Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 3
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f AfJl ROOK FALLS ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, FROM VISIT GREAT SUCCESS ', f?, Wifth Sf tent T'nr« Weeks' Vis 'r*ff R*'* iivss and Friends J. F. Wirtli nrrh'f-.l j.urr),. J~.a;:r, Uirrt' *.*!•• * l -»' '• >-"!t « nh i. ! <M< an. i "1'l tif jtvMiM? •= u ' •• H'TTl ) fWi e i * -i The Corn Csrnivsl Thi* Y<*»r the Bigi 9 |?i «t Ever H«!d. "REPUBLICAN SUCCESS MEANS WAR." WILSON "SAVE AMERICA FROM COWARDICE," ROOSEVELT .-i I f. in- y<%-tr e r'cTt) r?iv,-i I f->r ts '••\'-c!itivr> ffimmHtff fXf'Tnl i-uiVvS tti fnrir\f-rf In td" h s >ir- ir < "iirstrv fur fhf w.-iy 'th'-y Walter. ;'. ff»r thftr IV ' mr !tl l'<"'>r. f'.•!>.-, ht,-'!i;bt in their i.nxlm ?« ,'Ui<l nsMsf^l lifter n OH t'° month*' \ i-«t tun-jin thf \;ii'K<us other p.'irtM <>f th<> pro- wlth their fnUur' •*'"'' """-r Tri.nh*-*. jj,-mm. The f>.xoontIvo commit t«*p nl.«n nppr'*- l.-itf-F! the khiflnrsrt i»f thf h-U^r Hiis; ^ ^ i rn r Tfti.ints in the ' fnjsinK of their plftros Will Mold Th*iT R^V !ar Meeting | ;' r '-^im-,, for »n nf.erno,,,, :.n.1 ro,n- Tuesday MYSTIcvRKERS I Liquid f're from th* political ^renshf* on t^e cast and west frontiers wero fired Saturday in speech«« by President Wit«cri and Former President Roosfiveii. Wilson speke at this summer capita! *t Long Branch, N. J., snd Ro«*«veH- spefee at Bnttl* Crcefcc, Mich, Here is what they said boi!«J down. Worker* ( »f M \stir '"' llHt! riri T<ir*dfty nipht in H« li •»"• All nx-m- nr*> nrRpfl to !><> pr< V^nt as husl- of SmporUiWf wilt ? »«- -trjttuwt- tt-1. Tho cnjtiyirii: fli'«» i-:TrnI\iil. ry Is nt thf hrmt; i'*»n lo I'uy nil prt-miiiins JIM fnst ns tlicy arc < a Hod f«r, CHICKEJfbriVNER Mr, Mm. Herbert l*ntect»med Twenty Relatives Mr, nn<! *'"•• t'hnrlH* lterl«»>n. ,who )!vf west «>f town, entertained 'twenty vr'i mid frleml* at a frle<l ebir-U- 'lay if. hom-» «>r Mr, Hery. Th- it;iy w.<i* *H->t «n<l air r-vsrut rep..m»l a c time, cn ttinnci BOCHELLEJRIENDS Motor H«r* Saturday to Attend An_'_ __ __ BU aI Corn Carnival. ' t' W, Carey nntl »\lii»H< i « Ti;irl<Fr, an<» A«tn Tlannon. of H«>- the Corn Carnival, nn«l also with Mm MUtlrwl Irfirrett. Jim. w<fmn«ark to Itoctrollo with them Hundity mornlnft ntul Bprnt th* day. Hhe jy." turned liumo lust evening. AUTO TRIP \ Party of Frl«nd« Motor to Smith'. Park at Mt. C*rroll. Mr. nnd Mr». «"» Jlnn»"». ™*,- «»«' Mr0. J. W. Oafkrway, Mr, and Mrs. Chan Oettlo and .. daughter 'Wtie, and Mr. and Mr*. T. .1, TVyHo and daiiKhter -Itctu in»tore<l-H»-K«Uth'a-uatk-at. Mt, Currull. Sunday afternoon. Mowrer Family Left Today For Trip to Icdiana. Jklr. »nd Mr«, W. J, Mowrer and Newton and Margaret Mowref Btarted today on an auto trJp to liurhan. Ind.. they will ntt,»»d the county fair Let Rednol Make Your Sick Skin That itching, burning •• ritlri • can. al-. rooBt certainlyIw hottledf TV first urn) . of itwinol ointmellt «iWcoi foils tu in«Unt relief. With tho help of rcsinol BOAD. this aootbing, healing oinbmmt usu- >FY,i «lly dfara away »Vl S- .1 triuee of ettsanav'Ting" -worm, rash or similar ioriDCQtingi