The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on October 10, 1915 · 11
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 11

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1915
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3 ti CIIAJtbOTTK HATTY OI58ETIYKH SUNDAY OOTOIIKIJ 1ft 1!ll II w rrzmx irxmnrnriKKTrwvw rwOTiCTm-Tlgri!!! CTt3OTiCagBMai8iWroBgBw880CTaniHBiMB :::r'???!ilir??:l Carolina Won From Wake Forest 35 to O1 " I TECHS CO Silt Score Is 21 to 7 But Geor-gians Need All of Extra Weight WAS FIRST TO SCORE Quarferliurk Johnson 11111 Itluck loft Halfback Fielder Htruptu 0 Walker Bight 11a fhuok Spence Ulrd Fullback Summary: Kot'oroe Beavers Geor gia Umpire Kills Army lload IlnoHimm (Iruliam Washington and Ioi' Fle’d judge and timekeeper Marlin N’andoi hilt Touchduwns Black Uoroo Morrison Hponoo (Dials from touchdowns Brea II (Iray 1 Tima of quarters— 12 12 II 11 O Walker Made First Touchdown IVirvvard rashes I ’sod Iffcctlvcly by Georgia 'I'oam Mr 11 Iooh Lute of Pooono l’a Arrives to Take Oxer Interest L & M IT II TNI Ilouitokc ( oUojji Held Tech AKgregtt-tlou to Tie and Were Kuertor to Raleigh Team (Special to Tho Observer) Atlanta (la Oet 9 — The Havldson football team threw a scare Into the Tech Ye low Jackets and their supporters hero this atternoon and were defeated by a 21 to 7 score only after tho hardest kind of a battle In t Jim first quarter t Walker whose spiral punts were one id’ the features of the name shot one down the Hold and Struppa the Tech half was under It Black speeded down tho liedd with toe punt and when Struppa let the bull slip through his hands the speedy Carolinian s ooped It up and sped for a touchdown (Iray kicked goul Davidtron he’d the Jackets the rest of the first quarter and all ot the second but at tho start of the third quarter the heavier Tei h team seemed to hit Its stride Mixing snort end-runs by Struppa and Fielder with line bmks by Spence and beautifully executed forward pusses the Jackets tallied two touchdowns in the third quarter and one in the fourtn In every score a forward pass cleverly worked eatiKht the Havldson eleven unaware and put the hall within reaching distance for the Jackets with Spem e and Senter carrying the hall to Hammer through for touen-downs C Walker's punting the all-round playing of Laud and the oflenslve work of ltlaek were the filatures from a Davidson standpoint The latter showed himself as speedy a half as has played here in vturs Fielder Spence Johnston am Senter were the Tech stars Tli line-up: To li Portion Cioree Dumwdy i Dull Left FuUhacn Alexander Left Tackle Key Holds Proas Left (luanl Phillips I’arnwep Center Lane Pejnolds Saved T L Adams Bight Hoard Carpenter Be’l duns Bight Tackle Senter Beard Younger Bight Knd Morrison (Capt) Lewson of Country Club Mr K AV Toos until recently of the Poeono Manor Club Pocuno l’a and one of the foremost young golfers' in Pennsylvania arrived in the city yesterday inorn'ng to assume his duties as golf professional at the Mecklenburg Country Cub Mr Loot tied for tU'si place in the Pennsylvania open championship at Shawnee and finished third in the Pennsylvania open a Philadelphia He is highly commended by Tom McNamara and other ead ng professionals Golf at (lie Mecklenburg Country Club is picking up rapidly in interest As a result of the very excellent cooperation on tile part of those in charge of the goifing intereits a: the club there are more members playing golf nov’ than at any previous time in the history of the institution and the course is be ng steadily and rapidly improved Next Summer the new 18-hole course will he In perfect playing condition and the indications are that even more interest vvll bp manifested then than now Mr Loos will receive a hearty welcome on the part of all the member t YALE DEFEATED POWERFUL LEHIGH ELEVEN 1 TO 6 New Haven Conn Oct 9 — Yalo deflated the powerful Lehigh eleven