Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 4
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HELP! HELP! HELP! or par* AH KKTP fB« of a in 1*! k pvf" w tt'fy «huriiv aft- i! .wureiy aftrr JJay 1st, wh«-th»r you hnvf f»ny yu think will til! thf to material which- bill. W*» have a position open for an ex- Isf-Henc^^d bookkeeper. Wfttikl prefer a Wan If rwomirtefKJBtirrns atjd perswn- • lltjr were ,*«tisfaict«»ry. Position is a |{<*od on* with an old established Arm, 'and If yon have anyone -whom you- can front 'ftr«» desirous rif (M'<-iir«n«r a x lady typewriter operator, who is a< : *t» Ifood at figures. If you have on** at ytnir college at thf present time whom you can rf»romtm-nil, kindly send tier to our office, and oblige. W» now havo a position fipcn for a yountf man wtvnoftraphcr. The position will pay 155.00 per month to *tnrt with. .itood chance for advancement. In case you hayit any suitable -applicant*, Itlndly have them write us at once, "Have you a younjt lady n-nv that you could reconntit'tid t«i us for office ,h*lp In the line irtith 'at ptennRraphy and typewriting. "»»' f«>r general «*• i*!wtnnee In the Hsilfx Department? If you have -itny Hitch, w will !>e pleased If 'you xvill put UH Into tmi» h with them." . STERLING DAILY-GAZETTE AND 0A11Y STANDARD By Mail, Out»id*V St«Hin« and Reck Fmtim, Anywh*r» in th« States er C«n»d*. On# y*ar in 'adviMit*. .... ......... 12 60 Six raont h* fn advanc*. ....!.,].. j~25 than *1x month.*, j>«f month.. Fall Fashion Show >•**-«•,"* x*fif*»r GERMANY" brotifeht "•! this HI Wwt Thrr-d ,&tr*«t. St.«Hin«, Cfa*» rr-,stv,-,t>Sy ,1 <f+'rmfln TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. .T«f.rtrf In JST3 Br>'l tatutht h,n<1 n.:.tjjarh r.-, di^tifie>jSsh a tune frcTn th* *y Carrfcr Jr» 8t«rt«*?« » f by Wail at th» 8t»Hinfl er Reek P*l»» Pot+offic*. so* ywir in ftdv&ncf ..... ......... tS.O" 3I± rnonth-> in advanc* ........... . 2 BO Thr*« month* In tidiranc« ........ 1.25 month la advance. . ,.,,.,,,,, 4$ th« ww»k, j*ax-abi* to th* r*rrt*r !iO JUST GET OUT THE VOTE '.•:m-^«iv,--s K-tck in ibe • I -iTi-4-jfi many casrs K?H ,••-,»- Hochv* thw \Vith th tune .N. (•• In !!,> ;-,r'<- nl>nn( 1,- i-f>'! tt>l-{ in which Ttrat his |'r»'«u!i nUn! xt-at M'tr« his mf an* !hf mtrte . a Il ti, kpt nfid it, Vlet'lioft of the _ __________ .„.. ....... . "Wi» wH! iii«' nf^iliriK a about th«« !5tli of July, and if >ou have one In mind w»> would t>« p)i>n»r-d "We will noon havp a position <»}«'n for a young man «t«'tiotfraphfr. and if you haVe any appllrunts you would Cftr«< to rpcommrfid, kindly hnve ttu-m make application at onc<»." tn 1st. t!i;" that <''!ff!<-d Wilson as n<-ar!> .1 qu-trScr of ii'rnlliion Irss iirt HrVan i»>il'. - d wht'-n hp »;ts rlpj -atJ-d f>y ..-ij-r a millinti. Tfint liull- t«'s :hi»» t!i''*«-> « '.if tm swi»E t<» NV'il- « :.u ih.»t t'.rn<- T»'i!,iv th*' »nly ap- tune "Pis first of thf- women and the labor vote i' T.TS i^nr* 1 ?;' FrrTflT «TT "ffic «»v liii rn «« tf-nds to fshow atid ..... surest !<i wom<*n. istitnSinnal he Towa . tionary Knijinwra ar*- Koin^ to hold a convention hi-rc Jun«- 2nd. 3rd. and 4th, and we are in nwil of it KIMM! ateno- Krapher. Can you put UK in touch with one, and pi MUM* i«tate trrms? Hrply an aoon as .» "At thlti time wo are" very €>f nwurlriK the nervlcf* of i» thoroughly comiwtvnt *t*noiirHi»h.