Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1916
Page 1
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mm 11 THE GAZETTE STANDARD f^/nTHV^T^ T l-Tk: *<rjr**t T*V- A " If f *W T*' ^^ STERLING DAILY G SJXTY-TWTRD YEAR—NO. 77. AND DAILY gf ANDAED STERLING. ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPT. 30, 1916. THEK BEAD IT TOMORROW !W CITY PAPERS PRICE TWOCENTS. ROCK FALLS CARNIVAL WILL CLOSE WITH THE ENTERTAINMENT TODAY Large Crowds Yesterday and Last Night Had a Good Time—Awards Announced in Horse Show and Agricultural Depts. In hot«<- »how dny a? flu* C«»rir» Crtrnhnl. nnd .«* the Wf-nthf-r wn.<« tlte |»f>ti|iir> hrt'nn to nrrht- «';irly th<> morning tor \ir>y.- the dlfYermt and *w ti.e how *no% ** fr»m the jitirrouridlnK towns atlvnntng:»» of ihi^ day nnd ino- ,tOl"«»d t»> Hock F.i I Iff !o enjov ttio dny. \tt IhP mnjoiitv of th«' Htt>rHnsc stores ><I fr^m 12 «'»•!» •«"!• To 4 "o'elw'V Jh»» "fe1rrk». niul m^rchantw hn.l !i chnnrp to Hock Fnlli» Pd (hi> STERLING MASONS Many ji, e ft By Auto This Mornfhg To Attend Big Meeting At Rockford Today. FASHION SHOW Dr,^. .Goods Co. Entertain TheifPatrons With a Fine Display, A Number Of Sterling's Handsome Daughters Made Ex' quisite Models. ' 'hi' ,.f tit*- mo«t. imiiiiif ftnd pSKflfsine- <'fifV't-<;ifm!t<-Mt«* of I he fcnfunt, for it «a« rus entertainment of etfjUWt*" ! ;i*i(> fur (do women of thi* community. \v;i.« Kivfrt l.ty th<* U >IH-Ocjiver 'otnpftny ix> UH p;ttrona s\i n't' 1 ri( « «tfofi» JiiM c-vcn- ,V Inure |>l:«( (otnv. l-\4.*< feet, W«* il in ihf rctir end of lh«> mnln with, a fr*s<m)i tl f red find sreon em itV,\itilit)K I ho plfitfotm, which EVEN .UNCtt SM* IS HIT BY PAPER PRICE; CONSERVE, IS ORDER f:-!' miti"»' ifniiort«n<"e and ' With work *-ff'-\ t to- th Ihrtt Th<» !,« band, which • ilurlni; the Corn j rcsterdny ond i K " rkf "" 1 blK crowds from one fn>f itt-jl»'H;i' tin L.'°_ nn <lih£?"_ nnd isejit the ..f_ J'jist PtUertnined *ft»fnodn~7»n<T <" tOtttld, all I ho flhnwn nnd ptttnda did ;1 'WfWftrkably blK buslne** yesterday, and 'kit metttc*] to he well plc-uttrd. The Whlf-ti IwiVe beefi KTWn ttlirht in the Woodman nnd ; thirty i dse A. r. attt nil in l>c»T!r»r finbprs of T A A. M. !*ft f!»T S "'flock Iht* inwtiitK of Thf hif'etitfoi'i !..- f,,f tint M nn In IK** well as the >.vi»« to htne plftily' of ll«j!ti.!« but the. croWl' <iH ''<•!» IM Merv removed «•!»»<•!» :|tnl cituntern, ex- this for 4lH> attrartions In th«> people ftorklrm t they enjoy«>d th««. tht dam »>» ol iMt In fmmjemcnt ilmy and Is the day of thi* carnival, Tho nun uhlnlnn hrlRht thin morning, nnd letwl that n record breaking *«rowd will bo prtwnt. 7 •. > Tft* Balloon Ascension. , Tb« majority of th« big crowd Htny- Job until after thft illutn- |t*d Jbttlloon auwnnlpn by Frank Of ~I'hiladflphki~iU 1':3i>"l!iSt It WAR a Kpeeiaeular flight, the |Uoonl*t carrying r^ 1 ' Hsbta nnd ling off flreworke. Thv m»c«*nnltin rnad« "from the lot next to the IJSteriinjr Manufacturing plant. The milled In a north-easterly df- attfmpt A parachute drop ut night remained with the* balloon, which Jed .In a tree*on Mlxth uvcnue in ittrllfifr, bfltw&en Third ami Fourth After landing In, the tree the raised uuffiHiftrtly" -to permit bttlloonlm to,swing himself intoj tiddlu of the itlreet When* he land- \ rr-ft- I third dcurt-i', Thi<s much distiiH-tl'in in Tcrn|ilt- will kcrp i.[> ly niortiiiiit »n(il Hit nistht. and nt-arix !i(nl« fr"r»i northern invitt-d as xit< sts lotlK<*. Thi> fiimoux ->f thr r(ry<itinn of flu ers were placed on thrt»f> c i . n»\vd roitlrl elimb up on iind !iii\e riioni to Mli»i!i iiiiiiK room «;i>4 ;it a h li.-lii oniert iind Hie rr«<l «o the count- i. tn f!