Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 4
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JLL1KO& MONDAY, OCTOBER & 1916. DAILY 0A2£TTE; STANDARD Mt'wtirl, ami-thousands c-f tli^se cltacs '•.lit- tH* v n in orn-=ra?i-'?n for yt i»TXTV TirriM* vtf\u f »:illv t" •••« f-» ."•' iti.' i « "IK! I*-ih;t»T»f i* in \v,-vt Tfitr.i Hit.- ' in at JVv«!..f< ns fte.n!. i < St'Hlm- OF SUBSCRIPTION t Mtif, Outttrfc af Starling and Rock Fallli, Anywhtf* in the United State* or Canada month* in a«!r:ir><f . i -S*M* than sis montix* [-"f m-mili •If Carrier Itt Sterling «r Rock Fall*. »r by Mail «t the Sterling or Retfk Fall* P»*toffice ygar in ndA'tmi- ,<"•" ' ijt months in «td»ftwo J';•; rrionths in ndvnn^i* t -i j . liionth In m1vnwf> t'-j the week, pnynMf to the < nrrl< r ,1"' : j,-i!?tiff miirhty up. !-.•!«!•.- it; t-XTT-ik-vit. <.'<!n<1it!t Th<- 'pfaf mxiMf wuh jp.e *t - <'fft« 1«'> i» v thnt pfm? vn rnm M <"'n tJ;>' fir.»t ;!.<•'• !•>•:,-1 Ih'ti they «»'fm «h"tfM h«! f.-rrvrr .-ipd f.iU think It sivf- th' 4 ht-lfy vv,,Mi ir rnu«t ntmnst t"- r>.i":Kf nitniii. Th" H»>- fif t!if> Kfrm ;tml t!l<> Tilling tU'""f-f tinlf-K ' '.It. in tllf '.]'•'• iriil: T! in ',-'«'(• ihc ri-'n] in f;.n< •lltii,n. ,\tf'-<- i-\i-»-rirMf-fit" tli.'it ;]>;• di"'' ?i> :'iH;>!i lli--> .Mil liic:tn highway .!< t :i!'tm«-t:r h.!-=M.« .'il! " MI'" «-s. t «;1t y ir v, ork Is .«•> acs f »npf.>1yln*r U)f tVrctft of the thit&tv \* '-f. j/** nit • is.k«n . !n(A <;iijftc»'!v «f,nif ii»w '<•.'". jl f ,',7 ft ]>m<> tvt •:•-!-, !:••-« !..-.-. i,..;i;;v I--'•'--'' ;- ; ''-'{- j ni}jn : :vrn--'l ;i i'Mv il.n* rtjrri -it r"l>".( JM •.! " jt'.vt-Jvi" irv'i< ! mi'-nfst f.-ir thf-y" fijT'"-'!? > <-» ! \'ijjorio.«; f.rii«?'^ iin,.n i« i-t.-.rri'Ffil t-y 1 thf. £-!;(!• •'« .U'.ir:;rv I'jrHt.'iM in * >>*I(^ toucjfy li,'i\'0 l-f.-ti !iu«=v ;ii..nsr tls<> ^fimo lin^ nn<l S.t^r i -,« f-rt^ MVI> |Ji-.r!!l-!l^ tT!f'n \<.'f?t> fi:H!"l j tr'HHy in t};>- < "'j.liLv c'>!.irl >>f h...ptt l«-!.;- j f-'fhVHi, Vv'rri tJiH'Hn, j i; j.hir?"fn ..lit (.f thirty- I r*>:trl itN'fisfur. who tl'TUt<"i! !t'i j li'jl'"!' f;i«'"-" tt!»'(! lj> fill.' i'i>iinty. .. t£N_OOLLARS PER MILE The MffhlBftn pint" Itwp ft nitli* nf f!t,ucl Kind In oin- -IttUon for n »! ( ol«« vi-««r If t!i« at»i«»ii(t In a |it i (ii«'c '<"«' '-til' 1 !")! A rcr-cnl huUf-Un t»r th- t <>r unr Tl;i- i?rr ; :it tr>i:i!i!«' uith IjiUrns i^irr- i • if tfio ro.TiIi i." tin* K.v«tfin whctf-i'v j !li(< fnrmr>r*! .ir'- cVTicrtfd to do the] ••awter - -Thi« uoik mu«t !>*> pffnndary j Hi III' 8 r.iffn work .'ihil nS fl ft'ptilt If! Is ).7o( dunf u lii'H It should be dnno an<3 I uftf'ji not ,/ni nl!. It <!?