The Morning News from Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland on July 5, 1886 · Page 5
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The Morning News from Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland · Page 5

Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 5, 1886
Page 5
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1 he inner circle the ring would hear of could notji&ve fallen upon better shoulders; to such heretical concession. Before voting against the Nationalist candidates to-morrow, the Presbyterian electors should let the scales of prejudice drop from their eyes, and look at facts staring them in , the face. Would Mr Sexton be a prosecutor of his Protestant or Presbyterian fellow-countrymen? Would Mr Andrew M'Erlean, whose broad ' nd generous mind is known to his towns men? Would Jlr James Dempsey whoso public career for years shows him invariably on tho side of popular justice? We need not ask would Mr Robert MCalmont be a persecutor. These questions answer themselves. It is preio?teroii3 lo suppose under Home Rule ihere would be anything in Ireland, but th reign of absolute justice, tho reign of full religious Isberty, the reign ot political equality. Did we believe anything else possible, we should condemn as heartily as we now endorse and advocate," Home Rule. Wo ask of every voter who loves his country, who prefers the nation to a faction, who desirts that North and South should he' " , ;i.j : , f,t.Qi , . . I A meeting of electors to promote the can- umtedma fatexnal embrace, who longs to ; didature of Mr. Jas Dempsey for the North see an end put to tho feud whichfor centuries ' Division, andMr.KobtM'Calmoutfor the East, and we feel the confident hope that at the close of tho coming contest this mantle will be converted to that of a Member of Parliament. Captain Ker, who sat in the short Parliament for East Down, never troubled himself with the grievances of farmers or labourers. We have nothing to say against the gentleman in personal sense, but as a Parliamentary candidate ho was quite a derelict, and it, would be the sheerest folly to think of sending hiin back to St Stephen's. It will be entirely different with Mr. M'Grath, should the electorate return him as their choice. He will devote himself to his Parliamentary duties. The cause of the tenant-farmers and of the agricultural labourers will not cease for a moment to engage his attention. ' The hunting field or the club will not bolus sphere of action, but he will be found in the House of Commons labouring assiduously and unremittingly for the good of his constituents. We wish Mr. M'Grath every success in hie candidature. L ON DO N LETT ER (Bx ."Mobswo Kiws" SrsciAi Wrar.) (fboji am owx corrisbondsxt.) has been so fatal to the best interests of Eng land and Iuland, and who wishes the cessation of all sectarian dissensions, to vote in this great contact for the Nationalist candidates. Craven and cowardly fears are unworthy of freeinon. We ask of the electors to let it be seen that Irishmen can trust one another, and are not to be sundered by crafty appeals to prejudices which long ago should be dead and buried. The greatest statesman of this or any ogo proposes to effect a real Union between Great Britain and Ireland. Let as help hiin in this noble effort by our totes tomorrow at the poll, will be held this evening, at eieht o'clock, in the spacious premises ;i Mr. Hugh U'Kane, Donegall-street. The meeting will be addressed by able and gifted speakers.. A large attendance is expected. Ic may be observed here that Committee rooms for Mr. M'Cal-ino;i& have been obtained at Great George's-street, and for Mr. Dempsey convenient to the corners of York aud Donegall-streeta. The contests in these, as in the other divisions, will be fought out to the end by the Nationalists with energy and deter initiation, but with good nature, and an avoidance of all unnecessary friction. Every man will act with calmness and prudence, but with the firm purpose to exercise his Constitutional right in spite of every obstacle that may be placed in bis way. The contest in North Armagh, where Mr. W:llianison,aProtestuut Home Ruler, is trying conclusions with the famousCoIonel Saunderson, goes on very encouragingly for the National cause. We suppose the admission must be made that Colonel Saunderson from the Orange point of view is an abnormal candidate. In that senso we do not oppose his claim to the representation of North Armagh. Of all the advocates of faction, as apposed to the spirit and principles of As stated elsewhere, the polling for Dublin University stood on Saturday evening at 231 for Plunket, 217 fur Holme, IS for Conusel, aud 15 for Johnson. This is in every sense satisfactory, for it was the opinion of several of tho Fellows that th two Nationalist would have had considerable difficulty in securing a proposer aud seconder The fact, however, is that no one was more sur. priced than the candidate! themselves at the character of the support they have got. The contest was a for.orn hope, but it Wits never antici pated than so many prominent men in College and never so distinguished in professional circles in Dublin as Dr Quilau, Dr Nixon, aud L'r Crany would have taken an active part iu the candidature of the Nationalists. A icons the Keutlemen who Nationality, Col Saunderson is the ablest, I the most energetic, and the most extreme, have consented to act for Dr Cnuscl and Mr. Even Mr. Johnston, of Ballvkilbe? who Johnson are such eminent scholars and scientists sacrificed his oitcial position of Fishery Inspector, with its emolument of 700 year, for the freedom to anathematise the Pope and talk Boyne Water, eould not exceed Col-Saunderson in devotion to the principles of William III. But devotion to Oranseism is not much in a contest where so many other interests of cardinal importance are at stake. Colonel Saunderson is a landlord, and the friend of landlords. He makes use of Orange ism as an instrument to uphold the territorial system with chicL he is so intimately connected. That is, he upholds rackrnnts, and the whole machinery of eviction consequent thereon. ?