slocp-prc- vtntiog skin-diseases' ' ' and at little cost. tfhysleiftns quickly i— bare pi re pr lariy for over twenty y not hcmitato to UBO it all druggists. :f8»*; no by J» Your Toilet Soap Iryuring Your Skin? Many toilet soaps contain harsh, in- jurioufl alkali. Iteainol uoap contains Absolutely no free alkali, and to it ia added the reslnol medication. This _ ^^ which clear the coroplejtion, comfort akins and keep Uto ludr healthy^ METHODISTCHURCH The Methoditt Annourteement* of Special Importance. Tlirnp will tif n -fpeclul uifftinR of UK- nfTIHnl ttonnl of tluv MotlifMllst rhiircb thi.« cvrnlttfit nt the fhurch. All mftnlKTU nr^ tirjfcd to In? prfscnt, A.11 thf> jiirpilH of tlio prinmry i\c- imrtrnrnt of the 8tin«lay xclKiol aif ur.ifnd to romr- to prertk-e Tuesday at. flit? t:liurt?h, fiflM* srhoot nt 4 p. tn., for the Itally Day itroKrnm, which will be held neJsl Biiiittay. The W. \'\ M. 8. will mr<'t Krltlay arti-pi'ion at the homo of Mrs. W. II. AGED LADY DEAD Mr*. Harper Passed Away Sunday- Funeral Held Tueaday Afternoon. :"Mi-M. Maft*- T*. Ilnrprr pnpnrtl -nwrty Sunday, Oct. 1. fit 10 o'clock, nt tho homo of Mr, ntul Mrs. C. L. llurdlck on Seventh avonue. Ml«» Mario Kddio w«« horn AuRiist 1, issa, in .Scotland, thl» mnklnff h«<r S4 yntrs of O.KP. The dc«th was caused from InflrmitloB of old -aco. The funoml will h<« hfld Tucadny aflriftyioJt lit 2:00 o'clock nt tho .homo «jf Mr. and Aim. C. I,. Burdlck on Hnvcnth nvpnue. IU'V-. I<ott will Imvo chnrKf of the ttervlcpa/jpturlnl will be made in Rock Fulls cfmolcry. ATTEND^CARNIVAL Cordova People Here Saturday to Attend-Corn Carnival. Mrs, Walter Scott and ton*, Tru nml Herman, and Oeoruc Nelson, of Cordova. Were hero Saturday to."attend the Corn Carnival. They ftlao visited at tho homo of Dr. Scott. ATTEND FUNERAL Several People Motor to White Pigeon . • Sunday. • Mr. nnd Mrs. James Semienbaugb, Mr*. .1. M. Uarrott, 'Mr«. H.'n. Hand and »ons Nathan mid daughter Miss Carol, motored to White • Pljreon Sun- daywhero they attended tho funeral of Mm. Shoemar. j.r'-i=).f.<-! nf Ti'-j-v.'tlir.iT^.. flvtf '.•='" f-H.'il! Mttt-r thr* I ra!! 'flaw no nthf-r < •rini-)i',!«i"r!. fiiir ni'|'t>ni'nt« have fniinf! fault «!(h >i:ir f'i!fk'I> I'i'liry. Thf.V Jiftvr p-iit! th.-it i! i.« .'ill wr»r,tr. It has rr"4u!t<fj in i>f are. Therr'fore. it appcii-tK tlif-y want w;ir. Seme mftrtlx-T? ••{ t'iiii. i<;utv Jh-iv. 1 . vvcn dedart-d thcmsi Ivcs In favor of OsTli !«!•* «>f forrien trn' will ustfth it '(th'' rlfc'tlttnc) i.irr- ftilli'.. A Ki'^U ftinilatnfiit.'tl. linsi! rtiniro wit's rp(rnr«1 t" «ur fcrvicrt priiirv is' to in- mailn'oh Uw«"7ih of " f • ..Tiiw ci'tif'Tf-nrf-s of tho Mr-xlcrin- Amrrlrrin < i omn»ii«!'lrnt nrt» l>cinB (•inti!vrn««''f! Hy n«'tlvlttf« of <-f«ie<l i)it<'p>«<t«i in Moxlco. t" whns»p rrjt- rrfwritntionj' 1 have rofufcd to listen. t'ntll th*'- uri'-ipnt administration W;ill stirf t 'fontrollnl t hi' treasury dt'Hk In th(> trwisury Department. _,„. .__-___,,, ,„.,,.an, .11 i ---...'in..-"-•' ' ' •" a»t. of l>ixon tnotorfri to this city Saturday cvrnlnK Ui Mlc« Oannon'fl car nnd attrntlod tin* Corn Carnival. .