The Journal from Salisbury, North Carolina on July 16, 1832 · Page 3
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The Journal from Salisbury, North Carolina · Page 3

Salisbury, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1832
Page 3
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' ay- 1 - 7- - -S -r- 4 11 r t -si SALISBURY MONDAY. JUYL 16, 1832. . JCT Meeting In favor of Mr. Cut, Win; been held at Raleigh, Newberrt. Fayelteville, , in other place in this State, i -number of iKiiicinwin uiiiniumjr nave snggeiieu me expediency of calling a meeting here. ,N. i therefore requested, that bis friends through out the county will make it convenient) o meet in Saliahmy. on Tuesday of our hex County Court, to take the proper measure for. co-op- ; eration with their fi-)low-citizrns in other parta of "the Tate, in. forming an Electoral Ticket favorable to the election of the distinguished .American Statesman. - .--'-,-.-- . tionof the Tariff", devclope the real object which thry have in view." ;They do not wish fo ! allay (he public excitement, which ha been rained to ita. present height by their miarepre sentat jona : their design, i to Ian it into a flame, whose fierceness shall burn asunder the cord . w hich bind together lliit happy Union. Thry have for yeara been urging the people on to resistance ly the raven cry of oppression i yet When a bill is olTered to them, proposing to remove from six to ten million of the public taxes, they show their regard fur the people, . by rejecting it t Little do they cure for the " burden of the people, so that (heir own ainhi tious project can be accomplished. M The people 1" the " dear people' ," the iaufleri"K people !" has always been the Cry of derma K"6ue t and it was ncvermore rife than amid the horrors of the French Revolution : and what did the people gain by it t Aye, what did thry gain I ' Let the bloody records of history ttljt No : the master-spirits in South-Carolina care nothing for the people. 'They are tirfcd of a'tJniohover - hence the project of a Southern Confederation, where, the sphere of action being narrowed, their chances for lording it over the people and fattening on their subfttance,msy be increased. Tbey hope, too, that Charleston will then be-come the great commercial mart fur the Southern State, and that the wealth of the whole southern country will be poured into the lap of South-Carolina, to swell her importance and add tenfold to her pride. And suppose nll this should ' happen according to their wish. W hit would North-Carolina gain by it Yea, we-avut ih qnetiou aeriouMly to our fellow-ienbst . 3!.!I.shM J- CArpljra and aid Union f Will she be more respected, more Lccnrcore,.ppiapernuin the new confedera cy, than in the oije of whiclihe '19 now a mem ber? - Will South-Carolimv pay- mure regard to ier interests, do more to promote thewfr than the goYernmenJof the Unionf Or is it not more lirobable, that all otner -uvtercsTs will De maa riee-pl-inters T Hut outh-Carolina, it may be replied, will not hi permitted to ru'c : she will not f Then, depend upon it, she.will resort to her "great conservative principle," nullity the new confederacy and act up for herself. She will rule or ruin. There is no unity of interest between Virginia, and Utile etween Korth-Cartilina ard Suiith-Cxrulina; and the moment their interests cLisli, for clash thry must, the latter will become restive, aud as toon kS she finds that her .two northern ronfed-crstes will not bow to tier hiiprcma:y, she will stand 1 upon-her sovereignty again and enforce the glorious right of nuHilicalion ! Again we ask, from such a confederacy, wilh such a principle t its foundation, l)u( can Nortli-Carolina hope to galu.' Nothing but a load of taves, riKovd tradeV'w'ikiWsl'liidticTirTy';'' J". ereasing voiume to tiie far west, beoriiie away vciy i4ic.ui. o, .ion .o- o ,! r :.....: jy J ' thing, and can offer nothing, that nlmiild teotpt Jfoi'lh-C'irolina to