Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1916
Page 2
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JUSON DAILY GAZETTE H0BE1S0N, ILLINOIS 3&IURDA7. SEPT. SO. 1916. GRiEftstfN : v.' .'.; : :":""^-;-;:^rVT -r,,r itnl IV M w ; |_4lkr- f»«^> tn *v -, OA";CC MUCH ENJOYED ^ ,4 t *t- >'?< ' " •>! " • -, .... v, -"i ••• 1 K-J;'-' j^"<5 ,<•!.'. ..'-! r<-k !.,--. • ' <« '••• (•'• " firif •" . :''i <>.? thi'i '!• Th>"- o.rfl- ., ,. t,.i ,,-.,• niil h« (riv'-ii in {t-i'f-f *,Tp*k* !S MUCH IMPROVED if, .ra |u •-r.» t-i ft ,> M f.!<•»•'<< , ^< C^j, n ^,«l fs- ,1»-tf» V--i)!' • [I fT U ,o .,'.. V,' t*t< l'i-.i.;.~r. diir- A'!> !' f. K..v,i .'M:-' :•'• .-N^"-"" «'<•> M™ r»^n w;.mr. ., ^ .-.f in-"' :i~«r »firiirraf ism if rrj'iort"'.' i" A IIIT* ( ' i f' «'.rt '.'-i- M-'. f! !i ^ •"••'-y ::?i-r'!Vir!i- Slid m.i> r»r- " ,«^.| -.i,,t ,. «..»».,!v t.m.h WMt K.T-.- «»•!.. "«.».. ««. r,.f.,rn t» his . jn^ltk-n at j 'in iM-hiit .- •».. ,-, ... w;,;.!, "- ><••---<^f,..t ( . f > ^ilh'l'-'r.Hiv.t'.t'x^ .K-Vf.'.r'^.v- ' CHURCH NOTICE jl "* *»si r** f * M i - "• f • * f * • * y ** f". ' *" ' ' v *' ' ' . fc ' * " n**tlm*. *H- M..M».«i,,i" f ,,-,.*»„, ,„!'. Mr 1. Pwn.Inv ^hno! nil! I* liehl at jlifr vtHh 'i I".if u) 14 «],>-<' <« n •• ...i -1 •' HI GETTING A START fir Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr. OF THE TO THOSE WHO WO$K Ov. I 3- !''• S'i^jw't (*r f-f'irnott, "Th(> ,i,(. • ..•:!.' 'i'!' «;i= rv .if <;>-,l." Trif> f>< * •."".-•lMi?> ir;\ :(* •! A. L C!'. IK'V. FAREWELL PARTY Cttvon !n Hanar of Mr. Mis. EMon 8f tli«« t lnin h I 'u l'«i'S •t'lt UK v,!.« r •.' u l,%t' ;if» KJ* 'II 'f'" .'>' :t t ana Mrs, J. U.' Klit-Mi. A *!,'f* profrrnm wnp u-f .tfri-il .i!if-i th* rt>si- \j r ;ii;ti ?."r_"' \V. N' H'»n r >t'br* > y WMit fii ' "li'i'i ;iCt» FfWiiy f<n - a f«-v." rlnys' vis: \\ illi ftS'Tti) , ,\ii'. unit Mr 1 .*. {Jfur <.;<• l»:tvjiT i«-ff 1-Yi,v v f,,v <'ir»rk. S. t).. when- thfv will *4iurvh Thwf n;i; sit fh*» horn** <>f th<!r Airs f. ISJufon Imv ins '»«•» '" fhnrjre of r .tbc funia«- si- |.aiim"i-t A «.r DIP fum- |bc*n ti'antfrtrM'd tu tln« t»rnnt'h office CICHW. Wiw. ami li'nvi'.i ptr "frrr^ltmt "rtty whrnT they „ their hnm0 In the f«it»ii««. Dnr- theur Stay in Morrison tw.ith Mr. f*»U Mr». Klntoit Innt- m.u!'« many LfeELIGHTUL PARTY Dane* 'Qtv»rt.- At Morri»on Club Enjoyabl* Affair *ti,- .iiihn HJT-arton of Bavntus.t nr- ti'.i--^ Thurmlny f^r n shnrt vlMl wi(H r* v i:iiiv'H in this city. % Tf',1 I'trklnn of f'h^nt'o Is vistUn*;" fvi«ftil*i in tfii« rify. I'urt Pi\y«l«'r' h;-." ntnrt« > «1 tho ron- Rtrtifti'in <>f a SIPW rnoiU'rii "on \\>st".Morris street. Mr«. AViil vtsttt-il friends In "Mis* T-Vfrf : n>.m*li w«»rit to Rtc'r'ITnK" i-Ylilny for » visit at.the homo of hr'r lirotlirr. Hoy Biirch. ,I«hii Tillfrria wrnt to Ann, Arbor, MieJv.. I'Vitlay, wlwrc ho wilt attend tho I'nlriflfftlty «f ,\!Ic)i!snn. \Vt-8ttcy MoHlH trnnsactetl busings ijj Sterling Friday. - •MIs-B Mr.