Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 10, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1974
Page 9
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Publisher Still Goes for Facts ^r t HOBBS, N.M. (AP) -When Agnes Kastner Head was 5 years old, she reported in the weekly Dexter, Mo., newspaper that a dead rat had been found in the schoolhouse cistern. The story resulted in a eleaned-out cistern and a lid for it. Mrs. Head now is 70 years old and she's still reporting "irregular happenings." "I'm always reporting things that other papers won't report," said Mrs. Head, who has been publishing newspapers in New Mexico for 3Q_y^a_rs•__'_'Ij;uess_this is bragging, but I work a lot of investigative things. My paper's not a sad weekly. It's pretty perked up." The publisher of the weekly Hobbs Flare and former publisher of the Lovingtor^ List Science Fair Winners at St. Lawrence The open house at St. Lawrence School Sunday featured 242 science projects on display by students in grades 5-8. Between 800 to 900 persons attended. The Men's Club sponsored a breakfast at the same time. " First place winners for science projects fn the eighth grade were Jean Broich, Rente Dalhoff, BUI Friedman, Pat Heider, Kaylene Lenz, Lori Loneman, Sheryl Otto, Gary Schaeuble and Terry Kanne and Brian Wenck; . Second oUce went to Nick Baddina. Cindy Does, Lori Bohnenkamp, Joe Drees, Larry Drees, Michelle Drees, Geralyn Fisch, Beth Htppe, Roianne Harms, Patty Heller Gerilyn Hoffmann, Kirk LengSing, Sean Martini Scoit Neppel, Cheryl Ohde, Kevin Quandt, Diane Reiling, Randy Reinhart, Cathy Rush, Mark Schenkelberg, Cathy. JSchmiU, John Schulz, GreJ Semett, Peggy Slngsank, Gary Snyder, Tammy Snyder, Mark Stangl,, Patty Sullivan, Carol Wegman and Susan WlKry. Third place winners in the eighth grade, were Joanie Bellinghausen, Chrisy Bliss, Chuck banner, Jim Fay, David Hahn, Scott Irlbeck, Rufhard Lawler, Gary Luchtel, Sharon O'ToDl, Beverly Roth, Aim Siepker, John Simons,' Kevin Stickrod, Lynn Venteicher, Carolyn Wemimont, and Tom Wledemeier. Receiving honorable mention were Jeff Bluml, Duane Brihcks, Kyla Butler, Jeff Eifler and Ricky Stangl. First place winners In the seventh grade were Judy Drees, Joey Evangelista, Brian Friedman, Diane Humlicek, Lisa McLellan, Marlene Mftnke, Mike Meshek, Mary O'Leary, Jeff Riesberg, Pam Rolfes; Martha Schlrk, Christy Snyder, Lisa Steenson and Pat Friedman, Janell Venteicher and Cathy Schapihan, and Jerry Wiedemeier. Second place winners were Jim Bemhollz, Mary Kay Boes, Mike Daeges.Mary Carol Feldman, Brenda Gute, Gary Gute, Randy Heller, Jeanne Kanne, Renee Kanne, Pat Luchtel, Maria Monahan, Dave Naughtoii, Joan Nepple, Jane Riesberg, Mike Rush, Michelle Snyder, Kenneth Tegels, Mary Waters, .and Donna Wiehn. In third place were Francis Bierl, Cletus Carruthers, Nancy Daiker, :Ronda Dillehay, Mike Harman, Kimberly Harms, Jay Heese, Nancy Heider, Mark Helnrlchs, Douglas Meyer, Melody Miller, Craig Promes, Linda Schleffer, Jeff Schenkelberg, Duane Schulte, Cheryl Soppe, Robyn Sporrer, Sandy Stork, Mary Vonnahme, Michelle Wamke, Mike Warnke, Mike Wlederin, Karen Willenborg, Scott WUUam and Scott Wittrock, Honorable mention awards were received by Joe Baumhover, Karen Billmeier, Pat Donovan, Kenneth Drees, MarfcEuTer, Brian • Gute, Jeff Kruse, Dean Martin, Kathy Mielk, Mike Mielk, James Nelson, Maureen Schniitz, Dave : Schroeder, Mark Sturm, Barb Truitt, Marilyn Uhlenkampand Geri Wegman. In the sixth grade, first place winners were. Keven Ausman, Amy Baumhover; ton Briricks, Connie Drees, Carol Herman, Tom Kruse, Joan Lickteig, Larry Ludwig, Jane : Menke, Julie Nelson, Gina Pollastrini, Renee Ruhde, Mary Kay Schmitz, Paul Singsank, Peggy Snyder, Kathy Spindler, Karen Stockert, Joan Wegman and Connie Wieland. ; Those placing second were Scott Beckman, Patty Cavanaugh, Lisa Chase, Greg Dorpinghaus, Jeff Feraen, Ann Hagedom, Rhonda Hoffman, Gloria Hylton, Ricky Kanne, Ken