Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 8
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PAGE EWHf, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AML'S-f FRIDAY, SEPT, 29, 1916,. " East Lynne" VAUDETTE. Vaudef I e Tonight — New Vatirleville. 'I'M.-- !-,'..-1, . I •>...... ,, • , SKI'! ,Y \ N'l » l'.i:l..Mi '\"l . i- U I :;::•• * r~, m,\ .-!'. v tn:;---.i-.-l :e !. HA.Mfi SH.\ \V. i "Hi' •], ui i Ii . i! •MAD MiM.i:it >;. <•< •. c,.!n,.,i-, •.•••. flfy. \1«o U'iihiir fe."iti|i'.- :tnd W'•»•>?}>' Tomorrow, ni.itince :' ?• n>. l:i-.- don- ide Khr.w, Semi if.e i hiiili't it Monday »mh. Thcd.i Una m • J;,,M J.vnnc." People's Forum Sunday Evening Seven-Ttiirfy HOUfe OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY Anita King and Victor Moore "The Race" A I,:-'' i Bfay Cartoons SATURDAY Madam Pe.trova IN "The Scarlet Woman" "Musty Suffer" comedy Tl M FISH FOR BOCK RIVER W -.I.J) TitfTui Hi- Arr For a Shipment Of Fish To Sterling- ShorUv. FJRST WOMEN'S. CAMPAIGN SPECIAL STARTS, .Niil -; i ',-. : re. ?|,,i.( i \ f.» .:. t-. i, r t ' '.\\}"',!\ ij;;|,,{;,,.. |j. ,,',,. ;'(,,.., ;|,_. < >- :U>' • r i • ix*. r j ^M M '.-'•< f n 1 • '' Misi M - ••.- f It.'ir.o r. ..f U ri'mn a ! IM ,! !;,-!. li,.| ,i {,,<• .) ,),,,, j i .. ,-| '„ h« r f i :'•!•.f. Ml:'.- (-'lolchrc \V> •• >d v-l f I Ml*. Hail. .'I' 1,1. i-- ".p.'.r. I!?; Mi. rind Mr.«. f,. hiirn t;r:»i ALBANY EDITOR DEAD. .1. A. Met :-ut!ie\,. editor of the A! t'.'iny Hevic\v anil ihc Thomson Review dii.d very Ntiddenly .,f heart disease a hi-s home In Albany \Ve,ho «day, Hi I was hejij- ;t( |l( o'l-lo, |.; (Ins IK. fl"!il (hi- home. While hi?- h-nlli Wa.'-' a SHI |i| i;-:e to *»Js friend:- mil hi-- de'ith was not even expcc|e<; M* ib'.-iors. Mr. McCartney has l>e»- ( tlinectiil witN I he Albany lu-vh-w for fifteen .ve.-ir*. and durltiK that time haM Ii'rm'iKhl Dp file paper io I very • iifw«> with a wide circulation. He Wa* inin'h thought of hy the peoph >f hi-* community and many tnonrti h)« A few soaiH .-ifto in c..((junction • ther members of his family hf> out the Thomson Review and him- h'-en conducting th»- two Mr. Mii tt.'aitney wfiM «» iH'W«piipep people in Hon. Jarvis Dinsmore at Calvary Baptist Church Corner 5th St. and 5th Avo. SUBJECT, "Is the Eight Hour Law Practical?" HEAEHIM ( NEWS IN BRIEF) VALUE BIO CIRCULATION. t!t*'i|>»e .1. l-'nillf. tin- fr;ll estate d count y. ' HE LOST~IHis WAD An Italian with an unpronounceable name, |i,yi din iih.ney ttiiN afternoon '» o'cloch. He Hor'hN tor the .NorthWestern nnd IM nutti- J"icd \\ith thr company ":!s;u." In with other workmen they ueto on R,IM Third *u«eet dining I hi' noon hour, where he hud honuhl sotne- thitiK and ."lipped the rep i of his nmn- ey about thirty or forty dollais, doun litnlde of hiK overall^, in what he thoiinht \V:IH bin pocket. It did not K» in IliM (.in kj>t hut clipped down between bin pant*. He cut up u Kreat Htrtlty untie* :m I slid ron*lderab|e cr.v- Inn and created ipiJte n fnnst for a tim". He Inter liiMcovered the money near hlx unkle in (lie folds of the over licinfT in U'.'e V:)ll' Mo'lfcn'S ' o.