Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 5
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STERUNS. tlUMOfS. .FRIDAY. SEPT. 29. 1916. PAGE JIVE. S Market Co. S s <C "~\ 3 310 First Sterling's Original Cut-Rate Market General Office II. S. Y. Chicago s m, I Breaking All Records That's just what we are doing, for never before has meat been sold at such prices with the live stock market the highest in years. Just like getting money from home, for you save from 25 to 50 cents on every dollars' worth you buy. ^ OUIl SPECIAL&-K0II) SATURI) AJ, SEPT. 30 (At t'lie ShifNrffly—\nt Best Native Beef Roast, _ _4>qund~... Boiling, Stewinir and Soiij) Meat, 1 b.;;.,... Fresh Poi'k Shoulder Roast, Ib. Fresh Liver, puimrl ......... ... Specials for Saturday and Monday al the Cash Basket Grocery SUGAR Fine dry granulated. 14 .pounds for With 41..'jO onli $1 Keep the Kiddies Healthy Mini hy. irM'in.y; our "pur* 1 16 J 5c Neck Ilihs, pound Fresh Pigs' Foc?t, pound . ;:, . .'v:; .,. Fresh -Pork Sausage, pound AH meats II, S. inspected and guaranteed. 7c 5c 15c 214 First Ave. 1<* )hs. cxirn fnwy Swoof Pofjitops for .... ..... ... ,25c Kxf r;i fancy ( 'ookiuy Apples, per peck ........... 30c p Toil* 1 ! Pnpor for ............ . . ,25c <'»n'o:niuJ. pop pound . . .......... 19c of .IViwnko Flour for . . .......... 25c •4 in,, roll l'Y">li .'! Hit- ;iiri' I, ; trice 'fn 11 quart jar Olives per jar. .............. 25c ! i"!i inilic.'Tt I'niitain- nil liie l'«i<>. I dement.- 'lifers sary for vigorous growth.' l! i> of miaranlci'ij purily ,'iii'l iiiim*' vfafMlanJ ri«-li- iH 1 .^ and eosfs no I han ordinary milk. FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES The Market of Quality, Price and Service Bon Ton Is The Best Bread from your grocer.; Bon Ton Bakery ilO'wrSecond St., Rock Palls Bell Phone 342-R BIG SIX ONE OF BIG FIVE AMONG BASEBALL VETERANS Christy Mathewson Take* Place In Hall of Fame Betide Wagner, La- • Jole, Walah and "Cy" Young. , j Th<>y _ lUlKht be_ Ciillud Um. bit' ornii (jvo of luist'tmll, Christy . cwsuji, Who IIUH. IM-COIIIC the Ht'r} uj;er, nflt'r 1« HOUNOIIH of pitchlnjj tluty wlih tln< Ciautx; .lolnr Hmry AViiKncr, .tin? famous Dutchman, who still plays Hhortslup \votuiiigfully wrii "for, t'lm I'l- . SOCIAL AFFAIRS ) THE CARD CLUB Was SURPRISE WEDDING Entertained at Horns Kcnnally. of Mrs. Kir<»*'t. iMili'i'liiiin-il llicTlmrMtlay | Afternoon chili yj'xu-nltiy nftfrn(>on. i All nicinliftH wi-ii- iircHi-nt, <tri«l tfn« I linn- W;«H Kpcnt. In playing t-artlK.. At 'ixU^-^iiinc of lliv aflt-riHH-n llu* In-frtlt'.'.v Misg Alice PittmaiL_and_Frank McOrath Were Married In Geneva. A \v«'il.«llnif Hull will ('ntnt',as a sur- }iri«<' to Ui»lr ninny Sti-rllhi: frlt-itds* 1« Ilidt at .MINK 4»<-<> I'ittmim finil l-'ranlf .Mi'Oititli. wlntntoli- u march <»n tlu-ir frlcntlH ny Ktilitu to llPiH>vn. whrn- tltc-y -tly inuri'lcd-lty. R<«v. Knther Tho-only att<»ni!iin(» wt-ro of tint brlilf. MfH. MciJtuth IH thiX ilatiKhtor of MJ-. otiil Mr«, Krviti I'ltttnan. of ?