaker for the j trad(J employing much extra help, coming year in the sa\e of automo-1 Tents of a n B i zes an d styles are man biles and accessories. | U f ac tured upon short notice, while E. J. Erb and W. E. Drury are the; evidence8 o f n is thorough workman energetic owners of the above concern, which is now in its third year, having been launched successfully by Mr. Erb, who about on» and one-half |ars ago joined forces with Mr. where he is well known. Mr. White I n dining room and a lunch counter. the products of which mill are recog- corporation with R. J. White prasi- nlzed by flour experts throughout the ' ' - • - -" —•- --• •-•— country as without an equal in strength and nutritious qualities. The capacity of the mills is 120 barrels a day (24 hours) and up to recently the company manufactured but one kind of flour, the Kern River Mills, which is their standard brand and made from the choicest Callfor nla wheat blended with the hard winter wheat of Kansas. The company, however, is now manufacturing a new brand, known as the Pride of Kern County, and outside of the Kan- Is a natlvee of Iowa, and pins his' where meals are served at all hours, sas wheat used In the standard brand faith on the future of Bakersfleld and the whole of Kern County. BAKERSFIELD IRON WORKS. A Representative industry of Bakersfield and Kern County—Magnl- .. tude of Operations. No report upon the progress and development of Bakersfleld and Kern County in general would be considered complete without detail mention of the above extensive plant, which was established in 1898 and is one of the largest institutions In tbe southern part of the state and second In magnitude as an oil well supply shop. The main works cover an entire block and furnish employment to fully 100 skilled mechanics, clerks etc., In the various departments. Passing from one department to another one becomes Impressed with the labyrinth of machinery necessary to turn out the finished product. The main machine shop is 50x80 feet and fitted with lathes, simpers and heavy pipe threading machinery, and special lathes for threading sheaves and capable of handling extra large sheaves. As in all machine shops of any magnitude, a special tool room is maintained by a thorough check system with the machinists employed. The blacksmith shop is most com- and also a first-das bar. the entire cereal product is raised in It is the intention of the owners of! the San Jonquln Valley. Some two the hotel property to add another years ago the company installed a story to the hotel, in order to accommodate the local and traveling public. Mr. J. H. Stevenson bas conducted the hotel from Its very Inception with tbe exception of n few prior to which time he was the iro- prletor of the Callente Hotel at Cal complete .laboratory for the purpose of testing and baking all fllour before placing the product upon the market. In making tests of wheat no matter; how small the sample, the head miller Is able to reduce the same to flour, niukig his report of the amount of dent, and E. St. Clair vice president, the former gentleman devoting his entire time to the conduct of the business. Duing an Interview with Mr. White he stated: "Our trade for the past year has been fairly good, and 1 look for business tbe coming year to rn» along about the same. During the oil boom eight years ago we transacted an enormous business, and during the coming year oil is likely to bring a good price, provided that no phenomenal developments take place in other sections similar to that experienced In the Texas fields. I believe that the day of cheap fuel oil lias passed, and that the future of the ol! Industry In Kern County is exceedingly bright. I believe that the ofl districts adjacent to Bakersfleld ns also the Coallnga section, will greatly enlarge their output." Mr. Wlilte has been engaged in flit , „ --. .. hardware Imslriess for the past thirty- lente, from 1902 to 1904. At on*> time , gluten, starch and protein that tne g ve y t , arB i n this western country he engaged In the Industry of mining wheat contains, afterwards baking It i aml , n M ex i co . He Is a native of at Mojave. Mr. J. A. Bernard, who by electricity, giving he expansion joined forces with Mr. Stevenson two| O f the loaf, number of |oaves the yedrs ago at Kern City, was an en- j wheat will produce to the barrel of glneer on the Southern Pacific system j flour, and the exact number of pounds and is an old resident of Kern City. Both of these eentlemen nre quite nopnlar and have made a success of i of wheat consumed In the manufacture of a barrel of flour. their hotel venture. BANKING CONDITIONS OF BAKER8FIELD. The year just closing shows From u small beginning the business has grown to such proportions as to require an area of two cltj blocks, upon which lias been con jstructed a three story brick bulldlnfi 300x100 feet. TUe storage capacity tne for the manufactured product is 2500 Marshall County, lown, and Is alive to the future importance of Bakers- flp!d and Kern County in general. His associate In ' bushiest). Mr. St. Clalr, devotes much time to the development of his extensive nil interests bltuutcd In tbe Baliersfir-ld and Coal- lnga oil producing sections. C. M. STOLL. banking