-..;l !,!!!;....itlllJlut. ChO'-'llljIiV ~IHin<>i*l ' 'and> KIT. hen ' Mit.'-« Helen I loylc Is ill ,-itnl timih!.. !-. It" ;it w.rk Hr> bookkeeper TH (>',,- HecUrnan dry ^ond* store Mr. ami Sits || I. liaUKhlrian. of Dixoii. are spending the wi ' k end h«-u- •with rel.itiVf-M, .Mi** Mat ion Tadd has returned .to her home in lukall. after a *horr vi.-jt hint with ,Mi-«! l-;iha Homer. MM-: |-;||a Hi nil", if •iick and/iiiah|i to lie jit her dlltie^ at the t MO,,-. .. '• y .•f'nink Hridfti' has acceptiff;, in the er.>cery dejiai trtn-ni of th'.. St«-r- Ijiis.: Mi pattrneiit Hton-. -. \\\f Ves iion Smith, of Morrison p.-nt Wednesday with Mi,« William Tift. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. HaiiKhnian, of l>ixon, an- --pen,line, (heir vacation with Turtl In thi« rlty. il ,",i!.' or i','ilir,irnia Mnrhot a!lH, and ttielc wa« itrVat Henry Knlr». who W/IK the threatened with npprndlc-itl.x n few • 0/iy» ae.o ],, "eportfil tt> he impioviiiK nire|\'. \\'e its<< Van HonM-n's hii<h Kl";lde otoa j,,r osir hot chocohite. llllnui.a 'andy Kiicticn,* Mr. and Mr«. John l)oni;hf«rt.v return- d home today from .loliel after .•ittend- ttff-thr- finirjrTTf rrf^ttte jatt' r r~M" fc i«(,.|7 Nlll'.M fonfeetiiHiery |« xi-rvimt tra\vh..|iy MiindaiM tnnde troin lienh oine j;rown stra H herrie**.* .Ml»n Islnie Hood tutu ti turned from « -lh»tn» months' A-iwH with" hrr rtstrr Ali.« XVilliM I'n.'emfin at .lordan, Mont r Mr. nnd Mr*. John K.-H.-S. of_Ji-,ije|, who have heen vlHitimr 'In tiie wnl are H|>f>ndlni4 a few dny.i with John Dour It-" eriy nnd family enronte lioine Mr nnd Mr«, Ueor^e Howe.'-of Mor- H.-on, die HpWHllim--,v few ,l,,yM in the 'Twin ritli-H with friends and i-,.|.-i- WilllH "l-Yei'inan ,,( Jr^dan, Mant.. IKI.N come to i<pemi the Winter I >.'»(/• I! Ill !.:.>:, H. ;! l:iUi :-. !«- :..!»- ..»>...'.- >IJI.lirt- V :!!!.•-. . •[' the n.-irni' of J.,-1, |ih i '-, tafrtali t'!'.!ih''d trnilty tc ir Coy H"!rii''« ..r \\':it« r man w-'-f taintiiii.; w)t<!.-iit a ll<-en--e the vr,i n diis :u:.I he « lt s pji k. ,( up |, v |t.-| .\. A tienite-«. ,,f S.iUd'.Mi h, ' Mini h.. .-Aas hrosiKht Ijefore Jitd-stc .1. T ,v, t ,,,-. Kins, of .Saiulw i.'h. v. Inn- the roan ph-fidc-d cnitty an-! \v;i.«> uneii .", h,- .'f y:. and c.-:-l« • l m..!:ntini.'- to 1:1; i"' w hint ^av |.-i:,f \\';irdi n Turner >;tvs i'j idc of a cosi- t'lo ot WeekM t h'e Ilett )i-»h I at |« In 1.1 ill!" lo St'ilit.i.; a I.-,id ,-,?' yoi'ii'.: K,»rn(-. tinh to IM pin In the ISock i,\ei at thin point There h;nc he.-n mam thoIISMlld of >o'lllf» tis|| i.ntxhf ill til hitid I oi l;ei' | r.o|« jilon tf the \TiiJ.-ts',«i| pi lixer ji..| far ii«.in S:ivanti-t, and th'> ,-tr.i In ir-i: f:hi[<j i d ' .nit Hi \ < ra (atfoaifs or them conninini-. from t'. ". i Ihoiistnid h.«h |.ir iai an- helni' •hi|.jed and the :-!ippl\ j;e t -m« alnion inexh.-tnvl dde. The r.eM slnplnrnt U!> In l-'afix, Jll. The see. mil sllij Uv'nt to (l| In the imrlhet n dlstt I hull! is "de. u !iHI-d tor Stel Tin net i<i hi.nnd ;h:il Kmt well as othr-r Ktn-amn in hi" d'Stl-'i Nil.Ill he .xnpplleil with |.