The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAK1RSFIELD CALIPOBNIAN .SATURDAY, DBCBMBSIR 19, 1908 Just For Christmas V.'e hiii'i', clem 1 n\ft jroful.s I.>r e\ ery fijfe ami ''<>M- iition. They are bolter than *siiiil, embracing the newest ideas. Our prices are as nt- Jarnetive as our uoods, v> early (or tlii 1 best pic!>- Seven Suits to Title Give Her Perfumery for Christmas. We would like to show you the latest, long-life. daintiest odors in handsome. uni'iue holiday packages. She will appreciate them. A Kodak. L. Colin h;-:- brought still to (inlet title to seven pieces of land situated In township .n. range 2B, and bas ft' e d seven differ'-n: causes of ai'llon. inak- ing the folli'v. nm defendants: Kn>nl< M. Herbert , i ;il, C. H. Wilson et al, T. 0. Jmlkiti:-. .1 ilia Spencer, I'rls-ilia Edwards, K:anU ('.rifflno, Win. H. Shafer. Charles X. H-ats represents the complainant. Applies For Letters, In the estat' of James Donovan, For a Man? A fountain pen;' — perfect writing, solid gold pen and hnmUoini, 1 trim- uied barrel : si/.e eon- venient. NI> le;d;in'_ r . liiu ink eapaeity. They not too in'i'-h. See the beautiful display in our windows. Baer's Leading Druggists. Special Attention to mail orders. ! deceased, W. A. McGinn has filed application lor inters of administration. Thus. Scott Is attorney. I To Sell Property. In the estad' of U Gartraan, deceased, application has ben made by the administrator. W. A. McGinn, to sell the personal property. Appraisement Made. In the estate of Jacob Dillman, Inventory and appraisement has been filed by Attorney H. L. Packard. The r 'state is valued ai $235. YOU WANT IT ! SOLD ONLY IN TINS Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakergfleld. Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th iMANY MEN ASKING FOR BACK-DOOR MEALS. Complaint comes from housewives of the annoyance they are subjected in from tramps of the back-door-hclp-a- pom-man -'to -m-illttle-somethlng-to-eat Kind. A large number of unemployed are coming into the city daily and 'hey are no sooner made to move .i'-i'.'i by tho officers tlian their places arc fil]eil by other. It Is a condition aiiil not a theory that !he hotisekecp-• ITS are up against. And it may be doubted, loo, If the men are really hungry. Isn't confidence restored and oesn't that mean dinner pails are all j 3UNNY DAY BRINGS ! OUT MANY SHOPPERS Tht'ii'ih s: Ml co' lis.|p;i'-;UVil. JUKI i 1 . out :> la;-.." c;-t Many pcoph i'i:iiry an 1 what \vilh rlsjs ,;nd I is the streets )ires"!!ted ai appearance this afternoon. The | - all illd a bin holiday trad", tjie ' ••.-s of the (biy making up for tlie •;;ir.; yestenby. CASTOR IA For Infants and Childien. %a Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of "California!) want ads bring results. IN CATTLI CAM Bl PacvtNTfD LANE IN DEFENSE OF HIS HOME CITY. rilK'AOO. Dec. IS.—Franklin K. l.aiu- til 1 the interstate eummeree commission, resents the accusation that ii - linpie clly. Sail Friiaicocs, Is the iv 1 \" ;• v in the I'nited Stales, Like, e;i.-i. he declares. San Francisco •-n.Yereil fnun crookedness ill its .i!c'i'i-il affairs, but unllkf! some clt-j ii is prosccutlni: Us municipal | vin;:ls. I "Tlit-re is one beautiful virtue that] Sau Frnncisco possesses," bo said. "U'e are perfectly I'rauk iind open about our vices, and whatever we do ; hectiiiir* a matter of general public i l;no\v''.ii'j; t -. I note that tho papers In ! l'hicai;ti have enlarged upon a tender- j loin ball, which took place n few nluliis am>. That ball was given-by two of \our clly fathers, and you hav: i.ivomii indignant about It and you think that It was a most improper thing. But was It the thing 4 j about which you should have been the 'most luiliunaui'.' Condemn It as hard as you please, but no Ktill further and condemn the men higher up, the men CUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCUB i wh( , ar(% i,,.hlnd micrh"fellows and who California s favot ite, the most sue- ! . , ., . cc'.sfii'. eisip-.t u.iird ._ .. pnc <t rojiablH vaccine made. l'o ,-1-r. strir..: or [nil form. WriM f ir £rr" B'.iM;!'