Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 9, 1974 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1974
Page 3
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Daily Times Herald EDITORIALS »—•——-^—— . - I .•!!..MI..1H1 Tuesday, April 9, 1974 s Too Much There is an outside chance that Patricia Hearst, by all accounts an intelligent and perceptive young woman, has indeed fallen for the Symbioneae liberation Army line to the extent of joining up and renouncing her family. There is an outside chance. But it seems most unlikely thai she has undertaken this course of her own free will, without coercion. Everything about this small terrorist cabal is marked by a ludicrous imbalance, a lack of all sense of proportion. This can be said of'the whole silly business of the SLA's quasi-military structure — its adoption ot highfalutin command titles, its mouthing of platitudinous nonsense about "the .court of the people." its claim to moral superiority in the face of what by any civilized standards is the most cruel and thoughtless — and pointless — depravity. Now we are regaled 'with" a photograph of the celebrated .kidnap victim brandishing a submachine gun before the seven-headed cobra the SLA for obscure reasons uses as its symbol. As her Father Randolph A. Hearst observed, "we have had her 20 years and they have had her GO days," , and are we now to believe that after this brief indoctrination she willingly means to go out with her weapon and cut down a few capitalists in the name of "the people?" Somehow that thought, which leaves one verging on hysterical laughter, is just too much to stomach as the denouement of this strange affair. Dear Abby A deep governmental invasion of individual privacy has been authorized by the Supreme Court in its ruling on the 1970 Bank Secrecy Act. Hen-' ceforth banks will have to keep detailed records of bank customers' financial transactions, and to report to the government on many of them. The ostensible purpose of the law requiring this, now upheld by the high court, is to help the Justice Department expose tax evasion schemes and thwart "laundering" of organized crime profits. .Unfortunately, the practical result will be to make the -.government- privy to data relating to intimate affairs of millions of ordinary citizens. In his dissent Justice William 0: Douglas made a searching comment "on this aspect of the matter. He. noted that bank records' fall within the area protected by the citizen's "expectations of privacy," arguing that ."they mirror not only one's finances, but his interests, his debts, his way of life, his family and his civil commitments." Douglas properly scorned the notion that to help stop crime the federal government must have access to "all bank records of every citizen." He described this as "unadulterated nonsense unless we are to assume that every citizen is a crook," and said the Bank .Secrecy Act is a "sledgehammer approach to a problem that only a delicate scalpel can manage." The majority of the court has nevertheless decreed that the sledgehammer approach is what we shall have. The ruling pushes us further into a society in which the government can lay its hands on information about, virtually every activity of its citizens. Water Need One of the marks of the good life, speaking in broad societal terms, is an abundant supply of fresh water. It is a legitimate function and duty of government to assure such supplies. That is the premise against which one must view an apparent movement to cut back water desalination, a movement happily being resisted by the House subcommittee on water and power resources. This panel, whose report will now go to the full Interior Committee, has approved the appropriation of 13,910,000 million Collars rather than the niggardly three million requested in the budget. The latter amount would, as Chairman Harold T. Johnson of the subcommittee remarked, "just about phase out" the Office of Saline Water. The'situation argues, rather, for the wisdom of expanding its' activities intended to imor.ove water The administration philosophy appears to be that the government should phase out its work in this field arid encourage private industry to take over. In our judgment that is a perilously haphazard approach to a problem of very far-reaching national importance. Desalination is not some exotic enterprise with only a vague future bearing on water supply, as many seem to think. There is urgent need for it as our population grows and demands for water rapidly increase. Communities in some two-thirds of the states have substandard drinking water. The process of upgrading water quality should be reinvigorated, not the the opposite. Had 27 Children - Where'd