Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1916
Page 4
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tWG , SEPT. so, AWUWEMENT8, AMUSEMENTS, OF fEATURSS GRAND Vaudette TONIGHT Madam Potrova FN "The Scarlet Woman" . AL,«'i "Musty Suffer" comedy MONDAY May Marsh and Robert Harron IN "A Wild Girl of the Sierras" A wonderful plnv In '> p'trti Extra? 0<raglas Fairbanks IN *Hystery of the Leaping Fish' - A f»<-re«mlng; Keystone «otT»edv VAUDEVILLE f>ne Act*. CUt BY fTARft Wlftf f r •j.k !I .'nv ft •»•• in n p ir -tr t.'. i.-ijl ; i Monday, one day only, "East Lynne" 1 t I i! I 11, Mi'] S!.I 'i.e NOTICE! .r Hi- P itr< tid t>,U>\ 141 « .J;>. If M !' In a \\.iiUm: i«t,m iis, ,-»!••<» to I'-HM btmdl< « >« in. Always wrutn. WRECKED. D'xftn ttt.-it mnn nnrl Mr "NEWS IN FORMER OIXON WOMAN DEAD. time resided on n fnrm near Ulefi Sept. 18th n< h«>r home In Ottawa, ttfter an illneus which confined her to home tdnce Inul April, The ftmer- h»»Id Wfdnwlay, Hept. 20th. KHisabrlh HillH wax b<«rn in York City, AUK, loth. t*tr.. nnd 18S4 came with h»-r parentn to the fnmll) taking tip their n fiirm ireiir irtv.m her education In ihr on UJ her fblo, Mny 27, 1SSM. K. Attt-r hw mar- Titor~i ttrm -irnri flltnu-, Where «he htti» resided cmitlnuounly un- Ot frtsnds who will mourn her IWH and her memory. INSTALL ColLEVATOR. lie Pwple'i* Io«- and i^oril b«en <toln# con«id«-rublp In thf way Imprtwment In tho past month. cmK th« n»or«» nodi'jlc olmnifen l« Jn«Ullatlnn »t a conveyor to its Of - - Btwil and Iron olevntor hni« Invn w- nged on an (RlevnUd track. Thin elevator rt«nn down to a oar <>f coal, :«nd -workman i*hov<-l It into t'»' hopper, it-la &l«vat«d lo any ff «H«* fr*tl. The powi>r f*»r tho tho conveyor l» furni*hetl from a *mt.]l motor. What wt»*i one«> used n« idt by. thi» bwwfry. which t)* **>c property of th«« l?v and - Company. haM bwn ehruiKPd In- mim for tho NtoriiiK of bard coal. "coal ttrth of th# on tho KHxw- A BANKRUPTCY CASE. rd ' war*? In Uixon yt«*tmtay In Uoit wltiJ .thf Tltu»~tTrrtttm«rfoT- of Sterllntr. bwikruptey CARS WEfiE \V«!il has i ouch*' *>><! AIM JIair\ nut! fhfiitif;h the f.iM met with an HeHdi-nt 3^> mitr« fruin Horn* wt. I'n. on Pept. _':., OH v wff- driving in the country jw«r S*tm*T-« > f nnd -were mn rbwn by j.-i TiTiTTmirTni; c;ir from" TlTtJiiT»iircTi. llhith cars weie ?n badly damufftd they had t<> t>e hruili-il to Karngea ?>n irvtrk*. There »«le twelve people In the two ems. but fiirMinatHy nn on? was Injured Mr. \Vhlppt-tmnn and "family ex- pffted to itnrt for Dlxon the first rtf the wi-fk. but the damage to their ear will delay them indefinitely. AWARDED BRIDGE CONTRACTS At n bridge letting meet Ing recently held In Chadwlck, L. V. Wnlllngford Ar HoriH. of I'roplietHtown, were award-" rd the rontrnct f«>r the construction of five reinforced rotn-retc bridges alone t-hf Trmrrty ifrrn brtwrm WhttenM~P nifit icarriill counties, It wn« ft competitive letthiK, there being two other bidders. Mrwr«. VValllnirford & Sons' bid wris $3,3S!t. which wa.i I4BO le*s« than the 4*tY*-«*wt Mtl and fSftt lr*«< than thr »>«.•'* *iptimHt«*. The amount nf thf over« Hie construction of the rive .!