Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Friday, February 21, 1964
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Local Notes Open-Face Cherry Pies Special—55 cents Goodie Shop, 24 E. State. 792-3811. x Echo Rides High At 7:23 p.m. today Echo I will be south of Redlands, 75 degrees above the horizon, moving northeasterly. 19(3 Corvette StingRty Coupe . 340. like new, $3,900. Days, 7932271; eves, 793-4473. s Lost — Sad-eyed Hound! Female Bassett, Tri-color. Re ward! 793-2411. x Sheppard he's not a announces candidate Veteran Congressman Harry This, in political circles, is Shcppard's announcement late ^^^f. *."^ c „ r i";"„". 0 f, yesterday that be will not seek re-election because of his health is now expected to lead to one j of the wildest political scram- Time Valuable? Call 792-8472. Haircuts by Appointment. Bill's Barber Shop, x Holiday For Library Smiley library will be closed curs because his senate scat is not up for election this year. Democratic assemblyman John Quimby of the 72nd district was also being consid- bles this county has seen inicred as a possible candidate al some 20 years. I though he has already filed dec- Two Republican candidates— laration of candidacy for re- Jerry Pettis and V. Dennis War-lelection. die — had already announced' Ken Dyal. long a Democratic several weeks ago that t h c y [party faithful, is also considered would seek to oppose Mr. Shep-ja strong contender. Now manag- pard. |er of the National Orange Show. But stunned by the news even though I sidering the congressional seat might be considered as potential candidates but this battle will likely be fought at the Feb. 29 convention of the County Demo Congressman suffered illness of lung tissue cratic clubs rather than in thejter 26 years in Congress, primary. In his telegram announc- ThatMr. Sheppard had origi- ing he will not seek re-election, nally announced that his deci- he states that "physicians ad- sion on a campaign for reelec-| vised him to curtail activities tion was not to come until about;to alleviate his emphysema March 10 had caused consterna-| problem." tion in Democratic party cir- 1 T (, e -Medical Encyclopedia Paul Lamb elected head of Western Heights Paul H. Lamb Jr., vice pres-| Its service area encompasses ident of Hughes Concrete Pro- not only Dunlap acres but the ducts, was elected president of the Western Heights Water company at the organizational meeting of the new board of directors last evening. Mr. Lamb has lived in Yu- Redlands Daily Fact* Friday, Feb. 21, 1964 - .'i Sunset drive loop east of the Redlands city limits where extension housing development is. and has been, in progress. i Unlike the city water depart- 1 ment. however. Western | Washington's birthday noted in Redlands There arises the question today of just what is this disease which has caused Rep. Harry R. Sheppard to retire af-j will obseTT<j caipa for the past 18 years and I Heights is still a private. I Washington's Birthday on t had served as an appointed!mutual company and residents;quiet note tomorrow. member of the water corapanylwho wish water service must; T . h - l; j,„ ,„„. „„ , «,,„_ . , • ,„~, TI • u c . 4i i" e holiday falls on a Satur- board since 1962. He was i own shares of water stock. ! . . „,„.,. „„..;„„ ; , „,•,„. elected to a new term Wedncs-! Generally, it has been found l 3 *'. ,hercb>t maklng , UK ra,he - dav night. !that one share of stock provides ™ t,ne m tc ™ s °. f h "*™Other officers elected bv the! sufficient water for one resi >nd commerce. Nearly alHtore< are expected to keep rcgula; birthday. There will be no story hour for children tomorrow morning. Slim's Barber Shop Now open under new management. Denzcl Goss, 17 E. Red lands Blvd. , , . ,. „ J „,„! — • -- new board were Harry WhhVdencc. A rental pool of extrai. _ „ clcs because of the Feb. 29 date ;dcscribes tnc disease this way:j morc> vicc president; Johnishares has been utilized in sum-! hI0,irs - Businesses normalh of the convention. ; "it is a condition in which| Munn j r ., secrctarv-treasurerlmer months to make additional! c, , oscc , , on Saturuay „ And it was known that party t nc i UD g tissue loses is elastic-; an( j yireil R UDe assistant sec most_ Democrats ^vcrcihe has already .