today 7 to 6 ‘n one of the most bitterly contested football games si on hero in ytars ho vis: ors’ semis came through two fie'd goals by Caliall left ha’lack Yale scored to touchdown in the third period by a series of er-ritio lino plunges by Scovil and Wilson Lehigh gained ground almost at will by liiilliani forward passing and long cod runs (Special to Tim Observer) Baleirh net 9— A & M and Boanoke College tied hero this afternoon In the second contest of the year The playing of both teams was mediocre The Techs did not play up to their usual gait and failed on a number of forward passes when tiny would have meant scores The noticeable feature on the part of the locals paying was the weak line through which the visitors plunged almost at will Hut by the gaining of little ground they failed to make a goal Hoffman playing right half for Hoanoke was easily the star °f the game Time and again he would jump over men who had ’ been taek'ed and gain ground Bunting was the hero of the game for his team and but for Ills shrewdness the Techs would have gone over Blddiek was the star for the Techs making several heavy advances down the field with no results During tho last two minutes of play Riddick attempted a goal from placement hut fulled by a foot The absence of None at right guard and the substitution of an inexperienced player was an outstanding cause of weakness for A & M The lineup: A & M Position MacDougall Left Knd At Raleigh N N 0 Kounoke College 0 At Prlneejonr ITnortnii St Synt- OIISO 0 At vw Haven: A uli 7j Lehigh 8 At Cambridge Mass: Harvard 29 Carlisle 7 At Iicxlngtoii a: Washington At Lee 27 Marshall College 0 At Lexington Va: Virginia Mill- tury Institute 7 GaJuwlet College 0 A( Cotimhin S C I idveiattV of South Carolina II South Carolina Presbyterian Co lege 0 At Nashville Tenn: underbill 75 Georgetown Ky College 0 At Clmtjinooga Georgia 8 4 liut-tanoogn 8 At Atlanta: Georgia Tech 21 Da vidson 7 At New Orleans: Tula no 1 :i South- STRONGER TIN EXPECTED Few of Most Sangine Supporters Looked for Victory of 35 to 0 Over Light ‘But Very Clever Team of Wake Forest College Hoanoke Davidson Weathers Kirk patt'iek Young Left Tackle Left Guard Center Larman Blue Fhigerty Roe Barnham Won by Come’l Ithaca X Y Oci 9— Cornell outweighed and outp a veil Williams to- day and the Xew Knglanders were defeated by 4fi to fi The game was played in a pouring rain Winston (C) Right Tackle Hodeln ' Right Guard Anthonv Wi'liams Right Knd Sullivan Bunting Quarter Back Riddick Barnham (C) Full Back Sumner Hoffman Right Half Champion Duncan Left Half Substitutions: A & M : Simmons fm Modem Seifert for Anthony Bonner for Sumner Davis for Young Touchdovf ns none Goals nonp Re'iree lh-of J 0 McXutt empire C J Hayden Field judge anil ieudlinesman J B EBay Virgin hi Sin re 75 to 0 Charlottesville Va Dot 9 — Virginia defeated Richmond College today 7 4 to 0 Captain Mayer contributed 37 po nts on five touchdowns and seven goals from touchdown Virginia used 25 men all of whom will he taken to Harvard next week vves'oin Industrial liistitu 0 At Washington D Cal hollo Culver sily 1 H Mar viand Agrlcultral College 0 At Champaign Ills: Illinois 75 Holla 7 At MJnneulxiJls Mum Mlnnesoia 3 1 Ames i A Lexington Kj: Kentucky Staio 51 Furlham J3 At Hooniiiigton lad: Indiana II Miami 0 At Washington Fa: Washington & Jefferson 17 I ji layette 0 At Cinclnnn 1: Ohio I Diversity 15: University of Cincinnati (1 A Ann Arlair M h: of Michigan 35: Mount I nion 0 At Annapolis: Umveisty of Pltts- burg 17: Nuvy 12 At Fbilailo phla: Pennsylvania Sta c College 13 I'jiiversitv of Pennsylvania 3 At Hanover N II: Dartmouth 20 Tullw 7 At Amherst Mass Amherst 7 Drown 0 At Levvishiirg Fa: swn rthmore 3 Burkiicll 0 At Ithaca: Cornell tti Wi'liams 6 t West Point Amiy 22: Gettysburg ft A Chicago: Chicago 7: Northwestern 0 At MadHon Wls Wisconsin H5 Marquette 0 At South Head Did: Notre Dame 31 Haskell o At Auburn