Knight, Brian Loneman; Mike Maystadt, Renee Nepple, Douglas Riesberg, Steve Schneider, James Smith, Tom Snyder, Trent Steffen, Jerry Tegels, Daniel Wenck, Rhonda Wenck, Richard Wemimont. Vincent Wernimont, Mary Jo Wieland, Marilyn Wittrock and Richard Wittry. In third place were Brian Bellinghausen, Cathy Carruthers, Beth Fay, Joseph' Grossman, Kit Heese, Lori Meye~r, TJiahe Mielk, David Nelson, Linda Schaefer, Beth Schechihger, David Siepker, Henry Stork, Brian Wagner, and Carolyn Wittrock. Honorable mention winners were Calvin Bliss, Mike Grossman, Tom Lawler Jeff Stangl and Mike Stukenholtz. Firsts in the fifth grade were won by Jeff Dinner, Daren Dostal, Jeffrey Harman, Carolton Mercer, Monte Meshek, Paula Pollastrini, 'Janice Schaefer, Sheryl Schniitz, James Simons, Tomas Steenson, Michael Wernimont and Pat Wledemeier. In second place were Joni Bernholtz, Leanne Bierl, Danny Brincks, Lori Broich, vindy Carruthers, Amy Jo Daiker, Lani Evangelista, Kim Foley, Lori Grossman, Belinda Gute, Lora Hagemann, Pamela Hannasch, Don Heese, Cheryl Heller, Julie Irlbeck, Cathy Knight, Steven Lappe, Mitchell Leiting, Barbara Otto, Jane iliesberg, Sharyl Rolfes, Kevin Schaeuble, fim Sernett, Cynthia Stangl, Scott Steffen, Melanie Stevens, Pam Sullivan, Mark Tiges, Mike Wagner and Scott Wamke. __ Third glace_winners were Michael Bennett^ John Bernholtz, Kim Bierl, Maribeth BliisT Marri Bluml, Lori Poes, Robert Feldmann, Kelly Fleskea, D'ane Hahn, Jean Jenson, Terri Korwes, Steve Loneman, John Malett, Beth Meyer, Mark McLellan, Joan Reinhart, Mary Ell'.n Schulte, Kelly Siepker, Robert Starman, Gred Stockert, Tonia Thraen, Beth Truitt, Marguerite Vonnahme, Cathy Waters, Joyce Willenborg. Dean Venticher won honorable mention. Students Vote President Out FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP)—The first girl ever to be the Fort Dodge High School student body president has been voted from her position by the student body. Francis McCormick, 18, had been suspended from her position by Principal Robert Bargman in mid-March until an i n y e s t i g a t i p n c o u I d b e .completed of her role in a sit-in staged at the school in early March. Leader was honored here recently at a banquet sponsored by Lea County friends. Her long years of hewspapering haven't always resulted in honors, however. "I was arrested twice for criminal libel," she said. "Once was back in 1946." Mrs. Head, then publisher of the Lovington Leader, wasable to get the criminal charge dismissed. In March 1948 she launched the Hobbs Flare as a daily newspaper and "on the third day I was arrested for criminal libel. This time I was charged With libeling the, dead." Mrs. Head said she represented herself in this case and got the suit dismissed. Before moving to New Mexico in 1930 she worked as a reporter in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Where she was going to Teachers College, now Southeast Missouri University. "While I graduated, I didn't get a degree," she recalled. "They just weren't handing them out then. They handed out certificates." Her certificate was in commercial subjects. She was also a reporter for the El Dorado, Ark., Daily News in the early 1920's. "When I went to'work for them it was a weekly," she said. "It went daily and I did quite a bit of reporting — not society. I guess I was the first girl reporter there in the area of hard news. It was during thetal boom and it was pretty rough/' She and her husband, J. C. Head, who was in the construction business, later lived in San Ahgelo, Tex., where "I didn't get to work on the newspaper because it was during the Depression. But I free-lanced at .five cents an inch;" By the time the Heads, who have been married 50 years, moved to Hobbs in 1930 they had two children ahd later added another. They have nine grandchildren. "I can't get any of them to take my paper. They say they don't want to work as hard as I've had to work," said Mrs. Head, who