Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 5
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. TONDA*,, OCTOBER t PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. ;v7~7'.'-f" !!•'» PA0B ftfl? CLASSIFIED HATES ONE OENtP A WORD HELP WANTE»~f-MALE WAXTKf)--I..-.u-n barb«r tr,-^,-. B j>'«.v, i;.-i*y :.i . h-nrn, Hf«iiH.«i ?,',-, r!<".<] here, F>ip<>.« wy.ttern f.f B:\r- i>'->r Co! ]'•£«« in ?(;<? t.'.' 8. ;",?, binnrh '.'^-nl'i.-. C -'-™ i STEM CHAMPIONS LOST A HARD GAME Lafgeat Crowi! Of tho Deacon One Lone Touchdown Spelled j Saw Local 1'cam Trim Dixon Defeat For Sterling At j the Second Straight. Mount Morris. \ SATURDAY SCORES. American League. ridrnpo, 7; <Mpvel.1lid. ". <*hl*-;tiro. 7; /Cleveland, .1. •'TSo«rin. 1'; NOW York. 0. VVnfllilnKton. S; l'!ill'»d*-l|t!ii^. I'hlladolphta. !<!. I.tflroit, 10: St. Loul,«. r,, \\ Tn Ibe MTotid j-iUTie of vhiil n;i.-i I» In i! f'.vin 7 10 I, Sim<!i>> after- noun en t!io \Vftt ci'd urmuid*. I'ivn canti! thnui well'd -,i (•*!•!. but ' »-nd i.ot i,,u Ii t, ron and pocket'mol tr->m r.-:r t C* Hid li'iv, >f tin- r.K-ki'.rd Threp r,vt •,!,!i jiiicH to IVishnrM •\t vein, v Tln> Vm Hl'-i!:nq Hluh «>h..t,l! { ijnin tn»'t • dffpftt SaturilJty sift- | \vhi -!'<< they c-ncountiTctl tin- j *>!t--Vf-n. It was any-,; Notional League, Ctilrh~O. H-;- S!, f ,-(Hlf a r 4- •Now Vorli, -I; Huston, -0, Boston, S; New Vorki .! a" they. . lH .,u--H»mo from Htart to Hnl.,h for the! l' 11 "^" 1 ^' I] n^rn!^' T "•.'• "or- .,„,,, ,.,„.„ ,, ut UJI a mm .,, lnn .rovedS Krooklyn. 6; I Mlu.lrlpntn. !. H ,t M> »!„,-.« , ul! , AJ ^itkal time,, however, they! <'">«'"'.ail, ,,; l>m*b,,rKh. -I. «lx ynids to go to rnnko a touch- • own and with four downs to do It In, | 1'iiisbnrjt .(hey ran up njtalnst the proverbial j m the bi-'X *tone wall, althouKh two fumbles ma-: < r Hot-In He ;|' ( ,|,,||v nlded the opposition. In ih* third quarter Mt. Morris FOOTBALL SCORES - WEST. Indiana. 20; Uel'amv. 0. Notre Dame, **: Case, o. MtehlRan A. C.. 10; Olivet, o. 1'. of Kansas, 13; Kmporta. 0. KanwiH Stale, 20; Haki-r C , «. r. of North MaUota, 49: Kar>;o, <». EAST; nml Inon is rV ilh Mit^r: nut tii.M'i >-••• iii S" h«> able to ;,„,(, lt ,.„, Asaitt Kt*>rllnjr furnbloil and i hold Sleriln S'M. haul Mttiim" tenm ,),„ !;,,,„.» f am secured the ball with-j titmti. All!'ou*h be ';»t 1-. •«tri!;t'i>ut!« jn ,,,„ y, m | w ,,f tho con I. Jiy end runs b<. va.< to-i »'H t. i !1 P.*!'-' hits. ,,;,) powerful line pliinctv* the Hrst and j " "t ih'm '«>ti!y touchdown of tin. 1 Kame wan made.! x_u_4Uft^ tiililmn Eirike- ' vJt.\..) t ,jj|,i_^«_ t! 4,( ftixuuuiar-v- fur the!> fix -hit.". Ji ^ViHnsr - boys writ? not outplayed.,' ll! » really woji'd b" h.fl t" jbk out ony ;TJ, ,. y ^j,) „„( crumble a« wa* the caxe j Vale, :.'"•; Carnegie, 0,^ Star on Strrffnir'B tr-am--as : they..,- w Velt: hso fti" FFcejwrt. Home vie- : 1'rlnectoii, -1; Holy Cmxa, 0. ,1 httU. II~*v-ver-. un. ; J tnHr ,.., rt . ,„ ~* lt ,f* for-thfin-tn the hwrl. l'ctm,-3; West VliKlHta,..«. . cannot oveilool. I'eien'H thn.e hitn. and f,,!,,,,,, I'rinceton beware: Ltne-mi; j Navy, 0; I>lcl<ln»on. 0. Lewis' homo inn drlv inep the left i,,, rt ,„„( | u ad, left t.ickle, MrConniek; Dartmouth. 32, IWmlon College. «. ,<4f«ld fence <T Kann'ilo!*' two !»«>;;??!• • j,,^ miard. ^ik-ler; Center. Dillon; WilliamH, .11; UencHelaer I'oly, fi. With the bnac-n .full. • rbrht guard. Cox; rl«lit tackle. Over; j Anny, 3; Lebanon, n. •It \vtts Ihn ln>»t eiowtl of the xi-tiMin. , ri ., ht ,,,„). ^ {;,.|dmrdt; quarter back. Howdotn. 2: Kort McKlnley, 0. many ^uttendltiK fK-tn Dlxon. }larm»ti. | Ht!im; fnllback. Hohult.?.; rltrht' half, j Fordhum, 0; Kafnyetto. 