The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKBRSPTEI .D <*ALIPO1 TAN MONDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1908. Millinery Reduced chance you Uy up to This is positively and absolutely the greatest have had in Bakersfleld to buy stylish and thor date milinery at such enormous reductions. Everything in this department must be sold at quently we are naming prices that means a saving of at least one half and in many instances a great deal more. Not a sincrle article here but what is new and in -first class single article here but what condition—see the circulars and the complete Useful Things are Always Acceptable This store is abundantly supplied with useful, acceptable holiday gifts.. Gifts that are not only attractive but are practical ajjd sincerely appreciated, We are showing the newest, the best and most up-to-date articles of women's read*t<xwear apparel to be seen in Bakersfleld. Everything is guaranteed to be exactly as represented, the qualities are the best for the money and the prices are in each and every instance absolutely the lowest. Note each advertised item, but remember we show numerous others equally as attractive. Ostrich Plumes for Xmas Gifts Values to $10 $4.95 Values to $20 9.95 See these plumes and you'll instantly realize that they are exceptional bargains. We doubt if ever ail equal plume value has ever been offered on the coast. Coming as it does just before Christmas It Is a good chance to procure a very practical as well as useful gift. They are all fine qualities in good full effects in several effective colors, as well as black and white. These plumes are now displayed in the window and we'ask you to especially note the fine qvi all ties, the good sizes and the unusual prices. Fancy Net Dresses Silk and Tailor Suits The most appreciated of all presents. They comprise the very latest styles mul models—all made with a character and dash that distinguishes them from the ordinary. Every garment is cut on ^nod lines—is well shaped and is thoroughly tailored throughout. Many are Paris reproductions. The prices range from $20 up. Bath Robes, Kimonas, Etc. Our line of Bath Robea, Kimonos and Shawls la very complete. We show them made of flannelettes, blanketing, etc., in several pretty colors and patterns. All at attractive prices, * Dainty Opera Capes Coats Etc Christmas Hints All of which chased here at tractive prices. may be pur- specially at -Fancy Belts Pretty Veils -Ostrich Plumes Veil Pins and Buckles — Stylish Purses •Handkerchiefs for Women and Children Pin Cushions Hat Pins Hat Pin Holders Bath Robes -Petticoats Fine Furs Child's Furs Millinery Fancy Suits Pretty Coats An of th articles an* prm-tienl. useful ami appropriate. » We have a complete stock of dainty apparel for evening wear —such as fancy dresses, opera wraps, capes, coats and handsome costumes. Many are magnificent creations by the master designers. Others are In neat simple effects—as to values note the following: OPERA CAPE, $20.00 Made of pink broadcloth, has a vestee of Persian panne velvet; Is cut with long points at the bottom—has half sleeves with tailored self cuffs piped with black silk. Very dainty and neat for opera wear. GREY COAT, $22.50 Long and loose fitting, handsomely embroidered and lined with satin. Made with tuxedo collar of velvet—hns long sleeves with embroidered cuffs; ,-ilso ornamented with cut stool buttons. A very pretty and sightly garment. Voile Dress Skirts Verv dressy and stylish; made of the celebrated Altman voils in solid fast black. All the late popular models to choose from at prices that surest savings. If you want to give n practical present that is attractive and useful you should see this assortment. Children's Coats An especially pretty line of children's coats, comprising n host of up-to-date models, such popular materials as kerseys, cheviots and bear cloths. Nice warm parinwita that will be attractive 'and useful tor the children and very acceptable for 41 Christmas present. Prices <tre very moderate indeed. Dainty Xmas "f Petticoats Waists Make very acceptable gifts. Ours are all made of pure silk taffeta and guaranteed to wear well. All have deep flounces and under silk dust ruffles, all the most seasonable colors to select from, Including changeable blacks and whites. Just now we are offering many special values, they range from We are showing many dainty and pretty effects in lace, net, silk, wool, batiste., etc, suitable for most any kind of wear and very desirable for Christmas