The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on February 26, 1921 · 8
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 8

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Saturday, February 26, 1921
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iwm1 fw"'wwjr -a THH CHARLOTTE OBSERVER SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26 1921 Tony Citrano Signs Charlotte Contract VER County Field Event Set For April First 3C3EI2ll3E132SZB523Z3SiXI2w3SSE3EZSSfflS5i5SeBaeBE' County Schools Will Stage Mammoth Field Meet At Independence Park April 1 Events Open to All Boys and Girls Regardless of Age and Grade in School Will Run Continuously From Morning Until Late in Afternoon Program Committee Completes Work Program for the county field meet to he held at Independence park on Friday April 1 was announced yesterday by a committee headed by H Herbert Randolph an official of the county schools J M Matthews DIVISION I— BOYS ANI) GIIUS (KventsOiien to All Boys and Girls) Boys t 1 50 yard dash 2 100 yard dash 3 220 yard dash 4 440 yard run 6 Half-mile run ti Relay race (4 boys 100 yds 7 Six block race 8 Running broad jump 0 Running high jump 10 Throwing basketball for goals DIVISION II — BOYS AND GIRLS (Kvents Open to Boys under 5 ft 3 In and Girls under 5 ft 3 In) Boy s 1 60 yard -dash 2 100 yard dash 3 220 yard dash 4 Relay race (4 boys 50 yds 5 Six block race 6 Running broad Jump 7 Running high Jump 8 Throwing basketball for goals DIVISION III— BOYS AND GIRLS (Events Open to Hoys under 4 ft 9 In and Girls under 4 ft 9 In ) Boys 1 50 yard dash 2 100 yard dash 3 Six block race 4 Relay rare (4 boys 5u yds 5 Running broad jump 6 Running high Jump 7 Throwing basketball for goals Rules anil Regulations 1 Each school may enter one contestant In each event 2 All running races shall begin from a dead start at the firing of a pistol the method of starting to be: “On your mark get set” then start at pistol shot 4 3 The running broad jumr shall start from a take-off made of a stationery Joist level with the ground hot less than four feet in length two inches in thickness and six Inches wido Measurement of the -jump shall be from the front of the take-off to the nearest break In the dirt made by the Jumper Each contestant shall have three jumps the best jump to be counted 4 The running high Jump shall be over a reed supported by two jipright standards eight feet apart Each Jumper shall have three trys at etach height ' 5 Relay races shall be shuttle type Runner No 1 runs to No 2 on opposite ends of field No 2 runs hack to No 3 N 3 runs to" No 4 and No 4 runs to point where No 1 started which shall be the finish 6 The block race shall start from the starting line and ru nto any one of the blocks returning with the block to place it in an 18 inch circle just back of the starting line and continue until all six of the blocks are placed in the circle then run to the finish line which shall be four yards beyond the last block Blocks shall be two yards apart Blocks shall be two inches square or smaller 7 Throwing basketball for distance shall he from seven feet circle Three throws shall be allowed each contestant 8 Throwing basketball for goals for largestconseeutive number shall be from regulation foul line 15 feet from goal 9 Contestants will be disqualified NVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV’S ARRIVED! ON THE m OF With the lirst breath of balmy springtime air every man and young man wants to cast oil the sombreness of Winter He wants to forget those long dreary months with its snow sleet and blizzard — and there’s nothing like Mellon’s Clothes that will do it ' Put on s fresh clean and cheerful raiment and you’ll fe! like a S chick breaking through its shell Spring Styles VVVA'WVVVZAVWVVVVVVAVVAVV'rt ertunty superintendent and Lucius Runson welfare head are members of the committee The event will start at 10 a m and run continuously until 5 pm The program follows: Girls 1 50 yard dash 2 100 yard dash 3 Relay race (4 girls 50 yds each) 4 Six block race "5 Basketball throw for distance each) 6 Throwing basketball for goals Girls 1 50 yard dash 2 100 yard dash 3 Relay race (4 girls 50 yds” each) each) 4 Six block race 5 Basketball throw for distance 6 Throwing basketball for goals Girls 1 50 yard dash 2 100 yard dash 3 Relay race (4 girls 50 yds each) each) 1 4 Six block race 5 Basketball throw for distance 6 Throwing basketball for goals for violation of any of the rules and for not being on hand when the event Is run off The meet