0. !Morrl«»en, D«er ( |_' l ^^ > '"'.d Pr.ipbeti*- j'^ Halm; Ieft^half,_r>rt>w._ Town". " DiXoir wn-Tflo Mii«'"~iir^vTiiiTiT!TjJt"-"" " ~" '"T::,jr.Z,-__I_II__I~ that ihty * i'i*i i iii in-r i hi- .t'the pas-ie 'for r»e\t ^umiuv. ('ti(> i:iunot overlook the Rond umpftinsr of lx>wlM-and ; -~- "VhlliFTn" TIuTTii-i ie». "neTTtioT "TiTtr-""tnivi-TAt tautres~to~th ir""SBheitul8i~of irtfj ni.y troum;- with Hu- Havers or ' and Molina. fnn«. Bter11n-< now rljfhtfnlly claims t tho <-hnms'l"n:diljt of northern Illinois, LOCAL INTEREST i:nicerc. 33; ViUanova. 0. SyraTn¥«% T.T; All-HmViiW. or I'enn., State, 53: \\V«lmliiHter, 0. liuoknell. 37: Albright, «. H. 0, !,,>< ill tntei'e.'-.l uttacbes to tho football Kchediih'M of M,t»Ilnw and Koehelle Hftrmon bent Hs.-slbi,,' in" . iwm«» I" ^ns» !?». former - r .lay« KterlinK and th*>it> i." no i.ur - ti(»r. in a»vone'« mind'ithv latter playn .Morrifion, Irttt tluit Stcrlinif eould trim tl-rm In). Mclinc Schedule, Colgate, 3'); SuN«|Uehiinna, 0, HIGH SCHOOL. lloi helle, 21: Itelvldere, 0. Dlxon, r>; Mondului 0. a HrTl' J K. and »m* 3 b one of them. I AM U II o A- K ! ;: i ".- i) i.i 1 , _-_---,- r -^~?—. r—rrf Tl'o Moline' Kcheilule- IR as follows: o<.1. 7 ••-Kewanoo at .Molhun ., .oit. M.-,"--Monmouth ut Aloline, '• Oct. 21— rKreeport nt Aloline.. -PROPHETSTOWN- NEWS WUklimoii. Helen. If. . rf Pfnndsts'in. Ib Cohlon, i i ' l i «» i t 4 ','. '•'• -, " *' "' | 1 o l .n f a ! 4 I I tl - ik l! ! i ii i n .a' i. i >>!in«K<>r .1 ^t <i 13 *2' ^ fcbeilf* Nov. 4—.',; at .Sterlltur, -• Nov. il-~.Mollnc nt'l'eorliw Nov. 2,1—-Davenport at Mollne. Rochella Schedule. Hale W«»*ki» of tho Ho? .-football twin»-l» woll gtrniih. l* . J Total . 1 Dixon i 0 " 0 . 1. • G , :tt AI; n H. o A !•: MalleU. if. Whitebrcad, :s M i' t '* ;; l ii s- (t t I I'll I i) il ii 0 4 a <• - :! n -f- -,* -A—»i—it- r* »i n i i ,. :M i f, -i ; i -j ;j 4 ;. t>-T s si. 0 ti 0 » ii O .*> (l *•— it ll ll » ''I U 'l t II — Homi> -I.ewiK. lilt —Off ^mHh,,«; off C.uKoii, li, Ha.xe on bnllM 1 —Off Hmith K J ":,') IMHI, 1 Htrnck ."il-Hv Wmilh 1.3, by with ttiw Knowing or- tbt> prep In the preliminary workoutfl, the team being heavier and faster t hnn for many yearn. The schedule ham been completed with the* exception of the TI:a.n!<KSlv|n«- jf-'ime, Df'Knlb l« same, but insists It bo play' after Total Inning* HterHm? Two ba 'f» J8. Stolon bn.«i i «- -HoKan i'a.«-se ni. Hit by pltclu'd ball- i'uil'lr«>!» -I.ewU .inds Vailt 1 Tlnio—- lioiirn Kt minute.". Attend ancfl 450, li, MANY PAPERS ARE DOOMED. K "lJnle«<* the print paper xiluntioli I I'- • relieved before l«»nw half this oo»uttr> |" ' papers In tin 1 United State.-, will bav» *" tii MUMpend pubUcaf.on. tempt>nrily ai i-*' lea««," Hruc<» l4 Bliven, profeMnor of jour- R" jialtsm ut thV rnlve*r»ity of sontbei r " California. *'» u ' t ' 14 ' nicmbeif of th |\ Southirn Callfornt.-j Kditoiial a^ochi fc^ • Uon In t'onv^ntlon. He pri>i»t"«d co C* ,, operative wction to coirect the e\ti I rt»«|H»H«lble ft»r thiH cummioti. ^ Advprtinw in Tbe "CASITS" FOR iil4_ It LIVER, BOWELS ed in that city,- Hor-hollc wishes 'to play 'tin- holiday at honi«», , "The other d.'iteK are a« follown: uc.t. 7 ..... HochelU» at Morrison. Oct. iM----ltcIvid'ert? at R oi-t. ;'S --IJorhelb' tit , Hut it-vlii, ,Xt*v,-"-) Moehelie at Dixon. 'Xo\ . 11 vyo(>d.*it<M.'!< at r LEAGUE STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAJT.IIP, Chlea'io . Ueiroit .. St.; l < OUJ!'i W. ........ im .....".. .MI nr. (57 75 New- YoTF Cleveland . , Philadelphia ........ Til s.,.7".,-, , .77 M ..."...,, 7t». 74 77 77 , .3! ll« p.-t ,r»sie .r.7s .565 ^JJ) ".r.u .f<o j.oo A - of Harrison L. Johnson'Ob- served Hit 77th Birthday. Mr*. .S. U. Uiwn»nee and Mr*. Orant Wildrm'n were active In planning » •*"»'-" nrlw.t «m tbeir father, HarrlHon I.. Johnaan. who.paaiicU...tiirf. ; 7?l!