/•« *rt';n thnt j r very ' -tnirnffhip ^HntiW htrc n man ,"tn»f ; n ,,'«'i(ni fu work fiti tho MORE MICHIGAN MERGERS (Ailrirtn, Mirh.. TcifRmn) > A« th'.' (<T Tarninf lif»i'i--mf« nu 4.'iit«'. th«' rllrnlnation nf daily lep nnj' With H nftfr thi> HrM -iix*'! ritln th«> <-oinjilHl»»n of th»» i> »H» contlniHfl nfifr «n«h jscaupnt rnin nntil thf r<wt f»nr- faoe lnK'oin*** co hard sttul in' fl).' sntnlli'r <iti«-s pt'^s rapMly on. 'sin t'ij'iri' Jin*, iiit; r«-<''f'til1y ln-cti ,'th- HfJ-n!,l nri'l f*ros« h:tvi> |if«>n fonwi'li- i!;itci| !H'.i!< i r the titunc (if UK- H»-f!»l(l- I'l'fitjt. and i(n< Oivoxau AIKIIH titnl J'r»'«« hif,-p hoi it comliiti'*l tintl'-r the nlly nil Hif tintr. In ll)p ptmimfr lie! n;im<* «>f (h« Ai-Ku«i*I*r<'«.•». >-t»nli| tiil tip ihp mi out* with RrnvH, • All thr» j'ni>< k r.*« wrr** fv«>rtli'm run thr» <lrag ;nril K«?nfrnlly took aflftr , anil In frir-lt <<ts(» tlio'rxpliuint thf hat HIM.!* fttiil li^fp thcin tti». In i Klv« ri that tho hu:h <'<>.«( <if th« vlntrr tirrt,* ho con hi wntch tho, 11 " 1 ;" t! hn r .os«n>lf. to •-'•"-•' iTrri'rri»""iVri<T"Pf-o" f'Rirt th«i water i« «ir- 11»>(1 off the ronds ami when holrs bo- ieln-.lti cut out throw In some J and III! thf m up. Tump it d')« if inthji) xvris uipcr rrn- more th;»n protltnhly, ThfSfi only livr? riticx in iMifh- (hut hnvp rhoro tlmn »i **itiKlin daily pnp'-r, t'.to list «-f '»(><•- pnpcf Ini'liidinc Ht!t>n .•».•» lartfo as fto !mf>re*ftin)t on Hn> ro.-id »ur-, glng must !>o fr«Kitii'iit tin* Hint Mil until winter nftH In. «nd tho nt>rlntt until ttt«> tnUldlc May or tho 'iri* 1 or .lone. Afior rtj-th«-drftBRln«f~wJM not h« vwy NJtlve 1 , unh«n« tho rnln lonK eitotitrh duration to Boftcn tho i»tirfit»'t\ iin«l tn«iy, fofw, be le«"« frp«|U«'i»t. I'.nt tln-y 'Will «MH he found very effect I vo End efficient In th«* Int*- mil HIM) iti th* »l>rlnK, when th»' frcmt ' « out nml hc-fon- th<« tfly ftdUed. Is rarJoui forniw of ««••«•! b»-»aiJ»fttetofy for thlt. w«rk, ood«s» rtmn« <iro u«t-d, tlu-y b« fas}*'*! with xcnu- kind of lt» _ny»«loni- ui>, It will -he (il roa4fl, «>VM» wllh ran ho ln»tTr When thin folloW'l* »om«» « I ".no writer hAn hart » m-rsonitl ar- ntanco for mnny ypftrw with 1). _ King, th* inventor of tin* Kins "jjUjb which Is tho iMitU't n nf tor which 26 yi-wr* KlnK hu« i«reaeh- u«o of the <lr»*f a* outlined In _ili£L..AIICblBait. lift demon* if n« i n > *. < «(ir,v iti otdcr to kt-cp It In j LnnslnE, Knluinaxoo, plnrf. Unr- trtttti nnil it t"*rttn, nftrr tho j Hint, rnnplng In fsl »Y»(ijt«4 *(ff H • toWf}"^}-!I* -rt-T** *^oill;" tHt^ht [ *•!