shall start promptly at 10 a in and the events shall be run off as rapidly as possible Any principal causing any of his pupils to violate any of the rules shall cause his school to be disqualified and all points won by it thrown out of the count of points 10 The decision of the officials selected by the committee to run off the meet shall be final in all matters of disqualification Interpretation of the rules choosing winners etc 11 All events not otherwise provided for In these rules and regulations shall be conducted according to the rules of the national amateur athletic union governing such events 12 Winners of first second and third places in each event shall count 5 3 and 1 points respectively toward the score In that division 13 The school winning the highest number of points in any division shall receive 22 points towards the final score of the county commence- mont winner of second highest 12 winner of third highest 8 winner or fourth highest 6 and winner of fifth highest 3 14 Contestants and onlookers should bring lunches and come prepared to stay all day Some events will be going on all of the time until all events have been completed The meet should be finished by 3 p m - DEVINNY RETURNS HIS CONTRACT TO SPINNERS Special to The Observer GREENVILLE S C Feb 25 — Harold Devinny pitcher last year with Boston Red Sox and formerly with Buffalo has returned his unsigned contract to the Greenville South Atlantic league club It was announced today He said he was undecided about playing professional baseball Are Here! mill FIVE Wins Hair-Raising Game by 24 to 22 Count Hard Fighting Marks Last Few Minutes of Play Two Trinity Stars Out Special to The Observer DURHAM Feb 25— With two of the first-string men out of the game Trinity won from the University of Virginia five here tonight by the score of 24 to 22 It was a you-ohase-me and I’ll-chase-you game till the way through with first one team and then the other doing the chasing At the end of the first half the score stood 16 to 14 in favor of Virginia In The second half the visitors switched their men thinking to gain a stronger playing team but this did not stop the charge which Trinity had started at the blowing of the whistle Two teams never fought harder than during the last few minutes of the game Trinity had the edge on Vlrgtnla in making opportunities to shoot but was off in finding tne cage The Virginians were great In drqpplng the ball In when the chance came Simpson playing left guard for Trinity did soime eye-opening work and Hathaway at guard stuck to his man like a leech For Virginia Opplomon was the best show in the first half while Carrington got tn on theseoond half Line-up and summary: Trinity Position Virginia Simpson Edmonds Left Forward Crute Newman Right Forward Burch Talbot Center Hathaway Mahood Left Guard Pennington Opplemon Right Guard Substitutions — Virginia: Hankins for Mahood Sexton for Talbot Carrington for Edmonds Trinity: Richardson for Burch Goals: Simpson 3 Crute 3 Hathaway 1 Bennington 2 Edmonds 1 Newman 2 Talbott 1 Opplemon 3 Carrington 3 Fouls: Sim'pson 4 out of 5 Crute 2 out of 5 Edmonds 2 out of 4 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE -TALKED BY COLLEGE MEN Attion May Be Taken at a Second Meeting in Atlanta Today ATLANTA GA Feb 25 — Formation of a southern conference to govern athletic contests among the larger colleges and universities of the south was discussed at a meeting of their representatives late today but later it was announced that no action had been ’taken The matter will be taken up at another meeting tomorrow The proposal for such a conference was made at the annual meeting In Gainesville Fla last fall of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic association when representatives of the small Institutions In the association furnished a majority against the one-year rule and other proposals At least a dozen of the larger southern Institutions are expected to enter the new conference COLORED PASTOR GIVEN WELCOME BY NEW CHARGE SPARTANBURG S C Vb 25 — Wofford college’s baseball schedule for 1921 announced tonight calls for 24 game and Is one of the heaviest ever attempted Several new institutions appear on the card In addition to the usual South Carolina teams The schedule follows: April 4 — Davidson at Davidson Apr'l 5 — Trinity at Durham April 6- — Wake Forest at Forest April 11 — Prpsbyterinn College of South Carolina at Clinton April 12 — Newberry College at Newberry April 13 — Citadel at Charleston April 14 — College of at Charleston