The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 6
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THE BAKBRSFIELD CALTFORNIAN — -SATURDAY, DEJCRMBBR 19, 1908 Why Not Present Him WMi a Suit or Overcoat ior Xmas? I'.i.i-l'ul presents are l:i"M 111';-!'' elated. Mnxiie ;- ( ur lii-iii her. i'.-ither. Ipis'iaiu! <>r «-MII is just l';i.-i\>' ,-i. 'mi'; lo iri'l one "I' our hiindsiptn • stylish Suit-- '"' <>veivi!lls. Wouldn't il I"' H |>!e;iSjint .surprise. . |' ;.iitt M'lffti'd one fur bill) I'.v Vo'i;-,e|t'? ] I' the s;'e •••n't ii(,'lil nr (lie |>..!!eMi isn't exa.-ily to his liknr-', i-.'Mic liiieli with him ami we'll make it right tilt' day ,I'--M- ('tiriMiiuis. Il will In.' ;tn unusual out-of flie- . Imary ('lirisl mas pi-osent. fl'-, a -ituple mat I er to li'iy el'illii rii; a! " The llnl>. " Uoe pin-" (n .-ill. \',\ -erythiiii,' marked in plain fi : '.•nil I'lriii .-.-1:1 liny clothing here with as '• \ .-:•; in \:-, ! e> a'ld sat i.-il'ncl ion, !i> si i -' <:. \n ..' I ruiiim-".; t 'vnf'j <>n'. \V--'i-" < or IK mm GIFTS r. Sin! (' V.HF.N IN DOUBT BUY A MERCHAN- OISE ORDER WE MAKE A OP".-.MALTY OF DOYS CLOTHING S.WISEKOPF Corner 19th and I Sts. LADYBUGS ORANGES f •-• * ^tt, J> CITY BP'EFS. CUTTING CHRISTMAS TREES DYNAMITES A CABOOSE DON'T HUKT FORESTS. ON THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC STOCKTON. Iiec. Is. -\Viiulo\vs 1 lie annual < ry that 'in Chri.-uiv.a.- v •.-•;-•;• ••• v v v v v •;• v •. '••*** i ,,,,„, ,.„,,.,„, is ..luhingei-ing the for- iwere broken and the populace of Hie|"'.| lander's Father Coming. Hen W. i e,:s I- noiug the rounds'. Ask the | '' !l >' was fri-'litencd tonight at > o'clock Lawler. father ,,f l,eo,i:ii-d Lander, wlioU'i' -•: -.-t-.i,,-. K, n -e s ier IMnchot will \ ''>' tl; -I'l'^i"" "f » (lyntimili- hnmb HKhtii I'lddie Whit*- :\< i!'." Srii!'t'."i on. 1 '!' 1 ''!' imo u contract to Monday nin <!•; U Tin. i djiiniy ludyunRs. mere fragment of insect life, brotmht In an on- velo;- from Africa, were the saviors of the orange industry In California, according u> Slate Horticultural Com initcdoiier .Jeffrey, who spoke before the \l' 'I'M Club of the Klrsl CoiiKregn- toliial church last uighl. sitys the Sac- ranienio Bee. These tiny buga preyed ujtoii the white scale, which \\us (If- stnnim, the orange industry of the (.-tnii-. and so vivid was the conimis- sioii'-i • descrliition of the .itniggle ;iix:ii;, . the |»,-at thai when hi- closed In'.-, ii 'ii.irKs the club member* ph-lided Inr iii''. '• aim tit the life of bui.-u. ^;.i on Ihe subject, "Uii;;s and the }'••'•-, House." Commissioner .leffrey ,|i\.. • 1 the scheme of bug life, ox- plainii'.'.; Hiat. the liitt<-r parl of tlie Hi!, i.i' his talk referred lo the slate iiisicni-.x, on the cap:!'.! '.-.rounds, |i «!!••;(• i-clK-ficfill ill;'!':; ,1 e pi-ojiogat- ?! . . :• ' ' . . ,-te i s-.'.-.ion-!. lii explainins the itiovuiotis of na-| •-,.•• 10 guard iirUii','. --by the par-' i.•;!!•.• system. Commissionei' Jeffrey , .!.; DC tin- bnii'c asai'Hl the white MM! . vliich \va.s hitrodnci.'d into \!al- i:<-. .el from foreign latni.- not accom- P ii; ! 1 by its enemy. The pest thrived h.-:- . ,-i:\ering the trees with scale not uiiii '• snow. The depred r.lons of the V, i.i eeSt WUS l'il:-l llHllin^ tile Ol'aUgC ilir:- -;> of the stale, and il was only ;i! . thorough :nat Ihe n.i eiifinj wits erea to lie ;!- :,idybng of Africa. .-'. ;ii" difficulty was iuwdvtd In i.. .',-;:r,-.', the delicate lli-t-ots from '::. native shore. Alter several at- i. ...',i -.. live females were received in ,!