Institutions of Bakersfleld to Darre i Si und the handling and iftoragu be In a sound and prosperous condi- of jj our t g carr i e d out under a system tion, notwithtanding the fact that for o{ Bepara t e departments according tu some considerable time prior to the brand or w hether for family or bak- presidential election the money con- • erg , trade There is today perhaps no lino oT business so closely allied to the general prosperity and development of * country as the supplying of harness, saddles, etc., and in this respect the house of C. M. Stoli ompany occupies a decidedly prominent position. In his spacious establishment In the "° 5rury. When the new "plant and ship may be seen in the awnings that adorn both public and private build- Ings. Mr. Reeve is very thorough in his business and mastered his trade in San Francisco. In addition to the UNM ». _ **. — ISK.'^aSStSW.'"'"'- BSSStins*/** steam hammers, and a 3000 pound »-* Tr ~? slt and ig u « P r '», n double arch hammer of the same, THE BANK OF BAKERSFIELD. The company has a warehouse co- make. This latter hammer was the! ! pacity for the storage of wheat equal first one introduced Into any shop In 1 \vas organized September 30, 1890, ; l " 12,000 tons, which the state for oil or tool work. This w ith n capital stock of $250,000, hav- tne Present time for department IB supplied with coke | ng a t the present time a surplus and , wants, furnaces and the regular oil burners, undivided profits of $150,000 and re- ! Durli „ The furnlces exhaust out underneath sources amounting to $1,145,325. The Eardley, the superintendent, he said: he boilers, thus utilizing the heat bank transacts business in Its hand- "Our trade for the year 1908 was bet- hat would otherwise be lost. The 'oundry Is most compete, and where gy robes, whips a Chester avenue -.fl rtfr-T* *».-'. >• * *£*" •»•••" •B, harness, bug- general horse During an Interview with W. A. some two story stone building on ter than it has ever Ween, and we are , - - ..--, ___ Chester avenue, and the solidity of doing fully one-third more business also a brass foundry Is maintained. | the structure is thoroughly In keep-, than we have ever done, running full buildings are completed an increased , tent and awn i ng business, Mr. Reeve force of experienced hands will be re-: Conduct8 an upholstering and mat- quired, such as mechanics, chauffeurs, t B workg w hich Is hept busy dur- •tc. ! jng' that part of the year when busl- It might be added in conclusion nesg , n the , lne of tent8 anfl awn . that the plans and specifications of , ngs , g somew hat slack. Mr. Reeve, tbe automobile shops and garage are who jj aa a warm Bpot ln hlg heart admirably arranged with ladles' and - •- - - -- - ... gentlemen's waiting rooms, fitted for' Bakersfleld, states that business for the year 1908 wa very good, and with lavatories; sleeping apartments, pred i ct8 f 0r the ensuing year a large for the employes, and such other ac-' vo | ume of business in all lines of k oommodatlons embodied in the most ( ra( j e nplete and up-to-date garages in large eastern cities. a splendid trade, business at that F. H. MERCER, ANNETTE BAKERY. This firm, established in July of Oils year, reports The firm started time with no delivery wagcm and is now running two and contemplating putting on a third wagon to supply the trade. One thing that speaks well for the business is the fact that after the original Investment was made the firm has never had to draw upon its finances, as the business paid from the very first day the doors were opened. The baMng plant of the company Is fitted with the very latest machinery for the manufacture of all klnJs of pastries, bread, etc., and presents nu air of cleanliness throughout. The Kern River Mills flour is used exclusively in the manufacture of the bakery products and It is claimed by the bakers that it has no superior for strength and nutritious qualities. The owners of the above successfully conducted bakery are J. L. Annette and G. B. Holmes, who while doing a good business look forward to tho year 1909 as one of great prosperity and development'for Bakersfleld and Kern County. MAI NO'S CYCLERY. While interviewing the merchants of Bakersfleld the above recently established house was visited by the scribe, The cy-clery Is located at 1725 •Nineteenth street and Is the only exclusive bouse of the kind In the city lino of bicycles Carriage and wagon painting ia quite an Industry in Bakersfleld, the above gentleman conducting quite business along that line. He established himself here some four years ago and succeeded to the business carried on by F. C. Lander A spec ialty is made of auto painting, he do ing work for several of the more prominent concerns. Mr. Mercer learned his trade in Washington, D. C., and has been env ployed In many of the larger cities throughout the east, and the charac ter of work turned out from his shops at 2308 Chester avenue speaks vol times. Mr. Mercer states that for the year 1908 business was good. He is a strong advocate of Bakerfleld and predicts a groat future for the valley city. -> i » C. O. D. SODA WORKS. Established In the latter part of 1S77 In Bakersfleld by H. F .Condlct, makes the above plant the pioneer