•«, and they are to be completed by t>eo. I. DIED IN CANDA. Mr«. Mary Goodwin, mother (ti Irving Goodwin, of Dlxon, died Hunday nt the home of her HOM nt Hankatc.Uewan. Can., aired "0 year*. Tin funeral was hekl Thursday at Dexter, Mich. Her hus- hand died about five years ago. Deceased' leaves three «on« and a daughter: Irving, of DlMin; Austin, of Canada, nnd Clayton, of Omaha. Mrs. Mellie Divvls, the daughter, reuldes at WheiUon, III. Mrs. Goodwin Ht'vcrnl year* SKO spent n winter hero with her pnn nnd will be remembered M i\ happy mid chrcrful lady, Mr. and Mm Goodwin went to .Michigan to attend the funeral. A PAROLED~MA~N CAUGHT. A Chicago police officer came out from ihat cli> Thursday afternoon anil S> : •il I !' • If h ,!' , .t i, , ' I',' Ill V' tit n.'», • I,,!, ( » fI . - , 't 1,1,' IP i T ' ,, m.-. h j, SM is-! Ki- • T. M-i \ un, It at h> PRESBYTERIAN, \r -I II !< 'I ',fl' " t " t!i« thr !< r with }>!•! t^ on' 1 and w»«i «'<i rtnd'fiftv jn M I f .11! i'j it'k f '-111 M wt.itb at fur for A QUEST AT McCORMICK'S. ,1 J 1 (UtrbobMr tia« r«rpf\rd nn in- vltati"n t» attt-ml tho pren't p..Iii!citl i<.iiiid.ii)i of the Tlf-pnbllrnn p«rt.v Colon') Krrink I^'Wd^n. Cflndhlatf 1 si>v«-ittr»r rut thnt flrkft, which H f> tnVt<- pi \i-e iK-st Monday nt H>ron Hlnff. tlw» farm 1u>m»» of Hon. M«dlll McCormh-k, « aiulidale for contjif-^rnjiti it tafKP ct! th» _ name ticket. The mr«4Uu; In tu be un** «f < > '»R«(tl«>f.'»!tle Impnft.-uice and the Invited client* <>f Mr. M<fornU<k v.itt 1»- lieati-d rikhl niyiillv. Mr. Oveiholser, who H ft'tte commit teK-njitti and a warm filr-nd of both roloml l^twden nnd Mr. Mrt'ni - m|fk, will nndf-avor t" tnkf advnntnj{« of th«» InvltnltohTand be prppfnt at' thl« political Kathc-rlnK of the prr*nte«t of the state, <,ttl' f S' M !••••* \ "i •, - ,1 ' m> '. 1 .-. fi, '!• 1, !' >', •" 1 i- • . !,t t . v . -I I' ri', Ki < • I ,'ul'l f->r<! rind f tmilv !i it \.<- ti, «• * .Mllrfi. 11. ff Cf,,. "(CO. i- h f ri< r«,!«. .-' 1 ! t ' ' -' ' ' ; ' > u ! I'M,! 1 • If. .J »' !••• ft rjcir Ki trri' i , "H'in.«ff." ;. t u • I , • . h, V I •-. ' i. f • I >•,,( \{i ,M •',!.( "f T». u iM'i i' < ! ? • • r> ! "( "iini < it I'l-. •I <>< \'v \\ • .'i r-u -'ft T f I Mi'.rn d.-i«. \i'it with .Mi^"* Anm Kui!i<« ^fotit H«-t int. with frif'iHl« in 1)1 run. Mr. urid Mr*. Frenk Itrt'tx, 1.1 rl«">n. vvcrf- Hterlinst vl«itor*i t"( John Froyt, «>f l*r'iph<'ts(ot\tj., »m frifnrit trrr-- )n«T • Tt'-iiini;, Mra. K. K»-i ti-i hrt« returned • Irove, whffe «be ~ t !,!!f )i if 'i 1 frurn It! '^ f- ill "in i HI •. from Hmind < >\ for fWfrrtl M. Kv"r*»on J J' t»v«-f !i< Tn '"hicfii,o on M«r- fty. called home vi«tlt- dny« with Mr. and Mr*! thf rtny TO DEDICATE ALTARS. A niirnbfr of KH-rlins's prop!* ar* planning to wi> to Tamplco next \Ved- nendny to attend the dedication of the n<»w and beautiful new 1 ' aliatM of the -- «prvii*v will be tierforrned by Hln- hop Mtt1do«m of th«» Uoi-kford diocefip, There are ilirec nlifi < -*s and a colnm'un- ion rail, all of the very bent white marhlo. They were all the. Kills _uf of the parl*>h and'w'ere very li IM Kj»id that "the Oatho- lie clmri'h of Ttitnplco IB th«- flni'Hi rhtirch for -its sizo In the Htnte. The dedicatory werviees will bt* attended i>y hundred** n« nil of the neiKhbnHm? Catholic cbttrrh have beptii Invited to take part In th« Bervlct-H. Kddy KcllcT. who wa» urr«»atf»d In Dix<M«k dii 4tM*--ehttrtit <>f furry* PEATH OF MRS. SHUMAN. Kllssabeth Whumnn panned away at her home near White Pigeon Thursday nlKht. Her ilcmlno wa» cauiiwl from asthma wml hnx twly been confined to the bed for about ten dayB. Hhe leiives to mourn her death, her htiHbnml and tho 'fvUowlrijr children: Jlarry and WUllnm of thia city; Wrts, Kdltb Heap «>f White 1'iKC^n. and Mra. Francra \Vclln, of Colorado, . The . funeral hprvlcea will be hold Sunday afternoon at her lato home. DERBY DAY POSTPONED. Tho Derby Day association of Now J'edford