-lr. Wiiliani3on, on tho other hand, is the warm friend of the tenant farmers, Protestant and Catholic alike. With out desiring in any way to infringe justice in dealing with the Land Question, he is yet desirous to relieve the tenants of the danger they are subject to by periodical seasons of distress. He is for converting the farmers from the transitory state they aienowin,toone of permanent and absolute ownership. This can be done without any injustice to the landlords; and this Mr. Williamson will assist in achieving should the electors of North Armagh, realising the importance of this struggle, leave prejudice to the one side, and send him to Parliament. We earnestly trust the electors of this important Division of an important county will not close their eyes to realities. Mr. Healy, by the famous clause in the Land Bill, which so justly bears his name, secured a part proprietorship in the soil for the farmers. If at the present time this salutary step in the direction of tenan ownership receive a check, it will be very fatal to the agruvlutural interests of Ireland. The electors of North Armagh have in their hands a decision which they can turn well to their advantage if they only act as they should do in this contest. They oQght to leave every consideration aside but the one of how best to serve the general good. The general good will not be best served by send ing to Parliament a gentleman like Colone Saunderson, who cares for no interest, but the interest of faction and the interest of rackrent. Should Mr. Williamson be returned the Division will be represented by an honest gentleman, who will labour for the good of all, Protestant and Catholic alike, and who trill support legislation, not for tho benefit of a sect or a class, but with the object to serve the entire nation. So also with Mr. Gardner, another Protestant gentleman, who offers himself for a Division of Armagh. Mr. Gardner stands in opposition to Sir James P. Corry, and he trusts to win the Division, as the electorate believe strongly in his candidature. He will advocate full justice for the tenant-farmer. His method will not be a beggarly inclusion of leaseholders in the benefits of tho Land Act, but a bold policy to make the tenant-farmer his own landlord. We have only to say that the electors will stand very much in their own light should they not prefer two Protestant gentlemen of broad and generous mind, such as ilr. Williamson, anil Mr. Gardner, to a couple of rest and be thankful politicians like Sir James P. Corry, and Colonel Saunderson. The Nationalist electors, at all events, will do their duty to a man, let others do as they mar. " ! ' The candidature of Mr. Henry M'Grath for the Division of East Do wn has created a feeling of great enthusiasm in that constituency. Mr. M'Grath has always manifested the keenes interest in the nelfare of the fanning classes, and the cause of the poor labourers has at all timca coTO!urn!t:d his earnest attention as as the Eev Max. well II C'luse, M A, Dr Wm Johuson So'Jas, LL D, Profeisorof Geology, iu the University and Dr E P Wright, il A, M D, Profee r of Botauy. Dr Wright is president ot the Dublin National Field Club, is one of the oldest aud most accomplished scientists iu Ireland. It is something to have secured meu like these, and to have shown that whatever the roivdy unilergrads are some of the best of men of the College are with the popular party. It would bewell that any M As or scholar" and scholars who reside iu Belfast or this district) should see that they get their voting papers-University elections are conducted upou the o d system of open voting, and the poll will remain open for live days, provided more than 20 votes are received by the lowest candidate some day. MEETING IN C0OKSTOWN. An enthusiastic meeting of ilr. Healy s supporters was held in in the evening. BELFAST ELECTIONS. The following letter has been received by a gentleman in Belfast " Dear Sib, -Sir Charles wishes rue to acknowledge vour letter of the 30th, and he regret' very much that it is uuite impossible for him to be iu Belfiist on bth. as his own county engagements are very nuiutrjus, and the time is short, whhe every erlort must be made here to secure his return. You will see how he is placed, ami nothing would have given him greater satisfaction to have gone to Vv est Belfast iu support of the great cause. Wishing you a great triumph. Believe me, faithfully yours, Edward Tenxant." SUICIDE AT THE BELFAST MILITARY BAKKACKS A very sad case of suicide lias just l?n reported from the military barra.ks here. It appeal that a private iu the West Surrey regiment Wm Fredk Marsh ran out of his bedroom on Thursitay night to the barrack square. He succeeded in passing the sentry ,and was some time afterwords observed by a Ssrgeaut leaping across therailiugs which surrounds a pond belonging to the York st Flax-spin ning fa The sergeant proceeded to the place but could not hod any traco of Marsh. The police were subsequently informed ou the matter and on Friday succeeded in discovering the dead body. Dr Dill, borough coioner,' held an iuqutst aud evidence have beu giveu, a verdict of found drowned was returned. London, Sunday Night The polling in the English constituencies so far has been rather favourable to the Tories, but by no one is it accepted ae assuring a Tory victory. It is unusually admitted that the constituencies that have polled have been the weakest on which the Ministerialists had relied, and the defection of some of them was by no means left out of cal culation from the beginning. The boroughs went almost entirely for the Tories at the