Charleston April 15 — University Carolina at Columbia April 16 — Newberry at Spartanburg April 19-20 — Wake Forest at Spartanburg April 21 College of Charleston at Spartanburg April 22 — CHadel at Spartanburg April 25 — Ersklne at Spartanburg April 26 — Presbyterian College of South Carolina at Spartanburg April 27 — Davidson at Spartanburg April 29 — Oglethorpe at Spartanburg May 3 — University of South Carolina at Spartanburg May 5 — Furman at Spartanburg May 10 — Erskirie at Due AVest (pending) May 11 — Furman at Greenville (pending) Clemson at Clemson — date pending ROCKY MOUNTERS ARE OUT OF CHAMPIONSHIP Special to The Observer CHAPEL HILL Feb 25 — Chapel Hill e tmina'ed Rocky Mount from the eastern basketball championship by winning here tonight 44 to 20 The Chapel Hill team jumped into the game with a rush and gamed a 24 to 8 lead in the first half -with Merritt and I’oythress forcing the attack STATE COLLEGE LICKED ROANOKE- Va Feb 25— Although leading the scoring until within seven minutes of the final whistle North Carolina State college tonight was defeated by Roanoke college tn basketball here 21 to 15 The game stood 12 to 8 for the North Carolinians at the end of the first half liilili -BY EDDIE BRIETZ VVIIAT WILL THE DIRECTORS ADOPT? UESIDENT FELIX DAYMAN of the Hornets has received a copy of the schedule tcntaively agreed on by the moguls at the Charleston ih has mailed copies to the different clubs for meeting Monday Boss Walsh has mailed copii their inspection and approval and already the Charlotte officials have wired back an emphatic no The schedule Is a joke and is as bad or worse than the fright the directors adopted last year If It is put into effect It will be heartily cussed by all concerned before the season is hulf over and the magnates will be panned roundly for their poor judgment While the card has not yet been officially adopted representatives of the Columbia Charleston and Augusta clubs are said to favor it and if these men can get one other club to stand with them the schedule as drafted will stand no matter how strenuously the Charlotte club and the other member of the minority party may object The schedule Is said to be a compromise between one drafted by Fritz Von Kolnltz business manager of the Charleston club and another one It provides for a total of 150 games for the season 75 at home and 75 abroad One of the chief objections appears to Je the length of some of the home stands For instance the Hornets are carded for Wearn Feld nine straight days In May against the Charleston Spartanburg nnd Greenville clubs In June they are home for 11 days In a row in July for seven straight games nnd later in the same month for 1U more August finds them at Wearn Fold for 12 straight contests This is entirely unnecessary Six consecutive games are as many as the baseball public wants and these long home stands are going to hurt the clubs in a financial way as well as detract from the interest In order that each club may play the same number of games the sharps who framed the schedule found it necessary to include several “off days” something entirely new in the minor leagues On July 21 the Hornets will lie idle while the Spartanburg club less than 100 miles away also will be loafing on that day The locals will he Idle for three days August 8 July 21 and July 38 Mr Wearn of Charlotte ns usual submitted n draft and as usual It was turned down Why nobody knows Boss Walsh and a few others may know but they did not even trouble themselves to Inform Mr Wearn the reason why his efforts were not accepted Inasmuch as Mr Wearn’s schedule seems to he a fair and impartial program the fans of Charlotte and the officials of the local club would like to know why it is that nothing submitted from this city ever manages to get anywhere at a meeting of the Sally league magnates Mr Wearn took Into consideration the mileage of each club and he based his schedule on this Another advantage It seems to us is that he has the clubs rotating In their visits to the different cities For example If Greenville opens tho season In Charlotte the Spinners would not play a return engagement here until every other club had visited Charlotte and the Hornets had played a series in Greenville Last year it will be remembered the Spartanburg and Augusta clubs did about all the playing here during the first half of the season They were here so much that the fans became tired looking at them and quit going to the park Mr AVearn's schedule must have some glaring faults to be par-’d