«r to work in mar shop account intc «>frir«'. He must IM» a man who IB nxvift. nrcunttc and n«Rt, and aa hht worn will ttttvct va- rioua oth«>r mou in thl»< office hp mu«t li« affable anil «bl? to K<»I on traruton- iouiily with othpr*," "We are . halving a U«nf»rt»a ft>r gtxxl male Htenogratihvrw, ami if you art- tftMidlnic »ny Much «>f your |iin>U« u> tht> city for a posit Imi. w«> aimltjbe very ~"" ~«'rnT tliV-ih to u»7*"' : t ><n\ itK'init t!>»t 5ht« I rnr f t5iElT^«'t..-v ans.'' fif" i T<; a.-|»rfd fiir. ..thf. 'i"!' H»"^t nay t«» Klv«> fall !.(iffrai;t' Unit is hv (i i anivndmrnt. It i«« « umins; he »ay« Noon." I,«'t th»- •r«)«'ftii.n t>f» Miticd th«> guii ki-ist way Jirsti m:ik»- r<»im for otlt* *»r rtittii-rs, \Viln»^n mi th*> oth«*r hand favoiM \vfiman sufTrtur*' but by th»> slower frocfss of *tat<» riKbtx. tho old Ih-nnxTiiiif dot-triri*-. TlitK method mlKht pn>U>nK ttu» t-ontcsit fur yran*. TJhi* other disturbs UK r«wturf" of th«* camittilKn fr»>m ""a 'Rrptibiioan »ctand> point ia tht- labor ve.t«- Sri the bis cities. Hut the tttrt-nkth t'f thia vote is much m-«>r«<«tinu»t«'d, Gomp^ra the labor leader is for .\Vilpoit. but he has always bern a ». I>etm>crat. i«o why nhuuld he not votr his ticket. Jlcpub- llrnn lalxorMt-oilers n re for Hugh*** and Hfjnibljran laboring men will under-' Hlainl UK they nlwayw )i.ivi> thai (linen Tuv* bfw-n. letter under Hepubllcan than otherxvlti*. it 1« n.t-afv a !!!!'<» mi!will live a* it of .f apart. pr'»h:tidfi ttiat Kc-kkert tras not wh^n the Mikado, fr>r th* lit «t»-<-e«isftj| national nnthfros are rather looked np to in thin /"Kimipayo" i« not fhf only rrfithfm <if anothfr nation that was wtiitcn by a Uerman, however. t<> "ifi'Kl Kn\-p thf* KfttR," the ih n-itional an(hf»n.— -th<^ same which {•« »i«ed to "My Country. of The*'" In tho t'nited States saw the Utht of day in Vienna under the title of "Hell liir 1m Kran^," ntid is still simc to words in the Teuton «»mplrtMi, In addition tn th(«. the lnt*> trench ."onK. "Tlpixrary." wan not wrjtten by nn Knirtlnhman. but by an American. There Is *fimipthln(r about a Rood Bonu that break* down frontiers and eliminates nationalities. THE GRAND JURY The grand jury sit* next week and uheti it gets through thf publir may know ho\v mui-h truth there Is in the' (••tateiiientu frequently mndo that plenty of place«i tire open in the county where boow fan !H» |»»irt-ha»ed csui- liy, K is no tniit-h e«*ier to makw it *B <«-ft these Promenade of Living Models Friday Evening September twenty-ninth, ninteen hundred and sixteen, Eight O'Clock tlu> vote will s<j>Ul • abxit on party "W* liftv* a vacancy In lh«> graphic fonp«»-r.«rf'.un* of our menu thlB mornlnu wl|pr« the of & KIXX! . Uright ln'^tiunT cuuld uned, to aU%'«ntHK«* $10 tu $.12 u bt* **W* are In need of a young man for -a-jx>rroan«*nt -poidtU>ii • In- our••olfkms-—U* yf, —. muni b« a Htenographer and will httVe Home bookkeeping to do. We a'faithful, energetic and Chrintian young man who ban an ambition to make a place for hlmttvlf. A young -tnan wftii. ifttmlttes or drinks will- not toe OonoldewJ." _.:: 'vour utenographer, Mr. an offer of a position with the Co, pf — , and wince he In inclined to,accept the «anu<, if will be necen" nary