Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 8
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EADER. The Store that has purchased its complete s;ock for cash, late in the season at the moment when every item Sas reached its very lowest price. Thus going into Business under tbe most favorable circumstances and •mih the best pos&ibie equipment for bargain giving, with progressive cash merchandising with its liberal methods, with its beautiful new merchandise. The Store that will .icon open with its oeonomical prices. It irepresents all the DDarkets of the world and the product of the Kest manufacturers. The freshest, newest and most reliable Dry Goods will soon be awaiting you here. Wait and buy the latest at IT WAS A THRILLER. : ! Decker'* Balloon Hal«e and Umbrella Deiccnt at FJ-wood Bandar. Elwood Call Leader: Charles Decker an alleged aeronaut of Loganaport, attempted a balloon ascension at this place Sunday. After putting In all afternoon Decker got his balloon In shape, mustered up his courage and at six o'clock turned the old .hull loose. It slowly ascended heavenward and at a height of 800 feet turned bottom upward, letting loose dense volumes of black smoke. Decker went up about 100 feet and growing dizzy, concluded to come back to terra firma. He flung his parachute to the softly murmuring summer breezes and cut loose . y He came down rapidly and fell like a thousand of bricks on land just north of tbe woods, north of the ball park. He lost several inches of cuticle In coming through a tree top, but for all that, he wasn't as badly skinned as the people who paid ten cants .to wlt- neas the thrilling event. WILL ACCEPT THE BID. ice, Styles & Co., NO, 315 FOURTH STREET. you going to build, Veranda? Repair or Want See Thompson's Lumber Company. They buy cheap and sell cheap. Yard and Office, Sixth and High Street St. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers in FURNITURE Of-all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 DROftDWftY, Calls Promptly Attended to Day orJNight. Phone No 99. THE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS £6 be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. GOCXBURN BROS. W> Loan on MortRnfift Security on Easy Month!)'Payments. , Life, Accident, Plate Glass and Tornado Insurance. BUT will Soil Beal Estnto Call and See Cs, Office Rooms - and 3 Svty Building. WANTED TO SELL 'JEne North Street House on North pfcreot between 5th and 6th street. Will be sold on reasonable terms. Address, MKS. CHAS, MAKKLE, Hartford City, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. •Wanted, Cheap Cottages For Sale. •Wanted Lots and Acres For Sale. Wanted Small FannilFor Sale. •Sfenied Business Block? For Sale. 'jJantocJ to Exchange.Farm* for -Citj Property. Tfcnted Merchandls* to Trade for Farm*. .GORDON. Spry Block togtuuport, indlwu. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 8. Today is the day at Otto's. Girl wanted at 22-1 Sel River avenue. See Stevenson & Kllneick's 75 cent Oxford tleB. To Mr. and Mrs. Mutton Flory of tho West Side, a daughter. John Baker atlll keeps his f 1 coupon ico promise. Send In your orders at onco. Silver souvenir presented with every purchase at Harry Frank's May open- lug eale, Mrs. Snider, wife of Capt. Snider, is aald to be Improving from her recent slckneae. The Eastern Stars had an enjoyable program last evening. The attendance was large. Natural gas bills for May now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Acute and chronic catarrh, bay fever and diseases of the throat, by Dr. J. H. ShuUz, 412 Fourth street. The case o[ Aahford Crook who was recently on trial for alleged malicious trespass, has been appealed. Today the trial of Robert Ray and A. C. Barnett for the alleged violation of the screen ordlnanae will be held In the Mayor's court. The Journal has received a copy of the Yorkshire Penny Post, published at LaedB, England, with the compliments of A, F. Stukey. John R. Blngaman was allowed to jo on his own recognizance by the 'ederal authorities, and was not re* quired to furnish |200 bond as. was stated to the Journal by his relatives Monday. George Forgy did not sign the young man's bond, though he brought other influences to bear in securing bis release. John'* Commnndery Xo. 24, J£olKht( Templar Will Go to South B«D(1. At a recent meeting the Knights Templar of St. John's commandery, No. 24, decided to accept the Invitation of the Knights at South Bend, and attend In a body the grand entertainment to be given at that place, Thursday, May 16, 1895. A special train has been arranged for to leave about 4 p. m. and