Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1916
Page 3
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A START «* tfstbameJ C Fowler, jr. ,^_ i-.-j.-t-- .-y——y- wit** mi.- Rf CftttS NOW THICK ! FANS f»E£V€B VEtEBAft BftTIER- WHEN STAR Stn«t'«rn* (.-cl<er Wat Ev«r Saw en BsH That Man KHSCUES Bgffb*?'! Writer Roast's Crowd Which DoniS B«sfi Wlwn Mis ft*t! Day. TflfW It Is the First Of the Big" Nine .Teams To Pry Off the . Lid Tomorrow. i •n ;. ; .- hi iii • i ! i u> >r!y ;.; "1. t 'l ! r .t" l,. ; ',-n in 11,-trait, n very tv>*,y for- j i" ••'•ortsn'ifD'ship In '"riding" i •BALL TODAY. -Ess*. CLASSfFiEO RATES WAHTfcD FOR 02?B A WQBD . • ' F U" A :-'.".:•' V, \S •••K£ALESTATX ;t .1 •• -- )! \ii 11"' t ft Ine {„ r »• ,1 rlSfit. I'' 1 ' 1'V W* M '<"!-jre- Net THE MAN WITH A*N IDEA, the • followfn| [litter from on- of my *Belftj? an admirer nf your column. IBg people-, t wish you ^mild ad- tie same bt>i>t I have h» HV at my flfade for tv.etiiy yearn, have « the l&rgf-st hi; Km;* in our lim st present vfth thr- lfir*wt in bu> the applying rirtelpncy to the shop, I llfnow sfvrral thousand dollars could In the tnurE'r of rt y'.nr, by t!io ftjptirri *o thai the work tiot I/P rrhMndfed, etc, -XVhat like to know js to whom I Rive my ldeat>, the fonrnan (gad have him K'-t the credit 1 , or tho Ilf»w should 1 go about tho •• !i ; 1 ;•- -; tl it the i i • d d *> 'i 'Id v, ri" !••; M> ^ ! i i 1 s. ',• r. Th- «.'--:i. i -•* :i . - ^ ' »•}».»., '7' .. Curt of- thi« ' !';!!>; - ,- v i* ' !- «•! U K'ft'n In »ny , i!ir'::i • stt'i' • .a w \ i f<fr-:i>k'"' fi)«'. ] ••< i'ii 'i i •> ?>,• T'u * it v,a- pretty iienr- i It on 1,1 ~ hi \ f* c~ « i for t!- big leftijsi*" : bflsi'ti'>!> « ;> 4 < rtnr r>rned. iin<l Jilt" to If r-.' did not Ti nl plrys in the field '-!nl b<» ;'j ^OUTV'f* <"' f.'Hi <.'<"-•-I) to hliVe rK'T^ons; w ho would fir»rt!<-ii!;lHy to IN ?Tidrr fin- the park. fcf'd eon- jl "Thanking you In advance, I am • "Yours truly. , * "AD.MIHEU," U is sXGPedlngly difficult to advise BtiCTgjpno IB familiar In the irremiar-i (find IB acquainted with both tin' men I the conditions. In thlfi cnee, ns in 8£_jS)milttr_pne«, 1 ton sneak only t'JO a general way. I will aumime that writer of the foregoing letter IB Gi when bo says that his factory B!WWM«ffd_and_wHl_|irocjpjt i d__i_tj»on It kyix)th«!BlB, Whether It IB or not. it obvious that improvement would possible, and that our friend may Rome practical Klenn, ! should, advice him not to present unleci! ho IB reaimnably euro that are worfliy of consideration. 1 ;thoiild BUgRent that he talk them over compptrnl and trustworthy i. It ho can, and try them out , nt Wast, b/ftmrfirlnging to the attention? of bis era- question is, however, whether to best to present them through the aman or direct to tho owner of thu «v>nrli?Ion<< thnt fircvniled H»'f«ei'n the he ; if juid f!t dff!<*n of UK- iii(i.--ftl, fh<- little short••(op vvn< thonftijrhly up ngftinsf It. and It «ns due lo bad link anil not lack C '.urii> f'n :>! NY-?v Ann 1 , T:H*Y v-1 i--. ,'t»,d "hoi T:-:-<''i!v 1 ' TI >< v» f!Vvt«-:> .-..," r:,i-- *•- C. S -":' Ur;t>;rh , Wiii'- f..r c-a;."i- , li!. ' • :f .- KKrAfi: MTV-: '- . !,-ii.: n.'iil •?':> :if - r-.r- T" >»';\ '.v»<; r ;•;<« ,-,--r:-|ir;.'r:-: ,\V. Mi. lli'-:-k .it T'-.'H! '•-.!-•• . rrld.-.-. in .Vurri- M180£JULANJBOtJS '.MM; u.t.i s t KATK^ :SU:A ; j ? n> »:•!,•.ii..i-,'i !!••;. ..;,,' S i?:i: I. j-. . ',VA>T!,r> CKN'ctl \XM V!.M-J!!,':| III"''!'-!-! -ii!r) !!i--l! .!il i' 1 !;!! il.'iillir-. 