Ala: uburn 8 Uni- versity of Florida 0 At liar ford Conn: Trinity -12 15aes 11 At Col’egeville Pa: Villa Nova 3 Vrsimis 0 At Schenectady: I'nlon G: I'ord- hajn 0 At New Brunswick V J : ItutRers 98: Rensselaer 0 At New York New 5 ork Culvcr-slty 31 Hamilton 115 At Rochester: Him lies cr 0 Col gate II A' Ioiim aster Pa: Frank Pit A Marshall Ik St Johns College 0 At Baltimore: Johns Hopkins 55 Mount St Mary's College 0 t Middletown Conn: Wesleyan 20 Norwich 0 i t Chai el Ilill C Cniversity of North Carolina 35 Wake Forest ( t Chariot tesv Pie la: University of Irginla 71 Kleiimoiul College 0 Bingham 80 Huntersville High Sehooi 8 At B'aeksbnrg V: V F I Hampden Sidney 0 IIS III HI1 Statesville and II S Flayed to a 8-8 Tie— Templeton and Taylor Were Offensive Stars A teihnical point upon a kick-out I'niver-lty 1 for a trv for goal yesterday deprived ' Statesville High School of the opportunity to secure the point needed for victory over Charlotte High School and the game ended with ft tie score H-B The point In question arose alter the visiting eleven had securgrl a touchdown In the last few moments of pay Henneger punting out for a more advantageous position from which to attempt the goal placed the oval squarely in the arms vif a teammate a perfect opportunity Referee Alexander however ruled that the Statesville man's foot had crossed the line upon the punt and declared the opportunity nullified After considerable argument and a perusal of the rule hook the decision was accepted by Coach Kthcredge The rule declares that the hull must he kicked from behind the line leaving tne penalty for violation unstated and theiefure at the discretion of the referee The tie score came after a display of football miinetimes spectacular and at others somewhat ragged Neither side successfully negotiated the forward pass during the progress of the contest a though many were attempted Deprived of the services of Quarterback Pharr the local team ivnnul themselves decidedly handicapped upon the offensive and except for the great work of Halfhuck A&MGAME GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT Scoreless Tie With Roanoke College Surprise of First- Water— Davidson Puts Up Fine Fight Against Georgia Techs and Overcoats Clothes with style and staying power — and the cost is only $17 HORNER HAD EASY SAILING ' WITH WOOD COLLEGE (Special to The Observer) There you have the Styleplus proposition in a nutshell Be it a Suit or an Overcoat you want — the price is just $17 With this amount you obtain Style with long faithful wear and save your money too Styleplus Clothes are the complete answer to n fellow’s clothes question (Vine in and examine Styleplus Suits and Overcoats We’ll he glad to have you inspect these Ktvle-to-the-minute clothes We want vou to see the excellent fabrics used the stvlisli cuts T ¥ and tailoring that gives you sturdy wear and daily comfort of real clothes satisfaction Men's Clothing Department Gastonia ictuher 9 — This afternoon at Loray Birk Horner Military School administered a decisive defeat-to the eleven train Lin wood College overwhelming their heavier opponents with a score of 33 to 0 Lin-wo-ini presented an exceedingly brawny and heavy team hut evinced a woeful lack l knowledge as to me liner points of the game and had evidently enjoyed but little coai hmg The offense of Lmwuotl was practically negliglole hut one tirst down being registered upon the cadets during the atternoon the lone specimen resu t-ing trom a forward puss succossiully consummated Outweighed 17 pounds to the man Horner found eusv sailing from the start with the exception xjf sudden and unexpected resistance sometime encountered In the husky line of the Ltnwood aggiegato n when a muscular guard or tackle would throw an Orange and Burp’e hack for a loss Kven this phase of Linwood’s play weakened before the start of tho third quarter and thereafter some of the longest