abandon the Union. There is i)"t sn intelligrnt, tinprrjurlicrd man in the Stiitr, lliat can his hand on hia heart, end honestly say, as in the presence of liis God, that he feels himstlf oppretted by t,e Gent-rat Government. There is not a civilized peo-Io-n the broad surface of tjiis. globe, Jiut v ould gladly change condition with 'us ; and yet we rc culled on to destroy the best, and freest, iinrt cheapest government which the sun shines qnr-. government which; after all that has been or can be s.iid sgainst it, is SCarCCtV teli, CAtcjM in incicnciua wiiiuii 11 confers." We beseech the people to place a projw-r estimate on the tmi quailed, privilege which they enjoy to let tlieirown good sense 'uide them to scan closely the Characters, lMlification'earcumstaocesi''a'ml cltims to nperipr wisdom and patriotism of those- who eik to be their leaders, and to wean their af--ctionsJVonvfc government, under which the ountry has attained tta present pitch of proa-'trity and p er, and whose destruction would ' itinguish the fires -of freedom which are ai-' ody enkindled in TSurope. We beseech the,ro J.hold fast to that which they have ( for 'iugh we may have some causes of com. iit, ani.llie' ill iist undef any-goverB j ment that can be devised, yet were they xten- ei .1 - ...... . . 1 - i win greater, " w uciterio near me uia ,w hare, than fly ti other we know not of to revolution, disunion and civil war. f r- ; English d1ce have been received at New York, to the 24th of Hay ' from Liverpool. The intelligence is of little.' Interest, except hat Confirms the recal of the Grey ministry, aruicu, wiia Himcuni powers io psaa mi reform bill, i Casimer Perier, the French Premier, bad at last fallen a victim' to they cholera. Uia successor bad not been appointed t the fast dates. . .. -, ,., , -- ', t.-y..!':- - aV :0; ; 'i :.,Vi v passed ttrrough thi" place on Friday, on bis return from-Pasliiugtos) ' He- is reported not tQ.havc brougbvrry comfortable rteW to the Jackson men to (hose, we mean, who really desire the re-tlectii of. o'J Hickory. The Bill to re-charter the U. S. Bank, ha passed thrl Mouse of Rprernitive hf a vote of IOT to M. noe only wants the signature of the President, to becorne a law. The quettion -t in every one's mouth, will he' sign it rFur our own pari, we have no doubt he wtil Ret over his scruples and put his, name to the bill j and we mav safely congratu Ijte the ptiblir, we think, on the certainty. that an institution, so iniimatrlv connected with the prosperity of the country, ha been rescued from the periN which surrounded it (tj Since the above paragraph wa written, we have seen the National Intelligencer of the 7th, which states that it was the opinion at Washington the President would not sign the hill, Ifut would on that day return it, with his object ioni, to the Iiouse in which it originated. "We regret thi but still we do not believe the Bank In danger." The nednlft will act all thing! srigtit at me next election, and slow to learn, that "his popularity cannot stand every thing." We notice among 'he names of the speakers in the Barbour Convention at Raleigh that of Ii. Davison, from Wur- ren. this gentleman ha wrinrn more Essays in support of the tariff policy, a the files of the Raleigh Roister and National Intelligencer will show,' than any other ten men,. probably, in North Caro lina ; and yet he. is now opposed to Van BMrfffeecaaw 1E iBprrb9ps Mr. Iavison bar btr ed the p.oTttical connpa&s, like some of hia brot be r pntitici-trfts in thf Barbour ranks, and from one extreme in politic has pas- le'd Ta' tb't 'BVb come a Jeader eiiber iu sxounly or Jar r ner portion t.f the S ate, with- one set. oF ' -.'Tr?riT-..T" fc ... .. . . ir. I l . - . I i. . ... a ! iir ii r w itruiri lie caiinut sucwecu vciicr with unollicr set- JlnQ'.Ler Defaulter J- O. Dann, Ser geant at Aims of he ' 11'oiise of. 