|e|||y i,f Kood STOBESWEBE ROBBED J "~~ The Home...Scryicv. Company Of Dixon Was Relieved Of $132.50 In Checks, \Veilfte>il.t,V v reiilixe.s ihi> riieiiiaHon af the l!n- who attended |he I'ntlcruI I the |!»ti- .Mrs, W. I), lloehm from on of th'- city w'ere: Air. John J, Hoel'm 11*011, Kan.; t\. ,1, Itin-hni, 8lon S. I).; Mr*. A. A- Hoehnj. K Minn,; Mr. I. Schneider an cr, , Auathii, U'nddarnH' (Jrovf js»-llf ami kimwH that pi.^sihly many people In It*, tcnitiiry nr»» reudy to . Iniy fnrriiH.. lit- him it hit;' real I'stnto lulvcrtlm-mt'iit in Tin- •,Ja/ett" 1 tinlay thw itrU"i> of outfldi* r«'.il i-ntatf thn. rr-lnmns of Tfio t;a- liu'al. di'iih>r« that .whojt "tht'.v tli Kpportunity ill..:._JU._.-. foril; 'Wllliatn Wai/. WaddaiiiH <Jrov« 111.: Mr.«: (!. I.. folliiiH. Air. and Mrs (!. K, I'lilliiiM, .Mr. f'arl CollinM. Aurora Air. and .Mm. Kvcivtt -Tali-utt. Chicagu •Air. (!, Talcott. Dlxiui. CAME LONG DISTANCE. - Oi-jipit)' the liasl loiiilK two fouplt drovo fn.irn wi.v nillr-M tte'ynml I'foplietw- to atteiKl ••Tin' milde by Uii7.etu> ndv»'r(inin« they are -towtl to attend The |..lope|-K," IJIM! Julsalne.Lji..'lili...IKid.-llm.l-uLli'.'jt. uill uul tilubU Nt \'i.r ; would- liavi- Impiuituul, h* nlow io .cultivate.' JnWt mil 1 imiiiiry ''in for ihe Inv'enitoii'of UinrjuKo, and from Btich un ttds'crtlMcmeni wilf i»uy* T'"' «hoVv wtni'ld' tiul huvi- heen In-nrd ft if It Mevernl times if the de.'t'ltir han uf I'rohHhl.v no Igr- nwn>-, -hnt for the what thu party K(ilenman, ami l» u real MORRISON TRUCK STRUCK. ' Llhhy at Morrison droy«< M# hlK moior truck Into Miller Hros (iar- IIK*>. In liixon, l.-iHt fVfiilnK after u four dayH* laynver in a dlich near Civstnn. ft »h«»rt ilfHtancf west of Jjoclieile, The niailH were very muddy and in turn- JllK OUt fur /lllolhj-r ih The L. EISELE OPERATED ON. Kittfli*,. KOII at our l«f li\- •-!»•- now— 1n~Tt nl, after having iinderei, n s. operatiunsi for Mtonen. |J«» had . ulld ort-r iiifii « .di'e|V tlitcti, Tlu- 'liriv- ptiHl-'lo nc^i.itiate with se.v«-ral in the neiKhhorhnod for (he rewu<< of lh« l truck, hut" all <,-iNked u I»rii l e .whh-h hi- fiinnldeivd prohihitive. II IHlll.V I'Cl III lied .til KocllHIe wher been employed in. a Napervillc factory. At lust ut-coiints. he IH .slowly irnprov- JUT pui-enta. .M,., 4Ul( | t \|,. Hi Uood. ill. and Mr«. H. A. MaxUi'ld and d.tUKhter, Helen nf Tutnpico, called on IriendM here ThntNiSay enrnnto to Helta. I'olorado, on a Mhort vittit, I'leaniiiK. 'tlyclntf. -nnd afttTTttirmK r-r-nll KliiilN h;ni' lii't-ti lorvil K'li (*(Tlri-> of tilt' Ilillll |n>t rivt'inii'. In Dlx ol "'-iitly Thin diiN [hoi'.-h! In- i.i,.me ti radf-rv^ end fed. th Sel"V fee I 'o . oti | I* and (..ok .Street.* ea nets and I>yer.s, X17 H. K. Urnlntker, uf Morrison, (*, F. Senior, of Albany, find TV S, «'aifien- !er. of Lyndon, are here ort the jury in the city t imrt. Have yon tri,. ( ) NUI'M ppccla! hot cliOcoluli " i-hc< kM, annum! itn: in all in ll.'C'.r.o. Mlilnt'Kctt liy I). 11. l,ftw, on.. ( ,f t l»(»-irilj>TK tif thr (fiTtlpntty. Thf were taki-it" flum the >afe which had !