^tty t tl'itlSitTtTt. to kt;ep thi' roads in firm clns« i-ondl- !uit>, -UH! it would ntHh»nht«»dly It' 1 I'lu-ulM-r th.'in ImvlrtK a rond IXM I orra- l!a> ''Ity nml ? frrlil forty to sionally, which n In a hit and miss t>r«>vnll« all OVPJ- _ thf A LIVE JUDGE Jinlgo l.'UHll». of tho-fvdrrnl totirt sit t'hltiigo, it» not n«lwji on th« job, Ho tlo(<«n't dox.e H way whllo attortifys In hit" routt nro K«'t iirotind lirodui'lh'if' ihi' cvhlcru-o' that oufjht to bt'-jTodjif-f-d. .V' H>n -.h.? thinks A witness IM lyuiff or holding back ho lias somo .original >nft l.imla ..of—gel ling »1 the fuctjt and ho K-'tw thi-ni In short order. \Vhiit tho country n«ed» IK judRes of tiu 1 l^indlH typf. who a huHliiPHX. of prot'pctlhff tho wraK nnd j»unlshtn« tho wicked vvhc-n It is likely pjififr hn« rum! Inc >'« i nrs iwlll 1||( ' higtt ptifo of to ft'iy, :ui'l thf rnm- pi'oV).'iht>' wltnr-ss n a«i«« in the iHiinhrr '-f In (ho riMtnlry, i>nvlirn- hold their Kfound niort* «tt<'•••OHffiilly, of tltHr rr'latlvrly fttnnli con- i of p.'tp'T, a<« they net front $1 to $1 r,o for '<2 i'npli-8 a year, while tho dally furnlNhr-.i larger oin'.«t it-'Mnlly, donhlo that amount. .11.' «i»plen, rind for only about [ SOCIAL AFFAIRS ) FOR THE WALZERS rgfct Hwt w:I«plJfr& Mint they heforo him. iwmy BOOTLEGGERS GET IN BAD, C\VhltB»l«h» County K«-nt!ncl) yiohitiitw (if tliH |«H'fl.'l__;..'H»ti»n,_.lHW fi«fuVt;r i-ns-t ttionK" tlio Northwiwtorn tiro having no onsler time of it than In thin county. In Lc>« county Invos- hftve~lMMHi-jtK»WnR— into — -tlw- of tho llli-gnl «ale« of !«ti the vrtluo of tho <1n»sr Uy prac- || ( nior.jfn«l «« ' * r<*»uU of. their work hi* nntlve KtaU', itevcrnl citizens who HiMK-lallatoil In I- lit Union j ' * ^ " ^^ .^M ^ m e Better Way _/ * Tn tho d.nvs beforoiiunlcni trun- t't'-H, there was otu- hi'st way .of II a; better way. Without a telephoiH 1 you have -one wa of:—r from thu .shm-. the Doctor. <|iiifk aid. Quiekly obtaining iut'orn»ation v Tho Butter Way is tlm Bell IVlt- ])li«»i<> Way. Ordur today. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Entertain At the Nachusa Tavern. m-rninjr nt thn Tavern Air. and Mrs. «"harien D. Anderson de- Hjrht'ftiH^entertained a number Of of su-rllMg who will li'uvo SAturdiiy to M})i"nil th« wintor in OaUfornlo. Tho Kiii'HtM of th« % pnrly won* moiitly Stcr- Mnj»"j>w»|>h» wiili a few ]>lx.on friends. Tins talilo. deeoriitioiiM \*'h «rc"on -(.ho •dinner u'u.H"«>x<|iilMlti'ly Herved wero In red HIM ureett; iho Ilovvcts di-itiK HH!« v!i% >i«'n 1 * ('uvorw for l)l«> tMi«.-»t<4 tiftiiir rr.fl—rt.jit.H iiiftt I'lilini— This is Dress~up Week Ciiitting^QutiGlearance Sales and sell; ^for^>n€ lo w fflrice "tlte-ye?