The Irish Times from Dublin,  on February 4, 1864 · Page 3
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The Irish Times from Dublin, · Page 3

Dublin, Ireland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1864
Page 3
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Y'JATJ mtTZl ,TtWA IJIIT fKlr IT !IP.L'II :IIT . i: V :-t t'::i: a''5 ftU it :s--v w -t iw-f it ?T?2it ?.J tecs? wt: i :ti j lk.V' r'wi tti -v'r THE 1 IRISH ' TIMES, ' THttRSDAY; PEBRUARY . 4,' 1864: jTilkr, Kiq; M Ltwla, Eaq; Junw JamMoo, Kaq; LATEST NEWS . THE REPRESENTATION OF DBOGHEDA. .'-,(FrxmtJMamciMtltelM CowTa-) . KrnQs Coujrrr, John Bennett, of Grange) ting's Coonty, Esq, was on Tuesday sworn In High Sheriff of 8nino, Stq; W B Horn, Etq; ANW, E,, Mr TkMBDwa, Mr Montfomtry, bum AnnnroDg, Malar Hhav. Ctnii'" Poppt. Captain Scott, EN; Lieutenant Colonel Ford", M r ; aaboci, kkj, latfiKeglment; Captain Bagbafl, (Jwi IMCUMnti "win, aq; xt uohkiuki, &0 M p j W Lui B., air Leader, M P; Hnjh WObrahmn, m) 0 StWWntO, Eiq ; HIM Strongnan, J W Dooaher, Stq vr Arimmnz. Ew; B Cnuok, Eat, and Muter Coiaok Sl;a WhiUer, MtaiWakelj, MUa Banuej, Miat Crockett, Mia D-lItop' w nonae, su cewiej, jumr ttoUutnani, u..up WOven. Akbivals from Holttikad feb BotaIi Maul. grgunui. wednewlay, rebrnxy, 3, I64. Sir John nn. Bart; O K Keade, JStq; Jamos Brogden, Stq: . u..Ma. Kq; Rle-turd Koutfl, Em ; Hoita L Montroaerr. g; RM Tlghe,Efq; J D'Arcj.Esq; Ulu Wblttlngton, viuFiunrald and ralta; Ltvdr Scott and Kilte. Jobn Joho- sttw, E and MUs Johnston; Mra Calwell, Mis NeaU, Mr Miiih, J 8 couint, Kaq; m. uooneuy, Eaq ; Boberta, gpj; c If unnaau, Big ; r amiea, air uaity, trarvERsrrr intelligence. tuivttt rnr.TFnn. UOXOHS CI DISTORT POLITICAL 00X30 A2TO DrtlSaX LITERATURE. : T SmiftT SoDhisters. First Bank O'CarroU (TndkV ChskiiI Rank Wm Durham, Henry Clarke. Junior Sonhistcrs First Rank Palmer (AbnharnY Mmebin (Charles), Wallace (Nathaniel). Second Bank Broote (Arthur), O'Mear, Cooper, M 'Do well, Still (BTJ, uorJte u kj. THE ARMY. SpestaUg Rtporttdfor Uulri Tans.) A guard of honour, consisting of one subaltern, one kcreant, and 15 rank and file of the 10th Hnaaars, will ttood at the Caatle at a quarter past seven o'clock this veiioj to escort bis Excellency the Lord Lieutenant o and from the Mansion Boose. -. a f.Utfd of honour, coosistiog of one Gantaln. two Subalterns, four sergeants, and 103 rank and tn with Ne 0;if n i colour and band ot the regiment from the ;ih Foot, will attend at tho Minaion House at 7.15 ffrs evening to receive nu .xcalienc the Lord Liea-leMTit in state. Hrtirtiiier beaerai u ti lUilce, U.B., navimr returned jn toe .hjm uu, resumsa ine commana ot lot, to tan try Ilrigd in Dublin. . . . Ltvre ot absence is grantel to Lieutenant Colonel BCureton, Assutaot Q larterniaster General. Dublin JJir'sion, from th 2nd to 16th inat. The General 'Jommindinz the Forces in Ireland an. iMres of Major J W Espinasse, 2nd battalion 12th Segment, performing the duties of AsUtant Quarter. i nter uenerai aonig tne absence of Lientenant Colonel tureton. I The Rev M C O'Dell having teen appointed to the ttrri&ra of Dublin br the Secretary of State for War u smvea. ana assamea ms duties. Lure of absence ia granted to Lieutenant L H B moos, Rival Horse artillery, from the 2nd to 7th utint. A Horse Guards' order has been received at the depot the 91st (Argyllshire) Regiment, Chatham garrison, inoanciag that her Majesty has assented to its being i future styled Toe Argyllshire Highlanders, " and oUmh! and equipped as a non-kilted Highland corps. h! description of the dress now prescribed is as follows : -Highiuid shako blue cloth, with diced Highland Jruer; itiguianu tonic, as worn in ait iiignland regt-:ati; trews of the Campbell tartan; forage cap KU-iraoek, with diced Highland border. The ofBcera ara ivear plaids and claymores. The white jacket sup-&i annually U Highland regimeits will not be issued the 91st Regiment The change, as far at regards thing, will not come into operation until April, 18G5, t officers hereafter joining the regiment or requiring r omnia may annpi ins new cnsxnme u once PROMOTIONS AND EXCHANGES. (FromtA GaietU of Tuesday night.) Apiuau.Tr, rmm. L. 3ar Admiral of the Bad Sir James Hope, K C B, to be lc Admiral of the Bine from the day he enters the llmtU sad wmirt emptojed as Commander ln-Chuf of her iOtj's thips and teasels on the North American and Vest rim Statloas. WAS OFTICK. PALL MALL. FEB. 2. icth D racoon Ooardi Corset Artbor PlisPetriek Oodman be LieBtenant, bj pnrchaas, lies Oeorge Selwjn Marryat, mo mires; Fob 3- 4tb Hamrs Cornet Robert Soanes to be Lieutenant, by coats. Ties Uarry fool, wbo retina ; Feb S Mb Htnars Captain William Edmftoa Smart, to be wor, vukoBt porcnaae, rloe Horace Trower, dcorsMd ; jfcBtcnaot JaawtAlrtoa Clark, to be Captain, without pur-9. rice Staut; Cornet Arcblbald Campbell Dovglsa, to LiwmHoi, wiumtox purcnaae, tic viars ; dan i. 17th Lanoars Gentleman Cadet WUliam Rom Wynter, m ue Koyil MUiarj CoHere, to be Comet by nurcbaar, Bams St John Dick, wbo retiree; Feb t. lad Foot Captain WUliam Gair, from half pa?, late lh Koeo Guaroa, to be Cantata, Tie Edward Spteer Cbari-, bo retiree npon half pay, on appoint moot Staff offl-i of renitonerat Febl 3rd Uentanant Cbarles Marfan to be Inspector of tokctry. nee Llenteoaat Samuel WUliam Balph 8adlier, io has mired; Deed. Xth Koiirn Julias Tennyson to be Lieutenant, by par-m. ffet Ernest Acnetna Prideaox Brnaa, wbo retirea ; Aulenan Cadet Charles Welman Hawker Hal jar, from the Military College, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Ten- FebS. IK Eoalgn George Moore Lambert to be Lieutenant by Rbaw, rice Robert Fraka Gould, wbo retiree ; Gentleman ftet Jubm Frederick Bar an, from the Royal MUIury Col- !. le be EoiJgn, by par Chen, rioe Lambert r Feb . Dts Lieutenant Joeepb WUliam Lewis, from Otfc Foot, a Ci puin, by purchase, vice Cbarles Fleetwood Sbawr, io retires; Feb 9. &tb Enalgw Dmteaa CbUbolm Ollrer Spiller to be Lleu- Mot, by porcbaae, Tice Joeepb WUliam Lewis, promoted. perebase, In tbe40tb root; Oentlemaa Cadet Jobn Henry HolroytL from tne Royal Military VjUerr, to be mign, by purchase, vie SpUlar : Feb S. 67l& LieaUnaa William Oiby Lloyd to be Instructor Xuketry, two Lieutenant Kdward Coxan, promoted : ci. Jlfith Uentenant Tnotuaa Deerlna; Backhouse, to be Aptatnby porehaae, Ttae Jamaa Green, wbo retires; Enslsw vary Elderton WUdborne to be Lieutenant, trr MrehaM. ! Backh Gentleman Cadet Henry Boyle Travers, a the Royal Military CoUor-, to be Emlan, by purchase. fdke Wbidbome i Fb 1. lit ine promotion el Lieutenant Robert Lewis and of m1.i'.': Silt MOVETARY ajvd COMMERCIAL TOTFXUaKnTCS. (ITritte. spirally BV tit aWdt Tlasaa) ' ' Dublin, Wednesday Evaadng. : The Funds opened in Ijm&m this Bsornlng as a slight redaction upon yesterdeyls closing, qnotstloB, put a decided rally snbeoqnently tookpUce, evklenelng const-darabic buoyancy, though the tone of the telogrsphie intelligence torn the seat of war this day Is rather tb reverse of re-aaWdng than otherwise, showing, as it doss, that hard fighting with th ordinary result baa taken place between the Dane and Germans, which forbids any hop of a peaceful solution of the complice, tfon. In this market the Government Stocks wen buoyant, and Consols advanced one-eighth roent, whilst tber wsa fair ansount of boslnesi don in Sow Three par Cent Stock at an advance of aboot on, eighth ta one-fourth per cant upon yesterday' tao rency. .-- -j - ' ' ' " . '' Dealings in Banking Securities were eonfbasdto Bank Stock, which waa in request, and brought one-sourtk onr th. nraviona nric: And to the Shan of tU Union Bail. vrinch were again heavy, suffering A furtharra Upee ot pna-eighth per share. Nona of the other Bank Shares were tiered upon any tenrsaninns to prorooi. transactions, And l? demAnd was not sufficiently actrr. to effect purchAsee upoh the tame holders. Steam Securities wenrrtdy, but IWjtm not very much done in them. The Redoomto Sharte ol tho Dublin and Liverpool Steamship Building Corg firmly supported the preceding currency i and Irish Shares were firm at Sli ex diY, at which caab. transaction took plaoa tn them. The flh3t jfj tho National Steam Navigation Company were .oaSt m si the previous price, but they remain dnlL - V- , Connorres Mining Shan wen in demand, ana changed hands for advanced account at an improved price; and an advance of one-eighth took place in the) price of the Sharea of the Mining Company of Ireland, which were firm, snd held at tha dose lor 22, or one-fourth over the quotation of yesterday-. . Wkklow Copper Shares wen less trm, snd changed hands at a fractional reduction upon th previous currency. ' ' Grand CauaI Stock was again very nrm, and changed hands for present transfer at SO, being a further Advance of be. Exhibition Palace Shares were also- firm, and changed hands at 31, or 2s 8d per Shan over the preceding price. . - - - " There was not more than a mere nominal Dueinea Hnn. i (VenritleA but the DArkst Eenerallw speaking, waa firm, and the Stock of the Dublin and fcjngrtown company was verysceaay a. ftonoa price, at which it obliged hands ior preeaut transfer. The Shares of the Dublin and Wkkiow Company opened on offer at 10, the previous price, at which, however, none of them could have bean sold, and s fractional concession only proancea a eugnt ansouusui u w theni, but at the redoced price they remain rather nrm. r.mai Santhem and Western Four per Cent Stock wa alack, and sold at s fractional decline, and all other Shares wen neglected, see demand AAving been vary feeble. In Lor don the Fund dosed one-eighth under th midday Advance. . DUBLIN STOCK AND SEARS LIIT Fan, . Tfenepar Cent Cassis New Tone par Oent Seoek DsttenrNew Mb March 0. - Uf - NI-, Bank ef IrsUnd (Stock) 100 peM . 17 Colon Bank OAudtei) (100) paid 1 Brltlsb sod Irish (0) an paid Dublin and Llisipoel eldpesuldtnB Re. diiwnelile In Oct, ' (S0) all paid ... National Steam Navigation (UmUee) (100) Ci paid m Btlnioe Oe. of Ifwana, () 7 paid Wloalow Copper ii) aBeeld Sliaaorr 51 eadtv "I DubHn Eatubttlonralace (lAuutsd) (5) - 4 paid i f OrudCand (Stock) 10 60 BAUVWATa Dublin snd Diigstown (Stock) 10 paid 01 Dahtm, vTlcalow Wesdkea, (1) aU til ' BAB.WAT rsBfasssna, (Stock) 10 peld - M LONDON STOCK EXCHANG5 Fbb. S- a Ho mvrofl Oooaola Bbcav. SOr SO. Do. tor AeaomaL Hi. Hew Thres per CmU, 0i .0. giltiaajier Bills, snd seaau. 