\flwR X«-v.i.l>p|lr Morris of Uison was H vvctK T-Tiii Rlirst af Mlss-Mttl^lVVWlff. Pulilic «*!«' \V<r-dn»>jMlny. ortohfr 4. T~pTnj:r"?^ Xihth iiv»"in:p, TT.>r : K I'lvHR. M A. \Viilifiins, uuctlonofr; H. K. ('.rny, """Mr. nnd Mr*. O. 7VI. .Vdhtr rt-turnH Sunday fr»m a nrvrml day'K'.auto trijt to Ui'lolt nnd Wlnslow. Win., whom they v I* I tod rrlatlvc'M. Ml»» Natalip Ulunt, i)f Winnliiw, returned homo with them to upend a week. ; The "Sons of DeKalh"! will meet this eveninir In their cluh rooms. There will he an electJon of officers for the eomlntf year. 4 Mr8. C. <>. UnnkH nnd win Clyde wont-jo Mollnc today for a week's vl»lt. . '—MtBH" Mnrcnret TnbiTrrt, who has been nick, was aide, to return to her duties nt the Standard Supply Co. store 'l-i-titli r,T \\ i«-,-,n ,r .•:•! j..iy "' tarn 1 " 1 "5iil»rrti«"i"n t £ ». insi:!t run) ii-,('ii\' tr< !'« ,-ilf v 1'tim hf f'-;<r"ii, li.-iv i!!vi*...i (!»*• mttrri'-i 1 "f cur rrn-fi. v.i.rrH'n and fhiUtt-n l>y Mexican lianOits en Irunl nnd Ur-rman f.ih- mantu"* '-n tit** , c ''ft. As t.;ii :iltri"S( t:\f\-y qij^stSfiri F'i *"•'!<!• i- 1 Wilson ha<f orcuHc-d at lf"a.«t two (IjamrtricnHy oiipnsilf jM-isitions, «'.f- ivin .osunlly find in st>rnf*. of his words HJI oittlinf nt .ihi' (M'.eitron ht» fuiKht to have* trtkfn. l>'i! n!ntn*<t \vilhon I f-st-fp- JiHii !hc.«f> Ono w/»rd« liavf had thfir niffuiinir wrtt.«Icd out of th«>rn for )'i«f jc-o in d«vtllnp l cntijta! .itvl lnl'if»r h« tt;»« smhstl- Hi'f'i}." th<> t'ollcy of tTfivrn hrut«* force. Oner- mure tn our internal nfTair,* ns .in our iMttrrnal affairs, h« % has sti>od for i>cnco at any I n|ij>onl' to my fellow that tlipy pltalt f'loi-t HnXhes ninl rcptirtintr-. Mr. Wilson bernit«f only liy fit rtrthig onn thpy 5av«> Amf-r- it'a from that tnlnt of pross Bf-lt* t»h»»e««- and t\>w«rd(c which'- wo mvp 4o Mr. Wil.Moii'!> substitution of ndrolt ('locution for Btralirhl- forward action." J. R ^Clifton, who has Itrcn sick for a IOCIK -lJnv* tJ _l?._rcj)oru > d_ Jo_ l-o KaV'l Scott of Erie upent the week end here with his parents. Mr. and Mr». J. K. Adalr went to Morrison today to visit with Mr. anil MrH. T. A. Whltneh r ^_/ George Curtis of tU/ohello Bpentfc-un- day with his mother. JU»»v-Uiloy—la_takhiK a.:JKfi*!bJ*_>:ft£»- tlon from his duties at \Vhet>lork'» furniture More and I» upending the TTm~6 Tn ~X3pn eseo; ' Mm. Thomas Tehnn spent Sunday In Van Petten at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller. Paul Schreiuler returned to l.tlwhome. In ChlciiBo Sunday evening, Mft^rji few days' visit here with Harold Downey. •.. * -nt A Matthew*, «'f Morrison, 1» jcianma •" ••«"- •« of M«"--« n<l * Mr8 « I low this WrlKht went to New Bedford inondnK to work. . .IP tittle •t!ntiKhtw-^»f Mr. and Jdra. Jule Wchutt, who lias been very Kick, l« slowly improving. Peter Daniels went to Peorla tills mornlni? to buy a new candy ntid cigar case, Clms. Anderson and Geo. Deetfl. of Walnut, were hero Saturday to attend the Corn Carnival. Krancen Potter, of Morrison, %vas here Saturday attending the Corn Carnival. Mfus dermaine Smith, of •ttpt-nt-thtr-wtffk-Hfnd with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Chan. Smith. J. A. Haiwcn