pox) (Mined tho racen }iet for that a by- ilia-bankrupt* t" *ecure .fiir'^Jtom-jjf the bank of Steward Jy before the Innolvoncy 3fj, holding that the director*) In re of "the nn unlawful declined to wieh deed, which was made pa the * director^ for lieromlnj; on tlic note of Tit>m K : z icy did not f^renco. .The r«?f«ri>fl *M* IN OlPiNpANT'S FAVOR. auto eulllakm iuit hcanl in Dix- dsiy w«* of lntt>r»?Ht. Thl» ca»p e outcome of an auto pulllslon, i occurred on tho Franklin Onivi- In Au«n»Ht, 1916. Mr. llutehlson tho Heckman car wan the eau«o titore sued for damakf*. The flrrtt tried in a Justlft* court, result-Hi in a verdict for, Mr. on. Defendant carried It up to January term oi the circuit court /hero thfl deriHlon wus rev^rKcd and jury found In favor of Mr. Heck- A new trial wan isnvnMHl and MJ ».ytt*~rrtffd~}'BiitBfs)iair"wuh iffif iWM verdict »8 the result. ir appealed. The cane REPUBLICAN CUUB TO MET. fTtt*' flwt regular meetUu? of the iterllna Republican club will be held Mill tvenlng In the city hall, Kvery- f «-a<fillftte4- ^tn-^hhr-polttiiTii-faittrf^ cordially invited to corne and ' irt Jin this meetlnw of 'btrt«~t1iritnfr There are many thlniiN to be ftlkfd ovier for the work for tlic npxt . H is .thmtght that some |Mb* upeaknw for HteclltiK will Iw to It inulUo of a few days. l» Chicago weather bureau fore- it for today to aw follow*: l^lr to- fttid Sunday; rlnlnjr temperature. jionceah'd weapuna. In the which renu'lted In the mnn'« arrest he dropp«nl H card whl««h Identified him «» a paroled _ci.n_yjct f«yn_t 'bJciKOi ^Afl** hl« BpntPiuHt had b«^n Horvwl In DJxon, t5l tho Chicago officer arrivotl to tak<> mainder of thin term. CLOSING OUT SALE. Truman Johnson and Mr*'. A, 'A. -K i»app-wlll-hold—«t-tHibH<r-tttirtlrin -one- mile northwest of MINedirevllle, Monday. Oct. 2.. A line lot of 42 head of cattle will be offered, and among them IH a thorouHhbrwl Hhorthorn bull. Farm machinery and TWO MORE EIGHTY BOYS. I.. 1^ ilrttey, Central Illinois, nnd John Aument. l*a., were 79"thl« summer. nnd are now on their >lnht!eth homc«tr*Hch. llolley can run like a Beared rabbit, and Aument B»H«H to bin work fviry day with tho whlmle. 1'lt'y for our friend, CUWKC* John, but ''hiH luiso In a little too nlnu'1 to reach* tin- pernimtnons. TO PREACH'TAST SERMON. Rev. Benjamin Will l» completing hl« year of M»rvice« ax ax.siHtdin pn.stur of the Fourth Street Methudl»t church, nn«1 win — primcb— hix Una I K^'muM —a t- _ Tlu» races were jmt over untU'tict. 4th, C'ochnui'M orclii'Htra will ftirnlnh for ter APPENDICITIS OPERATION. Miirjorle, Uu> eleven-yoar-old dauich- \i( «Mr. ami' Mrs.'_Johi»__I.'i»Aion,_of wan operafed on f»v\fm ac- public hoKpldil Friday forenoon. The little girt l» doinK well. 4-"frf i« a hUMtie' "4 fur tin ni"i'ttnst of (he stnte i-onunUI'tman of the Kepnhllcan parly. Mrs Idir. ic<#t-t m.' ttiil l«e nt Mrs 1>. W. l>b.')|.«<, in? Sivtb avnin-. mi »"clob»;r ^n<l MO Cth. "r«I* rn taken ferond nnd third ran be fitted s;un«' week, loiter or«l»»rn fur February,* Mlsf Jensle Uric ker. Who recently "«nbmltt»'d to n wevert* operation nf th*- t*ubtlC"' ltof«i»ilnl Is r*-p(»rte.| to not be improving ns r*>pii1ly a» her fri«nd?« wold like. Misfit^ Harriet Wetwdl nnd Ilelef« Moore went t<» Mt. Alfirrtt todn> to attend the fi>ot ball warne. _ T^utial •\?wi«TitT<iilf t awf!<'«i'.-m( nt mutt be pnld nl the Itoy «!. Woods' Store before Oct. ." * Mr. nnd Mr*. Janie-t Tank niid diuit-h- lt>r, Myrt!e._ff Krinl Molliu-, m'» j *-|H-iitl- Ing "nr«Twe»-k end hero with relallvri. llifjim Ht'«»w.