«'t pr.'rnlum. room be- burrnns put If' to "wn.terve f ipt!! Hfj»s to d ?lu-' upe of «!er type in The Kwefnnieht ttnhiifilly r i Jfl r > r: 3 the Jarsfpst tmllvMunl contract mfidf In llilK country for rrfifif-r tuppiirs. Wherj !hf» i>a!>*-r rftnilrrd fur the pres- f-til fiscal year is ready for delivery, Kfooml purchasing asm)}* hnve hern warned that the milla will not be nble to m<"*t ft demand equally «a gmit next year, even ut enormous lnerenst:ii In prices; GRAND JURY TO MEET VILLA FORCES - -sf Are Encamped At the Properties Of American Owned Is Stated. Garrison Given Chance To Join Rebels, Those Who Refused Were Flogged. PUT Conference of Hss Seen Postponed, I Inns '•tit t' fur m«f»" ' ffntrnl S:< sin honor M;»v>nry. Tel m In is hnn««> fn'tn »'iir- miilnisht hour tone thotisnnd M.'i- >f lltf -lloekford Mirn.ih KM i !,'(>. of Chicago, wi'-nt one hundrt**! iK In Th«'re will IH* sev»-n enndidntfs to \>t> ralfir-d to tho thitil d«>Kr«*»», nnd Hock llivcr .liKl^p h«« !><>f n i ' invit«Hr 10 confer one <if thi'sc dt-sr<ff«. Tebala lodge* Haw two iiallrt PO that two deKft-e* will Ii t > gjyrqv at one*. :TIu« work "waj» to start, nt 1 .o'clock inrt ttr rnntltitrr iinftl-nii -<»• nfm-iutlt-tfr V cliim chowJ«-r supper will b«> i«erv- •d at 6 o'clock." A chowder expert i HIM been procured for the «M'c«»ion. i (Vftor the. bamniel Mixpah ImlRe will (Ut on n 'ilcKfcf In the precence of th»» ntlrw KuthcriiiK. Tbi» i« expected to a«t until the midnliilit hour. The Kter'TinR contiliKeht" went" lip Ttf ilito.v and are expt-t^tt'd back nlMint k "»nday noon, Tlie foHowlns officer**. f Mock Hlver lod^e, will confer the legreo atmtKnetl to is; Womhlpful . Jkliixu-r- -Herman F. "' '' ...... "~ ' iltj; crowded us Will-ai> Hi4' hitter floor. Th»i wtouv was vciv liamlform ly <l«'c- i* i H t « • i r i H ~u j « T y "ites IKI t f : T' i T ' f rpp" TITTR-' "|i--n, siiitl the ii'Mi*'inl concensus of opinion I* most c*iTnnJ»'rtiTnTili'»" fo fTii : i ••jni'.an.v ("t Id* enfcrpt i»«c. l!i(4li!i«n S«i rlltuf yoiint; Iridifs nnd Sdhit <\hlili *.V.IN to introdit««» th*> full r:t«hli.ti«. to the l.-idicM of »hl« i;itv. Tin* Stxln .^iu-w rttiittt'd at S:lli. mid Miss .hint' «»'<'(-nrn*ll :ippt'Hf«'d flr«tt wr-arlntt, a blfii k ixoiii! i Jotli suit iind . I'll fiiiM. Hlit> u as followed in t\irn 1> vi t*s- - A -.- * - : **n>»M«»• Iv-vtiiaflut? A>tu vv n. i'i ivi'l velvet ftuit; MiifKtiict Storlsirltj ;l<'t»n Rfibi I'diJH-- «\iit, trimmed Wit Six.) October Session. Will Convene A't~Morr!ioS' Honday Morning At II. fr«tn .Inrilor . Warden Warden J. F. \V. Koth. STRIKE IS ENDED Trouble At LaSalle Where"" cal Guards Served, Has Now Boon Adjusted. term': (5. U. Hey, Jordan. Jiulph Thoma* and isy \\<M i. Staff <*orrt"Hpond/ i nt of l.'nited i'j-f KK.'I Kl rv»««(, Tex., ^frpt. 3". Pnnch'i Villa «nd hi* forces nr" fncninpr-d hi th*> properties tit the four Aineri<-?i(i .>«n'*»! mines nerjt CtKiihulrnchl, following Wednesday**'" battlf 1 with the dff/iclo tr<»op«. ftt'cordlriK to the lust reports r«-*-t-iv<m todsiy, The Carranxa authorities cl.-Utn two viclorles for !he defaeto forcew but de- inlfn refwlvfd by tb" ! ? . H, secret ».-rv- Ice tndlcnted that both opp«>fi!n|« fori-es rr-trraipd and (he bnttl«> was without *. by Villa him.*Hf a drtnrhmcnt of 30«» Vlllist'iiH cuptnred th«« town of Cnslhuinlcbl with little blood«h(Hi. I'nrt of th«> K'irrlfton revolted rind (he othern incltnliiifi the offlrera were Riven an lilly tu^Joiu .the \'llti«t.iH. a,tu\ ,. .11 ,.,.n ,.„,. I w! "'" "««*> refused were flo^Kt-d nnd n) " utl1 ""Mwnl bm-k t<, tell fien. Trevlno at Chi. II ,1'Mm-Tc at rhepiunTiud trtrti THIiT Tiatl cnpf'"«' ; ' v <rTiiFi town. OfficlfilM tleeitiK from C (H-hi carried the won! to (!en. -W-hti. ..