The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 7
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. ''V [\ "8TEINWAY. THE ARTIST'S IDEAL.' A. B. CHASE, selected by many best musicians l&* •J Bakersfield v v The Only Exclusive Piano Store in Bakersfield Large Stock Constantly On Hand * * * * * V Main event—Twenty rounds; Eddie \Vhlte of Hakerafleld vs. Leonard Lauder of Los Angeles. KUrhtors to receive 50 per cent of n-colpts; winiHT Gn per cent, loser 'U> per cent of fighters* share, Preliminary—Ten rounds; Kid Alexander of Bukursfteld vs. Joe Dale '.,t Uakersfield. Probably two others. Sn-ihnor's Opera House. First preliminary, 9:30 p. tn. Main event, ^ 4.4 #_• Leave for j Ant. loch" Berkeley Chicago Corcoran Denver Fresno . * I • • t t r t r • • t • »:* # * *.* *!« Tonight at Sam Ferguson; manager. l-:zro RehfoUl, the Scrlbner Opera House whit! looks like, on paper, to Bical condition and will hend every r f be one of the classiest lightweight' energy to winning as quickly as P° S fights yet offered the flght loving \ Bible. people of 'his section ot the state Grand Canyon Han ford Kansas .Tohannesb'rg Merced .... Oakland ... Oakdale — Rich won d SanFrancisco Searchlight Stockton Tulare . Visalia . Yosetnlte A.M. &r~8f2o 56 8: no 9 : r>r. 8 :30 9 :nf, 8:20 P.M. 7;r.O 7:30 1 7:30 7:30 9:00 8:20 8:20 » » • 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 . . 7:55 8:2t» 8:20 7: HO 7:'.lO 7-.;m * "From what 1 have heard of White he Is some fighter and boxer too, so you see I will E8TEY, so good, so sweet, so durable EMERS known Piano in .URTZMANN, clear as a bell and lasts well. RUNG, mellow, deep and sweet. will be pulled off. Etldie White and Leonard Laiuler are the contesting battlers, hi addition to this promia-j* take no chances. It's next to ing morsel, Kid Alexander, the •> impossible for a fighter to say For detail information phone or call oo N. J. HUDSON, Agent. SHERMAN, CLAY & COMPANY TEL. MAIN 602 NEW FISH BLOCK 1820 K Street C. E. KEY, Manager HUNTINGTON r and MENDELSSOHN wonderful pianos for the price. * PLAYER PIANOS of every description slashing Ilttlo negro featherweight, and Joe Dab;, the comedy kid of pugilism, will offer the main preliminary. This bout, likewise, Is attracting a great deal of Interest. Both lads have many friends here and the rivalry between the two runs high. . Betting has been brisk on tonight's events. Tho backers ot White and Lauder have been more active than those of any other fighters who have appeared here recently. Even money la the prfoe the bettors are laying their coin and already several hundred dollars are known to be In stakeholders' hands. A large delegation of \Vest Side bovs are expected in during the day ynd as they We all enthusiastic 1 boosters tt.-r clever TJddle odds might be offered at the ringside. Both White and Lauder practically concluded their training Saturday. Yesterday they did a little exercise j to keep limbered up and today at 3 p, m, weighed In and made pounds without difficulty. They •J* beforehand how he IB going to fight hia man, because not until you face him In the ring and see how he is fighting > are you able to decide on the * way you will Aght. If White •J* is as clever and as fast as he * is touted, we should put up a good flght. I can go a little myself and certainly will do my utmost to win." MECHANICAL WE HAVE A * * * *;« * 133 have Manager Rehfeld anounces that If he can find a suitable opponent for Slick Merrill, the colored welterweight, he will be given a chance to perform. Merrill has offered to meet both the "Sailor Boy*' and another dark skinned scrapper In the same ring. The Congo Coon likewise wants a fight. He fought in the north Friday and promised to be on hand at the ringside tonight for a preliminary. Sam Ferguson, tho premier judge of pugilism in the valley, will referee- tlu> bouts. Sam visited both White and Lauder in their training and falkod I,EFT FROM LAST YEAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST ODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS $150 posted as a guarantee for their } ever the rules, HO that no time will weight and appearance. ', be lost tonight after'the principals The training of both lads has been l once step on the padded canvas, thorough. They have boen at work ! The fist event, is scheduled t6 begin for two weeks and in that