The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on September 28, 1922 · 14
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 14

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1922
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t THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 28 1922 Child-birth Valuable Cluitrated Bode Sent Fra Cow thoueands of women fey tba simple method of a eminent physician have avoided unnecessary miseries throughjnany months and up to the moment Baby bat are need is fully explained In the remarkable book ‘Motherhood and the Baby" Telia also what to da betors and after! baby eomte probable date of birth babyj rules etc and about ‘Mother's Friend" used by three generation of mother and sold in all drug store everywhere ‘Mother's Friend" is applied externally la safe free from narcotics permits sailer natural readjustment of muscles and nerves during expectancy and child-Wrth Etart using it todsy Mrs E E Kerger Fleyton Minn aayst "It pulled tne through" Send for book today to Bradfleld Regulator Co BA-85 Atlanta Ga "Mother's Friend" U old at all drug lores Ask your barber for a Stacomb rob The Hair Behaves When You Apply Stacomb No matter how contrary your hair may have been it will stay combed as you comb it with Stacomb As you comb it in the morning so it slays all day Stacomb after a Shampoo restores the natural oils Then Send for free Brain Fag Or Just Plain Backache? AN office chair must first of all be comfortable then correct in design and appearance and finally substantial No doubt yob have often wished for an office chair that just seemed to fit you that is always easy and comfortable ' In B L Marble office chairs these qualities are perfected They fit the body have style and grace of line that add to file appearance of your office and are constructed for long service CHARACTER COMFORT QUALITY POUND & MOORE CO STATIONERS — OFFICE OUTFITTERS — PRINTERS Thirsty WH ? ! j A Slogan Known From Coast to Coast The Largest Selling Fruit Beverage in the World 1 An Unusual Opportunity is offered to one or more individuals to form a Whistle Bottling company and handle the exclusive distribution of Whistle for Charlotte N C and its environments For full particulars call or write MR S P KRAKER Sales Manager Whistle Company of the Carolinas Phone 776 605 W 9th St Charlotte N C Pithy 'Paragraphs If brevity Is the soul of wit spontaneity must be its alter ego Spontaneity is the pinch hitter who lines out a jest with the bases full and brings a roar from the bleachers That's the key to success in this column of colossal cleverness Contributors have been going their rivals one better in the spontaneous play of humor and have In this way kept the lamp burning brightly Have you a quick wit a gift of humor that keeps you on the bright side? It is a gift but it is also a grace that ehould be cultivated The Pithy Paragraphs editor is giving you the chance you need Two pairs of tickets to the Broadway theater are given daily for the two best contributions to this column and for every joke or Jingle selected for the ' Pithy Paragraph screen at the Broadway a prize of $5 is awarded Address your contributions to the Pithy Paragraphs Editor Observer Charlotte N C but don't waste postage sending Jokes clipped from some magazine or newspaper Winners get their tickets by calling at The Observer business office If some people who write and never win Would form the habit of reading this they might win some time First Prize A woman is very much like a kettle if you come to think of It She sings away so pleasantly then she stops and when you least expect it comb your hair as easily and as neatly as before These natural oils good for hair and scalp are absorbed by the hair and scalp Docs not show — not a liquid leaves hair soft and glossy Women too will find Stacomb of great assistance folder which i Makes the Hair Stay Combed STANDARD LABORATORIES Inc 1 3J Mi'nforl Avenue I o A nrifs (a'I? JUST she boils over — Earline Cousart Ctty Second Prize A book agent came to Milwaukee He had traveled wide and far Said he “Can I sell you Shakespeare?” To the man behind the bar But the barkeeper answered “Net-- fer For I know alretty yet Dot our Schlitz beer and our Pabst beer Beats your Shakee beer you can bet" —Tom Scarboro Bessemer City A passenger on a New York and Chicago limited train