'Rrprr enlulives, lately disappeared from Wash tngton wilh a considerable amount of public money in his bands designed to pay mt-tnijert of Congress ; he was pur sued, however, brought hack and then resigned hi ofAce. -lie is a good Jackson man, and it will not do, therefore, to make J fuss about- it. It was the height of pre vumption in M'utkiiis, bring friend ly o Adams, to become a defaulter, and to Jackson keeps, htm locked tip in " jait; imiijaa:www oiig since expireK, The' ?iepoila of vie? r.,,,,, e-ofthe victors has doubtless .jken only what he considered his share ofthe spoils, and has thus shown a com mendable zeal in the work of reform. Gov. Houston has been fined five hun dred dollars tot his assault on Mr. Stan- berry. The. friends f 'club law," are handing subscript ion papers, about the taverns in Washington City, to relieve i he gallant governor from this heavy draw on bis parse,' j 1 . From the New York journal "of Commerce 2d edition, July 2j one K Mr SPASMOblC CUOLEUA IN NEW JORK. We are comprlleJ io admit the belief that the Spasmodic Che.era has found fts way to this city.' .Several cases have occurred of .very alarming character, and-death has crnerallv followed after a sborHntervlTbfWaTrye,rbftf ers up to Sunday evening are thus "given y the tandarjf OJ'J? K '.' . t.' , Ms JJ zgerald-aijl-Lwrry-areet-t t wo children of Mr F- od the mother of .Mr., jpr. MfShi; jimM tiwrb- Mrs. Brutes, Oliver sirret, m ar Cherry. John1 Kaunas and Daniel ilcM"arra,y James alfp.' Mr Flfrfcerald vj also t lackea butbaa recovered.- ' -rTotheae may be added icasep Greenwich Village. r. The deceased J s poor laboring man, end died on Sun after-noeb, after a sickaesa of a fewpoiirs. With thi exception, all the eel which have occurred, are In the vreinitkf Cath arine Market J ou the East sir of the I city, Scjftrat we can learn there k no ret on to think the disease was fiported either b lapd or aea. , We red not aay that it hasireated a strong sensation in the city, 'he more reflecting part of the people owever, regard it with . a gool dtjrre of calm-"neat. It is the intemperai and vt-cious, eopecially the vicious nor, who Vhave most to fear from iJ til it is a mong tb'tn that the greatrst janie pre. vaiiH. -WTfltetd4o'remaio ;at oir. posts io lone 4s God shall be pleasedno permit os, and have taken measures o procure the earliest ami full iotelligt ce of the progress of the disease, whi h we ahull haMen to lay before our res' ;ra. P. S. We have just lear k! that at-4 o'clock thia morning. Dr.. Wiilet wis called to Iwoc ses, one the irganitt ot s Roman Cstholic Church, te other a shipwright. A rase has eL occurred. t the hither (S. W.) Ind of East Brorl way. I Qubtter to 1 o'clock ttr Aletlical Reporter bus itist come ill with the fol lowing cases i I)4vid Gri, corner f Ki'pfl and Greenwich, ajei 40 a native of New-Vurk,' Piano Porie Maker.-a-woke last night ahout 13,'jivilh pain in the tonch, vomiliug anil purging of colourless fluids. Spasms came on about this morning died between 11 ami 12. Intemperate in his habits. Wis bled and treated with stimulants. ; Had no med- :. -:.l . ,;n ki This case, it will be observed, occur- red on, t Ite North Reer rieariy mile from the others. Another case, a woman at 15 Jsmea slip, the houe where two men died on Su'iday. Was attacked wilh vomiting nri purging. look medicine, and is uotv convalescent. Te following I. tier was addressed to the Lilltor of the S'Sdnrd : TO JOHN I. MUJITORD, ESQ. Sunday Afternoon, July I, 1832. Dear Nitt You have r qu-ied my o iinii.u kniis the prevailing cuidemlc. and i heJj:tjneaii pM v and sKw-jberem Tte te-- t ise asei s eoidmre t irw at m o a pheriey and tieafs To-iwy ihe same thttik it contngtoos, but in it rerrnl appearance in Canada, ,! could not find a- n f f a CI s' t o support thi sil bc't rine. Every person in ihose provmcrs wis sfteced by t he "same premonitory y m pwran. vizji paiftj n' the. i r gion -wt"th e stomach 4 burning sensation Hi the bowels, and a fuloesas or. expansion of the a'xlnmen. Thew feelings were universal, and I may ufely say not one person escaped thrm. f, then, this disorder were contagious, how comes it that-these sensations were general in persons who were twrntl miles distant from the disease, and who hod not even heaul of it f'oiitagion has never extended its power to such distance ; beside, how can we acrouni for its appearance in Montreal hi'fore navi gaiion was open ? We can iinpuie it to noothrr cause -than this, that easterly winds blew constantly for foiiy days towards Quebec, and consequently the lainicd atiiiosphere of Europe arrived at our shores. 