return the same night the ladles are especially Invited to join the party. The entertainment promises to be a-grand success. Slarie WaJnwriicht Tonlcht. Great Interest attaches to the appearance at Dolan's opera house on Wednesday May 8 of that delightful actress and most attractive woman, Marie Wain vrigbt, as she will then be aeen In her new society drama, "Daughters of Eve." Miss Waln. wreg-ht le seen In the dual role of twin sisters, who though identical in appearance are of the most dissimilar characters. The play IB essentially modern and "up to date 11 in language and feeling, and deals with several problems that are attracting much attention at the present time. 1(8 6UC« cess has been-the greatest attained of the year by any society drama written in America. The New York Tribune of Out. 23d last eald, "Daughters of Eve 1 ' was received with vehement enthusiasm. The situations and climaxes are Strong, and tbe incidents are Impressive. ;,; ««n»an Indlanapolia Journal*: The, annual convention of St. Joseph's Staati Ver- band was held In this city, at St. Mary's hall, yesterday. There were a hundred delegates from the German Catholic centers of the State. The delegate* attended high miss at 8 a. m. said by Father Oechterlng of Miihawaka. The convention assembled at 10 o'clock, with President Link In the chair. Henry Seyfried of Indianapolis and Gerhard Relter of Vincennes, were selected as secretaries, Peter Wallrath of Loganaport was appointed official reporter of the proceedings. C. C Mueller, of Cleveland, president of the widows' and orphans' fund, spoke of the work In Ohio and aatd that it was ouetomary in that State to affiliate with every nationality. It was decided to await further time before authorizing affiliation in Indiana with other nationalities. The subject of teaching children of members the English and Garman languages was discussed, and it was held as the sense of the meeting that It was best to teach both in Catholic schools. Officers were elected as folio we: President, Frederick Link, Fort Wayne; first vice president, Peter Fritz, Indianapolis; eocoad vice Jpresl- dent, Anton Krusemeler, Logansport; secretary,' Joseph Goehrlng, Fort Wayne; treasurer, John Rumley, La-> Porte; spiritual directors, Rev. Father Scheideler, Indianapolis, and Rev. Father Oechterlng, Fort Wayne. HARRY FRANK'S Grand May Opening! we ac- To Theater «oer». The appearance hero tonight of Marie Walnwrlght should call forth our most refined people, as the play, "Daughters of Eve" is her strongest play. It Is on the legitimate lines and a strictly high class society drama. The costuming .Is the most magnificent ever attempted on any stage. I can safely say that Logansport never had a finer society drama than this one of Misa Walnwrlght's. S. B. PATTERSON. Manager. The Sweetest The Slayton Jubilee eiagere at the Opora'houBe Friday night are without doubt the best and sweetest jubilee singers now before the public. The company has the Black Pattl and the brown Pattl with them besides the two greatest colored comedians and the world famous Excelsior Quartette. Center Election. The following candidates were elected Monday at Royal Center: Councilman 1st Ward — Matbia Lsemle. Treas— G. A, Rea. Clerk — Julius Wentworth. Marshal— Frank Wolley. Rea beat James Thomas for the treasurershlp by a majority of four. Vandalla Line Excursions To Indianapolis and return May 20th and 21st, good returning not later than May 21st. $2.35. To Indianapolis, Ind., Add return May 27th to 28th, good to return not later than May 30th, $2.85. To Deoatur, 111., and return May 24th to June 3d, inclusive, pood return, ing 30 day* from date of sale, $4.71. Time of trains, etc., will bo .furnished upon application to J. C. TlDGE WORTH, Agt. Bednce4 Hates to Meridian, OTUS., vt* FennnylTanla lantH. May 12th to 14th, excursion tickets to Meridian, Mies., account General ABBemoly, Cumberland Preebylierian church, will be sold at reduced round trip rates from stations on the Pennsylvania lines. 