\voH-n_ fnw ^fllJli-Jt illfltiUM^ He Immediately attacked with n force of 800 men. Villa hastily withdrew to the mouth of H iVwtiby canyon and net n trap for the VflllMUi*. A* the defncto troops followed the bnndliH Into the cnnyon ihry were - thel by heavy fire .tC?BL J5 P f'-hl.iy?. K u nM "a n < I in owed down. (Sen, ItatnoH then withdrt'W from the cnnyon, reformed bin forrrH nn<l nmrtth- ed tnnrqrd. Hnntn V««hli». l£!l!^!JLlyj!?L^_y''_ '•'" American grand Jury for thl«rownr"d~"mlne« !Ti»nl< fitiiifi vviih r!rf« pe<.kinsr Ihr- tr.its In thn n^w < us?ion. ho allies Will dlfc\ivV sttrijtieent mea!«tjre<« to powers off from f-r.m- the oiit.vide world nnii pl-jn«t now tsmU'r <li«- «>f wnnt« f:raml i ?f nT _.t.Uc. it.ire's 'AUorney J. .'. remind the jury for-ithr thry are to nnswer_l« Monday morning til court hoime nt Morrison. Many think the »eK"«|oi) wfU be crtlleil to order nt 1 o'clock, which I* not the cnne. The October term will «tnrt tjt ) 1 o'clnrk and tlie firs! thtriR to b« ntU'iulfd, to will he the impaneling of the grnnd Jury, This body will meet In the Kr t nnd ALLIEMAINS More Ground Takerf In Thirteen Weeks Than Germans Took (n Six Months. Forty Villages, Each One ganized Into Veritable Fortresses Taken. lly Hf-nr.v Wond. (Klnff Correspondent of fnit.d (Jr.-ind Headiiuarter^ of the French Army. £«j!t. 30.— In (lie .nrxt 13 weeks of the Komnic offensive, the French and L P. Morgan Sails For London To Arrange-For |2SO»(XK)»- 000 British. War .Loan.- Twenty Consecutive Million Share Days Has Boosted the Stock Values, ^ <Hy 1'nitwT rrrw.j X'-w York, N". Y., Sept. 20.—J. P. Morgan was booked to »ail for J En|r- liind on the American finer New..Tork at ..ROOM, to float a quarter of a bll* lion dollar lkiti«h war loan. lL_»»S'-re» ported^ In flnanclnl circles today, H, V, tiavuiori, Mi>r«wn's partner, hft» been in Hn^land xevernl wefrks I>rp- sumably arransing de<iifl» of the loan, which will IH> securt-d mainly by than ban be«. n taken hy the '-I! J'l'll!! .J.L'.'Hl.J?.!.? » ! ' ' 'i? will betfln nt once. It Is wild oa'thP'fftrc«tH thcr» will b« many *\iri>rl*e* in otore. when Hn» Knutd Jury Kfl*JLJbjT*!l l Sh._ii!t_5^5!lL__T]lfLl£!i!!**iiyiJ __:-••_• the lint of the gmnd Jury for thbTj«wnT«T the The -. »ev«««ty-flvc''memhi > rH of Com i>aiiy..JB of ._ihc_ J*l K* lLJr«'Kl»MriJ.t Ihm. will 1>«* Rlad to iicnr" that Snllo ffinont »trll<»» IUIN het'ti ti so far an the wtrlko l» oont'ernetl, and th«v mill* are at work ntriiin. The m«-ml«;«r« of Company 15 put In at four X. Parka, C«loniRr Frank t ? fklti, Mnnt^nt^roney Henry Htitton. Hnhnaman. W. I* lirown. Tomplco. Irwin Wilkinson. Hume. Kdwartl Kraft, Hopklin>t. William Mchwlttent. «i I'rnnk Feltcjile, Clyde. K. K. HelHt, Lyndon. John Allen, A. H. «flly*T. Portland. Victor- Kwt-nj, Fftntoii. hern doubT'lf villa wfii jmolent hl« property us from nil indications th«» bandit lender ImH upparcntly Gualrapp. etoanired }iix nttitudt> towt^rxt Arnt*rl- VILU8TA8 DRIVEN OFF. Wa«hintiton. U, C., Sopt, 10. The Z'.0 VilllHta*. -who HttnoluMl the Car- runxa gnrrlson of ir,«), were driven off .In the recent buttle at Cunlhulrl< hi. accorrlint? to «dile department dln- A, survey (if tfie rentiltM of the Hilled drive, hailed temporarily yes- twdsy by ht-»vy riiinrt. jdtoww that al- llcst have conquered 2g, r i HqUar*' kilometers of French ferritrtry. (about fl2 Kfinnre milew). exceedlnK by IS kihi- ;n««ter» the-territory K( ii (1M | i, v the ('ertiiutiH at Verdun. Forty villiii?«'H, «»nch one Into a verltaliJe r,irtr t >«* by the Teu- tons, hove fallen before the battling French nnd Itritlwh. In evi»ry Inntttnco the Uernmn jHjHitionH were no ntronR Hor** Show Awards. l~-fihi fo1toWThg1lt" ! thP -list of wlnncr« hora« chow: li«»t pair .of draft horse», hitched— O, Oltman; wcond, Francl« B»»t nuirw'or KeldlnK. over three- t; AUff. " Plautz; nrcoiul. Fnint-l» rvnnan. ' mar« or g««ld!nK'over two and thre*—-Flriit, \Vm, Grennan; ifcc- d. Henry Junior Tyler- R, Manga n. BtorUnK - are in B«it colt fwaled in 1916 tid, Chufl. Hrant, JJetrl brood mar»« «howh)K on«. or ttre colt* hy b»-J- *lilP--I- J iri»t, J'hlliji fjlfiott; «econ«l, Will Orrnnnn. colt over on« nml under-two— trat, M. R, Thackerberry; second, M, Thackerti«rry. pUrpOBf-, hr«t tcnm In har- Henry l'artri«lR«; second. . The following' from atlendiuuH* at thl». F. VV. Kotli, H. F. I*rlob*: A..J. Jjaiap4_jCL_|«L__^l«nijH^i^jsf. J|. _JBuok._F. W. Wnrd. 1 J. W. lUH-kinshtttn.