4 talOdta. EuUra CcenLVB, tti. Oreat NoRkara, 118. Onet Watsraa, Ml. 1 innsehln and Torkabara, MkUand Block, USA, SoetkKeMraaeat Jtowm, SSI t. . Tork, Nawoatfle, aad Berwkst, 10f Tot and North Kldlmda Sir- Indian IMS, lost at. Maxkssaa, H t BWiepolllans, til . Taras ('!, i t- Onsks, MJ1 1. Paadw, lt i, Oaisols, .0, Shares rather better, and Inactive AbmHou. and Oaoadaa cban.. Cisir.hf.lss, is s. CooaolklM, 4. ( i. Oeeanl Oradtta, 1 . leasr-aal Psasives, 7. Censols for Money Dut. for Aeoeoat Rn Tbrea. MONETARY AND COMMERCIAL. ( Afas. a MsrnrA-) rmn tb. rMi' Cltv ArUeVs Tb. httsns. eaeectatkn of fresh news tram the ml ef war was set svsuaAd rsstard... inTormatlm transpired .nth rarard to th. tkn cr th. British GorenuMnt. Th. variation, laths Stock eesrka were, tbeMfore, UrsljdpdAtAupOTth.lwrtJOvUom of th. public Thamarkrredaallr MTOgwd Itssrtlniss, aad to is. mdos cf any axdllor reports tn. raet or wsotner food amomit of roli harin. bwon tak Into th. Bank cootri-CMUd to emU btar fMllns. Tt dBcwst at Ihe Bisk eontlniis. good, snd la tbs Stock atxebasf. seawt lean, warerestsfdaj in roll reqaeet St T to 8 pse cent. Tbe ex-tkam tmtsAvsu. from Bio bv tbe IrKiocDins BrBAfilan msll on Immtuountlo tot OH omUf te the extent of I par oant- than thoM brtMrbt by th. prerlous tmlL Bombay U-leframs ta 1st Jsnaaiy ejaaa. tb. esxlseiare an Caaland I 1 Jd to Si ld. brlr . morecMCU ot more tfaa.1 1 pv ow. In farou. of this uutuUll. Froato. Xtat wswf Cltv Araess issasroey senaw. assd en. .r'lb btaaar. Kail way stock, laaprovea, but hare not jot atalpad lsendaj's i.ilillnns SpAesustors are raeouratred to bop. that th. war .Ul b. looalld, a&d of brirf duatioo. and that Austria ud Fraate vUl pres. Ikes' mo- hv kamlne Mate rssssarlreT prontsntsiwsi 8ofTola ba, arrired from Malbovn. with X11S.S00 ha goU- TbaraUnawautalrf tfaasttadf a mUBoo ot sold to be elspoMdtir, lb. talk of wWebUnMetsdl.B taksn to the Bank, tha tnoairy for th. CootlnMl Datn rerj mntuo, ns to tbe fctsb vabsa of monay bare. THE MARKETS. SPtTTAtFIKLDS WauarsstiAr. (optssaPr JtoriW for Um wA tVaw.) Wa tud . Urg. atlmdanot at ocr prortalon markats to day. with raiaar toskf tafia, tot boss, cared, bat we repeat the seloncr last week. For Asaerleaa fall prices ware had. . Butter nnalUred. Pinch bacon, s Od to 8 Od; Baddies, eOs to (sss ABsriean, U to ISt! new, s to 4st Wloklow laama, Atst. SO. Sdi loos nc Tea to Siij bladdared Urd. 61 to lis; better, cools, d to lid per lb; do, nrklns. Sea, 100s, 110s and lie. per ewt atoos. csalA, IS. ad to lis per son. Msasas Holt abd B iron's Waarar aaooua, 17 Swaar- to-rrairr, Lrr.Aroot.-Jin FaaSslmetr. stsrkstotr, ,00O bars Mldte arrir. part en privaw tsvms;and part at ad for per mt refraction. Also 0 ton. to arrire fas Loodoo at earn, price, with 700 bs. on tb. apot at 18 to 1st for 9) to 4 per cent refraction. Ous Palm Buuseas untmporiant, atprevioos prlosa In olire, trensactloe. to tb. of 100 tan. bar. been ooawnrwi ss teas weeae aa A send ctOcaoe. St lana, was otnwod by ssf Uon to b. sold " vlthom" sad ftoliaed 64 10s to Si. SmaU salM of booth Amarloan oooo. mit at 4f, and 100 barrels of rood AQMirican bud oUU 41s ed. Noahhsg reported In ftah oila SMd oils quhst and ttrwhuaad, Barin Afhs .large Iwnlnses has bawl done, bat prioee show a. Th.salwsA.ruly soo una .ream oo ssr black, 15a Sd for rood common, .p to H for Una. Spirit of Turpeoxira, nat UHl X. lowsr; IS too. vrenca bmc s. .an. Tallow has bren flat, with rery ttttl. bntlnare sssiln,. NA MSU41S. ud A tit to 4U J. Tb. oommnownnt ot to ban bad th. .& dwiLred. a. th. 1 Oat at 41. Sd for now P T O oa tM .pet. Ale ea lor stsreb, and 44s for Octobvtorjwasmbwr. A aarant ssimiapii I Lostdob PTOocca Ms.asT, Fan a. Bafs- an aarta atn to be .blslnad Ot tonam rsABS; dolna, bat npoa s.slsv MrmA. Coffs. ratber awM; retas steady for Csyten. Tea Prlosa about sua.; ret raw transaction. In Calna. Rlos Store demand for ballasas othar nrts, a slow sal. Sent am Plies, talher laaeer; A maeh bnslneea TaDew call, si prevloe. fcrssa. Lokdo Ccaa aUaxxr. Faa s Wheet, bsrlsr, eats, aad ottMr utlclM ara bwld ftroilr tor . ltttl. wftrsnc. t bwt present acarcely any tranaactlon In any artiol. O aboro.. Eiport Tb. tretns SVssdass cf btddars pra-renu bulnwa. bat rery rnll prioss are bid by spKmlator for some lArge loUofwbeetsndBow, wtdlst ether orOOm en tmaltered. Uvaarooa Cottob MAaaar, Fsa A store eawtsnci Market steady. Salas, prebablyMatt 4,000 bales; Iniportfl, 4,4.7 bal; iirsrioasly, 6,117 talM. Second Rsport Herket steady, bet common Buret lower. Sales, 4,000 baler, 1,000 spso and expert. LrvBaroot FaonnoB stAaaar, aaa, a, anger onu ; s,.w Penuina at 14a Bom flat. Rlos quiet Edci.cbqh Cattlb sAaaXBl, Fsa. A IS wsa ana Bona Report). Snppltat of otla and abosp moderate. Trad, for mutton steady at last wwA's prlore. BW rather dear, with . good clearance. Top price ttwsi tww, nisi Top prkw Best nwtton, fd; etuvent, 8tdtejd. ULAMOW COBB IBS.afT, rA. . toe... Bne.y S.p1llT,4teresreret, 1,11 sswks sas 4.8 burses ef Soar, 7,411 qrs bsiiay. 810 ore malt, g qn oats, ,,7U load, eauotei, 04 qrs beans, and ts era pea. Stnoa as aesn e fair rar ns anscs. ss sas-ndaa ibis ear's saesaet an ad. aaes ef la to la renally paid on Amerioao andSd on Baltic deecrip-Wniu wasnot qwotably eaarer. tVm waa oa per eanvdandlsiswfackdeeief. Ne change ta tea sense ot demand of sthwwtlcks. titaseew Isss MaBSav, BBB ansssHaw s, .u e. a 81. ed: mixed iil itl warranaa, ao oa to ea. M - uabw s, SOe Sd to els oc jaaraat easss. Ooax Btnrraa aUaxav, Fsa A strata. Ills I una Is Ills; thirds, 10t Soothe, SOe ; llnaa. Sis; stxiaa, ess. OBIS Stress, llht sunns. "! wnres. seis. 1A0 tn nerkst . rSnu IVae 4irRT BAB Ot WBwSt.! BSUrSSV, B 84; wsAUMs,.tdto.dt ktookeaas,sneiA THANKS. Stewall Webb end Henry L Fry, Brs, aa bahaK of th. Cornmhue of tbe Toang Wosnea'e ChrUtnvn AssocUUoc and Home. 10, Itereaford plm Dnblto, gnhsfauy ootaHoUifO the foltowlnf rams. vist-Mre Psalaed, 1 i Henry PUe, Esq, 1. pee Soontoij t " F, Tk 1. T sTr. Hants, lOst Mr. Bdwaed Uttecpan. t J . t tatenlent t ! S I Co-. "w , 10s: Anonymoua, tree, wooooo, ... "rn-tlysolleUd. Tb. CostuJtltts. ot taw vry -'-o- v - -- SAtrllls-street, Dublin), gratefully scbnowladgo lb. foUowiog kind eo-trloaUoo.: Master fleorr. PoweU, collection, lit; Ur. Brewne, per Key Edward BArlriek, ctiltsclion, 1 10s ; frees th. Bev W Cotter, 17s, ea follow. Mrs Wauac. ed Mrs Book, collactlon, 1 10s i Mr. HamUtoc, do. Ant.-, Mrs Browne, do, 10a; Mrs Davidson, do, 4. ; Mrs Cotter, do, tl te. . , Vroeu Mrs FriuUe to Mrs Lo. fee ber Hod oontril-r. ttooof clecliotiary toward, the ks-u. Ajnte. 1 Orta Befai. BocieSy, to ke tase la tn. "more fully before them. They feet suW Art Contion will co-operate with them in obtaining the defeat of thb nusstue, so unwarrantably and unnecessarily Intre-duced into Parliament By order of the Commb-eioners, , , Bjittbv 'Mr Morgsn'a report, which b in fat m 4 the opening of StaphWa green, will bo published la a few days. - 6;'qBEspoN .VrlrGALWAf ATLAltrid COMPANY. ; TO THB EDITOR OP THE HUSH TIMK8. , a Sib, Your anxiety for everything Irish induces ma to oak insertion for the touowing. uaatmtng w reflect over the proceedings of the above company for the tut five months. Well may we perceive in it when Saten depart irem aa Iioswu ilimlaii laialls fnllfisr . --' The subsidy to thb company was granted for the benefit of Ireland ; but scarcely had tbe company started when tbe directors, la an evil hour, ttstsriad to the ttntrathful and scldsh advioa of their Liverpool officials, and ths attempt followed to convert the line into a purely Uvwrpool affair. Such a series of miama-najrament and extravagance as followed I Unlike the Canard nmnanv. tha onmnanv had no depots of Eng lish coab In America, and I understand they had to pa 31 per ton tor inferior American eoai, two and a half . . . . .... a . a") wa TU- tons of watch was not equai v ana wa w v ti expenses on the homeward voyage were mere than doubled by floes, delays, && Then comes the outward voyage, calling at Galway, thooee to Liverpool, back again to Galway, from wheoos they left for St John's! sgaiu more than doubling tbe expenses. And unques tionably tbe eccideot to the Anglia was occasioned by the vassal starting from Liverpool instead of Galway. One of the dixtciors, month ago, an bononrabb Irishman, went over to bmdon and told hb brother dirsetors that he would resign unless tiiere was a thorough reform; to thb they aasented, and agreed to start the vessels from Galway.i The Columbia and Hibernia were coaled, victualled, Ac, and sailed from then ; and, be It observed, it was on the questicn-of coaling ths Liverpool offiebb induced the directors to break faith with the Irish public, by representing the Impossibility of coaling ia the Galway Bay. I regret to say the directors have not carried out their profeasions respecting the Liverpool offldeb; thorough reform was promised, but not observed, and until such takes place there b not the slightest caaaee for the company. If the project waa judiciously and economically monaieed wLh a desire for ito'auecess. no donbt it would succeed, as the Una b becoming more end men popular, aad the veessb had numbers of passengers and as much goods as they would take. Wishing thb may catch the eye of tbe directors wbo have still the power of actios: faithfully, br airing the project another fair and judicious trisLI am, sir, your obedient servant, . . jl oHaHKMniJiait. TO THB EDITOR OP THS IRISH TDCB8. Six Is it not rather strange that the Anglia, which met an accident In the Bey of Galway oa her passage irom Liverpool, could not be fitted for sea before thb, and have taken the place of the Adriatic, damaged in enoreavouring to make for Newfoundland ? The Inves-tie-ation Into tha circuautsnce of the Anglia tho directors might very well know would snd In smoke, and tha repairs of their vessel should have been their first object I am, sir, &o r7Ro ssoso rnsuw. GLASNEVIN B0 ADS AND FOOTPATHS. . TO THE EDITOR OT THE IRISH TIMES. Sir. Sever si letters from different correspondents have, from tune to tune, appeared la your journal on thb subject, but nothing has yet been done to remedy tho evils complained of ; the roads and loot pains are still in ths most disgraceful state, and I cannot understand the reason of ths supineness of the proprietors and ratepayers In not Instituting an inquiry into tha matter. We know it befits ths dignity oi great people to move slow, but It cannot