> birtInlay VVednivsduy. und in tlio- fifty invited camo to bin home to give him a nurprlxe and tln>if wure- ly did for it wan a hidden m-crct. with him what It all meant when, they brought him in ami iturodueid him to .ii fnr f.he < "athn- •nm|»!ftffl and him- to the Tc.f tT.r' «ii[if-t,»i*ru* j ! ur<-: of Cbif-nco. n eiphf y»',tr« exit to '-'••ttb* in Propft- f«tmvn fif-d brr>: (nirrhnseil the onsfit of Dr. •<*. 1!. M-'k"y, a former phywlct'in of tb' 1 t/ivsi now permatn'ntly located in i. im.-n;n in a irov« mrnent Job. Dr. Win«»-tt with Mr? 1 . U inset t was in-town Kritla>- loo.'yrji? for ,'t •-"".id'-nre bnt was h:rvim: ;< ct'-at d'-al of difficulty.,,... l.n flr.tlini; atiytiiin:; to .«n$t. T'jerf> i« noth- in the town for rrn? nt the present > in rfie shnpc of an tip-to-dntn ,1. K. 1'tnty * - port put in a concrete rr ,, K ^ t ,« l-"ri.l!iv pt the entrancf from ni.-iln f<tf«'••"• t to their lumber' ynrrlw. Heretofore It hnn befit a bump and wbrn the- \v<atht'>r was it was muddy. It will be different in the future. R K. Kakte & P»n shipped three •tfoek -lioHM to Iowa, F'rlrtity Kolni; to •llffrrent-jK«rtk->». Hr«cf-ntly the llrm .thipl't-t! a -two-year-old hop of the Dimir Jer«ry »<tock to a prominent breetb-r in Minne»ota. (be animal tip- l>irt« (be I 1 '-am ;rt Slid poiindN. It WaB a t)H" bred animal and brought the tlrm ii Hire little *um of money with IIOK* up In the itir and this a fancy one. A. L. KwooYruB ««old a potato-Thurs- j d.'i}- which wt-igh"tl three pounds t'nd j t^'o ounces for which IIP rpcelvert ten i I'eniM. That surely wa« fome point OP aniT,T>t-IiiK ftroWh Iti "ynilff-Hifle" county well for the fertility of thjt noil in thin section. It Is n f'ict that when county IH not In (lie running in the way of ralffiiiK crops that tln-ro is not much u»io in cnHlinu Ibitl a yield, Arthur iJosley, of llurllnston .Itinc- 4 ltin, Ml«,«ourl. Mix. Julia Moon, of Ht. oe. Mi««siiiiri. nl*o MfK. H, W. lloxlt-y, of Clinton, Iowa, are .nueiitM In the homo of Mr, 'and Mr*. C. C, Jamcx, Mr. 4 i»4«»js- 4». -,-iiuj w4 uK—tlitt-twn - flr«t- nai u tul about the t°_wn_an»l they fajl to reco^. nix.?' tho town'of a number of: years Mrs. J. M. Hrown, of Whreveport, La., tin*-mother of Mr?*. A. L. Johncon, aipn Mr*. H. D. Molt, of the fame city, nlfo /i «lMter of Mr*. Johnson, ar« at the: present time KticKlM in the JohiiKon home. Mr»*. Brown will remain for fiitni 1 time with her daughter and fnm- iiy. Mr. and Mr*,. Charles KI<>beit. HvlnK fionOi tif "fowh are" pnre'nlH'lif a Kfrl b;iby. »boi:ii >>ept. ".*>. Mother dolllK well. --* . I,. M. McXamara W«IH a pac.senKer to A;. \VANTI-:M- <-.!:.\T II-.-nlc; St«-:!(} v W.irk.' - A,\I> MAi'JHNK (.-. !r«:!iri nutti'tirii: (-.-;. J'ocil pri'-f-u. tr Mfllh'fll.b- Jjvij, V.'.\NTKI> MAX. TO WORK OX f-trm t>\ tri"t:!)i <>r vear. l-'luyd Hi/htiit?, <'(nel?i. Intf-i's.ifttf phone. »S- ^|M^ «m jjM| - ' ij|jj| Shingles 200,000 Red Cedar Shingles for sale at north* end of HefUbower Elevator at $3.15 per Thousand E. BELL if HlLP_WANTfiD—FEMALJB \V A XTKt» l",A D v! '* H ?U,7'"f! C I ;.\T - It-iriL-n .to t.-..;nduet. JooU «.-Im .rm.-iri cn'mptUrn, f"i ;i!.<mt tun months fienisant worfe.- Salary |!.5<> ji^r <?-*v Write "L,'i^'' fare yierlliiR f.!a?ette." ' TS* _SlTUATlOJf WAltTED \VAXTF,r> !'(IHITII>.N* AS r»Kl.I vY:HY rn.-'iH, or trnrk tlnv.f-r. f-'oiir'yefirf ox- pet-lenee. Cull iit 408 AVMIIK- II. nr H<-il t>fioii(. TL'4H-I, ' 7>» STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Wheat Maxwell svjid Qnlnlovnn Mt-mbi-r Hoard of Trade. Chlcc.iio. lili., <>et. u', I Open Hiflh Low Corn .May Oflti Dee. May Pork Oct. Jan. Lard Jan, ftiba Oct. Ja.'n. . i-IV, Clos« .71', .;«;-„ M^OELLANEOO^ MKX- orit HJ.l'HTItATKD CATA- FOR SALE— -BEA£ ESTATE HAM; UES-inABU'7 S-KOOM , f/iitncT Av» riu<" K nnrt Wett Ft. K<-Rs«oH3!