>• I'M left unlocked. .Mr. . I^'iw hiiN xrnt nni notii'es that tll(> '-hechs tnii*t not I"' li'dlitri d un- Ir'i.s ti.ffHeiii« d by hini^i'lf. Tin- .l"tii'« t'n.'^et y ; il'.>re,_ aNn J.i- iMti'ii < n ji<-|ii.t av«-iiiie. ni>t far fmi tln> s«Tvic<« Ci.imi>-'iiiy'M ufriccH. hnyi' ht-en ()!<• same 1)1* !i ;i" lli <'ht»-(eel (!).' tttllvr "ITii'C. The limit uf 'lei' .stit>-Htalliin. wtiti'h In ]iu'!iii>tl in th ,lnni'.-< jiturc, net :tn,s tn have h iiiiiMiih'd victim ifi (hl« rawf. < Marie Itituloif wen'l lo. South Ind., .where fdi«« will attend tin 'oih-Ke, Her fathe. H. Hitlorf, aevotnpanled her there. ' H. l Mr*. ..J. H. and children, ,,f Minn., are vlHiiinc. a f,. lv \vi--uliM •U'ith her parent.'!, Mr. nml C. Uyan. ieorKe Knapp. iiifhllrcl for .... if 1,1,-Hlund, I'UKaid A; Knnp|i, of Chi-. •ai;u. tipi 1 -!!' \Vii.dmi'iiiiv In iiiVrlhiL- '.-H '."•'.'•"•'cin .,>viijinnjitiiy jn, jltijiline. Ail lie looiiT" «iiTi('« l - of the company in ImrKf of Frunk A. Ward. U«.?ninn«-rT\ Mr». Karr. eoraet maker, will he it ... - • '?i.\lll—il V I'lUU'i >n Octoher 2nd ito Oih. nrdt-in laken n(ore iind reipn-iid Mr, Jones to c.ih a money order fot them, but as ih-t part of tin- ofjn -, | tl |,| |,,. t .,, I he safe locked | hi ,io comply with their ii.'Ml attempted t. ' wny intij-ttin j,tore wi!h (In- aid of an Iron tiijtr^iiml a l»raci- .,t,d -bit. takt n fniiji iJ^'-jSi-rylci' ''ompany'f ni'sic-e. Tw \\e(< vl ored ill Ihe'dool- ji| ;m [ ( |. -o-JlVei* FPANCES KELLOK ami tlio tliit Sfi-t-|hi>!. mk li\.-r 'toe IH i t. The i n 51 r • fore.- iheil tf 1UJJ I. ...Mi 1 1) ' M i—thin thi'j- trinl to pry (!)<•" Iri'i'ii « from thf UIIMI..W. In ililw lln-y mmtirrt'.'sftO mul ftniilly nnd third can In* lilted wun ee. I-ater ord<-i-H for Kebntary. Mr.-»u»rt-Mi;t«,_| r .-,_ r .. . --.-: nd Mru. t-'nink Jiinsm-'n have retnrn- d horiH« from n f,, w •londM find wllj| In Allnhnnk, Klun- ATTEND CONVENTION; n tetun^ter W«« m-cured. Who. with the aid of block and tackle, finally »ot the truck Imck «>n l!n» hi«hway. The driver will continue, on hiH wnv to MprrJ- "iinir rodiry~.""~ ™" 7~" REMOVAL NOTIQE Wo wish (g.-.(111110.11111*' lh<iL on. .an. -tlfli-r Octoher Ural we \vill be tn om nfW location -wn tin* corner of Avenn« 11 and Third Htrect. llitnoix Northeri f'ompiiny-* -" _«' At You Can advertised Clothing Hats and Shoes i, Rvelyh and AKIICH Brown, iNubell Hopjiinu. Helen Ktone and John Kldrenkiimp, J)omild Hhtink and Hu«h <!tdder, motored to ri'ophetMtowil yew- tvrdiiy Where they alii nded Hie forty- llrnt .Sunday .school convention. UNDERWENT~OPERATION. .Men, |{ick Allen, of 'ftunpieo, was hroiiKh^ to ||n» I'ubrk- JJn>iJ,iilal AVi'.d-i lie»<lay~TilKTn;" where Hlie""linTh-"i went V wrioim operation Thursday morhin>;. Her many friemlH W|M|I her a «peedy recovery,._......_ : ...._1... ;; .. -" . DAILY WEATHfER REPORT. The I'hicaKo wcathiM- bureau fore- CUMI fur today .In an follows: Fair to- ll?an and routine. They mad'e th< trip in their uiiionioblh'. ^m(^bt^ Ha» Been Prepared by the Trinity 8. 