be that they on all satisfied to pay 190 ot thaw money for nothing, and suffer the tenibb IncooTsnbnce of being obliged to travel through the bogs into which the public highways have been turned by the moostrous Job which has been lately perpetrated upon them. Whose fault tt b I will not undertake to aay. but I do say that an immediate inquiry should be made, so as to fix the blame on the proper parties, and adopt means to compel them to de justice to the ratepayers and the public. I conceive that the members of the council of the Boyal Dublin Society, particularly those wbo wen Uvourabb to the pubiic opening of their Botanic Gardens, nave a duty to perform in thb inatter, in seeing that those whom they wish to benefit have a proper approach to tbe gardens, instead of being obliged to wads ancle-deep in mad in tha piacea formerly occupied by comparatively good foetpaths. The remedy I would auggest ia, that a public meeting of the proprietors and ratepayers should be called; that the Boyal Dublin Society ahould be requested to lend their Lecture Room in the Botanic Gardens for the purpose, and that tbe members of the council and tbe other gentlemen I ban alluded to should attend, and join in making an im-madiaU investigation into the cause of the evil, and in adopting proper means to remedy it A meeting got up under such auspices would be son to succeed in accomplishing its object It has been found necessary to establish a " Ratepayers' Protection Society" In another district of the suburbs. Why should we not take the initiative from this, and have a similar society ia thb district, when it b much more required ? Earnestly Impressing on all concerned the absolute necessity of united, prompt, and vigorous action in thb matter, I am, sir, your very obedient servant, Proorkss. DR. PICE'S LECTURES. TO TBI KDITOB or THE IRISH TIMES. Sir. Allow me to correct a alight mutake la your favorable report on my lectures en Memory. Yon say that i gave yesterday the eecond lecture ef a series, whereas I begin the series of lectures to teach my method to-morrow (Thursday). The lectures I delivered yeeterday at the Rot undo and last week at the Boyal Dublin Society wen introductory only, to show the principle whereon my method b based. In inserting thb in your valuabU paper, yon will oblige. Yours truly. E Pick. 5ft, Xork-strset, Wednesday. AID TO MEMORY. TO THE EDITOR Or THB FJUSH TIMES. Sir, Seeing a letter in your valuable paper, of the 28th ult, respecting memory, I now have great pleasure in offeriot a hint to u Memor." If he would get some book in Euclid and exercise hb memory thereby, I have no doubt but that be should soon be able to retain subjects. - I bad rather a bad asemory until I adopted thb plan, which did me a world of good In many senses. For my part, I think thb b the best system. I am, dear your obedient servant. saamuinB. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Feb. 1, 1864. VICISSITUDES OF FAMILIES. TO THE EDITOR OF THE IBWH TIUES. Sir. As a coudn of the absent St Jjhu Jefferye, will you permit me In your columns to protest against hb name being thus dragged before tbe publb as a pauper, er very littie better. Such a published revelation of any Urine gentleman and hb affairs b in the worst conoeivabU taste. Yours truly. AS ULD BAILOR. Moehstow?, February 3rd, 1364. THE SUPPLY OF FUEL IN IRELAND. TO THE EDITOR Or THE IRISH TIMES. Sib, A letter appeared in the frisk Times of Thurs day last signed " A Cmstant Rsader, in reference to the one occupied by ths peat marshes ia thb oontrr. For ths Information ot the writer, I beg to state that I the large number he alludes to b a mistake of either the j gentleman wbo spiks at the meeting of exhibitors or of : your reporter. The ether figures which he quotes on correct, and are those green in tbe abstracts of Mr. O tiaras peper, puoiisnea m uw in ' " 19. h inst, and the London ref of tbe 20th. As tbe figures given by Mr. O'Hsra have been accurately printed in all the published abstracts, ths error for which Mr. Bsgott appears retpoosible, can hardly be accounted for. Black Tunr. BAY VIEW AVENUE. TO THE EDITOR Or THE IRISH TIM EX. Sir, Again I nave to trouble you to call the attea-in of the authorii ies to the neglected state of ths ebove avenue Since I before wrote on thb aubject It has been once cleansed, then all defects were apparent Portions of the roadway require to be picked and the dangerous ruts fllbd with propw materials. The pathway requires to bo gravelled, 'and ths ruts alto properly filled. Tbs slightest rain that falls will leave you over ankle deep in wet and dirt. I hops It will not be nectssary to trouble you more on thb subject, for If it b not atones paid attention to 1 will be obliged to call a meeting of tho ratepayers ot the neighbourhood to show up thb gross negUct.-.I am, dear sir, yours truly, EDWARD UUTU OSBasa. THE QUEEN'S SPEECH THE DANISH DIFFICULTY. Tha rwa K'mas aUndaa to tha difficult task Imposed upon the Cabinet ot conveying to Parliament and the country thesntiments and intentions of tbe Crown and tha Government on the war against Denmark. The Daily Asm says by whatever means shades ot diffe-renese in the Cabinet hire bean twnciliated, the Queen ef England will hold a language worthy of the country upon the opening of PariUmeat Tbe speech will probably express an opinion that even if three ot the GovemmeoU which signed the Treaty of London had some forward ia time with a frank and solemn daclaro-tion to uphold that treaty by oil the military and dvil meaas at their disposal, that declaration must have stopped tbe march, and even the formation of the German army which has now crossed the Eider. The Timet, referring to toe prociamauim w ua... WmrmI la lad tA bona that Austria aod Prussia will hold sacred their engagement In entering Schleswig. THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY AND THE DANISH QUESTION. Ths Herald says it has never mode thb a party question. Ministers misfat have had the aupport of the Con- semtives, hut tiiey have, .after Imposing humiliation upon Denmark, abandoned ber at toe l itn near, ouu the Cabinet falters. It will do nothing. It has dispatched fresh remotest ranees, but Parliament will meet nnlv to hear that a war has broken out which her ma jesty regrets, but in which Eogland, fortunately, b not involved. She has esesped tt the cost of a broken word, .a sullied honour, snd a shattered innuence. . . Tha annnal iW ,m nf tha ivseuihsM and Mends of St Mary's Youog Men's Christian Association takes place thb cveninr in the Rotnndo. The chair will be occu pied by the Bev. E. S. Abbott who will present the annual silver medal of the association to Mr Thomas I la estf BeeJsnd snd Third Keflons iHGAQEMENT BETWEEN THE GtftfktAS AND : . DANISH TROOPS., ThSafAeWlUt'rsceive "Sohleswio, fas.3, .S RswThb nieraing. at 10 o'clock the Germans drove the Danes from their (mtpU befora the strong position of Mbsunde, and at-tiflkH uumundt jtaslf. bat wen repulaed, and the Danes nbjoktheb'M01 t--,t ; r- r " Ths eBgagetnent lasted aix bouts. , . : ... r " The Danes had one offlottatTOedaid i ry CTfArra OT THB BATTLE. - " T -' M PRUSSL! HsADifOAMTERS, YfXDWmnAT MORXTXa. Prioee Frederick Charles of Prussia employed 74 smtotheattoekonMissun "HfaRoyslHigtoses wm convinced that the Danes wmopposVewio There"were nearly otK anndred tilled and ponded III .aslsiiH, angss. - - " The TAnguArd And ttu 11th Infaotrj Brlgada wan nBdarnra. . . Mlniil. en. in . "Bsaroausa, Fan, 8m. Tha Saniah prisoners takan hi tne attack upon afiamnri. war, brought In ham jrastardayattanwnn. 'at v n- - Ha Pott say. tha Ia InUWgnc. brings tha fanpar. tantnnrAoi athar. and that ate tha aneagmnant lAstingtha graatarpATtot jsatarday,' tha Qanaam nan tailed to mAka an hnpiaasinn on tha Danish post, its dar lender! having anagtaslaliiopaisaa ancj aoacx. DENMARK AND THE MUTISTSY. Tha IW Cit. AiUcU says that in relittos ta tha intended pollcjr of una coemtrj, an impnaaw aeun praralent hi tha dtj- that tha eoana to ha adopted haa bean to a considerAble extant leit open ta ha tefinenead by thaopfata of Parliament, and as that opinion may depend mooh on tha rush of event, nan hetwsannow and Thursday, than haa rarely Inen a Um. of greater l&tereat than that wnicn Tfiu prerau m tn. bmw. THE PARLIAMENrABY SESSION. Tba Tima does not aea that tbe comln. Meeton aeeeu likalj to differ vary materially from any of the immediate predecessora. Prties ara, however, so nearly ba-laiMw! thai the Mt arridant miffht dadde tha remit on. day or another. It to also qntte poamoie tut von-tirumt.l .fTr miv ram. ns from onr tornid atato, and, at a am. when so many dynasties and states an In psrD, it would be preenmntuoo. to nly too oonnnAntly on tho duration of aPArhament or tha stability nf a Mlniitry. . inn IVffSb&l wwa Tha London mamuur naners nnblish documents from tha Horn. Office, shoaliur that George Victor Townley bat beea pronoanxxd eu, and that the upitAl sentence of deatli nas been commuted to one ot penal aemuiaa. :." RAILWAY DIVIDENDS. Grxat KoaTHEjur. The direetom raoommend dividend for the half-year of jW 7e fid per cent on tha originAl stock; 3 par cent on tba B original stock -, and 5 lbs on tha A original stack. These rates wttl nuke tha dividend for tha whoU year 1863 aa follows : 8 10s on original stock; 6 on B stock; and 7 on A slock. THE BOMBAY EXCHANGES. Tho AnV. Km savs private talearama from Bombay quota the exchange 2d, Id, and fl for bank bills, showing adacline of no lam than 5 par cent compared with the quotations previously received. Tho affect of this Important movament will, no donbt, b, to check tha transniiselon of silver from EnglAnd ta that port On the other hand, tba CAlcnttA and China exchangee ara somewhat higher, cr in favour of locresssd shipments of bullion from this country. Tba chief drain, however, basfor a long time past been to Bombsy, so that a visible deerae of relief may now b. looWd for Im SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. CUBK1GU APRIL MEETING, 1864. TnaSDAT, 19. TrAlners Stakes, 5 sovs aacb, 60 am added. Water- ford Post. 16 subs, a ox whom declared, l aov forfeit Mr St GeorcVs b h Socrates S vr, 8 Mlb; Mr St George's ch m Minerva 6 yrs Sat 41b i Captain D W rack uerenonre D n aignaio yrs 1st mid ; sar mm Smaller 'a b e Bsvivar, by tb. Cure, dam by Orlando Booamaut 4 via 7et 121b : Marquis of Cooynghanis b c Spriog Dairy 4 ym 7st 71b; Mr H Smyth's Spirit of Nigut 4 yrs 7at: ueptain u w raca uereeiora e or c Lord Douglas 3 yrs 7st ; Mr G Knox's Gun.) D c Leareehann 8 yrs 7st; Mr Loogleld'abo Garotter, 3 yrs 7st ; Mr Dunne, ch c Honey Bea 8 yrs 6st lOib; Mr William Clarke's ch f Clariua 8 yrs 6st 101b-, Mr G Knight's ch f Firtdy S yrs 6jt 71b ; Mr Wybrow's bo Bines yrs 6etu. THUBADAT, 21. 