Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 9, 1974 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1974
Page 6
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Qudtl By Dennis O'Grady (Sports Editor) Special Olympics The West Central District Special Olympics track and swimming meet will be April 17th at Ames High School in Ames. Events to be held include the 50 yard dash, 220 yard run, softball throw, standing long jump, high jump and 400 yard relay in track. The 25 and 50 yard freestyles, 25 yard backstroke and 100 yard freestyle relay will make up the swimming. This meet is open to any Special Education student in Carroll or the surrounding area and persons interested should contact the Special Educational teachers in the area. The ultimate goal of the Special Olympics program is to create opportunities for sports training and athletic competition for all retarded children, writes Jon S. West, director of this district. Recent, scientific research has shown that physical activities, sports competitive athletics are a major means of reaching the retarded, adds West. This area is where a child can succeed and start building a positive self-image, gaining confidence and self-mastery as well as- physical development. As a child improves his performance in the playing field and in the gymnasium, he also improves his performance in the classroom, at home and eventually on the job. West finally goes on, "the mentally retarded in your community need your support and encouragement in their efforts to achieve. We urge you to cover their participation in this event, Special Education programs • in many locals are still fighting for recognition and full privileges within school programs." Have Entered Grant No. 5 Special Education class pupils have entered the Second Annual Invitational track and field meet at the Airport Special Education School in Jefferson. The affair will start at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and finish around 2 p.m. LaVaun Earwood, teacher at the Jefferson school says there is no charge and invites friends and parents. The Grant No. 5 school in Carroll County is handled by Moselle Loeschen. Area Athletes Many area athletes are on the spring sports rosters at Buena Vista College in Storm Lake. Carroll's Jim Nurse, Glidden's Randy Braden and Churdan's Jeff Trost are on the baseball team. Carroll's Rich Bellinghausen is on the track squad which also includes Steve Trost of Churdan, Randy Tryon of Glidden, Steve Smith of Guthrie Center and Steve McPherson of Jefferson. Two area athletes are on the tennis squad. They are Bill Anderson of Denison and Bill Leonard of Sac City. Two Carroll athletes headed by letterman Bill Eich are on the golf team. The other is Dan Nurse. Lake View's Phil Maynard, Manning's Dave Edgerton and Denison's Joe Vaage also are on the roster. Aaron Blasts Homer No. 715 ATLANTA (AP) — "It was just like any other home run," Hank Aaron said after becoming the greatest home run hitter in the history of baseball. "I don't feel any different now." we 40-year-old Atlanta * Track .Continued from Page 5 ~ ~ Currull (i-cnna; i^nriomni, Sc-ra? Seasct, QEVC Oianr- ant T'eis War*!, srflS-J; i. Adair-Casy,- , :; . Laxp L'iv.. . Ciu:js i-.i Smiliii Hurflit Batey — L l&i'J : j .t trmmmr £. SSlHfrn* QflSS JSEEI — C. •Ctot- /. 6*. Kc Tun 3nai — H Sun iittiraianii (i?j. IL.f! '.IC.urrvry :;> Cuss; ,!i! fiipi; ii Ml-., 1 Viuat :!,'.. I'iauntaen ('X^ Has. .">uni: — .: .;5in- (Ptiaciaara <.G-C), 8-0; 2. FrKs-Kicaic "'•• '!. Sorasicn iG-C). Class B Kizi Ji-? - ;. ?. e j-=o!dj jP-L). 5-6; 2. KmMr G-R , I. Petersen (Mai; 4. Kelloway (An). Class AA Sfect Put — l. Mike Larsen (H), 51-10--i; 2 Martin (HI; 3. Diers (K). ClassA Shot Put - i. Pete Marz (C), «-ll; 2. McCaulley (I.C|; 3. Rowedder (M). Class B Shot Put — 3. Jell Jensen (E), 44-1&44; 2. Stotts (P-L) ; 3. Kopp (An.)Class B Two Miie Relay — 1. Panora-Linden. 8:56.7; 2. Glidden-RBlston; 3 Anita. Class A Two Miie P-eiay — 1. Adair-Caaey, 8:56.4; 2 Carroi! (R/vmayne Wenck. Dean Onlcen. Tom Campbeti a-'jd Byron Finch); 3. Lake City C!?i5 AA Tw, Mat Helay — 1. St. Albert, 8:2!