gams secured wertt through the line Quarterback Min-ter alone of the Liinvoud eleven showed real ability The cadets scoietl once in the opening quarter once in the second twice In the third and added tho filth in tho last ami with a few seconds of play remaining would have added another crossing of the Un-wood gridiron Captain Weston kicked three out of the live goals A 23-yard end run by limes was responsible for Horner's first touchdown Alter end runs by Woolcott and ltlnes and terrific line p'ungtng by Weston had carried the pigskin to the two-yard line In the second quarter Quarterback Dowd carried it across for the second score Dowd perpetrated a 40-yard run shortly after the opening of the third quarter going directly over center for a touchdown after wigging through the outstretched hands of Llnwood tacklers Knd runs by Ilines and line plunging by Weston carried the hall once more down the field In this same quarter when liin-'H skirted left en for a run of 21 yards and brought the fourth touchdown Weston assisted by Cheek who had been shifted to tho haekfteld opened the last quarter with Irresistible plunges Into the line finally pacing the hall upon the four-yard line Weston went over Flay closed with oval upon Linwood’s 10-yard line Aside from the work of the entire Horner hacktield tho showing of Lindsay and Johnson upon the ends werp the outstanding features of the cadets’ play The officials of this afternoon's game were: f Mavon referee Carpenter field judge rind Wetell head linesman Templeton would have been decidedly uutcassed in this department This I wp(1 s-nlt youngster playlo- his hrst season up- Love Davis on the gridiron hnirs all indications J )ar) ' injn' ' of pvissessln 4 latent talent which ! shou'd make him a star of the hist 1 magnitude Kxcoptionally last aann-ling punts with the moiichali me of a veteran and picking holes with unerring certainty this youngster assayed about 30 per tent of tht- aggregate C H S yesterday In Taylor at I'ul hack Matesv lllo possessed a youth whose services were hardly less valuable Although lacking the sp-etl of Templeton t or end skirting purposes the Statesville liny excelled his rival in the !mo plunging department ripping lor-midubh' distances off at every on t over i ciuer and off tackle It was Taylor's individual effort which vv-ro j ami an largely responsible tor the touch- down secured by the Iredell County hoys with a minimum ol time to spare his irresistible crashes Invariably resulting in a substantial decrease of the distance to the coveted mark Charlotte’s touchdown tame shortly helul'e the clone of the second quarter and was the result or a tumbled punt by Wiggins Statesville's left end the cat-like Tempielon scooping up the pigskin upon me run and outdistancing pursuers for a 30 -yard dash between the uprights A second blocked punt by Murray in the third quarter tame near proving (Special to Thi Chapel Hill tki plays frequent fumbles and Perfect football weather characterized the Curollnu-Wake Forest game in witch the Baptists were effectively squelched by a score 'of 35 to ft Tw'eny-llve of Carolina's points were made In the fourth quarter Successful forward and lateral pa-ses !v Wake Forest and frequent tumbles by Carolina were responsible for the story of the hrst three quarters In tile lourh quarter points were Di ed up in quick succession and when the whistle b't w the hall wus on Wake Forest's 30-yard line In a forward pass from Long to Love Love went tit yards for a touchdown Loe again crossed the goal lino after a 13-yard run from a forward pass Taylor caught the ku K-olT on Carol na't 1 j-yurd line and nrt sj yards through a broken field and Mumbled on Wake Forest’s thrce-yai d line If ms carried the ball ovi r Haws was the last to pass under the Wake Forest goal To say wliuh of the Carolina squad stain'd would he an exlieme y tUlli-cult matter Loti Taylor Townsend and Reid