'r::d v -; iU^M l:si''<i|« !'<. <:i,'-it jiti'-r- ;U.-:t(H' w>r!;., I'rjftf M:(!!'-:ili;- lf..n Wr.ik. ,r.,)i,t. III. FOK bALB—FAKM LAKDS Clark Griffith. l ! orpmirn Is a man of be trusted, and is fair and «qunr«, ahould advlAo our friend to hnyo n with him, present his Ideas Q bim, and requoet blfn'lo bring them ^ the atteotlon of tho proprietor, with ?or wltbout being ttccompaniod by tb*> jfct/n* foreman can citBily obtain an fttnJlenco, and will be Rivcm attention, the originator, being n mechanic, i aot likely to have tho damo oppor ity. ; 5f|f, however, the foreman, is not to Idea* directly to the -owner or to tttafr. iiml •dlntiiottdit w;lipn we huntpeU to- Ki'ihor ntie" miiutncr afternoon. • Jt vvus n )>1>; Kttiut>, H nuixt impot'taat KWIUO, mid I rwilly hod tyiwifi it, I loved Toiii Tocuor very much,, but I loved juor«>. The b.ittln Vfns n ho t OHC, running cm iirt!ltj' even terms till nuuir tho ch»s»». \vfton \vc wrumged to g«t a countu on the buses aud^ood old Uncle Anson did the rust with one of those liiurrttwiis Tiitsnriat^ner dori*nmitre now, tho old man not being there to H0»k tlicin. Thnt Boston bunch was never whipped tlH tire lust man wus (•mint in! out, anil ' tli«y wvut after ma Mtrotiff in the diuitli rully. First thing I know tlicjf had thc» cushions two dowH,-and oi<W4» Itm firmly' at the plate; I worked htm West. Ti>-ninny Jit !>"l';imv fit Not** 1 I'.iint- \». Cnise nl Itv |.|. C. llHtniiton. \VA\TKI» ~ou» <-ui,f.ixv i «'Jdfav'o. IS!., n'ii tdd II,i.--' r. ehalted :i7i'irr l!ii!rdi <! f.-iv:', ni;ui. WfitiKin rin<! child frt'Jll Jl«'0 in J^:I."I>M. with :ir»mi:!t; ncn tiuril or <|t!..n li-riv «-<•'•{ v,<"i'kly> j htfiiM. M'.ntf' fix trifit'- if'tid ff-'mo.!' i!in:'i'V jn'-ur;ii;''" fur l!n : 'iiH*'' Hy. " -. ,'»r- f.'itn- \VANTI-:t>— TO m*Y r,KKf mid ;.ll kltid" of_4unk. Will 't-r-ll for ' It. 11. ' Oon)« Bu*h. " ..... " — ........... '"' ------ tr ........ -^ ......... - ........... nf trying (hut he didn't jji't cVi-ry bull lilt hi liis (iirci'tli.n. Hi! wits tiltnuHt <iv('ivninf by the lu'nt In tho mu'Dtid In- nlnur nml WIIH ndvlwd <u (iul( the pimc. i>ut .sturl; It otit unlli the wvcnth. No ijiiillur Iww.bmlly J»on)r> i»l>;Ji} |<!iiy on nny nftcrnoon. ln» would not clli'd nt him by li« i« ontV of tb' 1 of tlu> t'hib and with Oobb nnd CrHWfon.1, linn kept ini-rlt the mirt «f of thi» <»u Ira^rbnll — rrmp; phtyrt — trirs harder thitti Donio nnd few itn-n in tin.' i's run point to more continuous prom'iico In tln« lineup than eiin tho lli» )»!« ittjHHeil-oijly « -huud/ul li<>n<1. Nt \v V.irk. ^<!)t. 30,- ..... AtthoiiKh the fin>t!u;!l ff.'if-ou for iTKipt of the Mi: cnl- ft- wf«4t t»kM4w wwil ho* in. nc into ,-idion for any of ibe lm)n>rtan! puni* 1 *. In the "hin niti* 1 " to- (liiy, Iiiilini::! i'litV, hilR a JJiinir which :!|]r(H?i to •><• i,f liniJortHHce. ChlfuRo. llllMoltt. Ndiraskii, SlifhJg:!!!. WlHi-uri- fill), .MltHif'i.iia. jiiliT ToWa "all ISIT- Irltp, In tb" fnf". the Htrniifrer tesim« iiri- 4-iiidiiully I'fnwihK toward the bnrd«<r j.urt <»r ii('bedul''M. The "Iilp tht re"\ur,l. Vuh' mid I'rhiceton, fill hnvc «nm«i of more or less- Importunoe r('h*vlnl'-<l for today. At New Havnti WA NTi ri >-- P rxx )N»- H A NJ> AU'/o fsi, will fiay iho Jil«rhe«t AlHfi Bell nil kindn »tf rc|i»»lrH. the $35 Tailor. Both phones^ \VANTI:II •: dit 3 ill I 1%). 36tl tsK MOTOHH Tin. IVvrc Candy Works:. ST(tVi; TltlMMlNtiH TO ..ri.'it". SkrlfV.t: 76 f'Alt.M K'-SNS i HA 1 . K M'*NKY T < ' c- n; H.f r'---.t. f.');?! preji'tviit'-iii <•!