Love Go? By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I am 44 years old and pregnant, but that's not my problem. I have had 27 children. I was married .the first time when I was 14. I had three by my first husband and 24 by this one, and it seems that the more children I have, the less interest my husband has in me. I wrote to you a year ago and you told me to get my husband to go to the priest with me. I knew he'd never go, and I was right. He hasn't set foot inside a Catholic church except for our children't chistenings and weddings. The priest told me to pray to God that my husband would see the light and fall in love with me again;: but I know that is never going to happen. He's a good man in many ways. He has never raised his hand against me. He has worked steady and doesn't owe A bby anybody a dime, but he is not nearly as loving as he used to be. And I miss, that. Can you help me? Could it be because he was born and raised in Mexico, and I was born and raised in Texas? TEXARKANA DEAR TEXARKANA: Maybe. Most Mexican-born men have the old world Spanish attitude about women — they should be seen and not heard, should always have a baby in their arms and another on the way, stay home, and never complain. DEAR ABBY:, I am being held prisoner against my will in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAIester, Okla. Please send hacksaw blades, files, jeweler's string, and instructions on how to ! saw through V* inch steel bars, making the least possible noise. I'm serious. NUMBER 87226 Your Health How Fast Can it Spread? — —•— By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. Lamb DEAR DR. LAMB — My husband died three weeks ago and on the death certificate the cause of death was listed as squamous cell carcinoma^ of lung metastati^ to the brain. I. am terribly confused and* can't clear my mind, because I took my husband to the doctor for his toes, and he died in three weeks. In October he bumped his toe which would not heal. In November I took him to the doctor, and the doctor had him admitted immediately to the hospital, because my husband's legs were all swollen, and the toes were discolored. While at home he was up and around, but after only two days in the hospital he was bedridden and could hardly get out of bed. Just after three weeks he passed away. ' Can you explain how something like this could happen in just aishort time?. If I don't get some kind of explanation, I feel I will lose my mind, because I feel it was my fault he was put in the hospital. I feel that if he was home without all these tests and examinations perhaps he would not have gone so fast. Can you, enlighten me a little on the carcinoma and perhaps I won't feel so guilty about taking, him to the hospital- He was taking pills for emphysema for a number of years but was assured in ApriU973 that he did not have can- : cer. ' . ' •-.- ' . i' ; - .': . -.- . -.'• DEAR READER—Since the time involved was only a'little 'more than three weeks it is safe to assume that your husband already had the spread of cancer to the brain when you took him to the hospital. The course of his illness would have been just as rapid, or more so, if you had not taken him . to the doctor. . I'm not surprfsed that your husband was bedfast, since he had a sore and swollen foot that would not heal. I would suspect that he also had clots in the leg veins. Cancer often increases the clotting tendency of, the blood. This may lead to'leg clots and even the release of these into the veins and then • to the lungs. When cancer is the cause of this problem, little can be done about it. If cancer of the lung is to be cured it must be detected and removed very early in its course. If spread has already occurred, which is what metastatic means, there is little, if anything, that can be done for lung cancer. This is not true for all other forms of cancer, however. For example, you can do a lot even after spread of a prostatic cancer by various form of treatment. Unfortunately a long cancer must be ; nearly a, half inch in diameter and '• may already contain a billion cells before it can be detected by X ray. It may have already spread from these cells before it can be detected. .That is one reason why it is important , to prevent lung cancer whenever possible. The best way to do this is not to smoke. About 90 per cent of cancers originating in the lung^ are seen in smokers. Emphysema too is seldom seen in nonsmokersJ I presume from your husband having both of these problems that he was a smoker. ' You should not even think that your taking your husband to" the hospital had" anything to do with illness. You did the right thing. Unfortunately, he needed more than a hospital could give by the