^ldhcrs con-j, eadcrs whiIc ursing Mr . shep-jj, y an d becomes overstrctched.! retarv .tr ea surer.' ~ " pard to run again, had alsoj] t j s usuaUy associated with j j n "addition, Mr. Munn will; the area who have urged him to make his DEC J-1partial obstruction of the bron-jcontinue serving as businesslsive landscaping. !.°™ orr ° w 0n -,,u 8 V„Jthc congressman had hintcdiand would make an announce- last Feb. 13 that his health [ment by Sunday, might not permit him to run On the Republican side, for the post he has held con-|Assemblyman Stewart Hinckley tinuously since his election in (would be considered another 1936. ' strong contender but he took And there were persistent re- himself out of the race today Alports that prominent Democrats |stating that "I am a candidate I in the county were pleading with j only for re-election as assembly- Forced Sale — Save Mr. Sheppard by telegram and man from the 73rd district." '59 Ford Galaxy and '59 T- telephone to reconsider. j Another strong Republican Bird. Both with radio, heater, j Because of the serious nature:contender could be former Red- automatic transmission, air con, of his illness which he described Hands assemblyman Jack A Feb. 29 if at aUi chial tubcs so tnat alr trapped within the lung. sion before possible.' In retiring from Congress. Mr. Sheppard. now 79. will leave a career which he started in 1936 when he ran on the Democratic ticket but as an endorsed candidate of the Townsend plan for senior citizens. At that time. Mr. Sheppard lived in Yucaipa and had re- '•Thus, air can get into the lungs readily but cannot get out easily. If this process con tinues, the lung tissue becomes like an overstretched balloon. "Its symptoms are an increasing shortness of breath, coughing, gasping and blueness will bo water available on a temporary; cIoscd tomorrow, basis to some homeowners in; Perhaps the only major ex exten-jception is the Redlands Post I Office, which will observe a isjmanager of the company and! The FAA approved Wcsternjlegal holiday with no window Joseph R. Powell will continue [Heights as a domestic supplier | service and no deliveries bj as superintendent. some years ago. jcity and rural carriers. The Western Heights Waterj The new Mariposa clement-j The city Disposal Department company, originally an irriga-iary school is in the Western | will make its normal Saturday tion water supplier to farmers Heights service area and the j morning pickups and the coun- in the Dunlap Acres area, now school district had to acquire!ty disposal sites will be open, is a major supplier of domesticllO shares to obtain an adequate) A visual reminder that tomor- ... of skin, lips and nails due to ditionin" power steering, power, 1 as "emphysema" (explained injBeaver who re'tired two ycarscently retired as owner - man-i ]ack 0 f oxygen. . . . brakes °793-3610 or 79->-6958. x a separate Facts storv). it islago and was succeeded by Mr. a 3 er of a firm wn , lc " ma £? , a ; "Usually, the symptoms are 'not expected that he will sue- Hinckley. medicinal compound from nign-j not so seV ere that they lead to Dump Fire I cumb to these entreaties. There have been strong ru- concentrated apple juice, (heart failure and death." A black column of smoke wasj At the same time, the Dcmo-jmors that he has been giving thc^ He became involved with mili-] The encyclopedia further in- clearly visible in the western cratic party is not without hope- matter serious consideration tary appropriations almost im-Scales, however, that the dan- sky about 10:30 a.m. today butifuls who have been standing in'cvcr since Mr. Shcppard's hint,mediately In his Congressional the State Division of Forcstrylthe wings for years. A ni o n g'of retirement a week ago. career and is currently the third said it was caused by a fire at I these would most certainly bel However, Mr. Beaver has ranking member of the Commit- the dump in Pigeon Pass wcstlState Senator Eugene Ni sbctjbeen in Sacramento for the past tec on Appropriations and is of Loma Linda. iof Upland who would be in theitwo days as a member of thc;chairman of the military con- imost favorable position of any ! state's Commission on Constitujstruction subcommittee on ap- Imperial Custom Drapes of Inc county's state legislators, (tional Revision and could n o t.propriations. Choose from over 3000 fabrics.; y or ne could run for Congress!be reached for comment today.! He is also dean and chairman Call now for a free estimate at |an d still retain his state senate! There are at least 10 promi-!of the California Congressional home. No obligation. 