might he named as the outstanding s ar- of the bu klielil ilines Black and Blount also deserve mention It would lie still balder to suv in the line t'rovvcll Taylor Wright and in other pluytr whether !irt ng (ho game or sen in as a substitute -howed up so we I that the try nf i 'and mu' getting hack into her old stride cmi d he fleqileuily Ilea rd on t In- sidelines The til's score e-inic rally m the fir -1 quarter when Tandy hooted the oval over he goal posts irom the 2ft-yaril line This was -nun followed bv a sensational run lj Long who went through a broken held for 40 vard t hi fme being downed In the second quarter Long eanii'il the hull 15 yards around loll end for he hrst touchdown Tandv kii ked goal Carolina did not score again until the fourth quarter This was due p vis for Metz Hint's for 1) Taylor Bellamy ler Love Craig for J Jones Allen for Long Fitzsimmons for Bellamy Biotin for Bold Blackmon for Hines Hay for J Tnyloe Tennant for Boy a II Williams for Davis Wake Forest — Riddick for Witherington Stallings for Moore Rohe y for L’uce Olive lor Stall ngs Witherington for Rolielv Turner for Holding Holding for Turnet Covve’l for Holding Beam lor Trust Harris for Riddick Touchdowns Long Love 2 Ilines Davis Goals from touchdown Tandy Jj Jones Field goal Tandy Referc Henderson of Ohio Wesleyan empire Simpson of Georgia Headsline-t man 1 lector Royster Raleigh Time of quarters 15 minutes Attendance 1500 THE INDIANS WERE EASILY DEFEATED BY HARVARD ELEVEN Cambridge Mass Oct 9 — Harvard scored a comparatively easy victory over the Car! sl Indians today rolling up 29 points m three periods oil ia“t work by tile hacks In the thirl period with a number of substitutes in the crimson I no the lndi-ms rushed ihe bull SO yards on long forward pisscj and line plungis or thom oqiv seme The Ins liu'vuid oho i u had no diflicnltj m holding the Irdtiiis on iho'r s de of the held in the lii-s two periods ARliY WON FROM GETTYSBURG III WEST POINT GAME 22 TO 0 nubility in bock Wake Foresl' i forv aril and lateral 'USSl'H In the loiirth qna"ier Townsend p tinged thiough the line fo-t 1 7 yard- Beil for one yard one fot vv it'd piss failed and on anoiiui Horn Long B Love Love went :r yards for touchdown Townsend laded to kick goal Tlicn with the ball m the middle of the Held lovc carried a forward puss 15 vards Long i idit Town -end hice Black scvin a Penalty of 15 yards was imposed and Love carried the ti il over on a forwuid pas Then it was on the ku k-olf to Carolina's 15-yard line tlmt Captain Tavoe W ost Ron t y net a -Toe r-trcqiicni my won from Get' yslnirg today to u l he vsi'ois pre -cnii'd a strong line that in id hack the Army’s : Hack time and again Inn Hu t failed to eiqio with U bewildering ItpoCuil" o ul’-wuril pass plays hv Hie i ade s Kicn-ness in ’olhiwing the hall uNo i minted in tin Army s lav or 1 Uipiianl light i ini scored it o'" tile Army's jj ponts The cadets lacked the punch m ga n through Gct-tvsburg’s me Their kicking game also was pan" GDI F I '( H'K-s: )M K M r ruinous to the visitors the Charlotte made his smsalimial run and was F ItoTn'lc and Mr Fiirlcr Capture FHe N V 39SC Bonanza Congratulates Foster Little Rock Ark Oct 9 — Bonanza a little coal mining town In western Arkansas the home of George Foster suspended business today to hear returns Horn Philadelphia The miners were given half hoi day Tonight a telegram of congratulation signed by practically every resident of Bonanza was sent the Red So pitcher tackle recovering the hall but being thrown lrom behind upon the 20-yard line before he could get miner way Th'1 Statesvlde delense- braced consideiahh- shortly thereafter and a long punt sent the oval back to the center of the held where it remained until the visitors commenced their march for a touchdown with hut the minutes to play C II S had slightly an edge upon the argument during the first two uqarters the visitors’ trick