~"lt C. Kt-n.flow. K. K. Jenklnn. A. 1.. Hlch- mond, J. KIciiiMcbmldt, IL T. H. W, Clark, Henry Js-rkt-ns, Streere, F. W, Uuhm, Frank Moore, M. 11 l^hiwyjiyn. J. N. HooV'T i\i#i be .wftcltii_o£_.lho JiOtiMJI: .paiLJlJ'.L: -^"bH Hammer, Union Orovo. nier on {LiPJI',^"»tli ,58,.HMflslgil '• . ' ' *• V*".CK. . outuWe of that 1 >lty, wnltlnR toj J*'hu H»nn^ry, fultori. for- ifc§; «uppro««Jon ^ " niaiid>Mi the attnciiern. IN SECRET SESSION Um nfrlkerB, aniFwere it was ffiii'uBhT TffrT ^ B F. A. Schmoeger, of eonumny the 1 , <u lilanufncturlnsr In homtt In HterlfnK Jor _ n week end vli»lt, at th«* h«m«» of his parentw^.Mr. and Mr». 8. A. Kchmoeger, on Fifth -l»*LJ?Jlok«^rijh] wji^by_ tdje the Infantry could sturm them, A total of 62,000 prlNonerH,. 285 cnn- non» and machine KUIIH have bw-n tnkpn Kverywhere from ATicre to a point nrar t'hnttlnrK. the tJprmnn ftrwr, *ecom! and third linen are completely In the hnndH of thn ullfpn who thin week were nwhinK throuuh hastily ttrrman trenchc* for great when had weatlier halted their The new. loan If floated will as a climax to three weeks of bullish flctivltly. started In the acxiepted belief in order to develop a sentiment of optimism rind prosperity among the Investor* Mich n* would facilitate the pint-ing- of the loan. ,. Twenty conoecutivo million share-days on the sttwk exchnnKe have nent (•rices to new hlKh levels. Th» d*- rnnrrd for'TJoinfli lias b>en no lieavy" that the brok«el declare the df>mft,nd IH. iu..cxteiui.jjf ,lResupply „{ hlffh-«t«mt wcuritK'M and the boom in Wall street hn« been extended lo the curb when* I'"' !l l VHn< l 0 • n ._.?J.:liltlard._ Oil stock. It IH «'ntiihatod hnf* mnd» Rockefeller the tirKt billionaire. Tho »f«ln» In Standard Ktock yester<lay added mor« than $32,000.000 to the .iBKroKMte vttluo of th«* Standard <»ll s«-curltlen. Kockc- feller'H nhar« of the increoiMj is estl- tnfited at f8.038,000. -- \Vhile bri)kt»rn in the »tr»»t-bet ih«t— the run of million nhara days will ex-/ ceed th«t utraicht vlrtorlen of the 1 Uinntff before the bull movement come» GREEK FLYERS WITH ALLIES.™ «Uy Unlt«tt I'rfsw.- AUn-»*. «5r««ec*>, -Kppt, 30,~-The en-, tlr* tJrtf-k Hying corps Jma juin«Hl the llmt the common tttock incr?>A«ed In v«luf 135.000,000 In a KiMRlc day. At the record hljrh i»rlce of 120 S-8 the 5,000,000 *haw. of «te«-I common is valu«<I at |6J2,o<M».».iOO IM aRaintit |330 f - OOfl.CiwJ twi»"motiTHx -ftK<», During the prtnt four months the American public has tnk«-n 150,000,000 worth of Hussian $100,000.000 worth of Hritish notew. |50,- in Hrltlwh collateral noten. HOGHISmECflllD IMP-OVE POSITIONS. (Hy Uhitinl , 1' SO.— BHU«ih' th«"ir Albert W. LewtH. Albany. Jacob J. K. Wrn. Mitler. I toy "<*. ussf K. |?ert Van Horn, "I'hVw. Evann. the company «lnc«» Irtfr throiishout the United Htaten *»«•- curlnier men to tak« the place* of the men at the cement mill, and the Information that th*» strike PHILLIES TAKE LEAD Oltmnn: cecond, Honry Deem. Draft iijllir foflk-d In 1»1«; rolt« wired tjjy M«t Gr*nnan—Flrwi. BlluN^S-'lHlier; «d, ChM. Bmnt; third, VVrn, Qren- lioadatcnT ]}<Mt pflln In hiiriH-HM - First, Thomna Morjlion; Hccond. Carl Kchick. colt over on* 1 und under three — I»*. Or llaoix;-" &' n«iiV r ^v«fiiUit|; colt — First, John J. JURY HAS CASE on Paire Ft»ur> : Baokor Against Ei7er» Submitted Today. Wai went to the jury thia after-' jM?