>l«? prir»\ Inquire \Vi-ft Sixth fit. ' 72ff ;if FOR RBNT !-!:;:X,'«!iHir Ttf'oM FOR RENT-*' A"':(|. in conveniences, JJell pl'iotifl i.-:i.\V. 1 on HKXT-OFMCK SUITE. JOHN* ll.iM'ham Hlnck. Hell phono 776-1. ••>, III 71 -<'"•.* I'AIIM I.e.)AX? — I HAVR MOXKY 'i ' > If-ri!; "n firm moHK^S^s "t s\" ',"•cent Intonr-si, with pi. p..\ t;e•» t rlatjs". Any amount n-ntnvi prompl service nml tt'-.'tn:.--ift \Vbr-n-ln tif-i'd of a loan will, jsppre- clnte your patronage. H. Ij t'!'i('i!i First 'x»tUma!--It*mk liltla ,'*u (7fvilT~8lfH?TcK KXA>H>. , . i« -N.- open the way to good ico\> ,«i: >• n' position^. I can couch >mi by. ti, 1 ,' at small co«it. l-'ull fn> , or over. Write today for hooKh t 1 1'\ >ll IlKXT »'XH fi-UOOM COTTAUE CK TCT. Hail llPpklM, Wa»bint;ton, < on «'-«( Hi\th HI. All modern Jj, C. Hept. 1C-23* i venlinres. Apply to \V. T. 's.' "- l "!L" 1 ^£i-j | "^u i i!J'r!iSJJ ' • T:—""-» 76-78 rOB SALE^MISCl.i.LANEOUl I'OH•"sAlTi-T^-rol.AXf) CH1XA iTuTu pips." l,;iwrenci>, Htnrtx, HI, Mock 1'iillK. Funnel's phone. "T-T^j I;I;NT-itonn nnrpK TO RK- ii.ii>i«- jmity. Ht.t ftaU-i furnnt-f, city wnttr. »l>Ttiie llphis. Bam Lowry. DO) Av*» A. Hod; Fniln, R7tl ;FOH ni-:s*T - ilu> 1U- I.'iAT KM.' KM 5 1.1 Mil I ;'..><» H.'.'fj 1'J.OD H'.S: 13.90 CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. t'hleaKo, III., (H-t. 2, !!•[*}. :»I?H , Open weak over . : , . . , , ' ,. 27IS I'.-Utlo Stonily \\>;»k to '!<> lt>w«>r Cilttlt' M to buy n car or two of feeder", IIP will put on .the Hoor.vcry noon after ariti.val. WhibAuruIn is up In tho pletore* all of our ft-edi-i'M are buying eatlb' believing there in ino.iiey in them even at the high prlt-e of erlttern on lh« market at the prt'jsent. time n coritin urn! HIM nioincr. or AU- rora, were nrrlvalw in town. WedneK- tlay cyr-nins- for a Vl»tt In tho home of Mr.'and 'Mr*. Jarnea JLowcry.- Mr«, HoK« cio'.-e ^,*> lo-.ver th'»n Saturday Kt<tlin:ited ,,,. . 1 S*JitO -CHICAGO GRAIN-MARKET, l'lib xi.pi. 111.. Oct. 2, f'.'lO. \\heat~Xo. .' 1.57 V-SS» l.r.St; >.'o. 3 red, l,."ij«j I..->7 1-4; No. -I red; I-OH HALT: — OVKHUNND UOADSTKU l-'li-fit -(la«« I'uinlltion. Call Ut-l| fi'UV. ' KOH SALii— A OOon Htpinwny pinjno. |C»0. Murci.i A Jtrmtrd tlrnVr, lit. FOR SAM-: —1IOHSK. WACJOX AND I TWO on Metre i One of 200 acres other l"0 ncr* 1 !*. In each case ntx ate lo-fnini"b work horwn farm mnr-birtrrj-, ntid Ht-tn»-fttt^-- anclallv able and \viliiiiK to buy for Ui»- lniu«T fnrm n nnIf Interest In I'd bead of pure bred Holxteln cows and 1'* In-nd of pute bred HOWS, and for (tie Mi.'ilb-i fnrm to, buy a half Inteti'Mt In M cowi and nvo Mown. For_ InwnKitim. li^tli phonrs. 7fl«Sl Will plum* 47HHI. A KI-:\V HAHK HAIUJAIXH IX Vtf-M. • tile Hi.<mini;ton Typpwrltcrj" like now, }3M,50 cash. (lUnruntOftl mn< y»>«r, five tln.vH I'snminatUin; J^lslppcd r-v- ('^ <). 1>. Arwrlcan Hell ' FOU UKXT•- ISHAI'TIFFLLY LOCAT- 77-7^*1 ed 7-room modern bouse on Ka«t •cirtid h't,. Hock falls. Intjulrt* at ,Machini> Co.. 3t"J South JVurhorn. 77-Sl 1 * W K_iiMdEr^VJ5_H AV.R A 3 , otitllt of fttrnittiro nnd riWM ..... prnrU r ROOiliJ, ".Hi "i'xri>]li nt cnnilillon. Will fell as /i-wliolo or Mnt,!i> jih'Ci'**. Conn- In we will bo K'IU! to nhovv it to you." U. A. Forstrr A 8i>nn, thr •• taut tuul bigftrst xt St. MI:X T t-d to mc-amire miitn. A blK money j maker, .Our men make from 140 to j |"(i week. You can do tho same, Writr Kmptrr finrmrntjr,- Clnrftnmtt:— f»»t Wt*«t Thtnl 77-7:» FOU SALH—FKW MOUK .1ICUSF.Y Swet t l'oiuloV«. ('. W. Ui'ctiiiR. l.i'H plniin- 1"I. 77-7S* 1;T>!i; Xn, • I bard winter, l.f.