8ecand Class of Madrid Stakes (renewed) 25 son, IS forfait Bathbrida Post 8 tubs, 2 of whom declared ; 8 sovs forfeit Mr Lomrfleld's be Garotter Set 121b; Mr CocUn'e He Deerstalker (lata Black Deer) 8it71b; Marquis of Drogbada'. b e Clsreoca Sat 7ib ; Marquis of Conyng- bams cbc roam set .in; aar 1unn.s cucuoney Be, 8 41b ; Mr Wybrow's b e Rifle Sat Tha hix-beet weight aecapting batag 7st 121b, tbe weights were raUad 1 stone. According to rule. The Marble Hills did not nil. HARROW RACES YcAteedat. i ibrua. nierra..) Volunteers' Vase Mystery, 1st ; Holiopous, 2nd. Six ran. SJling Fist Bice Falacombs, 1st; Duplicity. 2nd ; Pern, 3rd. Selling ateepla Uiua Ling came in by , himself. Fonr ran. Hldd'eeex Stemleehese Agnaa, 1st; Dscaption. 2od; Redwing, 3rd. Five ran. MANCHESTER BETTING YamxDAT. Two TbonsAud Guteeaa 11 to 2 agst Paris, taken. Derby 11 to 1 agst Scottish Chief, taken freely; 14 to 1 each agst Paris and Coastguard, offered; 17 to 1 agst Forager, offered ; 20 to 1 agst Coup d'Kut, offered to take 22 to 1 freely ; 80 to 1 ag Claremout, taken; 1,000 ta SO gst Idlar, takaui 40 to 1 agst Uullylox, onered. Chaster Cap ao to l on tne nwo, on crop. COURSING. CARLOW COUR3ISG CLDB Fas. 2. (ScuHy Jtrprtri for Of bi Itaw) Jodga Kalpb Westropp, Eiq. Br tbs kind oermbsion of Mr Fiabbonraa, tba above Club met for coursing on his well preserved grounds on Tuesday law. Haree ware vary plenty, and afforded capital treats. Tba day, unfortunately, turned out very wet and stormy, which sadly interfered with the sport. The following it a return : FIAST TTSS, Sir John Wolseleva rb Fly but Mr Lennans rb Tinker (drawn); Mr Hamilton, brb Queen beat Mr Kelly's r b Kate; Mr Hamilton's w bk d Little John beat Mr Lennsna r d Comet ; Mr Fitzgerald's r b TruAnt beAt Sir John Wolselcy'e r b Kate; Mr Kelly's w bk b Vrnus beat Mr Fitspatrick's b t b Ttrzth ; Mr Fltzpatrick d b d Marquis a bye, I 8ACOSD Tiaa. Fly beat Queen (drawn lame); Truant beat Little John ; Venus best Msrquis. THl&D TJB3. Truant beat Fly ; Venus a bye. Ths deciding course postponed until the next day. DIAHOR CLDB-Fan. 3. Stewards Lord Bective, Lord Lnrgan, JOG Pol lock, W S Gsrcett, Jnhn Rodon, P J Kearney, Morgan Rot heram, and K 11 ttstiersoy. onp cKawara v & Nichobon. Judge A Hawkos. Flag Steward W S Gamett Slipper W Wilson. DRAW VOn THB BURT BTAKUa. Mr CmlSeld's Colleen Rhus, Ned, sister to Rtphonia, aest Mr Friar's fn 1 w b Well-done, Beacon, Sortie. ... T I.'. . A Tk. fdiim. Rir William. 17na am Mr Pollock's r d Balloon, Sky Rocket, Bamboozle. Mr White's ns bs d Storekeeper. LegAr Hill, Bilak- Isva, agtt Lord Lurgan'a bk b Lady Julia, Rioter, Little Grace. Lard Lnrrsn's bk w b Lady Bertha, Master Braba- mn,-Lady Bella, agtt Mr Savage's bk d Sergeant Major, Legal Hill, BalAklava. Mr Thomas's rand w bKste (late Mischief), Sweeny Boy, Hatred, agst Lord Dative's Brandy and Water, Gilbert, Goldrill. ' Mr Joseph's bk d Battle Cry, Selby or Poor Hegro, Bird of Passage, agst Mr Caulneld'a bk b Wee Sell, Sir William, Topsy. Mr Gemott'e bk t b German Astor, Gsberluniie, Heiress, agvt Lord Lurgan'e w and bk b Lady Morah, Musician, Norab. T1. n. nun,1, ha- .nd w b Jenny I-lnd, tseaeon, buss Tinker, agst Mr Gemett'a r b Gaaanla, Effort, Hureaa. Mr Nicholson, n. w"- , ' Mind, agst Mr Caullleld's w be b Crsiy Jane, Beacon, MMr!choIson'a be d Sir Walter, Portsoa, Lady MArtha agst Mr CardweU's bk and w b Hibernia, Sweeny Bey, Myrtle. Lord Bectlve's fr d Baron Nicholson, Judge, Bitten, (bye. thb srEvrasoviAS rr Aires. V. Thomas', bk and w d Doctor, Barny, Brunnette, agst Lord Bective'e r b Bobbinet lgar Hill, Bunting. Mr Rodon'e w and bk d Olaar, Wonder, Lucy, agst Mr Caulfisld's bk t b Cruiskeen Lawn, Rioter, Lady Sarah. Mr Nieholon's be d Canny Scot, Canaradso, Kever Mind, agst Mr Gemott'e fn b Groondsell, Wonder Lucy. Mr Nicholson's fn d Clansman, Canaradso, Never Mind, agtt Mr Whyto'lbktb Wiiisom-worthing Sir William, Twine. ,. slr CAUlfiald s na D tiaeemu ad.m, w,n,. , Topwy, agst Lord Lurgan'e fn d Master lingua., BridMrroom, i.aay aim. , MrPoUoik', rd Bonnre, Sky Bock BAmboog" Lord Bectives-w end bkd BoecAge, Ugar HiU. BunUng. Mr Friai'e r d Fgb-a ballsgb, Murder, Molly, agst Lord Lurgan'a bk b Lady Evelyn, Seacomba, Lady WMrph'. fn b Msrihe, Portsea. Wy ljtotte, get Mr Boden's w end bk b National, Guard, Wonder, Lucy. . Pbbsimt Frbqukkct or r-AKA .TSis a noieis. We have been informed by Mr rergoson, her Majesty's veterinary surgeon in Ireland, that since the oouunencement of last December up to the present the occurrence of paralysis has been unprecedented ly frequent in this country. Tbe causa is not Apoplectic, but An effusion ot fluid in the membranous shesth containing tba spinal marrow. The position of this fluid is affected by gravity. K the animal awndsahill tho htod leg, are alone affected, but it he attempt to go down .... , .i imm almost anite rowerless TT .v. - i .-u i.iin to that portion ol the S'KCS Sr. lege with nerve, f nv. .owes. TbsfeOowlaf s YOUNG MOTS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The second lecture of the pisaenl leatico of the Dublin Toung Men's Christian in connexion with the United Coarch ef England and Ireland, was delivered m the Metropolitan Hall last evening, by James Apjohn, Esq., M.D., Prof essor of Chendetry and Mineralogy tn -the' DohUn Univemty. The subject eboainforlheecasi and osrtsinex iutMnmopropexl" t The Verr Rsv Dean Graves ooenplsd the chair. The attendance was large and respectable. - Amongst those present we obeerved-Mr Joseph Napier, Rev A Iaseper, Rev W J Lefanu, Bev Edward Metcalf, Rev HR Poole, FT CD Rev W J Moiloy, Rev John Aloock, Rev Dr Butcher, iter vt Salmon, r i uui Rev Dr Stanford, Sir George Preeton, Sir Richard Mae-DotmeU, OB j R G Colles, Esq Joseph Casson, Esq Hugh . Brown, Esq j T W Gregg, Esq ; J B Carroll, Esq t J B Barton, Esq, .M D i Bar B Gibson, 0 P uroker, lEsq, Ml); John Adair, JSjqi jonn uriea, j&tq Hocnxn, Eaqij Thomas Greene,; Esq Wm Foster, JSsq t R. W Bwitxer, jssq; iter erxar, jr ii; v H K White, Em ; Rev F C Haves, eW, te ' I The proceedings were opened with singing, reading a portion of the fienptures, and prayer. , -: r- The Chairman said Ladies and gentiemeo, It would not have been an easy thing in ancient times to bring together such an assemblage as I now see around me, in the expectation ef deriving pleasure and profit from a lecture upon water. The natural philosophers of olden nmes wen pretenuons m tne prooiems snout wnicn tney busied themselvea. They occupied taeniae! ves very much with endeavours to discover the philosopher's stone, and in their reeearches after the panacea which was to can all the His to which flash is heir to. But a good and great chang has come over the spirit ef philosophy, and on the ruins of alcbymy has grown up a noble struc ture, a real science, that of cnemistrv. which deals with questions relating to all -if, organic and Inor ganic, oi wnicn our globe is composed, and which teacbes us that la the composition of the commonest thing, and of the most common place phenomena there an discoveries to be made which tend greatly to our advantage. Information on these subjects will be communicated to yon this night by one who is able to teach. (Hear.) I hope you have all come prepared to listen to tbe lecture which will be interesting and pro- table, i anew l am by no means an impartial nearer. I am bound by no ordinarv ties to your lecturer to night. I am his colleague for many years, and I claim tbe privilege oi a mensahip to um, and t weuia oe asnantea to asy I was an impartial hearer. I begot yon all here present that you will assist him, as far as yon eon. In performing the teak he has to discharge to-night, by being good liateners. It will be sweensarr la the course ec the lecture to darken the room, and it Is de ars bis that you should, tn the interim, preserve sfleneo and quiet. (Hear.) Yon will excuse my mentioning this. X can hardly suppose that fa an assembly of this Mod, gathered together to hear this lectors, then would be anyone who would miscalculate the nature ef our object to-night as to de any thing to interfere with the comfort of those who came to learn, or the comfort of mm who stands up to address ua (Hear.) Excuse me, if I detain yon for a moment by saying a word er two expressive of the anxious feelings with which I, as a minister, look upon such on assemblage as this engaged in pursuits of this nature. We shall be led by the lecturer to contemplate the gnat advantages which an yearly, nay, almost daily, made in the tnvtstigsiicn of nature, by this uvestigauoa the dominion of man over nature is greatly increased. New lustre Is added to tha crown which he Is permitted to wear ; new forces an developed, end these rorces an piacea within nts control ior fox or for evil. The powers of fln snd water, trace thought antagoubtic, on now made to work together, obedient to his control, snd to carry us, swift as winds, over land and sea Fresh triumphs an every day added to the list of those which our natural philosophers have gained. Bat let us never forget that in these triumphs of the philosophers over nature let us never forset in the midst of, and over all, these material things then hangs a token of change, and decay, and death, end that outside tbe narrow circle of what we call light then lies an in Hatty of darlcuafs. Let us, therefore, engage in those pursuits with the humility of the great Newton, who spoke of himself as garnering pebbles by the aids ot an ioBnite ocean. Let us never forget that whiU we an uvestigatiog the laws of nature, there is over aad through all a Lawgiver to whom we owe a constant love and fear, and let us never forget this either, tbst the ictalliganee which is expended on the invealigation of the laws of nature b one of those talents for which we shall have to gin an account The trium( hs of the philosopher may lead tn a vato glory. Let us not forgot them is but one thing in which we have a right to glory, and that one thing is the Cross of Jesus Christ. (Loud applause.) Professor Apjohn, who was received with loud ap-pUase, then