-i»f Kfi't MnlnT*. it hrrr fur an over Sunday vinlt with friends and. relative iu the Twin Citien. Mr*. K. K. Wehli, who h:t!5 l»in %•!•<- itlnn h«r i««renf*i In Mtt-rlitu: f«>r the Iirs^t few" day» left thlft forenoon for her home In chiciino. Attend ^Irs, I*. It. Hell's ilanchiK rchixtl tonight nt Woodman hall. CIn*i« K to 9. General dancing-!) to 12 * Mr. and Mrs. Frank JanMsen and family, who have been vtxitiiiK relatives In nnd vlciulU'-for t«ev- wecks, will leave for their home In Itattie. Cr«wk, l,<!Wj» f Sunday. Klmendorf moving' jil«'turcn Academy Monday nfternt'on and evening.* K d I'rM.-j*,. A < if ly f'ir f 3-OA, Th-it. '1-nit by th«- I,m1i< < "nurfK.if ion f'' ouvjtff. ( t>.'iiatut>' s»Ti it t> for th \\h!'. !i will l«- h«>ld »n t 'lay, <titot«-r Mh. Th<- f't .it th' 1 C|UH<- of pr«>tT iriK (jn-JTluirsJay c\cnlim in 1 •HIV w hi» ar«' » oritcmitl.'itiMK wtth 'l!c i hurt 'i ffliiiWPhlp l>y !t-)t'r, nr < i<nff* i< »|itn ui fntth. ill nn<l ttu it f»l- tihltinu !>EU>lisjjiu FIRST BAPTJST. ..... V. HlitkU-, iinstiir. Kuiulay n< hoot fit !»:3'>. Tlic-rf will t'f »>(«'« 1:1 1 Uatly Day »>vrrlfi»>!i at this Hpanlon of lh*> .MrlnH.1. Aft^r a xhort mf'^tlnK nf Hi*' ffti«i«'« ili' 1 ffillovvlnjf jiro{?mm will IM- Kln»n: I'iiiiio <i»n. liy Ura<-t> «*rtr! nnil Mnbcl Itnu. Violin ami jilano dtict, hy Mflc.M HII.I Hcatrlce Nm-IJ^n, Hmii,', liy thf I'rini.'xry i-lttKH. lU'pf.Tt and an- tiiuiin-^niMitK, Violin a»'l piano duct, hy l,«-Nt<>r i/iil'tli; ami .lnlut (*nx. St.ttn, Seranlon Hard Coal Indianapolis By-Prodiict Coke Kentucky and West Virginia, Semi-Anthracite Franklin County Lump, Egg and Nut Cz^rterville Washed ' Economy Lump 2 inch Screenings for stove Dry Kindling People's Ice and Coal Co. All grades in stock now Both Phones "211 Second Avenue cntit»'St«, l>y Williu tlri'sn mi Ix'hntf r»< \wrn "f Ui«- pclitt riK. I'i the f'hooL Marnum. Hltort f th«- urfi<*cr!< ami l, liy I. M. Jdurubic at 10:4,1, and H Vlc-.» it! i:\ciilnjr worwlil •'Tl«> Nt-w Man," Inu the annual 1'hlltlrt'n's stTrnon, j Caudlt'"; rcK'iInr wtm<n\, ^" (.'ominiiiilnri t»<*i 11. V. V, V. nl «;3u. ut 7:3(). Hcnuoti, Nt-x-t 'l'hur«(luy cv«-ii- will |M« lii'hl. pn'«'<tcil hy You nr«> ItuiKMl to nil a picnic Mtippt-r. owr wi\lff». Kdltrt Thillio. of Warner, Henry county rame IHHI niKhl^ro vTflt fr?ter- Ifnit relative*) nnd attend the corn car- nlvnl in Hock FalH. Mi«s IMith formerly went to the. Rock' Fulln nchoolH. Honey for itule— I huvo choice- extracted honey for H*|<» for Sc po>md at my apiary in Kmernon.. Nit hotiey sold Saturdays. W. JI._JL.KleUiiri_* _______ '.' f'oi'hran'w orche.'ttni will fnrnhdi f<»r d.uUMV to lie .<:iiin In I'm Hr F>R8T CONQREOATIONAL. Humliiy Hcrvict-H «l Ihf I'ltut <*«»nftr4>. l oluinrh will l>*> sis ffilloww: «r|j««il At y:4S x.- nti -!<><•«> will l"> iliHtrlhuU'd for tl»« Kim- Mul'Jrf Travel T«!)«H t»» ull On- i'hll<lmi unclcr flftfon y«-ar,i old at the WHfimi tornonow inornliiK. At JO 4,1 «. in, Ht»regular ct'tninunion Jic-rvlcc of tltt- s-htircli will he hrld. Thin will alm» hi- ti rally rtay o«v«»»l«<n, am) >.<>%'fial Inui- i1r«'il in'vitntionH hnv br-« n Kent uut :o tin- rnomlHTx. nrgi»ii? their altonii- ;uu-*> at «!it« »«>»Hlnft. Th<» c-vonlnu wor<- •illip Will ln> «t llfllf-r>UHt Hl'VCH. Or. I«(!u"i will «jH>ak ut Ixttli wrvlct-ji, to which Uu-vfjuUn: 1« »»n»Mt-*-*tr»llHll.v IH- \ll«l. Tin 1 lJtiH<"»' MlH nil". .1. Alfred- Uarrett, minister. !».j,'i, A m. ft!ii)f» Kt-hwrtr"~ !