went Saturday to Mtchfield, Minn., to attend the fu' he car of his niece.: G. O. Ilendryx, of Hock.Falln, hn« purchased tho Jersey dairj' herd.of C M, fleeting and will comhine^tliem wf'th his <>wn herd of Jerseys. Mr. Hendryx will continue both of his milk routes and will Iw compelled to ustj Let us make you acquainted With the new, luscious flavor— BIRTHS KNt.',PP — A cJauKhtcr was born to 'Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Knupp, Sunday morning u't 10 o'clock. ENTERTAIN SUNDAY. Mr. and Mra. Homer Strent, of Dlx- on avenue, entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Sunday, Mlnsos Alice Carney. ^Vrlernr'Loux and Mr. of. Sterling. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS AVIIUam Toppert of l»rophetatown, attended tho Corn Carnival and dance litto Saturday c-vening. ._-...C.. JNtwcoinb of T'nmpico called on friends hero Saturday evening., Miss KHeu Collins of Tampleo, spent Saturday ovonlng with friends In this ' ' _._ __ _ Misseti I'iiuilne (Janhonr Kathryn ln«w Kmrnert and .pearl IFYOUNEED Table Linen Our slock consists of heavy satin Irish damask, 7'j inches wide; beautiful floral designs. Fitm mcreerixed litu»n, conventional Nu|>kiiiH to iimti'h aH h«ttfr grudon of liiion. Prices ranging from 50c per yard and up. W. J, Sowles D. G. Walter Gash. ~~ ~ Mr. and Mr». F. U Kaiser and fnm- lly of Walnut spent Saturday nnd Sunday at the homo of Mr. and Mrs, L-ud Smith. \ ' . Kd 1'resby returned to hi* home in Korrcston.' after «pendln* the weak end here attending the Corn Cnrnlvar. Miss Nina r>t« i'ow, Who has been n a few daya here, Tcturnctl to iiomo In Dlxon tmlny |H'| fj IF IIIX.- |i» •?-• •+** • * ' •' •• •-•—i^ •-. . i • Misses l^epla -JiuhsBcrger and Verda O'llare, who are attending school at Mt Morris, spent the week end with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ilrooks and family of Yorktown. spent Sunday with Mr. nntl Mrs. W. It. Kmmons. NO REASON FOR IT Whon Sterlinfl Citijisn* Show a Way. -___ any Deader of this wTio~BUffefs"TJ«r-tor' tureu of jin achlnK back, the annoy- anco of urinary disorders, the. palna and dangers of kidney ills will fail to heed tho words of a neighbor who has found relief. Head-' what a Ster- UnK citlaton saya: Krank Myera, hlackKmlth, 306 Second Avo., HterlinK, saya: "The work I do requires considerable Htoopintf and U M? been difficult when my back hau been fame'ami pttlnfuTr"BosiottinBw when I have stooped, I have been hardly able to htrnlghten. When those attacks have come on, one box of Poan'B Kidney Pllla ha« always removed the trouble." — Prlco _5U*i at all_ dealem. Don't ulrnply ask for a kliiuey remedy—got Ddan's Kidney pni«--the name that Mr. My«r» had. Foster-iillburn Co., Props., Buffalo,- N. Y. Ki'owtli in tho business, fcABOJH^EADER IB Accused of Accepting $10,000 For Endorsing Smith. (l}y UnUffd Press) aprlnBfleld, 111.; OtH: 2.