8. For Rally Day Sunday. The Trinity. I', I-:. Sunday «,,„..,„ willnl.Mtirve (tally Day Sunday. Oct. I. A .special effort Is hHlif,' nuule to have "evury memhei-" present, indud- IIIK hoim- deparunont and cradle ndl ^A-"1rt'eIy coincsi • • • th peliell!llK«' of nlKht and Sulurday; portions, tonight, tein|)i-r- lioitn- tri{M«»-&i.iiili ]lt»i»I, Ind. ' II. V. l-"irnt Hai'ilHt church hoiiuV ftvi al«» Saturday ui liaulrapp'N,* Mr*. Mary Hchwank, who has fu'r pieneni and the larKt'sl atlinidanco. JCac-h elns« Is expected lo , tako nniiu> part in thr prnRrnniu Rervici- will 1>S^ gin ut ft: 30 . «t. tn. with (i prelndo. The .school , will then «in« the "Victory" HOUR, and rhant "The "Lord is In II If HcJy T«»ni|ile." Mr, ('. Klm>h> will It-ad In pruyer, followed with- th«' "Hally if- i 'Husj: Hupt The rnen Hupp.,,-:eil lo luiVe committed the theft were Neeii leavinir the city on a wc.-d hound frd-lKht and a inc*"- «ajif sent to Nclnon which resulted jn their nrrrsfr'rjTit~iis~ttie"wirTicT'Vti"coiih find no evidence upon them, they wen THRIFT LESSONS ' Ml the I'ii.'.rni,'!' •I) -.hy ,\|i.. | -,, , ,,, \>. |!:iii!n-d vvi.iii, ; , -., < A In. h " tt!,- ;'/» .it it . p .' :'S ^.'.u...! 'i I.. li'iilil ... ;, ,.| ' I.ilu <•!. A, iseii ,1 ...; r n nan Wi!co%. The iri'nil « i .,r i!.. Ih,;;, .,n,' ! 'iii.ler •!„. :iuyj.; .iiunatL, ;irid th. WMITf-mV 1'olninitt..- of tin- National '"'•' '•' '-Mlp .iii:n r,,|,, flut |, •if. \\hl--h l'ecintl> appointed hj'<*huir- fijTjirr; rrir- TT'TtT-. ;^ : L.^ ^l^lL^- r >-^ n r~.- W n^^ ' iTT 'M'~T'TTvJ';^'".VlUti'"K.*.^evvTr-J .i.,erv,a, r ,, pkiuy,,, i,f,,., ,,-y,,,^,.,. AH;, Maua;:^;; .„:•.,. i, , , ,, '••••"<" i' i i i" I i,; lil ^»| ^!.!H. ll ;;..'! l ?±, !1 . !! '.'.:" : :'-' :; " 1 '"" 1 l> '^-<^»> -y. * "i'iilord fini-iint'. Mi-«Muni \vT-tinore. •r, .Mi:,:' Mary Aillin. FAVORITE OF THE FILMS War Makes New Economics. N.o Cnndie« Thnt Cventng. ~VTT _ 8«en at the Y, M, C. A. _The jiuhiie irs invited lo Ko"io~"lh. V, M. r. A. any time il in open iinli (iciniior-.'). to yee a collection of chartu lo the Intern-itlonal Cnm- tniltee of the y, .%], (-, Ai> wn j,.|, n ., H IHM-JI Hent iii |) U . | (l ,. a | -v," |, ls ,. al ],-,,| 'he "thrift view.s" and they are for >f th«« people. tlu* yonn« men. to' Htart cavlm* monov., Thet, tro HiKH'eii of the charlH framed, on •ttnnns. xvhlch hear miife te«timqnvDf he v.'iluc of thrift, .which Includes'(hat if Having, The charts are ahont two reel wide arid nearly three fee,! • hhfh. r«di'"~ . il, will i, of Dlvon, wan a cal Wtllrnm -ti r here last ., „. WjuiK-d Men t«i wi»rk' in factory. It iiire• DfTirt? Najionul Mfg. t'o> II Hulh, of IJixon, hpeiit last f DulYey. of Olson. Hpfnt hiNt ey .. here with frlendH. Hot drii'ikH of all Hindu ut the lllinoi «'nndy . M. - ___. . --_-— -- Mpent the day here »}hoppinK. . . J{ourk(», of.Kam JVlolin»», I spending a few dayw here wtiii friends Mnrt»hy - Jroin a himiiie^ (rip (,, (,'hli-HKn,' iihliurd Kclli'y, of Tanipi-.