<»0 About 8 o'clock. The case wax it»rte4 ThUfflday forenoon at U 0'*?loHc and It h»» Iwen before Judge .~ Sheldon of the city court ever The t**4lnM*ny of the defense about 10 o'flocH today, nnd I', tt '** «ttorneyt» _for__t,11e followed" YOUNG MAN DjIEp Robin L. Hurtwell, of Oixon. Died Friday Afternoon. Kobjn L. Hartwell. wf Djxon, pu.sst-d 'iway Friday uftiTiuK»n afr hi« home, "Five. Oalis,"— -Nurt-h_A!»;t*wf«»rd a-venue, :tfu-r an accute iilin-N« »>f but two dny». Mr. HurtwdlwiiH born April 12, ISS'5, nnd hux'spent--hi* bttyliood iuu.1 manhood in Dixon, He wa«« wlueatcil in the North Uison »»htM>l, lie fcntwr prepared for business llf* 4 , and became an arnbltioiiK partner^ with his father, Justin I.. Hart well in "Five Oak*" Nur- Mcry, Horn* 4 »»s yetirti HJJO.IIP a«»un»wl if»" pro{>rii>t«r«hlp *>f this liurfincssM mid hit* winco lU'Votcil uncctt^itii; nml In* trlllKfnt—t-ffoiH tuminlB lu'afriiiiB orr .onJ* of th«« mo»i .*tcii'utitic uurnerie0 of tiie middle we»t. JUKI one year J»K» Mr. llartwel! wan married to DCS** il, M.uiiM. the da UK It- U»r' of Mr., ttiut Mrs*. i»i-<»U MOIITJH, of KranCTrn^rrrovvT Wrs, ItarTWP former teavher in the KterllnK with the young wife, there —Mrs*. An 'Injunction wan linked- by three cement mlllM at IM Halle, of. which the Marnuette i» one. from. ,ludK« ICId- redfte, retitraininB the men fiTim lnt»«r- ferint? with UH' property of the com- (j.iiik'H, (ho men employed there, 'and their nhipments. Thin the JudKe grunted, and the Htriko In thus bn»ken. Mr, Wchmoeger^ MiiyH a ftrvat many of 'the old employes, who ware amonk the ulrlkerw, have-nuked to be taken back Into the^ 4>mpldy~~oniie TtsrniTnnler and some have beeto taken back, and now the mlllst ar<* runninij tit full, capacity, endeavoring to catch up with delayed orders, catiwed by the.late trouble with t he la borcnr, ~~ ~ ^^ This Morning and Lead By a. Narrow Margin. TOR 8 HOUR DAY to Hear N«w Yorker* Bravo R»in Hughe* Speak. rTorhetl-, N. V., Ht*{U 3u. Ititln could no,* durnpen nor rAW-wluthnmULUuiruu coptlon KI ven to Alt'. HutfhcM by the douthurii tier whl'ii f»- rt'turnwl- >••«- tord«y "ftftcr wight yearn' uhguiu***. From' Hit* hcKlnniUB uf the d«y'» made an urgunicnt Attorney Walt* for the defense, until 18:30 o'clock. Court then UflUI 1:46 oVJocJk, when J-udK«« Wnrd ittlkrd «>»if hottc for th«* of the ^plaintllT. Tlnw.upc ban cwwiderablc intercut dtirint> thre« d«y»' trial, and the court no ww» Ullpd with ludlt'x nnd >icnih«- the time, Thf joiliiwlnt! '|H |h» jury: Tho». <'»rp«-nu'r, Ji-(»»»' F. C. (irvcii, and Mi KM Lclu Hartwell, of Texas, and Mary Hurtwell, % of C?hk'ago. The funeinl utrungt>in«ntt» have not bwn completed. (ny Unltetl Brooklyn, N. V,, Bept. 30.—The rhll- lles Jumped Into first place In the »crip- phiK mce for the National l^ugue |wn- nant when they heat the Brooklyn Dodders 7 to 2 in the inorniiii,' «nn»c of it double bill Hchedufpd for today. .Mill BJsfey jjiteltlOK sIlL wined. J>all for thom and ImldinK thn Hrcjokiyn- Ites at bay the Philtiot) dmiuthed thniUBh thu DoilKers'. diifeiuu* _wj(.h.JtO. hlt« off Je8« Pffffcr and wlearn n.llored their way to n half Kanrj«* Iwul. This afternoon the tcwirns nioct In what may prove thn contest that will decide the N'ationnl ^ > aj."g!