[ir^pirnd" enables us tojgive you better values™ and we do it. Cla. Co. tion» «»f tho «ami' color. KoiliAvlttK It* thf permmnel of tho party: Mr. and Mm Harden. Mr. and Air*. John \V«u-, Mr, and Mrw, John W, l^iri-^ll, Mr. an>t .MncnlrorRir-lrtFbrrp: MT. nnd Sirs. A. M. Mr- and Mr« Al 'Her, Mr. and Mr», K Kennedy, Mr«. Mtimo MeKiiiueV, Mr, and Mrt*. -Joseph Me-' Cleary, ?Ir, Atnoic Uosxvorllh Air.' and Alrn. <'. I>. Aniler^on. __ _ . _ _ BIX O'CLOCK DINNER Wa* Given In Honor Of Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox Friday Afternoon I'Vhhiy e-venlngr" Mrs. I* H. llentlrk-ks and airs. Harry \Vllk«n« <nH«'rtalnpd at a 0:30 dinner In honor'of-Mr. mid Mr». 1'erry \\'iloo.v, \vho celebrated their 4»th weddinK nrtniversary that day.- J nat-iheJuhlldCfUi 4ind: Knutd-cliU.!-... dren.uf the hatijiy eoujil<* wero "there. • Mr, and 'Mrs, Wileox have -siient most oi" their lives in .Sterling, and" i»n? of the few old Mcitlern who ciunt* here in the early'fifties. They have a li;i»t ol' friends w,ho wllU wish them many more years of liin in FORNEWLYWEDS Mrs. Mary Powoll Entnrtained In Honor of Mr. and Mr*. R. Powell Mrs. Mary l*rm-pli of f^tcrllnsr, ontwtalni'd at OVntwr Sunday in hon» or" of "hi-'r'"itnitulm>'n and \vifo7' "XlrTiiml Mrw. lEnlph I'owi'll, who were tnarried last ww>k. . .Mrs, Powoll, who mfi2 years old prejtarc-tl the .-«hlck«n dinner, includlttu nit tho {rood eatable;* that KO with It for iifloen pueatH. Mr». Receivers, Central Union Telephone Company, -' C. M. Armatronsr, Manc««r, *~* N ^ > , Telephone, Ma4n 800 Km nut 'VHrUtn, of (.'hi- .•jtK»., will >.<» In H'"rllni; WcdiU'M. tluy uftornoon cif oui-h woolt. ThoH« inti't'oHtfd i'ull at AllnN Vlrttlo lU-nsiiiKi'i-'B Htudlo, ^OT FlWt Avo. lU'll t'hoiui CGJ^W. \V. W. Quick of Ida Grove, la., was also an honore-U-guest. " BANS PUBLISHED For Marriage uf Mies Gebhardt and John E, Roark Tho approaching mttrrlajje"of Helen' Kll8Ub<-th Gehhardt and John K. lUmrk was announced at fit.. y> Alary's church Sunday 'morning. Miss Gobhnrdt i« a—daughter of M rn.--Snwin— CJobhanltr \ValliH'« street, .while Mr.. Uouvk"l8 a sou of tho late Juhn Hoark:-soa W. Tth str<;i>t.- . ' • -Missionary, work and AlrH. S. V\'. Wheeler JB prepariinf an Interest? TIIK proKnim alonff that'line. A hour will .follow the pruKram, and: Mrn. J, AS. HiekfonVwIll be tho " This END GUEST8. latt und i>tm HJIK- left Satuftlaj- for they were wwk *nd KiR'Htk at the home of Air, will h« the Kturtliuf of th« fall rally for ! tu , r JUsaLlillan <?tvt. lii^^mS^ PICNICSUPPER AUINCHEON Mrs. Henry Doden Entertained . Sunday !yirs. Henry l_X«dt>n entortainod On few n iciiil.s at Blindly at-4wr a one o'clock luncheon 'ia»» followins? Wore ^ Mra. Knima Benters. 5!lsB Nina dts, Mra, Fred IjnuiiH anil t^ieil Ij»n- dls, Ueorst- l>oden and t'nrl Uentors of Diiveniiort, la. Following the three Soap Whilu 30 biyn I? for Potatoes i|..uKxtra faut-y c, 10 Its. for . Pears 1 * * ' yt^L ^dl j**^ Mirt '(ir ctunun};, - ff | OK l«.r liiislwl ....'I'A.AU TDESDAYTna ~~ WEDNESDAY CASH BASKET . 