time have- at 9:30. Because of the stores Keep- gradually tapered off until today they ing open later this wek for the holiday _ ^& _ made the weight to a nicety. A WEA3ER, 1822 Chester ave Phone M£tn 4 •T« Planning For The Convention LOCAL WINS BASKET BALL GAME H. A. Jastro of Bakersfield, and T, W. Tomllnson of Denver, Colo., respectively president und secretary of the American National Livestock Association, arrived in I-os Angles to- da?. says the Express. Mr. Jastro, who registered at the Van NuyH hotel, will be in Los frequently between now and the twelfth annual convention of the asso- tation, which will be held in this city 'Jan. 20 nnd 28. His presence will be necessary for conference upon arrangements with a committee of the charmber of commerce and Mr. Toroilson, who, wilh his wife, is at the Hotel Uinkershire. Committee room 300, on the third floor of the chamber of commerce building, haa been placed at the disposal of Mr. Tomilson for his headquarters, and Monday he will begin making arrangements for the big meeting. "First of all," said Mr. Tomiteon, "It will be necessary to acquaint myself with the work already done by the chamber of commerce. Then there will be many other details to be arranged. "Speakers, who will include the best in California, and probably OifTord Plnchot, forester, must be obtained and the place of meeting determined. "From 500 lo 1000 delegates will attend tho convention. For their benefit the railroads are making special rates. Postmaster * elano ' In an interesting and well played basketball game at the Armory hall Saturday night, the six clever players j wearing the blue and white of the BuUorsfieUI High School, defeated the smaller but same young ladies from Portiu'ville. The score was 21 to 9. Resigns * (Delano Record.) N'on is H. Dursey, who has boen post master at this place for the past years, has offered his resignation to the depart mem nnd requested that th« K:-me be accepted. Mr. Horsey finds that for one of his nyo .the work in getting too heavy and prefers to bo "I feel fine and have never been in better condition before," said Eddie White thia morning. "If I lose it will not be because of lack of train-' ing or conditioning. 1 went at my work gradually, did lots of boxing and inside work, along with the road work, and I am now at the mark and 1 \ feel fine and strong. I want to win the worst way possible nnd I am going In to beat J-au- der, the quicker, the better." Lauder likewise Is fn excellent phy shopping,, the main event will not be called until 10 o'clock. The seat sale haa been heavy and one of the biggst fight crowds of the year Is j expected tonight. I Ben S. Lauder, a LOB Angeles coun- \ oilman. Is the father of Leonard der. The elder Lauder never misses i *j a battle in which his son participates \ and yesterday afternoon he was a ' passenger on the daylight train from Ix>s Angeles. Mr. I.auder- found his ^L-—f son In fine condition and liko the , ,,v:r, the father hns hopes of another victory perching on tlia Lander family banner tonight. C. J, PUnz, President Arthur 8. C rites, Cashier The Uakorsileld girls had a decided a<!v;mtusi> in height, which had a UU-LO part in determining the score, , „ t,,im>,i th-in thPir relieved, that he mny enjoy a greater T ! , "'PittM Uu ' U mm the '™"»» '" »* " Mlta "« "*"• Hf rivals Pited agulnbt team he ^ ^ ^ ^^ y{ ^ plMe fm . same in size the Po»*»»»« ««• twea tv.iwo years, and white the com- should be able to give a very good ie TOURISTS I account of themselves as they are i fighter* of the real type and handle the ball with fine accuracy. Uttle Miss Helen Henry and Mlas Helen Jones, who opposed Misses Claire Bender and Elsie Slater, were the stars of the visiting team. Although undersized they were always in the way and handled the ball cleverly at times. Miss Hare and M1B3 GrenvlUe at goal throwing won the game for the locals. They were admirably supported by the centers, Miaa Mollie Harris and Miss Ysabel Forker, whose team work and passing was almost as near perfect as possible. The Bakerefleld girls took the lead and kept it all the way. The game was comparatively even in the first half but early in the second half the girls garbed in blue and white pulled away and gradually increased the lead. The game was attended by a large and pnlhusiaHtlc andlpn^. _ .. - • munity will regret his retirement from public service, they are pleased that his retirement is to a freer, and less strenuous life. Turner at present seems to be v the unanimous choice of the comma* nity as Mr. Dorsey's-successor. A petition completely covered with signatures haa gone in to the department recommending his appointment, which will undoubtedly bo acted upon very quickl>\ The Phone Company. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company IB re-setting the telephone poles on the main streets of th etown. lining them up and giving them a more systematic appearance. The small demand for telephone service hitherto has encouraged only the prnmlficoiiB Helling of inadequate poles, but thf* present of the town bun served »*'• Following the demand ror a popular priced four-cylinder car, ttie Auto Vehicle Company has brought out a new model for 1909 to fill the demand that has been -created by the flood of popular priced cars anounoed last summed by eastern manufacturers. The car has a wheel 'base of 106 inches, with wheels carrying 32 by 3 1-2 inch tires. The motor Is a standard type, with four cylinders four hy four inches. It Is of the Reutenber make and is rated at 25 horse power. Transmission is of sliding selective type, with three speeds forward and reverse, .semi-elliptical rings in front and full elliptical in the rear are hung from a pressed steel frame, which (R hot riveted. The clutch has an especially nlot> art Ion and requires leasing, yet Ktill has a powerful engagement. A,i'^"pU- near shifting device developed In the Tourist factory Rrcntly improves that part of the mechanism, which is often a source of trouble. The bodies will be made In roadster and four and five passenger types, the latter of the touring style, Laminated wood Is used in the body building, full axles, steering gear and brakes are all ample and strong. The' car, with full equipment, will sell for 11650. , Erb & Drury, the local agents, have received word that the cars will Boon be ready for shipping. I J. Boust Is in from the West Side oil fields. C. P. McHarvey IB down from Delano. Mrs. M. T, Bush and Miss Sadie Martin are in from Marlcopa. Mrs. C. C. Lary and Mrs. J. R. Klnreo arc visitors in town from But- tonwlllow. ,„ ..-.--*•» A BANK ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS There is no gift for yova* boy or jrirl that compares with a hank necount. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the. wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. When making up your list of Christmas presents, in- elude a Bank Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 per eent interest paid on time deposits and Saving accounts. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager 1033 'rcsno is in Bak is week commenci , December 14. Weiser street, ersfleld Mon- 1908. and will stop New ern ... •.•'! »•</ capacity for s<-rur<- the appearance of tin tern bv this m-w Eyes led Free Guaranteed • i MATINEE AND NIGHT. Christmas Day t Stetson's Big Double Spectacular Uncle Tom's Cabbin Co. -MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN 25 10 SPECTACULAR SPECIALTY SENSATIONS-—10 BAND AND ORCHESTRA. FREE BAND CONCERT TWICE DAILY Bargain Matinee Prices 25c and 50c Evening Prices 26c 5C(c and 75c r Marking Streets, • The Orantfo Homo Grower.-; A->"<>i;i-j tion IB ufcbistiuj; rosUlt'iiui au«l 'i^'im-j crs to fct-t fiunlliur with thy n;nit'^ j the town streets by placing »i»n p" on the tsrect cornora with thr nan of Intersecting MreolH plainly panii.;| j This will he a vory nn-iit improvm.. M | to our streets an*l helps tn ^lv»- us u air. Belmont -s Street Grading Completed. The street grading IB noaring completion and tho condition of fit.-iM.-iH enonnoUHly improved thereby. Building, Material IH on tho ground and work is going forward on tho new bank building. It will bo practically <v>m- pleted and roady for occupancy about March 16, 1909. -H^,*ll I " I PP* Try a California!! want ad. •"^^^^^•^•^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(•••^^^^^^ Coffee Deposit HAVANA CIGARS Cheap Necessary Handy 8«fa Boxes Just Coffee, but perfect Coffee. Your grocer will grind it— better if ground at Lome—not too fine, The NEW kind Bakersfieid Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mgr. Chetter Ave. and 19th 8t Bawmtnt

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