£^try_ln_tlyrworld's series. " • ~ ~ —— Only alwut 3,000 fans turned out lo witne«if the breukfuBt gnmit of the double header. Thouich the Phillies won thin morning the Dodgcrsi would again.ho In the toad by tin* imino riar- With Budget (Dommittee. •dty.Unltod Prc««) v<yj_T»£t hjnan- HBllwpg with the row""mnrii-iil by which they ITeld the win thl« rtfJeriiixm's Knrne. The l.'hlllips playwl winning toll this tnornfnt? d«-«plto ibrw frmr*), display- commltU'A of the relchAtag- to- <Wy~ln a short affr^t session that, will iinvn a mo«t Important Mnrlnjr on the futurn •conduct of tht- war. The chancellor faced rni'inltois who have .crltl- cin«d him for Jiiii allnKetl^failure*Jo a uitJi'i.' i'uorKi'tlc war T^'EiiK- 7 laud and by the men who still advo» cat« aorcsumption of a vlgorouM sub- ttuirlno cjimiiainn, . Hy a renewed outburst of editorial opinion* and attacks on American neutrality In yp»t»r^ay'« papern. they pr»*B«ed tlm cjiancvllor, for mor« «ix- haii g^ivgn In his Thursday. . ,On tho outcomo, <10pend« whether his opponent* will coiillnuo to wpge open war on him when tho Heichntatr 't ! fc- conveiK'n n«*xt woek. Though upvpral papers attacked him for failliiK to outline the, jtaverninent'B J*USD.liS!!!L l5^U^LJ* n i!?.0^>l|*>Cf n lb. nwnt was "not ehnrSd by ya7maj*»rlty of his KeichiitAic opponi/nt*. Th«y rculixo the chancellor wan ap#ukiuK uniler gri-nt difficulties .with hoHtllv papers 'wailing -to pouncw on ; any -Tit- ti'rnnco and inlnconatrup H to suit tlu»lr TT5 north o heat ^off nt-rman couritvr attack* at •Hnr .llfHwiun—trt'iioli lssr~ high!, TJenT Hal« -roportml thin ufU'nu.oii., Tin* .flKhtlhK at th« latU'r place wa* vt-ry H*;v«.f«> dt-Kj)iti. th«s ht-avy' down* He Has Traveled 20,500 MUes On His Campaign and Has Spoken To 1,500,000. " Ijy T^rr» Amolrl trenches into pooln of mud and water in which the iiriti»«h and Or'- mans fousht. Th«* UvrtnntiH «hclk»d Urititdi positionH south of the Ancr* southwem of U» sar« villaiiw-toward *'MgJLJj*!»;Jjajg.'jt_mgn arginpprouch- •"«• l>t-»i>Ht' the nrtillery attackH tln> British continue to Improve ,their po«- iUoiuj- on lht> .whok« Thiepval Mix-tor. Th«» French to<luy'« official Parln re- IKirt that llu» Fr,nu-h nmde further proKrem? mirth' of Hancotirt lust night but that t>lKt*wli«>rt' hw.W up by th,» weather. <Sfaff r-orrenixjndent of United PTCJM) Hurncll, .V. Y., 8<^tr 30.-HRepatrttan Nominee Hughes today finished hlu 20,0oo mlle« here in hi* home state of New York. Thin in Bald to e»tabli«h - - _ It was entlmated today that Hughes has talked to 1,500,000 votera since he Kturted «e«.klnR vote* on Aueuat 6th, After such a recottl breaking cam. paiKti. which in not yet concluded. there i» lluli« wonder that he showed the they were ROUMANIANS DEFEATED. (Hy United l're»») . defeated the Roumanians who occu- |.-.ied Ih-rnjiinnstudt, former capital of TranaylvMiila'. it (a officCally announced Uy an eiK'IrcJJtiir attack the Teutons of hta face. — HljT *>yeu are ringed with dark circles and his voU-«. In almost cracked from, the nfruin. Windins up with a big nvwtlnj? at iJunTilo totitirht HUjfliea will return to New York. From now until October 8th there will h«« little but re»t for the HusljeH family, For three daya the candidate .will remain at the Astor hot»l and then 'he will «o to some *e- cludcHl sp(tt_ to rest before his; slumping tour. I'nrt of th<* (!r»t Itoumanian army was annihilati'd and thw rvnumnt 1» fleeing disorder. in UiHll the cloxe htm ni«ht, ' Mr. WIFE MURDERED Woman War and Beaten Be If, Im £H»yif. Frwnk \Vm. Hum- |!fj».Ht«, and X7T(HMNSMENT th* Dir*ctor»' Cup Was Started Friday, Al lh« laUif#" toum.'ltlUlit -pl.lSrd at ih«* Country club played ft»r tlw Mir«-< uuv i-up w,i« Wr«. Paul Ulllou Tin- lu-xt iJ'ilt nim» liojt-H will itrtobi-r i, RESUUTS. t toil.iy tli it ""TTr-olTT biuiguiuvv fur xw* <! and ti',ui fore Home Was Burn«d. View, N, II.. H0>i>t 3U.