sold the Lovington Daily Leader in 1958. The publisher said today's journalism is different from when she began in the business. "It's a lot weaker and the editors are a lot more passive. I find most of them afraid to say anything." ? Mrs. Head; a Republican, has had her finger in politics hot only in print but in practice. "..;-';,'I ran for v county : commissioner one time arid got •beat;" shei said; "But I served in the constitutional convention and-1 beat a Democrat." RECP Practices Are Announced Donald H. Se^_erin, fixfiputive director of the Carroll County Agricultural Stabilization an d Conservation Service (ASCS) reported Wednesday that he has received information concerning the national practices authorized by the secretary of agriculture for cost-sharing under the 1974 Rural Environmental Conservation Program (RECP). "This cost sharing program provides the users financial assistance for establishing conservation and forestry practices on their land," Severin said. "Those interested in applying for the 50-75 per cent cost sharing program, should contact the Carroll County ASCS office immediately." Approved for the 1974 program are practices establishing or improving permanent vegetative cover, the planting of trees or improving a stand of forest trees for timber"production, water impoundment reservoirs, strip-cropping, terrace system construction, diversions. Severin said the RECP also includes establishment of permanent wildlife habitat; sediment, chemical or water runoff control structures and measures; windbreaks or shelterbreaks. In addition to the national practices, authority is provided for the county to develop other practices which may be ne'eded to solve critical local conservation problems. Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 All copy for classified ads and classified 9 a.m. day of publication Monday thi _ Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday to Insure publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY _Percolumn_incjr ._. ...7... $1.70 Additional insertions ^ ,.„.._........... ..tll.5«L CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day,jer word ..._,. .. 12c Three days, per word 28c Six days, per word........^... 38c CARDOFTHANKS 20 words or less $2.50 Over 20 words 7 lOc per word Business Opportunities "IMMEDIATE __ INCOME" Distributor — part or full time to supply Company, established accounts with RCA-CBS-Disney Records.. Income possibilities up to $1,000 per month with only $3,500 required for inventory and training. Call COLLECT for Mr. James (214) 661-9208. 23-83-3tp Tornado Safety Considering the tornadoes and storms across the country lately, Mrs. M. L. Collison, Carroll County Red Cross Disaster Chairman, released these safety tips from the national weather service in case of a tornado in the area: A tornado watch means tornadoes may develop, and a tornado warning indicates one has been detected. When either has been issued or during a severe thunderstorm, listen for radio and television broadcasts of latest national weather service bulletins. A person's location when a tornado approaches determines what action should be taken. In homes, open some windows and take shelter away from them in the basement or under heavy furniture in the central area of the house. Schools and factories should have advance, practiced plans in case of a tornado.; Move quickly -to shelter areas. If a shelter area is not available in a school or office building, go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor. In shopping centers, advance to a shelter area instead of a parked car. During strong winds, mobile homes should be evacuated since they can be overturned. Damage can be minimized by securing trailers with cables anchored in concrete footing. If a.shelter area is not handy, leave the trailer park for low, protected ground. In open country, move away from the tornado's path at a right angle. If there is no