*ll \V«'Kt Hlxth ntr«M i t..uii(l liuvlitu• Hv«,'il in thin i-lty most of hi-r lift 1 , hiiM \voti jnjim fHfiulM Uy lit'i' swfft (li«|ti'Mlt.Ion, wlu» will ItiiMli'JLlo '/i'lLKfi'Ay' 11 ?' 1 .J.L 1 !'.'.."" H 11 ' )iu|ij>y «'V«nt. • ,.. The Kitiwm !« tlu 1 »*iin of Mr. nntl ' Mr«. Tltnolhy McUnitti »ml l« a yuting limit '«if rtti'flliiK ((itulitioH. Mr. djiil Alrn. A|t-Oru«lr l«'f( f«ir Clilcai}'!. svlHTi- tlu-y . will Uii'lr liitnuyiuooii. On tlu>ir n'ttirn . forty-two year**' I j old; Xnpoleon Lajoie, of the Athletics, I «eeond baHciirali. who I j l.s rounding out his "twentieth year in Kd \ValKh, the) White Sox twirler. whoso J Hlar In fading' In hl.s foiirtceiilh••»«•»• | in fast., company, anil 1'entou' Ynnnfr;~"((>ld—Cy) r~7\vh"0i pltehed 20 yeni'H in the big elmilts. Future Beneratlons of fun* will read! of their exploliH lu liaseluiir bistury, i "ever w'lT per peek 45C Fam-v driniei tidldf-n Ap pies, per |tcek ...... /. . .45c f''ai!i'\" ('mieui'd (Iraj.tes, per basket ........,25c l-'aney I'.arllelt I'ears, ^lalaira and Tokay drapes .Faney. baskets I'eaelips for fable llst>; bandle basket 35c 1'ajH-y ~ ( KKK Plant,.Oynter- Plant, Kmlive Carrots, (Jreen ( miolis. Fancy Ilubbard .S(|, eaeb 15c ,'{ Idc cans Corn for. ..25(5' .!?.10e cans**Peas, for .. .25c- ."> Hie cans Hominy .. ,25c :t Hie cans Kraut Vor...25c I (tr raiis Tomatoes r.25(r .'J JDc cans Puiiijpkin.. .25c ,'! 10<i fans' Ilolki Milk .25c H 1'It- cans Dundee Milk nx'.s Hill Pick-les, PEARS . Extra fancy Kecfi-r IVnrs f ,',,. pjnni jnrr, bin . , . -$1.25— llanford's fancy ('jvatn- TTV t .utter, per lh.. . ,37c .-F(i!!>:v.. AVh-ccnxin ( 'ream .cry ( '(HM-SC. p<'r-4lfv-^r24 Fatii-y ('iin-d I5acnn. per pound ........ .... .24c Lar^e -.V pkir. Oatmeal for ................ 22c .'! 10r pktrs. draliam ('rax for ...... ....... , .25c ,'} H>c plc,t»s. < tatnieal ( ! rax- for , ., ..... '. ..... .25c U H)e. jik^s.' Xabisc.os. .2UC '5 lOe paeka.yes \'anil!a Sterling 0airy Go. 214 E«ost Third Street -A— Both Phonei Wafers 25c Love of Living per Mi'jfo Soiii <lo/,on .... PU'klos, per .'. .... ,15c Mr. Farmer, we pay 28c "2 Lie pk.^s. Raisins. . .25c Lartrt' -."«*. bottle Snyder's T'^isup for .; ____ !..23c 'J do/.eti Jar h'nbbcrs. .15c TrtTars~Nri jU'li'vi" Son] v ; ': 25c (!>lmrs d'alvanic Soap.25c 0 barn American l^jun' Soaf . . ............ 25c (} bnrH'Tyory Suap for.25c -S-4^- bais Ivory Hoap,25c S ha rn I *e\v is Soap "for, 25c S bars Oval (Jneen Soap jxir >,.^..... ......25c 3 lOe eiuis Prize Milk,27c Time's ChangeB, Poor old Cato'meant woll no doubt, but h« was horribly Ignorant of the proprieties, having advised "that the farm IntildittKS IH? wi-U i'OTintructud. that you nhould havu umplu oil cullan jind wiiia vata, and a Rood supply 01 casks BO that you can wait for high prices, Homethlng that will rotlound u your honor, your prollt and your self- respect."' He had llohoUun In mind, j but wo Americana do. our farming In' North nAkota unil KUIIBUH, whoru tho vat (tourlslu'th not nor peopeth the cask above tho lowly ground,—Spring Held Republican. ge Prairie brand, absolutely r 4J» pountl sack .