*. 4. 2 Kuemper (John Heithoff, Roger Schrad- Craig Dentiinger, and Russ Rupiper) : 3 D^ijon Class B 220 Yard Dash — 1. Gen» Thssdeman (AWV), 23.8; 2. Mosman <G-Rr. ': Muh.'bauer (Ma). Class A 220 Yard Dash ~) Nicfc Jj*n»njLC),24.6; 2. Mike Caifrrr;- >»• i C i : 3. TavlorTA-ci. Open Mi.'fe R>n - I. Mark Windschltl (K), 4:«.l; 2. Jeff Jung ••£,; 3 Tide (P). Class B 880 YaM itciay — 1. Glidden-Ralston, 1:42.4; 2. Panora-Liride: :<. Manilla. Class A 880 Yard Relay — 1 i Tfsd Nam, Tom Campbell, Mike Cattermoic a/id Rick Beyer), 1:40.9; 2. Adair-Casey . 3 Lake City.Class AA 880 Yard Relay — 1 Harlan, 1:38.3; 2. Denison; 3. Kutmper (Tony Nockels. Frank Greteman, John Heithoff and Rick Friedman). Clans AA 220 Yard Dash — 1. Ron Sutherland (P), 23.8: 2. Ciirnyn (D); 3. Bill Neumayer < K I . Class B 440 Yard Dash — 1. Mark Grubn (Via), 54.4; 2. McLaughlin (G-H>; 3. P. Thieiteman (AWV). Class A 440 Yard Dash — !. Jeff Petersen (C), 52.7; 2. Johnson iLCi; 3. Meinen (LC). Class AA Yard Dush — 1. Greg Sorenson (A), 53.3; 2. Frill (SA); 3 Neumayer (K). Class B Low Hurdles 1. Gene Thietteman (AWV), 21.3; 2. G. Van Pelt < P-L ) ; 3. McCoid ( AWV) . Claia A Uw Hurdles — 1. Jim Washbum (G-C), 21.2; 2. Awtry (LC); 3. Bruns <A-C). Class AA Low Hurdles— 1. FredSievers (A), 21.8; 2. Roecker (II) ; 3. Thomas (SA). Class B Medley Relay — 1. Ar-We-Va, 4:00.7; 2. Panora-Linden; 3. Glidden-Ralston. Class A Medley — 1. Carroll (Romayne Wenck, Rick Beyer, Byron Kinch and Tim Fredrickson), 4:00.0; 2. Adair-Casey; 3. Manning. Cluss AA Medley Relay — 1. Kuemper (Tony Nockels, Mark Hermsen, Russ Rupiper, and Craig Dentlinger), 3:54.7; 2. Denison; 3. Harlan. Class B 880 Yard Run — 1. Tom Ferree (P-L), 2:14.3; 2. Rugvils (An); 3. Hunt (G-R ) . Class A 680 Yard Run — 1. Tom Whetstone (A-Cl. 2.11.3; 2. Jahn (M); 3. Seufferlein (LC) . Class AA 880 Yard Run — 1. John Cave (H), 2:06.6; 2. Bob Friedman (K); 3. Weidman ( SA ). Class B 440 Yard Relay — 1 . Gllddcn-Halaton. 48.2; 2. Manilla; 3. Panora-Linden. Class A 44tt Yard Relay — 1. Carroll (Ted Nam, Jeff Petersen, Mike Cattermole and Rick Bever), 47.5; 2. Lake City; 3. Adair-Cascy. Class AA 440 Yard Relay — 1. Perry, 47.1; 2 Denison; 3. Harlan. Open Freshman MO Yard Relay— 1. Harlan, 49.1; 2. Denison; 3 Kutmper (Terry Eifler. Ed Staiert, Rod R«iman and Denny Rutten) . Class B Mile Relay ~ 1. Ar-We-Va. 3:44.8; 2. Manilla; 3. Glidden-Ralston. Class A Milt Relay ~- 1. Lake City, 3:45.4; 2. Carroll (Romayne Wenck, Tom Campbell, Tim Fredrickson ar.d Jeff Petersen); 3. Guthrie Center. Class AA Mile Relay — 1. Kuemper (John Heilhoff, Runs Rupiper, Bill Neumayer and Mark Herrns<'n), 3:41.5; 2 Denison; 3. Harlan. Braves outfielder said Monday night after his 400-foot blast in the fourth inning shattered the cherished career record of the great Babe Ruth. "It may be different when I wake up tomorrow morning and realize what happened," added the son of an Alabama shipyard worker. It was home run No. 715 for Aaron, climaxing a chase that has covered 21 years. It brought booming cannon shots and flying balloons before 53,775 fans in Atlanta Stadium. The feat brought a telephone call from the White House. The President phoned and congratulated me/' Aaron told reports afterward. "He invited me to the White House, but he didn't set a specific time." Aaron is a reserved, softspeaking product of the Deep South. He faced racial problems early in his career but refused to harbor any bitterness. "Times were that way then," he said of segregated hotels and all-black boarding houses. "Baseball has been good to me, and I've been lucky." Asked at a post-game news conference if he thought he now might be considered the greatest player who ever lived, Aaron balked at such a boast. "I think I may be one of the best," he said. "But Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest, and so were Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. But I don't think Henry Aaron is fourth. He may be second or third." Aaron's record homer came off Al