Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 6
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I^AOESIX, AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. STERLING DAILyGAZETTE HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY Mae Marsh and Robert Matron IN "A WHd Girl of the Sierras'* •tftrntipr plav of exceptional nmilily wonder play of c •w<?ptl<'«n:tl quality, fc M|RK Marph, st.-tr <tf "The Mirth ,» Nation." Extra! Douglas Fairbanks *Mysiery of the Leaping Pish' TOMORROW Psrsfnount prtx<t«nti*-,,- ' Triangle presents Cleo Ridgley and Wallace Reid IN "The Love Mask" Selig-Tribune News ef Vaudelte 'TONIGHT Wm. Fox presents Theda Bar ft in 'East-Lynne' lso- Heauty comedy. Shows 7 tn n Come early. l>u;ii Ific Tomorrow, Miss Jackie Saunders i The Shrine of Happiness" id 5 reels; hand colortd. Extra, travel film. ,d. » [ NEWS IN BRIEFJ OOE8 TO WAUSAU. Kenyon l*opr> If ft Saturday eveulriK .fttr ftn ov*r.8unday vl,«it at hl» home In Wllmettp, III., before: taking up hi* work _ an assistant advertiRijm Manager of th«» Wnuxnu, Win,. Hecord- Herald, lht> only dally jmiicr in that filly of 18,000 jifojilf, Kollowlnp hls» 'IffUdttfttfon frorrt NorthwHtrrn I'tiivcr- , Illty In Hi Jutin he ntartixl his nc«-«jni|i'T "rwlth Thr OazrttP-tts nKsiKtnnt to Oramlon, ««lv«rt»sinjr-mn-n-- d*>mutu"lrotc<l Ktcndy jirttsn'HM .to the work. Th«» ttarrttc mnnnRo- ment and fore* wlnhpn him ctmilnunl ttUCCPim In hid ctHi^f'n work In the larg- tl* ft«M offerc'd him. GARAOEROOP --F-E-tt -iff. Tin- rorif nf tlir- First avf-no whk-li Is l.oint: torn down tiy Hi I err Hrothfr«, who have lately ,-lioiiKht it. r« 1! in uiili Hi.'in with n rrnsh tfii.*I rnurnlim about 11 o'flork. They have hpt-ii tMi-lHK off.thr. ro'if to net ready for thrlr IniildiiiK' of th«< Htrwturr' to ft height <>f twenty fr-et. The rove Plug of-the roof had Iwn removed ami the men wrro tr.vInK to get down the truss- CH, whrn the entire number fell in, making .a tromeruloun noise. Aliout twenty or thirty feel of the side wall near the. enst end also fell in. As it happened none of the men were under the roof-or on the top of it. although they had been only a few oecondH he- Tore. Ifoya fihtht. ! r-;i - * Cr.-.r*-"- H •Sunday wit'j hi«: fi-'i •Id H. .W:ird. Mr.- ari'l Mi---. S family muturrit t'i •Of n few driy;s. Kf-ith H--r«i.i! wr.'i i erslty of I '.ij (!• 11. Mr. 'and Mr«<. !-V. rat-n Sali.ii-'!:iy I'l'-r n It. Attend. .Mr,-?. F, .«chi"-»l inflight ;>t V> ** tu !'. (ifneni (]]<i .Mr. nntl Mrs. I.f H rf-turm-d • hiifn<- fron trip spent in Cliirng, Misses Cfirrb- nnd Martha I.HiitK spent with friend* in iJixon. .Mr.*. I'enrl . Hrhnider en to Monday for a few IrlendH. Mis* T,a urn Men«ch find more ppent !;»*! ••venintr MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1916. This Week We Feature ; M,«A .Tnneihsr ,.'idrn:ifr-n;.|l. »"!;i«s irtff :' to I.', f - ricndrii-kN (mve their honeymoon . I)t>ti« Averill nrui Srttutday f-venltiij went to ihty.V vi-»il Kd.tvin Dun- with friends Mf. :ind Mr,«. H. T. Upborne ami Mr. and Mrs. F. .W. H»th motored to H»»ck- foni Haturd;»y arid visited over 8und.1y with friends. " .foseph Itheirtlinrt. who ha« been worklrm In Detroit, •Murh..' the p^st Mtiriirner has returm.