The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 9
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PART TWO Vol. XX. BAKEBSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, toos. No. 121 (By Rev. O. O. Prund, Rector of St. Francis Romau Catholic Church) No tramp of marching armies No banners flaming far; A lamp within a stable, And In the sky a star. V The midnight azure rifted, And bent In level flight, The mighty host of seraphim Blaze out to heaven's light The soft grey .silence shivers, And quivers wide apart, At thrill of lofty chorals, Flung straight from heaven's heart. Their hymn of peace and gladness To earth the angels brought, Their Gloria In Excelsls To earth the angels taught. When In the lowly manger, The Holy Mother Maid In tender adoration Her babe of heaven laid. Thenceforth through endless ages Full need of joy and mirth 'To flow In song and greetings Around the Christ Child's birth. Born lowly in the darkness, And none so poor as He, The little children of the poor His ever own shall be. No rush of hostile armies then But just the huddling sheep; The angels singing of the Christ And all the world asleep. No flame of conquering banners. No legends sent afar; A lamp within a stable, And in the sky a star. "And they came with has .e. and they found Mary and Joseph. and the infant lying in the manger. And seeing, they understood the word that had been spoken concerning this Clu.d. And all that heard them wondered; and at those things that were toKl them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these words, pondering In her heart." Christmas title is coming In, and again the world must commemorate the wonderful birth of the Son of Man. We say the world must do so, because nature together with the feelings of the Christian, both tend to recall to us that great day some two thousand years ago. Would that every cnild were taught the lessons of this wonderful and ever interesting 'story of Christ's birth. This is a season for the children of men to commemorate. What s.-,vscUr nicir.aut- than those spei;. liOiH'iH child? What happier nin' embnictn?, h^v now horn? If thi tor i'.?P v.'orr:, how beautiful n: •.•. !c'.;cir. when the Mother of Christ Divine Child? Let us His life as a child he ir.novc:.i uaue. '.::•, in- Hins PPK the mott-e- !l">r the '"> ; - o natural und motherlike '. h.'ve l-cc:i !'«• rv •;••..•• 'n T>".'.beheld for the first, time Hie teach ttie dear children of Christ's birth, thereby maidng Christmas time a time THE FIRST CHRISTMAS "Whence is the star that shlneth so brightly? 'TIs not of those that arise for us nightly- Pale In Its pre&encu appearing all others, It looms like a first-born over Its brothers." The herds of Arabia lay gather'd and sleeping, The sons of the shepherds their watches were keeping, When the Star of our Faith, all lustrous and tender, Filled the desert of grass with the sheen of Its splendor. Then, In wonder ana terror they ran to their eeers, Wisest of men, In those plmltive years, Uhmael's priests, renown'd of Sabea, Who grew pale In thi> light that arose over Judea. To their eyes, star-reveal'd, an angelical choir Flll'd the heavens with timbrel, and anthem, and lyre, And they heard through the calm of that marvelous morn That the King, that the Uon of Judah was born. Then the magi and lords of the desert arose, And gath'rlng the myrrh in the Orient that grows, And the Incense of Saba, its censer and coffer, And the virginal ore from the far mines of Ophlr!" By Jordan they sought the Messiah In Zion, The desert-born look'd for the trace of "the Lion"— Dark, dark as Sinai enshrouded In thunder, Grew Herod, the King, at their tidings of wonder. Again rose the Star of the Orient, to guide them To the ox and the ass, and earth's Savior beside them, Where, child-like and weak, the Master of Ages Took tribute from Araby's princes and sages. And where, at the breast of the Virgin, His mother, Wias seen by the eyes of the humble, none other, The infant whose birth gave the world a Savior To atone fur man's fall ana man's evil behavior. s So may God gram to us amid all our demerit, The faith, love hrp« of the men of the desert; For us, as for them, dawns the marvelous morn, And the angels are singing—"Lo 1 . Jesus is born." —Thomas D'A'rcy McGee. (By Rev. D. M. Crabtree, Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.l "Christmas comes but once a years, To bring Its message of good cheer." And what a fine day It Is! How our emotions run riot about Christmas season In youth, In manhood and In old age. "Too bad," we