presents. Home have fancy yokes, others plain tailored, others are exquisite ereations. Made of all wool materials in neat tailored effects, some have embroidered fronts, all are pretty and effective, colors white, champagne, gray, red, black, blue, etc., great values at this price. Nothing prettier or more handsome for evening wear, all beautifully made in colors, ecru and white; some have yokes, others trimmed in various ways. PHONE MAIN 3O9 2000 CHEST AVE. AT 2Orw Real Furs-Attractive Furs Furs, like diamonds, arc very deceiving. Here you 1 our absolute guarantee—every fur as represented or , money hack. We are now showing an unusually fine us ment'of hijrWliisH furs as \vA\ as the intermediate grades! chiding genuine mink, fox, ermine, lynx, etc, Tho folio items will give you an idea of our prices. Real Fox Worth $15 now $10.50 Made In a boa effect of rcul fox all around, trimmed wUh two large full tails, vory effective and Herviceuble, will make a nice warm nock wrap for chll* FurS ly mornings. Fox Throw Worth 17,50 for $12.50 Made In a flat effect. or fox and nicely trimmed with tired Hit tin. cut in a long four in-hand effect with bro;i d shnp i»d emit*, would make a very ni tractive CnriHlmas slfJ. Wo are showing a very assortment of children's f matched sots. All are B up to date curt thoroughly ble, they include all the p kinds, such as angora, fo imitation ermine. If you want a dainty, for ;i child, you slum t worn Furnace Fails On many a cold winter morning you will wake to find the fires "out" What are you going to do aboul it—shiver ? Prepare now lor the emergency with a ECTI (Equipped with Smokeless Device) and you'll have genial glowing heat—instantly—wherever you want it—without smoke or smell—smokeless device prevents—turn the wick as high or as low as you like. Easily carried about. Brass Ion! holds 4 quarts ol oil—burns 9 hours. Handsomely finished in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. ^ ^^^•••^^^^^•^•^fciiUmiB •• The " ••'' ^r^h .^w^^ ^KJV^V ^w • r-m w w • ^>*^ • 11 I evening-brilliint, ileady light (or reading or tew- ing. Made of brau, nickel pilled tnd equipped with ihe talc** improved central draft burner. Every lamp warranted. II your dealer doesn't carry the Perfection Oil Healer and Riyo Lamp, write our neareat agency lor descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Incorporated} SUCCESSFUL!. CLOSE The mission at St. Francis, which has held the interest of the community for the past two weeks and which has proven a powerfully uplifting force Faith again must be active, like the iuhlete who has to train dally. The i •church says tfc ' '.. b " **i must exercise the -i the faith we same. Without for !!;»• church, came to a successful close lust evening Tho inclemency of please God. Mark the Word of God weather did not kee-p tho people not of men. If the term is so strong and ;i hirwc audience listened to it means nothing trivial, and ial gifts sent in by parenta, relatives and friends. The children of the parish are rehearsing every afternoon beginning today at 3:30 fo the special program. Many Killed Gridiron Progress on Mojave As the- American football av/uy Ht.'V. father O'Alulley, who spol\o on tho practicable *i 1 *'' of n Catholic home and thore were many splendid les-j sons tauKht in the course of the ev-' inn'*, whirl) wart one of tho host of the mission. Father O'Malloy will be mi^'il at Si. Francis now that his task !;- ended. Hoth ho and Path* er Meaner will be greatly missed, now th:if 'hey must seek other fields of laboi, lakh, says Christ, it la Impossible to «"™» '»'«r ^ <<^e, «>" 11Mlai ""»'• please God. Mark the Word of God ((;tm >' «»'' ^sualltv matis.ic, an- pre- for f he ion ot pur- iu- The Papal Benediction. must abide by the same." Father Frund'a Anniversary. This morning at 8 o'clock Father Frund celebrated tho mass, and it was his seventh anniversary in the priesthood. Thore was a good attendance at the mass and Father O'Malloy delivered tho regular mission sermon, scheduled for the day* Elaborate Christmas Program. eonHhler.ilion ol' and other to the pl.i\eJ':-. l\e.4, ii may he in! art- m-.t piirtk'Ularly Interested in Ibis V,rewsonie branch ol' the Studying the comparative scon lii;uriiitf the obanceH of success failure occupy tneir time nutlU-i when they arc not actually engaged on i ;;e s «nr] and i Tar in rjon, It appears*, ten foothall players have boon killed and 272 Injured, The number of those In- St. Franc-is will celebrate Christmas jnred is the largest since 1!)