Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1898 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1898
Page 3
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Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY Insurance and Loans. 2OH Fourth Street. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and wel! fitting clothes made Cleaning and repairing neatly done. Bee him. 324 PEARL STREET. Kroeger & Strain. UNDSB/TAKHRS Cilli promptly attended to Day or Nl»ht, 618 Broadway. TKLKPKOHB — OfSoe. SS. Kroeger, 18 Strain. 9*. SETH M-VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. W. J. Baraett, Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market Etreet. Calls attended day or night. The «»e§t outflt in Uie U. 8. Col. C. L. Wou. •will remain with me. >Dv..^ nr . Offlee 16. Residence-Mutual' Phones es-.o. u.i». When 1. r ou Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -CIO TO- F H. Wipperman, KM Fourth Street Opp. Court Home Entrance. .DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. river City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Broadwa» <0entral IWephone Ho Office 383, residence 343 GABE GODFBOY, Tbe Indian C'liieftian County, of Miami E. H.GRACE, P.P. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. JJANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. Glvu as a call. Said to be a Descendant of the Sobil- ity of Fraace. While mucb Has been oabllshed in tbe Pharos concerning; G-abe Godfrey, the Indian chieftain of Miami county, something new has been sprung that will bring the last chief of the Miamis again Ho public notice. An enteiprlalng historian claims that tbe family tree of the (Jodfroys shows that they are descendents of tbe nobility o!'France. "Ata very early time," says tbe writer, "one Godfrey with isome other' noblemen came to this country to explore and hum. Godfroy remailned. Enough Is known to warrant the assumption that this mau is oce of that noble race which appears In French history before the crusade. There is no doubt that some of them came over to America at an early time. It may not be doubtod that Gabriel Godtroy Is a direct descendant of the great Godfrey of Boullon, who was the first Christian king of Jerusalem After 400 years of Saracen rule." At the age of nearly three soon and ten, Gabriel Godfrey, the las lineal descendant of the great trlbi o* Miami Indians, Is one of the bes preserved and active farmer cltizem of this country. A chief now in name only, but as much of a leader ye among the remaining Indians as In the days when the white man wai unknown. His advice is sought b; the remaining members of his race and he Is pro'oably guardian for more )erscns than any otaer mau In the western states. One of tho finest farms In the state, the old home of the chiefs, la ils, stocked with all modern ms chlnery. Ho has mementoes, medals rooj congress and from the gover- j nors of different states, handed down from his forefathers.. Godfrey h»ts been married twice, having grown children married, and also children by his second wire. As a man his word is as good as his bond. A BOI DBUXK, And Somebody is Liable to Get Into Trouble. William Schoenradt, a 9 year -old boy residing on tbe Westside, was picked up on Seventeenth street Saturday night by Patrolman Graham, In a bad state of intoxication. The yoaLgster was brought down to police headquarters, and after he bad sobered up was sent home. Young Schoenradt stated that be hac! been enticed Into a saloon by several well known roung men and induced to drink several glasses of beer. He was trying to walk off the effects of the liquor when discovered by Officer Graham. The case will be Investigated by the police. CHESLEA. SOLD To W. H. Merrill, of Danrers, chasetts. Paid Harry S. Elliott $1,000 for Big Pacer. the ASSIGNMENT Of the Masonic Mutual Benefit Society of Indiana. 309 6th street Jio Cash on Hand and meats for IDeath Unpaid. 171 Assess- Losgeg P. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MAHKET STREET •Upstairs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GITY NHWS. 'Harry Dale loturned this morning •to Chicago. Ross Bann, (if Valparaiso, visited here yesterday. The rivers are booming—almosit to higb water mark. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Plotner, of George street, a son. Wanted, housekeeper for country for family four children. Inquire at $14 Broadway. Mrs. G. W. Bowyer and daughter, Armelle, and Mrs. M. F. Blake, of Walton, speat Sunday In the city. Miss Gall Bl!iderwolf,of Monti-cello, IB the guest ol her uncle, Rev. Blcder- wolf, and wife and Miss May me Long well. The Baldwlra club will meet tonight at the home of Judge Bald win. Louis D. Elchhorn will discuss "Music In Political Economy," and A. H: Donglafis "The Social" Status of the United States." From all o'ier the country comes reports of th>!i theft of chickens in .great number, 1 !. It seems that nothing short of extreme measures will break up the thieving gangs which have existed in thin portion of for several ye:Kr§. The Masonic Mutual Benefit society ot Indiana, olf which there was a large number of members In Lo- gansporti, has made an assignment. The offices of the society are at In- dlanapjlla, and a deed of assignment was made to Irvlci Robblns and Harrold C. Megrew, of that city. The deed states that this was done by virtue of resolution of the board of directors, entered upoa thsit day. It Is stated In writing that there Is no. real estate but In otheir respects the deed Is merely a printed fnrm. It Is signed by Robert S. Robertson, . president, and George T. Moore, secretary. The schedule of aasets contain only two Items, and a third Incomplete Item, reading as follows: "Office furniture, Including safe, books and stationery." "One hundred ani seventy-ono assessments for death losses unpaid." "Cash on hand, I —." (No sum mentioned.) Its last report On Saturday Harry S. Elliott sold his pacing horse, Oheslea, 2; 15}, to W. H. Merrill, of Danvers, Mass., for $1,000. Brennan, a full brother of Cheslea, is owned at Boston. Cheslea is classed among the best green pacers of the season of '97. Be was trained and campaigned last season by Wm. Welch, o£ this city, who gave him his mark and came home in the fall with nearly a thousand dollars above expenses to divide with the owner. Mr. Elliott bought Cheslea of Capt. A. H. Hardy nearly two years ago for 1500. About a week ago Mr. Elliott received a letter from Mr. Merrill, asking if the horse was for sale, and If so, what amount of money It would take (;Q buy him Mr. Elliott replied that he would take 11,000. Saturday Mr. MerflL walked Into the J. T. Elliott company's wnolesale grocery and Inquirec for the owner of Caeslea. Harry was soon found, and after introducing himself Mr. Merrill said: 'I have called to have you put a price on Cheslea." "I set my price In the letter wrote you," replied Mr. Elliott, "and nothing less will buy him." Then, without having seen the horse, Mr, Merrill drew his check for he amount. Cbesleals of the 9-ambetta Wilks stock, and Is five years of age. He will be taken to Massachusetts this week. GAMBLING Of the Higher Ordtr Boby, Conducted at CISsY FITZSERALD, to the auditor of state showed the society had $10,000 on hand 170,000 liabilities. that acid OP ASSESSORS, County Assessors will Discoss Taxation With the State Board. The state board of tax commissioners Is arranging for a meeting of the of how to The Marke': street M. E. church SODal P r °perty people report the devil on the run. About two stJDro have found a detter life, and the work has only got well started. The children of the Sunday school have charge of the exercises tonight. Song service at 7:15. Judge N. O Ross was in Peru Saturday to represent the interests of Mrs. Sirah Kratzer, Belle L. and Harry Fox ard Nellie Smith in the agreement arid compromise between beirs for a cb ange of the will of the late John C. Kzauer, of that city. A month aifo there was danger of John Condon becoming totally blind, but his many Logansport friends will now be pleased to learn that he will at least be spared the sight of one eye. Els trouble began about two years ago. He Is now at Hot Springs, Ark., following closely the treatment advisee"! by two of the leading specialists ol the United States. His •wife «nd two children are with him, and they are stopping at the Arlington hotel. county assessors of the state about the middle of March. Every county assessor will be urged to attend the conference. It Is proposed that tne the state ^meeting shall make a special study equalize per The state boa,rd is informed that personal property is valued :.much higher in some counties than in others; that It is frequently the case thai; a horse valued at $25 In one county may be vaiued at $50 in another county. The meeting will also considsr the taxation of building and loan .associations, and will take up the question of requiring gas companies to pay taxes on the basis of tbelr earnings. The state board is inclined to believe that most of the gas companies In the state are assessed too low. e Famous English Unnseuse, at the Opera House Tonight. Cissy Fitzgerald, tba famous En- 'lisa dsnseuae, is the I'auciest, hand- omest, most charming and health- eat looking specimen of English maidenhood that the old country has ver sent to America. She will ap- iear