plays refusing to materialize for any concrete gains In the last half however Statesvilc clearly outpayed their rivals utilizing a puzzling delayed quarterback pitiy through center in which Henneger starred together with straight hammering at the opposition's line Taylor leading the attack Penalties were frequent fxir both sides the elevens suffering equally for their off-side propensities Statesville nearly forfeited an opportunity for her touchdown when holding in the line brought a temporary setback of 15 yards in the march a handicap which the lredoll boys xivercame witti a dogged return to their former trip-ha trimer tactics The line-up: FharlotU Position Statesville Little Mitchell Center Morton Dietz Left Guard Timmons Guy Right Guard Murray Grier Left Tackle Flitch Bowles Right Tackle Black Wiggins - lieft Knd Crayton Overcash ((’apt) Right Knd Wilson Henneger Quarterback Templeton Tirletvil Right Halfback Rawing Chipley Left Halfback Elliott Taylor Fullback Substitutions — C 11 H: Younts for Black B ack for Younts Knowles for Morton Younts for Black Llngan for Morton Touchdowns Templeton Henneger (ifilclals: lleferep Alex ander Cmpire Long KHBHLHKDL under umpire Long head linesman Little Time of quarters 13 and 12 minutes iluw neil on Wake Fote-t's three-yar'l I no Hines carried the hall ai'mliiil left end for the touchdown I'uvh made the next touchdown on a forward pass Hi ling- played star ball for Wake Forest The whole team pin veil (Ihs-pcrntely anil weio in a lighting moo i j from Hrst to lust Riddick anil Mom for Wake Forest and Taylor and Wright for Carolina were taken out of the game on account of injuries and may no piny again for sum" time Line-up: Carolina Fo Cun Wake Forest Wr ght Harris Left Knd Royal I? ui'kmon Left Tackle Gowi'll Barker Left Guard Tandy Center 1 Tayloe Howell Right Guard F Jones Moore Right Tackle Homewood Fold ng Bight Knd Long Billing i j Quartet bat k D Tayloe Pace Left Half Townsend True Bight Half Reid Witherington Ful lliack Summary: Huhstitutlnn-q Htrollni — Love for Wright J Jones for Tandy Grime t for Howell Met for Homewood Black for Townsend Da- Tile gulling event nt th Mecklenburg Hoiintiv Club yesurday afternoon was tile Scott h two-hall four-si me i mdi gentleman being accompanied by a lady There were some it of Hi couples on tile course which wus lit eco lent playing condition L K LcTu'lu anil Mr N V Roller won the Hrst prize with a net score Of (15 While Mr and Mis W C Hovvil won the second prize with a ml scoi e of 1 ml Mr and Mrs K V Patterson were thud vvuh 101 and Mr and Mrs 1 K Dye linnhed with a net score o’ 112 The mho' si ores rangi d on up Bert ni V on Itacc Uxineton Ky Oct 9— The Pastime stable's Berttnt colt Bacilli won j the t hir'y-eight h renewal of the Ken-Abernethv tucky stake for three-year-old trot- tern the chief event on the grand eireu t card unlay after losing the Hi's heat to t'olorado Range ie bd lasily n the other two heats The Dinner stakes t swet pstakes uffa r arianged tor A Smith's Bingen'- Daughter A I Cox's Dl-lon and 1 o Winston's Sunloch resulted in a straigh- heat victory tor Sunloih Ringin' Daughter falling to start The 2:16 pace earr'ed over from y I'Hterday was captured hv Peter Vm thy ' x drove Karl Jr to victory in the 203 pace after losing the hrst 111 le to Fred Russell Aims ABungen undvr good drive by McDonald made a stru'gh heat race of the 2:18 trot Mlilsh’lmen Overixmerril Annapolis Md Oct 9 — fme of the worst dt feats they have suffered in vears was administered to Navy this s'tprnoon by Pittsburg University The score was: Pittsburg 47: Navy 12 Tile Midshipmen were completely- overpowered bv the speed and forco of the visitor’ attaik C C Brown Co INTERIOR DECORATORS liowiii a new line of Wall Piqipr Just a little in showing 1016 line On n side street lmt have the line 26 West Fifth Street Phone 492

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