up in favor of the Joke compiled at Charleston it took the tnngnaies hours to frame It up It was early morning before they quit One look at the draft will show how’ tired and sleepy they must have been Anyway If the two schedules were printed nnd the fans of the league were allowed to vote on which was to be adopted ihe odds are ten to one hat the AVearn draft would win by a landslide Next year the directors will do well to curry our their proposal to employ a professional to do the work If they can't even adopt a good one it stands to reason that they can’t compile one f HORNETS TO GET PLENTY OF SPRING WORK AMONG those who believe that there Is nothing like real games to whip ball players in shape for the season’s grind is Eddie Hooper the new manager of the Hornets This business of throwing- and batting the horse-hide around for throe or four weeks may be all right Hooper things but It can’t compare with regulation nine inning games with jui much real pitching as the spring weather will stand Accordingly most of the Hornets’ training this year will be hi the (nature of exhibition games President Haymsn has eight on the 'string I already and is looking for more Hooper can get a better line on his material if he has the opportunity'to observe the men work against a club that is trying its best to win from the Hornets According to present plans the Insects who will report to Manager Hooper here on the first Monday in April will do 10 days of preliminary work At the end of this time the kinks should be out and they should be able to go through nine Innings of real baseliall without being stiff and sore the following morning The pitchers too -will be cutting loose a tie more after two weeks of easy workouts and when Charlie Clancy brings his Winston-Salem Twins here for two games on the 13th and 14th the Hooperites will be in trim to give them a battle After the Clancy team has come und gone the 1-reensboro Patriots last year’s champions of the Piedmont league will play Charlotte at AVearn Feld on April 16 and 16 The next day will be Kunday but on Monday Hooper will take his gang to Winston-Salem fur two more contests against the Twins these to be followed by a brace In Greensboro on Axiril 20-21 These eight games should put Hooper’s boys on edge for the opening game on April 25 The baseball season at ATearn Feld will officially open on Easter Monday when the Biddle university team will oppose I-ivtngstone college The next game will be on April 7 between the Philadelphia Nationals and Connie Mack’s Athletics of the American league If Ray Ryan brings his Richmond Colts to train at Gastonia Mr Hay-man proposes to hook several games here and in the Gaston capital with the Virginia leaguers ’ NICK M’MILLAN OFF TO REPORT TO THE YANKS Former Spinner Is Looking Fine and Says He Will Work Hard to Stick Special to The Obnener GREENVILLE 8- C Feb 25— Norman McMillan better known to hundreds of fans as “Bub” spent yesterday In the city stopping off here on his way to Shreveport La where the New York Americans are to train this spring McMillan who wore a Greenville uniform the greater part -of the 1919 season and again during the entire 1920 season looks to be in the best of health He has been spending the winter at his home In Iatta AVhile making no boasts other than to say that he feels as good or better than at any time during last season McMillan says he Is “from Missouri" South jas to his being unable to win a place on the Yankee team He says he expects to fight hard and If hard work will get him a job he expects to be drawing checks from Miller Huggins’ club WMNCT0N CHANCES CONE A-GLIMMERING Special to Tbs ObNcrver WILMINGTON Feb 25 — Chances for league baseball in Wilmington went a-glimmerltig yesterday at noon when a telegram was received from Goldsboro fans announcing that the AVayne county folk didn’t think enough of semi-professional baseball to debut into the proposed Eastern Carolina circuit This decision following the stand of the clubs taken at Kinston a week ago when it was decided that if Goldsboro failed to enter the league Wilmington would he eliminated because of its distance from other clubs serves to automatically eliminate this city from consideration when the league Is formed if that should come to pus HIGHLAND PARK SWAMPS GASTONIA 60-15 The Highland Park hnsketball team defeated an aggregation from Gastonia at the Community House last night by the overwhelming score of 60 to 15 Thp work of Captain Milburn of the visitors was the outstanding feature