for UB to obtain another stenographer. Have you unyone in yuur who would b« avuilable fur thf poiiiUonr "The prospects ar^ ww will . another Mtcnugraphfr or'two in the near future. W« havo only one appli- cfttion on tile and thin is liable to prove of no acrvice to u» ua the young lady i# already «mployed. if you havi« any~on» available wouliT like to havo ah application or two u« we may bv able Itu.uae them." **W'e are needing a KOIK! experienced ^«f«4ri^O^Vi4k Vt(«fkW u*> ft t-,ftf±fch **•»* . /'%»«••.* *«i,iu.l> • After tho stn-nuous cam|«alRn at 1312 I>«H>|I|«» nr«* not Koinf; to I I hi* year a* li«*ret«fon*. two years «f the horrors .of war tio ordinary iin>!«u«Hion thew» days is n<» s|*<K-tiiT ttx-nil of x'oiers V'iiher to \Vitn0n t»r - Htiifhes. The l*roKr*u»lx'e!« anc Klad to Kft back_ht»mij_.and_t|»Jlgr. pubiicanji aa_a wiH»U> arc miKhty glad tu. welcome tht>m b«f«k. They took x-ictory x»lth tbftn xvhen they went r.way—in fact- most nf them think they took t!i»> H*-|iiibli^iii party with th*m when they left—and they believe they Witt brinifteirk r««i Ho* liublictmiMU and -a rwil Republican vie- lory. And much an a lot of -tb* did timtrs dislike t*> admit it the leaders »« a 'vrholc ar**. mighty gbid .to ,we.l» come tho wanderen^'lmcJi and will not xx-a*t« any time iU^rrtftxlng what -, they I-er-lally in the boolleRKlns ranif. Thi«j ntt»t> who «et xx hat they want have ah«r t mt'nui'Hea and tlie .men who a re out to get the hootleiorerB genemlly Ri-t t ipi'ieilt-nfciji'" ibe (TealefS TR 'Htl iJ vaw-e. No «'Ui»>w of taw breakers are so »urc«'.«»ful in evading the law a* buotleKtferH. No dim* \* »o hard to convirt, If a tnon *e«>« another man commit- tii>K btirslary he-will call the offlcettt find be »i!ail to testify to all he knows, inn if he see* a man neillsift bocixe and he likes the taste «>f it himself 'and Ket« a nip he ban flighty. attacks, of memory rltiht off tho reel. So when It rnmrfi to ronx-trtinir (KKulmfKerti it takes about live times" the effort that it xvould r»"»julro to convict any_ other law violator. Hut at that the officers <-j»n «ei them when they get busy and ff tniu-h b<H»t1eKBlnit In Koln«r on in thin county there l» likely to »w a reckoning Nmmer or later. , A NEW SYSTEM While the rallrpad men not their Increased pay tfie unfortunate .fettle- mcnt for the mime has be«n ahifted to the backM i^f tho tarmont, and other O per cent a. 2t> per cent Increase In wages by national law at the expense of tho other 99 1-2 p«»r cent of th* population Is a. new system of Justice Introduced by . Mr; Wilson that^ has In CAUGHT¥NTHE FLY If your Oaaetti* IH delivered today by t-arrier 'In the <•»>'. of Sterling or KocJt Falls It only, cost you one and two thirds t-f-nts. If by mall It coat* lew than on« cent. Plea** tell where you your dully paper. ' The poorest paper |H worth doublo what H costs. The. New York worXinff people concluded that a Job in hand is better than a wtrlke wnd only a wmall |x>rtion y BT -wharrttipy tmng" Ions sis they return and vicXory t-otnos with them.. . i . So far as thf political ° situation nixi-w itself up now at the, UvginnlnK of the la«t rush of the campaign the Republicans have the Hclva.iitiigt', but stenographer and operator. in too heavy for a beginner. Our work We would addreuu