Downing of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who like Aaron wore number "44" on his back. "It was a fast ball, high and inside," Aaron said. "It hung a little." Atlanta won the game 7-4. Before the game, Aaron was honored in a lavish ceremony that featured bands, cannon blasts, balloons and fanfare Pearl Bailey sang the National Anthem. "Ain't seen nothing like this since the burning of Atlanta," said Miss Bailey. "All we need now is to see General Sherman and the Union troops come storming in from left field." Bowling BLOCKBUSTER LEAGUE Team Standings Points Swan Lake Minnows 77 Knights of Columbus 75 Artie'sPlace 72Vi Paul 4 Wayne's 71 Moorman's of Maple River Wid Moorman's of Templeton 59 Juergen's Produce 56W Decker's Gulf 55 Hap'sTavern 54 Denny's Place 54 Kraus It Lenz 46'.4 Willcy's Special 34 High Ind. Single Game- Gary Quandt 241 AlWeitl ..'. 219 John Ixihmun 216 High Ind. Three Games- Gary Quandt 629 John Lofunan 595 Walt Wemimont 573 High Team Single Game— Juergen's Produce 1133 Paul & Wayne's 1035 Moorman—Maple River 1022 High Team Three Games— Juergen's Produce 3077 Moorman—Maple River 3003 KnlghU of Columbus '.. 2874 PLAY GIRLS LEAGUE Coolers 751,4 Bench Warmers 65 Lucky 3 62 Astros...: 60 Alley Cats 59 Pin Heads saw Born Losers 56 Turkeys 54 Sandbaggers 54 Sharks 53 Loafers 52 Strikettes 47 High Ind. Single Game- Dorothy Sapp 194 DorothySapp ..,..,......,,,..,. .182 Lavema Tiefenthaler 182 Jeanette Slepker 181 High Ind. Three Games- Dorothy Sapp 513 Laverna Tiefenthaler 4% Rose Bauer 477 High Team Single Game- Bom Losers 560 Astros 544 Lucky3 539 High Team Three Games- Bench Warmers 1565 Born Losers 1565 Astros 1553 Strikettes 1549 JACK AND JILL LEAGUE Team Standings ~ ~ Points VanderheidensPJg.iHtg 78 Hamms Beer 74 Snappy Popcorn : 69 Budweiser Beer 62 Renzes Hybrids 5214 Rays Chicken Inn 5214 KnutePlg.&Htg 49 Pabst Blue Ribbon 47% Schettler Seed Farms 42W Carroll Bowl : 42 Millers High Life 37 Keeblers Elves 35 High Ind. Single GameWomen: Elva Bemholtz 234 Elva Bemholtz 215 LaVerna Tiefenthaler 191 Men: LyleHein 233 Joe Thraen ! 210 JerryTUl ;,.. 207 High Ind. Three Games— Women: Elva Bemholtz 631 Dorothy Dettbarn 494 LaVerna Tiefenthaler 473 Men: LyleHein 577 Ray Tiefenthaler 557 Herman Lammers 551 High Ind. Three Games- Millers High Life 790 Hamms Beer 755 VanderheidenPlg.SiHtg 743 High Team Three Games^Millers High Life -...2116 Hamms Beer 2094 Budweiser 2088 Nile Kappers Team Standings Points HicksWellCo 90 Macke Motors • 80 Carroll Bowl Inc 73>A Andrews Rfg.fc Sheet MU .". 72"A Haps Tavern . i 62 Kanne Mobil 61 Carroll Roofing Co ;i 55 HR Cleaners , 52V4 Case Power and Equip .' 45 Peters Motors, Inc 40 J4J Electric 36 GE Pipers No. 1 20V4 High Ind. Single Game- Cecil Hupp 220 Mel Leiling 212 Duane Sheer '.... 206 High Ind. Three Games- Mel Leiting 5fi4 Don Hicks 563 Duanc Sheer 544 High Team SimzJe Game- Hicks Well Co S 66 Haps Tavern 925 Andrews Rfg.i Sheet MU 925 High Team Three Games- Haps Tavern 2686 Hicks Well Co .__. 2648 Andrews Rfg."ST5heetM"t 2546 Underwriters Elect Officers The West Central Iowa Association of Life Underwriters elected officers at a noon meeting at the Elks lodge here Mondav. Al Dirks, Denison, was named president; Darlo Jensen, Denison, first vice president and program chairman; Reese Abbe, Carroll, second vice president and membership chairman; and Urban Nepple, Denison, secretary-treasurer. They will assume office in August. The film "So Proudly They Came," a documentary of the observance of Independence Day in Washington, D.C. two years ago, was presented by Harold Ahrendt, president. A taped interview with Gov. Robert D. Ray was also presented. The interview was in connection with the Day on the Hill, when 150 underwriters in Iowa visited the capitol in February. Reports were given by Nepple, health insurance chairman, Jensen, membership, and James Platt, Glidden, legislative. The association will publish membership in three newspapers. All members of record before May 1 will be included. The sales congress of state meeting will be held in Des Moines on May 16-17. The next regular meeting will be held May 1,3. Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 There's Gold In Your Attic! All copy for classified ads and classified display ads must be in the Times YHerald by 9 a.m. day of publication Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday to insure publication. CLASSIFIED niSPI AV _Per column [nch_ $1.70 Additional insertions f 1.50 CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day, per word "c Three days, per word 26c Six days, per word .._. 38c UARDOFTHANKS 20 words or less 12.50 Over 20 words ....". lOc'pef word Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS My thanks to all who remembered me with cards, gifts, flowers and visits during my stay at the hospital and here at Carroll Health Center. Wishing a very Happy Easter to all of you. Esther Hamill 3-84-ltc CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank the nurses of 4th floor at St. Anthony's, all personnel, Father Silk, Father McAlpin, Msgr. Karhoff, Msgr. Lenz, Bishop Greteman, Rev. Peterson, Mrs. Ruth Smith, all friends and relatives, Clubs, American Legion Auxiliary, V.F.W., For their cards, visits, flowers and prayers while I was in the hospital. Will be at Foley Nursing Home, 715 N. Carroll for several months. Lord willing, I hope to walk again someday. Mrs. Billie A. Tryon 3-84-ltc IPS Official Discusses the Energy Situation Present energy supplies must be used more efficiently and conserved to buy time for development of new sources, the Carroll Rotary Club was toldMonday night. Duane Hawthorne of Sioux City, manager of energy supplies for the Iowa Public Service Company said the key to continued progress is to have energy in abundant supply. He was introduced by Darwin Petersen. Not only is the U.S. using record amounts of energy, Hawthorne said, but other industrialized nations and developing nations are increasing use of rapidly dwindling natural resources. Energy consumption and the real gross national product follow almost the same line, he pointed out. Looking at U.S. energy reserves, Hawthorne said it is estimated that the U.S. has about 3 trillion tons of known coal reserves considered recoverable, a 100 to 300-year supply; 300 billion barrels of oil, a 10-year supply; 275 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, an 11-year supply. Of the most-used energy sources, oil and gas, there are the least reserves. For that reason, other sources including nuclear, solar, hydro, geothermal and other sources must be developed, Hawthorne said. Museum is Discussed by History Unit The Carroll County Historical Society board of directors discussed plans for setting up a museum in the public library building when the new library is completed. The group met Monday at the home of Mrs. William Frank. The society will help scouts earn a folklore badge during the Girl Scout Day Camp, June 17-24. Plans were also formed for the national bicentennial celebration in 1976, noting historical events in the county. The annual meeting will be held April 25 at 8 p.m. in the court room of the court house. Guest speakers will be Mr. and Mrs. Howard McMinimee of Denison, who will talk on their restorations of two museums, the Doll House in Dow City and the historical museum in Denison. CUBS MEET ARCADIA - The first meeting of the year for the Arcadia Cub Scouts was held April 6 at the home of the scout leader, Mrs. Ronald Leiting. Boys who joined at the organizational meeting were Scott Schweers, Scott Hinners, Jim Berning, Douglas Leiting, Lon Leiting and Danny Wolterman. The cubmaster is Dale Schweers, and Mrs. Louis Hinners is the assistant leader. The next meeting will be held on April 20. Business Services^ Business Opportunities FORSALE JUEL'S TAVERN inScranton. (Retiring) Call (712) 652-3552. 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For members & their guests. 