-!:!!••'•• Ar.v nnuiiifit r<-'i:nr' -i. • '••'imp! >'-r \ii-f ni'id frtlr f n-.ttiii'' i.( V.'?i"M if. i»'i'\ i'f :i loiiti will .-irpr'-V rir>!i yi'-u p-^nmiicf. H. IA <.'i;,'ij-nvi |-!r-/t^^f;un,tl l«:ink RM;;. T!' •IV IB. "siCUVirlO TOXAMIN'A'I I'*'.. />})( n th" wny t>'> frood K' ici i • ' • :< • r.T. (=m;ill'eost. Fall p.-.j-ti'-::'-,:-• I;. fjiTiivr AmttTrfitt C'stlK^Ji "f <*,-.::. ! .i., .. nf nvrr \Vrife today for i->"- : -ii-i 1). C. f OESALJB- - EC U r-"0lt SAl.i: 'ftLA.Vi) CHINA I :.-•.'•. t-It."'. l,::'Aretief S(iirt7, HI, K- Vale \U1I iaU IriKtltuie In whut xh« uhl prove to ho llttln more eimti H hard practice BerimmnRe, arid nt CnmhrM*!!' Harvard will nircl lintert; Thin «iim«' »bo«ld nerve to hrlrtff out gome jjf Hatviird'd bent football, for tin'- i'.!ite>« wnrrioirH iiiuIotilVtedly"" wfll ofiffi' <i ntronx front. Princeton will meet more opposition than nny of Its For Sale, 15,000 Acres To he Mold i:; -10. MI, Ifiu nr n^O sure ttitet.H, Soil iir;ivftly luairi. Hay «uh K(4l._|iart x-f which is re;utv fur n.ln.w. EXCELLENT STOCK COUNTRY TlmoUiy. rlover. ,'tjfuif'i, ^ijiiii, tCrfi f«>r fdlo. DELIGHTFUL CLIMATE, BEST OF WATER K to 1" tnlh-M frjitn (liaylliiK'. l\ul- kilNka, fruwfnrd luid ,MlPs:iilkec «'<>iin- PRICE $10 TO f15 PER ACRE l-3'eutdi, HiilfiiHi' i'(isy ti*rtiiM. CHANCE TO DOUBLE YOUR MONEY Far particulars tuhlress, J, J, Buttles, Unity BhJfl,, Chicag-J. ehlef rivals when It «oe« Holy of ' Doming bi-ro. case, 1 obould suggest that out tbcHo ideas, retnltilng a copy of th*'m, tbe origtnal >-livtea~t»~the-foreman or to tho connection with a verbal e^ ition, [Wot bl« own protection I should fur- ^r, advlne him that be acquaint one two of his trustworthy friends with ppropriatod without credit or re- aeration ifor-him, ho would have ;lble evidence of being their orie- OF. the carrying out of tho aysten) tested required machinery or fix- of any kind, our friend should himself by patent before ac« others except reliable ads, with his discovery, him two more, which he refused to uftc-r. It" was coming dowq to and DO mistake. la "Just at this juncture I happened to retnenibfr a triek-of-iiHloor T ba*wP ball—ftie cnomiooB upflltoot which la' put omiu Indoor ball by swinglitK »t, jinderhand, with tho knuckles uppermost and the ball rolling- off tho luiliu. It ouUKi's n hugu upshout ball, but IH tmt—prrtrttcttbte- fitf- -outdoor- boII IMV When'the- ffins fe'el Inclined to rrlll- elw brt'nu"so"'Jin» "boots" a euitple they would do well to remember thu dozens of brittlntit plays' tlmt tt'rtvo save*! or won them. For every bad tu- L»uij-po|ut_tu /a. Jicurc-! KUporhimnin Ktups or entcJies. Even In this gnnio he made thrco bits und wored {wo of Detroit's'PftiSH; «<» he WIIM more than offsetting bin de* fennlve Kllfin by bis t'oiJlrlbutlons to tlio iittuek, -(!«iiii4Jlorlug-tb«* jie -AVtiH pltiylng only on his nerve, he didn't do fi«-budly. ISUPERSTITION STILL WITH US ilMtioni Have Not All Been Done ; " Aw*y With, Despite the Advance , * In Education. , *^^w*» 0 , Tbo accusation of witchcraft ha» p been made against a Detroit woman. lgj«ct-aQBO of ua go too far lu Superatltion U dead. U exlutcd in middle mies, but not any more. they «ay. i Actually. Buporstltion ilvoa and voi do»i)U9 the fast-that a fow^ I. deluelons have Boon rwpudi- by the majority: ia the supordtitlon of legal the euporatltlon of money* aa a means of being happy, •upemltion of rac« prejudice and iafllBflice._ JThesu aro but a The, ?a«t »»»» of theni are^flo e'd that U io unwiao to numo cause, nt the greater pitching'distance, the bull would lose till its speed long before It reflebed the platter. "I derided to throw that bull Junt as (i desperate experiment, nnd J thnnv It. The globule *»aunter*d along, way low, below Tom's knwdlue,'aiid he stood scoffing ttl; It. 