Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 3
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PMI Ihrwy Com £?sty Tiw*. ~ HotWag Mor* Simp]*, Off IMilv'.-ji f»r '. <;;•;:•». I •. t- U prut-ape out «f ir.v with Hniv. «t sun! *s;'l veihe'UKTJMV every time.' p-ffi^ L *%» IT TH*** r^*ll*Gtrniwi Vottt " low ft'* ft Good Time •* EM Your Corn*. tfii'V nil firxv tho very i*~"thny u*« w OK'l'i*.iT." If* "CJKTM-IT" Is pn Kimjilp nnd war—put It on In n few sr-c- f>ejiu*4>> tin-re In tu> work or _llrt|r to do. no pnln thnt RttlJ to your heart. It RHH your l«yotir mind. All the> time If* and then, that* little old _ rbrht nff, JeiiVf.ctlie clean. * Skin umle-rnpatK—nml vour gone! No wonder mluione 'OETO-TT". Try It tonlnht. j«TT" l«» Hold find reeotn- „ of dttjpfdstH t'Vrrywhere. 2Bc l*. or »*-m on welnt of price .wrence A Co., Chlcniro, III. j They Will be the Ones Who Foot j the Bifl Because of Eight- Hour Law,/ Former Secretary of Agriculture Wilson Attacks Strike Legislation. !.\i?',v;:v <•>>•:•[;>! inn diiv t'" th<* .•" *H|t. i'«r'T'.' liifi'-ich f*m- '-. l-n N,|*>nt \\ -.I*.-, .n :tt thf- <k'• ! rhi- r .t!\v.;'', '*! <<• h* i h-'"'!**. is .•'••!i(i..n "•' .l.ifii>-* \Vil«». for- i"' 1 !. I. "i f<sn< iiliiTro Mr. V .1- ••'••-1 i A CARNIVAL over. tllindrr-d yard' dajdi. OIT r ypnr.« of aire, tty-»hf \ard i fl year* of JIK»V tyr'ynrd dafli, *huy.M 0. |PU«»«n( School* Will Meet at Round Grove Oct. 11. rrTJi'Tisan'T "rr.rVr"TTiihivii! '«111 J I'. M?. r ! """<! (!lm '' Btfflll .j(«nif> will Li-i'Sn iifonrt'tTV' 10 fl, m , arid tli»- uporiH will hi- lii.VS ~"tl! tl.iVM !>, IK 7 and *< 7 atul >> ling brojul jump, boy* 1" years VtfT. t>rnfi ft -jmnpn ",y r-rr,—tit" n ntt of «Kf, eomi""ti" iii ihi % BtandliiK luiiiiiu hitfh Jump, mil! high jiimp, "rnt-f, IIO.VH 7, s, :», Ifl and II '<! {lire, lioyn 12 years nnd cd rin-c, tioyi* 7. Ji, 9. 10 of an*'. flUt ing nnd of iy yard iliinii, ulrlw >• i.irnt. r i ;i i - '«.\« h-l|> tri'-w-rons- ii i'J it xvf i c ;)*•! «-rf :i iiu'd ,'ifffr I.,-tod fn'l iT>')iiifv tltii! JHtmr i'»i •-. '.-. ,ts i!t>di-t; iiJ, IK- Would *'Qt\* " ''i\ )i:~'--'MM- of inf,'T<f«>"*•, or. ni'-:i<;;-ii-s .iciK,! rug thf- >Kuritry '•<••! 'hi- i !iu»'^r c.f '» .MUiliXiflit •.-• iii'i iiii.Hni; vfitn'-liiiiu: for >! s. '•• !••..!•, ins in»« tun iHil". the f«r- :»»• T-; M (.ill.I hi- t'i>n!«-l|I, •'!!;•- i< not «hn' ««-f>m« to b»* in she minds of thf- mnyi'ts oT this dln- 'iit.iiu;,,,( it' i* the higher- 1 •r i.-is«.t •• ihi> J-K-ti !vtiil rnlltvay : twn.j Mh.- .HI- thti'iUfiiihu, not tlw* 'elerk«,| ' !t;tt tl fii'-n. lum k rncn, tpl*-grfi|)lipri<. jind nfh'is v, iii) ni«» t*nid fnodcral*? w.i^i 4, i.iif tSif whose |tay i'.m" no tt., nnd i>vi?r. $200 a month. Farmer* Ar» thft Shippera 'i:u-!i! hoiti-d H day mny b« Inria; '•tiiniKh I'or. thoKci »»njtn?cd in »omp Hiii- ; » v.f <<v;i<.(iiiK work. Should thli imtni'i t «.f hrjurM twcotnr R.fiK'ral In .til <u i Mfiiti(»n.