<M, when After beantiJ'nl papal O'Mulley tlion tho sermon last evening tho with an elaborate program of religl- ivmony of conferring the ous and musical numbers. Masses oa took place, Father Christmas morning will bo at 5:30, 6. i The Latin and Advertising In the Californian brings big returns on the investment version of the decree power by the holy father to UK*- tin* imjitd benediction was rend by the wi*>-inn;ir. Then followed the reHiHins^'S b\ <!- ( 'ii' and clergy when the inpal b*-ii' •"''ion wits given. Father Meagher Preached Sunday Yesterday morning at the mass 0:30, 7:30, 9 and 11. 'The last will be a solemn high mass. The big choir will render Kr river's Mass in B flat o.'d the po-mh.r Newmn H orchestra WiV flHblHt, Father Meagher Preach«s Christmas, The good news is given out that tho talenteil and popular Jesuit Fath- the figure was 296, but many remain to be played, and even this record may bo exceeded. The $&&W%^^ GEELAN MILLINERY 1329 Nineteenth Street. Meiu'.h"!'. S. J., delivered u wrnmn on "The True Faith" as to faith in Clod helikenci upto that „*, j nr . ,-•» * ^111 ^ II.* er Thos. A Meagher. S. J., will drllv- ( of l»0r>, with its 2-1 deaths, sti)! holds the record of ghastlinens. It ma> as well be conceded ilia! no to abollNh t'ooiliall is piiuw to The ^ame haw mad*» a linn placo for itself, and not only in col- at every imiJortant ^;im»' In the east or I west shuws the hold it IUIH uuained on er tbe sonnon at the solemn hlfih SB Christmas morning. This means; the Americitti fK'"|'l''. Football in uu factor in the devolopmont and i ho church will be rrowtleiJ, as the j ol' robust manhood arid In strengUu-n The Southern Pacific wl the gauge on tho old Carso Colorado from Keeler norl the junction with the T< (loidneld lino. Grading is al ten mites north of Keeler, advices. Seventy-five will he used for tho st The <'.i( ; >ou and Colorado as a local narrow gaug from Reno and ijoos throu i hn; districts of Nevada's w*| tho CaJifornla lin connty ami ronttnuiug Boutj on the shori's of Owens conn v. For ye-u-B it hns b ontU'i these- counties hav* Ihe (JolOileld excitement I WIIH an unimportant "joi corn, but then ii became port unco and had to bo to Mimi to permit the through trains from Sun (JohlnVId, Tonopah and remainder holni? left jimt u t'ol'c. The pro.scrjr work IB t| i-fjiitor ready to join right t under contraction to Keo Javo, It moans that as iron horso gots to the sho lake iJjroiiKh trains can from Los Angeles to G< Hon Cliy, ileno, Salt, hake without waiting for tnvtl Mori. 'I'lie whole la to b Ihe end of IlMrO. Tho Moj part Ls making good pro, Keeler to Mlna tho di (j( at a la the •-•*Exclusive Millinery for Holiday Gifts ibe sum* b.-auifful St. Francis Christmas Tree. Now arrivals iu children's luvls, both patent felts. Our prices are the io vest on fine inillii; trimmed. We carry complet* line , mings, Vciliugs uud Plumes. leather •v. Huts and re- IlibbWs, Shapes, Triui- ratlu-lral. which, looklriK ] rector invites everybody to come out f the oiUnlde, we and hear this Kroat orator, hut a blnr, but looktttK •''' i window^ from \vithir. we wee) pirinre- ;.ud «reat work of! Tbe ehlldn-n of St. Franris will ri. So haul the speahi'r. "Is ( have u ieeor.1 hn-akinK lime at their t'airh ut Ho.! and his ehurcli, frotn ! hltx {'hri.s'ma.-; ' ree reldiration nexr wiihoui you s(-e nothing; without ; Monday afternoon. Instead of one faiili, evt-iUhijJU is dafU, but from tree, there will he three beautiful wiihij) and by faith we see eu-n thinn | onen tor the little ones. The J;irge both t luM'e flie j;;il(ie mortiillt y (hat tbfi'i iind moral courage, -lies in tin \vliich mi^ht beitej fltis f« ti(»t saying thnt im reforming. Thf and acfi<|en( (a))]--s i iin))ei'at ive necri till' llielhurU ol imes. CHARLES CRUSOE HA RETURNED TO 1 for n. r secretary of tho Hal- beautiful in Christ and MU church/ and eoiniuodious St. KranciR hull will | four-Guihrie Company, was here yea- we ieam the lessons of His great pas-; be used for tho occasion. Thore will terday as the guest of Alox Burness •iou and death and at the same time be one tree for the* boys, one for thy we learn to appreciate the Bame. girls and ihe center tree for tho spec- for an Inspection of the local branch of tho •s Ct'iisoe, our olc for a lon« time book iw Aster Company was compelled by falling tip the job and #o north i km, is u^ain back in R his eyes are, appan ter. Ho Is now 6fi|fa L watchman, .uatH som turns up.—Miner,

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