£)»« Slink wont to runtnn Fri'lnv for n few days* visit with r«*l- hosta anil hoKt«-»fM»i« at a fi:J" , tkincn :tt tho Morrison club evcmlntf, whk'h i«rnvpil nn «1«>llirhtftil »ffiUr\' Tiio flinittT wn* followed 1>> hand eut'lm-. until nlno o'clock, 1 *whloh the rt-malndfr of, th»•wan very ph-rmantly fi'cnt In tfio musto iM'lnB furnlahod by ""tlio Ht>djtn <'onc*»rt «ir<'ht*strii. Oufsts tha numbor »»f jM»v«»nty-flvi> wor«'; ^t^4n04,_iuaun(! tlm g " frnm out. of, ^-town tMrtWf Mrw. John nrwirton of Mr. -niul Mr«. Mitchell of . . ajid Ted P««rWan of Chicago. —Mrs; t*j;~<*r ftRbnrtw," TThnf motored "to Morrlwm fn>m Chlcaso In company with T'pnjnmln H. Berry on Tnurxdny nnd njtcnt the dny_i»'ith hpr_broth. pr i Hoffi-r 'jonoitV left FVMay for u visit with at I:>otlK«>vtH««, \Vla,, Mr. ami Mis. Berry resumed their Journey to their ht»rno In Denver Friday. r • - — - - - Kmnk MrmHtm TSUS a ba«tn«*HB vf»- itor In Htr-rlln^r Friday. Mr. nnd Mrs. P. A. Whitney visited fri<-nd« in Stfrllng Friday. Mr, ruvl Mrs. tl«H»rR*> MU»V. «fr.. of viKttinl relatives in this city GIRLS llartil'd Burkltt ha»_ rfturnwl from n fosv ilnyn' "visit witn - friends tn l''rt'<?- port. Mr. and Mrs. Jumps Pearwm left l-Yl«lny for n visit with r*latl\-«8 at KMrn«*y and IMeaimnton, Kebr, Mr. and .\tfK. J»-sae Kvers of FVnton aid *C«r»meniaif M«««np Thur«d«y j WHh Mmrlun Van Oidal the htJnio uf Mi*s M Irian Wiy on MIP reflfulni" ceronionI<-« the -rtfaHetstfuUy 8j»et»t in a social way t dltloty rofr««hm?nt» wcr» »erved '"rJal" '* ^. " ft*i«j« -—•—**' »*u.**it*l »\t«Vt-%(» LCflUB*^-— JiJm_ (LJ m*g i • mifft *•*""" —•—•»-*'»' fi •*--"— i— H> «, hike on which <hcy expect to t TUWday !f tht? wofullu'r UNDERGOES OPERATION i'.'tJttt* Margaret Utwton. th»« eleven * " da»i«ht«r of Mr. anil Mr*. Ed - prt-of Mor-' »n 4 wa»'tftk«n to the StPi'linK iros- . ,tltil Simdoy. It «a» Hr«t thonpht ItWit she was uuffcrlnff from an attack (S appendicitis but when examined It "TBt f&und that "an attscwss ha<l form- In her side. Sho uiui«*rw«»«t an up- &tlcn FrWay momlnir uuul lt« doi«B nw»n as potwible unrt«>r th«* clrcum- inwjl. ^PiUATtiJ ON"FOR APPENDICITIS S Owl Blerman, who resides south- Johnson's Siftg Tablets Sold by, y&ur druggist, pr sent ~ f iwttpaid fw 2&c. -F. ARTHUR JOHNSON nrprr— — . W.-R U'nrltt left for his home tn Hummitt. Ohio, Jiyway, afii-f,-VTsn- the eharlrs IMitchett-homo for 'w<x»k. N. J. Mlrnhank'of Oak Park, ^-aa In This article IB not addressed to employees, tot to those who are In business for thetnsclfcs, or who occupy indffpendeht positions. Ninety-nine and cine-tenths per cent of business men, end ninety-nine per cent of profusions! men, labor under the ddusloti—and It i« a delusion—that th6lf work would etop, and a part of the world would stand HtilJ, If they dropped oat of tho tr«>»dmIH for the whole of a day, or the whole of a week,'or for a longer time. They are aeltetecteu 1 Slaves, and do not realize that quality ef^ work eeuntB »ore than quantity, that the clear brain and the vigorous body will ac- corapl lab. more in a day than the fagged-out, mind and tired body can do In a week. There are,times when we cannot heave our office* without Incurring loss, but *e are nowhere as Indispensable to ourselves, or to others, a» we think we are. 1 recall an Incident: the editor and ownef of ft great newspaper had not left his de«Jc for twenty y*R«. Ht». wan brain and body tired. His doctor, ordered him to take a vacation^ — (S Ne;inor' Be iaia, "* eaat <to It" | i"Raanfv <5U/m Rrinnc "Haven't you competent asslet-' J Beauty bleep BnnflS "Yen," replied the editor, "but they depend upon me fer direction." "Nonsense," rfitorted the doctor, "yotj are too big a man not to have a plant that will koer» ia motion if you orat let up for a week or no. Suppose you are taken elck. If you don*t rest now, you will have to later, and It will mean a month'!, and perhaps a year's ab- Benco from the office." Sorry;! Was Wrong] CALIFORNIA 1AT CATBIRD Thfir^ may bo Tirttip in the wan Who'?' nln-ays fi-sff h'"''!? Hf^.f, Who'll nprr-r hcnr another's |>!aa Ar.d Ttfit I'llk** A says, no further c ehap who t different «mg. when te has ror-K up! 