<d.borne fur the winter, f iff movlnjr tortures Aciulcrnv In FROMAIM8 EBERSOLE. Annan Thumme! imx roccivotl a not? >m R«v. ArnoM Kh^rAolc, debated Bcpt. . at Chrintlnnn, Norway* where they -had arrived nftw a pawwiKr- of eleven from New York.. Al! well and L- yh p 'r_ ctmree-ls noxt .to Cop- Pcnmarlk. ami Hnali>* »o QUAIL IN CENTRAL PARK. Kllery Burr, miw fourteen t|tmll» Central nark Friday noon n» h KoliiK hum to dinner. As h* wan in the center of the pnTfc. Tall«riK witircuBto- «llan Charles Kill*, ho beard "Boh White" itltiiniy and upmi InuikiH)* fur the now discovered fourteen of them n short distance from thorn. Ain*t of J hem were yuunjjromMi, and Mr wtirl It would have' been n pretty •if K»mc hnd hi« been allowed to whoot thpin. How they happened to* Ret »ide of the- city llmltH without ob.terved IB a myatory. •« Ktlia Hoover nnd Anna Downs and MpMrt*. (iilbert ICmmitt and he- Boy Kmrnltt motored to starved Hock ami Deer 1'nrk Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd lloimemnn bnve returned to their buttle in Morrison after PpendltiK the week end with relatives In this eity. MISH Lurn I'ioe bus r< .mimed her dulk'-s as bookkeeper tit the Chenfer Dry Hoods .Store after Hevcral months ME iiito our *tor«? on your vrrvfiMl occasion nn<] sre the fairyland of fashion especially displayed for your approval. Autumn call* for the mont Ivwitehinfe ton!*, gmvng ntirl rlrrgses -nti<l the Hf-Ming Silkii blind with these styles nio»t admirably. ..Mr., U UIT in- being prlnonrrn in ramp and ll. toe wmrrnbercd that ' yearn atmlHtaKt pnxtor ctiufetrih n liospitnl. It Arnox wa« f ("cut nil BACK Mr. and FROM WEEK'S VISIT, A. P. Moore THI I. N. U. MOVED SATURDAY. The officoa of the Illinois Utilities blBpany were* 'moved Saturday Intead Sunday an it had been Intended, The Wing on Fourth street belonging to Or- O-F.7 -which-ft hamiswr for iy ywara 1» now vner.nt. The I. o. O. Will noon haw men at work pre- It for, a club room, a« it in tl tlun to 0(JrtrF~tt~ OTii» "ST. tfie Tflnff Tii 'BU'rHnKi'Ti : wi f*w days before the 1. ,'x. k ItUVU ItB now office nettled. WISHES TO LOCATE HERE. tenant Prybi-r^ of Connwny ' Bfytli of Mcijjmii iii a for a few days of Captain Ilnrr ; :Cullln« and family. He came wit team fur tho contest in very nmrh If he can wecuro hl» trade In SterllnK or Hock Kal* «rfhln IntontlunH to ma.ko this citj homo; "~ ' ; ; ' ~~ MAY RETAIN SYSTEM T tu 3 in favor of retain ~«y mem of ,i>ouH«var<! »pi Wit* given Friday, by the special itnlttee of Galena and Htcphftmun it property ownern, who made tin Btton of a nt«w «y«u»rn at Wlxon. (ommcudiitlon of the commit- to PmlHHlled )n a report that presented at the regular iniH>t- the council thlH TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. Oct. 1, 1808, n numhor of citizens «iited an anU-Hlavcry putttlou to legl«lnture of the territory of in- ntt, then inrludhm; Illinois. (>u o 0 t. Colonel do In Ha I me, a Frencli 0r, led n number of Frem-h net tiers diana from C'ahokia ami Vln- on nn nxpodllioti to attack UK »t Potrolt. . ty. They, went a* far north as and on the way back forced to slop a few day* at port on account of the bad roads made by recent ralriM. ATTENDED FUNERAL LouiHK lieckvylth. Ituth and ai'jJ.. M m Jolm Htuig«r. went to Dlxon thin afternoon to at- Send the funeral of Uobln Hart well. Just a year ago tho young ladlw went -^tTi;—«.,:! %#.,.. A »,, *• -.