—WJutt, will prolmbly provo one of tho llvollwu and hottest acflalona of tho IlUnoiit Minorw —and there have been aome' hot one« —la. untlcipatud, If ffie aiwclul BOBBftnr of tho Btato organisation .la called for the purpose "of hearing .tho charges made 'against" Fnvnk Farrlngtop, head of tho Btato organization. l-^irrlnKton'lnis^been"charged with accepting 110,000 for the endorsement of Frank L, Smith of Dwlght, the defeated Ue'publlcan candidate for governor. Petitions signed by more than Uw romilitHi fix u uui.fct.iU of the minors have been filed asking for a vote on the question of a special Bt-s- slim and tho ballots for this vote "have been mailed out, from the state .head- q.uarteni here. .' : J-resldtMit Karrtngton denies the charwes and will nght to the bitter end, He will first conteat tno calling of" tho" H pedal" «c*slon^oluiminK that it in not le«a| under tho constitution of the organixatton. Should this move fail. FHrrinston wil^KO beforeJho cxm- yention «mFTTgIiT~tiio cHSrffeit~ttr -ft (lnl«h. this presWk'iH admits he received $1,000 from thu Hinlth campaign ^umlg, acronllng to reports received at The'o'n'ices money was" pttUT./or; pej-noiial It is wild that letters and '.lelegra'nriiH will be produced in Bubatantlatlon of tho charged- made against the labor head. Should -tho charges ho «u» ? tained by the 'deleuatea, t^irrlnKtoh A vntii.i h.. Biibjoct to ' removal from office. THE BREMEN CAPTURED Carman Submarine "Reported CaiiomT fn BritUh Not. WashinKttin, D. C., Oct. S.—The German submarine cargo boat Bremen ha» been captured by the British and is now at the new British naval station, sytlunt the mouth of the river Firth, on tlm coast of Hcotltuiii, a^&urditigi to apparently reliable -reports " reac,i)ing ntihfnBtiJnr" Tim boat Is reported to have been caught In a net used for such purposes by the It's all that the name suggests! Wrigley quality- made where chewing gum making is a science. Now three flavors: Bon't forget after every meal Have a package of eacG .' I always in reach WRAPPED IN r EMERSON NEWS Oliver . Pil'tnian IIUH rt-tUDned from Krfl«»port. where* ho .has been visiting friends the past week. Franklin Hubrlght -left Friday I«r Chicago, 'where he will enter the col- in four, years' course, he having finished ills piteparnlwry -courno In l.'rbana. Clydo liwrhelmun «u tended court ~-he corn crurnivwl in Hiick KulwT ~ Mr, »nd Mrs. John "ItubiTght and Mr. ind Mrs. ti- O. HubriKht haw return- id from Aurora, wh«ro they iuu<ndwl the funeral of a niece. They madtv Use trip by auto and report the rotuU very )jad, > . l«Vn nk 1 1 la i lej' has relumed from a ituKiness" trip thrntiK-lt ll»' norTTi. Mr, a ltd Mrs, Albert Hlierm|in, of liison, passed tiiroiiKh Kmerson Thui'w- tlny on their way to Kast Lynn. la. Miss Aniiii EilerH wan a Sterling Miss Klhel Hhaw. U. N.. of OIVKKII. 111., has been caring for the children Mr, and Mrs. John I-andliccr. They i)oth being very Hick. ' Mr*. W- W. Deet« Is slowly gaining uul was ublu to attend cluuvli Sunday. ___ ____ TO, PRACTICE ON STUDENTS. 1 Uty t'ntted Press.) riuunpuini), 'ill., Oct. 3.