1 he question most interesting tons isr shall we be visited by this disorder r I my decided "opinion that it-is tio w- in have this dap, inspected in Jariirs: sircrt. lhjcraiionis..pVace4 iey on d rtjij TRink-ttrcitJwoiSi larnt t our; citirtns, for if we-look1- to, 1 1 . j r. . 1 i-'igiaou ami oiner places, we nu mat where preparations were made, the mal ady was disarmed of is great tenors. It is a very consoling fact, that this disease is not contagiouy for 11 will not prrveni those kind offices which the sick so ur gently rrnuire; No one need be afraid of approaching hia rick friend, and ren dering him' those services which 'may be demanded. Besides this, the fact ,of its beittg non-contagioUs, divests us of fear1, "which in my opinion has been the cause of many deaths. A perfect heed lessness of the disease is the greatest se to riiy W har;ife" "fhe""be ! 'if ""'mFn sbf preventing the attack f I would say en tire abstinence-from spirituous liquor, using Port wine io moderation, when any symptoms of , oppression'Wr sinking oc cur ; avoid all green vegetables, and unripe fruits, which are exciting causes ; keep from tbe streets 'during the beat o tbe day, and never walk in the sun ii out an lirobrella ; and above alt,' avoid crowas ana impure simospnere. ' laei the clothing be flannel, tw-keep jup an action upon thetkiti, and let a beofthe ame materia Ibe worn. Tempe ra n c e. 1 n every shape is the great preyerjtivr. We " ' I mar ask vho are its vtel me. I answer, l the iotenvperateit invariably cuu them off.- -r"--- - ' iTt is mistaken notion that itlmutus is necessary I " wiae mar and dors do ser- tricei while we ere ender the inBoence of this poisonous atmosphere pel spirit-uods liquors a af preventive,' always do harm, and hurry the drinker to bis late Early hours are important, for the ex posure to ibe night air generally brings on tbe attacks. Persons are lakeri more often at-night than during the day.' -'-. . What are the remedies ! , ; Bleeding ii the best in tbe first stage that is,; when nausea and diarrhoea are. present, but when collapse comes on, when tbe akin is cold with clammy sweals, and tbe face blue, the eye sunken, and the extremities lose all circulation, it i fatal.-' In thia atage gve ethefind-- laedanemVapply mustard poultice to the extremities shd stomach ; or what is beter,dry friction, with chalk or hot bran. -Braody may be givenio small ttnities,- wrth? spirrts-of ajm moji apreh oeV-edv.:i Ural expression rof the contenance the patient may be said to be convalescent. The tongue io the first stage is, to use the . aprrssion of Or. . Oeksy, opalescent r transparent, of a milky blueoessiin the second stage it is covered by a fur, white r brown, as the disease progresses Cramps ate not essential to -the diseasr, ind physicians are often deceived in deciding upon the fate of the patient when 'these are absent. ' ' -;. , ' fv 7'. I have thus written' a few basty rr narks, but they are all derived from ob 1 ervaiion during m . visit to Canada 1 hey are imperfect, but as they are free from all medical technicalities, I trust they may be serviceable to wur fellow ci. izens. . . -" S . .' Your friend and servant,' - . - J. K. RHINE LANDER. At M'ilkesborough, on the 9th instant, in the 41t year of her age, Mrs. Sabib Sattsswutb, wife of Doct. Satterwhite of that plat e. Her 7 .