-. ».....:...,, ,,» * i.jjf al |- nn« A'l*. A. l«. Moore, reached were HterllriK vlnltorn Hunday wterllni; Saturday.afternowm^HH f oitf |—Ml** Kdith Phllleo, of War '•cock from a. week's auto trip and hn« been spending a few di vlHlt In eltic* north of Wblteslde com,, .sterling relative" ren.rneTl h t>. I hey. went «H far north as Wls- momiiiK. (^UIlHiiJ., |tll4l ---ft it— I l»n itrn v " * tt»i."*ti~—".i^"'™"" \ '•"*"1". ' "i ' »/__ " * • . ' ~ '_' " ' / . Qulnu, who hna (teen vlMltluj; m and ,Mr». M, M r Warner and unn, 'K. of I'roplietHtown, visited nt the home of Mr. and Mr*. II. K. Kidd .Saturday. the home of her Muter. Mrs Arthur ttourake. returned to her home in Chi'•/IKO Saturday. I'nul . Honnrman. who recently mjb-' mltted to an openttlon for uppendU eltis wan able to be down town Saturday. .Mr, and Mm John Hlc-hmond, Mr. and Mm Chan. Seely. Mrn. Ida Turk, and Alr«. -4-Jlht LawfHtn, of Frophetstown HterlltiK vlnltorn Hunday. who day* with home thlK .Vttenrj Mrs. F. it. \M\'H school tonlKht at \Voodninn halL i S to n, tJertt-ral dancing !i to I'i." •MI.HN Anielia KelloK. teacher In Morrlmin Hrhooj, nocompnnlotl ; Mao (inuidon homo Friday nlKht an ovt-r Sunday vl^lt.^,—A, -B.-Kmrnltf-iinct dauKhierM l-.'thel and l->llth, motored to illoilKcvlllo Hunday and culled friends. ._ KchwanK- and In Ltainpi. dfe.iign and color-comliinntion JiTPol ci|iir«l import,true to the outer trria). rnsliion's rrquirptiir-rils are fully '"';' '".the beauty nnd originality of Delding a Novelty Designs. These new tWdinrt Silka ate enou K K to rfclight the most discrimia«ting B« »uro to «ec them. Prices Range. From $1.25 to $2.50 New Woolen Dress Goods For Fall — t ^-broader assortment -anda larger showing than you'll usually find iiv a. city the size ol Sterling. Our stock comprises eyory-f^shionable, fabttc for" the making ot.the modish suit, dress or coat, and in all the most popular coloring's. Some of the most favored are: French Serges, Gabardines, Broadcloths, Chuddas, Poplins—50c to $2.50 yard. New Stripes and Plaids in 54 iiii-h \viilth' 65c trr $2.50. \\ r i "and H-ciircd MHMH nl Mlilr n.o\v. ft i r skirls nnd ronfs, priced at f roni low "cr jirit-cs tliitn woultl IK* pos- Wool Chaliies, in stripes and H^ures, all late fast colors. Priced at 50c and 60c yard. the for on RnlKht fallx in love with the wild sen • Hprite arid they ale married. i Friday raraniount present» Mnr- ' Kueiite C'arlc in "Afollv .Make Kelieve"i Mls<« (.'(ark is dclTSlitful ax the you UK '• Kirl of (be country who Hay* with (>••:'> Anna I.Inn led the Senior. The cafe. i'ii.i of cliiviy Jive on Friday iiiKht real- tl. tin. Thi> pledge* from varlinisi ''M for .St. John's India MiHsionary, RALLYDAY SERVICE H : ny ! " Di '' luiy - " r " l!ll<> -«'"' furt(J « THE CHURCHES )^ J.; bred. In every Sunday. in tin* I he ••« hi < AT the- Flrsi "Baptlit Clfurch SurTday Was Well Attended. RALLY SERVICES THE GLEANERS' CLUB The-Gleaiicrw' club will meet Turn- day evening with Mr«. Charles Fra*ler H Wi;ntHUi >itr«?«5l. All members to he pri>»<'hl place at Mrs.. Mrs, inko plaec sit this William I^yfli !T will r In «-nter tain Ing. MISSIONARVTSOCIETY Helen ...„ ......-,.,-..-.- ,-ii'niJ. lielhl motored to Oregon Sun- Harry •lay. *'r». Knrr, corset maker, will Mr«. D. W. Phclitn. 