last election, and the majority of them are doing the same this time. However, all the boroughs have not yet polled, and the remainder may retrieve what has been lost up to this. The great source of Liberal strength is in the count 'es English, Welsh, and Scotch and these have not yet been reached. The jubiliation of the Tories for the first three or four -days - of ' she contest last November was rudely cut short when the country returns began to corns , in, and the same thing will happen this time. - The county voters are Liberals, with grit and loyalty, and (hey may be relied upon without doubt to support Mr. Gladstone. If they don't allow him to get a big majority, they certainly will prevent the Tories from getting one of any kind. It is, of course, possible, for nothing is certain in elections, that the Tories and Liberal-Unionists between them may have a majority over Mr. Gladstone. Next to a thumping majority for Home Rule, no better thing could happen, because then the Government ot England would of its own inherent rottenness very soon come to an end, and Home Rule would follow as a matter of course. This, however, is only speculation based on improba bility. A Gladstoniau majority will shake the fate of Home Rule dftlereutly. Twenty-six of the Metropolitan constituencies poll to-morrow. They comprise a number of seats wliich the Gladstonians have a strong expectation of winning, and if the results in these cases prove adverse, it will rest entirely with the counties to give Mi. Gladstone his majority. There is, how ever, no fear that they will prove ad vers 3. In the late Parliament the Tories held 16 of these 26 seats, aud the Liberals ten, in eight uf the 16 Toiy divisions the prospects of a Gladstonian victory are very slight, but in the remainder the chances are excellent. The Tories got in bv ex ceedingly small majorities in these eight divisions and, malting allowance for the transfer of the Irish vote tliia time, there ought to be no difficulty, in the absence of Liberal abstentions, in putting in eight Gladstoniaus to replace them. The scats held by the Home Rule Liberals in the late Par liament are quite secure, and assuming that the Tory attack upon thotn fails, and that the Tories lose in the doubtful contests, to-morrow's Metropolitan pulling will give Jlr. Gladstone eight clear seats. The only contests of note taking place outside the metropolis to-morrow are those of Glasgow and Newcastle. The fight iu both places will be a stiff one, and tho Ministerialists, who held five of the Glasgow and the two Newcastle seats in the last Parliament, will on account of the combination of local influence against them have hard work to. retain their position. The whole seven seat in Glasgow are being contested by Liberal Unionists, and it is claimed by them that two at least are to be lost to Mr. Gladstone. Mr. Mitchell Henry may retain his ground in the Blackfriars Divisiou, though this is improbable, but the other six are fairly certain to go Gladstonian. In Newcastle Mr. Moriey and Mr. Ciaig ought to win easily. I must say that the accounts I have heard from the various parts of England of the organisation of the Liberal Party aro far from satisfactory. The want of funds, no doubt, explains a great deal of the unpreparedness in which many constituencies have found themselves in face of this contest, but the Gladstoniau candidates (who otherwise are working very well) are leaving things undone that obviously should have their first attention, and that ore quite within the com pas? of their resources. In almost every English provincial town oue goes to he finds that the walls are placarded with the most horrible libels on the Irish people, and except in very rare instances not a single counter placard is issued. These things tell aud are telling, and considering the trifling expenditure of of money necessary to keep up an effective supply of placard literature it is rather to be deplored that more attention has not been paid to the matter by the Liberal organisations. pubilv Cbickjct Match at Orxeac. The public are reminded that the grand cricket match between sn ah rjigianu r-ieren aud Eighteen of die Northern Cricket Uuiou opens to-day (Monday) at tlie Ornieau Grounds, 'sue match will be con- iinuea tor tnrce Gays. Charitt Shrmon ai Loichciki Weareoll'eed to hold over the report of yesterday's sermon at LoughicL by Rev Professor Macaulay, StMa'achv'a College, oiug to pressure of space. The Fuancis Davis Memoriai A deputation of the Committee of this memorial watted on Mr. Sexton on Saturday, and he kindly consented to unveil the Francis Davis Memorial on a date to be fixed hereafter." . - Lacrosse Match. The match this evening be-twem the lacrosse team about to visit the United States aud Canada and Mr. Ritchie's team should be weU worth a visit to the North of Ire-land ground. On both teams there will be several International men, aud a good match should re-suit. From the interest being taken in the game by the people of Belfast, we expect there wiU be a large crowd of spectators. . Tim PoBTADowk Railway Disaster The following telegram was received from the Lord Lieu-tenant by Mr. The mas Shaw, Great Northern Railway :-" His Excellency notes that those wounded m the railway accident are favourably progressing and desires to express sympathy witn bereaved " Mr. CulverweU, Oecretary of the Great Northern Railway, callml in the Hospital to inquire after the couditiou uf the wounded. General Booth rx Belfast, General Booth, of the Salvation Army, arrived in Belfast on Saturday morning from London, and addressed a meeting of the Salvationists in the Ulster Hall yesterday evening. Acctdksts. On Saturday Mary Moore, aged 49, of Carnmoney, was admitted to' the Royal Hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound by a bullet, accidentally received. Michael M'Dermott, aged 35 of Peter's-hill, was