concern of its kind in the San Joaquin Valley as far north as Stockton. Here Is manufactured all kinds of soft drinks, carbonated waters, etc. Mr. Condlct states that his trade, for 1908 was good, and predicts for 1909 a year of Increased prosperity and volume of trade. During the year he did as much business as any in the history of tho house, although two competitors have entered the field. Mr. Condict Is a native of Illinois, has resided In Bskersfleld since 1872, was the first superintendent of the water works system of Bakersfleld n the foundry all rig Iron parts nre turned out, and where also a business s done in heavy cast iron pipe fittings and a stock of Ls and Ts and gates are kept on hand. The pattern oft is well arranged and contains :housands of patterns'Which represent, a large amount of money. In the holler repair department where a large amount of work is done, there has been intalled a flue welding machine and distillate furnace to heat the flues Instead <ft the usual coke Ores. In order to do away with the old method of scraping tho flues, a long rotary barrel has been installed which does tbe work effectively and saves much time and hand labor. The boiler shop equipment consists of a compressor plant for driving the riveting and calking hammers, and Is equipped with the usual overhead drill press with power punch, shears, heavy rotary splitters and rollers. This firm carries the most complete stock of oil well fishing tools for rental purposes cabled In the state, tho stock being almost entirely new. They also manufacture everything for oil well development and use, and for a shop of Its magnitude a proportionately large stock of steel billets, bars, etc., Is kept on hand, owlns to the distance from the point of supply. The location of the Bakcrslleld plant places tho concern not only In touch with the Kern River oil lli-lds, but directly In touch with tho Marl- copa, Midway and McKittrlck fields, where a large amount of busini'sn is transacted. There Is also considerable work carried forward with tlxi Coallnga fields. Tho business of the RaUosfleld Iron Works, as will read Ing with the present fratifying condl- j time to meet the tlon of the bank's business. trade, and for the demands of the past two years The men of affairs in the bank are, have been compelled to operate the where an extensive _. __._ and bicycle supplies is maintained. i an d ono of its organizers, and was the The firm carries the "Appeal," 1 --' • ho," "Earth" and "Racycle" bi. The Appeal, 1909 model, is in Los Angeles and is guaran first city assessor. Years ago he conducted the old Stage hotel, and in 1876 he operated the ferry across _ Kern River. He Is one of the pioneer teed not to buckle regardless of how business men of this section, and has it is used. The Racycle is one of been Identified with its growth and the best known wheels on the mar- development for over a quarter of a bt, having the outside ball bearings, century. tly bo seen, IB not confined to the districts from which It derives oil an enormous business, but also with the various power" plants In Bakersfleld and vicinity. The y also do a largo amount of work In the line of farming and mining machlory, as also pump- ig and power plants throughout Kern County. In addition to the above plant the company has acquired a long term lease on the Webster Iron Works, also located In Bakersfleld, where there Is a machine shop 40x85 feet, completely equipped with drill lathes, shapers, etc., and wholly employed In the manufacture of tho Hakersflcld Iron Works patented oil well pump, which Is the only successfully packed working barrel In use. At the present time about ICO pumps aro being manufactured every month. Nnot only Is there a large demand for these pumps throughout the state, but shipments are being made to Japan and largely identified in many of the industrial enterprises of Bakersfleld and Kern County, and "are in every way assisting in the development of the city. The officers of the bank are: S. W. Wlble, president; J. J. Mack, rice president; S. L. Mack, cashier, and Wm. V. Matlack, assistant cashier. BUILDING OPERATIONS IN BAKER8FIELD. The drawing to a close of the year 1908 shows considerable activity in the erection of many public buildings and private residences, and the outlook along the building line for 1909 is exceedingly bright and prosperous. In the I'ne of residences the tendency Is towards modern and up-to-date style of architecture, thoroughly in keeping with the climatic conditions and natural attractive scenic surroundings of the city. J. H. Redstone, a prominent contractor and builder of Bakersfleld, and who has been identified with the material development of the city for the past fifteen years, states that "the year 1908 was fairly active In the building line and I look forward to the year 1908 to increased build- operations and general prosperity. The majority of homes and business bouses erected by me during tbe year are modern in every respect." Among the buildings completed and In course of completion by Mr. Kfdstone mention is made of the residences of Dr. Frank W. Mitchell, Fr< d Lindberg, Elmer Conley, Walter liinko, Chas. Dickinson and others. A two story brick