time, lie flat in the nearest depression with your hands shielding your head. Be alert for flash floods. If there is lightning, stay away from high conductive objects. Kenny Drive Kits Mailed Out Donation kits for the support of the Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, Minn., are being mailed this week to block volunteers. Mrs. John Dostal, supervisor of the fund drive, urges the volunteers to start the donation envelopes in the blocks upon receiving them. Each resident will pass an envelope to his neighbor according to directions on the envelope. The blocks will be covered and the kits returned to the Carroll County State Bank by April 30. , The Car£pJLarea has benefited from past donations with workshops in local nursing homes by Sr. Kenny Institute nurse educators. A workshop was held in January for 111 students at the Des Moines Area Community College to teach rehabilitative and restorative care. The institute is a center for the paralyzed and disabled. • KHS (Continued From Page 9) Boone; 3. Kuemper. 880 Yard Run —>••!. Russ Rupiper (K), 2:07.5; 2. Dan Vonnahrne_(K); s:'Mike Ninriaman (B). 440 Yard Relay — 1. Boone, 47.9; 2. Kuemper (Mark O^Leary^ Tom Kalkhoff, Paul Ludwig and Frank Greteman. Mile Relay ^;i;;Boone, 3:40.9; 2; Kuemper (John Heithoff, Rick' Friedman, Roger Schrad and' BillNeumayer). There's Gold In Your Attic] ALABASTER EGGS and holders' have arrived — lovely colors. CLEMENTINE'S. 6-79-lOtC ANYONE INTERESTED in forming an organic gardening club in Carroll write Box 1-9, % Daily Times Herald. 6-85-ltp Personals 1NEED HELP??For spiritual] counseling, call Pastor W. L.i Laney 792-2599. 9-33-tfc Business Services 14 "WANTED: GARDEN roto tilling. Taking calls now. 792-4537 or 792-1355. 14-57-30tc LIFE INVESTORS INC. Disability Income—Group— Retirement-HR-10 Keogh. Gary L. Kunecke 217 West 4th 792-1440 After 5 call... 792-3239 M-37-ltc Tim« Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, April 10, 1974 | Q Business Services 14 FOR ALL GASOLINE engine lawn mower repair call or see Reinart Service. 7th & Hwy. 30. 14-77-tf From a Household Spot to a Spotless Mouse Your CARPEfS cleaned and maintained by the worlrt'i le«<Hn* PJ£ .fesslonal cleaning systems -•- car- oets furniture, floors, wills ana Srttplett; House-Wide Cleaning. Isn't this the day to coll 792-2155 for a free estimote. 14-no-t.t? CARPETS CLEANED in your home or place of business by Von Schrader — dry foam method Call' today for free estimate. Nu-WAY CARPET CLEANING 792-3898. 14-61-tfc AS CLOSE as your front door. HR Cleaners pick up and delivery, cleaning, pressing and alterations. Dial 792-4333. 14-56-tfc. TELEVISION SERVICE Prompt attention: Fair prices. Qualified technicians. WATTERS' Appliance Center Central Service. 792-2696. 14-48-tfc If yo'ir auto insurance) premium hasn't dropped ot least 20% this year, before you renew Coil Bill Comtto Pringle Tax & Insurance 792-P805 FOR ALL chain saw sales & SERVICE, call or see Reinart Ser, vice. 7th & Hwy. 30. Phone- 792-2126. . ; 14-77-tf TAKE YOUR' firsTTesson for $5.00. Fisher Aviation, Inc. 792-9128. 14-83-etc GLASS • W i. ri d s hi e 1 d Replacement • Window Glass & Screens ' • Aluminum Storm ,Do6rs & Windows • Farm Implement Glass • Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures •Mirrors • MirrOr Frames • Hand Carved Wood Picture Frames • Antique Mirror Tile FREE ESTIMATES All Work Guaranteed CARROLL GLASS GO. Hwy. 30 East Phone 792-1334 Eor the latest market quotations and information on Listed National Over-the-Counter _ Local Over-the-Counter Corporate and Municipal bonds Mutual Funds Please call Dave O'Leary, Registered Representative Ann Gute, . Registered Representative BRAMWELL, CHANDLER, JOHNSON & CO. 104 W. 5th Carroll, Iowa 51401 Telephone: 792-4830 JACOBSEN TRAVEL AGENCY 225 E. 5th Phone 792-4431 _Paul Fricke, Manager^ Federal and State Income Tax "No Return Too Small" / Pringle Tax Service, Inc. "Above Watters Appliance Center" Bill Comito, Manager 792-3805 or 792-1558 Farm Equipment^ 29 Where To Go 17 KNIGHTS OF Columbus Club Lounge — Open every night from 7 P.M. For members & their guests. 