- ' ., !!,T7-T.. remains were brought to this place and inter. , . . . nes day last; sjeaiu Kiuom numocrs who lis viciims so escelien't, so amiable and so pure a Lvdy. A good understanding, improved and matured by education, reflection and experience 1 a kind disposition, refined and softened by continued acts of benevolence and good will 1 a heart without guile, strengthened and confirmed by it own virtuous exercises 1 highly Bniahed by the band of nature, abe sought for aud obtain. ed aid from a lively faith in Jesus Christ, A character thus east, is calculated to pro duce endearments lasting and uniform 1 and I ri,n relations, friends and intimate acqaain was aJJady made to be loved." Such wa Mrs. Satterwltite, f ter heaJt hi for wany-years, Wat infirmTbef List sickness painful and lingering ; but that piety which spread- halo around her .other wrtues, enabled her to pass through the oark - w'ey - "' tbelhadow of death with a lamp o . . , . ' - I w!""e hr'ShtnPM increased as the dark- ness thickened. Relations and friends weep weep lor her loss ; but their tears are sheij rathe; for. tliLtnaelvea, than for the departed Spirit. (CoMncniCATin. NEW FIII.H. mjislTcADij "1 fOST riipecl fully inform the citizen of xv a hatisliury and the public generally, that niejr nave jJiircnostu ine STOCK OF GOODS belonging to the late firm of Kyles Si Meenai all ot tufch they are determined to sell at the Philadelphia and New York Pricet. Uv strict attention to business, with a wish tobe accommodating, they will feel grateful rr ine patronnge ot their friends, and the peo- a l ine. ULU SI APsU. XjA.OM.-y, July 6. 1833. 396 iA jN?J?lltm-the--XounaHMMe-wil i-J. - JUilcenlice on. Monday and Tuesday, the wii aim o,a. iiistaiii. The friends of the Institution are navicular- , ... . . ij r ruestea to attend. ,t BENJ. COTTHF.LL. 31393 s RELIGIOUS. nnilK Bible Soriety of Iredell county will X hold its annual meeting at Fourth Creek unurcti, near Statesville. on Thursday, tbe se. cond day of August ' next. The Rev. Mr. S farrow, of Lincoln county, h been ..invited to deliver i discourse suited Io the occasion. Members and friends are respectfully invited to attend. m 3. CAMPBELL, Sceretarit. July 9, 1832. 1 , 2t39T : fTlllAT an adjourned meeting for the pur. JL pose of receiving subscriptions for the Cape Tear aotl Yadkin Bail Koad Stork, will be holden at the Cpurt-Ilouse in Concord, Cabarrus county, on the 10th of Atfgust next, being the day after the election. A - general attendance requested. y JOHN PHI E It, sen. Esq. Chairman. 1. A. Ski watt, fkbrelarv. Conami. 1832. ' " 4t39 v TUB STOJJS ROOM in the south-corner Of the MANSION HOTEL, now occupied bv Messrs. r-afJtaytamf fcXoirence. on of the most public and vest stands in town. DoMa.D!.n a.;..u a fl.js, C-fV -.f O '-S-U p. ,ift. i ; " 1 - EiULlAUJiMONo, sVrjTi-Tf-m'sO.ISJ rf rum vivotice; : "VfOTlCE Is hereby gtjen, that I will x make ( r ' application,' at the 1 expiration' of three Jj '' montha from this date, for the renewal, mt a i certincate for nfVy.shares "f Banff Stock, ori- , gioally granted by the President of tlie .State 2. ,- UaoK orNortn-Caropna. , . ' . ,! , Cabarnu Counts, May 7, 1832 " 3m 1 401 ' '' 'mjTFmiiiTJWij r .1 i .A'- K1 V' r r v. John I. Shaver "rVrroorLD respectfiiRy Inform. his old customers, and thos ' T public generally, I b ba'Vf . f, ness in this place. He. will .have 'I oiwr-i t'? . ket en Tuesday, Xhuraday and S, i.iy mpr- v-1 - nine, (n each, week; ' during thei. .n, or'at''-- i ' any other time to'suitMlif! convenience of his 'i $ ctltttfTr)rrSnitf' iij ..TO.f .Ml ..rj"iAny-peraoniif beeves for sale. Obtain the Ii)(i;j it pi-n ; , iaf,t,UKV o-e"l;. polv4iif tilth subacribeer' X ,-. ii- auiiri r bHAVtat. - t jun i6. itoo.; si3tf : r ii in ii pniT. .. '. 1 i , i mi i.i I l I ''! 