Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

StfeftlWG jUINOfl'WIIQAY, OCTOBER 2. 1918, aimau; at {?(-• find tvto oVlt- in franklin <' tvhtte » ,** FrtriktH ' ' 1\.t«e n ,->•'' • ro< <fr~ PROBATE COURT flECOROS lr T; ' Mr:-, v, p. l"?.r '> t 'flT:<' '^»' ' •• m ' i !> fifn ft;,- to i i \ ?)' '• 'i !'•<* •"•» i <1 <r-'- rf TTd fir,— : • r i n " .- v,,.iV ,-•,.., . ' ,,i S cents you can buy white, floating soap unsurpassed in mildness, purity and quality; that lathers freely and rinses easily; whose natural odor is as pleasing as any perfume.' For S cents you can buy Ivory Soap, Why buy anything else? GETS NEW SCALES i - * 1 Po«stoffi/* Depssrtrr.tnt Has New Pi* | - e-f Post Seal** p «f. "n :t fnr i i' r 'l T'fnf r.f }•' • i- d .| 1 ;i,)U r>'i- * % »ne »inv - I huh v ill t>«- m-i 1» «t'f<r«'rl:iU'd. ! i • '><>r, tic t'ir.i! i -irru'ri 1>. mm > .> i"ns 1 thr- mails n.« l« **>,j uivl <>f tt-'"i nn" rrn»«i!)) out "f «v fry •jti.irt'i i LEAP YEAR DANCE Held At Woodman Hst» Friday Even ing a Delightful Affair Tho L<».iji YtMi- <hn. c hit Id »>v ;i rv r\ l>fr of tlif Hph fSiniii.T piilt in t', \Yoodmnii hnll in ifili tltv I'l'd*' 1 -• '!• ' r.t ' r < u '< !i I..-.-, > !' l I'l I M • r ' •i, !'•••} I 11 ' ! W r 1 T •• ' ' I. 1 \ : \u* < .t-il ! i }', % 7 '! ' ' H •it >•• d i! V' -m II H. M, > ;•; i .i i i IVORY SOAP PDHE KRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1016, CITIZENS AppltcfinU For N«tur«Iiz«tion S Today , were to bo examined in the cir; cmtrt thJ» term. They ar« as f«l- , St»rHnf. Ob Mu«n I»rophotxtown, llollnntl. «« John Houaenga, h»t»a 8wan»on, MorrisQii, Swod- i»hn Mar«ha», Putton, KnglUh. ~ Vo»«» Morrison, Holland MQrrl»qn. r Jfoftft etovaflnKo, Fulton, Holland. ^ber, FVIton, Holland. * 8mlt, Jtilton, Holland. «$l»n T*l»mttn, l^ulton, Holland. grttdt ?OlyK>n. Tarnplco. Sweden. PAPERS Ho* Make* Final Appli- HoW T r *p~N«tMr«tli»tlort—^, I «»A W#**» - **t T****%t*\(*Q '''llJUl mado application at tho circuit clerk's office for hla tlnal papers of naturalization. He arrived in the United Ktatca from Thtet, Detgium, March 3, 1$04. He will bo examined in the Jan nary t«*rm,of "circuu Court. Camping Party Returns Horn* From Lake Chetaok Billy Oray, Harry Donlcky nnd Emerson F»»llow« have retttrned from Uik« rhetack. near Bdgewater, \Vln. f where they went a abort time ago on a flatting trip. Dr. ManltB, who wa« also a member of the party, went la Kooheater for a few days to attend a elirife iMsfor'o " refurnrng ~lionie~ Tfarf y Ilonkky *wa* pronounced tho chom- ptTnr~ltKbcrroan of the imrty-thia yean having been lucky enough to land a ten pound pickerel, on onft trip. - The boy* expected to remain In camp about a week or ten day» longer, l>ut re- turrtefl 'home earlier on account ot'tho FfTNERAlTsERVICES Held Over Rtmalna of Mri; John Shumart Sunday Afternoon Tho last ritea ^ipre held over the, re- at nffatr. Tiif .Vtr«. f>nr>k •<) *•• AJbfrf An Enjoyed By the M«mbert of Baptii Choir Friday E'ventng 'I IIP <'itjnj nl a on KrJUny tili< Htc (mil jF of tli«» Itnittlct < hi-l tit the rhuri'h jiiUhir T*llO ItolltH Wi'li with jf:unrH nfril mil* A BIRTHDAY PARTY Marion Scott Entertain* Fr!