-o, calic i frieiulrt here la«l Clothing y Unts Shoos V- Kazao Buspendlers Paris Garters ("ooper's ICeiionha Klosed Kroti'lr '. Union Suite i tlFTe Ia >'*leven f. t licrdes' Hurry. |iutaloe.H LT of iJixtin, wan lien .;ty • cvfiiinc calling on I'Yu-d KarJI, of Hixon,-"H|"i),it- ••'• day eveniin; hen*with frienilM, Mr,s, Kxlcrt fan, of Aurora. j H vis- Minn ;it tin- \V, -Jl.. ii'orke t'lom,.. h'viii 4)'.Malh'y. 'of |>i\oi(. culled on Mix. Fled .Kheriy \V;IN removed from " Jioivjiiial to her honii', Will -run-ail, of |»|,\oii, xpeni last cy- '.HIH here with friimifi Klvo a short Hully Day addn-HH. A uhorl llnu; will then he devoted'to Hie ICNHOH period. The HChtiol will «(HK "iipeji the Door," at* tho children from tho 'I'lui HeiyinnerH and with 1 the 'ina of th hree fe t* ver art* very ,.-. n .• *felection, nl't« which tin* "KuiiHhliii!" claMH will Kh a dluloKUtv entitled, "u Ves, l,etj«." •epi'i-Hcntutive from the "ClaNx in Hi <-Utl.».'r" will siiur "A Kailhful I.ife The "('hiiliiplon" clayH will «i\e ladlt»«' i|tiarii>t from the "Key«tom' will "Loyal . UK- "IMhany tiirlw" will ''''" line a rend N". 4 will pr ' H 8 ' 18 ' «'!»«« N". 4 will pre CIiuMTiTTu' ttrBIicT-FKS;' 1 ""; JauH and it . ikdo froni tln>; "Samarititn -, „_„,_,,, hy, n, di-U'mitc , IK* "MolheiH" ctaN« will conclude Ih A -«jm«*l«i - f vn tnrv —nf - t h IifoR-runi will he (in- HI-HI appear of the recently orguniKtHi Sunday orchestra. After lite Keeie- . . • --»i--'-|-.»i».r '^timni^ix'iin. ~f nHnwrntm re soine, of the ca t eh y lines: "Throe bei-re per d,-iv«\vill hnv ninch in tlu> way of Kroct-rleH. or will "•'d much to your bank account " Helti ||><> other fellow, loo.' ''"Don't Mie I he rich: von can'i Hatisfv an auto- inohile iipiielite on a wheelbarrow in- —'^'"'UJI'' hvtkii," Tien lay' " uiiteMH tlTt ; re in a "Tht* i k nriiinfr power* of ten did- ;»f*' much when rlMhUv exjiend- There are aiMu a set of one hnn- •ii-.-d which an- tdiowii antonnitii all)' that .-ire very attractive. They are War is i.rod.ieln^oim.iiueeriH-ono.! *' H ».?,", 1 >ay " "" 8 Uiy Uttl ° mies. The inuhuw. who nre fli-htliiKi' te '\, MI ' <Ir< ', (l - H hox «' '-'wolatos. nhove (he N nmvl!m» {hid wood ^«inv' ct ' n , U >' ll ° left tmvrl - unknown to ^.nd fires „ rarity. Their dillicuiUes "»'' "''"^^-ho jailed for .him just' Uyv aroused Ule .cout. to nctio... ^^f^^^. " ! I*\V—VIM|( - everv iioitsiv rciltPor" tile" iV»r " ' ~ i1 ** "i 1.1 , .— -, . , •" ., , , , - llfteen minutes n\\ t > Bald: "I desa mu :'^"^,.:^ '."T^r-i-i ^rir 1 ™ "«' <**«<»>">£ Hon. These >;lrls, working under the> g • •;. oye iifla teacher, *preud the sheejs " ~—- ••• ' Hal MM feed linn, into n machine \ DIED OF BADY^ DISEASE, whlcl/roll.s ihein-ti^htly ililo a roll of: l: ' 'aiisville, In I, Si/m ^j*. Th" lirst nit an inch In dliinieter. Hill they.' ll ' •'"' "'"" inf-niiiSe I'.inilvsiM in «<<v- ( t tnn • Innc^' f or "ViSe,"fiir u "'clii Vjijiin^" '' rri ' "«*''«' 'w ov. s un'. • ,r' Ti'cit'7 "llit«V \ lei !hi \vorkcii'hy Jiaiul produces tis a '"'IUK i'i<- l-yeai -old danthter uf .jo- Hiial ri'sull, little tlKhl *hos-Inng;- ^I'licMj ealjf^Tv ilro[ii»ed" o n kiuipsack, and \vheii a fire Is untcd three• «r four are taken otu, accd on 'tot- ground,'.•'lit'.