'Return coupons valid until June 3d, incluaive. NoUee-Y. f, t. A, Society. Special meeting this evening: all 7:30 at Dolan & McHale'a hall to make arrangements to attend the funeral of Mlckael Leahy. THOS. F. WELSH, P«w. Indiana TambleM. Auditor Dailey has completed the figures showing the valuation ot property in the State for the year 1894. The figures show that the valuation of lands in 1894 was $454,131, 203; value of improvements on these lands, $85,« £44 952; total value of lands and Improvements $302,765.445. Value of personal property, $291,085,845; value of telephone and express company property, $3,513 035; value of railroad property, $157,125,085. Aggregate value 'of all property subject to taxation, $1,295.106,415. H. I,. HerMhoD'ft Euamtemout Here. A meeting of the executive com-, mittee of the Christian Endeavor society last evening it was decided to have S. L. Mershon of Chicago, §ive a lecture at the First Presbyterian church Sunday evening May 19th. The subject will be announced later. Mr. Merehon will also fill engagements in the morning; at the English Lutheran church and afternoon at the Christian church to the railroad Y. M. C. A. Annual S 8. Convention. The annual convention ot the Cas§ County Sunday School Union will be held at tbe Baptist church in this city, beginning Tuesday evening, May 28, and continuing through Wednesday forenoon and afternoon. A good program has been prepared and a large and interesting meeting is expected. Some excellent workers from abroad will be in' attendance. Attention ! Sons of Veterans* There will be a meeting -Wednesday evening May 8th, at theG. A. R. hall to arrange for Decoration Day. C. B. CHIDESTEK, Captain. FRANK LIVINGSTON,-First Sargeant. It is with sincere feeling of gratitude that knowledge the splendid support bestowed upon the good people of Logansport and Cas3 county. A COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION Has been made in our former store, which is now the largest and best lighted in the city. For the proper celebra ion of the same we have for this month arranged a genuiae Bargain Sale by underselling everybody Beautiful silver lace pics presented ti the ladies with every purchase. A cordial invitation is extended to all our friends by—Yours Very Truly, HARRY FRANK, TO BE> SURE.. Ne ir S"ork, Logansport, Delphi, Flora. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings, Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. on a Filling's Popular Prices! Ladies' Oxfords, 6uc to $3, nice coeds. Child's shoes, ISc -to $1.50. Misses' shoes, 9Do to $2.50. Boy's shoes, 75o to $3. Men's shoes, 05c to $5. "Women's shoes, Soc to $0 per pair. We have the stock, the widths and the prices to suit all. Come and see us.—Pilling, 412 Broadway. The JLatewt Style Shoe*. Pilling the shoe man is showing some very elegant styles in spring and summer foot-wear, especially those beautiful white Oxfords and the price only a trifle, $1.95 and his colored man will keep theiu clean for you free of charge. Who does more for your trade? Tan Shoes are Quite the Thing, Especially so when they are kept nice and clean. Filling's artist understands his business and -will keep them looking nice and new. ;Pilling's stock of tan goods can not be equall ed in the city. A Shining Reward. Will be given to anyone buying their shoes of Pilling, J412 Broadway and did you know his line of shoes are warranted both in price and quality. Price guaranteed to be as low if not lower than any other shoe douse on the same class of good honest shoee. Kb cheap shoes, but good shoes at low prices. A New Firm. STEELE & YOTJKEY can save you from $6 to $8 a suit of Tailor Made Clothes. All wool goods and perfect fit guaranteed. Suits from $14 to $35. We invite your patronage. Steele & Youkey, 4O4 Broadway. Up Stairs. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market St. [f yon want your la ce curtains to ook tbe game as new, send them to us for Jaundrying. A long experience in this line of work enables us to guarantee satisfaction. CAMFBBLIi BROS., 429 Market 8t IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. ItVill pay you to be particular '&s to whose seeds yon buy. We are now in the market with a f ull line of Landreth's seeds for th« season of 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners and others using seed*, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some otherr they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other seeds except those grown by Landreth & Sons of Philadelphia our cot-., tomers may rely on (retting nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to the crop, and when a person has . the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very bert, We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single'., complaint; hi fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the en- • tire trade of all the gardeners around Logangport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a mil line of garden tools and field seeds Remember that the firm of Landreth & Song hag been llojrear* In tbe occupation of seed growing. „ „ .. fijijBI /-""^ I George Harrison. 617, 623 Broadway.

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