793-J279. x Cover your Yard with Blossoms Absolutely free! Tri-City Van & Storage Corp. (Mayflower), 31 W. Stuart has a gift for you of a package of the famous and beautiful "Mayflower Tree" seeds. Stop in soon. No obligation, x Met Opera Tomorrow seat should he be unsuccessful.|nent county Democrats w h 0| Delegation. ger is heart failure or a rupture of the weakened lung which can cause spontaneous collapse. Emphysema is said to be caused by chronic bronchial or sinus infections or by exposure | to such irritating factors as tobacco smoke, chemical fumes or industrial dusts. water. supply. UR team downs Stanford, move into quarter finals High school students in economy run in April Student teacher assignments revealed Students at Redlands and Yu-'plan to fellow members of noon caipa High Schools will have anJKiwanis, Dave Goldie said that .opportunity to demonstrate Verdi's "Rigoletto" will bej their driving skills April 25 , ,, , . ,„„ 0 T , , , presented tomorrow on the Met-! whcn (hc n anc ock-Mobil Econ-' from that of 1962 - Instcad of Twelve student teachers have c j )an „ c ^i received assignments in the ° Redlands school district for all GOP candidates to appear at RHS Saturday Defeating Stanford University 3-0, University of Redlands debaters now move on to quarterfinals of the National Inter- Collegiate Television debate Championships with only eight colleges remaining in the competition. Steve Parliament, UR sophomore from Riverside, and Rick West, a junior from Bacone. Ok]., will debate a University of Pacific team from Stockton on Sunday in Chicago. Beginning with the quarter-finals, all debates will be taped for showing throughout the U.S. starting in April. Still in the running for the National Championship are Har­ vard vs. Georgetown, Southwest row marks a national holiday will be provided by the placing of flags along downtown [streets by American Legion Post 106. Local stock brokerage firms were closed today in line with the New York Stock Market's observance of Washington's Missouri vs. Minnesota. North-!Birthday. The California Water east Oklahoma vs. South Caro-jand Telephone Company office Una. (was also closed today. According to Dr. Eugene Mottl-j ton, UR debate coach and American Forensic Association West Coast committeeman, the topic for the series is "Loyalty Oath for Teachers Should be Abolished." The University of Redlands was one of 16 colleges on the West Coast originally chosen to compete in the national debate championship. The series is sponsored by the American For. ensic Association and the National Educational Television Network. February birthdays marked at Redlands JHS ropolitan Opera Company's matinee and will be broadcast starling at 11 a.m. on radio M station KGBS. 1020 on the dial. Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill and Roberta Peters head cast. Want To Save Money? Then buy a new Mercury or Comet now. We'll give you the best deal of your life, if you will help us take a trip to Paris, during the big Mercury- Comet contest We'll do most anything to win! Jim Glaze Inc. x Former Addict Speaks Tino Carrisco, a former drug addict who now devotes his life to helping others, particularly in prisons, will be featured speaker at tomorrow's 7 a.m. breakfast meeting of the Redlands Christian Businessmen's committee. Mrs. Carrisco will provide special music. A 15- minute prayer session starts at 6:45. All men are invited to the meeting which will end promptly at 8 a.m. Hales Services Funeral services for Carl F. Hales were held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. Rev. Willard A. Schurr, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiated, with entombment in the Hillside Mausoleum. Pallbearers were Merril Hale, Ray Jessup, Shelby Hammond, M. H. Snowden, W. R. Derby, Edwin R. Hales, Clarence Perry and Richard Cannicott. omy Run is conducted. Again initiated by the Redlands Noon Kiwanis club, the event will also include sponsorship by the Redlands Evening and Yucaipa Kiwanis clubs. In outlining the preliminary going to Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains, the contestants will make a 134 mile loop Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 56s 72s 88s First grade 5.11 4.61 3.45 113s 138s 163s First grade 3.43 3.18 3.30 Trend: Lower. NEW YORK (UPI)-Citrus: California Navels: 3 cars, half boxes $3.65. Vital Records BIRTHS FLOOD — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Flood, 976 Second street, Calimesa, Feb. 20. 