Line-up: Gastonia (15) Highland Park (90) Millhurn (13) Keoter (16) Right Forward Benfield Hurt (14) Left Forward Smith (2) Jones (16) Center Davis Thomas (4) Right Guard Dover Belk (19) Left Guard I Substitutes: Gates for Keefer ! Haywood for Hurt: Hudson for Thomas Referee — Beetle POOR PADDY MULLINS MANAGES FORLORN HOPES Mike 0’Dowd and Harry Wills Are Under His Wing Both Are Out of Luck Faddy Mullins is the manager of forlorn hopes The forlorn hopes are Mike O’Dowd and Harry Wills O’Dowd probably the most popular middleweight champion of modern years lout his title to Johnny Wilson ln a decision bout at Boston a year ago There was considerable difference of opinion among the rtng-siders that night And the whole sporting public wanted Wilson to give O'Dowd a return match right away But he didn't O'Dowd isn’t any nearer a match today than he was a year ago Harry Wills whipped Fred Fulton in Jig-lime He was happy tn the thought he'd get a chance at Dempsey for It had been reported that the champion would waive the color line But after the Fulton bout Dempsey said he wouldn’t meet a negro until the public asked him O’Dowd probably Is a better middleweight than Wtyspn Plenjy of folks t tfri k Wills Is the equal of Dempsey f- That Is the status f Paddy AIul lins' charges today And it probably will Vie tho status months from today JACK ALL DRESSED UP BUT NO PLACE TO GO KANSAS CITY Feb 25 — From his cell ln Leavenworth Jack Johnson former heavyweight champion of the world is busy trying to arrange matters with various opponents Rerently It was rumored that promoters at Benton Harbor Intended to stage a fight next August with Johhson as one of the principals The Michigan boxing commission promptly quashed that by ssuing a statement to the effect that under no circumstances would Johnson lie permitted to enter the ring in that state It is more than probable that all other boxing centers will follow the lead or the Michigan body- It has been rumored that Johnson is to meet Harry Wills ln New York Promoter Tex Ric kard said today that he would not consider engaging Johnson to box for him HUTCHINSON NOT KEEN TO PLAY IN ENGLAND NEW YORK Feb 25— Jock Hutchinson western open golf champion said here today that hs was "not keen about playing In the British open championship this year but will abide by the decision of his club if he Is selected as a member of the American team" Accompanied by his family Hutchinson left for Chicago They arrived from England aboard tile steamship Aqutanlu FUST INFIELDER IEIS Uoumin Riivc Ynnv Oitrann nayman DUY5 I Ony 1IUdilU From Baltimore Ints Citrano Was Best Shortstop League in 1913 1914 and 1 91 5 When in Raleigh Tony Citrano the nifty shortstop whose fielding used to dazzle Charlotte fans when he appeared at AVearn Field as & member of the Raleigh club during the days of the North Carolina league bought for the Hornets yesterday by President Hayman Citrano was purchased from the Baltimore club of the International league which in turn purehned j hint from Houston in the lexai league where he went when drafted j from the Raleigh club The price was not made public however It is understood Mr Hayman could have bought himself a nice lot with the money he gave Jack Dunn Cltrano’s addition to the Hornets was strongly recommended by Min-ager Eddie Hooper who watched the Italian perform with the Bali-more Dry Docks last season Jack Dunn had little use for Citrano with Malsel in the infield and so he loaned hint along with several of his men to the Dry Docks one of the strongest Industrial teams In the country club he was the class of the shortstops In thp circuit Earl Mack brought Citrano south took his first choice seriously He proceeded to open the eyes of even with him In the spring of 1913 He Uonnle Mack by hi fielding around played star ball and was back with I 'rgt base and especially by his Raleigh In 1914 and 1915 At that Poun(lln the olJ “bplo time he was the property of Connie I ne aea out drives to all fields Mack The elder Mack released him I 'onk liners that would he hit however and Citrano was drafted by ' ln leau- Of course th” pltrh-Houston and played great ball for I tr® weren t putting anything much the Buffs fur several veara Then on me ball but the other noted slug- tne mini tor several years men Title AValker i summer baseball the settlement by he refused to report and Joined the j r” walker n al were lilt- 1 j each Institution of its own cases ral Institutions In each member and dcr how he would look on first base i the general