bulldlug Is also be- Inn erected on I street for the Western Company, the entire structure to bo occupied by the Pioneer Mercantile Company. At Fruitvale school district, some four miles from the city, a one-story frame school building Is in course of construction. In connection with his building operations Mr. Redstone conducts his own shops, where much of the mill work IB turned out, as likewise store fixtures, cabinet work, etc. The offices of Mr. Redstone aro located at tho office of the King Lumber Company, while his mill at nights part of the time." In conclusion It might be added and stable fittings and supplies to be found In the San Joaquin Valloy. Mr. Stoll has recently reopened his place of business at the old stand, after a thorough overhauling and flft* Introduction of several new lines of horee goods. Mr. Stoll has conducted his present line of business In Bak- ersfteld for the past fifteen years, whore he started In a very small way, and by close attention to the details of his business and catering to the wants of the community hup succeeded In building up an excellent trade. In addition to the saddle and harness business Mr. Stoll will carry a line at up-to-date wagons, buggies, carriages, etc. In conversation with Mr. Stofi that the entire^ product of the mlU Is, he • gUteg tnftt DuaIneBS in m ost lines In Bakersfleld for the year 1908 was good, and he predicts a year of woa- derful prosperity for 1909, Mr. Stoll extends a special invitation to all his old customers to visit his place of business and inspect MB new and extensive stock of goods. consumed in Kern County and that the affairs of the mills are in the hands of those who are largely identified with most of the important industries of Bakersfleld and Kern County. C. P. WILKES. Interviews with the merchants ot Bakersfleld show a unanimous opinion of the prosperity wave for 1908. Tho above merchant, who has been established here for eight years, conducts the Pioneer Gun Store at 1611 Nineteenth street, where an extensive line of sporting goods and fishing outfits is displayed. He handles several makes of bicycles, such as the Savage, Hudson and John T, Bill, as also the Indian motocycle, for which machine he carries an extra large stock of partn. Mr. Wilkes is an expert gun repairer and carries a stock of guns and rifles of the standard makes. The growth of his business will be better understood when it is stated that at one time he conducted It alone, where now he requires the assistance of three experienced men, and his pres- i ~f no nl . m has boon awarded tho con- ent storo space is entirely Inadequate ( rao t for the Woodmen of the World to hnndlo the business. Mr. Wilkes building. states that although his business for . within a short, tlmo the firm ox- 1908 was very good, he looks forward pK .t B to expand the business, havlriR shops and residence am 1228 Seventeenth street. situated at Mr. Red- stono Is one of the live ones In his profession and a constant rustler, and has been superintendent of construe 8NYDER A JACKSON. The painting trade is closely with the building up of a community, and in this respect the above hoxrew occupies an Important position, carrying on as they do an extensive busV ness in house, vehicle and sign paint-, ing, paper hanging and decorating. The firm has been established tor * number of years and maintains two separate shops, one of which 18 o» Twentieth street and used exclusively for carriage and auto painting. At the present time the flrm has * number of contracts, some of whleti aro finished and others in course t>f completion, among which Is are tit? residences of Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Owen, tho anex to the county hospital and n number of small cottages. to the season of 1909 to be the most (ixtenslve In the history of the house. Ho has resided in Bakersfleld for the- of Ui» In tb»> United States. The members of Hit secured the- ngoncy for ono loadlnf? paint and oil flrsm past twelve years, has been engaged , fj rm a ro' W. H. Jackson and F. W. In his present line of business since gnrder, both of whom have resided hs he was twenty years of age,.and IB altvo to the Interests of the opmrnun- Ity, Mr. Wllkes will present this year a handsome nrt calendar to his cug» tomers and others. It Is an artistic affair and is worthy of a place In any private home or public office. THE BAKER8FIELD HARDWARE COMPANY. Their Trad* For 1906. Intervtwes with many of the lead- Ing merchants of Bakersfleld regarding their trade for tho past year, do- veloped a stato of affairs that apoaks well for the future commercial Importance of the city and Its more rap- Id growth Bakersfleld and dovolopment. The Hardware Company, a tlon on all the principal business ' prominent concern in its especial line, blocks of Bakersfleld for the past ten Is located at 1813 Chester avenue, years. which house carries beyond question Bakersflold for a number of yearn The main office and shops aro located at 1527 WBll street. *~——— ' — Monday, Dec.|[2l, «0 8 DEAR BIRT: Want a tip? We lip era It la. I heard Rose tell Charl'iB that she wanted a 'fine box of Gruenhagen's cardy from Meroney'B-, HEROLD

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