«, Uif» furni -itT'-fiutrdj the prli-f* ..f would risf still higher. ••\vh«-r«> will th* 1 nioiipy pAtne from in pay ilH'ftn lm'r»-rt!»f'H? Tlir> railway* .jij-t nn•»•«'• money from *ho i DhlfifwrA. The Irirui majority of phipiifru nr» tho i iinii-i" The board having authority f.i iii)si« IT lir,v*'r rtiti-H Knvr authority r.t't ]'»I\K ;>K» ta tnnko Incrf-aM's, »tnt- iiic^^tta thu L'ou u try - ttm L. ci'it uj 11 i o» d » did nut havi- sufficient lnconip» to in* rt'.'iHi.' fur -a few fni|doy<>», ii\- (Mii^n-CR undrr iircwnirp of tha- riii'MiiTi-iit. i» HUHiiiiliied By Hii •nhrii nil) • follow ? '•TlH' • My of N't.'W Yrrk IH now with iho lirft frullw of nrtlnn with'-iit ron.Hldcrntloii, Fifty million* ..f d(«tl;ir<< :vUI(*(i.-tu fn»lghtH mid tnrvn inT' i t>'W ititlwiiy rmnloVM, and those (ilrc'nly th" \*t>t ftniil, without jt wort! (ihn'it t M t.*--tlif fnrmorn to pay Ui« iiiib; \\'ho frtm.i'A-'tKuit to try thiH new hold u;i Kami' on coiigr«'n*i? Four mfii did If IhlK time. Opposed to Thoir Interest* •The fiiiin«>r» nrw unoruftnl*ct1, »m- In HUM a day, uhliKed to sell the product i.f their laimr at prli'^B affixed by the unliiutiy 'intliifnf'f» of min.ply-.nitd demand It Is entirely antnifonintlc 1 to their tiiterestH t» haves u *m«U group of IIH-II vtnpiijiypd by thu railway* f *J" lowi-d tsi tix itu'lr pny for carrying tlm prodiK 1 *' «>f tho country nt the coot of i he i>nnhi«et}s .'and oot)»urneri«. Th» fann'-i-M as a «|«HH " have maintained that th<<i owm>rH oMlMv ralhvtiys inuat rot lu> iilln»<-d to tnitki* u mnnop*ily .of lanymir, hut muKt jii-rrnlt th«'lr to in* HUpvrvtticd l»y ptihlic ( AnitTlra. 7lh nnd of Whltt'Hldo county,, Kth tsraden. - • >U outlhif of pumpkin, hy- -ith, fith Writing. T>Fnry"Tti7i;Tnr?Trr. id ,»tnnxn of "Octu ' Gt Ji Krartf-fC."" by 3il. ••tlrnrltv.- "ThiH , nan hoen In i'n« puolic mind for half a cttnlury. Noihing '» has occurred, in thi» uonnnitlon, XV« have had hfudntronK pro«!d«»nt» and foollHh <-«, b.ut neVor before ')uu« they with siu-h liirfjo i)o«aih!litii»H You can buy the lowest priced clothes , . * • . .'. ^*__ __ * ^ . j". : A - - • -Hffiiii ' • ;. - . fife, '' v ' ift .'i, made under our new selling plan i [gar H ERE we've used "'price" in its strictest , • ' •...-. •;.- • -i ;* >-.» '" • sense; the glamour of low figures often confuses and the fact that price albrie means •B««**«**ito**ii**M»«W Atid^dlM«iM*UHk£teMiMi& MAttMMMiirtMI«Mtoital«NMttWM* nothing is often lost sight of. It's a comparison of what you get with what it costs that de- • . . ;' f t , - ; termines the real meaning of * >.-.-• price. JN. Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes under the New Selling Wan^^ou get more value for^^ ity an^se^vicey than in a we say they are the "lowest priced", clojthesi made. When once you have worn them, you'll say so too. No sales for you to pay for. One low price the yeararound. Narrow, margins of profit for us. Big profit for you. New-Fall Suits for Young Men on, boy f»r girl, 12 ytni'r* rttul ovi-r jn'« bt'y |0f or Klrl. K, '.». 