- !. the equals of these pillars of the ua- j.! Bid yTiu^everTead op You'll know wliat that "f menus \vlieii yon taste our Ii <> tf II e f u r (1 ('heese — " uomii'd'tii!" lniporieil S\vi>s, Xf\v Liiuburjfor. H r i <• k . Pimento. Full you like. Try our Jersey Sweet J'Ynits and \*ei?e(;!b]es ii every d_Jiy. ' Call in. N^Gaulriapp 300 Sacks ilurhiK the I'lltB. Everything Due to Effort. , In a'rt Human aftiUra thoro nrp of' w *i^?!?l!ft1 F !Tr^^ !*!' Wllll * IU Oi Hi* n |IUI " j .. ^ . . „ . .. ' .1- nf jfr n nffnrf IH. tftn picua' " GUtSTS"FROM Th* MlH«*-H Kffida ' ltujii'ncrj.ui«i <>!' v « »«»«! MlH« Rinwiwih Null. «' WX.MI. i;ui'ntj( of,• thti MlMHt'B Uertlui. Mrehlini;" 1 uiul Marjprio jlurrl* »iul will attend Clie<or/i eurnivwl. •. ' • j of the result. Chance IB "not', "(lifts," * Hbowtrrat—material,—intellectual, and n. Helen (spiritual possession!* are, the fruits of Kery. uiul i offort;_Jhey^Br^Jlunijhw cpmpjej.ed ! objects accomplished, visions real izcd,~Jamcs Allen. ' ' Tim f««r all IhV nol of pup hilt "of Marshall's Best Flour liave lieen sold in tho past 10 days nt , EshelmanV Grocery Tin; eativass taken by ilie Indies represent in«( lias boon a ijTiiwl succor*. All orders will be delivered promptly on tjio •< Have y o 11 lioii^bt a I'sarkTIf mit, wliy notf None better. Yours or a #ood bake, Esfrelmen's imnmiiiiiiimtntmtt IIIIIIIIH«WM«* Paying the Price _ ftm»H»t»»HtHI»Uam»UIMIUI»M»U "Angel CtiBtnrils. : ' Ilciit a quart 'of milk .In a <luiil>l<' j • boll or, and when luit pour ii nlo« ly i on iln> . Htlin'v. lu'jiti-ji -whites of four tin- cttsif.rd with !,We-are always paying the 'price for tho Kl '" nt t«>lwjMMinrtilH of puhi-ria.-.l MJ. ( things we lone or Rain. , . .| gur, Iliivorlnn "itli u i'y\v .dropti. of nl- out of this life of the nU«iil*<} gift of glad-1 uiond extract and turn into small- en*- • ness ami of pain; t , ; .» , * • And whether we pay far pleaaure or turU CU!IH: w> lbo pui>s ln » !»«» of i wliother wo pay for sin, , ' | not water and eooli in !i moderate oven Jt IH nlwuya paying the price for life, no: mull jirm. Cover with "grated maca- matter where we, begin. , mm crunl , 18 or tirmvmH i um , s> ' * - Wo say we h»v* RUB V-CRO WNED KINGLET cateoduli) USE THE CLASSIFIED till.. ' " • !..'.'. '" 'i A Vic Jo i/>s Pest KB) Inul a lot. we've *n- joynd «n<J we'rV uliaretl 'fn"ttio~bfl'Bt; ^ l " B " .Bomojijmea' with a Jlltl* Urwitn of I'M conieiu In tlm lin-uiil: / »'••'•• ** And Ou-n whttii wo loak uwuy and Uilnk of the thlnga thitt ware nice. It all coiiif!) OV«T UH, lufky or »ad. that wo'.x>t httJ to pay Uiu (nice, • Thg nuitrnatu pay* f.»r n« U, too; Ana the saint pay* JUHI an tho slnnor d«e« tnui tho uneuvutl havo to «lo; In all that we liav« nnit how, or In all that we'v<> thrown a way, - " It U miry In the ' w»»i» to pay. W^> p,iy It for love and peace, for • chftfr uiul cciiiifurt ami mmg,; * Wo pay for Hlnnlng and K<>ln*? aotray, we pay U for Uoing WHIIIK; In all .that wt «r« or (»*oia, In Klttiliu>»s or ' or Yellow raiit;akc Flow, Ify I 1 l<»iii', Kyc -^-lu-U-i Uraiiiiui, \\'liulol\\'li«.'Ht Fjou'r, uii'l Hi'Hii. King Charles Flour, par sack, $2.25 .Our r ion „, Potatoes 40c peck — $1.60 bushel Chicken Feed .of all kind iii'.