say, "It comes but once a year. So many pres ents, so many good things to eat, so much Joy and gaiety, famll^ reunions, fine church services and all that. Why not have Christmas season several times In a year." Because then w<| should have no Christmas at all. To divide would be to dlssipat Remember what Is the reason for commemorating the birth Christ, Make the most of the tlmp, as It comes around once year and realize as you do what the blrih of Christ means to thd world. "To bring Us message of. 590<l Cheer." Breathes there a with soul so dead," etc., who doesn't cheer U(i kt Shrlstnias time] Why, the little street gamlnsln New York with naked, 8hi¥' limbs and cold, hungry stomachs raise a whoop of Joy at Christina:) just to see the gorgeous pageant of good things go by. TheJ don't know why, perhaps, but they are happy this once a yearl The beggar has a merry twinkle In his eye, tho drunkard takesj nn extra glass, which thrills as at no other time his shatercq heart. The burglar turns a benefactor, tho jail bird thinks home and family. And so the under world loves Christmas, a timd of purity and peace. If that be :ruc, ought not every heart, burdened with a load of crime and evil, to thrill with the rapture] of the season? To open up to the sunshine of the day—to be bl; and glad, and generous? The motif of the Christmas rejoicing the 1 'gift of God'a Son to the world. The motif of our rejoicing should be our prepardness to receive that gift und no man is whose heart hns n single corner of selfishness closed to the spirit thai] moves the day. valuable preparation, which is a sure floor, is utilized for the reception of destroyer of San Jose scale, that goods and in the packing and ship- much dreaded of all reported tree j ping of same. Connected with all pests. With the introduction of | these floors Is a large two ton ele- "Scalecide" tho fruit growers all over i vator for expediting the handling of the county hnve taken new courage and are planting Increased areas. womot:, •--» "'"" ' of greater good for the coming generation of men and The child loves to hear stories of the pbjjM,. =,3.,;:^^ v •••. w':c'.i on jjJJIjjiir.fc,. ..:,«-», "•"'»;• •..'tfJl:.! 11 *!*"' spoken of, stories of his %M;':Y'w6uld be very interesting to our young. MARRIAGES THREE TIMES AS GREA T AS DIVORCES The records of County Clerk I. U Miller's office for the past year disclose that the divorce evil which Is attracting so much attention the country over Is prevalent enough in Kern County. During the year in the two departments ot the Superior Court thirty-eight Interlocutory decrees of divorce were /granted, and twenty-one final decrees, representing a total of fifty-nine judgments in divorce cases, Besides this, a number of actions are still pending. But If fifty-nine mlsmated couples were freed by law, the number ot marriage licenses were more than three times as many, Since January 1 the clerk has Issued 198 authoriza tions to wed. During the same period of time civil actions were begun to the num her of 257 and fifty-eight probate matters were Inaugurated. This Is an average of one for each working day, emphasizing the wisdom of establishing a second department of the Su perlor Court. In addition to these 300 and odd r-nses, District Attorney Laird filed slxtv-two Informations. During tho reform school. Of the criminal cases fourteen are still pending, five were dismissed and five on guilty. trial were adjudged not CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY. The above successfully conducted nursery was established eight years ago by Albert Weedall at the present location on Chester avenue, Bakersfield, where a large stock of fruit and ornamental trees Is kept on hand to supply the demand. A feature Is made of flowering plants, and at this time, In December, flowers of every hue and color are grown In the open and under glass. Mr. Weedall states that the demand for fruit trees during the sea- was heavy, especially apricots. In ordinary son of 1908 peaches and fruit trees from the above nursery, one can depend that the stock Is true to name and perfectly healthy. There Is nothing that pays as well as a good orchard and when the trees are In good condition It pays to keep them so. To prevent trees from becoming diseased and te cure thorn when they ' are so, has taxed the energy of many , horticultural experts throughout the country. Constant American Ingenuity ami enterprise have finally dlscov-1 ered a preparation which is known us i "" ' '•'•" and which is now being i ,var sixty-three prisoners were trk'<l