admitted, suffering from numerous scalp wounds; Francis Kirk man, aged 13, of IV naaciine-sireei, suurr ing irorn lacerated wound of the leg; Mara Deny, aged 12, of Cultra-street. suffering from contusion of the abdomen, ' We are compelled, by pressure on our space, to hold over several letter. Chxap Advirtisino. S ee our Cheap Prepaid Scale for Advertisements : 20 words, 3d; 26, 44; 32, Sd; 34, 6d. TAr ra3Ku!ke iiivrftOM art TSe mwtle of a candidate . s- .' '' of rtc- AMERICAN SYMPATHY WITH HOME RULE. By "Mobsiso News" Spscul Who.) London, Sunday Mr. Parnell has received the following cable grams from America : From Wilson, Mayor, Harrisburg, Pa, to ParneU, Aiouoon. Good cheer for to-morrow with promise of uuancuu aiu at once I rum public meeting of citizens of capital of Pennslyvania: From J P Donahue, to Hon Charles Stewart 1 arnell, London: Dear Sir, A draft of 700 dols go to you today from the Irishmen of Welmington Del: From J J O Brien, President, to Charles Stewart ParneU. We cabled you through Consolidated Bank,Lon-don, 1,000 for eletion, more coming: From Charles O'Reilly, treasurer, to Parnell, London. Five thousand rounds, mora transmittal! tn Trustees League in America, more than good to us engagement. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. The paper mills of Messrs Cropper & Co, at Burnside, near Kendal, were burnt down - yesterday morning. The loss is very great, and between one and two hundred hands will be thrown out of employment . MR PARNELL ON THE SECESSIONIST'S POLICY. Mr Parnell, speakirut at a mass meeting held in the open air at London fields this evening in support of the seven Gladstonian candidates for Hackney, Bethnel Green, and Shoraditcb, ridiculed Mr. Chamberlain's proposals on the Irish Land Question; aud denounced Mr. Bright's suggestion of establishing a Grand Committee to deal with Irish allairs. So far from the latter proposal enabling t a.lisnieut to devote mora time to legislation tor the British working classes, it would only result in ten times mora obstruction. It clearly showed that those who brouirht forward sua crude proposals for settling the Irish question ww uuiuuiK ui me matter. Seriocs Stabbino Cascat Lisbcrn. Yesterday morning a man named Wm Glassey, about 60 years of age, a worker in Messrs Barbour's, was found on the road suffering from six serious wounds, inflicted apparently by a large pocket-knife. A Young man named Arch ih. 1.1 f!.rr . fellow-worker of the injured man, has been re- 1 - -1 A - - ft. A. . Hwuueu ror eigui nays on charge oj being the assailant. Giaesey u in a rather critical condition There is nothing of a party nature in the affair. YoacaabehauvylfvoawtllstoD all voev uri aaU and faaulies with expensive doctors aod earn all that do only bans, mod oae Baton's etsaple reaMdto-ior aU yoorailiDceU; voa win be wU and hlppr. sod save crest exasfue. Ilia iT.Jl Z!Z aiea. wts, and good will tell jroa it nop tUtteraTSee I V THK F.OYAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND. FIRST' UNIVERSITY EMIATIONv Dublin, Saturday. Sue Examiners have recommended that the teBewiaf candidates be adiudgsd to have passed the Kxam nation: ' Adams, Jnae, Castle st Intermediate School, BallymeBS aad private study Jilams, William A. Queen's Collese, Bfltsst - James, University, lav, aad Military CeOsfe College-square. eat. Belfast Aherne, Patnek L, private etndv AUUon, William L B, Queen's Colkj, Belfast Anderson, Jos ph H, private study Atkinson. Maty, Uagee College aad Ladies' Colleafr School, Dsrrry. Bain, Alexander, Queen's Cotleee, Galwav Barry. James P. Univ and Int School. Hkibbereen Burnett, Clement, Queen's College, Belfast Benner, Joi n, priv ite study Bennett. John, University, Law, and Civil Servier CoUege. Belfast BlrreU, Mary C, Queen Varcarefs Coriece, Glasgow Block. Margaret B, 8tmnd House School, Perry Blaney. Alex J M. St Matachya College, Belfast Boyd, John M. Magee College, Derry Bradford, Herbert A, Intermediate School, Moneymo-Brady, Jas, Mungret Colleee. Limerick grodie, Tho, University College, Blaekroek Browne, John J, University College, Stephen's green Buckler, Michael J, St Vincent's College, Castlsknoek, and University Co'Jece. D-ihlin Buckley, Patlc . fniv and Intermediate Schl, Skibbereer Buckley. William J, private study Burns, Jas P, Rt MaloehVa College. BeUnst Byrne, Patk. Holv Cross Collere, Clonliffe Byrnes. Michael J. Onern'a Olla-re Cork Cameeie. Annie Oemldine. University Classes, 11 Sooth Frederick street, and Alexandra College Carroll, Wm, University College, Dublin Csshnian. J.-is P, Onesn's street School, Cork Clarke, Philip J, University College, Stephen's green Cluff, Wm, Academical Institution. Coteratne Collins, Danl, Univ and Intermediate Schl, Skibbereer Colrin. John H. nrivate Rtndv ConneH, James, Magee College, Dotj Connolly, Patrick J, private study Convery, Francis, private studv . Corcoran. Jamm, StMarv's College, Dnndalk Corry, Elizabeth. Ladies- Collegiate School. Belfast Con ter, Chas, University, Law, and Military College, Belfast Crabtree, Walter R, Sortthport Orammnr School Crawford, Albert K. Queen's Colleee, Cork Crawford. George W, St Luke's School, Cork Crinion, Michael P, St Vincent's Coll, Castleknock, am private study Croshie, Mary T, private study Crowley. Patrick. Christian Schools. Kilrash Cruise. John E W. University Colleee. Dublin CrymMe, Saml G, University, Law, and Military College, Belfast Cunningham, Herbert W, Academ Inst, and Magef CoL Dnrry Daly, John Jo? enh, St Vincent's Col, Castleknock Danoher, Daniel D, Munvret Colleee. Limerick Davidson. Isaac A, Queen's College, Belfast De la Peer R-retford, Emily, Dominican Convent, Secies street, D-ihlin Donovan. Thoe Hnmnhrey, University Cot, Dublin Donley. Bicbard J, University College, Bla-Jcruck Dnffy. Peter P, private study Divrgan, John J, Mnngret Colletre. Limerick Dwyer, John F, Presentation Brothers' Schools, Cork Earley. Peter J. Holy Cross College, Clonliffe Kntrican, Sara. La-lies' Co'legiate Schools. Belfast Faean, Jerenrah. Carmelite College, Terennre Valloona, Patrick J, St Mnlachy's College, Belfast Farrell, Joseph James, Vnivrrsity Col, Stephen's green Faulkner, Thomas, University Collere, Blaekroek Ferguson, David M. Queen's street School, Cork FitsGerald, Edward J, privnte studv Flemtn. G. I'niv elasses. 