proceeded to deliver his lecture. Be said that when first requested to deliver the lecture he had hesitated to do so, but when he considered the purposes for which the society wsa founded, tbe great good which it had already accomplished, and the greater good which it was likely to achieve In the future, ha felt that 1m could not decline the request without laying up a great J -wi w awnproiu. ior oiuueif. it was nie lounuon to explain to them, as far as it was possibls within the compass of a single lecture, water and its eletaenta, the true theory ot combustion, and, lastly, the dynamic theory of beat. It was unnecessary to tell them, what every schoolboy know, that bodies wen divided by the chemist Into simple aod compound, that the former were comparatively few In number, and that the latter ware practically almost Innumerable; that the ancients thought then were only four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, and that of these tares were long sgo found out to be composite bodies. Before he concluded, he oseant to show that the fourth of these ooee-caUed elements, fire, was net a variety of matter, but merely a modification of motion. The lecturer proceeded to ex plain the nature ot tbe two elementary smsea exvrea and hydrogen, ot which water is exposed. The former of these Is one of the most abundant bodies la nature, forming a fifth of the atmosphere, eight-ninths oi the weight of the water upon the earth's surface, and a third of the w ight of the earth's crust. Oxygen has numerous snd powerful affinities, and dischargee a oust important part in tha economy of nature. There an two substances from which it is comsnonly ehulned, one a black ore of mingatwee, and the other, chlorals of potash, which is a perfect raagssine ot oxvren. Having obtained a quantity of oxygen by experiment, Dr Apjohn said it would require on entire volume to describe tbe properties of this wonderful gaa Like ot- mospnenc air. its volume rartes under pressure. Its union with ether substances b generally accompanied with light and best. Thb fact tbe lecturer Droved by Immersing a taper In a jar of oxygen, when the light became many times brighter. A piece of carbon ignited at one end when placed in tbe same jar, burst out into a bright flame, and a red hot iron win became heated to white light, and gave out brilliant sparks while in process of combustion. He then proceeded to describe hydrogen, which occurs In all living bodies, aad In many of ths commonest substances with which we an acquainted. It forms one-ninth of the weight of atmospheric air. Having referred to the more usual methods of obtaining hydrogen, Dr Apjohn showed that it might be obtained from a current of steam directed upon on iron wire at an elevated heat, and also from the strange metal sodium discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy, wbieb once cost sixpence a grain, but might now be purchased for twenty shillings a pound, lie then described tbe use ot hydrogen either in a pure form, or in the form of coal gas, in producing the ascent of balloons, and referred to tbe celebrated ascent of the French mtiiti Gay Jusaac, aad tbe more recent aveents, for tbe purpose of scientific obesrvatioe, of Mr GUlsber and others. He then proved by simple experiments that tho burning of hydrogen tonne water, by its immediate combination with ths oxygen of the aix. Oxygen formed eight-ninths of the weight of water, and hydrogen ooe-nioth, but tbe volume of tba latter was double that ot tbe former. Dr Apjohn harirg stated that the iWceat of ail beat with the excepli4i oi that produced by tbe gal rank entrant, woe the beat evolved during ths combination of oxygen and hydrogen to form water. He alluded to the oxy-hydrogen blow-pipe, and the lime-light invented by Captain Drummond. Uaviog briefly described a few of the simple properties of water, snd the different kinds ef water known as mineral springe, bo briefly explained the fact that Instead of following the rule of eapanaton by beat and coo traction by cold, which eppliee to all other bodier, water ceases to contract when the cold te below 39 degrees of the Fahrenheit thermometer and begins to expand. Wen tt not for thb property, all the water converted Into Ice, even In temperate climates, would sink te the bottom, snd masses of Ice would accumulate in rivers and the sea Uself which no solar heat would ever melt. Haying also referred to the fact that water requires a greater quantity of calorie In order to make It pass from tbe solid to the liquid state than any other substance, he proceeded to Illustrate this by many beautiful and delicate experiments chiefly exhibited within the spectrum produced by tbe K no-light upon a large sheet. Ths ex penmen ts would not admit ot explanation, but they wen eminently' sncceanfuVene aecM4 eolr. having oecvjred. At the conclusion of his lectors be referred to the two theories of heat the material theory, which was now being given up by sdsntifio men, and the dynamic system, which is generally accepted. Dr Apjohn lucidly explained thb dynamic system, and illustrated it by a few very nmarkable experiments, and concluded an able and intereeting ad drees amid loud and prolonged applause. Mr Joseph If spier moved a vote of thanks to Dr Apjohn for ab elaborate, interesting, and Instructive lecture. The Rev Dr Butcher ascended the motion, which, on being put from the chair, was carried with acclamation. The Uoxofegy having been sung, and ths benediction pronounced, the meeting separated NORTH DUBLIN UNION-Testerdat. H J M'Fablase, Esq, in the chair. The Other truardiana mesant were Dr D 9 Brady. JP; Mr J M Hyndman, Captain Lindsay, DL, JP; Mr Thomas Atkins, Mr L Carton, Mr H Ingram, Mr G Thorp, Alderman MGsnn, DVC; Mr J iJenait, Mr n uransm, Mr M Usvacan, Mr E Uogan, Mr W Meagher. state or mi house. BemsinloE ss nor last return. 2.027 : admitted durtttr the week, 76; born, 1; discharged, 64 ; died, 18; remaining on tba 30th nl t, 2,022. uaving disposed of some routine business, ths board adjourned. The usual fortnightly msetlnc of the M try's-abbey Young Men's Society will be held In the schoolroom on thb (Thasday) evening at eight o'clock, when a paper wOI be read on The' Thirty Years' War ia Germany. UEMOXD-qOAT lOUHO MSB S MOTOAL ISfTEOVR- MBifT Association Tbb ( rhnradav) eveninc Mr Campbell will read aa esssy. Subject4 Our , TIMES OFFICE, Haif-pMt Font o'Clock. f THE DANO GERMAN WAIL. ' 1 ' THE' ATTACK UPON MISSUNBE. ' '( tfBB Thelostof thePrnaiangbithe attack npoa Missnnde is estimated at 150 killed and wonnaecL . ThePrassinns have retired to Eckernforde. ? Rain has set in: ' ' The ai7 Herald has receired the following "FiaRssbueq, Wedsesdat (1030 am.) About 100 womided arrived jjcre this morning from the e-orming of Missnnde yesterdaT. 1 iT " The Germans were ' repulsed fonr times, . and noaiiy retreated. , m ... "Thaw and rain set in."" r , , (From the 8econd Edition of the Monona Post. " " Cofeshaokx, Feb 8rd, I(r25 am. The re pulsed attacked on Missnnde was not renewed. FUBTHEK " Ketosbcbo, Feb 3rd The cannonading of lCs- snnde was continued to-day. The Prussian regi menis who were principally engaged yesterday have been ordered to rest to-day. .The loss of the' Prussians sp to the present is from 200 to 300 killed and severely wounded, in cluding many officers. LATER DISPATCH. - Kiel, Fed 8rd In the engagement near His- sundo yesterday the Danes maintained a heavy can nonade from their forts against the storming par ties of German infantry. ' The loss of the latter is estimated at 100. anions wnicn are several superior officers. The Danes continue the cannonade to-day. The Prussians have brought heavy artillery to the front. Boats are ready for the transport of troops over the bchlei. Copenhag eh, J ax. 3rd, 78 p x. The attacks on Missnnde yesterday were made by 9,000 Prus sian troops and two batteries of artillery. The Danish force consisted of nine companies of infantry and two squadrons of Dragoons, in all abont 2,000 mea. ' The Prussians made two attacks but were re pulsed. They at first left their dead and wounded on the field, but the greater part were subsequently removed. The Danish loss was 150 to 200, inclndine three omcers killed and four wounded. The River Schlci is free from ice np to 11 a m to day, ftothing further had occurred. - PROCLAMATION OF FIELD MARSHAL WRANftTHV ' Berlik, Feb 8od. The nroclamation nf Finlrl Marshal von Wrangel to the Schleswigers, says That the Civil Commissioners of Austria and Prussia will assume tho administration of the I'ucny oi ftcmcswig, and not as was stated, of the vucmes oi ocmeswig ana iioisteitv ENGLAND AND THE DANISH QUESTION DECLARATION. Viesna. Feb. 3rd. Tho scmi-offirial Ctma LomtpcmtiezQi to day says Disquieting rumours have been current of intended intervention on the nart ui noa-uennan rowers, especially England, with reference to the action of Austria and Prussia. We may oxprcss the hope that the explanations from the Vienna and Berlin Cabinets, and more particularly those sent immediately before the opening of the British Parliament, have been nerfectlv annrerintfrf- nua wiu sren su i armor coinpucauons. - VISIT OF THE KLNG TO FlENSBURG. The Kinsr and Crown Prince of Denmark, accom panied by Bishop Monrad, arrived unexpectedly in Flensbmg yesterday, and immediately left for Dan-newirke. They were expected to return to Fl ens-burg the same evening. Durinp their stay in Flcns-bunr the Kmc: and his suite took up their residence at the Rasch Hotel. THREATENED RUPTURE BETWEEN ITALY AND AUSTRIA. Paris. Feb 3&d -The Patri of this eveninc Dub- lishea, under reserve, the news that the Italian Government had protested ajrainat fortifications bcinc erected by Austria near Pcschiera, in contravention ei tne treaty oi iooy. The Pons of this eveninff anrrouncca that Anstria is makiug armaments on the Mincio. SUSPENSION OF COMMERCIAL OPERA TIONS WITH THE BALTIC. The Skiooma Gaatite save the war in Denmark has created a suspension of our operations with the name, correspondence irom awindmundi, uaotzic, Pillan, &c states that althoush frciirhts are offerinj? at those places shipmasters prefer to wait the turn of events, or at all events to exhibit no disposition to commence their return voyages. The first vessel detained under the Danish embargo is the Prussian barque Inzha. from Manel to Boudan. under average at Elsinore, in which port she has been stopped. The fleet