17-79-12tc NO PIZZA SHORTAGE YET! So come on out and fill up at the PIZZA HUT 17-37-ltc TONIGHT WED; APRIL 10 and Friday & Saturday 'PAT'S COUNTRY VARIATIONS" FOR FINE FOOD - DRINKS ENTERTAINMENT J/UL RESTAURANT and LOUNGE 17-85-ltc Help Wanted 23 BRICKLAYERS WANTED; (712) 657-2568. 23-84-6tc GOOD WORKERS needed at once to learn a skilled profession. Good wages, overtime, good opportunity for advancement. , Apply in person. World Wide >: Meats, Denison. 23-84-tfc PARTTIME WAITRESS wanted, weekends only, top wages. Red Carpet Lounge. 23-84-5tc CONSTRUCTION WORKERS needed on railroad bridge 4 miles north of Auburn. $4 hr. (time & V2 over 40 hrs.) Apply at job site. Ro-Vig Construction Co.- (Equal opportunity employer). 23-84-5tc DRIVER WANTED, over 25, maN ried. Iowa Parcel Service 792-3625. 23-83-3tc SPECIAL EVENT COORDINATOR To organize Carroll young people's activity program April through June. Must be energetic. Substitute teacher desirable, but not necessary. Send Resume (photo helpful) to 5741 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311. 23-84-61C AVON has . . . Ah open territory in Can-oil. Scfl part-time or full-time to earn extra money. No experience required. Call: 297-7310 collect after 6 P m, SIOUX STORAGE and Dri-All bins. Finance and erection 1 available. Halbur Implement .Co., Halbur. Iowa. Livestock For Sale 41 40* HEAD Duroc boars, serviceable age. Also a few open gilts. Priced reasonable. Hockett & Sonsv Manning. 653-0314. ' ' 41-69-18tp For Sale 55 LOFTY PILE, free from soil is the carpetj cleaned with Blue Lustre. Rent electric sharn- pooer $1. Coast to Coast Store. 55-85-ltc LIVE EASTER bunnies. Leroy Janssen, 659-3836. 55-85-2tp MOTHER'S DAY Cards — One rack at 15' a card. CLEMENTINE'S. $£-85-tfc WINDBREAK TREES Scbtch pine, spruce, fir, honeysuckle, hackberry, green ash. Jim Strautman. 792-4233 after 5 P.M. 55-85-3tc SMALL LIVE 792-3906. Easter bunnies. 55-85-2tc SET OF Child 792-1637. WANTED: FARM hand. House available. No chores. Arden Hinners, Halbur. 658-2451. 23-81-6tc Seeds & Feeds 34 SOYBEAN SEED & CHEMICALS: Hark, Corsoy, Marshall, Beeson, Amsoy & Wayne. Certified at $9.00. Registered, at $9.40. Registered Wells at $13.50. All bagged and pre- inoculated. Send or call for chemical price quotes. Hunted rms, Scranton, iowa. Phone 712-652-3757. '•' 34-67-Hc FOR SALE Newer 3 bedroom ranch with attached garage, full baMment with a fourth bedroom, finished rec room ' with bar. Other extras that nuke this home a real buy In the lower 30's. CLOSE IN 2 Bedroom — northslde, one story, full basement, great possibilities with small amount of repair. ONLY (10,500 Gary 3239 Craft books. 55-84-3tc LIKE GRANDMA'S, -handpaint- ed candy bowls, pitchers and small teapots. CLEMENTINE'S. _ 5!>79:tfc, Used 3 Wheel 6 h.p. RIDING MOWERS. 2 speed. GAMBLES Phone 792-4361 5^45-Ztc PRICE bulk sawdust and/or scraps — $1.49 hundred — at old Central Feed & Grain. 792-3876. 55-85-3tc LOFTY PILE, free from soil is the carpet cleaned with Blue Lustre. Rent electric sham- pooer $1. Coast to Coast Store. 55-85-ltc SAVE GAS — ride a Suzuk motorcycle this summer. Bob's Sport Center, 618 W. 8th St. next to Farm Bureau Bldg. 55-61-tfc SPINET PIANO Latest style Walnut Italian Provincial console for sale. To be transferred by May 6, to reliable party willing to assume pay'ts. Credit references necessary. Willmar Piano Co. Box 248 Willmar, Minnesota 612-235-5106. 5545-ltp EXPERIENCED APPLIANCES GE WASHER & DRYER matched .' ...... $150 . 00 GE WASHER Reconditioned. d»i7C A A Mini basket ...... «J>/D.UU GE 30"RANGE Excellent - $85.00 3 IJSED FREEZERS $45.00 GE 14' FRIGERATOR 2-door, dark NOW DIGGING & PLANTING Evergreens, trees, flowering shrubs & windbreak materials. 