(i:4r> a, rn.. wm-i ship; sf'tmon Aubjccf, "Who Aie AI- i mriHt CfirlftlniiH " 7:30 p, to,, People-,* • Forum; suhj.'ct, "Is the Might Hour) 1,;tw Prnctli-nl?" linn. .larvi.s I>in«. _ more, «pea ker. The public la cordial- ' ly invited _to Jh.> above »er\lre« • TVfi1ne.Ml:«y: The OiircoB MnMe|>- Will [ hold iiti all day meeting at the chureh, OBITUARY !(o'!r>ner«><"ii, F mandy frimrn* J'alnvr. ! h:i» CP <ir«"- hat wl'h ni\\ < ••• woul Ml«« Foldo, Kut*~ haVJT.1 uldti- 1'Hradlw; l»'«i' <)rr>fm, tam Ml«i hat; ,ind \MHI) t'liud *ilk Uf»'ti g« it f_ If Ixttig, tnivy \Vnrtl, t'ofvc tiit"«, Abas t >Vomn>;j, «MM, fur ttlmrni^i; (ioir with n . Mr, <!ot"hr<u\ will h:«\« at imth i»la«*«"«. At tin- ball Lt will b«» Kiv«'M in DERWENT OPERATION. lllcnnnn, snn of Fr<-«t Hlormnn. of Lyndon, WIIH taki»n to thp public" hoxpltal Monday, whpre IH> mibmlttrd lu_itu_£i IH reportiul an doing FOOT BALL GAME. The 8t«rlinu TowrtHliip High nctionl fool ba)l tetun went to Ml, Morrln !HK of Oct. ai an orcheHtra I'lophetut'nvo Urciinilariil h:iM, jiiul at T.itliplcn it h«» ,h4'M-tn-ll«»«l«-» I i»'h»il.- ----- - MiHH MHbft- PliftipH tln> xt ruction Klv<»n In tin* mitwt npi>rnv<«d o "iljrJUl'jg,!?! !>}i!>Mi« Hp» «'l^t givi-n to & thoroiiirli foiinda ' Mt,-Morrl» t« k nm. -Tin* boy« wort" look-in)- fni'wurd to an exciting Kiun>'. ATTENDS FUNERAL. A Crat-hlliiK went to Polo thin inorn- iir, where h«» ntU'iidtui the funeral of iH Hlstt-r,'Mrs, Mary Delhi. t ion'for uentinnero, KindnrgtvrU'n work used for young children. Kliulio 612 I'ti-Bt avenue. Hell 0hone.» Earl W. WfllHcl4 of SterllnK. 1« among thj^j^_Bti^nlK_Vegl>itPC£tl _Iur tjic J)r*it Seme»ter'« work of the eightieth year of Knux College at iialex- 111. Thla number dtven not in- the KIIOJC Connervatory which already lum an i.'nrollnii'n* of l!>3 with many neu at an in- bi> which titm will b«» it |iri«y«tr nii>«iirtK will held on Thurwlay <*vi°ntnK wt half- m-vfn in the fiarlorfi nf tin JAMES H..MCCARTNEY, The un».\p,<ct<*d death «if Jameti H. Md'aitm-i, which orrurrwl at hN linrnn W< dtiepday, Hept. 27. ahoul nucn, wa,-< :i great >hock to the community. Mr. MeCartney had not been well for two of three day*, but wan aide to be around, utut Tuesday evening wan Sn the offioe and on tho street, the flight he complained *if a headache and bin mother gave medicine nml" can d for him, nn h«« did not «eem Herlmi*il>' ill. npij remained about f ho" same until a' tr-w minutes before bin death. A pbyslclnn wa» railed, but er« ho reached the bedside the moiiM had come. .IrttneK Uamid AlcrdHney, ««ntinrl pon I le * n ' of George K.'iiiul Ktuutfe E. McCartney, wa» born in Woodnon county, KanHaw, Kept. 17, 1880, nnd departed thin life Sept. 2", J»i(i, ui his borne In Albany, III, He IM Htirvlved by tiin parents and Hlnter, Mr». Clam HUIIMOII, of ILUiddale, III. '' Mr. McCartney.. eam«i. with. Ma-par* t'ijtjf to Albany seventeen yi urn ago", unit since then IUIH biH'ii uwwu'luted with hl« rhtrt: MtRH ftrrw; . ro« rirmts t'lirplc- »dlk |»k> fHt hat. '•oft n tiu-; A f»wf?it'-i; lui < 'I'U'.M -a .Mniiarly, x lint! tuit; Mi.«. wintfr, \\hlt*« «kirl Mi«.ii l^ohlH, red iiH Pn-Ktln. yolhm* tln KtirrHJ, V'hltc Wanl, hhip pur* -AllBD. O'Cojrute ric'nl lnMn over »atln, diamond unt; Minn lj»>ie, NUo jrre^i silver t/lnr, diMiuuidH; Mfu» Olb«ar» t j pinlc taffeta and silver luce; MlM KJil* mdinm Mlk" and ~nt Minn uToniifl, black uilic and gown, ma!;-" piunh evening coat, h»t of white fur; Mlas l>oylo, white tuft silver cmbroid.'red. hoop model gowti The bridal party wan one of tr i hii'f reutuiva of thf ocramon, Mt Graces Palmer appealing a» th«« bride veil. eurryiiiK ,\ tcniilMome brido'a bou»[, Review. _ miniate rrf and churt'heH will at, th|H church on Thurwday a. The ""jtuOTo OH.every day, ' .. _ Klmeiulorf moving picturea Monday afternoon and tlut people's service tomorrc»w llo will leave Monday for Chicago U» attend tho Rock Itlvtr <'onference, his f»i>polnttnent to a own for the eiiHuliiK yt-nr. of TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. . llllnola 28*111. 