— Fmlt-rU-k'I* Hnuil^ a llosion r«al *-«i- tate broker, ^v.ix held ht-i«« Jn c»)iHi»'C- lion with tlu» jnurdff of hi» vVilV, who«c l«Mly WUM found, in tht*,ruintf of their ¥iimnu>r hom*,» ut on u trip to Small wa» itct;uiM«t i>y Sheriff Chandler »t few inoimutti w(ti-r he .mudt* u public offer of fl.utiu it-HurU tu an> ••we who would (md thf x ututtlvr vfrltl* Wife. Tin* \votn.tu had tietit Mraugled by u piece of cliUtu>H line »u-il twice ;ut>mni her nwir and-hw^JiRtrt hat} of Hornett wt 8 o'clock ' HuKheS faced crowd* -thu — »uwu> _ elza _lhut him in fnlr weuthi>r in vtutcs farther WOHI." Here In HorncU Mr. HuttheH devoted himself HIM Inly to u loKleai analysis. put forwtt rd with the vljsor thut i« 1u- cretttilnj, its hi» eumpalgn develops, ,tif the weuknewiieH nnd, perl In of the pri>»l- iJent'K uttliude on the eight hour the star of the i-onte»t. ItiK superbly he hit nafely thre-e times. "lilH. HP in«<b> H NpwhU poljii of warn- lug labor that a surrender by labor «r tlM» pr(iic|ph» of arbitration was a sur- rcndt'r of one of the ^rcalext vlctorli-s it «>ver Hchieved, i:~ T|JP «wc««p ttf hi« adtlr«'»* i»howwl tliul IIP con»idivs thtijm'uldimt'H hu«ty •svawfoii of pox»ib}«i ti'ouhii: uh tTi*j~\'**iy -roiTrsit*—ttitrt-r\vlll jnulu' for UlHcouU'nt »IIM Kociul iHtaiiiliaiH'i'a in then liiv 'tu the th«.fuiun>. He iiguln denied tin* pivnidcnt'ti UK- rlton thai a midden~vriHi« eviHtctiand > it'pitutcd Ills ttt'ornful t oiuiut'iit tlisit dotililet). H4> scori'd cvwry tUno he" reached flrKt bam* and on« of hit* doubles drove in' another run. • ends, fldetit Jtliat committee hit* critics. hN will supporters ar frank talk before lht> a majority of WAS JUST A JOKE Adr4ft Qov. Dunn* Aitail* Lowdan *nd In- t«r»«tt Buck of Hinu t'uK) a fuir Vt»r prineiplt*. th*> pttl rulTTTm-TTOtlM-tnrrr BRINOS T. J»-,!>l>lHiSfi CLINCH 1PENNANT l,uuis\i!k% cllnctunl its' fiiMor.v of the lit f«\itli!»' Tn «n-< 1'IUJ l-t>.uis\ iilc nt l» thr .IJV.-.MI Kiiuui l»y r*iay, »> U> 4 iyo». « h< .'S *t' 5' t'ltiviuguiii -»a* l.oHi!-t!Ht' bun, IJKJ Jsifii With W!(.l$i» lf"'! or to lic t»ptition of the -ha.tvv.-4 hiia Ut ur rultruad» r or HURT E««cutiv«, Hi» Wife *nd t«r, Wero Injured Today. (liy I'lijUd 1'ie.MMi iJclutvaicj il, Ht-i't 3<"J Uu\ Fi.inK W I tils, ii»a ttifr rn,.| ti.nijilH''i,~vVfttf J»- jurcd early today when they wrie thiciwn OKI uf a 14M which, cr.whvil ' u «iti vet"* ar. WlIHa unfitted t» i ut m Jus both, Ohio HoblnHon, HI, Hepl, SO OrtV. R. P. Duinu" lust itiKht upciH-d htH w|i«>aKiriK tour in th^ campaign for re-election wlfh a hitter attack on IWank O. Lnw- Icn. the U. |>i)l>Hi'un cutididute. Ho denounceit Mr. l.ow»l<'ii HH a r*»pr«- «entativ«» of the "Hitt'ruHlfc" and.nald thai HIM I(t publicun priiuary c»uni»al«rn was marked by ihc utii* of nioacy anil corruption. * ' ' "t'an luoiu-y buy the no\'( > niorahip?" Mr, Puntu* said, "Art- flu* great corporations (*<", thi* *,(,'it<', hiivtng' t'hatfen a cundldatc fioin theii' own ranks, to b« p»»nnittc«l to forcv hla i-lt'ction by tht» »h»H»r^ wciBltl of intincy moist of tLiiUKJta-di-t'&JiU'U'd. Iiiiiii iliejjii^. plcl' Arc. the corpomtioDM ('» rulv the people ot their utitui capital or arc 1 HH« people u> rule the corporutloiiM'.' * "Tb«* priiuai y cumpulKa for tin- JJc- puiiliciti) jiituuu.'Hion t\n' jju\t'fnor was* ;» M-andal of i-ori'iiptlon »i(«'li a« the Htat»« has lu-vcj- known. The. nomina- tiou was won by the u»«4j w_lw Jwul 4h«. tU'iw. the tsrcat packing Intt-ivKts, th* From" Infantila Paraly«i« Ot glared Removed by 8t«t> Board, (By United J'leutt) BprinRiteld, III., He(>t. 30. -The state board ot healtli today, through Hucre- Some Qnt J5«nt a Uf« Marked "Br«m*»»." (Hy 1'nlted Prenu) Portland, Me., Kept. 80.--A Zeppelin have-i-auHetl- little— mor-e- of a stir than the flnding of a life preserver marked "Bremen" on the «hore of Cape Klliubeth by 14-yeare- BOflSEVElLTAtlS Ex-President Turns His Batter, ies On Wilson In Krat, Speech Htrjctionw placed tll« ei»Idemic In and Mnultriee counties. remalnlnif ta f the Inftui- 1'iutt, Macon, The only re- that children «uid tin- 1 'oilman 'company. ««»!. in u wunl, thi' c«>n*>oiid:tted llnm- commonly KiH>\Mt «a 'jni "1 u&k"%ihethvl' »«U«'h U u» to iu't a ttUMU'i- fur thu Hchmil must Hubinlt to n leal cxuinlnution. In Ij» Haile county and certain (own- fchlps in Bureau, MartihuU and IJv- Jn««tiin«> coMiitlen the (iuumntlne is modified to allow all children- over yourw of mje to return to Bchuid they milunit to u 'medical exuiuinuUoit. WILSONJREPLIES T«U* Htad of. Truth Society H* Wants No Disloyal Vet**. Hiancti. N. J., Kept 80.