10 and. 11 10 »»tl el, ortnih of HKC. i, (1 nnd 7.y<'i<rH of t\K>*, ptr blufk, S, » «ind JO yvurnii/r n««». * i,ln overall' inntorlul, 8,' 9, 1« iltt year* of BB«-. . ; '.. • •••• . - - 1h In ovurali miiti-rlul, 12 yonr* ff, • • ' . • • rinlf tlnyi.o I.I.M! lull lull IliileM in 111- 10 yearn und over, ;-. ... Cooking. pumpkin pie. It Johnny cake. It lltfht 4-nkc, It dark t-ukv, It % duzt-ii MiiKtir ooohies. •:•- Grain and Vegetable*. bent oars of • •y*Uuw t'«yn, "~ ra^of^whl^V' corn. bent i«iirn of pop w»rn. * pumpkin, lui'KCHt }j*Bt -*-«rly potato**. bo«t lutf puUiUms. of i<alib«Ko. hi'Ht whlli* beflt e»t turnips. ; ANNUAL^SESSION- Of the Bute Charitie* Awoclation Will Bo Held «t Alton. Hpt-»nK»*«'l»l, I 1 '- S!!».~«overnor , - - Kdwtird K. Dunne pluiiM to bt< In at- teudam-e at the iinnuul m-HHion of the Mtnt« tiou to nnd h«-ld in Allwn threo ilMr«. Oct. 20. In conn«K!tl«D . the IlllnolH IWIH<>~ with thf oiiuiou for thu I'n-vi'nlion of . Tubt»r- ('ii)usin, tlm JSiute AwHoeialion of Cuun- Ty H«miS Sup^iTnTeinJi'nlH ilTrft- thji Htut« AHMiwlution of 1'robation offjqer» " VARSITY FIFTY^IVE" Hart Schafjfner newie^t and mo^t attractive jftyle, conceded to the Season^ Will lt'« lU'ld. Tho M»neral subject of "children will h« l taken u]> by various orKaniKti- tionn nt th«» ojn-ninjj m-wxion Krlday morninK und in th« afternoon, a uncial H«Tvlr«' will h<» coriHldpri'd. Tho Kem'rtU _, „ Friday nlKht will bo undrtr i!it* auMpli'fi* or tlm• rominlttwj on Mental iuid I'llyulcaI vfiloleiicy. ThiH tiub- Jt-ct will ulno ooi'upy thw attcntlMn of ih« delKuttjM ButilrUuy morninK nnd In th«, uft«ruaoh. probattan and tUtf iopltjK uf dl^ctiHNioo. The HiihJcctH will iKtttn be ttvki'ii up nt 'R inaKi* mpetlng to |>i- h«'ld Saturday nljiht,. • jLahor and foinpfitKiitlon will.jxt un- let' illH'.'.u^Hion at n nintiH mentinjf to he H'ld Hunday afteiinHiu and 'Hunday iilKht the HP.HHion will hf brought t<7 a •lom- with u projjruin or. child, welfare. • 1 Prominent workprt" in tho cutiu of pinch-back si^es in tl^ itfriJje handf omely j^3^4^I^^ Th^ iae w patterns are attracSHye—eiioiigh variance to please every ta^le. Priced at. uat__i^___. utHTrorreoUon Troiri~muny oth- notjllt'd tlui UllnoU au- "—;?»•••/•• mt w- '•/'•' f My ill-made t<>iic' contain alkuli, a harsh cl*;i.iinil whii U to dry ,'Hxl injure the hkin or lf, Restyol Snap rmitniua absii- Itiply no frr e alkali, and (Ait la added fuuthjmr* litMling ]vrs>in.t| jncd- gtlpi), whlili dctriors liaye tist-d fur |f"20 years m i renting skin troul)" , THUS it craitfttrtstcndiT skins, helps mature cfpar the conijilcx- *md fcct'p tha hair rich, lu.stmus 'free front dandruff. Suld .tt jtnd-tiiilet coijufi-r*. I toy -experimenfts. Come 1$ ma» who can and does satisfaction. Bele Hilgour Building that th«y will b«t in atlt-hd- anoe. No formal invUotlonx are I« •_ HUttd ( thfi ««««|OIIH bt'diK -open to thoHe who nr« inturwited tit the KiihjcKHH of GAS TURNED,ON Robbery And Altemptfd Murder In CM* Of 9ti Loui* MAP. SI, Irfouls, Mo., 8c-pt. 29.