11 South 'Frederick st. Dttbllr Fleming. Joseph, C irlow College Foley. Charles H, Grammar School, Gnlway Fox. James J, St Mary's College, Dnndalk Fnllerton, Andrew, private studv Fullerton. T W A. Univ classes, ll S Frelorick st. Dot Gordon, John, private study . Gregory, William James. Queen's College, Galwav Harland, Margaret K, ladies' Coll- giate School, Bellas Hart, Georce Simpson, Queen's Colleee, Belfast Hartizan, James, Mnngret Coll-ge, Limerick Haalett. William Woods OrhV Oueen'a Cull. Be'fut Bealv, John J, University Coll. Stephen's green, Dublie Henderson, James. Mage College, Derry Henry, James, private tuition Horaa. Patrick F, Munsrret College, Limerick Howard, Tho-nas. The Academy, 15 Sex ton -st, I.!mer'o Howler, .'obn F W, t'ni Coll. Stephen's green. Dublin Hughes, Miry J, private study Huebes. Michael A, Univcrcitv Collere. Bhckrock Hull, Charlotte R, Alex Coll, Royal Coll of Science, an private studv Irvine, Gilbert Marshall, Queen's College, Cork Irvine, Robert. Queen's Coll, Belfast, and private study Irwin, Albert James, Queen's College, Gal way Isanc. Kva Frances, private tuition Jackson. Thomas, private study Keary, Patrick Raymond, University Coll. Dunlin Kelly, Mary Hannah, Ladies' Collegiate Sell, Belfast Kennedy, William, private study Ker, John. Strabane Academy Kirkpatrirk. Thomas, Queen's College, Belfast Lawless. Thomas. St Vincent's Colleee. Castlekneefe Leehodr, John Welsh, Magee Colleee, Londonderry Leslie, Jas Blennernassett, private study. Little, Phiiip Francis, private study Longford. Harrietts Lucy. Alexandra College Lyne, Christopher John, St Stanislaus Coll, TuQamore Lyster, Klixabeth Hester, Alexandra College M'Cauley. James Francis, tic Malachy's College, Belfast M'Cay, Francis, Queen's College, Gaiway M'Comiskey, Arthur W S. private study M'Cormick, Isaac Wm, Queen's College, Belfast M'Creight, Thomas, private study Ma-donild, Hugh Wilmr, orivato study M'Donahl, James, St Milachy'a College, Belfast MacDonald, Robert, private study M'Donnell, Eneas Joieph, Carlow College M'I'onncll, Martin, -Mnngret College, Limerick , M 'Powell, David, private study M'Dowell, Robert, University, Law, and Civil Servicr College, 5 College-siuare, Kast, Belfast M'Elhinny. Denis, private studv M'Klligott, Maurice G, University College, Blaekroek M'Grath, Joseph, St Malachy's College, i-elfast MrtrKilllp, Mary, Ladies' Coll School, Londonderry M'Lorirtan, Charlee L, private study M Mabou, Jotseph A. University College, Blaekroek MacMullen, James X, private study MacXally, Jrseph I, St Stanislaus College, Tullamar M'Namara, John, private stuuv M'Xeill. John (schl. St Malachv'a Pollers, ttelfsst . MaeSwiney, Thotaas S. '.'.arlow College Magennis, William, University Colleee. Dublin Major, Harold W (schX Queen's College, Belfast, an.' Methodist College, Ikliost Malone, Laurence P. University College. Blaekroek Mangan. Joseph. Univorsitr Colleee. H1ackrak Mangan, Wilmra. Universitv College, Blaekroek Muwell, Michael T, Queen's College. Gaiway Medcalf. Mnry Georgina, Alexandra Collegv, Dublin Millea, William C, Queen's College, Gidway Molony, James John, private st idy Managban, James, Univeisisy College, Stephen's green Montgomery, Edward, private study Moore, James B, St Malachy's College. Belfast MoreU, Wilfrid L, Magee College, Derrv, out! private study Moss, Adam, Ballrmouey School Murphy, Patrick M, Mungret CoL'e?e, Limerick Murphy, Thomas, St Finn Barr's Seminary, Cork Mnrpuv, Timothy J, Queen's street Collegiate Sschoot, Cork. JTiylor, Fanny, La-lies' Collegiate School, Belfast ftes'oitt, Henrietta Grace. Queen's College, Belfast, and private study . Nolan, Thomas V J, private stmly O'ilrien, Mark. Queen street Collegiate School. Cork O'Ryrne, Edward A, University Cull, Stephen's green 0 Driscoll, Daniel, University and Intermediate Schoe skibbereen O'Dwyer, Patrick P, Carmelite College, Terennre O'Ke-jffe. Juiia Mary, private study O'Kelly, Albert J, t niv Coll. Stephen's. green, Dub'J-(TLoan, Chas, St Mibchv s CoUe.-e. Belfast O'Loan, Henry. St Mataci y's College, Belfast O'Malley, Joseph, The Academy, Sexton-street, I.ii- rick, and Mungre: College O'XeilL J F, Univ Coll, Stephens-green, Dublin O'Neill, Bicbard, private study Park, Jas, tlueen's Colleee, Belfast Peacocke, John J, The Academy, Sexton st. Limerick Permit, Wm O. Queen's Coll. Cork, and private study Peyton, George. V n!r Coll, Stephen's-green, Dublin Pbelan, Patrick G J, private studv Pollock, John J, Queen's College, 'Belfast Porter, Wm ll.UUane (Scb). Qneon'a College, Belfast Prendcrgnst. WmJas, Queen's College Cork frcctor-Siras, Frank It, Queen's Colletc, Belfast Quinu, Bi.