of one or more -young die* who ar« capable to tuk« thU tlon," v • ' ~ "Will pay_»U one can earn." that must b* followed wp ^by out the x*ote cspipclally ln~tb,e small cities • and th«* runil districts. Of cttunte something .may happen tViat will nuikt- a big; swins of the independent voters fithw to Wilson or to Ilwt at.prfwnt It look's a« if would voto -the Hepub- are needing an <$xu*rituu : «d. capable stenographer and machine girl, Will pay ult she la "Worth to u«. WtF 4a* not want a beginner. The work •in too hard for »uch." "We are in n«»d of c a clefk J» our offices, Tht» »-urk wilf' moMtly b« of a clerical nature, with considerablo typewriting and HOHU» uhorthand work. We »ro looking for .a first-cla«« young man to begin H«p- lember Jut. If you have one or two comp«lt'nl young men who are ready, have them make application at once." "If any of your former students are tn the city, or any of your extra good beginner* are detslroua of working in th* city, w* should b« vi'ry, «lud to nave theoi.caU on us," , c j,ctot *nd as th« Hepubliwns ai-e akain united, ti at party will havi»' the miwt votes w«d again gain t»« Wonder of Wonders may gpt what w«rk?r« demand occasionally, but ts«w»uy they com much more than they collect. So f«r the chief fault that Gov. Dunne h«« been able to tind with «*ol. Ij.wdcn Is the- charge that Lowden has idemy of .money. The governor would "probably run Just the sam» If he" had a bunch of money on the side. Indian summer is due in November. Nobody can tell whether it is going to wait until due or collect long ah^ad T* • • - - -V ' • '- Because of limited floor space children under jll-yearswflr-TO panied hy^pqrents. ^^_ 7 i Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Company if tlnu in this in* :Nof JL Pimple "Attain I come to trouble you. It i« — •- — very-iikety-taer* will ^bo -a vacancy- -nt <ir»t bMokke«*jMsr with us very soon, and f am wondering If you know of . one, B lady iireferably. /competent to take the position. - Wu caiuioi UM»- IRT Unless she is Al In every respect, and W» «»ptn-ittlly uVstre i. that she b»« "'.« StroitK, ruhUHt pt'i-Muii us our work is» Dot of the easiest kind. Wt> are willing to pay a «ood l»ric« to th« risht |i*» Son. If yuu know of such a one" will yftu kindly inform mV HO -I may com-k inonce neifotiutiQiia with lu-r?" "I am openiriK a IH-W buuiia-tiM iti !»«•- troit. Can you rwoinnu'iid « bristn. _ . Ice^ji younif l»*Uow who t-un K-arn anything that is fxpiH-U'd uj in in uud who ... alrctady knows l««.kk«'fj>!iiK and shorthand? Can «lvt a «opd fhuac« to the right .cine. Ail your Wf>« i havo a»»- w«jll and muktnt lino Stuart's Calcium Wafer* Fairly Dauls With Th«ir Brilliant Work in Driving Away PimpU* a«d Other Prove, it With FnM Trial Psckaoe. You will b* overj>y«l to utmost «j^>«* pimples vanish, blackbeud» disappear, b'oti-hes chan£« to new fair skin, a muddy coinpleatkm completely Ht'anua xvould be appreciated. The Tamplco weather prophet Is getting mighty clout* to scoring again. But Mr, Wood will makft a.lot more people happier by imeliins the early laAe-JQ versus Sallhammer, di vor<!«. Attorney C, C. McMahon. ! Jftchaon wxec., etc., versus l-*ir«t .tinptim church of - Morrison, truatee- sbln, Attorney J. A. Hlardon. Johnson *>t uls.. venus Meyerhoff et als,, partition. Attorney John A. Ward. - Johnaon versua Oliver, - rel It-f - - - -\t ^ tbrt»e^'J, A. Ward. --- -^.