- 1'ren- arip It-jttrtttt tjist- flight that he waul* no "itiHiuyul" Aiucri- tu .Viitc fur J.dUV., Ht^ifXpi-eaaMd iu- vi-r a leiVxruni ffo»i Jcje- uiinh A. ti'l^-ury uf Nt'W YotK« pre»l- d*-ot of- 1 In- A«n«»riw»n Truth aociefy. v him of beiuK pro-lIiitUtfi and wii,vin»< .lie buii fdilcd to obtitiu ci'ill- piianct» with Antft-it-ttu rightx. The pr«*i.uu-til wiu Mr. O'I<eury u nhitl! trle|:uiia wllh II Offtclillx Sin iVii*ou huid iii'j.a'fii ' (u )unguug>>. 1 1 i The bi»y was calmly paddling the llfu prt<«erver home when by a tandem read the,.name. Receiving- «everal offers to buy Jlie caiiVM rhijf th«_boy_ ran to Fort Williams, There an examination showed that lt v wa)S a.elever plant made by «ome sensation nt-eker. I.lttle stock In take.ii in the theory that the life Uy J, 1*. .Yodor, (Staff Correspondent of United Press.) • IJattlu Creek, Mich., (Sept. 30.— .Re- Hftillery wa» opened in preserver belongs to the Ureinen an the N'orth Uerntan Lloyd Hnera do not carry-their names on life belts. "Your u-l feel Ui*'|'U in iiram iccelvid. I . w«>uid inoi'UlUd (is hi*\t* Jotl or IlifiUV iltM "Ttpt—t—W4U irrfTj |—hrrrr THREE ARRESTED It it Believed They Ar» Connected With New Blackmailing Charge*. (Hy I'nlled. l'r«.'»«> fhicaKo. HI, Ht-|)t. 30. TWO n-en and ;» vvbinun were arrctiieil today in ctw- itecti»n, it la ullcgvd. with the bluck- nwiliiiK plot. .They Kave the name* ot U. H Lawiviu-e, U. H, Uolden atul Mrs. tjohlell. ' - --Federal InvegliXiitdr ClubuUKh *ald he \\an not reudy to wiy that L*|mrt;ei< of hlacKmiul Would be preferred. He «a-iit u iur«c t'luimtly of n|i>rphlue hiui been found and th-*» st clmr«t> of Uu- i;-iiiuK the HarriKon nan-otic law will be in.ide UKuiust them. Theodore Hoobevelt thia afternoon. It wan the ex -president'* openint; campaign wpeevii. In it be excoriated I*re*i- ilwoitV-KDr-ocHNHt- and Mexican a« 'avoidiiiK a public, duty by u policy of drugging the a«ul«i •>f the people with narcotic and mean. ujgk>«« wortiti. tine word* with the meaning* wea>1ea out "of them. " : " 1 ((tone veil devoted more than »» third of hU «peech to decryim/ the ' stand taken by the president, in the fjennan TWO P«r««ni_ Were Injured _ When Pennsylvania Train Wa» Derailed. (Hy rnnc.i rressi '• I'UU ilHHltl, il v. h '« T* , Sept. 30. TWO i)i-r- i j"li' <liK !i! '_" il 'nni"iTv<ii»iii~~Main tw I'o'n'vvy thtd .»u-M»;tgv to t* 1 ±te- .'onti«,vcrsy «n<i in tho Mexican sit- uiitUm, n«. rollow«d,wUh a d«-nunlca- tion of the admitU»tratioi)t«'«i attitude on i>rt'p«rt>dtH'«4*, During th« last half of Ilia talk he wfiit deeply into the detail* of rjiUdinltiK° the manner in which President Wil«on uvcrtcd 'thw nation-wide strike. "Mr. Wil.son'ti «upportt-r« t«ty we •>hould vote for hint for kt^-jiiug us out of war. "it i» worth. Whlla to thia could not bt» «uid of OeorKu injslon nor Alivuhatii iviucoln. ' Tht>y sfpunu'd tlu- Toiien and copperheads with contempt und Indignation at* fw- hu* und cowuidly for urging peactt at uiy price-," " . RooJu>vt>lt reform! (w tlio Lu.situnia. 'itutck ax Jlu ntoHt culo&al win^ltf ' instance off|u. uiutder of iioii-cui»bat- tliut hut. b 4 >u tui-y." ptji'|n;truiaU by . for jt tmy TROOPS ECTUBN "York Field Pir*t N«w Thu^l Wii«lilnS(on, U' ew Yi>ik j Artillery and Infantry. f Hfjpt. 3\>, — The urtslicry and the _i"'•.*." try today.. fJvn." Fumstoti* iu". , Will

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