for the first time in this city at Dolan's opera house tonight. "The 'oundling, ' the enormously funny arce comedy presented last winter at Soyt's theatre, New York,= where It ran for nearly two hundred nights. Cissy is the great attracting of "The Foundling," and tbosu who go to see her dance will have something to remember. It isn't easy to describe her, and It isn't necessary to try at all. Her beauty, her grace,her dash, her vivacity, and her wink, have not been over-praised, and all lovers oi' the poetry of motion should see what a bewitching comblnEbtion they make and feel the exhilarating Influence of her hypnotic wink, and enjoy the intoxicating whirl of her graceful dances. Bnt Judge Gillette Pat a Stop to It— A Citisen «r That Town Interviewed. A citizen of Roby, Ind., who was In the city today, declared to a repre sentaMve of tbe Pharos that there is no truth ID statements published In the Indianapolis papers to tbe effect that Chicago gamblers had opened regular Monte Carlo at Roby. •'It is true"said the Pharos' informant, "that gambling houses were opened there, but the/ were what is known to sporting men as the legitimate sort. I am positive that there were no sure tiling games; instead there was faro banks, rouiette wheel, stud poker and craps. Persons so inclined were also given an opportunity to play the races, as the operators made a foreign book. The patronage, which came from Chicago business arofessional and business men, averaged about 1,500 a day and the jiay was rather heavy. No cappers. ;outs or thieves were tolerated, and tbe gambling was not conducted within the enclosure of the race rack, 4iQd had no connection whatever with the latter resort. The objection to the gambling did not come from the people of Boby or lammond, .because It brought a lot of money to the towns. The kicks, which resulted la Judge Gillette's irder to close the gambling houses, 3ame from Chicago book-makers and gamblers who had lost the play of ) better element, for the reason hat patrons were not annoyed Dy .outs or cappers at Boby." BRANCHING OUT. Toe 6»li«n Bale Dry Goods Store to be Enlarged. The business of the Golden Bui dry goods house has increased to such an extent that the proprietors Messrs. Schmitt & Heinly, have already made arrangements to enlargi their store. To this end the second floor of Mr. Wade's building, adjoin log the store, has been leased, ant after the proper connection has been made, the G-olden Rule may be classed among the leading depart meat stores in northern Indiana. The improvement will be made under the personal supervision of Mr. E Schmitt, manager of the Golden Rule. THE NEW WOMAN. Attention, St. Matthew Commandery, K. of St. J. You are hereby ordered to report at armory Monday evening, January 24, at 8 o'clock sharp, in full dress uni- 'orm, for joint Installation of St. Matthew and St. George command- Ties, fallowed by a social. Bring our ladies.—John R, Fox, Capt. ADDITIONAL ITEMS- Notice, Regular meeting of Camp No.4389, Modern Woodmen of America, will be held this evening at McCaffrey's hall. Installation and other important business. A Hew Social Clib. The '98 Whist club was handsomely entertained Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Rosier, of 1825 North street. The'rooms were decorated with palms and calla lilies. Luncheon was served! at the close of the games. Duplicate whist was introduced. The members of the club are: Dr. and Mrs. Ward, Drs. E. S. and Mae Hunt, Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Finch, Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Shanks, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seed, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Foster, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Will Rosier, Mrs. A. P. Jenks, Mrs. Marcellus Nssh, Ottis Nash and Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Harrington. "A. Black Sheep." Anything in the theatrical line bearing ftoyf's imprint, has never failed to please a Logansport audience. "A B ack Sheep" drew a good house Saturday uigat. Although ?,he comedy is somewhat aged, it had never been presented here, and, as a consequence, gave general satisfaction. The company is a capable one throughout, and the specialties were above the average. The company left yesterday for Detroit. Smoke the Columbia, cigai Attention, St. Seorire Comnsuflery All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John ara hereby ordered to be present at the armory at 8 o'clock this evening j In fall dress uniform for Installation of officers. Bring your ladies. CH.LS. ROTIL, Capt. Miss Carrie Ludwlg spent Sunday at Peru. Real Estate Agent McKinsey cap- iured a mink In his barn Saturday. Mrs. Thomas Wilson is at Terre laute Ylsltinft Mrs. Sarah O'Boyle. Mrs. Frank Statesman and Mrs. Harry Nyce, of Peru, are visiting in the city. Mrs. Charles Decker, of Frankfort, is in the city for a short visit with relatives. The Marlon lodge of Elks will give a minstrel performance on Tuesday night, March 1st. E. D. Faulkner and C. M. Lutter. students at the Culver academy, Sun- dayed In Loganepot. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Taylor, of Lafayette, visited here yesterday with the former's mother, Dr. Caroline Taylor. Anderson News: Alfred Turner, who has been employed with Photographer Reeves, has gone to Logansport to work in a photograph gallery there. The stalle board of health asserts that aboni; ten per cent of the milch cows of Indiana have tuberculosis, and being so afflicted are a menaose to the general welfare. Lewis Caldwell, who was arrested at Memphis. Tenn., and brought back to Kokomo, to answer to tne charge of embezzing $216 from the Central Union telephone company, is again at llaerty. It is said that his parents refunded the money to the company and the officers thereof refused to appear against him when the case was called at Kokimo la?t week. Her Capacity For Orpiniiint and int Important Business EuterpriMt. It is one of my cardinal doctrines that women are especially endowed with the organizing and executive talent. They are quick Jo observe, and unless they have been brought up ignorant as babes of how money is earned they are care- fnl iu its expenditure. They have natural heads for economic science, where they hare turned their attention in that direction. If any woman, uo matter who she is, sees her head that she is going to become well off, nothing or nobody can stop her from it but herself. She has only to keep working and watching for opportunity in the direction in which she set out and she will arrive at her goal. Bnt women usually let their sentimental emotions, which they mistake for their affections, swerve them aside from the way in which they have started. They become discouraged easily, too, and lazily conclude a woman cannot do this or that, when only the grit and backbone are lacking iu themselves. Hetty Green, with her $60,000,000, has shown she can head off and beat at their own game the shrewdest so called financiers in America. See the work Estelle Keel, state school superintendent, has done in Wyoming. Her first task on taking office was to thoroughly acquaint herself with all its duties a/id resources. The state school lands at Chat time were bringing ' only 817,000 a year to the public fund. Miss Reel addressed herself seriously to leasing these lands. Her plan was to fix the rentals so moderate that rangemec would be justified in accepting her terms and putting thousands of sheep and cattle upon the unused territory. She has been so successful with the scheme that now Wyoming draws f 50,000 a year from the school lands, a, sum large enough to pay 20 par cent of the whole annual publio expenses of the state. The Engineering and Mining Journal, one of the most influential, reliable and respected periodicals of its ind in America or the world, owes its success more to its enthusiastic arid talented business manager, Mrs, Sophi JBraeuulich, than any one else. Day aft er day, yea.r after year, she is at he post directing the money affairs of th paper. She has brought its finance from a confused, doubtful state to a point where it pays handsomely, an< her comrades generously acknowledgi her services. Instead of being content to work fo: somebody else all their lives at a lov, salary women should qualify themselvei carefully for a chosen occupation and then go into business for themselves more generally than they do. - -TH R - New Furniture Store. Cor. Market 5th and Erie Sts. Look at this Bargain. $12.90 This entire 3 piece Bed Room Suit Finished Oak, Well Made, worth twenty dollars, our price is only The Dresser alone is worth all we ask for the entire Suite A Car Load'*^" —of the Celebrated— Estey Bed Room Suites Will arrive in a few days which we will place on sale at special reduce* prices for a limited time only. If you will have to purchase a Bed Room Suite this spring y<~>u should tase advantage of this sale. 25 different styles to select from. Worn^Out *P But She Found a Cure in Hood's. "Sor two years I have been using Hood's Sft'rsaparilla when I needed a good medicine, I had a tired and worn out feeling, bat Hood's Saisaparilla has accomplished a perfect core. I believe Hood's to be the best blood purifier." Miss CAEKE D. KLINE, Brook. Indian*. Sarsa- THe test—in fact the One Trae Blood Purifier, Mood'» Pill* care