. l^'H booklet. I HE CUTTER tAWORATORY i I'.otlc out \-'u ua. and lowe.t j 'X 1 '!' tllt 'l" Cfillfoviii.iu want ads bring results. V\'o Lsad, Olliovs Follow EMPIRE THEATER EBRITE & SON, Porps. in public life." Commissioner Lane, said ho once j KaliUMl famt> and applause by prose- ieutiiiu; the police depiirtment for ' blackiuailini;. ! "Hut I did not. have, such an on| lliusia.-'Hc reception," ho explained, I "when 1 discovered that a city oOtclul, i iu comliiuatlon with tlie bankers, was i kilitm city warrants. "The . ity of San Fraiich'eo today is making a distinction between the small fellow an iltbe big fellow who Is back of him and in making the latter suffer." • HI-Ah. CM..;...; » aiidevtue, Illustrated : ',j<i'i 1 , " ' Mot! in Pictures 4»a»inees on Saturday and Sunday 2:30 p. m. Doors open at 7. Show begins at 1:30. Second performance, 9 PROGRAM !:• Overture, "Martha" Miss Franck 2. Singing and DAUCIDK Comedian, ^ OBOHOK JONES 8. Illustrated Song, "Dixie and the Girl I Lovo" Paul Toujcs i The Famous Stuulowgraphers, MORIIELLO BROTHERS They will reproduce scenes from i the Sunday paper comic sheet, i finished with a graud Naval Com. k. The H«len Soule Company In ' "The SBRBNADBR" Maude Daahaway .... Helen Soule Dliizy Ia*y Fred Cutter Mr. Dnshaway • • A. E. Roy 6. Sensational Figure Posing and Dancing, CHRISTIE DENE I STANLEY and WEAVER, Presenting ttielr sketch, "Mrs. O'Orady'B Washday." 8. EMPIRE MOTION PICTURES Two good comedies—"We Close , at tioon" and "Will They Eve Get to Town." PRICES: served -Section ...ISo AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H.'!Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa " Bakertfleld Oarage, Bakercfleld. Main 142. Main 1280 BETTER LOOK OUT For A. Ii. Herrin^tun if you want Clti'istinns souvenirs, 3f>c, .">0c'. aiu 1 75o. Also gloves of all styles fur topped and fleece lined I'luslt lap robes, $3.00 to $6.50 feather and wool dusters, sponges and I'.Uamois, soups, oils and harness dressing. Big Sale of Men's Suits *J $11.85 For Men's Suits worth up to $25,00 from Such famous Makers as: ALFRED BENJAMIN & CO. HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX. ROSENWALD & WEIL, and WASHINGTON FASHIONED APPAREL. These Suits are right Up-to-Date, of newest frabics and colorings* Get one for Christmas at Suggestions for Men Fancy shaving sets—$1.3" to $fi. House slippers—75c to $2.r>0, Fine shoes—?n.OO to fi.OO. Men's wallets—T. r ,c to $3.00. Men's garters—'J5c: to 5dc. Men's garters anil arm band sets, silk elastic—Toe to $1.0" Men's ties, four in hands, Urn- don squares, hats an,l clubs— 25c to $l.nO each: many In fancy boxes. Shirts, golf or negligee—50c to $5.00. Men's underwear—$l.i>i> to $7.r.O per suit. House jackets—$5.00 to $1'i.fiO. Bath robes—$a.30 to $S.3D. Suit cases, leather or wicker— $1.5ii to $25.1"). Trunks, ordinary traveling trunks and bureau trunks and hat trunks—$1).50 to $::'..'">. Hats and Caps—2",c to $t.5n. Automobile gloves—$1.7.' to $r». Umbrellas—75c to $7.50. Men's dress gloves—$1 to $2.0-i. Men's fur top gloves, tleece lined—$ 1.50. Men's suspenders—25c to $">.."i"; many In Individual boxes. Fancy vests—$1.50 to $5.00. Silk socVs for the holidays — from $1. ;( " to $LMHI. Men's l':iu<-y au-i plain socks--I 'I l-'Jc to T.I.IC. % Men's refers, in Hack, white or gn>y-~from $1."" to $:).oi>, In Surah, Kalilf or llaralhea silk. IWALK- SHOES atmuta^amamammaemaaam An Ideal Christmas Gift FOR MEN We have the exclusive agency for WALK-OVER SHOES. We have thirty styles of WALKOVER SHOES, Prices at $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 ALL SMOKING JACKETS 25 Per Cent Ifectad.on 25 Surprise "him" <,<• Christmas morning with a warm, eomlort- able Smoking Jacket—they are all reduced. When a man gets Into one of them in the evening be cannot be coaxed away from homo—is that stiggestlv? ge', ono for "him" nml see. how "tlcki-U-ir 1 l.j, will be. 25 per cent off menus that you can buy: . , * b . - - -l .. j-lfr.t $4.50 Smoking Jackets for $3.38 $6.00 Smoking Jackets for $4,50 $7.00 Smoking Jackets for $5.25 $10.00 Smoking Jackets for $7.50 Suggestions for Men Men's plain white silk handker- chiefs—25c to $2.50. Men's colored border, hemstitched silk handkerchiefs—2r.e to 75c. New brown, reds, blues and