Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1898 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1898
Page 5
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Gray's John CORNER Qn Muslins, we will meet all Competition Muslins and you on may buy all day from opening until closing time you may come yourself or send your neighbor. Insurance and Loans. All kinds or Insurance tod Bondi written in first class com- Money tc loan 6 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. INTEREST UNABATED, As Attested by Large Attendance a Poultry Show Today. Good Music find a Dog Circus for To night's Program. The large patronage accorded the poultry and flog 1 show is sufficient evidence of its superior excellence. While it was not publicly announced that admission <ttould be had on Sun- UOHEISURE Physician. "Rex," SYoDCti Curly Poodle, owned by Al Gr. Elierdardt, Cincinnati. Office in Bouse, Cor. Thirteenth and North sti-eets, Professional calls answered promrtly. GEOBGE W. RODEFER. Real Estate, Loans. *»&£&.«* Money to Loan or write to me at No. 31 Eel Kiver a v on ue.east •nd of Market street bridge. day, yet the fact was known to many and our busiineias men were present In large numbers. Today's attendance waa extremely (jood, the pleasant weather enabling many to be present for the first time. The members of "The Foundling" company attended during the day, Miss Fitzgeralil being an enthusiastic lover of dogs. agreed as to the DR. C. D. EVJEKSOLE'S DElDTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. K€>W Undertakers. 203 Market street, Hoppe .Building. Daniel Killian & Co. OaU< promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. Kiman was for many yearn foreman for Charles L. Well. Telephone old 281. new 817 Dr- B,- S- Hunt, —DENTIST— All the latest liscoveries in medicine and «pp)licEcos to relieve pain in extraction or flll- kaV ol teeth. M odern methods, modern prices, in work guaranteed. OfHije over John Gray's on Fourth street. C TJ Telephone No. 328. high standard of the exhibit. It Is a surprising matter to learn of the large number of Loganspo.it people who are engaged lo the care and breeding of higb grade poultry. Aside from the many premiums awarded the 'local breeders, perhaps the one person who has been most successful in capturing premiums is the poultry licie, is Mrs. D. A..Stoner, of Beneselaer, Ind. One gentleman remarked today that she seemed bent on captuirjng the hog, which goes to the ona securing the greatest number of prizes. Tonight's programme will he made Two Cases of Diphtheria. Two cases of diphtheria have been reported to the board of healtl?. son of Mr. and Mrs. Oal Sfeff, of Pratt street, and a daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Stewart, of Wheat land street, are ill of the dread disease. HIT A TREE. Narrow Esciipe of a Panhandle Passen ger Train Near Hamilton, Ohio, Early Sunday JiJght— Other Railroad Sews. Sunday night Panhandle passenger train Ko. 3, north-bound, Conductor Case find Engineer Dnlan, struck a tree that bad been blown onto the rack by the high winds. The en- jlae brushed the tree aside so that ihe only damage was to badly scratch and mar the coaches It was a very narrow escape, however, as the tree was not seen by the engineer. Luckily .he tree did not reach entirely across he track. Bailroad men sa.y the w3nd storm of Sunday night was one )f the most; terrific they have ever xperiencecl. KAILROAD NEWS. The Watiash pay car reached Lo- ransport today, "Vandaliai railroad men report a errific snow storm between South Send and Plymouth Saturday. It Is said that the syndicate which wns the Wabash will be one of the idders for the Kansas Pacific. Se- uring it would give the Wabash a irect line for Denver. WARSHIP FOR HAVANNA The Battleship Maine Orders. Under Sailing Ordered to Restore Free Intsrconrse in Cuban Waters—Does It Mean War? Special to the Pharos. Washington, D. G., Jan. 24.—The battleship Maine was today ordered to proceed to Ha^anna bj tbs government to restore free intercourse of naval vessels ID Cuban waters. The government demands that conditions hall prevail as they existed before lostilities began. Directors' Meeting:. The directors of the Logansport ras and Oil company will meet to- ight at the council chamber. The ompany la anxious tc get Into the Walton field. Imm«3.Gtil ate Linen. Is the mark of the gentleman. "ft"e keep your linen as it should be. We do the work quickly and as -well as modern machinery, pure soap and good workmen can do it. A "postal brings our wagon. Both 'phones 110. Marshall's laundry, 608 Broadway. The Weather. Increasing clondiness and warmer ith snow tonight; Tuesday a'now or ain. _______ MME.. J-iNDRlSKA PESKOVA. 