27lh] and 2Bth, Unit tlu> Dlxon. October unrt it is e- care to 'furnish niealu during the utay of tho tt-ucliers in Dlxon would communicate with 8upt, Uixler of the Dixon .High school noon, 00 that, suit- dp amuiKiuiu'iitn can be made for tho entertainment of the teachera. _ The MiniHtoriftl A»8ori»tion will meet Monday •morning at 10:30 at the V. M, C. A. 1865 " Beware and 00NT LET, OLD KING WINTER CATCH YOU UNPREPARED isrthu timtrto tiTiy~yCTHT" wmi *?i if ri">>tfpjtly a.ul tiu- ouo IK«H( <;«al to buy in JCIort Wteeri' went to Kockford today, ' l - 4 - fieorgo JJrjullih of ProphetMtown, was n, HtnrllnK vixltor Friday. Henrge Inherwood, of Tampico, called on frlendu here Friday. JiuneK IteynohlN, of I?l.\on. called on friend.* here IUHI evening, Rlmendorf moving Monday afternoon and evening.* Ml»n Velmn I«nnder«, of \Valnut. called on friends here Inut evening. *" Mm, Mnuda Hnrlnolemew, of Chl- cngo in vlitttlng BterlliiK relative*. Minn Murk 1 Sv-ible of Walnut, npent lunt evening here with frlendx, Wurner. of called on friends here last evening, Harold Wallace, of Walnut, upvnt last evening here with frlendn _— ThomaM I he dny in Conboy, Round drove on buti{iu<HM. _____ ' FU" »y ill ^ > TKTiuTirS r "~u r a n co T u end u y night. Woodmim hull. Jnn i« orchestra.* , Wtiuted— Men. to work In fnctory. Inquire office National Mfj?. Co.* Jtoy. fleorge, of- Afttboy, called on friend* here today, Mr. and Mra. Frank Anthony, of Co- .tojar BttetU the duy'ln SterJlnK iihop- CRBDITC§S MET An Effort Being Mud* to H*v« Braiding Dtelaraji Bankrupt. An effort in being 1 made-to have OUH Tlre+dlng declared ft bankrupt by tne cuurtH, To that end u meeting of Mome of the creditor* hua been held. The petition baa been sent to Freeport where there l» a district court. It OBkH that the matter ho referred to H. y. Dixon, referee in bankruptcy, of 4?lsont-tHHi-that u tfuatett—b« appoint 1 *" ed by him to take ghargg of the pro*i pi'rty and dispose-of It accord ing to law, Tho potitioil to Mr, Dlxon ha« not yet be»n made, but U will hi th» i-oursw of a day or two, The creditors of thn hardware man are ansloua that ttome sort of a settlement bo uiwli-r- jdonn of the a.iMociatlon. _ v * FOURTH STREET M. E, _ Hew W- J J ,-£!ullln I -paiit«r4 T R»'V»-l^M. Will, aHslHtant 'paHtor: Klmer 1C. Hlce, miiKJCiil dlre«-tor. Time of service*: Mlble Hcho»l r 0:30; mornlnu worship, "10:45: Kpworth leagtie, C:iO: iwople's •jinryji-i^^ratl, .Mpefliil iiH-AT.'i.l In nt^ tiiched to the Hunday «ervfce»- at Fourth Htniet owinR- to t.he facr that tomorrow In the la«t Sunday of the conference jeur. At the niorninii iu'!