constipation, sseent*. Let ns hope the report that there is to be an attempt to repeal the school suffrage law for women in Ohio is a mistake. Can there be in the state -where noble mothers have given to the worlc so many great men one single masculine creature base enough and piggish enough to want to deprive Ohio mothers of their right to help choose those who control the education of their children? Great heavens! For tbe honor of my native state I hope not—I hope not. Alan is so conceited that recently one of the sex came oot in a newspaper let ter and said that women were not capable of making pie crust, that only the mighty brain and crm of man were equal to the great achievement. But we can't all be cooks. Women have not mnch self control perhaps, but still they can keep from smoking long enough to get away where they will not puff the effluvia of their ;hroatand nostrils, disease microbes and all, into the faces of people who don't ike it. During one of tbe cool beaded, calm and logical arguments in the Austrian reichsratu recently one member was tabbed in tbe hand, another had his collar bone broken, a third got a scalp wound, while above all the nproar the voice of a fomrth cool headed logician was heard declaring that he would bring his revolver to the next meeting. Bat women cannot be trusted to take part in wlitics. They are too dangerously emo- ionaL Oh, ye gods! / Tears are good for women," writes some old dunderhead of a doctor. "A good cry helps their nerves." This stuff makes me tired. If tears are good for women, they are equally good for men, or their flesh and blood and nerves are onstructed the same. Think of Presi- ent McKinley falling upon a eofa and having "a good cry" when his cabinet does not act to suit him! In Alabama there is a young lady too lender and fragile in her nerves to live in this wicked world. She ought really to be brought up in an incubator and nourished through a tube. She held the place of schoolteacher—held it, not filled it. A bold, bad boy, a horrible, fierce and cruel giant 11 years old, laid a demoniacal plot to either murder her OT dethrone her reason, the dreadful monster did not seem to care which. He took a mouse, a fierce, bloodthirsty and awful mouse, and laid it on her desk. The mouse was plainly dead, or it would not have lain still, but that dreadful boy perhaps thought it would rise like the Hamlet ghost. He intended that it should eat the teacher. Bnt she foiled his wicked plot. She gave one blood curdling, hair lifting yell and fled as though the feuds of perdition were after her. She ran to the police, and us soon as she could recover from hexnerr- ous prostration she entered formal complaint against the monstrous boy. The gallant police arrested the njonstroias bay. The still more gallant grand jury held him in $200 bail to answer to the charge of the Lord knows •what He could not furnish bail, and so went to jail for his awful crime. Thus was jria- ticc done. Thus were the nerves of tbe feminine sss. vindicated and its -wrongs righted! EUZA ABCHARD COKCEB. The Logansport Commercial High School. If you wish to secure a position to work for Experience Only. UOJTT Attend th* JLoicanMport Commercial High Hchovl If you wish to secure a position that will pajr you from SI to $2 per week. Don't attend tke Loganeporc Commercial High Bohool If you wish to attend a School where you can bare plenty of fun. do as you please, and have a"HotTlmo"iugeneral,I»..n'it attend the J,OETanMport Commercial Itlfth »eh»ol But, if you wish to atieud an I ] n 4 n Hntp School where you will receive W *" f»* c the best instruction and the best proparatioa, for the respoaelbllliies of life; waero you will receives thorough mental and moral discipline and trainme that will develop yo' r intellect, arouse your ambl ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, that you may lead ft life of usefulness and tbat your life may b« crowned with the laurels of suooefs, th« esteem of your fellow men and the approbation of your own conscience, tben, Attend, The Logansport CoTnjnercial High School. M. W.' MUEPHT I J W. HOOKB j Over Ml, 323 and 325 Fourth Street, REPYED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where yon are invited to " and see a Hue line of call Winter Woolens For Suitings -and Orer- coatings that eanriot be beat. W.D. Merchant Tailor. Pearl St.Next to Dr. Bell'8 Offioe. The Detective Wins m Yes, tb« detect*** woe, M* CM story of how b* did it to one of the mo«t told. Yon-can M*d ft In f column*. A Conflict of Evidence It WM nrfctea Ottofeogi*. th* cottar«C "Am ArtMt in Crta*," muA <MM «4 it

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