1 ASY FOB TAX DODGERS. udge highly interesting by good music and McCo nnell & McConnell 3150,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. Palmer Decides Tbat Hiring Tax Ferrets is Illegal. PAILY PHAEQS MONDAY, JAN 24, 1898, CITY NRWS Lotter Carrier Floyd is In KoKomo Tlsitlng his best girl. Learn prices on fur oapes and col- lareUes—Trade Palace. Sa,m Smith, leader of the Elks' feantl, has recovdred from a ten days' illnoas. Howard Powell and John McCarty, •f Peru, Sundayed with Ljgansport jkiends. Tie great drama, "Shore Acres," will be presented at Dolan's next Friday Night. Tiie sit brothers of Dr. Ira Sey- feold acted as pall bearers at his wife's funoral yesterday afternoon. Mrs. A. D. Moore, of Oolfax, Ind., to hare visiting her daughter, Mrs. James Mack, on Miami s'lreet. S. T. McDonnell Is at Indianapolis, having been called there by the •erlcius illness of his aged mother. Georgo Geiger and Mollle Hick- Han, Pract F. Foglesong and Hattie Bailey bave been licensed to wed. The case of the state against Jennie Stine, charged with assaulting Anna Benner, was called in the Mayor's court at 2:30 this afternoon. Mr. D. W. Dorao and family, living on the Taber farm, near Spencer part, returned today from Kennetts, Tirginifl, where they were called a mo'atb ago by the death of a relative. The case of Joseph O'Day, of this «it;r, against the Chicago & North- we-'itera railroad company, will be eaiied soon at Chicago. O'Day alleges ttaat the company blacklisted klci and! he demands damages in the sura of 1150,000. Henry Kruck, jr., formerly with Mlaneman & Co., have taken a position as bartender at M. J, B13gh ; s sample room. He succeeds Al Deweese, who was promoted by Mr. Blight to the position of traveling "Patsy Bolivar," Dinner of 27 prizes, owned by Mr. Eberhardt. a dog circus, in which Sol Brandt's "Prince Malo," Mrs. N. W. Daley's French poodles and Ai G.Eberhardt's French curly poodle, "B,ex" will be the principal participants. The dog awards will be made known during the evening. CHICAGO JUBKETS Received Dally br W. W. Mlber, at «. A. K. Building. Chloago, Jan. 24, 1888 Wheat — For May opened at 92$@ 92Je; high, 93*c; low, 92ic; closed, at Wheat— July opened, 84J@S5c; closed, S4|@85c. Corn— May, opened, 29@29fc; high, 29Jo; low, 28J(a>28Jo; closed at 29c. Oats — For May, opened, 23|c; fctfgh, 23}c; low, 23|c; closed at 23Jc. Pork — May opened, 19.85; high. 19. 90; low, $9.82; closed, »9. 87. Hogs— Receipts of hogs 29,000. Estimated tomorrow 23,000. Market strong, mixed, «3.t5Q@3.SO; for heavy, I3.70@I3.S5; rough, t3.5i>@3 65; light, »3.60@»3.7U. Cattle — Receipts, 16,500, strong; sheep, 18,000 firm. Curb, 93|c bid; puts 93J@93c: calls, 95H-H 96s. WILL ABA.NI10S TdE FIELD. Walton Oil Wells Are Sot Prodnctlre Enonfh to Justify Further ( - : Outlay. The latest reports from the Wai- en couraging. Judge Palmer, of the White Circuit court, has rendered a very important decision in the matter of employing tax ferrets. He holds: 5 First—That section 7,853, B. S., 1894, under provisions of which contracts by boards of commissioners of various counties of this state have been sustained, was repealed by implication by Section 147 of the (j;eneial tax law of 1881, so far as it j has reference to the board employing jpersons to discharge the duties of officers, and that the repeal of the provision la the law of 1881 which took place in 188'J, did not re vive that part of Section 7,853 repealed by the law of 11381'. Second—That the matter of the discovery of omitted property beyond 'that provided was a question for the legislature and that the tjoard of commissioners had no control over it, and that any attempt on the part of the board to interfere with the duties of the county officers was unwarranted and ultr% vires. Third—That the contracts giving the ferreits a certain per centage of all they recover are wholly contrary to public policy, are champertous, have a tendency to fraud and are void. Fouroh—That the contract with the board, allowing the ferrets 50 per cent, of nil they recovered,out of the general funds of the county, when,in fstct, the county only receives about 14 per