19G4. at Redlands Community hospital. DEATHS SMITH — Pied in San Bernardino, California, Feb. 20, 1964. Mrs. Ellen S. Smith, N c w York street, aged 80 years, native of San Antonio Texas, and resident of Redlands for 3 years. Deceased is survived by three sons, Eugene C. Raymond, Redlands; William H. Raymond, Santa Ana and Henry C. Raymond, Astoria Oregon, and the following brother and sister: Henry Cupples, San Diego and Mrs. Margaret Montgomery of Biloxi, Miss. Private funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel, Rev. David L. Silke of the First Baptist church officiating. Cremation will follow at Mt. View cemetery. McNEELY — Died in Redlands, Calif.. Feb. 17, 1964, Archie E. McNeely, 835 Herald street, Redlands, Calif., aged 56 years, native of Keo, Ark., and resident of Redlands for 25 years. Deceased is survived by his brothers: Robert L. McNeely, Redlands; Ira G. McNeely, Los Angeles. Funeral services will be held Monday 11:00 a.m. at the Emmerson Redlands Mortuary chapel. Rev. James Stearns, pastor of the Trinity Baptist church, officiating. Interment in Hillside Memorial Park. DORR — Died in Arvon, Calif., Feb. 20, 1964, Susan Elva Dorr, Arvon, Calif., aged 91 years, native of Massachusetts, and resident of Yucaipa for many years. Deceased is survived by her friends, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dye of Yucaipa and Miss Esther Moore of Jamaica Plains, Mass. Private funeral services will be held Sunday at the Emmer son Yucaipa Mortuary chapel. Cremation at Montecito Memor ial Park. the course will be IUKUBVUI I „ ,, , , .„ . - 1 Redlands area voters will have „- r.t r;„„i „_„.,„_'an opportunity to hear the views or part of this final semester. i . _ ... ... . ' !of three Republican candidates I At the secondary level, John| for Matc ami fe<| ora i offices at iCoufal will work with teachcrs t a meeting in Grace Mullen t« n;,. R„r r ,t„ in <i,„ <;,„ i John Solter and James Hargrave ;au ditorium at Redlands high to Big Bear City in the San ..,,,.„.„. .T.jschool tomorrow at 7:15 p.m. Bernardino mountains. , m els,llh gradC Speech 3nd baS ' C ! The Republican rally is under The course will be: startingj couri,c at Copc " !the sponsorship of the United from Redlands-Yucaipa, Mill! ^ WarrCn C ' Wood ^ Rc P ublicans ° £ California (UR Creek Canyon, Camp Angclus. Barton Flats, Bear Valley, Cushenberry grade. Lucerne Valley, Apple Valley, U.S. 66, Cajon Pass, San Bernardino, Octopus, south on Riverside Freeway to Washington street and|"'- "'^^'T \ election in the primarv. home by Barton Road. j^nce of Oral Baker in life sci- The o(hcr { J arc y Cooperating are the Redlands; cncc Three girls arrested for burglary Announcements being purchased by YHS seniors Observing the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, students at Redlands Junior High School Wednesday participated in a "college bowl" assembly in Clock Auditorium. Eighth and ninth grade students were selected to participate on the "college teams", one team being known as t h e Stars and the other as the Stripes. Master of ceremonies was John Guerrero, and eighth grade student. Students on the Stars team announcements;were Mary Wintergerst, Susan Sheriff's deputies have arrested three Redlands girls in connection with the burglary of; Graduation work with teacher Mrs. TerryjOC), according to Jim Ritchey.; a ji ent one home earlier thisiand personal cards are being|Steig. Kerry Campbell. Kay Alexandris in eighth gradei 731 "^ district council chairman. | mon t n jt was reported. jordered by seniors of Yucaipa I Moore. Lee Goodman, Sherilyn basic course and in the library! Th e three speakers will be| ' ace d 16 and 17 arc ;"igh School through WednesdayJDunklau. and Claudia Castle. Stewart Hinckley, incumbent as- 1. b ' b ' with Mrs. Helen Loge. The only senior high student teacher will be Ernest Owen who will be under the guid 'Feb. 26. trict