207 .Sixth a on October 2nd tto fith. Urdi-rs tiecond ami third ean ho flite.l week. be at taken. elety of the 8t John'* Lutheran ehureh will jm-ft thlw ovenliuf with Miss Myr- w on . _.. to bo prenent and Ti aorial time will enjoyid after tho meeting. BUYS OUT GEORGE MILNE Utter ordi«r» for Kehriiary, »Jr.:an«J Mr», JoBhua Sel<le». Josephine Harden and Mr, Jitul Mm Fnink aniehllnn, motored to Hrlo .Sumlay~«nd viniled frleml*. ', ~A--hrokPii water nm7iT~on~T'our r th Hlreet. In front, of the Haer motorcycl.? «hop. wa« dlHcovered Sunday morning. It wan. left running until todayj '""'" that eontlnunl ttirnltiK away from tho prompiin K M ,,f ti,,, ||idy Spirit, which re*!ilt« in a h«f«.<enlHK of one's touch with (ioil. an in.llfferenoe to the clalmH of ChfiMt and. tlmilly a t'alloumiejt of the Spiritual nature which render« thn wuf-tmnhln- r-vvir-lii the "firee~of tleaTTi" jt'i place Itself in the care of (J.ttt and • receive foi^iv.-n,-sM for ulnk The wer- 'ctUhuMiaHllir offortH Sunday at the indicative of j xupport of! ofu tin; tui|»illar 1-t'iiHv. tin- yi.nnisr idled with ' -itt-rrst. On Saturday Mutr M«rr,vmoro jn> . "li The story dcai." with TTf mlirnntl man,' ar pri-HeiitM I,!om-i, in'H l>ivorn\" ! the (Invotioii of? new had to Mr. .lenkiiiM 1 cl.'iKH captured the prize both fur larta'.-u iitteiuUiuro mur for ynunc imxtor. Hev. C. M. Irwin, whose •n«-rm»ns havi«"aircady beKun to attract city wide attention mid favorable comment from all (luarterx. The inorn* t»rvit'i>s were esin-claliy well "«l-w;«y« been iiiulerntnnd by many who, are 'familiar with many other f«t- ttircM of ChrS.sUsin i>«.>.- CALVARFjBAPTIST Wlilan Stephun, of who «pent tho week end with her aia- ter. MTH. l''re«l Wanner tit Axhron i !r Harl JHiivrln, owne.r of tho. blllard l rlvetl ll( " r <! I'ist nljiht for a visit with all and bowltiiR alley on Ka«.t Thlnl '" >r parent*, Mr, and Mrw. J, F. Steph- tn-fit, has purchnNed the bowliriR al- """• of GtWKO. Mllne'M In the Academy Hobert J. Hi'Id, who conductM a board dock and took POHHCHHIOII thin morning. |" f ""ado in thin .city, returned here to. Ir. Janvrlu expt'ctH to run both placeH. f (la y " flt *' < « flevora) days Hon. Jarvia Olnsmoor Spoke on New Eight Hour Law. Tin: service* wer» well attended ye:«- VjntrronKed hid t'cwca Umt ....lie .. wlf»-'n :ii:u» ......... i TRINITY CHURCH . At the morning hour of-worwhlii the preached one of hl« good K i-frniiMiN from tin- test, "AN tlioii |>cr^uade,«t me to be a Chris- Vaudetto tonight I-iist Lyiuie « Oorharn of Dlxon called 1 iSl,-i hero Sunday. O*cur Wolfo and family, of Walnut In this city shopping Saturday, Kd Dt'vine and I IT In o'Mallo' ' of Dixort calleil on friend* hero Sunday Ilii'Bh and Thoma* (Mirran'of Dixon were ealiers hern Sumlay. . . , , John Vnilo and William Unit of Olson called on friends hero Sunday. IX J". Munii returned to hi* work In Chicago today after a-hhort vi*lt'wMh hi'8 family in thin city. the- bcilMlclo-tif his Kister. who lives at ill, she )« very poorly and not expected to survive ninny day*. upbraidi-ii Kc-llovin?; ' he, i'liio a'11-1 after •commliH «ul- Bulit'y -of. tlh- the reKpousi- "AMUSEMENTS „ GRAND THEATER The proKrum for fh| H week, at the i i ra nil theatoi |M ns folio WH: On Monday the TrlaiiKl« presents Mu<« .MurNh.und IJobort Murron In a •'Wild Uitl of th» HiPrraH." Its where « sir} - who IIHH renred herwlf *ilnni< among wild hciuun In the luiirt of tho m»4—IH-TI fft»rrti^(—ttrn—i ^ ire. crluit i'iltty for h ;i'-I dl.n ippenrn. 