-^-1...-. . 'Vjnde'rhill V^rnus UnderhilK separate maintenuuce. Attorney C. C. Alc- veruus Philllpa, divorce. Attorney €, C'. McMahon. — vi-roim Whlttin^on, fore±- on the Hock Fhlla Corn Oarnival,- but today evcryT»ody t-ome» up Knilllng agaln- McBRlOE FOR LOWDEN (DiM.ii Telegraph) Scott Mel)rfd« of the anti-«aloon, league, writes 1J. 1* Fttrdham of thi« city that now* that Ixtwden in nominated he anil the league consider l*»w- dt-n a muclr preferable candidate for **W» are in great tuu-d of u tliorough, dep*fld*blii youiie; inuii stenographer who writes a ^ood bund and bus a (kaowiedKu of iniakki-t-piiiK Esptn-it'iu'v not »#c«MMiry but would bo aji iulvaiii- ajjtt. Jf you nav« .« brittht, iunu-st. ^i>- ttbl« youns man why would like tu *MWt *t |40 a w«ffc nav* him wake *p|»«eftUon immediately,"* ^ r puiv. i>y Thf if&u astonished i-iura - *«lpbKtt», tt all >»»ur -own tujdi- !»-> £ fiun* your *>»t«*it». c$v«tn»'«i «*nd ** t'uk-iura W^ffr* ««> <jut> Kly >;«>u are ers! contain t'4 1 - Kr»'att-'»t blood closure of Ik'u, Attorney- Jacob I'ant- lln.-. .:•..-'.':. .-•.-.... ..... -.; ...... _:;...._ .......... :::..... : ._'',.:... versus FVurralier et als., bill to construe will, Attorney .M. i>. Andetxon et als.. verous Anderson, partition. F.J. Bowman. OoiiloiiJTT-BTS.; relief; Attorney H. J. Uidens. -et&vifttajta-^sf tlon Co, et «!»., F. J. How man. irac- JUontr versus »e Long, divorce, Attorney N. a. Vwn Sam, -v*w«s—unlttrown- of governor tlm* aovernor Punne Me Bride, nuy* he think* he will vote for of. Umden hlwavlf. R» ihiys th* dry« of the, utato will get behind Low-1 torney A. ^tf HltuigeYr den and help elect "him. " J WiTsou vor«ii» "liollowell, !k«—»*, „ . . ..... Noble, et *!«., relief, K. ^^•. . , OiUfan versus Nichols, et ais.. relief. Attorney Jf, tV-Ward. - Oonlhue veraea et als y versus U«rry, et als., relief, JL c. Waril, Strjngham et als., versus Uaker, ct als;.' partition, M. t\ liogers. Stanmeyer versus Bteinmeyer, pur- Attorney 1^. T. Stocking. Smith vvrsiiB Uement, relief. Atlor- j. A. JkL Jilutlsfttt. Sinilh versus SxvlnKley, rclit-f, At- GRAND VISIER (liy t'niu-d -I'rea*..-) I'arlt*. Kept. »".i, l^ist, o'tte ; vrnn'd X-IK.UT an^werinK to tin- n-unc Said Hulitn I'Jisha; thiil<T kindly ii-turi) tu Cotmtantihdple. The Cratid \~s-sinr dropped from Aiitht nlmui -j, yvar ;IKI' wlu'n tin? "Imntt----folk"" xvrrf :!<i">Kite e ve py-whrre- for -"- mrn to popnin t r- Ti rs t line trenclit'H. It Iiii.s !.•«• that he AVSJS axsiisxlnatetl, >nl)>-r reports say he !.>» liidiiJK In i-'nince. MARRIAGES SLUMPED. iliy I'nil.-d BEAD THESE ADVERTISEMENTS OVER GAREFUI lii-i !m." i'd in Bt'ilin diirlnif tho !ir>t iuilf ..uf :». lUlii when «wly «.>;i»i •-marriascos place, ctinipHivd'vmh S.i'.a,' in th iv^pondliis period IJIM y«-«r and l ,'.s<lu in a like time, in r.H j, Springii.ld. Ill . CAJRPENTER WAS KILLED. S«»l>t. .".».—,l«»»eph ^vn^—-tmrmrrrty killed when several IHIK*- i-it-va ' **4i-**H-lt4m-4n .1 IL.U! dti«ri ment istore. CASES ANNOUNCED {Continued from One.) assunipsit. in hvutthy Th««Hktltrt d»y at BROWN'S BUSINESS IH>>. "f StuuU » t'ai<.