- ami enough •ai I* gcnemted to warm lilUflful of. t mahout (wo' s '- |lh U^-^'- for nil the ed." (ilm .sent with more |iicinie.s of thi:-< H.'itiue, ; which -'may he put on one of she film machine« in Stf-rUn,-; ^ Cardboard Replaces Wood. «if their many advantiij,'en Marguerite Clark, __ • ' •",-* »..,, *ll|r«VKJ 1 fj»t*i\ I I»ii 111!" I I* I'or.ner oomie opera .star who stilled j Although thu cunlbiiunf hoxes of cardhoard '-s tiro rapidly rejilacltm |he former. REAL ESTATE LOANS First Mortgage Investments ('arel'iilly Heiectud l-urii} Mort- ifa«<-H re'prejfient tliu hishont type oi weiuity. Tlu» income is greater Hian that jif any iithef- in\ ctftini MI uCeritiK - i 1« if»1 irt e «are|y, l:iv: -t ..a I j-uu. i'nlU'i ied—\»—1 lialm'l r JOHN M. STAOEB -Law Office Stafj«r 4 Stager • , * --j-"---»-"»»p»«« ti««.r v*i» * M't'tn \i intA,*'n in i* j her youv !o h.-coim. u jihiyi-r in (lie .strong ciiotiKh lo withstand jieajiyjjrcs- ,-7— ~ TTn-fhrm;— , There are no advertisements - .. the liical V. AI, ('. A., invitcH every one ' thrift, repoi t iind—rnrr he rcKiilar chnrch ottering will h»i The ",lfe.l|Htr" MoliK 'will he ,. hy the audience followed 'by a hurt Uiill.v Day sermon hy the .|>UBUH XII will join In i.'liiKlnH "< inward Chris till! ,So|7|ie(H" and he ditihli.sfiied with lie lieliedietlon How He Fooled Her. oigy utoituT h'ft tn) '" ——~- than a wooden one of the same sl/. t . In France Woman Usually HUWO tif.«>- TIV.VI uu ai-i'ivdaide MUI IIB '-• •• Is *'Man" nf fhfi Familv tllt ' s i M ' < 'i s ^\!Blli!!tJ.'liuEi?i^_iiurUie4--. .*_z* **JL~*JJI Mi—ULlM— *•• Cii ' HJ-lf—:—riTiTi- \ " 1111\ til ii 11 11 \ * nioie, tiie> cardboard (MIXCS, IHVIUIM* Tim Frenelijy JJ iHuu4M tinman" of -^L «'""^' &^ llat »»'«^'"ivd fit •''" family as a rule. Thin was UULH- . " I 1 " » '" "" As a *' , ._ rT otir hoTel in Parts, where; •cd, occupy lilth> VXftllUde. It is -re-" K. T. FEEOUSON INVESTMENT BOMD8 NT-t 4 t«,tt iwf cent iCx«>iiipt ifrom income Ttut LOANS IN8UWANC8 310 Lawrence Bldg. 8t«r|injj, ill. ported Hint '.«,i!00 canilmurd t-y. i-Vank K.iniiini, of -H lead.-; hej-%- laM .evcnum", " ' ' I 1 l>flne|es-l, of |>I.\OU, hpilil inj; here. LiitL-J-Lii'lisU. tJuui Ii hun.i.i ,•!:>!>• Ha|i;nl.i> ,.ai < !indrap|.'n * Mix Charlea i.'ajiMfll went tu j;o today on :\ ,sho| f viw;t. c-'Uei.'.itl MtH',''ii--o(i loil.iy ,' . .\ .l.||; dro;, ui lY,ti| and y«-j :U'-v|ci'flc- .H-'ilf.ct lonioljun." •All- •'.'U!-l .| ; ,iji;h(cr soc'nt IIH* .fay in i 'hiu.,ii. '..-"' \ r >'« .>vdlV vyaK a ini-,j|.ic«,s caller in »"hn),.u. .1.4 , lo'l.-i -,-. , Jloots .i. l'.i.-.*,vi .w. v4*l^i. ~ .^i.i...,.». ''.•'fit's .in ii'"'T . .. The Elopers OisiiKree.ihlc M.'.ithcr. iifp;ii-i-nll\ wu;i rt wjiKiifiihlc i'or i|n- crm\i| at tin AiadoJiiy^ol' Aii'isu- itni III-HIK \crv I.TLU-.. lust night Jur tl.e inu.iie.i) c>-tned> "The l''!"l>i-l'H " There \snw 'it K»od- ..siy.cii •t'llortiM Htlil iltt» j<riiH'i|Wll t'oles i,Vrre IM l-reiiy K"od -flaiuis lia.iiijh (he vyt-n« iii'i |t:trtlciil:irly MtronK ih<« Minn hii«i W.