^t <"ir of. I'liit'orn to arrive Satiir*lav, $35.00 i'rmu car. This is the ilnir'y JVt'd liial pays Chrlfty Mathewson. hJ>nr of « scuadtil ItjvolvinK riieiSe pia'y. er«V I»id they ever Indulge in disorderly conduit on or off the bull (leldV hey took t;<>inl omv-ti _ Wo artv(tlw'«y« paylinf tile prl«'t< for the ihlns" that we lu»« or K8lh, — Folj;.-r Mi-Klimuy, |u tliu gun. Fro*en pice Pudding. ;; Boil In slightly' Baited niilk n r c«pf»1, of washed rlfo until tender, then stir tho whole into u pint and a half of < boiled euBtnrd,. Allow the custard to j Jj.ocouio_TOW t ..Uitn»_.f«0_dJji_« biilf- pint -nf thlek. creinn beaten NJIff.—Turn into it freester, frct'Klns to the consistency of soft Hticnv, then add- a_cupf»l of chopped preserved jjlnger and two la- lileHrioonf uls iif the ttlrji'n. Frees;c whipped cream. Yorkers I him UM> other member* of the, •W« live. Jle h»H been Hu, Idol ot A ,,, w I* «o» u M, W «e to there since he hojfau to show Mn vnuto* a imiw or woman iu ll.w without a hi.u pfulit, »iiy seventh yt-ai'. U.^iieou has -JHI |u pruduci? . <\ i-ai'loail uf Choic-e pea ^recn All'all'a Hay l .rive iH'-xt week. Also a <'.ai'Umd W sail, (let- a barrel tor yuiir fall supply.* - r**' -o ar fresh year ami 13 in liX.y, hut ui'tcr that' he tliU not score fwvvw than iu vle.turies in 'any campiilgn up (o ltH5, It uus il HervH-in i Length( about fc -- ftud .. <WiB . fourtfc jnmilKhed wlih ginger .uoU ] jncbea. OUvo green above, eolled whit ish below, concealed feather's on bead -...'•'" •"* (crest) bright red. ' Prune Tapioca. Kange: Jireeda in southern Canada, Cut Into quarters prunes thift bnve j southern Alaska, and the higher nujun- been st*>w«>d \vhh nu«ar and H little3 tains'of the weBtem Uulted States; lenipii jjeol. Who'll eohl, pour over the; winter» In-much of the Uuited Stutea fruit the following; Soak a cupful of; aa h south to Guatemala. . tapiftca h» a pint of witer for two I Habits and ocoaotulo Btatus: In fliotntf, tben i-over with rieh- niliu ninl I habits and haunts tbis tiny sprite re*'«K>k nmil fi-fnb-r fUrrlni.' tn 'nfter re-' ?«M.n*.'t?3 a cbicU'arfco. It IB an active. nuivjulTffoiTf tlr yolltH and t.»-o tablexpooril'iil^ of and n KrniiiijTof nuuneff. fi-ver i spring 8U)lU>Iiiir"on.r> 7 "Td¥g~euoiigb to all with a meringue maile from (lu- ' jtervous-little and yon In search of food, and iu ""~ of (he fula-of nml two i(iltles|.«Hirt-' ita beautiful song, surprisingly joud for .the size of tho musician. r „_.__--.--_:™._.