•' . -i\i,|o|ie. \Vhtn l:-.!M".I o;:t in lite I-', i . building, a ^pider ia.n,,-.liatt;ly i, ,: ,-,-i..1 one and Injure'! another, 1. ,,. :..: bill three \:> bez'n the biitle til,- white hoM. Hi. the three ed r>o rapidly here that the •is ridden of Ihe orange pest t'-Mil months. I-' .-s having in:e:-te i , orchards! ti . the warring ins"(-t la a small i <)OO.lJ.It01'S AVcfietablcPrcparationfor Assimilating thcTood andRegula- tog the S tomachs and Bowels oT IM AN is ( UILDIU:N Promotes'DlgesUon.Cheerful- ncss andRcst.Contalns neilhcr Opium .Morphine tfor >liceral. NOT NARCOTIC. J\unpkm Sail ~ < t KttfMt •*.-*• - Mtt Srttt t ltS*y/-M« riartr. A perfect Remedy forConstipa- tion. Sour Stoniach.Diarrhoca, Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish- nrss and LOSS OF SLEEP. TflcSitrale Signature if NEW YORK. IHHBMMBHHBBBBBIMHHBHIIMH^HMr ICASTORIA For Infants and Children. llhe Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of in Use For Ovei Thirty Years CXACT COPY OF WRAPPER. y^m>^ff^<y8Q®8&&^^ GEELAN MILLINERY 1329 Nineteenth Street. Exclusive Millinery for Holiday Gifts niiiitiitr-; a few drops of Ice ,v nigbi v.ill be ; ,; :|,e rii,-,,i,',". '• Ch rlst mas tre,', „„(. (>C the public for- <•'''""*<' ">' : ' tl'-htyed Santa Fe freight l^'; .^ ^ M|1])| ,, 1 ,. ; . Uu . ,.,..,„„,, u l,.s An-.e.e. ,,,,,,,,il,,,,,,. and --.-...alMUat America can use, uunuul. ' r ' lin - » is evident that some tramps I ^^^ ^ ^^ ^.^ ^ R »-(U I'l-'iV" I ;.;., MJ hand when h. hid. TI.' i' iraifiiilrj. lo be ; !y, fer all eternity, without deel la.•!•- t ae e|i' -ver I Ml" N'tal |i;iestal ion fo Ull>'-h US a ! .'ii ii.i'i- MI inuh tree. Tlio Christinas crop no ll I . excluded from the freight attempted to murder Con luctor IV (1. Deyo or els ; wreck the train. The bomb was at- • , .,,.., .» Itachtd to a h.tu li:si. which was used .'. : i:nir' ib-stroys the torests than the . ..'.In-ut i nip deiroys the prairies, in I l ,,, , , , ibmiM- \v;.s bhi\\ n |u ;t:nir.s !>al'tiii: . tact (. hristmas trees aro the only'. ' . . . aleh the eomini tni- air! l»r:H,t"i"in 1 i--- t.iint; iii ( ; forest? can provide, in in JutTf been i, e!,. ,|c i. ft. Chimney Fire—Th> t'u . !• p. w<>nt w.i- .ailed out, at r.:l.'5 this '''""nil.- ities, indefinitely with ," ^amiii!; to the n-idence of Ur. Veon,;'"" '" J: "'- v ^n'sno Republican. ^^ ', ,'. | .MU K i.ireet. A bUi/.ins (hhnpey \ -."*"'" »«•! i.'.e tllini in ) anu HUB »as SOOn ' "ill of file playlllS of the, football w>? '?"« u witli Inn scarcely any ilain- -schedule. They will return this oven- 5»- 'naviiii; been diine, *jtt«nd Meeting— r f '(i:i( h ins. u:. nut when warmth i? ap| IIMII. iMly assumes a normal ciuidition. Tb' .-'• benelicial insects 41-,- propat;at- ' 1 in the state insecMary. wh'.'fe they .He Ciiptured by pliicin'i a small hot'!" nvr .1 small apertilfi- In la>' ill-ec- '.•,ry. Tiie liullt lialiirali.i a.iracls in-eels. Sct-iil castes in the nn; world, in- silne^ of t-'-rtain ins""!- m,.) many interest iim nliM-i'vat ions u!' bun life were !>v ('oniuii.s.sinner JelTrev New Mi'riviils in children's hats, l>oth patent leather and felts. Our prices are the lowest on tine millinery. Hals re- trimmed. \Ve carry complete line of Ribbons, Shapes, Trim- is mings, Veilings and Plumes. wys%)&&xxxsa8^ • ialK-eri lu i in an iiilei'esliim manner. ... .... ,ii,l Mrs. lli-4niils I see from the I'ash- Dniry \Vaiman m the local ' |ll;l , |ls „,„, ,, muis lin , mu , () ,,„ School football team left this! worn so lout; next year. for Visaliiv to attend the! Mrs. I'neurlch— r,racious! ,\fy hns- to 0,- !ll '"" ! wiil |KI ,V " "'• ' "" vor . W " : "' il ' - nowu moi'v than once or twice even arisen ,,,,,,. ciiji. ;,...,, Trilmne RORN AND THE BRIDE TRAVELED ON A HALF FARE TICKET. meetitm of the leau'i. clde (lie protests which hav •f A dispatch from El Paso * •;• says: With his 11-year old *'f •',' bride. 