-hd, Holvcrou College, Clonliffe - -KarTerty, Mary, private study ditchie, Wm A, private study Robinson, Gerald J, Carlow College Kobinson, Thomas C, private sm-jy KO:aon, t,eore M, private s ntly CITY EDITION. Br "Mobsiso Nw" Sfmial Wau.) THIS MORNING'S LONDON . PAPERS. FOEEICN INTEREST IN THE " STRUGGLE. PRESEXT (" STANDARD" TZLBdRAX.) Paris, Sunday Night. The result of the contest now going on throughout the United' Kingdom is being watched here with dose attention. M John Lemoinne is an enthusiast now as he always was, and in spite of lis English birth and parentage, he has always been more or less of an Anglophol-ist; but making all due allowance, it is perhaps rather strong to nnd M Lemoinne deliberately asserting that the great bulk of the professional classes " will follow the old liberal leader, and 'compensate him for the loss of the dukes, the country gentlemen, and even the bankers who forget the time when Parliament was closed to them. The Nord shows in its inspired language that the Russian Chancellerie is grateful for past favours and writes in terms of warm approval of the policy ot Mr. Gladstone. . I" DAILY KEWS" TELSSRAH.) ' - Berlis, Sunday Night; The English Elections are watched here with deep interest. Comments are naturally withheld pending the receipt of fuller returns, but the Conservatives already show an inclination to indulge in premature exultation at the preliminary success of the' dissentient Liberals: Even the Nord VtuttcheZcitung speaks of the rapid increase of the victories of the Conservatives which it thinks gives the. - moral advantage of the first impression to that party. It is careful that to add that the present returns have only a provincial significance. The Conservative Post also cautions its readers against drawing hasty conclusions, and the V os tide Zeitvng points out that the tables may be turned as soon as the country electors appear at the polls. The writer is of opinion that the unusual shortness of the electoral campaign has placed the electors too suddenly be tore the situation, which is not yet sufficiently cleared, and that the final result therefore remains as yet completely in the dark. ' THE PROSPECT. The Daily Nen says: Those who really believe that borne Rule is forever aud in-all circumstances out of the question will, of course, vote for Conservative or " Liberal Unionist" candidates. Lord Salisbury's dream of twenty years of resolute government, to be followed by " repeal of Coercion laws," and some reform of Local Administration, may seem attractive, and even substantial, to some minds. - There may even be persons so eccentrically constituted as to think that Lord Salisbury is the sort of person to apply his own prescription. But surely men of common sense, men who snow something of human nature, and of the world must reject any idea of the present relations between Eug.and and Ireland being immutably per manent, we would ask t hem if there is ever likely to be a- time when some reasonable measure of autonomy could be more safely and gracefully conceded to the insn people than now. AN ALPINE CATASTROPHE. Uowan, L F, University College, Blaekroek Uusscll, Hester D, Ladies' Colhglate School, Belfn. Kyan, Kdward, The Monastery, Mouutratb. Ryan, Joseph M, Carlow College Scott, Wm Jas, primte study semple, ltobert J, Queen's College, Gaiway ShackJeton. Alice Mary, Alexandra College and S . College of Science, Dublin Shannon, Jas D, Queen's College, Belfast ' Shorn, Chas, University Classes, 11 Sth Frederick- Dublin , Sikes, Robert C, Intermediate and CoU-igiate S.'hu Patrick-street, Cork Stairison, John, private study Slattery, Joseph P, Nt Vincent's College, Castlekr.o V and University College, Dublin imiley, John. Queen s College, Belfast (uritt, Albert S, private study seybenson, George Alexander, Unirersity College, Stcphen's-grecn, Dublin Stewart, David, Msgse Collere, Derry Stewart, James A, Queen's College, lieh'aet Stuart, Alan L C, private study Sullivan, John, private study tixhe. John M J. St Vincent's Callivre. Castles-nark Tjlnutt, Percy T, Queen's Colleve, Cork, and University Classes, St l'atrick's-place'. Cork Toruey, Bichird H S, private study trsrurs, Thomas P, Queen-street Collegiate Schce, Cork Turner, William, Mungret College, Luaerick n acner, luioen , private s:uuy W. ine. Samuel, private study . 1 - Walker, Thomas, Queen's College, Belfast Wall, Michael 1', University College, stepliea's-ResBj, Dublin Walsh, Joseph P, University College, Elaokro-.'k. and pTivate study Warwick, John C, University, Law, aad Military Cel. lege. Belfast Wist, James K, private study I'hite, Mary A(Sch), Lor- tto Convent, Kavan tVhley, John. University aud Intermediate Scboel, ttill-Kmson, Wm H (SchX Queen's College, Belfast, and Methodist Colleee. HelfuA - Willis, John R, private srudy Winder, Arthur W. Intennediata aad Celleriata School. Patrick-street. Cork Workman, James A. Queen's College, Cork Woulfe, John U. Univetstty College, SUphsa's-freesV Dublin, and prlvat; trriv Yorte. John J, Unirer-ii) college, Blaekroek i eiug. i stopoeu .vt, Qutou s College, Beliaet ni u. . aopiue as, - - - o vorry. aad Bsivase -4y - . ("STAMJAED" TELBGBA31.) Viexxa, Sunday Night. An accident, involving the loss of four lives in the Alps is causing great excitement in the best society in Vienna. The Margrave Alfred Palla-vicinci Pallavicmci, who is in his 88th year, and theenly son of Major Margrave H Pallavicinci. recently left on an Alpine tour, in company with air. uromelin, secretary ot the Dutch Legation iu Vienna, who is likewise 38. Both gentlemen are well known for their proficiency in athletic sports. On the 25th June they started with - two guides from Kals, in the province of Salzeburc, with the intention of ascending Austria's bivgest mountain, the Gross Ulockuer. - bince the last mentioned date they have never been heard of. Their traces Were followed up to the beginning of the Ulock-ner ridge. In Studt-Huttte they left several tourist's articles, but from this point all traces of them is lost. t resh suow was lallimr at the time on Mount Glockner, and it is therefore only too probable that aU four men slipped, and were eventually curried down the mountain side, and buried by an ataianche. The Margrave Alfred was one of the most muscular men in Vienna, PUNISHING A DUELLIST. ("DAUJL CHRONICLE' TELEGRAM.) Paris, Sunday Night. The judgment in the case of the dual between' M Arthur Meye aud M Drumont Which was given yesterday cleverly evades the question of the lawfulness er unlawfulness of the duello in France. The Editor of the Gauloii was condemned to pav a fine of 800 francs .for having assaulted M ' Drumont so grievously that the defeudant was S unable to fulfil his