at the disposal of the Danish Government it is said will be more than equal to wis service. THE POLISH INSURRECTION. Cracow, Fkb 3rd. The news that the Russian authorities bad discovered traces of the National I Government in Warsaw reduces itself to this: A boy was arrested for having in his possession four- ! teen copies of a notice from the Town Captain ad- j visintr persons not to be present at the ball of the General Ritkowski. A piece of paper was also found on the boy on which were written fourteen initials, j probably ot the names of persons to whom the no- j ticca were addressed. After being bastinadoed the 1 boy confessed the full names of those persons, who i were thereupon arrested. ine Kussians have definitely laiiea in tneir at tempts to surround and destroy Boesak. j colonel bucnonin nas been wounaeu. ramoauo i is dead. I THE THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES. The London Krvreu ears -A lioval Commission Is to be issued on the expediency of retaininc the present form of subscription to the Articles. The 1 Archbishop of Canterbury will preside. j INDIA ARRIVAL OP SIR JOHN LAW- ! KENCE -TERMINATION OF THE FKON TIER WAR. Bombav.Jak 14ra Sir John Lawrence, the new Viceroy of India, arrived at Calcutta on tho 12th nit. The war on the frontier is at an end, and tho force employed against the hill tribes has been broken up. ' MISCELLANEOUS. London, Wednesday Evening. Her Majesty held a Privy Council at Osborno this afternoon. The trial of the eight seamen implicated in Ine Flowery Land piracy and murder, commenced this morning. Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire traffic, 16,798 ; increase, A2,4S0. London and North Western traffic, 91.503 ; in crease. 8,995. Lancashire and Yorkshire traffic for week ending January Bist, JttifiW, last year, jwiou,; in crease, 3,5 0. Royal Coll so e op StraoEoas, Eiolaiix At a meeting of the Cturt of Examiners on Wednesday, Jan. 27th, Mr George W Harrison, of Whitechurch, Oxoo, and formerly resident pupil of Mercers Hospital in this city, was admitted to the membership of the Colletre. ' Jraloust Thaluk, TuaaiiAr.-On yesterday a small farmer named Buckley inflicted so dangerous a wound on his wile that her life is lUspaired of. They live near this town, and it is said were not on good terms from the jealous deposition of the husband, who Is older than the wife. They had some si teres lion today, and he struck bar a blow with a spade on the head, toai which it is supposed shs cannot recover. She has been removed to the county infirmary. From oetr Corrs- ipomtext. DssTBCcnox or Sheep. A case came before the Tralee magistrates at the Petty Sessions, on Monday, of the dog of a farmer having been seen tearing three sheep, the property of his neighbour. The iniachief done by hungry dogs in the neighbourhood is extensive and on the increase. On Saturday night six sheep were killed on one farm ; on Monday night a valuable sheep was destroyed at the Spa; and last night three were killed and Ave dangerously wounded on a butcher outside the town.--"roes our Ctrctpomd BaaxvoLBorr Aon or thb Haacmo.vxas op Outfox dk. For the past month, sometimes two or three times eich week, the Harchionesa, accompanied by some of the junior members of the Ormonde family, has visited Dun more, and made a personal inspection of each poor person's habiUtion, and inquired into their means and wants. A large distribution of blankets and other bed clothing suitable to the season, as well as warm under garments, has aocampanied those visits, and the poor of the district have reason to pray, as they fervently do, for long life and happlnei to their generous and noble beneiactress. JCUbamg Moderator. Thb Lord Mayor's Bakqukt. Programme to be performed by the band of the 10th Royal Hussars at the Lord Mavors banquet -.Overture, " Nino,' Verdi ; Selection, " Fra Diavoto,' Auber; Walts, 44 Alice where art Thou' (1st time), E Hartmaan ; Selection, uTra-viata," Verdi ; Part Song, Farewell to the Forest, Mendelssohn, Mr E Hartmann, bandmaster. i The Harold's Cross Youso Maw's Ciwxstiah Absociatiojl Tbe next ineetiog of the Hateld's Ones Young Men's Christian Aasociation willD.V) be this evening, 4th inst. at 7.30 p.m. Scripture portlm, h Christ at Nain.n Luke. viL 11-17- An essay oo The effect ot anaxhinery" will be read by Mr William , Among the preparations that an being made in virions parts of the country for the general election that most take place either thb year, In anticipation of the septennial term, or next year, by effluxion of time, the uireatenea crnsedeoi the Liberation oociety among we Ubersis does not stand alone; - What thsy will make of it we will noVferthat faquireat present, nor will we speculate as to how far their operations may be directed to the spoliation of the Irish Church. In Ireland itself, ether braes, and e brosaet. .programme, will probably, claim and have preoedence. . At all events, we perceive that parties are beginning to marshal their Jones, and that candidates are appearing on the stage, ft b sometimes useful and instructive to torn our eyas towards tne sister island to see which way the wind mows, for, in sdditlon to the issues oommoniy in dispute, then are sometimes special topics -which, though perhaps not of eUrect aad pressing mterset to us on thb aide of St ueorgeis uhannei, navsrtiisiess claim our attention ana erii4evon?iympjiav For instance, the other day we pet our hand on a nuniberof tbA-Drogkeia Coarer. vans, containing an, article which is in some measure calculated to excite one's local curiosity. for we found that it related to the candidature for that town of Mr Benjamin WliUwtvth, of thb city. - Beyond some vague knowledge that then are gentlemen of Radical proclivities among us who bear that name, we were not aware that any of them were in quest of senatorial bonoum, and, if we may judge from What we hear of the state of parties in progheds, we are obliged to conclude that Mr. Whitworth has been kept rather in the dark by lib political friends on that important subject, or that, it be reauy oo aspire to a seat in ParUamsat, he would have sought that envied distinction at tbe hands of some other oonstituency. . Under these circumstances, we may well be excused for doubting whether Mr. Benjamin Whitworth really intends to "run" his Haiinam against the uraserva tive spirit of Progheda on the one band and the Roman Catholic spirit on ths other. . There can he no donbt that the friends of Cantain Knox, the Conserva'lve can didate, whose valuable services to ths party, by the way, eminently entitle him to their warmest devotion, will make the most strenuous efforts to return him, and (we will add) that tha probabilities of success are strongly la their favour. On the ether band the Roman Catholics, if they respond In any degree to the spirit which animates the old and thoughtful, and, as tha Tunes calls them, the M respectable" members of their church In Enxlacd. wtll do their utmost to prevent the return of rny candidate wbo b a Radical , dissenter of the Bright and Cobden school the school, ia fact, which propsgates those doctrines and pushes forward those revolutionary plans that have proved such a scourge to the "patrimony of bt Peter" in Italy. It b tolerably clear, therefore, that if Mr Benjamin Whitworth really do enter tha political arena In Drogheda, he b very likely to be ocorchod between two antipathetic fires ; snd we should think it not improbable that, on reflection, he will elect to remain In that privacy in which he appears to be so well esteemed. Hen and there we And other todj cations of coining contests ia the Irish boroughs, and, although, for the most part, they tarn upon the old issues, with local and peculiar questions superadded, w shall not be surprised to find the line of demsreatioo, so strongly and sharply drawn in Drogheda, stretching into other constituencies and forming a barrier between the contending parties not very easily to be leaped by either. One impression has certainly been derived already from what b passing that in Ireland the next general appeal to the country will result in giving additional strength to the Con- servtiivs party in the House of Commons. . DROGHEDA INTELLIGENCE. OSOX OUR OOERRSrOEDElfT.) Drogheda, Wednesday. The Trix itt -street Geisvaivoe. For upwards of a year the poor inhabitants of Trinity-street, Horse's-lant, and the adjacent streets, have in vain tried to get a remedy for providing against the flowing of intolerable nuisances from Chester-lane and Horee's-lane into a beautiful spring near the Dome, from which the inha bitants of thb locality procure their water for domestic purposes. Fourteen months since a memorial, signed by Francis W Leland, Esq, and several other gentlemen interested in ths comfort of the poor of the place, was presented to ths Corporst'OD, preying that some remedy be adopted to carry the filthy nuisances Into the river by means of a sewer, to prevent Its mingling with the spring. Though tbs corporation ordered their engineer to direct his attention to ths matter and report thereon, and received this gentleman's report, in which he stated, In a sanitary point ef view, the p raver oi the i rialists b desirable." vet thb valuable well b suffered, especially in rainy weather, to be the repository of all tne nuisances of tne two nitntest lanes in urogneoa. For the past week frequent complaints have been made by these poor people, which caused several persons to visit the locality and judge for themselves. Amongst those wen Mr Alderman Biylsn, who has at ell times been most attentive to the grievances of the poor, and assiduous in nusung application for iminecuale remedy. INSPECTION OF TBE NEW STEAM ENGINE FOR THE FIRE BRIGADE. An Inspection was made yeeterday in the principal square, Trinity College, of a new steam engine, built by a firm tn Birmingham, and recently pure baaed by tba Corporatija Tor tbe use of the Dublin Fire Brigade. Tha Inspection took place to pros an oe of the Lord Lieutenant, who arrived shortly after three o'clock, accompanied by Meto-Geoeral Larcom, and Captain CocksraU, ADC. His Excellency was received try the Vraenble the Provost, Very Bev Dr Todd, Sir William Wilde. Sir John Gray, as Chairmen of the Water- crorks CouuniUee, and several members ot ths Corporation. By thb time the several fire engines In the city arrived, and Captain Ingram with the Fire Brigade, all eetng