upon looking under his berth in the morning found one black shoe and one tan shoe He called the Porter’s attention to the error The porter scratched his wooly head in bewilderment “Well and don’t dat beat all!” he said "dat’s de second time dls morn-in’ dat 'dat mistake's happened” “Isn’t that your roommate over there kidding that colored dame?" "Oh blgosh I just knew he’1 make a fool of himself If he ever went out alone He’s color blind ya know’’ — Tom Scarboro Bessemer City N C “Love me love my dog” quoth the homely heiress “After proposing to her making love to the dog will be easy” thought the suitor but he did not say It — Tom Scarboro Bessemer City N C — — Mrs Cobb: “Was the grocer’s boy Impudent to you again when you telephoned your order thig morning?’’ Cook: “Yes Mrs Cobb he was that but I fixed him this time I sez "who the do you think you’re talkin’ to? This is Mrs Cobb" Senior: "Aren't you Owen Jones?” Soph: “Hell yes I’m owing everybody here"— T W S Bessemer C'ty - A quack doctor was holding forth about his medicines to a rural audience Yes gentlemen" he said 1 have sold these pills for over 25 years and never heard a word of complaint “Now what does that prove?’’ - ’ From a voice in the crowd came: “Dead men tell no tales "r-Frank Perry Gastonia N C Green: "Has the circus arrived In town yet?" Prown: “No” - ’ Green: "But what’s all the com-motlon over at the railroad station?" Brown: “The elephants sent their trunks on ahead”— Tom Scarboro Bessemer City N C ’ e — Pat fell from the fourth story of a building and caught ' telephone wires on hU way down Mike ran for a ladder to get him down When he got back Pat was lying In a heap on the sidewalk -"An why didn’t ye hang on?" said Mike' l “I was afraid them wires would break)” replied Pat”— Tom Scarboro Bessemer City X C More D'dya’s Did you ever see a board walk? Did you ever see a honey-Comb her hair? t Did you ever see a water-pitcher? Did you ever eee a boxing glove? T wonder what did Arti-choke? Did you ever see a pillow slip? Who did the yard stick? What did the tooth pick? Do toll me is the ink-well? Did you ever see a base-ball bat? What trouble did Teddy bear?— Tom Scarboro Bessemer City N C The teacher after trying in every way to Interest four little stupid boys bi ought four eggs to school one lav and In way of explanation said: “Now children let’s play that we are chickens and see what we are going to hatch out to be" After waiting some time Johnnie raised h's hard: Teacher: Well Johnnie what have you hatched? Johnnie: A lawyer Teacher: That's fine How about Jimmie? Jimmie: A doctor Teacher: Good Now you James James: A preacher Summle did not raise his hand and she finally asked “Sammie haven’t you hatched yet?” Sammie: Naw I’m a bad egg! —Miss Anna Lea Charlotte N C He — We will kiss and make up She — Well be careful and I won’t have to — Earline Cousart "It the vegetables had a race who would win?" “The cabb ige because It would come out a head” — Mrs Joe Miller I went into the library ' Not bent on getting books I trailed a little flapper in Because I liked her looks I know I am a lemon Still I did not hesitate I went up to the little peach And came out with a date ’ — Mrs Joe Miller Love — the only ailment that is incurable that Is desirable — Mrs Joe Miller A young couple was on the porch and had arrived at the proposal state John— “Mary let’s get married " Maiy— “John who'd have us?” If a man(and his wife ate a Jay what would’ their telephone number be? (Two ate orfe Jay) 281-J' What does a lawyer do when he dies? He lies still - She— When we were married you said I would always remain the same to you He— Yes and I meant it She— You certainly did I haven’t had a change of clothes since — Ear-line Cousart Gentleman (st door) Is May in? Maid (haughtily) May who? Gentleman (peeved) Mayonnaise Maid (Shutting the door) Mayonnaise Is dressing — Miss Anna Lea Charlotte N C If your religion doesn't change you you had better change your religion — Earline Cousart A fly and a flea in a flue were imprisoned Now what would they do? Said the fly: “Let us flee!" "Let us fly” said the flea — so they flew through a flaw In the flue Why is a young man visiting his sweetheart like the growth of a successful newspaper? His visits commenced on a weekly grow to be a trl-weekly and thqn became dally with a Sunday supplement— Mrs M A Ware Kings Mountain