greens. jtlen's white linen colored border handkerchiefs—5c to %\ each. Big assortment white linen self platd handkerchiefs. Linen initial handkerchiefs—15c to 35c. Initial linen aar.dkerchiefs—75c per box of six. Men's sweater—75c to $5.00 Men's sweater coals—$1.75 to $5. Pocket knives—25c to $3.00. Watch fobs—73c to $4.00. Scarf Pins—25c to $1.50. Cuff buttons—25c to $2.50. Shirt studs—25c to 75c. Suggestions for Boys Suits—$2.00 to $20.00. Overcoats—$3.50 to $20.00. Sweaters—75c to $3.50. Caps—25c to $2.50. Suspenders—25c to $3.50. Neckties—26c to $2.50. Unen handkerchiefs—5c to $i. Silk handkerchiefs—25c to $1.50. Waists—25c to $2.50. Soft shirts—'.lie to $2.50 Gloves—2. r ><: to $1.50. 1-lats—."iiic to $2.50. Knlvi-M-25c to $2.00. Shoes— $1.50 to $3.50. IF YOU ARE STILL IN DOUBT DO THIS: Buy a Redlick Glove or Merchandise Order—A Glove Order Is a welcome gift to man or woman; he or she can then select gloves of the right kind size and color. For a Merchandise Order the recipient Is entitled to any article desired for the amount you state thereon. It Is good In any of our many de- partments—atanytlme. .^____ -••/X%/r* AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES—Redllck's Import thousands of toys and dolls every year from Germany—and we sell them the TII VV year round YOU can profit by our K reat purchasing power In selecting your Christmas Toys and Dolls from our Immense I II I IN stock fo" even! To>rand Doll Is marked at an EXTREMELY LOW PRICE. Come tonight, bring the children and see , I Vf I \J fol . yourself how far a little Christmas money will reach In Redllck's Toy Department. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Trusses Trust favor Charles Henry Lux and children under will Henry Lux, deceased, to Las Anlmaa and San Joaquln Land Company, Inc., $2542, 1-72 Interest In and to land not in Kern County and 140 acres In southeast quarter section 34, 29-26. Joan Marchand to H, W. Kllputeln, $10; northeast quarter of northeast quarter section C, 10-23, southeast quarter of northeast quarter, east half of southeast quarter section 32, 11-23. A. Well! and wife to same, $10; same property. Farmer Adams Johnson and wife to Lovlsa Spltier, $10; 10 acres off west side of northeast quarter of northwest 1-8 Interest southwest quarter section 6, 26-21. A. N. Towne Company to Rutua A. Johnson, $10; northeast quarter section 30, 31-29. F. P. Weston and wife to W. H. Ingels, $10; southwest quarter Of southwest quarter section 12, 27-19. Same to S. D. Landecker, $5; south half in' southeast quarter of southwest quart, r section 12, 27-li'. S. l>. Landecker and wife to W. H. Inge'.o, $10; some property. E. J. Boust to Oskaloosa Oil Cora- pany, $10; all Interest east half of southeast quarter, southwest quarter of southeast quarter section 15, 32-23. Frederick Fritz and wife'to 0. B. Have Changed Residence—Alex Burness and family have changed their place of residence to 2228 Nineteenth street, where they will be at home to their friends In tho future. MANY PATRONIZED SALE AT ST. PAUL'S GUILD HALL. The sale at St. Paul's Guild hall this afternoon attracted many and the la-1 dies disposed of a large part of their stock. There were many pretty things displayed In the several booths, and tho articles sold at good prices net- tin a neat sum for the ladles of the guild. 4 » » Gentleman (arising In street car)— Won't you take my seat, madam? The Sufferagette—No, sir, 1 will not! You are entitled to It until such time aa we women have something to say Charitable Man (to beggar woman pushing her crippled husband In a wheel chair)—And do you push your poor, helpless husband about In this chair all day long? "Oh, no; we take turn about!"— Meggendorfer Blaetter. ««» Wife—John, John, wake up! There's a burglar down stairs and he's taking the silver. Hubby (lazily turning over)—Let him! I'd sooner have him take my silver than go down and take his lead. —Boston Transcript. "Can we get the public's money with this scheme?" "Just, hue taKing candy from a baby." "Then I pass. I can't stand It when they put up a howl."—Puck. SENATE ADJOURNS. ""WASHINGTON, Deo. 19.—The Ben-

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