duties for 20 da vs. . TROUBLES IN EELGICM. (" TIMES" TELBalUV.) BrCSSTLS, Sonday Night. Prince Victor Napoleon has returned to this The Council of the 'Workman's Party has pub lished a manifesto threatening to order a general strike if the demonstration projected for August 15 at Brussels in support of the demand for uni versal suffrage be prohibited. B0YC01TING IN AMERICA. , ("times" telegram.) .si Philadelphia, Sunday 4th. ThejjNew York Courts continue to impose severe sentences on the boycotters convicted of conspiracy. Five have just been sentenced to terms of imprisonment varying, from IS to 41 months in duration. . Others are awaiting; trial. AU these men are Socialists from the continent of Europe. ' THE CHOLERA. -' (' standard" tklkgram.) Rome, Sunday Night. In the last 43 hours there have been in Brin- disi 33 cases of cholera and 14 deaths. In the rest of - the Province of Lec.-e there were 363 cases and 116 deaths. .The Communes most heavily visited were Latiano and Francavilla Fontaua. The 11 mister of the luterior. accom panied Ly his Secretary General left, Rome last night to visit those places. The Government will pay the expenses of the doctors and their assistants from Navies, who volunteer for service in the infected districts. The appeal has already been laigely responded to. In V enice during; the same period there were four cases and three deaths. . The epidemic is considered to be at an end there. I AMERICAN STOCKS. - ("DAILT M-WS" tlLEOBAIs). Nw Yob-, Saturday. Stocks dull aud easier yesterday. ' To-day's market dull, but strong. Western Union rose 4 pet cent on the belief of a settlement of the Telegraph war in London. The market closed with general gains of 1 percent orover Government stocks unchanged. Money easy at 2 per cent. The banks have lost three million in cash. The surplus reserve of the banks is reduced over three millions. The Temes and Bega rivers have again rapidly risen, and a large district is inundated. Two villages have been destroyed, and thai aaiburLa t Tsmesvar are under water. THE GENERAL ELECTION. UNOPPOSED . BETURKS. Msawsrsswasaawssawatss ENGLAND AND WALES. ALTBTJtaBAV, Sir K Cunliffo Brooks (C) Unchanged. Hampshire (Axdover). Beach (O Unchanged. Dekbiqhshirs ( Westbrk). - - Colonel Cornwallis West (U L) Unchanged, Durham (Chxsteb-lx-street). James Joicey (G L) Unchanged. Flintshire. Smith (M) Unchanged. Glamoroah (Mid). B M Talbot (U L) Unchanged. c Yorkshire (Clevelaio)). Pease (M) Unchanged. . HranxoDoxsHiRS (North). Fellows (C) Unchanged. Westmoreland (Kjlsdai). Lord Bective (C) Unchanged. Hampshire (New Fobsst). Compton (C) Unchanged. HBRTrORO (Herts). Abel Smith (Cj Unchanged. Scbrev (Kingstown). Sir J Ellis (C) Unchanged. ' : ' Sussex Lewes). Sir Henry Fletcher (C) Unchanged. Kekt (Ashtord). Pomfret (Q Unchanged). - - - Kent (Med want), Hon J S Gathorne T Hardy (C) Unchanged, Newwark. Lord Newwark (C) Unchanged. Norfolk (Southern). Francis Taylor (U L) Unchanged. Staffordshire (Handsworth). H Wiggan (U L) Unchanged. Shropshire (Oswestbt). Stanley Leighton (C) Unchanged: Huntingdonshire (Ramset): Captain Fellowes (C) Unchanged. Staffordshire (EingswinfordI A Staveley Hill (C) Unchanged. Glamorganshire. Gower (M) Unchanged. . Tasiworth (Warwickshire). Philip A Muntz (C) Unchanged. Watford (Hsrts). F F Halsey (C) Unchanged. Shropshire (Mid). A H Brown (U L) Unchanged. Somerset (Wells(. Sir R H Paget (C) Unchanged. Yorkshire (Babkston Div). Col Gunter (C) Unchanged. Atrshire (North). Hon H Elliott (U L) Unchanged. SCOTLAND. , Elgin Group. A Aeher (M) Unchanged. Inverses ss hire. Fraser Mackintosh (U L) Cnchanged. Kincardineshire (Stosehavejt). Sir George Balfour (M) Unchanged. ' IRELAND. Westmeath (South). Donal Sullivan Unchanged. Carlow Count. I A Blake (N). King's Coustt (Tcllamore). Dr Joseph Foe (N). TlPPERARY (EaSI. TJGoruon(N). Loum (North). Nolan (N). Limerick. Cur. H J Gill (N). - r - Maio(West). ohn Deasy (N). ' Roscommon (North). James O'Kelly (N). Sligo (North). Peter M'Donald (N)t THE CONTESTS, ENGLAND AND WALES. Ashton Usder-Ltne. Addison (U) ... ... 8,049 Rowley (M) s,049 The Mayor's casting vote was given for returned Unchanged. Aston Birmingham. Kynock(Uj 3,485 E"d(M) 2,713 Ministerial loss. Birmingham (East). Matthews (C) Cook(M) Ministerial lost. Bokdeslet. Collines iV) Tait(M) Ministerial loss. Boston. Atkinson (C) Ingram (31) Ministerial los-Brighton. Smith (C) Marriott (C) HaJ(M) ... Unchanged. Burnley. Ryleuds (U) Greenwood (M) ... Um hanged. Lewisham. " Lord Lewisham (C) Offer (M)... Unchanged, Darlington. Fry (M)... Arnold Forster (U) Unchanged. Derbv. . Roe (M) ... ... Harvourt (M) ... Evuus (U)... ... - Unchanged. Devonport. Puleston(C) Price (0) - FordiM) Showers (M) Unchanged. Dewsdubt. Simon (M) Colefax(C) Unchanged. Dundee. Robertson (M) ... Lacaita (M) Nixon (U) Daly (M). ... Unchanged. Grantham. Low (C) Mellor (M) ... Ministerial los. Greenwich. Booid(C) Whitley (M) ... Unchanged. Grimslt. Henage (U) Suthust (M) - Unchanged. Hartlepool. Richardson (IT) ... Bawkes(M) Unchanged, HCDDERSHELD. Summers (M) ... Croeleud (CI ... Unchanged. KlDDERMIKSTEZ, Oodson (C) Blunt (M) Ministerialist lose LCOLK. Kerens (C)- ... Croaneld flfl lfiustetiallost. 8,341 2,552 .. 4.4SS - 1,040 ... 1,192 . 1,142 5,963 5,875 2,633 4,299 4,163 3,839 1,0SS 2,620 2,563 6,571 6,431 4,440 2,954 2,943 1,963 1,913 5,118 2,759 8,286 8,216 3.545 3,346 1,197 1,161 3,240 2,651 2.5S0 ' 2,649 8,331 .2.469 6,026 6,039 10S1 1,796 300 83 4,584 4,317 5,458 4,609 2,795 2,277 -' Loxdom Untvebsttt. : (First day s polling). Lubbock . ... ' Axerrison ... Election proceeding. ' NoTTDfOHAic Sooth, "Wright (C) - WiUisms(M) . ' ... - - Ministerial loss. NOTTTHGHAM (WIST). - Broadburst (M) ... Seeley(UL) ... ... ' Ministerial gain. - Tttsemouth. - Donkin(C) , Roymend (M) ' . .. - Unchanged, Notttnohah (East). Moriey (M) 4,584 Finch-Hatton 4,418 Oldham. Malcolm (C) ... ... 