The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 21, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 2
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Bakerifltid CaHTortiian ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^b^^^^^^^^^& ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^i^ff^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ led Every Evening but Sundays ttt •ersfieM. Kern County, California, and Count) red in Postofflce nt Baker<>rteld, 1,. ns Second-class Mall Matter. month; $5 a Year in Advance RED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. phone Main 31 L 1 Christmas trade, and the intelligent shopper will not fail to peruse the announcements of the men who have goods to sell. Heading advertisements is a paying proposition for the buyer for in tliem. the mnn with ostne- thin<r in sell makes hN most at- Iraetive offers. If VMM liave not, therefore read the ml', t-rtisonirnts in this issue, do so. It means JI)'>M"V sjivin^ for yon, just MS it jiu-ans business for tin man who A Beau tifvil little cut glass Decanterfillc<l with the finest T. 1), Turck Brandy with everv -4.00 purchase at KI>AY, DKC. 10, 1908. ; pjiys for thn ad. E CHURCHES AS A BUSINESS PROPOSITION «:;tiri '--ini: t<> the church luiMnrss proposition, sineo nians' editorial on ;f(lvrrt iM' the rhrnvh- iliMiril, conies the ail- t'l'uin Sllll Ullf'jtt'l from .1. \V. Simmons of the- Moth-! Aqueduct 'l;v ' \viis Work Swiftly iflhi^r flBiMVBB ifc ^VMv"M^Vi^V||^ .1 COMPANY Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street ''!«>'3 I (»"**— I *WI T ' Reports received from Superintend Kpiseopal church. " I he- in advertising the pulpit. I concluded tluit the church business arid imrst be advcr- But advertising only brings pie to the church, and then have to deliver the goods," Commenting on this, the Oak- Enquirer says: ent Dates, In charge of tunnel work on the Jawbone division of the Los Angeles aqueduct, seems to indicate he is determined to beat the world's record, made on the Elizabeth lake tunnel last October, when 466 feet were driven from the south portal. J. B. Llpplncott, assistant chief engineer of the aqueduct, who has Just returned from a trip over the line, BASEBALL BREACH NOT CLOSED A , , • ." ft »^*'**«*-^ *4W*44 Efr I**JLF UW* H1Q 4AU^/j Accepting the proposition of 8ays that |a the lagt twenty . flTe days nions, that the church is "a ] the force of men under Mr. Bates has lines*,' the logic of his further jdr|vcn 425 feet of tl|Bnel wb|ch lusions is irre.Histable that it a to advertise.' It pays to ad- ise any business, because the "Unless an unforseen landslide should occur in the ranks of the Pacific Coast beague magnates which would force the Coasters to grant the esslons the State League has this will happen, it will be outlaw asked for, hut I don't think it likely that this will happen, it will he outlaw ball again next season without a doubt." tiers closely on the record made at 1 The foregoing statement was glean- Kll/.abeth lake. The work In the Jawbone, however, Is through softer ground, and Is not in nil respects eomportable with the work at Eliza- hike. It is hardly likely that the mark set, by the Elizabeth lake superintendent, will be exceeded for some Him* In ;i strictly fair comparison, but for all that tho achievements at seve.nil different points are such as to aitract engineering attention all over the country. So far about 12,000 feet of tunnel been exeavated on the Jawbone d charges do not increase pro- tionalely with the increase of inem A given store, ;t triven iher of clerks can, in nine eases of ten, transact more business n they do on the average. <iiv- i certain religions plant, in of a church, a parsonage, a eher, a ehureh ehoir, and alit any church could do more iness than at present. Fn other words, the empty could be tilled without any ' division, ami eight tunnels have been itional expense for li^lit, for' t. For music, for the minister. ipnralively few fbMp-h phints ';ru up to t In liini! in lltis nnd \vifh (iif chut-ch. MS anv othiT 'business', il' we * " to accept the infixirn ol 1 IJev. uions, advertising helps to ed from President A. B. Evans of the Fresno State League Club last night as he stepped from the Owl, says the Fresno Republican. Evans has teen in San Francisco attending the appar COMPKDMISE II The Los Angeles Times in commenting on <hi E. Jones-Interstate Land con trove- ray over Midway lands GOOD THINGS TO EA T AND DRINK says: the outcome is now assured as of the long controversy over the ownership of section 10 and j the east half of 14 in 32-23, Midway, between the Insterstate Land Company, the Santa Fe and the Jonea interests (now owned by the Standard). This is the explanation of the big! company's pun-hose of the land In dispute ami apparently putting itself in a position to be involved in llti- gatlon. No nfHcial announcement is We have them. Try some of our imported Italian olive oil. Jnst the thing for your salads and seasoning. -W« also porte seasoning, carry a fine line d macaroni. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. Advertising in the California!) brings big returns on the investment. California and Imported Port Wines ently fruitless conference between the yet made l<y any of the parties 1m* j Coast and State Leagues and PulHam mediately cmu'rned. but from other. and Johnson. He returns satisfied sources It i.< that Fresno will have a good ball has been a:n team next year, hut will be minus the learned that the matter i adjusted. j In general it may be said that the ' 1209 19th Main on the SaiiKUs division. In .\nvmb<>r Ol,uO<> days' labor were jHM'l'onned on tho aqueduct. This is equal 10 an average ol' a little more than LVM»'» men in the field every clay In the month. i L Tin* Son; hern Pacific is pushing the work of construction on its new road; services ot Captain Cliff Blankenshlp, : settlement who will be reinstated to the good property graces of organized ball without a penalty and allowed to go east again, say as yrt Evans stated that every player, he paid < involves a division of the the three named, Prompt Delivery, We're headquarters for Port Wines—and all other liquors that you may want. Whenever you buy Port Wines buy them here where you can get the best in quality and flavor. We carry both the California and Imported Port Wines — the California sells for $1 to $1.60 a gallon and the Imported for $1 to $4. Tak6 your choice and phone us your order. but on \vh:it basis it is Impossible to; Whciher any money is to i . ttlier side Is also un' seen in the state league during i past season, with the exception the known, of; This sold, and BlanHenship, Hal, tatives of and Elmer Stricklett, who re-, city and t will be cavorting around hold a en;;;. , - «,,.t_ » ' the circuit as of yore. With four a weelt, next season should be .- known that represen- 'he parties are in the rn:iy be intending to iv o to adjust finally Difference remaining. reason to believe and tho liev. Mr. i lfl the Owens Hirer Valloy. and Is now | a P™>P eTOUB ° ne ' 1 ninnin- trains to a point opposite. ; As stated in the Associated Press nuke n convert von must reac h loiAttiti^, tl(4ltt. t ivj 41 | I\J1 11 L, Ul'l*Wnil1Jj nake a eoneert you must reai-h ^ Freeman, omcials of the company ! dispatches of the conference at the St. hy means of the pulpit. 1 " j promise to hnve tiie line in operation 'Francis hotel Saturday, the meeting he HiKjuirer continues with' » 0 jjttle luUf, seveutv miles from Mo-' .^tending until 2:30 o'clock yesterday h iit ] at the e.hui'ehes . jjtv... by January ir>. (morning, nothing definite wa sdecided the only business with 11 eon-j The work on this road IH now sov- J upon, according to Kvans. President able sum of money invested, • ( , ra i months ahead of time schedule. PulHam of the National League and ut a heavy monthly expense, i and will be completed Ions before the , President Ban Johnson of the American afford to shut down for « X pinulon of the final limit ttxed in can League, who journeyed days in the week, and open for, t he company's contract with the city.' only on the Sabbath day. i The branch line built by the city, obviously, the ministers would 1 whioiv (xinoiu-ts with this road and ak to empty pews on the week runs up to Rod KnrU Canyon, afso lu.s when men and women are | bo-:: completed ;n-i is roudy for op- The question is how to < i ry will hr made also to set- \ r liispntcs over the Jones j has not been done al- ' Mic parties to these mat-; in I^os Angeles In the u-o J. M*. Athwell of the y. me question is now 10 U' (l » ' eration. This lim- i m within sound of tho voice oi'j engineer Uppiumii •; teachers of religion on thft om? i now three caterpillar :w 1 in the week. Most churches ^nsinos running on tin- not filled on the Lord's day.' ( j nK away tho dirt ihro\\n the contrary, it is more often J Austin excavator. rule that they are not half, J»Y»SS. •d, and those who are in * , it. may be said the ones who most need the miration of the ehuivhcs. not me whom the preachers most iire to reach. The churches are facing a eon- ion, therefore, that must be t before they can occupy the gest sphere of usefulness, nnd resolves itself into two tjuesns: To induce people to attend urch and, quoting the San miles 11><'1'(' M'- t .'