'Tin things: It's hard! for nnynnf to pay That fsHtiro's drsn to him— That ho lost his fight or way Because b-Is light* hnrivp<l «!Jai. It takes n roan afsido to throw The vanity that's strong, Confpssing: " 'Twas my fault, I know; Tm sorry; I was wrong." And PO. I figure, ttoso who ttse This horipfit, manly phrase, tTSle R T«F6 much their way to l6Jf« On many futurn days. They'll keep the path and make the fight Because they do not teng To have to say, when they're not right: ""I'm sorry; 1 *»» wrong." —Richmond Tlmes-Diepatch. Every Boy Can Have Whittle-Here's How Length, ahotit n!n* ln?t\i*#. The i slaty gray plumage and black cap and •i -*,«,** j;-i--a -1 1 ~ ll t*^' -;"1T i"i"!L ' ' "" throaghoiJt the to New Mexico, tnl! afo States Grata Darmond, Well-Known Film Actr«»« Who I* Being' Starred In a New SeHal. When off to the park or country and krafins along a »hady stream, watching a boat drift Idlr or a iiali- i5afr txirk-rcBt-opon the BtlllsvirfHce, tt !H a flno time to employ an hour or so In making thoso dcllghta to every boy, A Clear, Fresh Skin J 2 * boy learns tho method and his first effort at least tpotf Jn a fashion, while others may hardly get ft whisper out of their Initial attempt. JUater perfection of method* and getting thi result in a shrill blast that en- w . , Thcro arc a few In roeard to a clean fn»bi akin, flip ^ cn ono . fl eardrtlma thcao Is sleep, and, say what you may, thcro I* no better aiiage In! , Cot a Btralgh willow wig about he the English language than the tild ^gth and twice the dlamtHor of a rhyme of "Early to bed." Too llttio »^ P^il one end of which IB cut sleep lour™ Ita trace, on the face aa J OT « l ; a « « e /° B ^ wn - . A . th . r «» M «J clearly and definitely a» If B omo demon Jour Inches from the end «»t through " • -the bark-all-around^ thl« will be-the length of the whistle. This ««?ct!on»*iz« A•*».»«..- «-"'«• •» *• «»»••-: sss z £ r=, <^z=. hla assistants, as ho was afraid it would demoralize the office. Ho went out Into tho woods, and came back a better man. On Monday be entered his counting room. "Good morning, Mr. Brown,": said his general manager. "The-eyes aro heavy and dull, tho 'mouth sagging, faint lines appear around the mouth and L _eyes, nnd tho^ ~llun7TnliIeWl>rT»eTng freab and pink, Is of a grayish hue. Not only Is thcro a physical effect, but the mental result produces Irritability, a nagging temper - On your knee, or better, on a flat wooden surface, hammer tho bark "How are things going!" asked the and a nervousness which go fnr to-.. i t«>n**jt n*v\*lti^(iicr vft>ltiVlna nttil **r*r»ftU.