'J'heflr-juejt »»-thw blill caine purnllel with him, It leaped and whirled iiver the plate, while tho umpire yelled 'Strike tbrets!' ' "Old Turn Tucker iuld down bin bat und. started toward me, with evidence t»f tatieh fXfitemfnt-oo his fa«vJ«it wuti. already on my wuy, and w«« go- Ii^ fast. Thnt night he en me to the. hotel looking for me nml publicly announced that he intended to Hlny m« ou sight, but I wasn't In and ho never K<it -his hands upon me," justly by tlio umx'««oB«blo element of the j-rowd was JiIeKee. "Ked" hud to work harder than 'anybody else hi the game except the pitchers and the rival backstop, nnd -ho wa» -wrapped up 4n u protector, jtrit! idilu trunrds, which are not .exactly cooling garments. ('n»Hf>. J*i'ltu'4?i«iii jirolmbJy. will iiu lore' (•ilto urn-oil some of Its bent foothilll to trlumi'h by n Ueeliled ncore. lioth Army and Navy (earns will be ti action i.n tln-lr home fteldn. The Mibl'llex uri' !»ehi'«liijed with DIcUlnMon iiul the Army will take on Valley. , * . !>rovetJ a hard projmtdtlon for the An-- ev.-i'»>n und thlH prob- •ahly will prove no -exception to the rule. j only a Army conrlu'st ure hard lira* lu-e ni-rlrnrhnKf' at the bunds of Jon. CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, ('Jilenjjo. 111. Hept. :)0. OIK. u .'i to 10 lower J:),7ri'ii HI fiO todny: M\ ! '•> AfU!-:K : .,- .' !. .'<•:.'•» C...! ' -,. .'. ri :!i«-!-.. ! ;' rr=::, -. .,.,.-., I •),.... l'!.,K". '••••».'! t l!V I, > t -." Hi --':i-v, :"» ».•-.:•,•« ln.JM pi!-.<•• M.;. . S •:' • • !i • ;.;•!•- )f -in.. «jil' H •'*t-i::«' itiitn'"-'" erit).i« <>t '•"','!'<. ! ... if.'llf:!.. CMUdi) :il-,r| i-Ui'T fr'titl, fiji.i ' iv--!! :iJ!-ip'«'i! In •-!.»•!; f.H--i^a, A1.'>••({ •,'."• •••• r- "u:: V.- li ••'!! f' !i.'.-,i .'i],,i ill -. : !r,;,'i' :i -:llni is !'< lit- il r>.|- iY«'T!l - -i -,, ir, Oil p.-;- ;)!•«,• Thi" ?tri-|ier:-y '•!'>:•! ;!U i- xei-dli;-! !•< J, , w ;.!)(••«', '•',•:' \i't ;\< f - !">•;" t'i)!)Tnr inf',nrs:i.- ••.;,'!•••- -. ' )!"'•• M !;-):• -•«?, ;s ; i",'i ' V" ' "Tf<"TT'" ; ' TTMf,"-.'" 51."'t^'ii'T'':: • ~1rr; -• T >1 • T T ': ! • : ;••/» U-; - A N )•: A T!.' A f :*«»11 ' 'ii I'iiinni,! t'iwti«!ir|«. !,<<• <ii!!i). ;,. '«-i t fltJ-4 lit!,' OM-1 I!i-i<ill, With • - - , • "! !.'Ui)/I!!K.'N, a! | u ' t;t ' p'-j- *{r^^» if ,). 1 ulk.-r-i, ?t-V7 .!<•>!; ;••-. M: on i ;.\( MIA N<;K ACIMIM) ; ';.;•(! fiirn well IIK.-it <it itfiil well sin- Pliiird to l-*,cil;!.l!U.> fur flllilllci I'l l)l:it : |M";itlH IrniH J<» in |>;u ui-res, !'a!- ,l!|e.- , .Hi !>!• I.-/1 in f.MTl! !•« .",', if ill .. •"!!'•'!. 'i'A'ii"i U'lvhe-i iii r tire uti ;«•- ••,.,H.I i.f :i!-. . 11 .t. J.-,,||«.r M . TJ.77 Kor. H.M.I; I»NJ; i»i- % TIII-; HKST fitrnij: in .-ItirdHn ("Wri-Hii*. wfil irn- jtrm'ij) ;i! t,,'.!.'i l>•••!• :if!e. \\'i !1 iVtii'lh Sl'.Vj. il ;l. |--,,li;». :f :; r'ii-.ii Xitthmal !{"!«.. SJerlitu-..!!!. ' T-J-T7 (OH HAI.l; - SV'KLI, IMPUOVI.'!.! f.ti'in i>f -iti'.riit ' ii ju'ie i mi iit.'iin rii'id -- —n—rtmi-t- ••-THptn-i-«^r > ~f r»tin ••-Hw-k~--l-inHtt.---- 'I'lil.! fijirn ]•-• \vi-li Hnilli the Ituilit-v ! r ti'hiv.Jv plain!, $<",i.i. .M:irei:i A Kii»" Humid (Stove, III. ', I'-T'.* R)U HAT.K ITCmSR \VA';oN A\'!J l;iirn«-.*n. Will .