17-79-12tc LOUNGE THIS WEEK Monday thru Saturday Doyle Clark & THE SUNDOWNERS Monday, Apr. 15 thru Saturday, Apr. 20 Bill Grassick Trio CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY Mem. night special - PRIME RIB Tues. night special - Fried Chicken Open Sundays at 4 p.m. Serving dinner at 5 p.m. COON RAPIDS 684-2234 • 17-84-ltc EVERY WEDNESDAY SPECIAL } /4 Chicken French Fries, Roll, Salad $ 1 50 FOR FINE FOO1J — DRINKS ENTERTAINMENT Help Wanted . 23. J/U2. RESTAURANT .-.and . LOUNUK 17-75-ltc Help Wanted WANTED — LADY housekeeper to live in with small family — immediately. Have modern home. 792-2905 or 792-3581, ask for room 331. , 23-84-3tc DRIVER WANTED, over 25, married. Iowa Parcel Service 792-3625. 23-83-3tc "SPECIAL EVENT COORDINATOR To organize Carroll young people's activity program April through June. Must be energetic. Substitute teacher desirable, but not necessary. Send Resume (photo helpful) to 5741 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311. 2M4-6U AVON has ... 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CLEMENTINE'S. 55-53-tfc LIKE GRANDMA'S, -handpa'int- ed candy bowls, pitchers and small teapots. CLEMENTINE'S. :•'••••' 55-79ltfc . CERAMIC EASTER eggs — Pastel floral trim. Large & small. CLEMENTINE'S. : - i 55-79-10tc 23 GOOD WORKERS needed at once to learn a skilled profession. Good wages, overtime, good opportunity for advancement. Apply in person. World Wide Meats, Denison. 23-84-tfc PARTTIME WAITRESS wanted, weekends only, top wages. Red Carpet Lounge. 23-84-5tc CONSTRUCTION WORKERS needed on railroad bridge 4 miles north of Auburn. $4 hr. (time & Va over 40 hrs.) Apply at job site. Ro-Vig Construction Co. (Equal opportunity employer). 23-84-5tc BRICKLAYERS WANTED. (712) 657-2568. 23-84-6tc • If you get the Times Herald by Mail • You don't have to Miss a Single Issue • And we don't want you to. Here's a quick an easy way to avoid the inconvenience of having your paper stopped. Check the label on your paper now. Look at the top of Page 1. Your name and address are printed there. The number to the right is the expiration date of your paper. (For example: 12-31-74 would mean that your paper expires Dec. 31,1974.) If your paper is close to the expiration day, right now, before you forget, make out a check for renewal. Rural Mail Subscription rates Carroll & Adjoining Counties 1 year $20.00 6 mos. $11.00 3 mos. $6.00 DAILY TIMES HERALD Phone 792-357 OFFERED BY NEW LISTING - BRICK HOUSE excellent North side location, two fireplaces featuring large living room with fireplace and dining room; full dry basement with finished rec room with fireplace, breeze way and attached garage, near St. Lawrence and public school, immaculate condition, low 30's. ' 4-BEDROOM HOME In Northwest Carroll, 5th bedroom in basement, finished rec. room, covered patio with gas grill, electric garage door opener. You must see this one, low 30's. 3-UNIT APT; HOUSE South side of Carroll, close to Holy Spirit, excellent income property, good condition. 4-BEDROOM HOME Large two story older home on Carroll's North side, large corner lot, low 20's. NEW LISTING— Large older home on North side, set up with upstairs apartment with private entrance; could be converted to 4 bedroom home. Large rooms. Remodeled kitchen 1 with new cupboards, stove, and refrigerator. Living room and dining"'room, covered patio, large corner lot. Immaculate condition, mid $20's. Jistate Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson — 792^9605 83-tfc Notice to Bidders The Northwest Realty Corporation will accept bids on that portion of the Carroll Industrial Park lying south of the railroad tracks, containing 90 acres more or less on April 17 up to 4 p.m. Bids must be made on official bid forms which can be obtained at The Carroll County State Bank or Commercial Savings Bank. Bidding blanks will also be obtainable at the Times Herald office. Sealed bids should be returned to Northwest Realty Corp. headquarters at the Times Herald office before 4 p.m. on April 17. Additional information may be obtained from any of the places having the official bidding forms. NORTHWEST REALTY CORP By James W. Wilson, President 6-84-ac

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