*A editor. ward producing wrinkles and "crows' "Fine," replied th» general man-, fe«l, . ager. "Just landed a big contract from! It should bo remembered that one th® Jone. Manufacturing company." J hour of sleep before midnight Is worth With a surprised look on his face two after. Eight hour*' sleep Is sum. tho editor went upstairs. His assist ' " - J " " ^ u " ant mot him with the usual greeting "How'a evorything?" ho asked. "Same as usual," replied the assist cletit for the average adult; thoso 'who do brain work require more, LH your room bo filled with fresh, cold air— The eaitor lloflal and roportorlal rooms T the throujbTthe ed- aor too light-- the coldei the better—and »eo that is~netnf«r~r6o~heavy ui ncf-" MorrlHon on buslncas Friday. Dr. II. I* FVttltt went to.Sterling on bus!n«»s« Friday, Ellwrt Parmentpr -wont to .Chicago -JBr4day mnrolng- wh*r*4i*- w4U-r*wjn»»- hi» ctuJie-i at the Uush Medical Japanese Proverbs. Proverbs have groat influence with Trinnnntn tn thetr Hircn t nn. cording to a writer in the Christian Register. Among their countless adages these, with their English equivalents, are quoted: "Some insects feed dpon smart weed" (There is no accounting for tastes). "If in a hurry, go round" (The more' baste, the less speed). "Live under your own hat" (Let well enough alone). -"The mouth is the front gate to misfortune" (Tar tongue li a flr«, a world of iniquity). •unytblug about his abaeucp. At last in desperation he spoke about U to one of his assistants. "Why, wtoea (113 you go!" exclaimed The editor went Into his private sanctum, sat down in the editorial chair, put bl* feet cm tho editorial desk and talkeS to himself for an hour. He bad learned his lesson, friend of mine, R lilefaTof ~tS Plans are under way for establishing wireless telephone syBtetBjnjioT. oral cities in TapaTo an5 tp connect with Spanish vessels and Spanish col- onies'ia Africa. Development of the Incandescent lamp represents an improvement .of !,• 075 par cent ia the amount ot light ob duatry, absents himself from his office for an extended period twice a _ _ year. He finds that while ho is awayj to t - eg ~ tU o"durabUity of textHes,"dull .there to an Increase of business. j ^^ Wadeg aro ruljbed by B n electric tninablo from a given consumption of electricity* In a machine Invented in England "How do you account for it?" asked A friend. •Til tell you," replied the business motor uRuinst the fabrics until they are worn through. Statislics gathertsd from colleges Not What He Wanted. JLJhad taken myjlttle nephew to a restaurant for dinner. When the waiter put the menu down in front of him, he picked it up and banded it back to Mm. politely, "We don't want anything to read,' thank you, we want Bomotbln? to eat."—^?hlcayo robust and stronger. French scientists have decided that carrier pigeons are influenced by mag nottraTUld~tbatrwltU the ' wireless tolograpby, much 'Of lesa de- '*•" LJ »-' i n r man. "I've organised my business so throagllout tlia country Bhow that i- e8j well that-each department *»*tato &Q u of the UjjUed Btate8( ^^ raoft vitality and works by It^ yet to. grfl ^ ^ harmony with the others, when ITU there, my managers depend upon me. W,hen I'm away, they reallto their importance and make strenuous efforts to 'make"good.' And they do." Men who fall, as a rule, are those who either work too hard or do not work enough, ,wbo either keep too long hours or too short hours. Men who succeed coropromlgg^bj^ 'tween the two "extremes, work hard when they work, and play hard when