«*ll very <-h«;-;>. I!--!' 47SH1. 7".-7>* A ! KVV HAKK HAUCAI.VS IX \'!S!i>i«' IteliiiriKton TyiH-wiitiis iilu- nt-sv. |,'is..'.!> n'.i^h. (jti.-iraijteeil "!<!• ;• •'•.:'. live <!:;'..-< exntninatii'tiT~"HTiifTiriT'TXV |, r ,.i,. (• tt. S> Ainprl'-ah VVi-ltimr Mnehine «•.•., 31.'!• Smith I )«.-.-i> dm n. i n^ked, II, .1. (-'"ilt'-t^ 74-77 _Lv-J-!!.'""'."' ., —.— .--'-'" - f-'«>r; WA/J; r,inni i'{,'<»i.if<-Ti\'i: ><». !••<»«-HA-ijK—vvu UAVI: A ^-iUMjAL.^' 11 ;;'," f ;!'"!lL' l L_[ | j 1 '' l< '!i''J '^\v"^'ifi>. in -..tintfit uf fut nituie _iind ru;'». hl^'t-' liiiil^ <iii•ii-TrT.' 1 ":-uiTTrTTTc 7"Tiir~nTi1rTtTnv WiH sell :IK fl whole nr nilltile |iii-ec-: [ •'. I 'iltit f' 1 . 74-7? t'ttnie in we Will lie Kldd I" tii yiiii. H, A. J.^ir.iier A S" litnt and hii-Mtef-'t ,«ti>re. mi \V"i>^ ..JI'DI! • I.MI'U«iVK'l» I'AliM coal heater. 3i - ;! j-'!r.»t Ave., Hl '!"'» a.- r . ••• do-... to villiif.' 1 . AH «-*ll'.c,t!t. ievl laiiif e\cr-[it III a«*res tindn-r ]iaf-':,nc with runnlni; wat'-r. Lilii ral term; mid |<i h -ed IH-IOVV ItHl v.-lltte. \V. K. .MdMoy, Htrrlinu.-ex- 'ou SAI.K'~KI;W .Mui::: ..IKIJSKY Sweet Pdtatin'H. I". W. Ceeiliift. !'•« 11 ,|,,,(U'. U'l. . J7.TS' FOH H.\TJ-:-~llAltI) COM, ^KAT M-lf fci'ibT. U^M! only nv<* VWISI fn fln«^ •condition. r»iu SisUi Av»\ -*' lvn«t Third HI,. H C Poultry Sccatchings 'By C. 8. Anderson of tho Colorado Agricultural College. Jf you take pride In marketing good offK« lit U good price, consider the, following: Do not keep nionprrel stock. They are not hlglt producere; iihtt tbelr eggs un; not uniform us to sl«o und color. Kei'p laying lieua sepiiruled from Bitting hens. ogjjs twice dally In warm AMERICAN tEAQUB, . W, <'hle;ijt'» Detroit New York . ,, Cleveland .,.. \V«Hhliu;tt»n . JBJL Pot ..'86 64 .D73 ...78 "73 ..'77 73 ..76 74 ,.75 73 .617 .513 ,33— IU .C07 .507 73 Heavy MlV.-d Uotsgh "Ciittie " ('nttle Steady l'-t»U -HAi.K—KlKT-y KAKLV .^I'lIINU T'olahd China ShoatM.., Fred K«>lker«,- H7. Hterllng. lnt»»rntate j>lnme, ("o-il't HUNT --• MUDKHN Iticntloh. U'Uii Hnst Third St. . . ' ' ' - ••* -••» i 4 » i « >]>-i KOO.M ion KOH-- HAl.K, (UIKAP- tlXM 13.12 ] f'rtdllhtc; one. Talfje 36 ittid "(lie 1','ii^e; »T>. All have electric starter and eh-e-s trl«* lights find In flr«t-e?.iHM i.uridi-1 tl»)M. • A. J. 1'nttt'ft Oarnj.T. 7r»tf. ^^^ ^,_ : , _',;:._:.: .:.. Wlf ItKS'T- nFPlCK SUITB. JOHN Hnrphiim Uloek. I)"!! phono 770-1. Cl-86* off ~Httti«r- wf i «K--in-^«'.'iri'5/ tmva Ki i« !»»•• lower than je^tewlay (d 37,(j<« lii. No.-S red.'> l.f.4 l-^'5(l.r,r.; No." "» red, 1.45111.4"; No. 'J :»-,urd Winter, l.CT I-'.': Xo. 3 b.'ird winter, l-'>7 S^l.Gfi: S'niriple Knul« hiirtl, l.Bfi. low-, . »7. 1-?1« ss; No. •» yellow, 1-27 No/','; yellow, KOfuSl; No. f, yel* low. 7!»: No. J wbltt'. !H)1rtHl 1-4: No. 3 vvhiie. S7 Xo. $4 l-J; No. 5 white, SI; No. C white, 78.1-t!: .Vo. 2 mixed. s» J-f; No. S mix- Tha public mlud holds many n», and ao does tho mind of ev What ara called the are 600 years behind. Who bow ninny of our lllu»ion» U E»Vo been acornod and cai$t aaido ye»r§ hence?— Detroit .Nowu. Modern Improvement*, »aid I-'urmor Topaoll, city boardura in duo huro to- Poultry Pointers. Kewer birds, better f ure, more profit, «bould be tlio aim, Plenty of pure, fre«b wafer fill* U»i? ogg t'uao* HkewlBO milk luldn tlu-rt-to. The bens will pay n good prlce"for tiny Hill fruit or vegctnbU'8, Heptmttu your enrly pullets »tnd give fiJttfiL_rim iL egg« at 30 eeuls tihouhj be MOtnu Inducement; — ____ Plan out your campaign, don't wait until you Imve. to tlo it. ~ Tl»« never will help yovi to eMluhllHh a higher innrlfet j»rlw for y«mr pn»duet. Sejiiiruie the male blrd» from the flock exeept durlnf the breeding wea- KOIJ. j«'i«rtlU« PKK* ari» jioor koejiers. Market fiffjs In u tdiimlard e^ caso. Yesterday'* Results^ Hoston. 