amateur rule or in the outfield?" rumlnito i Con- ) These are principles which ate nie "Seems I've got to gut rny lilt- i already Incorporated In the athletic ters out of the rank of tho pitcher ‘ system at the universty Carolina and catchers" j and Virginia were the first two In- etitutionH In tho south to adopt th( HERZOG LOOKING FINE one er ru'e followed by State ol- l nnK rnn nrvrn oFDTu!lPre flml lr?t ty Georgia LUUPv© run UULU BbKln j Tech Smaller institutions have h- I Jeeted to it but It Is thought by NEW YORK Feb 26 — Doubt as j both Dr Mamalm and Professor to whether or not Charlie lfcrzog Datterson that It will be adopted by Gets AWay to Flying Start woul ever be able to play ball i the new conference which is com--p - — J again — such doubt having arisen ln j posed chiefly of larger instituUon I UlanS UUt lOO the minds of those who saw him I The outcome of the meeting Is looking so badly during the Decern- I awaited here with marked inter - Dry Docks Ja release from back ln good standing Citrano is a hard worker and if he Is as good as he was when he played ln these parts the Hornets have landed a good one He is row about 26 or 27 years old SC UNIVERSITY NEWBERRY AND CLEMSON ELIMINATED Basketball Tourney at Atlanta ATLANTA OA Feb 25 teams were eliminated In short order in the opening games of the southern intercollegiate basketball chamiflon-shlp here this afternoon Mercer University scored a 50 to 22 victory over South Carolina In easy fashion Kentucky State proved easily tho better trained quln- tet ln the contest acainst Tulin winning 50 to 28 Mississippi Ante trounced Furman 41 to 7 and Millsans defeated Tonnenace 4 (nd Millsaps defeated Tennessee 46 to 29 The first of the night games went to Georgia university 47 to 22 over Newberry college of South Carolina Auburn took lho measure of Clemson by a acore of 45 to 25 In the second game of the night - NORTH CHARLOTTE GIRLS 111 nnic- sstr I nur- WIN ONE AND LOSE ONE North Charlotte county basketball league team of girls won and lost ln Its encounter with the girls of Carmel and Sharon Thursday afternoon on the Sharon court The Carmel girls defeated the NiSrth Charlotte feminine players 0 to 4 but tho Sharon team lost to the Charlotte suburb 10 to 2 The Carmel Game The line-up of the Carmel game follows: Carme) Position N Charlotte Y Thomas G Simmons Right Forward K Flemigen h Anderson Left Forward K AIcGinn p Abernethy Jumping Center M Flemigen Kistler Side Center E Plyer D Jordan Right Guard M Alexander S Abernethy Left Guard The Sharon line-up Included: E j by a score of 45 o 10 Sizer right forward E Stewart I left forward It Black Jumping) LEAGUE FOR AMATEURS center C Stewart side center L LEXINGTON Feb 25— The Ccn-Biack right guard and E McEl-j tral Kentucky league composed of haney left guard With the ex ception of C Garrison at side center and JI AVest at right guard the North Charlotte line-up was the same as in the first game FIELD MEET SLATED FOR INDEPENDENCE PARK TODAY Weather permitting tho field meet postponed from Washington's birthday will be held at Independ-enee park beginning at 2:30 p m today ' Wrestling matches tugs of war shooting contests horse shoe pitching jumping and relay races are on the program Hugh Murrill promoter says a large crowd of boys girls and adults will participate Judges and other officials have been named TENNER SLIPS HAYMAKER TO BRADY IN THIRD ROUND Special to The Observer CHARLESTON S C Feb 25— Lukie Tenner of this city knocked out Jack Brady the Birmingham featherweight in the third chapter of their scheduled 10-round bout here tonight AMERICAN ACE OFF s" TO JOIN THE INDIANS AUGUSTA Ga Feb 25— James C Ragby leading American league pitcher of the 1‘920 season left his home here Thursday afternoon to Join his team the Cleveland Indians ln training at Dallas Texas FAIR U N C BASKETEERS PERFORM HERE TONIGHT The first girls’ basketball team the University of North Carolina has sent out over the state Avill make its bow to Charlotte cage fans at the Y M C A tonight when they play the strong team’from the Y W C A at 8:30 o’clock This game will be preceded by 'the clash between the Charlotte and Dixie high school teams in the western championship series This game will start at 7:30 o’clock HEIMACH ST FIRST BASE Former Raleigh Pitcher Is Cre 3 ' ating a Sensation With the Athletics LAKH CHARLES LA Feb 25— Assiduous students of the Athletics practices here so far pounced upon Fred Helmach yesterday as the nearest thing to a sensation yt unearthed None of the pitchers