they J»lay, making their recreation a part of their life's duty. Dont fool yourself into believing pendence can bo placed on thorn, Medicine river, Fort 8IU reservation, Oklahoma, has the most unusual crossing in tho United States. A concrete Bow We Treal You W HAT in tho tbi'tiK (l^t you wuwt most c»f all, when you doal.witli a hank ! ' SAFETY FIEST. Vuii nt'xt IIUVP a ptniWt right to ex- |H-t't thai wt i juv .t^oiiig to extend to you OOUETB3Y. TlK m «i"'y«Mi want to bp'tr?aU>d not «H an iulVriur person asktopf Vavors^ but a^ au "0 'Equal. tsl: AH »avi«g» deposited before Oct. 10th draw mturejt from Oct. 1tt, «nd inter*»t will b* . State Bank of Sterling " • " ..... *" " ° K. i;. VAN W..VNT. • Futurist Ambulance. In interior decoration tho modernist movenient still holds the tort. An ambulance,' recently presented to France Tiy * woman orach Interested taJMt-8^-*bo-baB * liberal -fortune back of ner, baa Its paneled -walls painte"d tin » peacock gre«>» to » hoifibt or four feet, with the rest of of ft IBIBOP^ Such a color scheme would make most well people {eel sick and disiy but-the River ot toe ambulance is sore that the wounded soldiers will be delightfully amused; they, will, perhaps, be made to forget thoir in- Juriei by the nightmare effect. —Harper-8 Bazaar* Foreboding. "What are your objections to me as a son-in-law?" »ald the young man. "I don't like the style of your clothes," replied Mr. Cumros. "Why, I don't pay much atumtion to dress." , "That's the reason, I have my Soubts about having yott^arou^d the bouse, rot afraid you're the kind of man who would 1st yewr wife clothes." the river and/water flows over It continuously?* ,in We imagine there are a lot of halos tMt The man who always gets wtiat be •wants usually makes a nolso like a bank roll. Horses are not partial to wild oats, which may explain why they possess horse sense. _^_ ___ ____ _j__' ____ — Bventuilly tt malci quits wandering around with a .chip on his shoulder. Single gardenias are seen now and then .on hat brlron. Ban Francisco thus far this year has erected 18 new.factory buildings, valued st $.4,160,000. A clock is wound up to make it run, but a business ia wound up to stop it. The milk of human kindness would be much richer If it wasn't skimmed so often. With One Exception. ' "I presume Dubwaitw thinks bis little eon ia Just about the,-smartest boy over born?" "Oh, iui. Dubwitite retueruboru that be »ae a 'SAFETY V ; COURTESY .SERVICE Dry Intoxicant. She—''Kitty has rnet'Ivwd «ti offer to act in the niovicd, and sbv's perfectly iutqxU-atoi with tho idea " Ho—"Intoxicated. * h'f £>hi i i-xiM'ctu, i. »uppi>St>, to-g*» rwliug ijlaiig ta f»tuu' uud Jur- Its Farewell Stunt. 'lInre'tf uue ot my Jokes in this iuiU'iu-medifiiu> altuunttc. J>ribblos-~Ho? Then it must have Passed Uiu ujje limit. She Gave Him the Umtt. Willie Woo—"if you will marry roe I v>ill go to.tho eud of th.e earth for you." The Widow, (iras^— "Voa. and k';i\u> nu i tlu-re, ,^W cuiu'li. If 1 be<. Jtr.u > our w Ife' yoy «tay whero you *ur pattlt on the back. Range: Resident In California, j north to eoCCtefn M'a»h5ngton. ahd- south to eoutncrn JUower California. Habits anjl eepfiomlc status: This jay haa t#p stoe general traits of characser 4? the eaatern blue jay. Ho I is the R&mo noisy, rollicking fellow' and