«md» In Honor Of Birthday LIU to Mart in Scott delightfully vn~ thirty fili-nds at tin* home o Mr find Mr«. OrMll in honor of The afternoon Hcolt on l-'rlda'v her ittnttr birthday. wait a (Irllciou* ,«upiwr won y np«nt with frames o'clock. Httl« lm»l»'««« nt ro»-otv«««' many line gifts in honor of the IHV sion. RETURNS HOME JOIICN has, returned home from bin annual leave of two w,w4 which he upent vinltlm? relative* !n wsveral points In Korthern Nebra«ktt. His position a* rural rarrler wns nttwl ilurinj? hlM by H. AV. K«"nni»«l>. Sir, Jonet* will resume bin dutii'a tin Monday. ENTERTAINEDTAT DINNER s Mr,-and .Mrs. M, V. Card entertain- ii at a *f30 dinner at thrlr home on tilncotir- -Wny—wr»t- -FrWny - - even«»df. •Mr. nnd AIr«, Hay Hnrldon ami Mi. A 8AO MESSAGE Harry Hmnus« of thl* flty ha» rr- word of th« midden dwith t»f i i' d|..n - : • 'ufu t j \ u f > •i it r, t ,,i t i di-ti d" . r t ''»! ii i- r "tt • > i M.t> •, 1, !) .\.- >', * r; '.!( d ;i 1 i: ; ;,•,.' n llrU" d. « - ,i ! "• i i a'i i i! s _•< '' i'l» T ll»!"d. »i. '•> >»!• i' >•> ?!. y p. •;,. if i r. i,., i, f , tl i ! I'll M' \ |l !! '', i-ll i ' •. V <! t\ "i ! Mt- »•' \ '1 in :• • ".1 !>r !' T! I-Viti «<-T' \\t • • »• «'l •- I. < M C i"! .1 'V " 'I i 1 ' ' \ .' '' >titin- >•'••. ni=..,i I ' ill Hi" •,• • ' !. l!. I' < .<!M >. IM I In, '( 1'it'a )!' :<'t- .I Thf rn.i 1 • li i»i i In tii .« i 1 1 \ . of H'*-i>"h Ijirlii 1 . dfr»a c id [nv i n(or\ li'i »l ittd In l' -< l.uin « ' N,ini l.e.ird ainj < ! . !.t n** < t! nnd joduni) :r i'i • ! i'! 1*1* ! (',|U«f r- il in,I i.»v i|td-\ . •n: u t i laitu.tnt !m <-d. P.'fl(i< n t" vn 'd H»>| ' 11. 1! nnd nll<»««d nnd t-rt In rnrt -ind IVtitlon ft>! it|>pottitment uf ii ei'a (H«*d, con.xlilcn'd nnd fil;ti«< •'inUT «r' \V. I* I "aimer, M. I'aer and John (.«. \Vc|«:<'l an safer. •«. MORRiSOTBRIEFS \V. J. returned P.,iikfy oC Wat-rloo. la. t St. Ix<nils. \lslt with frlcndrt in iifCK-in. \VHIirm Moiilton w«-nt. to Ster- Kiittnds.y for a slro^t viwit with friends. Mr^. T ind Cli.iried ^\,it*(h of !tr<- vl«ltlsis u tho bi»m« v of their brother, _Th< i »ni- U*nt«on ritilllp Hifk l'-ft t»ilr«y for bis homo in Mwrion. Hi-, after vUltluit rclativea in th!:t city, Ucv. Alm'.m ('hrtiev returned Hnt- nnlny iroii t'linton." ill. Mr. and'Mr*. Will of Al- luiny, \ipltf>d friends In Morrison Pat- inlay. [ ERIE-NEWS , I-Jmewt Mraymer of ChfraKO, nr- r\vf*\ K.'itnrdfty for a .visit at the homo tf her parents, Mr, ami Mrs. I* J. ,lvety. Frank Cumminjfa went to Pekin, 111,, 'or notriti lime. l .Grccu- and-dntnihttx. currcd nt hi» hwm« In AVnuhlmrton. a«t ThurmlitV. *J'h«' «l«t«h wo^« by a sudtkMi attttt'k of tto lie&rt, : BIRTHS Smith- Born IViclny to Mr. nnd Mrs, [iojmrd Smith, who renldo In Union "Grovo,^ th, vlalted frii-nda In SterlmK Hatur- Iny. Xlrff, MeUin Hurnett of IIIoominR- on, who h.i« i»f on vfeitlnK for thr past 7la» m U,.» II. A. M<-nrlii>' homo. l«»ft J4(ttur>lity for u~ abort visit with ivIfitivcM in <*e*l«r lUipldB. Margaret Mlll«-r went to Ster- uti Mln» Ann«»ttt« Burr returntHl tit nil- THE ROYAL NEIGHBORS Gave An Enjoyable Dinner at the Home of Mr«, Cattle. T!;<- Ki^.il ,\"» uliliort* t"(V( ;• 1'i-njit iliniH-r