11,406 Lees (C) 11,484 Hibbert (M) w. 10,921 Cheetham (M) ... . 10,491 Ministerial loss of one seat " " Plymouth. ' Clarke (C) . ... ... 4,137 Bates (C) . . 4,133 Stephens (M) 8,255 Strachey (M) 3,175 Representation unchanged. Postefbact. Wiun(C) ... ... 1,156 Fleming (M) 947 Representation unchanged. Reading. Murdoch (Q ... ... 3,878 Monck(M) ... ... 3,262 . Representation unchanged. Rochdale. Potter (M) ... ... 4.878 Marriott (C) 8.481 . Representation unchanged. St user rt. ' Hulse(O) GrenfeU(M) Scareobocgh. Rowntree (M) Sitwell(C) Ministerial gain. Staffobd. . Solt(C) ... ' M'Loren(M) Ministerial lose. . Staltbridge. Sidebottom (C) ... Probyn (M) Representation unchanged. WlOAS. Petty (M) ' F fowell (C) ' Ministerial gain. , - - Winchester. - Tottenham (C) ... Groves (M) Representation unchanged. 1,259 911 2,122 2,020 1,523 1,435 3,220 2,682 ... 3,3j 1 ... 3,780 1,119 783 ANALYSIS OP THE RESULTS. The Press' Association says Up to Saturday, midnight,' and excluding Northampton and Stoki on Trent, which were pjlled on Saturday, but the results of which will not be declared uutU Monday, 243 members had been returned to the new Parliament. Of these 1 IS were Conservatives, 24 Liberal Unionists, 54 Gladstonian Liberals, and 17 Nationalists. . By the polls on Saturdav the Con servatives gained seats from Gladstonian Libera's at Stafford, Boston, Grantham, Kidderminster, East Birmingham, Salisbury, Aston Manor, Oldham, and Nottingham South, while at Lincoln a Conservative replaced a Unionist Liberal. Tb Liberal L7nionisrs eainml sauv. st. IWdMiw k:it at Hudderstield aud West NottiDh.m Glad- .tnian I w,..3n.l . I ZU 1 I .? : . rri only Gladstonian Liberal gain over a Conservative Was at S.'arbro. There was a tie at Ashton-under-Lyne, where the Mayor gave his casting vote in favour of Mr. Addison, the Conservative member in Mie lost Prli'.mnf Tn n,.,K .1 Government, Mr. Hibbett, Secretary to the Board of Trade, and Mr. Mellor, judge Advocate-General, were aeteatea at Uldnam and Urantbam respectively. - THE AGGREGATE VOTE TO DATE, The Press Association supplies the foT.owing de tails in connection with tlie polls which have been taken up to the present On Friday 235,063 votes were cast for Gladstonian Liberal candidates, 31,829 votes for Unionist Liberals, 227,593 for Conservative candidates, and 2,911 for an Irish member. The pollings on Saturday gave the following aggregate results: Gladstonian liberal votes, 110,253 ; Unionist Libera's, 27,136; and Conservatives, 89,214. The total number of votes recorded in the contested elections of which i ne results nave been declared till to-day are, therefore, diatrihured a foUrttr. nii.tnni.- Liberals, 845,316 ; Unionist Liberals, 58,965 ; Conservatives, 316.807 ; Irish member, 2.91L The Gladstonian Liberal and Parnellite votes make an snrreirata of 34S.2S7. srul tha ITninmst Liberal and Conservative 375, 752. TO-DAY'S POLLINGS. 3.15 2,449 The followim? pollings take clace to-morrow (Monday): Metropolitan Bethnal Green, two divu;ottS ; Chrlsea Finsbury, two divisions ; r uluam ; Hackney, three divisions ; Hammer smith : H.imstead : Kensington, two divisions : Lambeth, two divisions ; London University (continuation) Uarylebone, two divisions ; St Pancras, four div sions : Shoreditch. two divisions - mA South war k three divisions. Hereforsbire, Leominster division ; Peterboro ; Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; West Bromwich ; Dudley ; Halifax ; Hull, three divieions : HvanM hiven VHinKiiisvh fnii divisions; Glasgow, seven divisions : Greenock ; T..l - - O' . . . f-. 1 - ., ,. . . . Auwm vny, oi otepaeu s ureen aivuuon ; ana Londonderry. SPEECHES ON THE RESULTS. Mr. Herbert Gladstone speak ine on Saturdav night at Barnoldswick in support of the Candida ture of Sir Mathew Wilson for the Skipton Divi sion uf Yorks, said they has held their own so far They might have done better, it was true ; but ot the first day uf the General Election the Liberals were always at a disadvantage. Many of their most doubtful constituencies were fought on Friday, and he was confident that they would de better noxt week. Sueakunr at GallarnA m Sstn'f .t.v &; x A t'rasa said tlm Menlra of tli in rnM. shire hod (riven a decisive answer to Mr. Gladsone's appeal, and he believed the remainder of Lancashire would follow. Mr. Parnell had often said that he nut the LancaanirM (, afc the last General Election, aud had power to turu uirm auk ne naa aone I us best, end sad signally failed. Mr. John alorlv sililr..ut . fi.T t. fore tlie poll iu Nee castle Town Hall on Saturday night, aud analysed the result uf Friday's polls, su fares they gave an indication of opinion on Home Rule. - He pointed out that at Manchester there was a majority of votes cast in favour of the-Government proposals, although the representation was equal - At Leeds titers had been also a decided majority of votes in favour of Home Bale These expressions of opinion by men who were the pick of the artisans of thm rnvn s..l show s gniheantly what was the feeling of the vs uis wuuirv ou suw uororDoiiat pre nosals. . Boys' Suits made from short lengths of Irish tweeds and serges ; no better wear ; moderate price. KoaScis Curlat. Advt BoxXAWAVHt Sntam. A w . j Ooldtielia Intv tawlaeble and rraowaed ointoMst is esAea ely ased ui sntreaiust br such eeawss to tnssr vers arnssS advaBitjuA ku.. ... . i. .i. ABtd 1 (MM L J. 1m -11 1 " J jef.cliun with Hull. -vav's Fills ia accoroaawe with the ilear and euacise directhas Kw s whlctt oeeMnpaav sea .t aad aee, there era nut tew of the .- which . Ulil wiank lilAi . J l .1 ... .. P"" s ot thecoaaetaed nrassdsrs. HoUoway s On ns.t osmI IMU . not .Ulsnorate bv keepinxnor bv vhsa OS UU. .11 A . . - - MI....IM . . : . ' . . " iwiiwnji.1 miner. .1 ased with the imwt Perec. 'ssrtiM SBsaat lirM.rllm.ll.. ...i j 1 - 4 LVUU k t

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