*.' ?,-4. Corn Xi>, i yellow, ^f» |..|««) 1-',', Xo. S--yellow. M". 3-t«i.S7 1-1; • No., 4 yellow, S3 'l-'2»iK4 1-4, Xtf, T, yelluw, S')4iS^;., No, t! yellow, 7X . l-i!'i( 81; No. *.' white, s»'l-4$r8»'-1-L 1 -;. No.'.3 while. ' Mix. H. C. Hull and Minst nuldwtn \yere fiaswengt-ra to ForcHton, 111., Thursday morning where thoy will be KueHt.s in the -home of Mr. and Mr«. Jimtico De Graff. D. \t. Hurroughs wi8 a pawsenccr on hiii way home to IU' the 'multitude. • ' The . . wa« wpenl In having «<iod time and the relative, frjends and neighborw »nre!y were at high" tension willi enjoyment all the evening iiyuL !!«-* _ .th*!*! ' <%f l for_-.homo_.iihf foinH»ny prt-jiented "5fr. ~JtihTC«on wRT. i solid gold watch fob that he might '•ewi-mbcr inot.: dlrtline'tly: the liHlhil:i>' W. .ofnuieuil, an- nid t;oltln t ,'tim|i;ini"ii. pre.o titi-d it In him in ..tin Olns^iead way which IH ' pet'ullar ( to tSeorgo alone. To wind up wltii, Jlne ref were ,serv't,'d to all and of • fuantitli'M to nialse -nil happy no oibb- bow ."hungry' they were. Mr. Johnson will not'. soon font*^ - . - -=— — — JOLLY TWELVE.SOCIETY Gave Mrs. Johrt Dorathy An Enjoyabk day morninK after a. week spent in Prophet.stown u gut«Ht of hlu two sisters. Mrk John Richards and MiBH Bur- Mr. HurrouBhs h«» trav«»l«'d more than 50,000 inile.s, RoinK between PruphetHtown and Hivursble, Ciil., and by this timp has hi-rome -pretty familiar with the lay of the land on the journeys* as he ba« nindn tho trip by different -routes. Mr, Ilur- telln n's that there are in the •iry of lilw-ralrtp—nn'it~ih'fi'"vlfci'»ljy Jn (ho niMnhborhoo'd of 500 .WhltKHhlo • oiinly peofde., .who' arc 1 makinK" that thelr : home, -However, thoy have not j 'ornotien IHiiiiii8 and tbey nil vi.sii vS'hi'tr > »'id».' very often. Mii*; (ieor»r«> Frank %ya» a ixiftsenfter 'o I.a Mollle, '111., Thiiraday morning, where K!I<* will visit for a short lime with rebi'lvett and fiienUn.,. No. 5 while, 7S'«iXl: No, fi white. 7S<fi M 1-i;'. No. .2 mixt'd. S.'S 3-4fj->i!«: No. 3 tnixed, K5. 1-S?' 87; - Xo. i mixed. 84, No. 4 niixed, .H;l j _ No, _6 ,_mj g ijc FOlt HALH—IIAHU COAL HKATKIt, Hrlf feeder, used tinly t\\u hriifiiiiM. In- nm» condition,-TiU»-{*!\tli A v»< .1 LOST- -SATrUDAT flu- Cnrfttvnl. poeketbook tainiiiK small pook«n bookR, ntwut/IS and t!ol(l rlmnu'd t»v<» slttMH«»fi. Ro« turn to Jneob Cantlln'H offlQ^,.! , • n-n AV»' • l~iVIiVJ«U -i'lJfr!. 1 " «»l r/»l»."i C*V .V*»V»»A. 77«7s*' ! '"d $5 monthly; no Interest or taxeiij ,^___1, j hlKhly productliT land: close t«i 3 bljf - CHKAI'--oxi; r.U2| marUetn, \VrlteforidiotoKrnphsand nlK« 36 and one |'A|KOI full Informaiion. Munger A'172, N. Y. ,- FOU SALK, Cacllllac; ono A ITTiaVe elect rIC."hla 11 e r "a i I'd i -It'c •" f 'Iflfr lfi;}i{(» ainr iii' flrat-cjimii"condl- ]~~ —— r "7T J4 °7«"..i,»«"".*".", tl»n. A- J. rnUf« Qarifj.-. 73t.f ^J? ^ALK-OOOlMdo ACKKM KA1 FOU KALK—ri::u: j-;x irarted <•• In eomb. Will deliver i SterliiiK and Itoflc Kulls. L, 15oiij« Bell 1C7H1. Call mornlnu, no<m « 73-U I"'- l-;ie\cnth Ave," Xo. (i mixed, 7S4i'HO 1-2: tuimplv Krnde. liSifi'Tit', <>attt- Xo. 2 mixed, <•<•; No, 'f \vhlti* 47 1-2C4S: Xo. 3 whitf, 4fi 3-4W47 1-2; No. 4 white, <«f(47; Ktandard, 47 l-44f47 3-4. - 3, 1.53OI.23. STERLING CITY MARKETS (Corrected 1/atV/.) (Moue« Dillon Company.) No. 3. yellow corn*.;.......,, KOt New No. 4 yellow .corn 7S"^c Whlto oats Xo. .1 miswl VVliPat, No. 2 ;' -..J1.I2 KOH HALE Tllolt tniKhbred Ht'lfjliim tttallion, w< IK) Snro fonl Ke.tter. <;uar in every way. Papers fur — Prl ( iiuick mile, Inijuirn of Urand? Hro "s.'Owners, Lyndon, 111, 6S-7S> FOH HALE—niSCIPK FOU CIOLDTOr Oil Liniment for rheumatism. Ha helped thousands and undoubtcdl. will help you. Send u five dollar bi! for recipe, Wclpc niled—ai an> drug- store." "AddrcBs, Box 4'J.X, Kort " i, in. ca-: . ; Live Stock, ...... t (PI$»tH<it Htm, & Coe.) Kat etew» , ..... . . . ...... , $9.00® 10.21 • 'owfl . .... ...... *. .. ....... *6.00@7.0<< ..... . . . ------ . , ..... |8.00itlO.OC Yesterday'* Results. Clexetii'd, 2; ChtcaKO. 