3; Xevv York, 0. All other gumcfi poBtpom.'d--mln. Gamei Today, c'lileaito. ut (,'lftveliiiid, 2; New York at lioMo.ii;. Detroit at St. lAiuis, 2; »t inuiadelnhln. 8. NATIONAL LEAGUE, W. U Orooklyn 80 t'hllartelphia HnHton .... New York ., ss S4 ...84 Pittsburgh Hi,, Louis . Cini'imtuti 00 57 r,s 67 00 62 SB Sfi 01 as Pot. .60S .007 .583 ,575 .430 .430 .397 .380 off; 87^!S7 1-2; No. 4 mixed. S3 1-^"H ,H; Xo. 5 n»t,;ed, SI.; Xo. f! mixed. ?Mi 79; nam|i|e Ki'ftdP, 7;Vjs7(!. •" Oats—No. ~ white, 4t 1-2; r No. 3 white, 46 3-41H7 1-4; Htnndurd, 47 1-4 I- 1 .'; No. 4, STERLING ITY MARKETS KOIt SAUJ—ITHH IW.? H'thh- |icily. Hot witer furnace, elty traetfd or In comb. Will deliver in | water.-'jlertrlc lights*. 8um Ixiwry. .Strrlitii; nnd Hoek Fnlbi, L. llmm-. j __^j_^^^V- Hook'^'iiff*:—--———frftf^: lioll 9S7KI. .Call niornlnri. nu,,n ; >r. h.iril»CXT.~AI«1^II^^M ___ j hi/:i.~«! .-Hid h/iril, $lS,()ti. lt..J. Folk- ^"•^l'''115L_Nji^(|nnl^l.{iiiik_Hldg, _• ' "- "" . " : . ' " ""• *2tf" ••o«<jbbr«yl I'.TCO ilt». In every way. .1'aptfr* fur- with horfio. Pri«v -riubt • on ' ~tb(*r#»- "TTT7" KOrt KALE—IIECIPR FOK OOLD15N Oil Ijlnliuent for-rlioiimittlxni. lias helped- thousandH -nntl tindotibtedly will helfrrotirStMul a ftvfr tlollur bill .for reelpe. ..Recipe filled at any drug fttorp. AddreBS, Ulox 42$. KocH FullB, 111. C2-7'.»* OK . UIJXT -r,-l{QO.\| FLAT. IN- <|iiirt> JL'«3 Third Ave. Bell phone I:'01VUKNT—A OOOD C-ltOOM WOD- >rn houwe with nil eoiivenleiiet'M mid n new gfHHKe, John <!. WctKi-l. 76-77 I'UIVATIS SALB—THK UNDKI'tSKiN- e«l tiilminiHtrutor, will. HI (lit- of IMvid V, Hyr;', lut«' . (Corrcciefl (Moat-8 Dillon Company.) Never haul tu town over rough roads or in an open biisUet or puu exinised to thw hot sun. ^ You will have a larger number of If V»u nmrket at least twice In keeping oggn, protido n dry, cool, well vetillluted, place. Fertile* eggs muwt be kept bi>Jou' tWdegrivs to check germination. Etfgs nro affected eiiHlIy by bad odoi-H. Do not keep fn a miiHty grain bin, or In tho vegetable cellar, or where I bey c«u abt&rb the '( gnuulluo. **Bett»r put away tb' jmonygraft an* * plwouer player, uti 1 tell th' hired garage. We've got tec -rnaka, place look aa roorui aa them folks won't thluU they're- their iooaey'» wortu," ~"(Jeb, i'ut, whin tho told yw yv hud somethUiK wld J4«tl« name to it.u yar-rd long, it H't ecur*» yejs?" <lus«»y—'T«ith It ^orah, darllMf,' Hut whin he otiiy mo a dullitr, Ol knew It didn't _ Pou't forget the hen because nhe IH tiinali. CO liens will glfw uiuru net pruflt than n Kood cow and with lets* cupital Invested, Hena'iiibcr tlio uiulp la half the flock, Jt is not necessary to jjuy now blood every year. < ^ ' A dehl ruble mule- snouhl bt» u^eil for two or tht'eV yenrv for beht n'Hulta, winh'Nuylng beiin und pulleia j^ wenki'iuul by cllmtHi? be disposed of, Allow titoek - free ne<'ess t(i full Ihe floc-k rigidly for. weak stock Select on. (he lia«l« of vigor, produetloii: / Uw» only nmttiiv sto -I:. iytak«* a.Difference. If a iiuin fwlLs «low« n Htnirway in his luuiie and breaks u le^ he llKuren-thut the dmtin«e Is two vu-clis lit beil and Ihe iloi'tor's JVc. If tlie "s/une in.-ui j*|u!