11 l-eiievod to tic uejul, l-ut iiiHi>.ad int'a preciirious exUtcntv along N'ew York Water "front-' whither he iicd int-Midiim to take i l-ip -to 'fan school. Th ft i rm rt 11 y - or An for Underwear At end week Hcrmillcrs' | They sell the .utatidard adver- isJbU- t? w: Cooper's Kenosha Klosed Crotch Union Suits f J.OQ to i|S.OO iigh Rock shirts w drawers, - 50c Wright Health JO Hpent Ha'turdHy hero. Mitts Minnie JohiiHon tipe-nt tin with frionda in Hockford. Loiilw Markey, of MOIT|HOU, Friday ovenlnn hei;H t .jyltlL frlendK. Dr. F. W. 1'Jfjkey went tu ProphotM- town on bii.siiK>s KnlurdXiy. Frank. Ward Hpont HifUirUuy in Itock- ford on butilni-MH. Attend Mr»! P. li. Jloii'i) danclnj,- Hohool toniKht at Woodman hull. Clus/j to U. iJenprul dancing U to 12 » and Mrs. VVIIIlttin HIckH*' of Alor- were SterlltiK vlnitorM Kuturday. .Mr«. William Miller, who-hn« been very nick IH Hh>wly Improving. Mr, nnd Mrs. ICurl Martin «pent the day in Chicago. William J<oftuM. of. ']>lxon. called, on fllendM here Humuiy, ' Mr«. Wilhuiu Tlfl wertt to ^Chicago today for it Mhort vl«H with frletidit. 1'. J)emer«l. of Dixon, attended the ball Kuiue .Sunday. ,Mr«. J. K. Donicky nnd Misuyfttarthtt Clark Mpi*tft the di'iy in ChlcagoV Mr, and Mr«. Klwood and ^rmtlyTnotm'cd to~Mi, r i iirrnn~Sujiiil(Ty" Charles Woofer, of Am hoy, eullcci »n 1'iii-ndH hero last evening, FtnididuiT niovuiK pictutcs Aeudfinv «,tniKht,* Frank Fariiiim, of Dixon, hpent fclun- Hitll flleMdn Urtbia city, ' eontHtfct table milliner H ( ,f tuu« who hnd never lu«for« seen n drlnltiug nip with HUMP of nthi»i'» practiced in the malign way« of tho knife- and , fork. After nuituro conKlileriitlon v*v tltink "MjHlrry <ty C. A, Turner, of Dlxon. culled on rit'inlh beve Suiubiy Mish" Helen .shfiinun of Twin Fa'i.H, lulu., i.s u KI,,. N( ,, ( ,| u . j, ome , >r N(r ' ml MI-M, A. 1, Hcckmnu. I 1 ' I 1 ' IhH-km.iu mill nephew, U-cm- id Ili'cknian, Kpciit Uie il:iy' on the livKnuui» nt-ai' Dixon. Vincent llftkman of Chicano Iw I'K- M-.-iiiiini; (JJ.H vacation vv'uh' Ut'lltM Mi--' < U'.irior niiln> tiiiiu ,i >,c\ei,il i ftli-t'-ls ;ind |i-|.itiv.-.. In All' .!»!•! .\'i ' ,| K «';.ll|iiVMiV ; ^'' '"i \'i-. i; -, ii in^..ii iiu'toi-. /i IIIK elHe, we prefer th<> Imrlmrlun prln- Hpl« pf direct from 'th. - - - - t,o the conmmer, ^Iwo bank In a comedy entitled of the U'Hpliuf Fltih," On Tuendny the Faramouiit pr»»Hontt* Clt-o Uhlglcy nnd Wallace lleid in "Tho U,yv Mask," Tluy uppi'tir. together aa co-juurs In n ne.vv production l»"y (he "Jct.«j« I,. Ijtsky feature pluy company, eiitltli'tt "Tho l«ove MjiHk." A Kilppinj? wentern dr.ima •n by Cc,-i| |i. DcMllle HIM) JcuiUc 1 hfison. Mr. Hldgley hus bi-eu bowing- beforu photoplay lovers for several ywnn, Mr. |{eid'« iimut len'l bclo|i> lie, became a wai* lit Htippoii or <;«iraldini> F«r- mr Iii the prodiiciiuii of "C«r- nieu." ^'Ui' Wcdhiaday tho Triaug|«i prchentt. \ ".'lufea^iTce " This ~Ts~Ti"TlTainTr frum Ihe pim of Monte M. K-itleijohn fiiul IM it tale uj Kentucky mountain !Vud- ixts MM.| (MM IK en tiamllcd \\Hti (hi- rfulUni i hiiiactcrt.Mtc j.if ince | mdnc- tiOIIM ItH 111,Iliy IctlM" MCl-ll.-h .11',' flUlncd ill fcettlUKS |,|" MHUHIUll 'pit - tiH'CMiucncJ-s. iliUK 1'uinliliii n_; (HI ol tlu^ rnoht liniiiiiintit elcuit-uis in photoplay pro.luctl >n 'llin Uctiiuin." i»s •)M nailie oJ ll.if Ko.vstoim tonu<lv for ilu- day. VAUDETTE THEATER ' extra ulron^ program bus I fit the Vaiulette thoater every day'thi« week, gtnrting with Tlu'-da Itara, who In (o*c«« U'ilMain l-'ox in Ihu worldV lov« drama, "Kant Lynne." B.