N C “MANSLAUGHTER” OPENS AT THE IMPERIAL FOR WEEK Intensely Dramatic Romance Dealing With Problems of Modern Society Life An intensely dramatic romance showing up society’s jazz life and having as a principal character one who chose duty instead of love ’’Manslaughter’’ is boing presented at the Imperial theater The picture is one of the strongest that has appeared in Charlotte in some time and is one that appeals to the entire audience It is one picture that has not been over-rated and the words Of the famous Saturday Evening Post story are faithfully brought to life in the movie interpretation The principal characters are a young society girl with so ’ much money that she prefers giving a diamond bracelet to a policeman rather than pay a small fine for speeding! the young district attorney of the county who chooses to follow the path of duty and prosecutes the girl he loves for manslaughter and the maid who is forced to steal for her sick child The picture is intensely human dramatic in spots and thoroughly interesting The players featured are Thomas Meighan Leatrire Joy and Lois Wilson Other well-known players in the east are John Miltem George Fawcett Julia Faye Edythe Chapman Jack Mower Casson Ferguson Dorothy Cumming Mickey Moore James Neill and Svlvla Ashton CONVICT STABBED BY BROTHER-IN-LAW DIES Special to The Observer ‘ GREENSBORO Sept 27— Henry Martin a negro convict today succumbed to wounds received Monday when h was stabbed In the head with an ice pick His brother-in-law Claude Tyson charged with the stabbing was placed In the county jail Martin was serving a flve-year sentence on the county roads for murder He had stopped in front of his house here while driving one of the county wagons and was quarreling with his wife when her brother it is said came up and took a hand ABOVE la illustrated almost exactly a suite of four pieces dresser bed with bow ends vanity ad chlrctte which v we are offering' at a special CASH price of $21285 L HEDGECOCK BANK CASE BE HEARD IN OCTOBER Liquor Case Nolfe Prossed Because of Absence of “Detective” Who ' Arraigned Them I Special to The Observer GREENSBORO Sept 2?— Failure of an outside liquor "detective" to show up in Guilford superior court here 'today caused the solicitor J L Bower to nol pros five liquor cases making a total of 11 thrown out that the outsider had worked up Solicitor Bower stated that he would not believe the detective and would not expect the Jury to do eq It was announced today that the embezzlement and mieapproprlatlpn cases against Basil H HedgecocK who was cashier of'the Home Savings bank of High point until It failed last April 23-will be tried at a special term of court in October the cases to start on October 5 At the same time trial of charges of aiding Iledgecock against Arnold Huff thea'er man of High Point and 'Will Switzer a merchant there will be started r CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DINING HALL TO OPEN The first luncheon tobe served at the Chamber of Commeree since the recent fire at the Carolina Sporting Goods company's store will be served to the Klwanians at their weekly luncheon Thursday according to an announcement by Clarence O Kuee-ter secretary of the organization For the past five weeks all of the luncheons and dinners served by the Chamber of Commeree have been in the dining rooms of the Second Presbyterian church The offlctals of the Chamber of Commerce have extended a vote of thanks to the Second Presbyterian church for the courtesies shown during the period in which the Chamber of Commerce dining rooms could not he used RESERVATIONS ARE MADE FOR NEW ORLEANS TRIP Seventy-five members of the Hornets’ Nest post of the American legion have made reservations for the trip to the national convention to be held in New Orleans according to Thomas L Alexander adjutant of the local post who Is handling the reservations for the trip The reservation books will be closed ’ October 5 Mr Alexander stated yesterday The train will be made up of standard pullman cars and will leave Charlotte Saturday night October 14 returning Octbber 21 The legionnaires will use th cars for sleeping purposes while they are in New Orleans ‘ DUES FI Apply honMt! -STINGS Apply wat baking oda or household ammonia followed by s VapoBuu Over IT Million Jan laecf Fearft’ EDROOM FURNITURE YOU WILL LIKE ' ' ‘ t - v Y SELECTING