>-. hi-, toe uun" tnilS d«u7Citi a hlicet «'«r he liuiiivs that the dam'uLfo in -. • 1 -. . «« ^T T — H 5, — - A44 Y«8t«rd«y'a Re§ult». -Ht. LoujH, not tw'he rain. ____ _ _ __ New No. 4 yellow corn ". .~. . ..... White ontH ............ .''. No. 3 mixed ontti ........... • Wheat, No. X! . ,\ ........ , ..... I liye north »f Slel'lllliK. "l> 'i'l l iiiii-.da>. u>'l. nth, Hell nf jirivatu «a!»- the etmttt'I property <if estuto of J.>«.vid V. Hyer«. • CoHHiBtinK of one hfirne. t\vu . rnllcb COWH. nine hive;» • «»f hew, ehli'kenH, furm machinery, lioin>ehi>bl niirl many other artloh.-H, 'l'eim«. eawh. Sale from 2 to 5 i».. m. John M. Kohl, AdmlnlHtrator. .7?i«7s FOR SALK—(3OOP "jf(K»yiVD-lfAXr; HO wins maehlnes. lt)0i (-'iuit Aviuie . .7G-77» from hiiKiiteMH. \Vnt.>i>, «nw und liuth. AHi.i room for Hgni iiouse- - .1, A. I.M!r«»/r, 7S-77 FOIl HICNT--O.V-R (1-ltOOM COTTAGE on VVeHt Sixth ,si. All modern t-t)n- vr-iii«»neeM. • Apply to \y T -?'-rinl?ury. !-X)U SALIC— HINOIJC (-(t.MJl AVITITK LeghorTi Cockerels, yi-ar old hc-n>« nut! one two-yenr-obl roomier. .Mi 1 -*, !•', ('.. r.arnum. MorrUon, 111. 7i!-77* Barley (.Iva Stock. Kt. LiniSa at Ohieiuto; HoBton «t New V'ork. a; t'tnelnnati ut. I'lttubiirfib, 2; I'hiludelphia at IJrooklyn, i. *" AMERICAN A53OCTATfON VV. ,' . Unilsvillo , ,. }UO -«4 Indluiiupolis % Citi Minneapolis ............88 74 Ht, I'aul 84 7» Tokulo 75 6'8 . 0 ..03 tifi 00 107 ret .610 ,583 .f.43 ,fil5 MS ,472 .430 .331 Reshaping Panama Hats, To re«hupo- u pitnuinu but. first of till ImmiTM! ihu brim of the hat iu lulco warm water untli It IK thoroughly wet. ThVn you can mold It with the to the. desired shajm by genii}; pulling n ml stretching. After this pre>«H the brim with u hot Iron over a wet doth, lu thf front uf Uu* hat, If you svjiut u i-urved brim, press only a lHtk> jij, a time, ami from tho crown out wjutl in u fei(lewli<e imiveiiu'tit, curving (be hrlin us you go. lit the buck, for the Htraight brim, jiress perftetly lint, pluoiug the helm llu( to the edge of the board wllb ihe crown below, Aft"rward lay the but wllh lht> erown up uiul put heavy \vel«liiM.on tltu back brim until U IK thoroughly dry, Ridding Oysters of Bacteria, (iei'iiiun scientists hn\e found that It is jtuijsllilit la purify luieterla-i'ttrrylng <«yster» by. tillowlui; pure, fresh sen water iv IMIU user tbefn tor fuur or llv« daya. V««T«rd*y'« R«»uft«. - lii<!i;iiui|H>ii.s, i;; Columbiiy, 0. euwjL_^^^, .„ , • t .^ • •• • Calves ,..'...- .............. I8.00@JO.00 $5.00@0.00 trffr--Ifi H. H- 15 ft, horizontal holh-r. .«"ine und Jleinlocb lumi'er, tiood for (loiirimr or roollntr. lined C'o., Uock Fulln, ill. 7iJ- 10.0-t tOCAt' — (Hterllng Dopt. Htore.) D»iry-Rtt«ll. Dairy butter f ,,.,,J<c tlamiford enuuwery butter ,.»,,....3»e Dairy—WholowU. Oalry butter ...,,..... 30e New V«0«t«bUt, llBttd .U'Uiieo, per head .... 'ueumheix, each ^ ii;_}vun»u« City, o, _ lis-Ht. 1'aill, l)ot fcln-dilled. STERLING BOARD. OF TRADE Maxwell and Qninlevan Meinln'1-- Hoard of Trudo. • CblvttKo, S^epl. Uft. High f- *" Open Wheat Sei'i t :-;.>j May t.stv CoVn Mi'pt. Jirr Mas pats He|>l. 4ies lJt-e, 4S»... Mny ,:,is". Pork Kept. ,'N (itl Ik-t;. ,"'-il <'• i. .'M -t" JHII Laid Hef t. M l"i j>< 1-. i; I-T ' >rt 1 i ,-;,' Low I..Ml I, Clot* .'Jti •lOtutoes, pis. ..".~ . Ib i'.wts. I'S, lloijl'll •_!-• rr> • • *"*' i'. lu ...6* 1 lo/, 16c Fruit j, Cnlif., dozen .........35@BOc I, dozen ,,.,,.,,.. .8»c Tomatoe*. Ib ." • • • • -f c 4w«'»«l l\ot»toe». 7 Ihs, ... r , ........