occupies a corresponding position In bird society, Robbing tte nests of smaller birds is a favorite pastime, { and he is & persistent spy upon domes- j tic fowls and well knows the meaning' ot th« cackle of a ben. Not only does j he •teal egg s |}ut_be klllij'oang.cbJcka^! The insect food of this lay constitutes' about one tenth of its annual snatcm- j ance. The inclusion of grasshoppers and-..cater-iiiiiars -wa5t<?» tbla the bird'a food In lt» favor, •femarti'ditr of Us""anin^al diet includes altogether too largo a prof«ortlon of beneficial birds nnd their eggs, and in this respect It appears to be worse thaa Its eastern relative, the blue Jay. Whli* Its Vegetable food Is composed largely of mast, at times its liking for cultivated fruit and grain, makes it a most unwelcome visitor to the orchard and farm. In conclusion it may be said that over much of its winters from the slates to Panama, Habits and economic status: In many localities the catbird Is one of the commonest birds, "fangted growths ar© Its favorite nesting places and "retreats, but berr? patches and ftbrubbefy are not dis- lience the'H>'lrd la a familiar dooryard visitor. The bird has a fine song, unfortunately marred by occa-w^ sional cat calls. With habits similar to those of the moc);!ng bird and a eong almost as varied, the catbird has never secured a similar place in pop* tjlsr furor.—Half of "Its food consist* of fruit, and the cultivated crops most often Injured are cherries, atrawber- rles, raspberries, and blackberries. pers are the most^Important"element of Us animal food. The bird is known to attack a few pests, as cutworms, leaf beetles, rlover»root curcullo, and the periodical cicada, but the good it does in this way probably does not pay for th« fruit It steals. The extent to which It should bo protected may perhaps be left to the Individual cultivator; that is, it should be made lawful to destroy catbirds that are do- Ing; manlfest_damage_to_ .crops. tho best interests of agriculture and horticulture. In.the.Making. amartly, lurnTng tt BO as to stride iBvery portion; UBO'the • bacK oO'our knife, a otout piece of. stick, or a smooth stone. This hammering .separates the fiber -f romrtho"inaTJW r oiJdr"and ~ wIUr~a~THfle gentle ^wlatlng and pulling the bark will slip off tho twig. Cut the twig the same length as tho bark and at the bevel end flatten ono side, as frhown. About an__ inch_bgck QQhQ tmd cut a thumbnall-tihapo holo in the bark to come above the flat side of tho twig and Insert the twig. Then blow. Some Things That Are New. Experts have listed more than 10,000 varieties of orchids. A water-cooled motorcycle has been invented by an Englishman. Among tho Jewelry novelties is a combination penknife and lead pencil. The six state capitals of Australia have bean connected by wireless telegraphy. Concealed under the flop of & now cap for men is a pocket for money or valuables, >—- - _ " The world's greatest wireless station has been built in Italy, powerful 'osrrenough to communicate -"wltn Nortn and South America when similar stations aro erected on this Bide ot the Atlantic. To. facilitate rapid writing there has been—Indented- a metal-devlee-te-b* clamped to the little linger and with a shelf on which to, rest the next finger and elfee over a surface written upon. To