^^^^^ anil serve coh{ with a ' Tluoe-fourtha of its food consiata of luilile pitrhlng .sail „« u• CiU.m ^^SfK^^^^ KM. lie won A) game* that ~l>«v»«j stun- Jordan. ** .. - «^ ' tha only -other Item oriinportanej^ (1J i Fe«fil My Family? lit if . * AY\ *./ ,***af/ i l * r ~ ce «^- Tht ' bu 8 8 ««ten W\ «'»' of our good I'uiuls Htm for ...Whit : 'lMpiwa x ls Iu 1SKKS that Hlg Six won ,'I7 pime.s, Jiis vvhleh juuy be .used ,in place of jh« |»v.Ht perforiniiiK e, vvhlh; in IJM»1 lie more expensive gelatine in pitched ,'i:i vletorlesi. Matty took part «Jt«bes, A few trials will provw in four world's werles- in I'.Mi't, lyil, I'.iI'J tuul l!H.'!. His miipiiiU'ciit piifh- Ing in (he IWf* Herie** enabled the • Jiants to uln thri'i« of their gaiue.s with thi« Atlll,'<'lU'fi. Ill other w»mls. Matty practtcall.v ln-iit Hie Muekmeii that >eiir .»-liinle haiitlfd. v Tlu» inventor of tlu> futlcaway won V't games ijiini lo>-t i:t iu lull without the .slightest" inttnuttioii o( loMiig hia The Wholesome Onion. Thi> wholesome oiiUm ^)i»ulli make a welcome, dish for at lm$l on? tuettl during the wi-eh, and tlume who serve thi'tu oftcner will lltul they tend to kuep.Uie buUy ia a hcaliUful coudltlou. Flour, Man Humanity's Failing. 1 'pcui s to «ii n;) liuj in ystid lii U'Krt Oatmeal Cakes.. t'st? a cupful of cooked uutmt-ul. Into this tu-ut four ej.'t,"H, tin* yolks uitd ii! uU if im lii'tl Imitcr and u Hjul wilt. Koll iu cracbei Language of Windmills. Ill Holland birlbn, tnarriiiges aiul deaths, iiiHleiid <»f being "recorded in the neu fcpu pet H, itre indicntfd b> wiiuliutlis. IVhen the millfr p-is nmr- ried, be SIDJI-S bin mill \\illi the ai'in< of |he wheel In u ttliinting position. Ui|d with the nulls iiiilurl.'il. His friend^ and guest-* freijneittl.v do HKe- wise with their millh, lu U'lu-ii of tin- cercnuuiy, To ludieate a birth, the wlmd is atuj.pvd lu» u sbiaiin^ ,i>f>?i- tlon, but at a uVore ui'uie anu'l<* lhait that of n itiarriagt'. ami \MI|I the i\\n die, the *n\\* i>f the null nil- nH fill led. jiiid llu» M het-J I-, lunu'd juo kinglet arc mostly siuajl, but, they ure tho most harmful Ki|ida. tree- 1 rs, leaf hoppers, and J "Jumping lice are pesta and often do great to trees and smaller plants, while plant lite uad seale iusot'ta arc tho worst scourges of the fruit grower - iu fact, tho prevalence of the latter has almost risen to the magnitude of a national perH. it is these email and bi'cuiitigly iii&lfiiiiJU'ant bird.s that tnofat kuccesafuliy attack and bold in check thc|e itibtdloua fooa of iioiticulturu. The it'getabU* food! consists ofaeeddof ivy, or pouon oak. a fvvv we«d end a'.few biuall fruits, mostly Optimistic Thought Tho Jealous feed oij _ lifter («ki"4 There's double in taking' a remedy of real merit. This is true of Cold Tablets t't 1 I !• l I'll liy whi>> it to \nii vnth i, nr i>i<<>iiifcj<t luitil \inir IMDJH <- if !!,»•/ ol |ji'*rv i- pi-lli'tlly KtUs- • v r y Tlnii'% a |>i.' .ism .' ditt < i !n-,a J'll'.'ll l-l'Jj' I III (lll> 1 Illll JIIS.j tf,.; ilt.u -i- 1 .us <liv i{-t> <,-ili!i' i,,f-il " " 'hi* ,H > ' nil 1 1 uiv t v. I.. i\ > « i;l.| • ' Rexall Cold .Tablets ,... |..| l.'J.t ',!,! f ,|,, ,-dsr |, ( llnlll lll-.U \ .^l.i.v 25 Bendrleks Dru Co 4' %ws.

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