— I'nivt'rulty- students who wlbh to become high school teachers. will »oon have a chance to practice 4m rwil pupils, Plans are'now Ii4'iim r drawn, for-n new $t>00,- 000 Behoof of education of which one building will be u*«l an a "(irarticc hlRli school'." Two hundred high tsohooi students from.'l'rbanu and Chnmpiklgn will attend the new neho«l. and tlu« embryo twicherw will eac.h have » uem- prartlca graduation.' Only Temporary* been of tho happloat lay dying. Calling nia wife to his bedside, ho promised to leave all hie. worldly possessions to her on ono condition, that being that she would erect a tombstono . and .inscribe on it. "At rest." This aba faithfully promised, but, finding nothing had b^on left her, she added to the above epltaphT, "Till I come." Cultivate Little Gourtaale*. . There In a saying that it ia the "lit* tie foxes that spoil the Tinea;" that if«,| the little annoyances that eat into th»; raw of existence. With truth w* »ari add that in aa great a measure the lit tie courtesies help to build character? and increase tho joya of living; '• Advertise, in The Oazetto. FROM CATARRH OR A GOLD U f Says <;r*am Applied in Noaiiite \ [| ;! OpcnsTAir I'assagca Right Up. . « > "| * ' ....._^AA»***»_.*_ .*. .M- A. ^.^.-A..^, '-^ nHtnnt relieT— no waiting, Yo«jr clogged nostrils open right up; th» ai» of your head clear and you : can brwatho frfely. No more hawking, headache. drynMa.\ night} MtruK«lTifh' for~l>reatfi 4taly and the Italians. y , )ur ^ old or <. utlirr h disappears. Tho .Italians, especially of, tho * t .,.f ft Mltlnl| , JotUo ofl Ely's Crewn South, are not as tali as tho other fcu- ,, )llm frn , n y(>1Jr drug gi 8 t now. Apply j ropeans. Tho Italians aro not rcluted. u ! llt |,, ,,f ta | M fragrant, antiseptJo,; racially, to .the-Jlebrews, but bulong to j heiiliiiK ereant in your nostrils. It tho same-brced as tho l-Yeiieh, Rua-! etraten tbrnugli «*very air passage elans English-and ott^-Ayyui»-iw«»--UiitsJuaui 4 .-Huuila > !f-Jiifi infljatmcdJir So far as wo know, the pooplo ^l*'" muewun jnembmne and roller plea. of Campania are not different, origin, from the other,Italians, in*t«ntty,— - • —— 11'« just lln« Don't stay stuff«4*y||l with ii cold of n«Hty catarrh. See How Your Saving Will . - - • •. . . - ..•'* ^^F ** _ ( - , - _ ..._ .•_ » Deposit* f 1.00 2,00 3.00 4,00 6,00 6,00 7,QoJ 8,00 $.00 10,00 1 Y«*r $ 62,77 J05.67 168,34 81148 263,90 316,70 369.47 422,26 ,47104 627.8$ 2 Years | 10740 214.32 321.47 428.65 ess.-za 642.97 76041 v 857.28 :.,.,.. . f :'964>44' ..-:: 1,071,62 'i'YmW t 163.11 326,36 489,52 652.74 815,88 980,13 1442.25 1,305,46 £468,63 1,631.83 4 years * 220,82 441.78 662.61 883,60 ' 1404.45 ^1,326,45 1,546.24 1,76748 1,988.06 , 2,208.98 S Years $ 280.26 560.70 841. .02 1421,43 1,401,74 1^683^4 : 1,962.44 2,242,86 (\ COO 1 Q. ' f% tif u.u i JL O ' - g.803.57 6 Year. $ 341,50 688.21 1JI24J7B 1,866.46 1,708.02 2,050.81 2,391.58 2,732,91 3,074.48 3,41643 7 Y«*rt $ 404,59 , 809,43 1,21449 1*618,90 2,033.55 2,4f9,49 2,833.33 3,237,77 ** 8,642,45 4,0-17.21 6 Yeam 4 469,59 939.46 1,409.22 1,878.96 2,348,61 \ 2,819.62 3,288,44 3,757.90 4,227.58 4,697,32 9 Yeafi $ 636.55 1,078.42 1,61044 2,146.88 2,683.50 * 8,221,64 3 fl ,767.3l 4,293.75 4,830.39 6^36743 10Y«»r» ^,605.54 1,211.43 ^ -* 1,81744 2,422,90 3,028.93 3,636.61 4,240.35 4^845.80 5,451.43 6,05748 Remember, Deposits Made in our stoIHie iiiouili

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