who will be unopposed for ; I his party's nomination for re ' Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, the Automobile Club of Southern California, and Explorer Scouts. Contestants will be rated on adherence to the Motor Vehicle rules and on the gasoline economy with which they drive. An adult observer accompanies each driver. The automobiles are started at intervals of a few minutes. The run is estimated to take three and a half to four hours. Traditionally the Pet and Bike Parade is staged on the last Saturday of April which this year would be the 25th. To make way for the Economy Run the YMCA has agreed to advance the parade one week to April 18, Mr. Goldie explained. ABOUT THIS QUESTION: "As a building contrac tor, I want each building under construction to b insured against fire, wind, vandalism and so on. I also need public lia bility insurance and surety bonding. Can your agency supply all these coverages?" For answers to your in surance questions con suit Beaver, Wilcoxson & Davis, Inc., 204 E. State St., Redlands. 793-2373. Weather Jan. II . Jan. 22 . Jan. 23 . Jan. 24 _ Jan. 25 . Jan. 26 . Jan. 27 . Jan. 28 . Jan. 29 _ Jan. 30 . Jan. 31 .. Feb. 1 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. IS Feb. IB Feb. 17 Feb. IS Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 64 70 75 80 80 62 69 .... 65 64 61 61 ..... 69 SO 82 Halnfall Temp. 24 Sea- Hours son 47 .78 7.39 41 .72 8.11 34 33 35 36 36 38 38 39 40 41 ZZZ 37 40 37 41 33 40 37 40 _ 41 _ 39 .02 34 32 :a ... . 41 .03 35 40 43 50 . . 37 YHS seniors in Mt. San Jac placements Two Yucaipa High School seniors are taking part in an advanced placement program for high school students at Mt. San Jacinto College this semester. Enrolled in the course which meets each Wednesday in Beaumont are Jane Cremer, daugher of Carl Cremer, 10777 Fremont and Linda Older, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Older, 35148 Avenue B. j Dennis Wardlc and Jerry Pettis, Working on speech correction;both of whom have announced problems on a district basis!they will seek the Republican will he Pamela Crane, underjnomination for the 33rd district the tutelage of Dale Burns. [congressional seat now held by iThe Stripes team was composed of John Leon. James Fuller, (Arnold Arias. Jim MacKenzie, semblyman from the 73rd dis-i in J » ve " iIe " aU - Th ,? y " e % xhr annn „ n , pm „ nt xMrh , a cused of entering the Donald' The announcement, which was R. McKenzie home, 13S7 Tour- chosen by a student committee M„ r( inrV.- farv rrav anri malinc. between February 8 has a cap holder in which thc| Ga ° Gfa> ' 3nd and 11. | student may insert his personal; Questiol f s ;; kK , pertamc(J to Most of the loot, reported to | card. Jhc •announcements wtl jUnited states history ^ tn€ The following are elementary- student teachers. The student is listed first, then the regular teacher and the school: Barbara Davies. Mrs. Jane Corwin, Crafton; Pat Alpaugh Miss Marg Vierneisel, McKin- Iey; Gloria Olson, Mrs. Nancy King, McKinley. Kathleen Dalton, Mrs. Maurine Minnick, McKinley; Susan Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Bethell, Kimberly; Marge Atherton, Mrs. Sydney Hauser, Kimberly. Roberta Woods, Mrs. Mary- Kay Jacobs, Kimberly; Vicki Steel Lockner. Mrs. Nancy Knego, Kimberly. Chimney fire causes damage A chimney fire caused about $200 to the roof of a residence at 951 West Lugonia avenue yesterday, the Redlands Fire- department reported. The fire apparently was started by sparks from a wood stove which is vented into the chimney. The house is owned by the Redlands Farming Company and is occupied by Luis Reina. exceed $1,000, cred. has been recov- cost 17c each and the total cost; founding o{ our nation to t h e of the order must be paid at the nt time _ Teac hers who act- time of ordering Rep. Harry Sheppard who is retiring. Mr. Wardle is San Bernardino county clerk and Mr. Pettis has recently resigned from his post as vice president of Loma Lin-. da university to run for office, ter and Special Assistant to the | President during the Eisen-j hovver Administration, will speak on a series of lectures dealing with "World Peace Through World Law" at the University of Redlands under the auspices of Haynes Foundation, March 3-9. Currently Director of the World Rule of Law Center