11. S. Hunt, left Kort <• •I- Worth for Leaven worth * •;• Kan., on a honeymoon trip. * •;• The con pit- were married at ••* •;• Stephensville. The bridegroom "'f •:• is thirty-n.e years old. The * •:• bride traveled ou a half-fare * >'.' ticket, when they left on the •> •;• honeymoon. Crowds collected * •:• around them at the- various * •;• stations. .;. A Smile All the WhUe is the expression of enjoyment of those only in good health. You have nevef seen an ailing person smile the smile that means a smile. Ghirardelli's Cocoa builds up the tissues of brain and body and aids the young and old in the enjoyment of real health, besides it pleases and delights the palate. 30 cup* of a delicious drink 25c. Aak the grocer. She fluttered with len-nv "Oh, rteareHl!' 1 she liiu i,-il, eliimiim to him. "Papa vows if -, on com.. II.TO again he will Kick ,M>". inio the middle of next week." Manly resolution t -.tu^imiie l ;:;. youth straightway. "So be it!" he cried, e\'uliin'--,ly. ''1 whall come. I've a not., fallitm due on Monday, und I »,..-• /u.~.' -.vondei-iim how 1 should ever vei l.> the elate."— Puck. E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE Because it docs not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous and injurious drugs. Because E-RU-SA CURES PILES U S Dispensatory recommends every ingredient of RRIT^JA ri...-,. '—'« mnke "false or mis-l»»' K "* siaiumunia" n crime. All old or narcotic ,,;i- ._.a-.^;,,.,» affect the brain and spinal marrow, produce constipation, never cure and are therefore illegal. B-RU-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, Cal., July 3, 1908. Dr. L. Griffin, Dear Doctor: We crrtainly can NOT conscientiously recommend or legally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or narcotic Pile medicines except upon prescriptions. Yours truly, Muller & DeMerrilt, University Pharroncy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Taylor Graduates in Pharmacy. ; Only druggists of highest standing sell and endorse E-RU-SA. HOLLY G EN M^ E HOLLY HOLLY WRATHS Roses, Carnations, Violets |' CHESTER AVENUE and Chrysanthemums. 1' NURSERY First class Nursery Stock, ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. Trees Shrubs. t Cor - * lvtu SL an<1 Chester Avo. ,,' ., fin n ,1 Ii Phone Main 745. Orders promptly nilen. J_____^_______ Union Theatre Week of December 21, 1908. For the first three nights presents the Breaming Comedy, "HIS UNCLE'S VISIT. 11 Also two New Movlns Pictures Two Illustrated SOUKS Three Vaudeville Specialties at ouch performance 1/aHt Four nights, tlie Hig Laugh Producer, "ALL MIXED UP." \l--o New Pictures. New H New ViiuJevli"! Matinee .Saturday only Prices 10c, 25e and 50c Is here Alive a 1 - 1 actire and Doing psinesi. Has a choice list of Ranch an(City iroperties for sale here and in Pasadena. Barnum nns with rn Room 25, Galtea Block, wit Hcidaj Rates \VtlCFC will yotspend do Holidays Everybdy can make Holiday Trip jSantaFe Holiday rates in effect ,'betwen all stations where one i way ^re does not exceed ten dol- / lara. .' i'ickis on sale Dec, 23-24-25-31, 1908md January 1, 1009. Limed for return Jan. 4, 1909. Let s suggest SauFrnncisco—Oakland—Berke- ley-Stoekton — Fresno •— Merced Balrsfiold—Viwdiji— -Hanford. I'lme or eall on X, J. Hudson, Agt HoIiayslRates

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