0 jSi t ••uiH. i», Detroit, !! N'o nilu r Kanies nchedultd. Games Today. I'hi, i lelphiii ;it I'.o.fioii: \Vtii it Xi u V.'i!,. NATIONAL LEAGUE, lllliifelpk'l.l !l>hto,H ENJOY UFE1 DON'T STAY BIL- IOU8, SICK, HEADACHY AND CONSTIPATED. Get rid of I»a3 brtath, 'sour coatod ton'nuo, iruii- W. . '•! , .s.i , s:. . **"» . ,<;? r.irr , .ii"> t'.n !,. IVt ,'i!t ,|S Ct < 3 Mi VT"H !i3 .*>07 till," A DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Mr, and M/s. Will Hinrlchs enter- *8wr\ri»P Pn'rty. . ' I tallied twenty of tho youns fritmda of _%___ 7 ._^_^^ H5i ^-^ j J- t |^ gave Mr*. John Dorathy a mirpi.lst j «u«ul«y afU'rnoon, In honor of the un Thuntdu) evening, taking ulong Itmctieon und going for tho evening. It !» u«eleisH to wiy that tlm family wui- , vchlch would be a natural with a comviitny of twenty- ttvu iomiiiK in all «t tlnu- soon ;i'i all Weie ht(U,'Ued awa>* they .«.|(!ed down Pro«r«'*iHlve |'Uu*hrt u:d kept it up itutii Unit? to nerv< itinciiion ami .be through uilh il In lime ft.r the .twelve o'clock IH-HH. \Vlnn l'i>* 'bil'-h \\m> nriib 1 and tlu off hail bi ijil colllitetl lip it W-ii- ni:il tl^d^Uui 1'ptoii, Ali'f, Laura I> 'or <H*.' liniioi><. iiutl when it i||> < tth-d Mi'i, Iteanvias came oft ictoi Vl'i- • .uii'-'t undition-. prevail- il \sl,. n it t(Hi<< to ;i\\.11 .li.ii, the niinm i.ul, M.IH ic t ila > YMorday'a Re»ults. > '-/'iSt l,onih. 3 ui. » Games Today. "~ »>.on ,a I'iiii.ob l|>hi,, c;i , i! iiiooKtj n, AMERICAN ASSOCIATION, New <!et « Ittii'cnt bi>\ now, i I.- in-\.'l Tliey'u,' line! C.f f.ii< !> li\ -i \>m in.d.u ij>..!,- f, f|e«n >o,ir thutv fe» t- oi boueK M.iim i,\ ..! rn it-U \ • t r •!- . c t i ii wnt' or two. lij>.' eit ii% het"i« en.i i" K .1 • « s < ,ln,<l find in tin nii'ji.n ; voiii i; «i i }'.,'. >< breath H^ht niul tout !,,.',<• t!u i I •! | \, t i , from >our di,.':-i-.l ,ind » !• -•> I'" Ilice^t, T'llli, t !:'.•( liul Now I ., i- ^. fc—« fe 4 bit Iii {(•;* • I lilt ! > !«(,«• It U !i i out tlided tht hi < n' following- .1 !•> ».\ the oom- nivcTsury of their birth, one be Ing 11 years of ago ami one 7. Tho hour* Veru pleasantly apdnt by the young folks m playing vartoua Kam«»», In tlu» late afternoon dainty refrndinwnt* 1 of ict» croum rake und fruit wi*r# •i*'W*Ml. All wept hoine wishing foi tlu> young touple many more 'returns of tlw nuttU day. A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, Heveial of the younff friends of.MlH." Am) Ihiimlme surpriaiHl her Wertnes- d«y t>vcnfnK by comlngr to spend the i'Venic-K with her uimnnoiuucd, il be» inn the annlvi'Nsary of her Inrth The fiu'tenieiit weather tansetl a nuniber le he ali.-i-iU. but those \vho .Sheep ....... ....... ..... ... $G.OO«i 8.01 Lambs ..... ...... ...... ____ S7.Q04JP9.00 r-. .•.....,.;.,.., $y.5iH'T 10.00 tOCAL RETAH. MARKET, , (Sterllntr Dept. Store.) Dairy—Retail, Dairy butlfr 34c UmiHford creamery butter ........asii ' Dairy—Wholciale. i-Tcgh"cg«F77r. TF^TT. .777.. .Tt..", .u N*w VepetablM. Head lettuco, per .liea«l > .12 H' T'JUVATK SALK—THK UXDICUHKIN ed administrator, will, ut the lnt< resbletice of'David V. n.\t>rii. 1'i mile, north of HtcrlliiR, on Thursday, liet 5tb,.«cll ut private «ale the chatte jn-operty of «>statt». of D.iviiJ \', Uy mlleh cows, nine -hives oi" been •chickt'jiH, farm machinery, bunsehoh ^ ami iiiany other artit l<-x Term.'