39c Bacjon lauev eure<t PickJes Dill, »I*>'/(•! 15c ISc GROCERY 214-^irst Aye. -'aiii'y llubbard 'am'v UuH'H 1't'HjH'rs aiu- Tolia 1 '.atjim l»a-ki't Creamery Butter Huni'ordX ahvayn ,'resh, ]>er If. on wan spent informally. WjBEK END GUESTS Will Be Entertained at the " • Villa" Tuesday. The -tnpnjbprsr pf-itur To Bo Given For Member* of the Pr*»- byteriin Chu-roh. Tho Ljidles' Aid society «J tho Presbyterian church will give a picnic supper at 6:15 o'clock Friday evening in the lYwhyterian church parlors to which nil members, and friend* of th* church are invited. After the supper there'will be it'program-of unusual attractiveness tmtl a pleAfwnt social time. This l» to be the big "home coming" social event of rally week in the church atul-is - ex pceted-1p "draw~ttT^e-ttRfr7Trrav^" llcally the t-tillro Congregation of the church, , • . INVITA^ONS OUT For the Wedding of MUt Shuck And Wilbur Bate* Mr, and -Mrs. Daniel Hchiiek i>t Palmyra have issued iuvltulii'ns to the weddinf,- of tln'ir .laughter, Miss Myr'- MEETING POSTPONED. .The regular mwtlnjp of the 'Auxiliary of the V. M. C. A, ban been from TUotuhiy.' Oct. i'liil for To air. Wilbur H. fin.iff, won oi A!r. and Mrs, Albert • Hatoa of Uixuii. Thi? wtHlding 1 will occur the fvonlii', of <,H'U»tH»r 11, f u K o'i-l(M % k, onr wet-k until Oct. 10th. DINNER GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. William- Hoover entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and] Mrc. Al Reed ?tnd family of Halt and Mr. and Mrs. Samtirt ElgJn and family Station. . CLOSED BY PAPER FAMINE. The Seafont (D«L. TyTTms annbiinml its «UKi>ciiKion of {lubllcation for an indt'linite ju-riod by reason of it«t,inability' to obtain supplies ot print p»i»<?r» "The titiheavnt in <he j>aper niarket beuau at .ubont the Hin» this jiajwr .Ife^Hn tnibliration," says the Tribune. "Owinj; to this condition and the indications that |»rie«w were .gtnink up,.tl»o niitnaceinont wan unahle to njiike ahy contracts .for print ' Mr. and Mr«. Wolfe Entertained Few Friend* on Sunday. Mr. nml Sirn, William Wolfp, of 703 Wilson avenue, entertained at dinner Hutuhiy the Benjamin followlnK of KUCKtH. Mrtt Muri t of Qup Crave,-Sitii" lief Corps will ~1«» (•riicHaTncd aH.dftyTFn Hires and Mr. unit Mm,-John Tuesday M tho homo of Air, and Mrs. {and dtti)gh,U*r, JVHnnUs «f'*frolrl*vHl*. W. V. Htoadmun at tl«» Steadinajt Villa. Part, nf the ladles will j»o wit un the train, while others will out In automobile*,-, Thoy art 1 forward to a |>U»asant' time. PAPER POST ABSORBED PENSIONS At a recent, sesslun «f thv northi'nj (Jerman MothodlKt «t Kt. I'ttjil It wan unnounr. V -^pyrifTnwpt-r^thV^inihMTiiituin imct. of the conference iieruulifalN would have to lie advunceri. lii the laxt yi»ar tho p'ltiii- proflt-of $3iH\OOt», usually turnwl over to tho conferenei> to KO Into tht» fuiuia for isuiwrannuatiHl prt-aclu-ra and widow.