have cut loose anything yet and Ilelmanh’ eclntlllating was done In the game of “sides” which occupied yesterday afternoon l'orkina and Johnny AValker were I larger institution all the way from choosers” and Si’s first rhol’s was j Maryland to New Orleans Mary- Carolina eorgla rn Professional Jealousy But Helmach Fouriber m-eUn8 of the national league 1 lrrter iri thla ciy — dispelled by a glance j at him as he looks today He has' lllMinD t-IIPUC TAIfF spent a quiet winter at his home in l mono IMNL Kldgley Md and looks as flt and ' TWO BELMONT GAMES fine a ever The color has come t back into his (hecks and he has ’ Rained about 20 pounds nine Ue- Junior biRhs tightened by their cember Dave Driscoll having failed I hoM on flr8t r’Uce 'n the fit’ baak-t-to get an International longue ran-la! b-v aklnlt two contests ° ftn international lcimue rail - chlsfi ln Newark Herzog will not hi C be able t0 riana“ a ' l i hat e"r as ho and Driscoll had! planned Charlie Is once more on! the lookout for a playing engage- ment and may be seen In tho Na-' tional league this year 1 1 SOUTH GRADERS SPLIT TWO GAMES WITH ELIZABETH I Basketball teams from the Eliza- I beth and South Graded schools spilt a double header on the Elizabeth court yesterday Tho South Graded bovs woj) 21 to 1 while the Elizabeth girls triumphed to the tune of 9 to 6 ANOTHER GIANT SIGNS NEW YORK Feb 25— Leo Kane an lnflelder purchased by the Giants ffom the Hartford club of the New I England league and a candidate or' the second base Job has returned his 1 thrower and hitter Last season he hit 260 and fielded at a 914 dip In hi effort to land ttiB Job l(t 6yrors Kr an ! recruits — Goldie Rapp Ewell Gross Roy Grimes vand John Monroe 1 YORK GIRLS WIN ’ YORK S C Feb 25 — In an Interesting game of basketball played here Wednesday afternoon the girls - of the York high school defeated tliei with conspiracy ln connection with girls’ team of the Chester high school ! the alleged throwing of the 1919 world series Mr Cassidy refused to say what attitude Cicotte would tak In the trial eight clubs is being organized to liromote interest In amateur base- Baseball Gloves— When buying a baseball glove you should talk with a man who has played the game and knows what a good g-love should be Call or write us Carolina Sporting Goods Company EVERYTHING FOR THE OCTDOOIVS MAN 5 West Fourth Street (Just Off Tryon) Phone 3248 PHONOGRAPHS: Most talking machines will get out of order like everything else and when they do give us a call We can repair any make and set them to running like new ones Myers Hardware & Sporting Goods Co 18 fc Trade St Southern Athletic Bodies to Organize at Atlanta New Conference Is to Be Modeled After the Western Association fcpm'ktl to Th GILA PE I HILL Feb 25— Hr Charles S Mangum and Prof A H Patterson members of th faculty committee on athletics at th” University of North Carolina left this afternoon to represent the university at the organization of a southffl-n conference in Atlanta The proposed conference which will probably be modeled after th western conference in an outgrowth j of tho athletic conference of south-I ern state universities composed of Virginia North and South Carolina Geoigla anil Tennessee together with most of the larger institutions 4n the 8 I A A At the December meeting of both these bodies In Gainesville Fla preliminary steps were taken for the formation of a new athletic conference composed of most of the markedly In favor of the new body then Other Institutions have been Invited to the Atlanta meeting and It is probable that the most Important athletic group the south hus ever known will bs born this week The chief principles upon the conference will probably be founded include tho one-year rule for first year tnen prohibition on money for "”11 A Y th '?' and girls of the Bel- Cho?1 y7'"r:1av fnoon The Junior high bo came off l - torlous by the score of 10 to 0 while the girls took tliHr game 10 to 6 Hoys' Lino-I'p Junior Hlgl Belinonl Presson Williams Junior lllgti Itelmonl Ward Rouse Kight Forward Hamilton Trotter Left Forward 1 1 1 ” “ “ Cave : 5’V’ 1 nomas center ltobt rimrd ATTORNEYS FOR INDICTED ball players confer CHICAGO Feb 25— Daniel P Cassidy attorney for Edward Ci-cotte today conferred with state officials and attorneys for other Chicago' American league players who will go on trial March 14 charged Rub-My-Tifn ii powerful antiseptic it kill tke poison caused from Infected cuts cures old sores tetter etc r

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