.' ,!»'-.«.ft, r .u-, hi r all the way from New York to the Pacific Coast to settle the differences, were apparently astonished at the wide between tho Coast and the League magnates. Tt was thought by the big moguls that Cal Kwing has arangcd everything satis- fartorlly before tholr arrival, but they iilseovt-red that such was not the case " L and funher, that the Staters would not deal with Prudent TCwIng of all. r i YEAR As a parting shot Kvaiis st.ated that ihe fans ran look i'or a surprise or . two in tho situation very soon, but • thai, these (dans will be in tho nature of making the Coasters hack up when next season opens, with outlaw ball in Fresno, Stockton, San Jose, Sacra- During the yoar liiOS and up to last i 1 minister, then M to deliver e goods." How befit to meet the first eondi- evening the county jail opened Its doors on 10G5 prisoners. For the twelve months, February showed the greatest number of arrests, 150 having been brought to the local basilic in the 29 days of that month. Noveni- ! mcnto, Santa Cruz, Oakland. Los Ani geles and last, but not least, San Francisco. AT NELSON WILL AGAIN ENTER RING. y PO There that a tie the othi claims, if ready. All ters reside (^ J L Y L U*,l **** i • i v> ••• — - - • —• — - •— -• i Standard's j reducing department, and , H. M. tSery, Its chief engineer. Mr. j AtwellV; visit is probably one of his routine trips and of no significance. What Mr. Story is here for Is not learned yet. He arrived yesterday and liis visit may be a matter of importance and it may not. | I The belief is spreading that the . Standard's purchase of all the Jones , interests ami bis retirement, as It Is row understood, from all connection with its affairs, was caused by the suit recently tiled in tho United States ronrt to eject Jones from lands \vhlch c located with scrip by the Ange»s on section 2", to which action Standard was made a party. The l»is r .-omijany shows every sign of recking to avoid any more legal entanglements than it already has on hand, and it Is thought that its high- i er officials became somewhat alarmed at tho posBible consequences of having an agent, or anyone suspected of being its agent, roving over the field locating lands wherever found for the purpose of selling them to the octopus. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. Fred Gunther Co. E I Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. Want ads, 50 cents a week. For Sale.... Second quality sewer pipe, suitable for sewers, ditches, and culverts. GLASS & FISCHER, Q and 19th Sts, m is a problem for the ministers work out. It is a good aubjuct be ' ct »« a ?™ «*<»*** a reo ord of 149. April shows the smallest number, with but 39. Of the number placed under arrest 285 were convicted of misdemeanors discufisiou, and ought to be a uitful one. THIS ISSUE. and served sentences from short to six months. Twenty-six sent to San Quoutln, two to Fol- This issue of the California!! nquestionably covers the largest mount of comerciaj advertising very printed in a single »"^r\r^iw were consigned to f a BakerafieUl oauor. Mor-1 SAN KUANCISCO, Dec. :n.—Willis Brltt, manager for Battling Nelson, the champion lightweight of the world, received a letter yesterday In which the champion said that he expected to reach San Francis o about I on '' « f °fy concrete and Hat spnds word ' :u ' conUng to plans an spt ' ri!i '' ltlons * NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Scaled bids will be rocoived hy c Hit/.man at his residence, KTJ H stnvt Kern from December 21, l^"s, to pe comber 29, 1908, for the erection of a t a **il.l\f *oi»v,ivt i'"l'' •• *** * ' I ;hant8 during tlu? untiru year, and i •articularly through the busy hoi i ™** i ' orninn liberally us a ni»-ans ol 1 'caching tho pid.lii*, but this is tin* oeord nniubor for ili<> vohnao u\' dvertiainp. ) The Calil'orn'uui is in position to >rin& the advertisi-r lar^' returns. paper praetires what it )roaches. It beliews in advertis- img. During the year just clost-d 80m one U) Pro8tou aiul oue lo loue . the in- 8 , U1(( H8Vlum at stooktoll| two to Pal . U)U ;uul ()m; to Aguews> TU(i rLH . ord ut arcBl8 for lho acveral monlhs of tlu> yoar as 8Upplled b , lal)or ^ |8 ag foUf)WS , January 15, 1909. that he Is again considering taking up the ring and that if suitable inducements are offered him ho will be h ready to do battle with thr j-iirht kind Tin.' owner reserves the ri^ht io rr-jc-ct I any and all bids. 121 C. RIT/MAX. i of an opponent Washington's day. Nolson lias practically Hi*.