*, was wiuotl out by tlu« give cost uf Today's new» today la The Cassette •wny. A. Ii. Marks - Fritrtd Stor. • / SPEdlAL FOR'ALi THIS WEEK {.•»(! ptir'of Skin and Patent Lwtth- or Cloth Top Shoes in buttons, all sizes; per pair $1;50 1 lot AftMi's Pnvs Shoes, all sizt's, jier }>r...,$li75 -1 niv- M«^S—A-H -Wooh- >S\vt»afer,s athlutir j<houl? tfers; regular $d uud_$fi valut's, af ojK-h,.. .$3.75 Bijr lliu 1 of Swcatoi'N up ,Mfii'> nine Overalls with- J.Jiili>i__.. . , 69c- NI/.l'S Shirts, all 29o 4 Cranberries • I {CM I lit'rries of tho best quality. ]>or (juurt lOc W.R.OLADIES Mr. and Mr*. Broderiok Entertained Relative* From Coleta. ,, tlanu's Pancake Flour r the lutul «)t' weathiir I'oi <•> » * or 25c a i'ii- iiut} t 'aiii' >. i»ii lit»t I'M.Mi", -. . ties nf Sv nip, 23c ten.litn-d ov«*r 8<uurd.i,v and Knnday tht-'ir at'i>lu'w. .lolnj, l'*lynu and two npieffj, iliss^jj "IVarl arid KUa Flynu. Of Coll'iU. Mlbft I'C'.U'l tWtClKH KCllfJol hold a I'urn Carnival at her ichoul in ihe near future, took in tho H.-H»K Falls Ciri-u fitruivui to set somo pointers. FOR MBSTfOLKERS Mf» astd Mrs. Frank Ryan Entertained For Mr». Folkors. • Air, .uul Mi^.-Frank Ityan rntt % ria'n« tttt «t a Hututay dSM»\« > s l- ln hon»>r of Mt's, J. Ii l"olk<,'i> t»{ ij try n L.t^ke, .Mum; Tho.s«« 1.1(-,>.-tit 'were ^Ir, and Alrw. 1'. .Mr. and .Mr.-<, us. l.ti«r. ill >< J, il/ 1'i'lklkh .tllll tlilihrlt. Mi"- MtldfVt) L(-v s( k Kill-,. Ml-.- Ut-itri.di- i tt> v of M-'r- '.ttul t ittulv. '^t-,,! . We a rzr noirtmiktne a compicter dine of Sweet Rolls. There is nothing nicer for the morning meal. They are sold at our stores and on our wagon. Try them. r » r Sterling Steam A fciuv^'ai a l"\v i'i i Apples Missionary bocuty of Conni g^Ttian/i Cinirin to f4cvi. ' ' i i . v , • , 5 , ••_,, i i., ' . . ,' \ ' i ,11 i... Yi ' .( j—., , . rr . ;: .-. i ^. -, r - J Tr.rr--;-.: > -, f in any pa'ft "of" the two cities/Phone your order. The Ihinu to ilo when luby in ill is u> consult a phy- u. To |ih> HH'tann, however, to iiarotu.H who deem it m»- 's»itr> to ,< < »ttHuU one, -vvt; Mother Kroh's Baby Remedies an *.ifi» anil eft it lent "TJn-ie .»(« len Ot lli<Mn' I'iiltV U'HU'dli'.i lUU for e.«-h irf li.a"'y"» or«lititty ail- cents Hendrkks Drpp Co, t * The : te~§- ,& »_. :«». ^iAl ._* J^f* ^•-•^fi'.-.lS- . ; rtrfT'«-Mflt»" f -*-* -- I/* il

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