-aiitliu fiCttliigH. Hct-nery and photoi;raph,v wjth w^eneB laid in Kngland mak*' Mi-H. Henry Wood'« 'immortal Tonianc of~-love, • half* and amblttoiv nui< of th< 8i''aHon's photoplays jsith^Lhc not- abto tujsi \»f,' Btitgo biKtory,. Tlu-dji -Hrtrttr- Hrn~ Dr-rlj"; >tT-rm"t~ Jli-lllii s C|H,|I-M Whitney, Wm. Tookcr, 8tan- Whwitrn.ft, l|. F. Hoffman, Jn« O'Connor. Hmitv Fif/.ory. Ixjel Stevv- irt. ICIricnn Sttnvart, Aluo u Heauiy comedy, "I.oht -mil Found." Matinei' TTV-TI it^in -I si~"i iigl f t7"7~riT"T I. Tuenday rmhf pri'.senKs a piny that will long b« remembered by thoxc who «!>(« It, "Th<! Shrine of" a livo part Hold u.nmter play, all hand coloicd Marnmt the beatitilul film rliir, .lacliie Saumlern. Wiltimn Conk- tin, Faul (illtnorc and large c.ixt of J'liiJ'i'IS. Al«o oilv reel travel MM lc#.' -il.'itlin'e :' and ;!:!,". night. 7 to )J. WeducMiay 8t«rtH with vainlfvllle, ihieo h!t?h class iit-tH. novelty and comedy. 'AKo thrte feature, "The Hidden Face," a. niy.-itcry htiuy, Alp.\'iiulvt' Ufuleii and Iva KvMiing shows, 7 and u. Thursday, vaudeville, thren gtv»t .ictH and AmcriiHi; prewntH Vivian lUcli and KliiK CluiU in "Tl-o Dancer." iv wotidetful «tory with thrilling • ctiue.w Also Ht-auty coined v and cx- Was Beautifully Decorated For the Rally Service Sunday. The 'Itally Day wcrvicc lu>id yejiter- ""*'"}day at the Trinity I'nitcd KvaitKeliivil ' ls |church proved to' be a Breat wiicrews. i-kw i Thciv vvi'i'i- 1'Ji' present in .Sunday 'b''|.s,-hool with an ofierinK of fli.Ol. 1 Tho ^•'" j .church wan bcinftlfully decorat<'d with flow-em and follnge. The program was well givMi -mid- cijjoycil hy all. The new nchool oi'clii-Htni, waw a feature that vvri.H of to all. The program wa« given -by a representation Of t|l(> fl'Vl'I'll) c||tKK>->K. Hcv. It. It, Schnltxe, president cl.lcr of, ihis l ti»tri(-t, 'preached nt the even- 4n^ H»-rvi«'n and conducted the communion iU'l'V'lce. • -.. .V Cottage 'prayer .nieeltngx ure to bo held on Tuend;iy evening at l!n- fol- IOVVIUK placc-s: Mrs, (leu. Hill. PH nth Avc,, Aaron I'JxhIeniaii. !i07 .|ih Ave., C. ICinob•. goj W. -Itb .St.. to vvlilcii llic niembciHiriTlTTric'iiii.-. arc imifni tlt a( . j rcnu-mlii'icd Itegnlar pra>er meeting at the on Thursday evening at 7.'3d Itible .hy thir the following officer*: 1'rc.sldimt, Scott William*; Vice 1'rcHident, W. 11. ChidHtone: Sccre-tnry and" Treasurer, |'rc<*- tou (ilHtlKtoue, The*e men will form the executive committee, nnd will meet with the pa*tor. teacher of the clati*, and foriiuilatu planw, a|>point cuiiiniii- If'im. etc. .......... '.'--. ------- '•'-"'--Tho rnorniiiK *ei vice found the church wdl tllli'd 'with woi'Khlpper*. Thcl pulpit platform anil choir loft were] re,- plendent wltli autumn flowers, co*. ! nios. daisi-M and anter.s predominatins. tian!" ..Th TcTel pi-ople'H and nehvlfe VVHM niont church Inter- helpful. The was nearly filled with t'Kted 'li«ii'Uer.-<. Hon. .