introduced to the fruit growers of mvioted and sent to one or the Kern County and this section In sen- nher of the state's prisons. Two were cral >»' Mr - Weedall of tho above killed before the date of trial, one ; estlmonlals are constantly pour- died In jail and two were sent to the lng ( n to t uo manufacturers of HABERFELDE FURNITURE CO. Report of Business For 1908. As the year 1908 draws to a close reports from the various industrial I concerns' and commercial houses of | Bakersfield show a splendid trade ( with a bright outlook for the coming ; year. With Bakersfleld as the chief trading point for a county producing products to the value of $20,000,000 annually one can form an intelligent i idea of Its commercial Importance. In this connection mention la made In detail of the above house, who are complete home furnisher i>ai'B and 1 occupies the Uiree story ;rick building, including the basement, on the corner of Nineteenth and I streets, where is carried an extensive stock of furniture and kindred household supplies, pianos,, mil- sicnl Instruments, sheet music, sew- inc machine, etc. '.n order to simplify matters and expedite trade, the business Is carried on In exclusive departments, and as one passes through the different i floors he becomes aware of the large | stocks of goods necessary to be oar- rled in order to supply the trade. The main or street floor is 50x130, fitted with large plate glass show windows, while the entire door contains bod room sets, Individual pieces of furniture pianos, brion-brac, etc. On this floor Is the piano parlor, In charge of a competent musician, whore will be found several leading makes of pianos such as the Hnrduian. Knabe and Packard, In addition to which the house carries several other makes. This piano parlor Is an artistic Inova- tlon in BaUersfleld and one thorough-, oughly enjoyed by the music loving | public and the actual customer. In, connection with tho musical Instrument department the house carries a full line of graphapbones. zonophones. Victor phonographs and a complete line of the latest up-to-date records. Within the past thirty days the firm has sold two of the »1000 Hardman 88 note autotones. Passing to the gallery floor above, one reaches the carpet and rug department, where will be found the products direct from th» factory looms of the east and Europe. Here will be seen exquisite designs and select patterns In Axmlnuter. velvet tapestries and "Brussels carpets that blend so well with modern up-to-date furnishings. Here will also bo found tho standard Wilton rugs of all sizes. This balcony contains 2300 square feet of show room space, which la filled with furniture and household unods tastefully arranged. From thin balcony one obtains a splendid of the main floor, showlim Hie ci'ssful work ins? o>.' ihe iK-partm .system. On the third floor a portion < area, '.if>xOu. is devoti'il to ;tu- tit and repair ilei'.irtmcnt, where- H-r of mechanics are constantly ployed. The entire basement of the goods. It would be Impossible In a work of this character to go into a detailed description of the various and extensive lines of goods carried by this house, but as the goods handled are purchased In carload lots direct from the manufacturer, one can form somewhat of an Intelligent Idea of the magnitude ot tho volume of trade carried on. The Haberfelde Furniture Company conducts a large concern In San Francisco, where a line of goods Is carried commensurate with tho trade enjoyed by the house. It would be well to state that the house reports a splendid business for the year jusl closing, and flrmly believes that the year 1909 will bring a year of plenty and continued prosperity. It might bo added that J. M. Haberfelde Is tho manager of the Rakersfleld firm and has been Identified with tho house during the past six or seven years. Monday Dec. DEAr You always loc forward t< fine big of candy f| Orville XE He buys Gruenhagt at Meroney's. SAI Advertising In the Callfo brings big returns on the Invest! Citfdrx, dhra-ys on. top. on top. - u*r*t*>'J"*-r ^T"~^ A Box of Good Cigars Will Make an Acceptable Christmas Present Cigars; Pipes: We have a great variety at prices to suit every purse. We carry the largest and best assortment of any house in the city. Tobaccos— Cigarettes: Our large stock and varied assortment will bo sure to please you All the leading brands of high grade cigarettes. this j which H 72x130, lg laid with a c Marek's Cigar Store UillS Xincteottli. Ktrcct, California. I'h&ne Main 908.

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