time he got there, Polly's Pointers Streaks Upset Psyche "~ "" . —-— By Polly Cramer POLLY DEAR POLLY - My Pet Peeve is with strangers who touch babies and toddlers in public. It seems someone is .always patting ,my toddler's head or chucking him under the chin. Recently a (ady with sores all over her hand laid a hand on my little boy's cheeck when she told him how sweet he is. I am sure she felt she was pleasing me but she , was not. There is little one can do or say without offending the well-intentioned bu the child must be protected, too. DFAR PHI T v T ~ MR S- H.W, Tnrff, M PO , LLY ~ ! am answering Judy M who worries about getting dairy products and ice cream home safely from the grocery, that is some distance from home. I have worked in a grocery for 15 years and have noticed that many women who live far away bring along an 'ice chest or styrofoam'cooler with a chunk o'f ice that has been frozen in the deep freeze just for that' purpose. All such perishables are put. in it" arid arrive home in the same shape as when bought. , v; -MARGARET. POLLY'S PROBLEM DEAR POLLY -During the day my beige nylon blend carpet looks very pretty but in the lamplight it appears to be dirty, stained and streaked. Professional cleaning did'not help. The carpet is not worn and receives little traffic. I hope someone ' can tell me what makes it look this way and if there is anything more I can do to it. -MRS. C.S. DEAR POLLY — Just as we were leaving on a week-end trip I spilled a. thermos of hot coffee on my kitchen carpet. My daughter and I cleaned it as best we could but when we came •home the carpet had a large brown stain where the coffee had spilled. I filled by clothes sprinkler with club soda. As I sprinkled it on the spot I used a rag to absorb the coffee. How pleased I was to see the stain disappear. -PERILS OF PAULINE. Daily Times Herald 608 North Court Street Carroll, Iowa Daily Except Sundays and Holidays other than Washington's Birthday and Veteran's Day, by the; Herald Publishing Company. JAMES W. WILSON, Publisher HOWARD B. WILSON, Editor r" W.L.RE1TZ, News Editor JAMES B. WILSON, Vice President, General Manager Entered as second-class matter at the post-office at Carroll, Iowa, under the act of March 2,1897. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for ' rcpubhcation of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP dispatches. • Official Paper of County and City Subscription Hates By carrier boy delivery per week ... j en BYMAIL ' '." Carroll County and All Adjoining Counties, where carrier service is not available, per year , 2 oon Outside of Carroll and Adjoining Counties in Zones 1 and 2 per year ,,„ All Other Mail inthe United States, per year $2? Q0 PEAR NUMBER 87l!26: Sorry, but if I help you OUT. I'll end up IN.'' DEAR ABBY: A widow wrote you about not receiving any wedding anniversary cards after her husband died.. I lost my husband before our 24th anniversary and would like to tell you what happened on my silver anniversary. I received red roses from my three children (all college age) plus they.had reservations for the four of us at one of our better restaurants. This was a total surprise to me. From our best man and maid-of- honor, I received lovely notes saying their thoughts were with me on that day. Sure, it revived memories — but what pleasant and lovely ones! not believe anniversary cards should be sent after one's mate dies, but please don't say the anniversaires cease. You may not count them aloud, but you can't turn off the memory of the happiest day of your life. "ALONE HUT NOT LONELY" CONFIDENTIAL TO GRASS NOT GREENER: You'!! never know if she'.ll take you back unless you ask her. It's worth a try. Plead "temporary color blindness." © 1974 by NEA, Iwf^ "Hey, look! Women's hats ARE coming back!" -HPleon's r's Total at Down rth SHOP SPURGEON'S Pre-Eo«t«r Courtesy Night OPEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT TILL p.m. s Juniors, how shall you look on Easter? We've got a great fashion lineup in your sizes—skirt sets, pant-sets, sizzlers and more! A. Double collar flipdress in navy, 7-15, 16.99 B. Long tie-back in polyester with lace. Blue, maize, pink, 5-13, 15.99 C. Tie-front in navy, blue, mint, 7-15, 16.99 The Flirty Brim 2 99 , Airy braid to trim to your taste. White, pink, ice, mint, yellow. A buy! V r Shoulder Bags Triple compartment vinyl in black, navy, red, natural or bone, 5.99 Floral print quilted cotton bag, 3.99 Shorty Gloves -49 Doublewoven stretch cotton in white, black, beige or navy. Sweater Cape 11" In new spring colors— white, pink, ice, navy, yellow acrylic knit. ^^1J EASTER SHOPPING'S A PLEASURE WITH A SPURGEON CHARGE

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