at ;Duke University and Consultant ito the State Department on I present jed as scorekeepers were George Additional information on the ] P. Scrtic, chairman of the eighth [announcements may be gotten;grade social studies department. Dr. Larson to speak at UR Dr. Arthur Larson Director: ™™ —'' '^visor,'' jj r ' s "! Rowe." Mrs7 Grace" Brown .Tnd of the World Rule of Law Ccn- Gwm Marino _ from the student committee. I Martha Gorman, Jane Cremer. ! Linda Older, Don Hocchlin, and and Robert Almgren. Other teachers who assisted with the arrangements were Mrs. Elsie Herkelrath heads Yucaipa senior class Special elections have been held at Yucaipa High School to choose officers for both the sen ior and sophomore class. Bill Herkelrath was elected;United Nations matters, he is Air restrictions due to Johnson visit Special restrictions on aircraft operations between Palm Springs and Los Angeles havej been imposed by the Federal' 'Aviation Agency in connection! 'with President Johnson's visit; Richard Wilkcrson. The assembly was under the direction of Miss Barbara Cram. president of the senior classUjdelv known as a lawver and,. ,, ... , , and will head the activities for educator as well as a former' t0 the arca tms wcekcnd ' the remainder of the year. He:Government official. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.t—— Dewey Herkelrath. 1000 Holmes.! _ . Chosen secretary-treasurer ofj OnlV OHC the sophomore class was; Heather Fleming, daughter of! RQSSenQer iCol. and Mrs. Harry Lane.j " ~ 6289 Panorama drive. CAKNIVAL By Dick Turner 8.13 8.16 "Offhand I'd say it represents your mother trying to catch one of our private conversations!" Beatle culture extends into clergy in Super G BOSTON (UPI) — R. L nearson of Wayland Thursday had four engines, two pilots, one engineer, two stewardesses and 95 seats all to himself. Eastern Air Lines said Rynearson was the 96th passenger GLENDALE, Calif. (UPI) — j to show up at National Airport The influence of the Beatles isiin Washington for an air shuttle President Johnson flew from Palm Springs to Los Angeles this morning and then back to Palm Springs in the afternoon. He will return to Los Angeles by air tomorow. In view of the President's activities, the FAA has tempor- jarily prohibited aircraft from R ..iflying below 2,000 feet in cer affecting the format of at least one church service ths Sunday. The weekly bulletin of the First Baptist Church of Glendale announces that Pastor J. Whitcomb Brougher's Sunday evening sermon topic will be "Following the Beatles"—and he will wear a Beatle wig. flight to Boston. The flight carries 93 passengers. Ten minutes after Rynearson was left standing alone on the platform, another four-engine Super G Constellation taxied to the apron to take Rynearson here. He was the only passenger on the special flight. It's not a question of whether ... It's when tain designated areas, including one mile either side of the San Bernardino freeway. The restriction will be enforced tomorrow from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Announcement of Funeral Services MRS. CARRIE L. SMITH Services 11:00 a.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. HARRY A. HILL, JR. Services 2:00 p.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. MRS. ELLEN S. SMITH Private services 2:00 p.m., Sunday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels > 221 BR00KSI0E WL • Pf 2-1411 i 703 BROOKSIDE AVEL. 793-2 *4 f .ANHUR CORTNER Announcement of Services NELSON. Mrs. Clara A. Forwarded to Brooklyn. Iowa, for Services and Burial . STRUTHERS. Lloyd D. " Requiem Mass: 10:00 a.m. Today Sacred Heart Church GUDMUNDSON, Moses S. 10:00 a.m. Today Redlands Chapel RADLOFF, Mrs. Eugenie C. 2:00 p.m. Today Redlands Chapel McNEELY. Archie E. 11:00 a.m. Monday Redlands Chapel MARSHALL. Mrs. Irene 2:00 p.m. Monday Valley Chapel Loma Linda CAMPOS, Frank Z. Rosary: 7:30 p.m. Monday Redlands Chapel Requiem Mass: 8:00 a.m. Tuesday St. Mary's Church DORR, Miss Susan Elva Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel HARMES, John Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel BUTLER, Mrs. Marjorie Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel EASTMAN, William Fred Services Pending Valley Chapel Loma Linda

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