((irvix Hpoke of the conditloiiK that havt« exlwteil for yearn, with no one appar eiitly knowing what WUH the rnuttcr but that all rcallxcd that Homethlns vya» wroiiK. So *onto two ycarH a>;n a i'ommi.s^lon u.i.s .nppoliitfii by eon- KreHM to imestigrtte mid make a re| port. All that wiiM fouiul out him not ! bwn Klven to the public but thin .has | been learned: That two per cent of wan furni*hedy by a ipmr- j lent), church p, in. Kovival'tneHirigK will commence on .Sunday. ,fJet. Sth with a week ot prayer aiut preparation. Ira HI e film (.tors and in 11 j'l Snllv, the c-m | "cniu* *<enlH Ma Sdnmtl in "rniline. Mir t ft ut itfd I'iV VI Ml Cbic-,i.:o S.H- ^ tic CIHllillllcii fdlt'St ill Kt'iil'Clr ot :tl« vi'iilure There lit' linds liisf \\oilcilv I H.ttcHM IM he U' iu> and Ju- is i itiiiiiiindt'd to rf.t torih ami llinl t'n in-. i ( li. $2-00 _ I*, I, Klut,i-i •I -h. In hi- iil_Leey IVJittt-' i i.if.'Vi'l liv (hi ..II i - .11 n 1 , ••' h--\ .-.I h> ||i.| f in tn-r |i.i\ »nt; •i •> -HI lit! ii.l. ed v, "I'u's Family Tree" Ft bin y start* new vaudeville hill of Ihicc .i<-ts, Alhu »xtra xviiij imr u-^. lilar hbovv at MiUiu * (ulifiiAilon, «,' will hho'A the Hi,it cplidtdii ol "Tin- Ycl'ovv Mci'iH-e," a, pliotopluy tlil'u i;, better i lain tint i opul-tr "lion c|.t,\" j 4 \\hat ^ would >ou dn ii' you i-aw u j Jap pull' tliiun tl-»» Atneman iln-» »n,|I tear it to pieces and then run up Uie Jap Hag, ,Sft« tin- poll. - and M-cteij M'lvlco nun trvtng fo catch All Singh i tliw AMMIC XJuindcrboli. All ^IUK!I'.S, int'KKaie "Wo_ vvili crunildn to tin-' diif<t thi' ptttie unit povvT'r of that of tlu» V* 1 -*-!. \m<il.M dcitb ttt tin white devil-" _/H(,iiHi>u Kil«in-Sl"C- ST. JOHNVS CHURCH Another Fine Day 'of Service Hold By Lutherani. Not a rally day, hut a fiv.-*h (ictobi-r nuruing i ailed .voting and old to .the t>lor«, Mcctetary I-oijit. stcira n-poiilug I!) in attt-uduncc. 13 ort'tceix I'S teitcb. r,s, plTerinK 112.87, Plahs live, Mr. Ha.r- !«, J,-<»V»- nearl> olie-fmirlh of thi-s^ S'caily 2»i> in the VMiiouu tulult cluns- f*. Hi'tncf J-<triH-li'?i, ttiiM (ouj. buii-d with mother and In- ^u vvith Ml>.. Stiock in ctaos* 13, Churltw Keuicl tulkh of Cnlifornw, and bin rcjuilar fact- will !n» tniHMd m the «-|.'i,-<:.. Coiiiniuuloii in chinch iiiul (ho htm. dici| purlooU nl' the .sao'itd i'iuhtein\ •lohii ShunijiKcr, -1'ite ot XJHII l-haiiKe-, and M'lW.s Amy ami AddTe ,Sivi!.M vvcio .itUuittid l«i iiH'iniififHliip. The -th^Hir^-titi+rj-r: of-Atr;'Trnti"]Mr*r, T*liaiT« ; >r Foster, aiul Mi. and Mis ' Hari.v 1". t- tjs'nu, -vvui' b.ipti-<id. Mi\s Iji'ir.i • ilaehiiim and Mis I'earl ,S ( ( ,J,.| OraehUng "-.'in.: pttiiou-i lamn of Ch.uh'M \\c-l--v •ic^iis, )st\( i- |,f un soul. '"•^IIV II \, 1-1( d in tin- i mil' I mini li will meet on Tiii-iil o hu hi. in-,(>-,t-l <if Moud_iv. Ayhon ThumiiK-l •>-.|n|i it j • ocldy toot M\| lie Kulnj. ! il cin If witii Min The miiMic it .-He •choir, led by .Secretary Uoy A. Crawford, and . vviiB admlranle. Minn Kntinu I'.Dhsoii WJVH the noprano, MIH'H .lain* Ward, contralto, .l/imea Woodanl, basK, and |{oy A. Crawford, tenor, Their fiiithem, "My Soul Hhull He Joyful," was beautiful, and the duet by Mi, »Xriwftn-fl and Mih'-s Ward, "i Heard the Poii'e of ,le.siit! Hay." will long be TP £>i 11 "of the iii 7751 en« io,vaiii»> miihical iiitmbcrM heard In the chuith in recent year«. At the evening service the quartette wing, "(llv Thanks the people of the I', S, owned Kisty-lwo the r.nto tint Lord." and a dm* peculiar cliuriu, entitled, t'When II U"i'. l HI Mil and Mta-s AVard. Mi.