«qiu ' ul any ijd >*»u xx 11! trial F/A. Stuart Co.. 339 Stymrt Bids- Mich. »>4 :vj i«» at viirsiu* Manwcn, II. «*. NS'ard. Northern t'oal aupplv c*un|>4ity xer- «U8 Alie>i»v etstute. appeal tvom cuun- 11 vers is city of Morruton, nit tne case, Attorney i\ *.*• Mi-.Muhon _ , Hajt'tvith ' \erj>»« I'acitic Mutual tm». x'o. M'tt-riux A. M. UU>dK«>tt. h versus Tidi'in ii*»Mtmpsit il (^ Hogt'l-H. ILuribiirt "ser.sus Prudential Ins. t'o- .HUitii'KH, Attorney A. M. lilodgett. itobertit, Ji>l<nm>n uud IU»iul. veii-us Q, IVHhflm versus (jey l.l. et Blodgott . WUhvlm. divorce, jieyt-rs, t:l MS., ri'- liwt. Attorney F. J. Bowman, Shear vrr»u* Shear, divo(vi\ AUyr- & Hanuuiy. xtrsua fonlln, iiurtition. dl- A- Wtuger, xVilbi 1 !- VfiMtit* Uidiit*, iwy Ht'nry *'. Wsiril Ablti»H \n>mus »' H. ,m ilu- 4-ubv, Altornv>» Attor- . Uott xcous -M.umpn ft als. .it>sun»}i* j.»t. AUtiiiu-y F J Hownitttt' hifti vfWis Tilton. at(aclim«ut. At- turucy A- M. TUodgHt.' New Chanctry C«S** Hinnb \>r*un •Randall vvn>us lloyt'r et ala., lUion, Attiinwy A."A7 WolfersixT Holmuuint versus IlolmMUiMt, YOJ-V*«, AfU'inej P, U. Ward.' «»«e versus By«?r», for«H.-lo«urf, At to«ift>t» C. i'. & J. W. Juhmton. Taylor, t«t ala,. i«rU Attorney t'. <'. Mk'&lahou. nii' veisns «»ra>', Uivorov, Attor VT. Jl. Alkui, , At and \crsus injunction. Attoirnty f. EXTREME WEAKNESS AND SUFFERING Read How Mrs. Goodling got Relief and Strength* York, Pa.—"1 Pinkham'a Vegetublo Conipounil aiul fonnil it in !u'nil von Attorney.M. C gcott vrir«u» Scott, divorce and in- Atturnvy JU T. Stocking. vei-KUtt Byers, bilhto ^ u»idc Attunwy It* \V, iU'sst?.'' ip^un • x'i'i'bus Kissena, injunc- tiflhCJttloirney K J. Uovvnuuj. AiarliW ' et ala., M.TMU.S Mineral Park aaauciuuon. say it is. I was so »kk Uiut I could not stami at my sink to wash dished ami I could nut sit without a piiiow «nder~rn?r I had the doctor eyvry few days but sinci- 1 have taken Uu' Coui|>ouud I don't .have to send for him. 1 havo had three children and could not raise aiiy of them, but sinctj I huvo Ukcn th* Cynt- pound I have H bright fowby txoy., I, advise vvery suircring woman Jo try it and get relief. It haa done wonders for m?."-r-Mrs. CA'HIAUJNK UOUDLINU, 133 ! g. King Street, York, Fa. | When a medioiiu* has Leon successful • in bringing hcait'h to sa many, no ' woman has arightl?s~asty-wjth"«t try- i ing it, "I do not-twiiovt* it will help ' me." Tlierc must be more than « htia- < drvd thousand women in this cuuntry who, li^e Mrs, (jtHMilinir, have j<niv«.'^s what wonders LydmK. I"inV.ham's Vvg- t'-.r Attonu-y J, A. vt-i>u» ilaniu-n, counting. Anunu-y H. t' who intenci furnishing a^ oozy home to .\dsit"' our stove. ' You will find the Style, the 8 latest, most pleading- designs, nifty and refined, built j for Comfort that makes home ties strong- -^eitWitj^rfVieri'dsTTearerTl^ and Quality of our furnishings is what makes the possession a lasting pleasure. Put cozy furniture into rooms and see what a difference there will be! Our price range is complete to suit .all conditions. bc'on busy. Many th^y may nt.lvancc lifatt'i's aro wayranj SdlM't UtU! Onr.-.siii\V ihtpjirlim'ut lias ,-dtvtinu' llifii 1 stt»vt's now 'ijs )'ri«M'. .h'i\»-i>iiji- nui.m's arid 1 1<^ -i> wtii'l Is y+iUi' roiisitiiTu \vliilf uur .stork ),-) ruinpU'tt'. n nn. The last and Mggest jtore on .

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