* cash. Hale from :.' (o r, p. \,\. .tolii M. Kohl, Administrator. 7.'>-"s lloCK KOH »A LH,.r.STA i U,!:!{','? (Mi rot 1 . Jersey male lue-.v'. 1 havo ; tyi'io wpriiiK and full bo.tri- lot -of now ready, milen 'if Polo ^ Plume SOIKI'. Henry stabler. Toll 111. 7li-7S» HALK—10 YlCAULIXi! A \COXA hentt, 1 male bird. f»IU Wallace .St. liel! phono l'14-3, 7K Celery, each CucumborM, each Porsley ....... .A.. . Ncxv potutoi'H, pK ..... . lettuuf, Ib. ..... .. , bunch .... Ureon f'fpper«. tlo?.eti Now oabtiuga, Ib. ... ' Swe'etcorn, Oranges, f'i»l.lf., Fruit. Tomatoes, lb. T ........... Be ... }2V4t- Bc , . . I5( . ..... 2lu . ,&e ...... I6c , 35@50c > ..... 35c . . . . . 5r I-'OU XALK-BK.ST KKMK1A" I'Oli rheumatism. Hend one < for ie- fipe, Address*, Uox Jl'S, H..o|< rab-., Ill M'OTOHt'Vt'LH, !> M. P., Prlee 7s* . fe --tipwtl,- Hrestft-H^itt-tr tlrt-H, tlrat-elaxs roiulit'on. IHHI. Cull InterHtate ,'13V, KOH WALW—8TKKL HANOI-;. IIKAT- er, 0x13 rug. 8 ft. rt>;ti»l table; Itii. ehen cabinet, lllirary t;:l.i<- md side board. Otto Xhinden.O l!(«ll nhon< ..306Ul,. Cin; W._«thJ^KA . 7b-7-i' to t! e HI* nations b i.i C.UI un Mi;* il.»wend del with l.nnttK' H bit I'K INFORMAL.RECEPTION t,t *.*. Ve6tery*y'& Htti'lts. ».":!«',. t - — I 01 i * ' *.. ^ i.r, ,1 \\l ll C ,i_ ' 4-i- ',, 11 -. T',. ' > .., . . . S .I' 1 f Instructors and Board , of Education '_''__'< i Penned the Committee. •"• j IU-'M nikjlii t!i-ii \v.i- 'in !nimm,ti '• J ',l It l t Jll/o.l ; H» II I'l ti.. Mu'l i tl-'u-l "'-' J!.. t'»lii, , MI HH' i dtlotlMn rt n« n (iii 01 '!"•' lnX i , .id ( THi t-o-m ni e,1-"t-t-"-rr i i<>' o (,. ( | ,i -j , .ui'iiM (• ' !• i t in« i i.iinnu Mt '•* t i Tb. r< w,t M —-lot j -,\ (> .f i l ,"tlil "ll> V' ,. ! '! I !• il i,l tl.< •< tu o( J.s, . IH lo , i ,,-. 11 i > i i. i v ,i iinti .i r i' < i pin ii ,>h'l ! > t ' >'. \\ > ii M i. aid i i ! , i. ,-• !,<>( II J I; ii !••»'• •!. >1. L. , -* ,^,. ,^.«~ f~t*~ *^r-.» — it"*-- r«—" *T*-*-« tf ' , - ,T^I I ^"?^^ ~~~ "^~J~? l-,r^ -- - ?(,,,» "J fl~V" . ! I ' 1 S I II I. 1 ' t • I ' t ' tl ! \ Mt If ,..,_». -.,.,j .,,.;•,!. 1,^1 t_a ,t ai ... W»-M niri ) Uy passed b\ \ t niout< mu*«l«'. poppinu <o«n and BUILDING A NEW HOME. Ttii- IU \\ hou&e which Chut'ieM >U»r is h.i\in^ built tin hi.s faun iioith if bis home tv^idenco, ha« reteiied ll.e IliUfclillt!,' i»ul o-f pl'i«{et, and th<- ijotut- is novs ae.idy for the 'ei,-. to fJnt>ii the tntiidc U i« »xpittvd the hiniMe will be wady foi ottup,ihi\ bv 'rii.ini->i!i\lnt.', Mi. and \li>< i;,il-ter will vjv up farming .isul " » ijp\ !',< lu'ii'i. wbtn IbH'sJii'd. HOPKINS BRIEFS, . MrH, Sadie Knov and MIII Wallei \lsitvdi ut tilt 1 home of telatives in StorU,HK Thur.'.d u, Af^ and -Mi 1 * l'.>i Kiaft and fandlv da) anil 0«lled on tiiendN \S'.tiler Dalrv ni|ili. lu.s silo tilled Xlonda.v ' Mr. and ,\!IH l\ml iJettmun spent Sundu.l und MCle enieit'litled for din- 'ler at llie h»Ule ot Mi and MIJ. Helir> Pol; :-SA-L-H - DHIVLNi: i'lieap ft«' t|tti<^ -»*»iv.- liitpi house on Kast Fifth St. hist 7s . FUBWO.SALK. , Wedne«d.<iy, OH. •!, y.\ t IIK, hoUHchold furniture. IUK». c-ai • 'pet«. tlloveii, gulden- -tools, IMIMK.\, eti', ,\Jr«. U. f. And.. H. H. . lO.t-A. William 7-7tn LEOALJIOTIOE LEGAL NOTICE.-' WMteHide County. J in the County Court tu the September -4W- ; A. l>. U»lfi. TboijipHOll, defeated. <tf-JwUa^ X, H, Vhn 'Snnt, ConHervntor »nd Ex offiolo AdtifinlHtratr»r of tho ostAtfl Of Julia Thompson, deeeaxed, v». John .Shannahan, Joseph Slmnnutmn. Thum- us Shaunahan. Nellie , Mary Smith, William Shannahan, Lizzie An- helr« «t law of Julia Thompson,, de«r ceimcd and Harry Atlamn, tenant In •poHMeHHlon of premi«»)«. hei*ln de«c,rib- «*•!.