Tiiur-il.'U' nf tli^ hnrru- of Mr» (i"»ti_« I'i^lli tor tit" itjonl" ft uiiil f.'niili,^, :>t whff h nliont t'\< tit\-Thf \V( H- |iti"J< lit. The tn< lit! ronvlRfrd of .1 limintfoilM «ii|(i;i|y ( if all kiniN nf «-itnIi|i'«, inchiiHiii; clui'kcn i'mik« <1 In vnrluii« wnyc. hnni. salnds, pic. ctr. After illniuT ihc time »vai xpfiit in- (oiin.tlly In n Kcn<-iat «oclal tt!tn\ A ffrrtTTtint 7-t!rf>ri~r» fmtf bt-t-n |t!;iftt)"tl i-r Mfs-. c'a^il*- in h unit: jiff-nt n* a (.'Host thf deputy. Mr.^, l.tindf. i from Afolini', who (;.->vi> an nil'-i-^Hrn; talk i n the Ii. N. A. work. Sjiwial inu^Ic \va;i furiilsht'il by ^Irs* Uhif JoluiHun. HONOREDllER GUEST Mrs. G. N. Mason Entertained for Mrs. Clark of Cleveland. <!. N. ,\lii«(in rntprtatnc-d t"ii ncMtlay afternoon in honor of her frk'itd. Mrs. Amy <.*<>lit*Tt C*.li»rk. if Cli-vcljind, Ohio, who wan IHT gut'jt tin- j»a*l wot-kr The lnili<-« wi'i«- all mnt.--M of Mr*. ClarH during lu-r In l'7r!r> nhoiit twrnty ycnrfr M!•!«.__<'IJltk tl«H Jllild*' S*_*!ll'JClnJ Htudy of vocnl iniu»lc and Is now a jtro- i'«,«lonnl KitiKor; htivInK flllod' i>nfcaK''* nientn with concert oomprinlcn, «orial a'ft'iiJra. tind hint ilfo ft«*fh a wilnrjcti ninKfr in a I'htirch choir. During the afternoon N||C favort'd the Itullt'H with n number nf nd«>ctionH. which \vurc rnuch i COMMITTEES AT WORK Arr»no«m«nt*-Ar* : -B^rtfl — Made — For Woman'* Club Fair. __ Tho yaritiuH__comniitU'<< fi>r tho __ __ __ _ Woman'* cluh annual Indoor talr'nrv hard at work, arranjdnK dftailH and tho Indlcationn nrc that thin fourth nnnual fall ft'stlviil K!V<II hy tin- cluii will l»f br-ttcr than rvrr. A nimiln-r of new fraiur<-j« H IK-I-II for tint! ninny will li* <; - foutxl in tlu< various i)iMiths. \vtlh proKram and farmi'r'» parade. -ngu Siitunhty aftrr «. uliort \Mi with Friday ovcnlnt; thcrt- \V11I t»' a mcr- h«r parents. >lr. amJ,.Mr». II. K. Ifurr. j'-Uunt't jwr.uU- unit Hnlurdity nf u r- Mrs. with frlend» in Clinton. . . ,. . . Crump spent. Kalurdu>; tuoon a doll imirgy puniii*. with for th« best decoculetl doll buuuy. ' -r*g c ^*g f )f, r ~ , sr ^=,,-"S7"«i?€*^. "Now Remember hurt/ to your proccf's for a canipf jCalumetr-karii ...your, final and best lesson in baking —-bake every thing, .with Calumet that proved a failure with other Bakj11g Powders. "This is the tcrt which proves Calumet the purest, safest BakingLPovvdcr. in the world—the most economical to buy and to use. My mother has used-Calumet for years — and there's never a bake-dav failure at our house. Received Highest Awards Ceok Rock Fret — Slip in Pound Can CHICAGO ERIE NEWS., Word recHved by Krle rel/ttivcn Hint .Mr;, M.-vliol Wright, nf I'.orit I.--- jtldn. Mi'jv WriKbt is tlu» 'Clint Pratt, of. Hot-It Inland, ittui ij land, rfct'ntly pntlured a *a>rioiiK t>iU»r- wclj-ktiown to a miml»«r in l-Jrlo. tit Ion at a there,' anil lf< do- 'i K r«|in-ntly (it-rtriul ing as' well as can bo ex|>e<'ted. cousin, SIra Wilttii Thompson, of ^rie.! town In a %v»a preaon.t at tbo time of the opera- umd .othe.r, K ht-r h«r of P, nf Mrs*. .««>rKe Hton« ' " Li 1 *, former Ii' +jr9 * Test *WI ^B^^ ^^fi^ ^P^^ ere s 21

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