^n HoHoob luiHc voice of wlngular Hwe«'inehH, rich tun tutflicifiitly powerful to 1)11 the uudltoriiiru vvilh her wdi inodulatei tones. Miss Winl'H \vond»rful ron traltti never falla to bring pleawuro t ( her ht'uri'rtt and she VVIIH in exci'llen voice ye.Merday. It JM H huppy cumBt.nice t'luit the four voices uf thlH ijuurtetlo have beet trained to work HO perfectly together and all who heard them Hunduy hop« to rcpi-ut tho iileiiHiire frenuently. Tho organ ucrotnuunlmcnto by Mr*«. huella Head, added apprtu-lably to of the day. Heforw UK 1 Mrs. Hcud gave UK u prelude, u program of organ ttclerttyn* that .wen admirably rcni|i-fe(i. The ntoiniiiK .sermon VVIIH on 'tin- stlrrntg declaration tjf Jo,sbua, "Clioowe l_t-_i!-!fL .-± y wtu 'm yo will xerve. As I SMI iht- and my hou-c, vvc will hcrve . Ihc Lord." It vva^ u pleu for | cue wed I l"\.iH.v - lu tlu>,i hurch on the part of llho.M- who ovvi u alh'giuncc, am) u cull tor a definite *tund on the" part of tlui.s" whit- bavv thu-s t«r fulled to jnake a cliou'e. The valiant and vlgprnii.* lend- <r of lsiai-1 of old WUM hclil up as an r.vunple for_i|io Israel id' todaj lu follow, aiul Were c.ititioiK-il against cboo,s- lti« In bow down to the npiijtin gods t'f vvculth, pletiMliv, powi-r and woclal dl-stllif tloli Which oiler dl^IiactloliK none Uie | ( ..^ tle.slnu live to modern life th il.i Uie allurcriien'-, of ft.-t- IM|<V ,.f l.e,jthciUilU \Vcn- ID the sill- Hilt-. '£frr<-p i.-t-'i s evening ^. uas ,t 'f In-* expljin itii.ti of the per cent of the wealth of thlit country.! That of a lau»;e number of famllieg ' ron.slMtni; df ijvc. two-tiilnlH of the'' numbiT invcHiigiited were Hying off of $750 per year, while. tbt< otliur l,hhd HUtiMiHtod upon much U»KM. That'one limn \V;IH worth a billion dollarx, and that eleven then had three billon dollars. »so ii j,H apparent that thon*-is 7r-miria<t.3ufirnir'ni of xucuial inul iubor. The ox tli'ii IK (icadiiu; out ihn grain, contniry to divine precept JH being inux/leil. A few IIKO live bun-i died thotuuind people petLtioned for shorter IMMIIH of work. The prenident of thr-Fnitrrt MtiitPBTntlprt thosir tiFfiinr of forponitioiiH together for n confer- enctv Hut not nioeUiiK wlth-the de- Hired result, he wt'iit beti»ro congrt»M and Heeutcd the '| anwuKe of the t'ijjbt hour law. It wan u bold Htroko and il will take Unit' to reveal whvthor or not it VVIIH u wine M»»P. It In un ex- IH-rinient in ti». fight direction," Tlie- iuldfchM w4» well rtH'Hvml and very favorably commented upon by (h»j Uliilirlli-e. NVxi Hunilay there vVIII ho a lives topic with a Ihe wire to dihcudH It. Ir VVIIH reported yesterday that the ircuw Hocicty bud wold Uu'lr name jullt (Uut they had exhibited at tht- {ock Falls corn cainivni, for UMI ilol- 4 REAL ESTATE LOANS First Mortgage Investment* Carefully selected. Kurin Mori- KaKt'd lepii-Kelit the bigla-BI i)'l'« ot a' eurity. The iucoinn • is greater than (iiat of any other illVf^UllCUt Ofl'elSIIK U Ii W O I U I fi .safety. Interest and- principal tolleiicil «win-ill ehargi*. JOHN M. STAOEB Law Offic« Stager 4. Stager H, T. FBEOUISON . , INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 tu a por ceni Kxctapt front Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lswronce BIdg. Sterling, III. ~«'tf»?-4n-t niiit 'Mi —L- U 111 ( PEAKS! PBArtS! "f t HIP -i I li.lili .< pi , t ; !lo( i { v * , 'ni|i. i U 'II •I t i J- t.-A-t^ti*, -**-*, W--4 iJ.OfiM^ , Attorney «t Law MONEY TO LOAN n Hciil Kstuto Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE Jidy., Sterling, III. -».f.i f-

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