— It appearing: from affidavit on 1}k», that John Hhannahan. Joneph Khanna- han, Thomas ShtMftiaha'n. NellS't* Uerjier, , i| Mary c. .Hmlth, •NVIIIIam KharmahJin ajre- | not rexidt'TilM of the Htitte ttf-Illinois; iherefore, public notice In hereby glv« n the ill ove named perwinH and all whom it may concern, that on the sixth • lay of November. A. I», UH6, N. Q, Van Snnt, administrator nforetwid, fll-' d bis |ietiiioii in the County Court if Whit* ido County. HlinolH. praying the above, jiained John !..scjih .siiannahan, TluuiuiH Bhauna- • Kin, Neill.-. llerger, Mary, s O. Smith, William Khannahan, Li ///.It) Anderson. DI-IIIIJH Hhannaban, Annie l-'rey ami I lurry AilaniJt be made imrllen defwul- tnt to tietition, ant) that the following di-cerihed real ^«tato of the ^iiiid Julia Thompson, deeeiiHed be sold. o jniv the ilebtw of wit. |.»t No. Klvo deeeaxed, to« in Hioek No. lj -nino IS!)) in Wallace and O(UC« ' \tlditlou to the City of fciterlbiKilCo if WliHetdde and Htate of Illinois. That urn at tbe n of tin 1 time ami plaeo of the re- In thin casn he ilrnt Monday in November. 1916, it Hie CourtJJmjKe_jUjJJif^C'tty of Mor- Dated Keptejnbw ^'Bth, 1916. M. W. Clmpin. County Clerk l*ro Tern. ____!_ Kept. 3D, Out. 8. 9. 16. CHANCERY NOTKE. •o:. i •!,•<• VV. ittllin^K VH. Ireua Alena A • • In the city Court of the CJty of t A. P. riffidiivit having been made '(.\- t named defendant la a non-j it of the County tif Whittmlde i 4i;.ti. in' Illinois, nml jutvuiK been n the ofHc»- of thu Clerk «(f «nJU CUy *, 'otiit of Sterling, notice in hereby trlv- n to Kitid l!,-ne Ah'ii.'i l!illltiK« that • aid cninplamaiit hereiofore ifled bis' ill for iiivoiee in ^.iid catiiie in salt! OKI i oi( li»e flutncei'.v ,nlde thereof; bai a >ummons in wttd CIIUKI* there* jh-'in.,j Din i,f -.,utl court IK!- H7' WANTKW—SKCOXU-HANO AUTO MIH. Oeoi'Ke Staman of Jewel. ss t-i'fu UKihinu a vi-^il at the ,irl.ill\cH and FINE NEW-HOUSE. 'lie I'cHV li.di-.i" .hiliiic, but 'is'icil i M i i i.tim U.i • ^ti'iuni'i, J*-> iinii-lt'ti'.l ,iii-l jfii', f<ii tj,e |-|inifv an > i- ' {'. is fntiii<i he lit-,i 111011 i :< in il t'< in « \IMS |> ti tc n ,t 1.1-, m »: ,'t in lir"-JMiU> ,i|> il moved the Ilinue and \\illt ,'llt'l.ilH III lilt^ Hoi'lllllf' •Id \Vood.Hide ^i fiool hon,-e io (lit- Vi.if nit!. l.iy id K pni. Ij'i i irn>bJI«»«, will pay. the blcbc^t prlci Also sell till kinds of renaira. Mlkv the fl& Ta-ilor. Uotli phonos, S(J! Xh.-lik' Works: Tt the. \\rt K I lie biilitllUI' ' l ti-vs \\,fi (,- > I--IUH'.: lilitiiis. .tin) d?, in (lie «.i.ite ot Xi sv \iuli 1 ,01 1 its l\ii|ib ilnnit i \\ , M u Ml •' i lilllllll.. tlU Mldu ,-> .tli- For Sale, '15,000: Acres l."ti ; lie gold in -i(j| Sii; !v.) «i r.<t. l?-. -Soil gravelly I,'MII.,-, I iv ,'.uii EXCELLENT STOCK COUNTRY Timothy, viovi'i-. ;»H i !?',-<. • i ( iti, < . f,.|- ';.jlo, ' s OELIGHtFUL CLIMATE. BEST OFJ • WA (u ll' nuir.v friiin Uii,.,ii,j n the Cit\ of Si.'ilim; in Mild county •ii Hi" Hiiid Mtitutav of .November, A, • q i''lii. a" i- I;v IMVV i.»'i|uired, which iiii'-e |>. hi ill |ii<tuiiiiK and uiuUiter- n.i.t *! m t.-iid ctHirt, ICarl lft»»,«. Clerk of t*aid Court. •irHoi. ~ Sept. IH, as," <|tft. g. a. DK&W.'WaU SPECIALIZING EloctrieHy in tr»« ; disease*, 2J .IE. 3rd Ovtr GjiU'f ^ Sterling, STOLE ALUf THE CHICKENS. i 'hi It'll iLu w ,. -—».«•. rit-i In/ rlii' i : — Ml' . |f ''i, ^'*" n ' i ' s s i( H.ii' \ il l , '!• >i oi III I 11 I it i' SV -Mid I i II U u, , o i ( .1 ) in Mi iiid> '( in "'Its. :rmr J Hvrnt t**- i «in U * I'o \Mtl \« :t at tfu 1 . in. l-Uti.l lt*.|';II I ^.' «• t » | . i i . • W. K, DUNMORE it ift. 'I I ' (' .1>I( I."* »-'Jj'' .III iu lUlU i Utilit CHANCE TO DOUBLE YOUR ,MONt I '.»! |> II '!• Ill II

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