-IH "Tc'nni.s . t I'tayH." dnrlnv; Hhiih tin, CHIIIIV. tt-il ei»Hh ti'iiiHK tiaii>; *sHi into dicnci-. "Kvi'rv roa.d l.s th ij iiun In)- vve'u- (ho -liol. M r Mi«in un.i|..\ '1' lleil (..»• Die ni .ir, illlot Kii.;ii *«," . ul'd "S\x i'ur. hl(,«t Se'p or with a mdghhor whlln flho went Bhojijilng, When aim rftunied ho was tolling her what lu? hud : tor liuicli. and la i-uiiciiiaion JIB said: "She•poured water in my Cup ln-fori' Hln> I'ou/cd thi> .tea, hut I saw her do it i\w\. I fouled her '(•ausi-i"'l jiist drank a's far dowu ua 'thu water!"- Chicago • How It Happened. KMtfor "1 aw (old that in your account of that fashionable., wedding you juttmlly ini-ntioiK'd the. grooin'a'naiuo. iHLU.'t.-.yyu Juujiw that 4a-lyjnti'itry. lu '»»?."!"?",. Hi-jiorit'r- "Yew; I'm sorry. 8iK l)iit you »t-t« jt happened to ITOUJI B tliu uut-oMuwu gu«ats."—• madanie jitlemted to the ollici'and. ran , , eVel-y.jU.iK. SMule *] w . k..p, |.,.^ ^^' n ~ """'^"j Z"'" '"''" ''"" 7*iVtul ou tin* " • "'•'- ' '•'•• * kil ' • ->••-• f '**' ''*" -*" lln> , — —•-•-— , : rCTT-TTT TT *"TT*TT I' m TTTt SI' irnnri-niiy (Ml hue d.>- ,, ,. ".,.,,' . . , . 4 worl;: I'rnciically ull ^,^^ 1 "-^'"^'"imcuy.-Ncicntuu. the 'VliamlierniJild.s" lirl'nriH ar 'rin- Jii'si ihiin; we no! iced on reu U»K- I'aris \viiK a iviHit.Mt csjii dri\ Mosj of tin- K|rv,.-t vend«•!•« are' svomeii-" Init they are, hi!«!,y ,"|ic»-liuens, \\lio are well ahle to loni; for of the htick.s'icrx lift- very \V (he IMiwoTIi'f'Ti, y.hii lu-uiiiiouiiciui; for i;ir little nunihtT «.i' , \vitii the. Woiiic'u \vlii». riiii Kforc:. ami nil They iti.varialdy keep BIRTHS v ier-.iia v h' • Ml lliil Mji H tin" l'' Ho-.pital •\Vcd- Optimism Supreme.. ii is the, lu'oducer. J{ Is Jiope. lii'u. jt cuntaiua ev«T,vthin^ which fHlt),« into th« mental -Irjct arci»uri, r ,-;, hoiu'.s they will he set.-ti Uieir Jeil^ers. ilt N, ,, m s »•,.,. ! lh:;i ihv Fn h.ii, u,,!i,...| vhi J Hit- Mltfl :,!/'• or oil;. !•' "I-j-hj ; jj<--y ..Ji.Jjr.utJj; aii.e_..4 : iu.-. 'r^ '»' in I':;) i.;..'',.•(..,'. Africa .Still Leads. K.iHili Airicu iciid.s the world. l>nr- liii,' IH1I. the value of the piveimH s-loiii'ti espiincil from (he union UU.H ' -*IL!i!!]i-J^.: 'it .MUi. $ir..7<3^5Mi. and iu •WM, JM.d.iiN^.iy.-,, '|'i, ( , j,,-,, ,| u ,,,,,,,1,1 "vvu* di.M-uvcrcii in Suiuli Africn liy a j-jJwdc-r ii;itncd o'liciliy, v\ho ohiained a .-.i.'r..' \u-is.-hin^ \^J'. t . ,, ttitm u l»u!chi»iin uho V.M.S nuerl.\ u:uor/int 4 »f it > value. 'J'l-.t- '.siune ua>, Inter pur- ch:,>eii py .'Uv i'ki-Uii. . VVodchou.a- i'wf ->-r;'i ! H*r~ - : - .---•• - ; ''.•' V«Tioe of Eiderdown, !-;id«'p'!d',V!! H* UJHJ •(>( t').' I lu'-CKt MARTHA FRY 7 The Sterling Chiropodist. MRS, EMMA GRAY, I'trst riux.s <'hliopi)dl»t with MiHN |.' ( y 110 W. 4th St. Bell Phono 83?-R N.G.VAHSANT ' Attorney ut Law State Bank Building (\r.&J.W Johnson ATTORNEcS AT LAW Pia ii>,i» irt dll court* "••'•i !' IH;,\T<»,N' A h-ii.i.v I'JilVWas (iinu t'hni j 1,-iornilr;; -"io 'M I . '<,tt>j' -;\lt ,-i - ,h,r " 1, 11-.. 'it-iil "iii j ."• ^'~'",'~' ... ~~ :....„__, j lU'.-ld The. «;.|,'.vlle lol Hi! H-; A".-'

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