1 .mi -4) I ! State of NoTth-Carohnff,' , - IRSOELL ' COtTtTTT v . . , .. . . . Equity, Spring-Term,' 1832. t't- r MOS JACOUS vs. George W, Locke ana other. It kppearing to the satisfactions , of thi court, that John Madison, one of the pa- , ties defendant, is not as; inhabitant of this 8tatc- It js ordered that, publication be made lor si x , weeks, in the-. Ysdkin and Catawba Journal, ... that the said John Madison appear at the next Superior Court of r.quily, to be held for the county of Iredell, on the 6th Monday after 'the 4th Monday of September next,, and plead or ? snawer, or judgment wiji De tssen pro rontesso as to him, and aet for hearing accordingly. .; Witnes, Jon Mrsear, Clerk Snct Master in v Equity, at Office, the 21st day of June, 832.'i JVnn .MtstiAl, t:,.jl, ti. v L 6t218. prrad. $3.00 Public. notice is hercjty Given, THAT B'.'oaSof aubsnr.ptiou to the stoek; of .U- v. v ..IV... u..i u i at ,iiib xitt -- .p"'m wuin- panv are opened t the following ; placet under - , that the same will continoe open until , further , . IN BLADEN, , . On the west side of tbe Cape Fear, Jno Ow-V, rn, Sam. Andres, Wm.'' Hichardon on the ya eaatiside, Wm. H. Beatty, Jno- Cromartie, L.virMil. Mallett. . .' , , f J in pncNswit k, ;. - Upper part, Johtf "ters,. Wm. -ll. Hall,.-. Robert Oibbs, sen. in SmlthviHiy Daniel lt v Baker, Kicbard Langdoa, SaiSt&Xttr. : ; x . , I SAMPSON,-; -. At Clinton, Wm. McKay GeralduToW Hardy L. Holme John Bryan and Wm.'itob-inaun, in the Jower . artOf he county. "-v - IN It'PLlN, -s At Goshen, Thos. Hill, Dvid Hosks,Jaa. K, Hill a he Court. Hone, Rev. MT. "Stanford; ajf v sssBiii untci bl. Aruv, 4 . T IN ANSOK-ZI 1 At Wadesbornugiir Alexander JLittle. Jos, Me.lleyv Ahaolem Myers, Thos. DT Parke, S. vaVBlStadCtav?.-. -7-.;-- ' 7 '" In RiCHMONn, ; "" " At Rockingham, Waller F. Leak, Francis T: Leiik, ErasmusXovfTTaW:McTart ' Crawford, Stephen Wdl. . V " - ; . ' ' IN MOORE, 1 . ' Linmrsi onn is. iwcnr, uiueon aea- wrll.-Corneliua l)owd, Josiah Vyson, Archibald McBryde. . . '' At Carthage, John B. Kelly, Gideon Sea- INltOBESON.. '""Wm;X."TIflTer, Duncan McAlpin, John Gilchrist, John W Powell, A. 8. Brown; R. W. Fuller, at Lumherton. . IN MONTGOMERY, At Lawreneeville, F.d mond De berry, John B. Martin, James Lilly, Duncan McKae at Al-lenton, John M. Allen, James Allen, Frederick Randall, Wm. H. Lilly. ' v IV NEW HANOVER. At Black River, Patric k Murphy, Charles Henry, Jumes Carr at South Washington, W. J. Love, R, Saunders, Patrick , Caber, Culkn Filyasr.-,.-. -. '.. ' T- ?." IN DAVIDSON, - , v '--At Lexinrton. John Hoean. Alexander Cald. cleugb, Hs Du. nbury.. V V; . ' .......' r . , -: IN 8URBT,";- ' " . - - At Rockford, W; P. Oobson, it M- Hughea,. H. lu WaugH, W. G: Haines F. Armstrong-. at Huntavdle, D, W. Courts, Peter Clbigman,. i. wiutamsf i.iyingfloo-.laacn;ic.i.;iumf. "i.ITI s"w1f U .r lar- -I. a . s. 1 . Clelfand at Jonesville. Dr. Partes, Thomas- JtjOj:uir.air. juwyun- w II.. . . ., ' .' .. . wiK-'wn.icEsr ATrrttesbownirtr.- wrpr WirOihrJnbTTiTr: ley, Samuel F. Pateraonr Jno.-Martin,- James wellborn. . v IN BURKE, Vs At Moreanton, Isaac T. Averv. A. L. Erwlnv'' Thomas Walter, Samuel Nrwland, Hark Brit-tain. , '" . -.' ,- ." If,' ,, v' ' . , - - IN RUTHERFORD, . At Rntherfordton, James Graham,' Jno. Me- Intyre, Geo. Walton, Jas. McD. Carson, Tboa. Dews. - - . At Jefferson, George Bowers, James Callo way, Anderson Mitchell, John Rhae. l, , in Mecklenburg; - At Charlotte, W. J. Alexander, Vine.nt de Rivafanoli, John Irwin, Wm. Davidson, Sam. atcuomo. n , nrSTTJABARRUS, At Concord, John Phifer, P. Barringer, Geo. Klutts. D- Storke, R. It Harris. IN IREDELL, . ' At Statesville, Geo. L. Davidson, John Mu- ' shat, Th. lalls, Wm. McGimpsey Alexander Franklin.. .v. - . , r ' A. J. DE ROSSETT, " '. ' WM. B. MEABES, , - . .. .-.JAS-OWEN ' .Vn ' . . ' r JiD. Bt DUDLET, - j-s, CABkHOLM BsA fcujaiumifcha ;---v ' ' Ctni'rt at irUmdneton. ' . r JuntlZrlZZ V St40I - - , lUank 0etl8 Cot . sale iere . Constable's" Warrants l ' f J. 'jj. r t 1 i a- Wiaft't'-f at -II itoliitiaaTiSdC'iG' ". - - : 0 .. ... mttLlrf mm h

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