cent of the amounts discovered, was unconstitutional and would not be upheld. Her Great Work In the Interest of Bohemian Women Recognized. Mme. Jindriska Peskova of Pragne, in whose honor the Bohemian women of Chicago recently held a celebration, is the most distinguished womaji in the Austrian empire and was recently decorated by the emperor in acknowledgment of her great work among women. As the second Austrian woraan ever given a medal by the emperor, Mme. Pesfcova is a particularly interesting •woman. Her chief work has been the MME. PESKOVA. building in Prague cf a magnificent woman's building which cost $200,000 and which is the center of •woman's activities in that empire. Every year 2,000 Bohemian young women are here prepared for the University of Prague, the doors of which institution -were opened to women through the untiring efforts of Mme. Peskova. She is also the foremost-poetess of her country, editor of a woman's journal, translator of many languages and a waiter on educational matters. A Slight Blaze. The firemen at the Fifteenth street station, were called out by telephone, at 9:30 this morning, to extinguish a blaze that had started in the residence of Mr. Berndt, on Smead street, from an overheated stove. The carpet was destroyed and a small hole burned in the floor salesman for the wholesale liquor department. After taking the testimony of Capt. Foley and Patrolmen Kleckner, Houghlion and Skelton, Saturday -•fiiernoon, a court of inquiry composed of Esquires Fendar, Laing and Dr, J. H. Sholtz dismissed the Cam- bine insanity case. Carabine spent »!:: mouths in the insane hospital, sod all that is required; to secure his recommitment is the affidavit of a rentable physician. He will be re- •ommititad. - ton oil field are not Three wells have been drilled and something like 85,000 expended in exploring for oil while but $15 worth of oil has been obtained in return therefor. In conversation with John H. Wendling, one of the active movers in the attempt to develop the field, be said to a Pharos man that it was useless to carry the investigation farther, that enough was known to develop tbs fact that the field is not a productive one. The last well drilled ia contains some oil, but not enough to justify pumping it out. How We May Know We Are Christians. The revival services at the Ninth street Christian church will continue each evening during the week. Large and attentive audiences, are present each evening. The subject tonight will be "How We May Know We Are Christians." Chickens Taken Oat of your well by Big John. ADDITIONAL ITEMS- The two children of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, of Bace street, are ill. Mrs. A. H. Douglass is speedily recovering from a long and painful illness. The directors of the Logansport Commercial and Manufacturers' association will meet tomorrow evening ac 7:30 at the office of J. T. McNary. Dress goods, dress goods, silks, silks, all go at our remodeling sale. Come and secure l;he plums. All short lengths table linens, bedspreads, dress goods, go at this sale as well.—Trade Palace. Mr. and Mrs. Adam H. Felker, of Lebanon, are spending a few days at (their old home in this city. Their mew and bright lilstle daughter has been named Pharos FeLker, as a compliment to the Daily Pharos, with which they were both connected before their marriage. The Pharos was ia error in stating that Mrs. Spencer who eloped with County Clerk Hamston, of White county, was a grand daughter of B. O. Spencer, a former citizen of this city. The eloping Spencer woman Is a widow and In no way related to B. O. Spencer. Mr. Spencer Is not now a resident of Montlcello. \ The Borne Ia the School. Mrs, J. P. Mumford of the New Cen- tnry club of Philadelphia spoke before the state federation on "The Home In the School." 