- vlco new inembern will be received into the fellowship of the church, and the Hacratuent of the l.ord'n Hupper will be obNcrved, Following' the UBtitil cuHtom, the »i<nnon will be omitted »o that ample time may be given for the celebration of thin sacred " memorial, frhe de\'otlonal meetinjf of the league, conducted by Rev. H, K. Ho«tett«r and Mrs, Kvelyn Marnh. will take on the nature of a consecration service. The sermon at nlRhi will be preached by Rev. W. M, Will, and will mark the of—4t4»-4M>Pvlrnii at Fourth. Albnny Uf RIKIll bUKltU'HA he ncted IIH manager of the llrnt, and owing to hi« pei-neverani-*' and puah the impt»r has prospered. Air. McCartntiy wan aiwayn ready to i buwket iHnjst-and-nshlwt in any f nterprlne forjit Hon. the «ucfe>sM <)f*hi«-town; u true, loyal! Tim Hoot cry very kindly ttuppl fIli2.eiV-a—4e-vot-ed^*«*iv-<Mirt- brother, a'all tho footwear. H. M. On1t~tb» friend ready nt all tlmen to •ntx.lnt.fniy ^fMnlarW. IT Onmild fUfnitth^T" - __ r 1 1 in; Fi»nil Co. Tho bride»« { mahja were .Minn Helen Wolf, i taffetit Mown, Allfw Nellie Il f Krei n taneta BKWH. Mlsti Kiymantt I pink taffeta »«>wn, eftclr ttufrylng of iliiiiem d»nut«<t tiy *swarU*yj where needed., hfi will be widly missied uy relaiive*t, aud-fia*iitt'tmii-J»\in<;ral aer- vices will be held Friday morning at ten o'clock at U»e hon»ej_R*?y, J!*-*L-CfiuE?- enr~pttiror"6f the I'reHbyntrlan chutch, nfficintlnff. itMHlsted by Kev. U. It. Ro»«, pastor of the Methodist church. Interment In Oak Ridge cemetery. The family. Street aa fl«8i»tant paittor. The FAREWELL MRTY For Rev. McCummon and Family Who Arc t<>. U»av« Attend Mrri. F. It. Hell's dnneing school tonight at Woodman hall, CJa»a 8 to 9 L Clener-il dunelnK SL 10 ^'-/ ~TVfr*irir.~ "Tfuntlsteln and ~ dnuKhler «l»3piM»r« lit this CHRISTOPHER COAL Diamond Nut ies Dillon Company city today, WalU. two step and the Intest modern "dance ult'pu, MI-H. H. F. \V«»rle, 505 W, Third. Hell phone 444-W.* Ml«s Lulu HauKhnian returned to ht'f oohio ill Dixon today after spending her vacation'Ui ihia city with tela- tiv«*. Attend Mra, F, H, Hell'* nt'lioul tonight ut Wiiodman hail. S to (i. Uenerul diincl.iiK « '« •-'•*'M jKcaulan. who bus heou living in chicaK" for wnnw yearn hitH been vittltitiK ^CerlliiK ivlutlves for a few dayur — " ~ ' ' Air. und Mr«. Ka.yniond Whitman, of were c-ntvrtulued at dinner lu«t at the homo of Mr..nwi Mi» Henry ilowen. muvittx' picturen Acatlemy Monday ofteiimon. nnd eveiiin^,* Mian Helen (ii'l')i:inH. \\iisi butt been nn effb'it'ot clerk in the ready 'in- wear mi fitH-iif at Clu-HU'r'M stoiv f«»r Uu- tM) her po*H»»n today. We »ll.<r iii'tobi'i' Hi NOTICE it tj»'i wilt _ __ of fiie~jspworth league of the Methwrtlst ehUrc-h »lule » march on Rev, and Mm. MtiCammon Monday •n online ,by iuu«tli)s at the home of M|HH Nina Ruck and going in a body to the parsonage for a social meeting and fnrewoll gathering. The uninvited v.s}!Qiu_earrie4 wMl fllled-iiuu'h baa-!. ket«, and after aom« time spent in «anie« u Hiu» lap aupper WUB served. Hefore leaving for" home, N. K. Denlaon on behalf of the- league preHented liev. unl_Mx&. McCsroBwiii- witb_»i -fliie_ m\*- gntvod Hpoon. and conveyed toj. them the appreciation of tlw^ members of "the Hpit'iidiil uupport and help given the woeiety by them during their residence tiiJSPRmpico. Rev. McCammon r«H|>ond- ed lnc^iitret.8Ji)g their uppreciiition of th»« f»H'ling-"»hown by the membera in a few heartfelt .,word«, after which this said tholr.farewollu «nd k-ft BIRTHS Blc«rfeaTu?ei of 8und»y'« program are tho followins: Afouilng: Organ prelude, Murch in 10 (Barrett) Mltwi Vlr- »le HenslnKer. Solo, by Attorney R. W. Ue«Be, offertory, Cmndle 8onK, (fichubert), Poatlude Jn Q, XIJoamerK I'ontlploate, (Ueckerl. Helection, by iBcHt^-MiuarteUe, Offertory, Kvvnlng Dvvotion, tWillliima). Ji'ostlude, Feu- tival March, (Mutter), Fourth Htroet -**jrtend» ttt-you-tt-iirartrTvelrtTme" to The abt»ve nervlcea. FASHION SHOW (Continued from _ti*ge I.) mauin fur. Helen RoHcnflrrcc-n, bltm velvet unit, trimmed with mole akin; Krnlly Folds, purpto broadcJoth mtlt, trimn.