FURNITURE is ALWAYS ONE OF THE ' MOST ENJOYABLE THINGS A PERSON CAN DO AND NOW THE LOW PRICES ADD MORE PLEASURE TO THIS PHASE OF DECORATING A HOUSE ADDING TO THE DELIGHT OF SELECTING FURNITURE WHICH IS TO BE HAD AT MORE ATTRACTIVE PRICES IS THE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING THE EXTENSIVE STOCKS OF SMITH’S FURNITURE FROM WHICH TO SELECT WE PRIDE OURSELVES ' THIS YEAR ON THE UNUSUALLY COMPLETE AR-RAY OF BEDROOM FURNITURE WE ARE SHOW- PLAN NEW DRUG STORE ON ELIZABETH AVENUE Rlmmer Brothers Expect to Open Elizabeth Drug Company Store In November a — A new drug sti re to be called the Elizabeth Biug company Is to be located in the new building being erected on Elizabeth avenue opposite the Central high school according to an announcement The owners of the new company will be E F Rfmmer part owner of the E F Rlmmer Drug company and Ralph Rlmmer his brother Ralp Rlmmer who Is a chemist with the American Aluminum company at Badln will not be actively connected with the firm It la thought that the new store will be ready for opening about the first of November It will be equipped with the latest drug store fixtures to be supplied by the H M Wade Manufacturing company E F Rlmmer who has been in the city several years was formerly connected with Beatty's store on Park avenue Borne time ago he bought the store and has been conducting it under the name of the E F Rlmmer Drug company TAYLORSVILLE LAUNCHES MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENTS v TAYLORSVILLE Sept 27— Preliminary work for the construction of the new proposed water and sewerage system for Taylorsville was launched here yesterday when a 'crew of laborers from Charlotta started cutting a ditch for the water main on Main street The Electrical Construction Co Inc of Charlotte has been awardod the contract to Install both systems at a coBt of 168412 Since the state highway project plying from Statesville through the town of Taylorsville to Lenoir is under course of repairs preparatory to being hard surfaced the contrae- tors for these two systems are anxious to complete laying of all pipe lines along this thoroughfare within the city limits so as to not conflict with the completion of Alexander’s new hard surfaced road r STRAND THEATER TO BE RE-OPENED IN FEW DAYS Announcement of the opening of the renovated Strand theater will be made In a few da vs according to J SA Daly of Now York who reached the city several days ago to manage the theater The highest class pictures will be shown at the Strand exclusively It Is said The bouse is under the direction of the Universal Film exchange of which E F Dardlne is manager It has been overhauled and wljl soon be In top shape for the formal opening with a big feature picture FASSIFERN SCHOOL ‘ ' HENDERSONVILLE X C - Open to Resident Students Sept 7 1328 Principal Miss Kate Shipp ING'THIS YEAR THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS HAVE! SEEN THE ADVENT OF ALMOST DAILY NFW ARRIVALS WE WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO HELP YOU SELECT YOUR NEW REQUIREMENTS SOUTH FORK BAPTISTS WILL MEET THURSDAY Special to The Observer HICKORY Sept 2?— The South Fork Baptist association will convene In River View Baptist church Lincoln county Thursday and the First church of Hickory will make the best report In its history During the year 83 new members have been added to the church which has raised for all purposes over $11' 000 and the Sunday echol has averaged more than 341 during the year Rev H C Whitener pastor of tho Highland Baptist church will deliver the annual sermon Osborne Brown of Long Island Is moderator and J F Click of Hickory is secretary For Mof from Piles Bead Nearest Druggist for a Box I) rnmlri Pile Suppoettorlee— Thel Soothing 1 nannies Is liemarkable In tbe privacy of your own home pyramid I'lle Suppositories give blessed relief from itching bleeding or protruding plies hemorrhoids and such rectal troubles And It is a comfort to know you can call or end to the nearest drug storo and &et a 60 cent box anywhere in Ihs 8 and Canada Take no substitute A single box Is often sufficient Vou rti have a free trial package by sending name and address to Bvrarald Drug Co (13 Pyramid Bldg Marshall Mich - r srayregr Vrj noijL i : T wumsmu I M 5 AT THE IMPERIAL ' T v ! ' r ' k f ) i 7 I 4 t ‘i J ! J

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