insure the owner of a, private shaving cup kept in a barber ahop that he is its only user there baa been invented a paper cap to cover it, which cauuot be removed without breaking a seal, ' * boon increasing in population more than at any time in & century luU, if the present ruto bo continued, Jt, will huve.iuoro than 2,000,000 residents in 1920, AH DependenrsfTWill. Nothing la imposstblo; thore are ways which lead to everything: and if we had sufficient will we should always have suftldoitt means. —La Rochefoucauld. TO CONSERVE YOUR HEALTH yuur.»Stoiuac]i, Liver Buwi'iK to jHn'l'ufni regularl Safe Light. Gelatin-coated glasses, such as can b«5 obtained by fixing out undeveloped plates, or by removing the image from developed negatives with ferrlcyanlde and hypo, can be made the basis, of Very efficient safe-light screens both for orthochromatlc" SB3" foT~n6nortfio^~ chromatic plates. Equal numbers of the glasses should be stained by immersing them in solutions of naphttiol yellow and of methyl violet respectively, and one of each should be bound up together, film to. nlm. If a diffused light is reqalfed-i* sheet of tissue pa-;per, or of papier mineral, may"bY As She Remembered It Miss Blanche . Johnson, Sunday school teacher ot a primary class af. Hope Chapel, Nineteenth street and Washington avenue N, Minneapolis, la wondering whether her efforts toward uplifting humanity are worth while. In a recent lesson she told the children how MOBCB had lod the Israelite^ to the land of Canaan, guided through the wilderneds at night by a pillar of The next Sunday she asked the children -what the previous lesson was about. An intelligent-appearing little glrT raised her hand and answered: "T^eTsraeTltes were Ied7ittfolB5~ of^Canaon by a Goea Too Far. Where He Draws the Line. j A wistv and observant man will do J -almost -anything; -he-can—to-pleaso B — J^J w,o» w«o -can-laugh at all -hit" woman he admire* except to kiss her, ^°" bl ?f lB to ° hypocritical to bo a dog.-Houston Post. { a«alrable acquaintance. Don't Suffer Longer and allow yourself to become grouchy, upset, nervous and depressed: These conditions usually indicate a disordered digestive system, which, if neglected, may be hard to remedy. Remove the disturbing element and put your digestive origans in good working order by taking —' _^MBI^taJi «*^^ — •li. , V " They gently stimulate the liver, act on the bowels, tone the stomach—purify the blood and regulate the system. These benefits are particularly market! by women at such tunes when nature makes special demands upon their vitality. They act prompU^amsafeJy^- The next time you feel low-spirited and out of sorts, take Beecham's Pills. Their surtf,'mild, thorough action will Special Direction. «f V«J«« to Women aiw wtth Every Bo* Sold by draffUto throu«bout the world. In boxea, 10^, 2S«. flW^^^ ^I^^Pl^^ AMP-f^Mflj^ Living Still High anil ^R!Hf ^HlPSfc Stomach BiHers OW inueli do you pay oacli week for your clothing. and about fifty tHlw thwgs? }H>ssibltJ you are mj^liing tho great mistake of not paying 1 out stmu'ihing to n uffowntf At Jh<* eiul of tho your, you ha vtr nothing to nhow tor your meat, uii, reul and ulotiiusi. Ask iur i«ir- hu'ss of onr.l>t>|M)siitors Wcokly Having^ t'luh. Sterlin

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