*i«e llfXJS FOH .SAUC—WTAIU.Kir.S UKf Durof JerH»»y mule hoj.s. I h.ivc » ~ lot of-bifr-typr--t«t>rins- »t-»rt-f>»-H >n.»r»i now reudy. l'/4 miles ct^.t of I'ulo l^hoiie S01B2. Henry Hinhlorr IVrto; I'll. , 76-TN' '•'OH KK.VT—.UAKCfl 1ST TWO fitrrrtM on *h;ireN, (ju<> of joo ncreH tho other jiiu sieren. -In'cnoh .ease tenant* ure to funilxlt work hornpn und fui-rii muetiliiery. nnd to h«> fln- .'uieliilly aide and wilting; to buy for thu lamer form a half Imerent In 20 JiMHd of pure bred ifolHteln euws «nd K» heud of pure bred rnnvx, and f<»r the ^rnnller farm to buy a balf Interi-Ht in 30 eows nnd live HOWS. For further Informiition apply at Woodlawn Kunn, Uoth phone». 7«-81 HKNT- 5-ltOOM Hot'HK. «AS, water In house. Hewer, lit) 1 mouth St. T6-77* '( 7 rt~=io~'nM i /Jsin T ( r ~KHtrfl7 TS TIIR—nrrnrrj' , maker, > Our men mal:e I'n-m $4» to 175, Wt'i-U. You ean do the s.iine. Write KiiipJre iiurnienis, ''jiH-//uuiil. 77-7S* •MHN $!!» WKKKLV WUITLVC, names ami addresses, no «MUva«"4|nt;; pnriieuhir.s for «tainp. 11. C, >-lntth, l.ittle Hot kr ArkuuMin. 77* I'L'HMCHAU'J -502.^1 N'TIH AVKNPK. ltoe,k I-HUHV VVeibiesihiy, Oi-t. 4, ^ >» in.. hoiiKehold furniture, ru««. ear_ petn, Hiov««. garden looln, IIUKKV etc TATS, fl, fVIT-TuMe. T:rA-.-lYHliTfinSohr ~ RQBERIiJLBESS Attoraey-at-Law 8tat« Bank Bldg, Sterling W. LOST -*i offim 19I2 Cl ASH Itl.NO M. R""on~tMsnTp. -ttnwuni rauru to-TUts-. Si'-t.'tii.; i:,\r,< '.t-, Appropriate Numc. % H la entirely propur tbaf the world's moet aoutborn city, located in tortbent Tlerra dot Piu««o, In latitude 65, ehould bear a numo Bounding as much liko winter wind as 1 ? sbuHla Them i* abyi-tui "S litl L'^ S*l -ft ',}.* 1 I .51! t'S.Si -»i'.'i 2G G.'i ^^.alt H-t" jy.r.i- 14 S«) USE THE CLASSIFIED APS. Ron of wailiug in tho word, and the penal" settlement of rArgimtina is lo Gated there. Par Wor»«. He—"One thing is sure. I don't intend tq bo criticized and censured because I have, failed to'realise your ox v pectutleits." She— "You oUauttder* ftqod mo completely. All that I Uav« 4ono is to "express my nmvirtiuu that WANTED Wll.l, i'AV Ul'M.IAlU.i: \\OMAN J'.'S to dlMlihllle flee tnot to .-.ill) "«H) p.'4ckiiKt'H I turn \ iJeuji i'undei !iji»nji}' friends. No money i i|i;si'd. \Viird Company. 731 N,,Fr;io' IIK St. Chle.i- _ BO. _ ^ ' • . V7^ ^~"^J^j&]wYiim" ^ "^ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTjqe?"^ K«iate of Kriu'Sf liolyuu-i I. j)'?irt'nl The undoisigned h-i.iu'i I IH n ap- .uhtiiiu.xtnitoi tit U,t e i.iti id E. K- TAYLOR FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE and RENTINO Notary Pi/blfc Rock 1"alt», >S \Vhiteiside «iltl Klute ul' Uliii»j>,, de•ea. ed, heiehy KlV<'*> m-iUi t!,';it Jie t\l|i i|>peiir hffore the C.uiiiiv i''mrt of \Vhllf.sidr Colillly. ,11 lite 1'injll Hmi."" in Alorri.Miu. at Ihe ,v>\t joio r ti-ini mi the First Mondiiv ui Xnyi uiliei next. 41 \\hteb time all peiMm. h.uuif el.uiiih aK!iin,-( j-aid I'Mute nit ii"li!led ilnl le- HUe.sti d I" H'li^ul fm l!s\' [iui|n)-i' of huviiin the >;Uns> ,Mlju-l««l All peiM>Iis indfhli ii li.*-,iid e-l'ils ;IH lnjlli x 't< d to Hi.iU' i nin dliSi' IMV- m«'Ht to the iiinUiMi.!.. .i l*(.H'il till", I'tfleeiilii u u ul S A, G-HUBBAED, iSurveyor Have purchaied~th* Jrio." D, Ar«y.- fiold notes of the Original Survey "of i Sterling and Rock F»H§. Bell Phont 603 E. 2nd St., SUrlino,' 111, & W. OIXON, ILL. Special offics coniultant, and of wnmon «nd child r»n. |ear8."~JUcbJtuo*d I,;', " \Ttr,|,-i7T—mv ( *j-~ 1)1, ^«t, i\J» W. K, DUNMORE e"»n4«H«t Speci»li»t

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