* publication of his 1 that it will he a birth- I • for ana he boil st-tier. perliupB, spout J»ort i inom-y in idvortiHing itself than was expended !>y any other busim-ss rou- corn in the county. Its ad vert is- inK campaign wan inti'iidod to in- ercase its circulation, and the purpose was fulfilled to that <v\tont that few >aperfi in towns of the flixo of 15n jernficld have a circulation the equal of that of the iforniau. Every advertiser is the beneficiary of this increased eir- •eulation, and Uie intelligent business men appreciate the value «£ sovunty-ono and forty-seven, rospoc the paper aR a medium through tlvoiy. The one offerod to tho R in 9 •which to ranch the public. 'The advertisement* in this num- Henderson. The total amount for tho January, 105. I'Vbnuiry, i^'.March, 7U, April. «!». Muy. June, 58. July, fis. August. IM. Septomber, GG. October, 333. November, 149. December, 81. RANDSBURG BOYS WON PRIZES ON TAG DAY. Tho prizes offered l»y Dr. Sablohi to tlu* boys who sold tho greatest num- bor of tags for tho Children's Shelter Homo woro won by William SpurlocU Montfonl Petor, thoy having sold MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS BORGWARDT HERC ON VISIT. TEA You think one tea as good as another ? Why don't you buy at the lowest price you sec in the window? ro NEW YOEK South* GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle 1 orses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spai- about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc ? In good running order all the time. W. T. EATLIPP Cor 21st and ; Sts Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25 Fields ox I 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kr.:-M i • I',« n M Uut of Uakersih'lil's- I. \ Uuown for- HUT residents, reluin• ,! M-storday for * a visit with relatiu-s. ^rt'. liorg- has 'b*M»n sorlously ill for many past but IHIH now recvm-rod luif. .» dissipate alarm and la Hlowly regaining his health. Mr. and Mrs. Hm'KwunU call Mill Valley home. Mr. Uorgwnrdt IK engaged In business in the northern town. They have a legion of friends- who will welcome their return. You? rorrr returns your 1 Itto SUiili'ntf 1 !. H«sf. we j I vou don'! , 1 FOUP AND ONE-HAUF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY NATURE Orlef. men Himrlock was won by Blanch for tho Miner. ODD FELLOWS KERN hOVK'.W No. 20:!. I. O. O. HetMilar meetlntis every Satuv lay ov^ninK. $ o'clock. Kvery fifth Saturday In a month, social night. Sojourning brothren are nlwaj'B wel- cnmo at our moeilnea. T. P. Pinnell, N. G,; J. W. Crosland, becre- tary. P. 0. Box 62. >. Stricken none ^\'^w^r a fortunate prn H u, that deprives tho n h '| for how poignant ^rmia bo to discover, In tho height of it blooming- glory, that a cor.fcnr fcJ at it.i hP:-rt. and that its beauty nntl fmffrar/•; doomed forovor. Nature always i the auf'jrins; she iy a vev tt-houMo of planaliyj rew:^<ls. -•c who aGok h-.:r aid. In t;,e year* tTf-t' by falling hair an-J grnya^.'s r:tst ,". ploom over the lives of *.'•*.?u nt younif woir-on. but thanl^a to thw his*. sallons of fluntlats iho tr-io oau-o hair tlofltructkm is nnw known to I 1 " *;;'i\ or r;n- >ivo that t-urrovi-s into :i hn!r foltk'U i. Nowbro's IIorpIcMi* lnuihr.ilv li-.'Klroyrt tliia germ, thus M»r!uHtlnt> f} iO hair to grow as na- Inti'THlt'J, SoIJ l>y loati'/n^ drur;r p"'ul TOc. In BtnTipfi for sumpie *f" T(«rpitilfl» Oo.. T>*3'rolt. Mich. Two •Ue», 50o and 91.00. J. A. EQUIPPED gTEAMERI wee A checking acoount with the First National Bank haa §o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELO OR KERN •» Corner 19th and H Streets. OLD ML1ABLE Painters WYDEB & JAOKBON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IGN8 Phont Main 1136 1527 Wall 8t

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