communicated with oy teiegrapa trom toe principal station in the main street, as though a fire had actually broken out in tbe College. They arrived on the ahortast poeable notice. Two or three thousands ed to witness the coarstsonj, hut all were not permitted within tbe College precincts, where the students were ia the aggregate, and indulged in a variety of practical jokes. They cheers! lustily and made tho proceedings rather lively, uaiortanateiy at the penos fixed tor the inap-ction, a very heavy shower of sleet descended and caused considerable inconvenience. It was. h waver, not of long continuance. Steam was got ap as quickly as possible, aad when tbe steam engine was in working order a huee was attached, and it certainly sent a voiuase to a considerable elevation, psasing ever the cross on the top of the campaneUe, a height ef 96 feet, higher perhaps than any house la tbe city. Ultimately lour boss wen attached and a otreaa of water wss poured at ths same elevation, which certainly would be sufficient to extinguish any conflagration. Ia 10 minutes after lighting the are dU lbs steam was obta ned ; in 101 minutes the engines started with jet, water rrtssare 40 Ibi ; steam rise rapidly to 80 Ibe, and a seven-eighth jet was then need ; steam rose to 1 10 lbs, water pressure to 100 lbs, with a one-in eh jet; 120 lbs stesa averagH-2 1UU lbs water ; tne wind o owing very high, prevented thb jet reaching its altitude ; two f jet were next connected ; 85 lbs steam, 65 water; four jets respectively were next used ; 3 eight-sixteenths and 1 ten-sixteenths, 95 lbs steam and 80 lbs water. It manifestly would have propelled the water to a much greater elevation, wen It not for a strong wind which prevailed and wittered somewhat tbe upper current. It required two of the brigade men to hold ths nozzle of each hose, so considerable was the force. In addition to the ad vac tags ot tbe engine being abb to send water great an elevation, the stream is conti nuous, provided, of course, tbe water supply admits it, which it certainly did yeeterday at tbe coliege, tbe water being supplied from a huge tank or reservair underneath where the engine wss placed. Some littie practice b required to render the brigade men quite oa ail with tbe management of the engine, which seems to be simple tn its construction. It is, perhaps, not quite heavy enough, for it seamed to oscillate a good deal when steam wss up to the full. It is drawn by four powsrtul no rasa, it does net require saon than ten minutes to kindle the Are In the boiler, which could be easily accomplished by the men in atten dance on it wails driving to tho scene of a cenflagretion. The Lord Lieutenant ramalnoa lor a considerable time, and anmed pleased at the result of the impaction. ST. STEPHES'S-GREE.V (DUBLIN) BILL. The following rep art on tbia bill of Committee No. 8, was read a first time at the Town Council's meeting on Monday : u We, on tbe 14th Dec. received a parliamentary notice, dated Uth Dee, 1863, of an application for a bill to open Stephen e-green as a public park, transfer tbe estate In the green to the Commissioners of Public Works, Ireland, and empower them to levy rates and charge upon, and thereout pay the existing debenture debt end interest thereon, &e. Thb notice we referred to our law agent, Mr Morgan, upon the 19th December last, upon the Uth January, l'rl, we had laid oeiore us a letter from R. Smvth. Km . Hon. Secretary to the Commissioners of St Stephen's green, dated 8th JaiL, i oys, a copy of which we submit nerewun. upon tuts letter we ordered Mr Morgan should furnish to us a report upon ths rights of the Corporation having reference to the notice of the bill now before Parliament ; and that Mr Morgan should lake such steps ss would pre- the (ocas itamtu of the ijorponuott oeiore rarua- mcnt. " Mr Morgan has furnished to us an elaborate report, which we herewith submit ; and we recommend to the Council not to relinquish the rent of 300 Irish, now received from Stephen's green, and not to consent fb the Imposition of a tax fr tbe maintenance of the green as a public park as contemplated by the bill now before PerliamenL which bill we recommend the Council shall oppose on merits in Parliament" ibe letter from Ur Smyth referred to is as follows : "The Commiafiooers of Stephen V green beg to draw your attention to the bill for opening the square to the public under the superintendence of the Board of Works, and at the cost of tbe citizens of Dublin, who an to be taxed tor ouch expenses as the board of Works may deem to be necessary for the payment of the balance of debt now due on debentures, amounting to about 2,000, and also tor tbe annual maintenance of the green as a public park. "The Commissioners confidently rely on the Corporation opposing such an invasion of ths rights of property as b contemplated by thb bill, not only In their capacity as landlords of the Commissioner, but as well In their position as protectors of the right and property of the citizens at large. They will oppose this measure so unfair and prejudicial to their tenants and so oppressive to the city of Dublin. The Commissioners are determined In their opposition to thb attempt to deprive them of their nroaertv. so solemnly made over to them bv the Comoration under the sanction of an act of Pare liimenVbn'the faith dt which (hey'1uS-'cptaded,-rn tne osing and embeitashing the ureen, upwards - oi lO.OOOf; and it has been ascertained that a large majority of the inhabitants ara equally opposed to thb act of spoliation. Tbe Commissioners will be happy to TUtlTOUfWwW we nan-ru youniy, ana ttobert rybelan, of Tuifamore, Solicitor, Under Sheriff. JVoss a Carrarxmdemt. Ma. G. V, Bsooxjb It la stated in the Era that by -aao aawv uuu, u uourKu voppm, tue weu-Known tee-atrical managor in AustralU, offered Mr G V Brooke 4,000 for a twelve months' eigagement, with all his Aooidkbt nc the HuHiyjro FiBxn. Colonel Hare, brother of the Hon B Hare, Ballymore, Qnsenstown, while hunting on Monday with Mr Uniacke's hounds, fell from his horn and was seriously hurt. - He was immediately conveyed from Whltegste to the residence of his brother. Cbr Etamimti: Trades1 Unosr Otjtbaob. One of those lamentable mddents, called trades' union oatrages," occurred in tviBaui un auouay morning, ina Douar ot a brick yard was blown up with gunpowder, and there Is no wuoc a was oone traaiictousiy. Kighs- inen were Phended an susoieioo. and aitarwanla ilaelwML ; Gbaxw Inn, Jab. 27. At a Pension of the Hon Society of Gray's Inn, holden this day, E Romllly, Esq; of CaJus College, Oembridga, M A, the second son of h tucnt nen tne aiaater of the Koiia. and P n'St.1. livan, iq, the only son of J P O-Sullivan, Kaq, of Tralee, u mm wmfcy tm hmttj. ireumo, wan called to the degree ef bajriater-at-law. Charge or Assault aoaixiit a VimruT. Omm Thomas Charles & Corrv. M.DU waa hmntrht m t ak. D.l a t.i . . . . P . . r arouce-coun on xufsaay, cnarged with as saulting a young woman named Rose Drummond, she havmg visited Dr. Cony for advice, when the alleged assault was eonmiitted. The case Is adjourned till tomorrow. Tan EiTPEBOB or Austria ash Fnrr.n Vimmr n bamoel The JiJnDeror Krsneis Joamh has uldnwaivl the following autograph letter to General Wrangel : " Dear Field Marshal Baron von Wrangel I am happy to find my gallant troops under the command of so renowned and experienced a general, whom I have tbs pleasure of knowing personally. Mindful of my parting Words, thev will rival their Prasaian hratTnrm In arm. in gallantry, devotion, and steadiness, courting the applause of their allied sovereigns In a spirit of noble companionship, and winning their approval with united strength. Thanking yon in advance for your careful conduct, I am yours sincerely, Fbahctb Joseph. Vienia,Jan 23." ' THE BRADY Letters.' The Dublin enwenMnaant of the Daily Telegraph says: Anent "The Brady Letters,n as the alleged literary effusions of the Chancellor's youngest son nave been styled, and for which he has been uiimercifulty pilloried in certain public prints, it turns cut, if the ComwmglU Patriot is correctly informed, that they were not written by him at all. The Dublin coxnspondent of that paper says: u I am : m a position to state that the letters are not in Mr Brady's handwriting," and u a slashing action will be tne result.- ine old adage, Those who nve in glass houses ought not to throw stones." is. it seems about to be exemplified in this affair. By way of retaliation on a member of the Camarilla, one of the supposed instiga tors oi u attscES mane on young sir Brady, the K h Pamphleta are abont to be reproduced in a " History of the Rise and Fall of the Independent Op position a party combination of Irish members some years ago to oppose alt uovenments which would not do u justice to Ireland." These pamphlets, which were entitled " The Voice of the Bar," and published in 1850, created a sensation at the time. The gentleman to whom the work is entrusted is on able and trenchant writer, and will do the literary part of it every justice. ahb i KLvxKTON vASB.'vn Aneedsy major the Hon. William Charles Yelverton. presented a petition. through his agents, Messrs Tippetts and Son, to the House of Lords, and which was served the same day on the Hon ftfrs Yelverton's agent, stating that on the 10th of February, 1809, he submitted a petition of appeal to their Lordship's House complaining of an interlocutor pronounced by the first division of the Court of Session in Scotland on the 19th December, 1862, In conjoined actions of declarator of marriage at the respondent's instance against the appellant, of putting to silence at the instance of the appellant against her. That the re spondent duly entered on appearance on the above peti tion of appeal, and lodged her answer on the 29th ef June, 1863. The petitioner on the said 29th day of June, 1863, lodged bis printed case with the clerk of the Parliaments, and the said petition of appeal was on the 30th of June, 1863, set down for hearing before the House of Lords, ibe petitioner goes on to state that the " only" question for the consideration of their lord ships upon this appeal was whether the nspondent wss toe iawlul wue of tne appellant. The petitioner concludes by asking that their lordships will be pleased to fix an early day for the hearing of the said appeal. ohockixq accwext ox the Volga. a letter from St Petersburg, dated January 27th, says : " On