'In westing her subject Mrs. Mumford referred to the changes that have taken- place in our educational world since the days of the old "committee man" who was wont to dangle his h>:>s from a high wooden bench the ile be imbibed knowledge from the o universal textbooks? learning—the l.lue covered speller. The great tract of educational progress that lies between that time and tho present forms the truest index of the world's advancement along all lines. In this connection the advantages (and the weak spots as well) of out present school • systems were dwelt tipon and entertainingly described. The keynote of the address was the sentiment that "we shall never have the right kind of education until the mother and the teacher stand shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand." To accomplish this the mother must take an active interest in the schoolroom relations between her boy or her girl and the teacher. Bemoralile Guimjw*. The girl who is wise, says a fashion writer, has in her wardrobe this season a waisc made with a removable guimpe. For instance, one girl has a gown of blue cloth. The bodice is bloased and cat with a round decolletage. With this gown she has ho,!f a dozen gnimpes. One, of black silk, puts the gown in condition for ordinary business wear, another is of pale yellow satin covered •with guipure and transforms the costume into one suitable for more dressy occasions and still, another is of white chiffon picked om; with tiny gilt pail- lettes and appropriate for theater wear. The last gniffljx) is well worth special description. It has a dog collar of velvet, sprinkled with the.yellow paillettes. On this collar tho chiffon is fulled and spreads out ia soft folds to the top of the bodice proper, where a full double flounce of chiffan is gathered. The Jounce falls over sleeves and bodice, almost entirely concealing them. An Interesting Old Hody. Undoubtedly Mme. dn Bos d'Elbhecq £ the oldest. living woman who supports herself-^yber pen. She is 99 years old and has"' ouitlived husband, son, grandchildren,and friends and is now iving ia a convent at Anglers, France, ime. du Bos d'Elbhecq is a. prolific authoress. A list of. her books would fill a column of a largft newspaper. Some of highly suocefisfal.,sflA- t rsi. Fere S'argean'" still sells. Her handwriting remains firm arid legible, and ;he works which she now produces aro read chieSy by the peasants and country folks. She be£an to work for the printers at She age of 20—that is, 79 years ago—and her Ufa ever since has been a regular ona She has never been very- poor and never % r ery well off. She was elected a member of the Societe des Gens de Lettres 53 years ago.—San Francisco Argonaut. Women's. Xoma de Plume. Miss Murfree has never explained why she chose Charles Egbert Craddock as the disguise tinder which so absolutely and so long to deceive the reading public as to her sex. Mrs. Cross admitted she took the name George Eliot for a whim acd because she thought it had a thoroughly simple masculine sound, but Mrs. Craigie confesses that the nom de plume John Oliver Hobbes was put together with design and care. Since her very earliest stirrings of literary ambition were felt she intended to write under the name John because it was her father's and she dearly loved and reverenced it. Oliver she chose because of her great admiration for Cromwell, who long was cherished as her favorite hero, and Hobbes was taken as the most typically Anglo-Saxon surname she could find. Recently Mrs. Craigie has announced to her friends that all questions of religious doubt have been for her answered by the .Roman Catholic church. Her profession of faith followed a long illness, after which she was visited and instructed by a, friendly priest and at length found conviction.—Chicago Record. The Fashionable Coiffure. To be strictly up to date, the back hair should be waved in large waves and well combed out, them pushed downward with pompadour combs made for that purpose. Women vrith heavy suits of hair wear close 3jnots of braid for the morning and crimp the front, combing it back plain from the forehead without the exaggerated roll. The part is seldom seen, and never on women who make any pretentious to fashion, but a soft bang, worn very short, is still worn "by women who have never given up this style. ^Side combs are more worn than ever and come in (sets of three and four. The most stylish ones are hinged together. In sets of four one goes above the knot, one below and one on either side. In sets of three the middle comb is generally used above the knot and is a trifle higher and more ornate than the two side combs. The teeth of the combs are coarser and placed farther apart and curve to fit the head. Many of them are plain, others are ornamented with narrow bands of silver or gold, and still others are beautifully carved.—Woman's Home Companion. - A Great Slaughter SALE OF FIXE WINTER SHOES Which roust be closed out at one-third their vshie to make room for our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are first class and must sell. Come while the sizes are here and get your choice. ELp~WfflTER. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, STATEMENT OF THE Legansport & Wabash Valley Gas Company. State of Indiana, Case County, SB: Tie undersized, president, secretary a»d a majority of tne board of directors of th'e Lo- gansporti Wabssh Valley Gaa CtomDMy <5 Ixj^ansporMndiana, in conformity with sees , tiorj SS6S. H. S. 1881. each their several oaths gay that the amount of capital stock of said com pay is one minion ?hi7?h lmD< l rc< ? and fifty thousand d™ are: that the capital stock of saicj company is ful?r paid up in cash and br property- that ndebtedness of on« million « h " Ddred , and fifty thousand dollars; interest thereon to the amount of «17,500.00, and other indebtedness of $17.704.06. THE LOGAVSPOBI A- WABiSH VAIiHY GAS Co.MPANV, P. JENK8, Secretarj. Samuel Tborne. George C. Clark, Jameg JMurdoct. James H. Benedict, Arthur B. Proal. State of Indiana, Countr of Cass, ss: Before the undersigned, a notary public. S£° f i£S w * D «ij Valley Gas'Compauyfant subscribed and swore to the abovs and lS9S S01nS affidavit ' this 19th day ot January, Witness my hand and notarial seal. [SeaL] ' ' Notary fnbli'o. State of New York. County of Jfew York, SB: Before me,the undewigned.a Notary Public, personally appeared Samuel Thorn, George C. Clark, James H.Benedict and Arthur B.FroaL and subscribed and swore to the above and foregoing affidavit tbie 18th day of January 188S, Witness iny hand and notarial seal. ... ,, JAMES P. J. MoxRig, ISeal] Notary Public. State or Indiana, County of Tippecanoe. M: Before me the undersiiraed.a Notray Public, personally appeared James Murdock, a direc- tcr of the I/wansport & Wabash Valley Gas Company, and subscribed and swore to the above and for'iroinfr a Hilda fit. thi« 20th day of January, 1S9U. Wiinees my hand and Notar**) ***?,• J. D. B UJJltBRAKD, LSeal] Notary Public. Now is the Time to Buy Shoes Cheap. AMUSEMENTS. OPERA HOUSB. WM. DOLAN, MGB, Monday, January 24th» First Appearance Here. The Famous Bnglieb Beauty and Original Gaiety Girl. CISSY'FITZfiERALD THE DANCE QUEEN In New York's Greatest Laugiuag Success. THE FOUNDLING As Produced for 200 Nights at Hoyt's Theatre, New York. BY CHARLES FROHMAN See Cissy Wink. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and II. Men's «5.00 Leather Lined Shoes for...... , 13.50 Men's $4.00 Leather Lined Shoes for 3.00 Men's $3 50 Shoes for.. 2.75 Men's »3 00 Shoes for 250 Ladies' «4,00 Shoes for 3 00 Ladies' 13.50 Shoes for 2.75 Ladies' 83.00 Show for 2.50 All others shoes as low in proportion. For Cash Only. STEVENSON & EINSICL—. 403 Broadway. (Established 1867), (Incorporated 18M). Em ploye inere persons thon any other similar Institution In this part ol the country. Hall's Business College Has secured more positions for worthy young men and women during the past year than all other commercial schools In this part of the State combined. Hail's Business College >etter rooms and is better equipped I t Its eompetitors- Hall's Business College 1 Enrolled more students during 1 the year 18*7, than auriiigany previous year. It you want to secure a position attend....- THR City Natioiml[Bank. LOGANSPORT, Isu. CAPITA! $200.000 JOHX GRAY, President, I. N. CBAVFOKD. "Vice Free. P. R. FOTVLEX, Cashier. —DHULCTORS — John Gray. C. G. Newell. J. 1. EUJott. Dr. w. H. BeU, A. P. Jeakii, TV. C. Pennoot. Isaac SaWeler, Geo. W. funk and John C. .Ingram. Loon money cm personal and coHatetal security. Bar and sell Government bond*. Will pay 2per cent per mvnnm OD certificates of depoelte, when deposited SLC month*: C per oent per*nnam when left one year. Braresin Safety Deposit Tault*, for safe keepin* of rUtiible papert. rented « ftom «5to US per year. Cor. Broadway and flth Street. C.F. MOOKE Prest. NO PAIN!NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after- effects, such sa sore month, sore gums, etc.. Absolutely safe and painlen. The mosit natural-looking Teeth CD. new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. ofCEOWW " nd l»~No charge for extracting without pate •when new teeth are to be BiippUed. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, DENTIST! : 3111-2 FonrtaBt. Over Flaber/* Dnj* Mar "Cure the cough and ute UM life." Dr. Wood'B Uonraj PUM Sjrnp cnrea cough and colds, dowa to the ntj verge of con«omptl»a.

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