«d with- martin, hi«B to match each Hiilt; Lillian Coehran, Kuswlun green kltteneor plush coat, with bird of Paradise hat; Jane O'Connell, Hud- eon Bt>al coat; Jielen Doyle, Hudson beal coju. martin trimming; KUrto Mercer, black velvet coat, martin trimming; Mr«. A. Comntock, block ' " Slunss, "Tirowtf wool Jewelry, among the collection belnR platinum bar pin tici with 200 da rnondh unj two luvuUerea »et their Air*. M. C, Ward liad churjro of tin evenltiK eniertalnmeiit and dire the Wlunv inowt fl.i«'«- t «af nlly. . — Tim wliuii'W.t- — H* — tbiw i in HUI» and ja>Hii Jarg \vlnd<>wi>, itU-iiiK a bwmtlful two fall ni'«-nct>. 1'Vrn* and li«cht>j wetf tuutiiy arranged to tlic windowK beautiful. view mall coui j J(5mina B. T. MOREHOUSE Optometrist Ov«r Corn«f Drufl - 8t«r« , . FITTING 1'u.lincr, velour chwk coat: Helen Ro8e»«twn, plaid coat; Dorothy Ulliaon, black velvet coat; Cele«to \J*urd, brawn c.o;«t, whito fur« and hut; Porothy Farrell, Hiirgundy wool veloiir and hut; l^vjn~ lyn I^tngt^Pifllj...^^. ''itn-k 1^1.1 v««t hat; little Virginia cloth coat' and { )»lum brown ... Ward, ' old black hat; rone Ml*j< TRINITY. Hev. F, W. Deutsche, pastor. At 8:80 JUftlly Day nervlcea combined with -thB preaching fervloe. * 6:80 p. m,, Young People's mcoting. - Communion -«ervie*^ and preftching- service -i evening.' Hsv. U- R. Hehultae of po % rt wlirbe In charge of th|» FIRST M, E. CHURCH. Uevr W. -AT—t>thir,.jm»torr- Sunday ucliupl hour Mi 8:-l6,, a.r"w.Wch4Ime we shall have u Knlly- it>ay program and promotion services. When you hear the church bell ring come to Bunday school. Morning worohip at 10:45- Chulk talk by Harry Thoma* for the junior "ctmSrt'gaTtnrtr" foliowrtHij the tuicrumetu of th«», Lord'n supper. Kj>. worth league'ut 7 o'clock. • _ McCAN'ULKHH.— Jiorn. I" Ur. and Mr«, W, H. Mc('<tndU'ti«i «bis mornintr, trt-thi^ Htt-Hitw Hospital, n son. NOTICE. The tiMnHrt-itertlns ojf thf Slock- holrlefr) of t ho Sterliutr Manufacturlni; Co, will be held -»t I lie ollice of the Coittpuny in H»«'k Knll». ttliiioift, uu Tiii'Miiny, tu'uU'i-r aid, i»i»»." .»t i,MO o'< lock p. in. for tlu> purpose ut" elect - itur .i HiwrU Uire<.l'»r»i and for tj>t< l' t^i«*|i other buslswHa iw 4'ivinjH bi-foro the mee J. W. i'iatt, Hr.-K'tsir H. 30. 8T, JOHN'S LUTHERAN. C. Harrix' l'a«tor. Hlblc IM-vnching wrrvlcv. 10:80, Hrlef <'<>r. IJ.-4, IteCeptlou "Ciiri«t'« Broken t)f uiemberti. celt* B. "i.3U, subject, "The CoHhi'cration of School Life, leadcp, lirxt dlvi«iijiii, Mi«« Anna I. inn. I'reachuiK >>ejv-»ce, -T:Su, "Chrl«t Not An Alm»-t»ivi-r. Hut u Life (Jiver." John,*) 3&. LUTHERAN ST. PAUL'S. < HI next Suiuluj, itci, Ui, rt-uKlu vit'fs., llibU 1 «cU»"I «1 3 3M a jn . pt iiu'r M-rvlcew at I't.UK :>. m. Afi>r noon n-r\ »»>>s t The i-or Whooping {luiufui paruxyiiUi.s \vhich luarkj our lai; <uui U I* I'lOl f iht - 7 'So p Luther Ix'aw n'ia> attend In in.- m»«fhly meet- Ix'awiy. Mftnbcttt .«, «* CALVARY BAPTIST. t' l''uiii s.tis.'1't urnl ruth Kllicn, meteor A,tt«.-rnoon K«»WH, fox fura; M!HJ) (!llj»un, navy hut: Ml«» Doyle, brown HWtij} ro««p- tlon dresti; Mini? Mun?-, coj*n taffeta afreet frock, black lynx fuiw; JOHN A, WAEP ni i.«w 411 On MORTO Bstat* 8«curtt» C9 FOR 8Att 'Sttrflng, III. DR. P* W. BRODRICK Pr*cUci» Utnlted to EVE, EAR. N08* «nd THROAT BRAIN ____ Houra; 9 to 18 *, wui i to 4;IO p, OTfth Floor J^wrfOCd Bid*. ftitrllno* III. Bath Another Car jaf Allheal on the 100 pounds of Ash. ' * . The Weeks Coal Co. .IS e-

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