the 16th instant a (rightful accident occurred an the Voles. It is the custom at ISijni Novgorod to erect on the ice wooden buildings, wnicn serve as bazaars and houses of entertainment during Christmas aod the Benediction of the Waters. This year, in consequence ef the mild weather, the ice was not eo strong as usual, and the con struction of these buildings was at first prohibited ; but when the severe frost set in, at the beginning of this month, it was thought that their erection would not be dangerous, and the prohibition was withdrawn. The result showed, however, that the fears which had been entertained were not groundless, for the ice suddenly gave way, one of the temporary inns sunk, and, with very few exceptlona, all the people who were inside perished. The pressure of the roof upon the lufortunate sufferers rendered escape almost impossible, and fnxstrated every effort to save them. The weight on the ice was increased oy tne number of vehicles assembled at the inn, which, together with several hundred hones, were lost bv the disastrous accident. The number of victims has not been ascertained. City special and common Probate iurors will be re quired in the Court of Probate this (Thursday) morning iv w huu, aim wiu um caiieu over on neavy noes. ENTERTAINMENT TO WILLIAM THOMPSON, Ijia MAJBAUrUfc Uf IOJU UiaOi&A bans, Dublin. rasaasTATiox or plats. A large number ef the friends ef Mr William Tboma- son, late Manager of the Ulster Bank in this city, and formerly secretary of that bonk in Belfast, entertained him at Spaddacini's Riyal Hotel, on Friday evening last, the 29th ultimo, on U occasion of hie leaving Dublin, aaauming the duties of chief officer of the London and South African Bank, at the Cape of Good Hope, to which impejtant and responsible position he has recently been appointed. - Tha chair waa occupied by Wm Allan, Esq, magistrate, Head Police Office, Dublin, and the vice chair by Charles Copland, Esq, Manager of the Boyal Bank of ireiano. After the cusiomarv level toasts had been riven and duly honoured by the company, Tha Chairman rose, and in an able, eloquent, and feeling address, proposed the health ot the guest of th vecing, Mr William Thompson. In doing so be expressed the profound regret felt by himself and that geotiemau's many other friends ia Dublin at bis departure from this country, and passed a merited eulogists upon his conduct, character, and abilities, ne referred the high Miimation in which he (Mr Thorn Deon waa held by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, or with whom his busuess broutrht him in contact during his residence in Dublin, and observed that be hod never known ai instance of a public officer leaving this city wbo carried with him a larger share of the affections and good wishes of tbe dtisens of every creed and class. (Loud applause.) Indeed, it was to him a problem not easily solved how bis friend had managed, within the comparatively short time ho had been a resident in Liuoiin. to acquire so large an amount of popularity. He (the Chairman) supposed, however, that they must in a great meiisure attribute It to that urbanity of demeanour, kintaly disposition, and borusty of purpose which marked his conduct in every action ot his public and private life. (Applause.) Whilst, however, they must all deplore the loss they would suatain by his departure from amongst them, and deeply regret his removal to a aisxant colony, tney could not bat experience some coosoiation from knowing that the responsible post which ha had accepted, whether looked at in a pecuniary point of view or otherwias, was not unworthy h sue weu-anown aouutea ana great experience tn benkicg. (Hear, hear.) He waa triad to obeerre so many of the beads and leading officers of the banking ostabliih menrs of Dublin there that evening, evincing as noma generous leeung towards their guest, which, whilst It was flattering to him, was highly creditable to themelves,udb wusnnMr Tlvxmpeott would ap. predate it as one ot the most pleajing features of that evenings proceedings. (Applause.) Tbe ehalrman, In conclusion, tendered to Mr Thompson the smeere and heartfelt wishes of all present for tha roc cess, welfare, and future happiness of himself and family. Mr Thorn peon replied, ex preening his warmest thanks for the very flattering terms in which the Chairman had proposed his bealtb, and for the kind manner in which his frienue had received It Tbe proceedings of that evening, as wall as the many ether substantial proofs which he had received of the kindness and good feeling of the dtixens of Dahlia towards him, would never be effaced from his mefnory. 1 The Chairman then formally presented to Mr Thompson a costly aod beautifully designed service of plate, richly ebsaed and engraved. Each article contains Mr Thompson's coat of anas ronod which is the following iiiacription : To William Tromi-sost, Esq., Ulster Bank, From a few of bis Friends ; Dublin t ' January, 1864. He (the Chairman.) again nee and read aa address to Mr Thompson, stgned by the principal merchaota, bankera, gentry, msgistrates, and heads of commercial Arms in Dublin, which, together with Mr Thompson's reply thereto, will be found w exfeaso in our advertising columns. The Chairman then. In suitable terms, proposed tbe health ef the vice-chairman, Charles Copland, Esq, Manager of the Royal Bank. Mr Copland, in replying, expressed the sincere pleasure he experienced in assisting to pay so just and well-merited a tribute of respect to the character and worth of his friend, Mr Thompson. He folly concurred in all that the chairman had said in reference to tbe merits and good qualities of their guest, wbo, he deeply regretted, was about to leave them. Ha sincerely wished ptim that roeess In the new sphere In which he was about to enter which he so eminently deserved (Applause.) Several other toasts were) given and responded to during the evening. Each of the company before separating bade Mr Thompson an affectionate farewell. ... rVa niniswtsayi shp Ms TlvOiSfresnwfli embstMor his deetination la the steam spip Britain, which sails hence from Plymouth on the 5th inst. The service of plate wa. designed and manufactured by Ueesrs West and Son, jewaUsn, Daaw-etrwt, PrtUa. life, wyira Bosh Fraaer to '"bear date 19th November, 1863, apuiB Charles rraeer Bmua uannff been killed oa the 18w mat month; Ueeftoaant Aobert Keren to be Captain, bout parcbaea, vtoe Robert Barttelott Aldrldge, killed In ion; Ensign Edward Gordon LUUngiton to be '-'wtmant. bout purchase, vice Heron : Nov SO, Geotlemaa Cadat Hhn De Lancy. from the Royal Military College, to be En- a, wilhcmt parcbaar, vlee LUlingUon ; Febl. 2nd Ensign Thomas Bedford Urqahart to be Lieutenent, boat purchase, vice Henry Francis Campbell, deceased; c II. rub lieutenant Sir Alexander Molr MackensU, Bart, to Pan' kin "h mrkui Im fkntatn and RmM I.lnl.M bcr Pbnel Thomas R Dranunood Hay, who retires upon half tart, la rdiJ i Lort let o ITO iATO the ft the Ensign Arthur Joseph Btourton to be Lieutenant, by Wcbasr, vice Sir A M Maokentia, Bart ; Gentleman Cadet ma Thomas Carrutbera, from the Royal Military College, it e. align, by purchase, vice Btourton; roo a. Kntign Richard Hay surabride saut to Deueute V, by porobaar, vice Andrew MscdonaM Grote, wbo re- ay; Qentieman Cadet Edward Augostin Swalnson, from Boyal Military CoUegf, to be Ensign, by purchase, east: Feb. S. H Baaira Arthur Peel to be Lieutenant, vice Henrr Chapman, killed In action ; Nov 40 Gentleman : Henry Charles Reynolds, from the Royal Military "I". be Bnstxn. vioe Feel : reft s. o: P R OilMML am, lata Rnaten bar Malestv'a la- w Fonses, to be Paymaster ; Feb 1. west India Regiment -Sergeant Samuel MeUoUagn, tbs Scots FuaUler Guards, to be EnaUu, witaoat pur- 4". vk Charles EaoneU bansfarred to the MlUtary FebS. Wfst India R raiment Ltcatenant Tbomae Hew ma Dalrymple Bay to be Captain, by porcbaae, Tice a. err, wbo retiree ; Feb z. sarOT BATraitox fflo Drury Rlobard Barne. 14tb Foot, to be Instrnetor Pwetry, Tioe Captain F T Lyster, lltb Foot, promoted; twtermastor Thomas Lee's appointment to be antedated f m July, 1&&9, to H lb Jnw, lUS. KMMtfcn to ilw nak ot ctfonel of Cinuln ud LUti JUCulnl Airrad Cv C9r Onovlte Qunb, to on Jlth Inobir. 1861. fm Qorx VtUmt Vmtf, f tod Foot, la bin lb. CooiDbMiT Own. imm ot b JUltr1. bdta VwniMrUt DwtaMttt, to hm lb. boaerwy nak of ami m z. "J- ' W i i Ksvln mmUiJ tit. m- 91 Mnlo. Id tb. nnk ot LwmuI Colonel, to Co- nteth. pmWHitf OmRojal Wimnt of Ool 14, ptnut CoIoikI John Sinpaoa. lulf p tat. S4th root i Ifnl 10, 1S11. Uuot ColoMl D.Hd Wion, M Foot; J.I; l, 1813. nut CdloMl VroArrick Wdllngton John FluWitwa, Si. Uwn i Jnly ,6. Sn ud Umtmtnl CotoiMl John Hjod. Klog, Gma cruuM.; An, SO. laun CoIoimI Wtbl Butler. tth Foot : lert . a. Mloflf prMMllORI ID tek. pUO OMMqMOt Otl tfa. MrHij(trOaMrmtBoltTr7Ml, colonel of In. XQd r iiu eVtlnnu. on I llh Junur. fxwut CIomI ud BnM CJond Own llmllu, f"o hdf p.y Uu fp. ntonnUd BtllMlwn, nrriaju i lb. Sua MtntCv. ot Qi Hop, to b. Mjjor yM: J.n 11. fe Bar; Ffind Kmootj, Uth Fool, to b. LUntoaut flnel; Jw u. lUi E4wud Wotiunbobs. Wlrd, Bojal EnfbMat. ( "). baKftoi; lull PA Xmuo at Sr. taim Schools. Tb. umntl nr lor tb. children Attending St. Bride SanjAy Dcnoou wai given lAU nrning in In. ' PtiUh Schoolroom), which nr. moat tU OMorMcd for till ocension with A nrolosion of snr- Y: reatbA, banno's, texts, Ac 1c. Aft w the coa-vMn of An iiwxhAnatibl. mpplr of c&k. And ten. If 7 Tleitor, preMot nrenl of their ul ngB and hymns. - The nujic UntArn hrin? IS !biteJ' ui OTAngM distribnled, tb. incumbent tf, in anitobl. ternu, A cordiil to(. of thinks to r. Mr. Lucas, And Another to th. taschers of the t wnos. Uate and l.bonr so ranch was do. r Mtn ooatIjt 250 children antertaiud. The chaar-fWnMy dcaad at tea o'clock with tho National hem. tanoRiDoATE Pinunoi-moAi. Socirrr. There . KencrAl mwtiaa: of thi. Kclet. an Thn.l.v tit t.4Ul 01 F,b"T. 1861, at Ho 4. ColUtre, f ihefollowina; DADer will be read .' -Uotleratian Abs-inenc. br Mr T B Uttle, A.B, sch, Don. r"- Tb" 'I" U1 tAken at eight o'clock pnnc-JTi (College time). . pMt Aimoox SnyicB.-Tji addition to tho in ma uapM ot tba Rottmdo Hospital, Bnt-un a nnkretand thar una .n TiftiiXn. f T7 SondAy, At fonr o'clock Am, coninancing twdsy Dttt, the 7th inst. It is mlendad that tha r-t tba aermon, ahAll not ocean mora than.

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