2% Acre display — 2 blks east of Hospital. CARROLL NURSERY Phone 792-4623 55-82-tfc rent Carroll Co. - 5 mi. north Lidderdale. John Wagner 1617 Spring - Davenport, la. Ph: (3,9) 323-1240. EASTER WEEK SPECIALS Discount Prices on All Stereo Consoles and Stereo Components Systems SPECIAL LP'S $3.95 ELECTRONICS UNLIMITED "Zenith It Sylvania Sales & Service" 626 North Carroll Carroll, Iowa No Payments til July NOTE Closed Good Friday noon til 3 S5-84-3tc ^0-piNANcETtie home of your choice see First Federal Savings &' Loan Assn. of Car- ro11 64-29-tfc Mobile Homes 56 Farm Wanted FARMS WANTED CALL NOW!! I have buyers for small or large farms. Will give you a free appraisal and counseling on market value. Call or write: James Weber Exclusive Farm Salesman (515)274-4621, Oak Realty 3605 Douglas-Des Moines, la. or after 5 P.M. (712)563-130^ Cars & Trucks FOR SALE: 1972 Marshfield mobile home 12 x 68. Like new. 563-2211 Days. 563-2768 Sundays & evening|s.\ 56-79-tfc OWNER MUST sell! 1970 Mobile home. Furnished. Very reasonable. May 1 possession. 7924810 after 4:30 P.M. •"-''•*• 56-85-6tc FOR SALE: 2 Bedroom mobile home & lot in Arcadia. 689-2549. 56-82-«tp Houses For Sale 63 CLOSE TO the Lutheran Church, we are offering this owner built ranch home with large L- shaped living-dining room, beautiful appointed kitchen with all appliances, large family room with fireplace, 2 complete baths, central air, enclosed back yard. This immaculate home is ready for immediate occupancy. By appointment only. Priced in mid-30's. Gnam Realty. Phone 792-3815. 63-84-2tc 1968 - IMPALA, Factory air, one owner. One middle age driver car. Exceptionally clean and with never a dent. Call 792-2101,792-2253. 71-85-ltc 1965 CHEVY 2-dr. hardtop, V8 standard transmission, chrome wheels. Call after 6:30 P.M. 792-1336. 71-84-3tc TO BUY or sell a home or farm,! call Wilson Real Estate, Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson, 792-9605. '' 63-18-2tc' 72 CHRYSLER Imperial Lebaron 4-dr. h'top, full power plus temp air conditioning, 50/50 split front seats with power, padded roof, plus many other extras — Just 24,000 easy mi. — In showroom condition. 71 Chrysler Newport custom 4-dr. sedan, power steering & brakes, factory air, tinted glass, power seat, padded roof — Super sharp inside & out. WITTROCK MOTORS. 71-84-tfc ' id67 FORD GALAXIE 4-dr. air & runs find. $695. Glidden Auto Sales. 71-85-ltc 1973.o KINGSWOOD wagon, 9 pass. Loaded & like new inside and out. Save on this one. Mc- CARVILLE & SON MOTORS. 71-85-ltc 1968 IMPALA, Factory air, one" owner, One middle age driver car. Exceptionally clean and with never a dent. Call 792-2101, 792-2253. 71-85-3tc Don't miss Schroeder's ANNIVERSARY CARPET SALE Open tonight, Wednesday 'til 9. Schroeder's Carpet & Decorating 611 North Main Phone 792-9449 MS-ltc HOOVER UPRIGHTS each ........... ..$28.00 1 Booth from Pokeys.. Central Air Conditioner HEIRES ELECTRIC ' CERAMIC EAoxn-R eggs — Pastel floral trim. Large & small. CLEMENTINE'S. 55-79-10tc Notice to Bidders The Northwest Realty Corporation will accept bids on that portion of the Carroll Industrial Park lying south of the railroad tracks, containing 90 acres more or less on April 17 up to 4 p.m. Bids must be made on official bid forms which can be obtained at The Carroll County State Bank or Commercial Savings Bank. Bidding blanks will also be obtainable at the Times Herald office. Sealed bids should be returned to Northwest Realty Corp. headquarters at the Times Herald office before 4 p m on April 17. Additional information may be obtained from any of the places having the official bidding forms. NORTHWEST REALTY CORP., By-James W. Wilson, President ANNOUNCEMENT I wish to announce that I will be opening a new carpenter business, starting May 1. I will do all types of construction, remodeling and repair. GORDON'S CARPENTRY Phone collect.792-1151 (Watch for new phone number after April 26) Gordon Gyrher, Prop. Carroll, Iowa

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