— Tho mystery wlUch marks thi % dlHomery i>' I'YtHlprlck 1>. JU'nm-tt of OH> -I'iiurlfw L, ('rant* UK<*m'y, IIIH-OIIHC|I>IIK in hi* r>«HHr-^ith lhi» go* turned MM,. U^^p- vtled -wlwii -H WH8 l^unwU "Mcnnett _----,11 wati jwi'ul»d ulito that IU»nnptt wu« to leave today to join hid wife and •two iliuiKhU'i'.s m ('hlougo, wh**rw iiennelt wi-iu in .Annum irotn M I<-HK illiic.s. 1 ' j Ht'iini'ti WIIH found lyinK acronii, the bed, partly dr«»*t»d, by Mr*. A. 1-J. Juliet, wlih wliutn In.' bourdtd. wht'ii Mlu> K'turacd to her home after un uh- M'lH-i' nt two days- A cloth luy on iiiti I'ui'i-. A knife w«i« found lyliiK opVn, wn ihP'wmrtfTO- Fitj~antt~a"rpv0tvrr' was on thf lied in i\liM. Join-si' room. A KU!> J^i on tin- w.UI >vttM turne I on Dennett was 'taken to n hospital, when' ho i» Ktill uiu-oiisciotis today. Holdiciy is advujH't'd by tiennctt'N luv.ihur, Han Is N*. Ueuneit, uK Ihw mo-. tlvp (ur what ho hi'llews \\iis altt'inpt- cd IDUnlcr POSTMASTER SHOT 8EUF. r.-u.u isaplds. I»IH<(, frU-jti. za.-«', F Sl;;i iiklin, UKed M, l"'Mtni:iHter ut Mii- 4toH. in-ill lu-rc, diwi from » huilet Wound inllicU'U ti> himwujf. The |m«l- iitu'i 1 fxuiiitiu-r ha« hw*n K«»IIIK oyer Hi* hm>U s, hut noihiiiK lii'^ boi-ii lUl I'oiU'i'l'HIIIK ..tlU'ir < Many other attractive young jnen's suits may be seen here priced ^|bw as |ltl A splendid assort- of yotmgme r « S13JO, $15, $16.50, $17.50 . ^ . . , ;.., M0-4 . « ,. . The newest and best Sweaters "Bradtey's, Spaulding's, New styles and im^erns m boys clothes; Best Ever ... WeberV , Men's Sweaters priced-to-$12, with fine suits with J:wo pair lined Knickers_ sortments at • 13V $5;$6.56 t $8.50 .Co. WITHDRAWS PROM RACE. l,,tii~iHK- Mit-h. K«-i*t, I'U— In tiin in* ti'MHt^if "putt/ iu«riiion>" Frank <lor» m.m of S.uul.ic unnx^inctit hi* witii- li,i\\,tt tl'olli Itif- l.i C t«'l th*' Ili-piMi'' u 1 in noinin.i.tion l">\ ~.tutt- itir.i.tiiri i. PICTURE THfATER ROiaeD. ;M in 11 IM tin I'.il.ic' T!i«'tti-i, «i I'u 'i i'ti'tuie li'jo'iti J.i it. hku l_Mii <.!'"'i, n,.,,l i.| : fix-«)Rl?S MONEY New York" ti»v*ntor Qujlty of HOSPITALS MAV BAR PENNILESS * cliy I'nitert f»tWii» ' I'luiadi'lphla. fcin iS.'Wiiwther |H i n- nilrsw fct»mrtr«« who ha^e »wjfF«»n»d a«H'i- t '*'" IS ^" fuetotic<« or «l«*where shall would IOWA'S ASSESSED, WEALTH. Mlno» f la., H*'pt. t'U.— linva'H \v»*4lth, « very .tuun, wuinan wiu child in thf ntate fl,?aa in or i»ro|H»t't>, ut'ci OPEP j be ncct*|ii«>d in dis|>»iii*iirt«i), and wher»' .' "New Y^-urkjldfijiL-_2£.--- KJwitf'l .V-L^4lui4uaauy_-lj*. cumins-toatn—fa» L,eet f ~ 4*—yisftra ma, itn invvntor,. ac- , their tivatmt-iu If; tlu»y m* uvi* cUKud, iiy^.Jfriwwitl KnutiTbuch, a w*"ll n»u« of th«» »ul>ji*i'ti> for discu kiwwn ..I.WJTW. -ur. .tovjilrf . ««»rM ,'th^ annual w »y^Uun o/ tji. Am^rU-an , BURGLAR 8HQT A POUCSMAN . l"^fa7 t *^&Ui6F& -• -• • - $10.000 on u IituSLjto 1IU<H 'XtBParu-. 1 , 11 " nil>i t<( u - lc , *r *w»«'»i»r i»:Aww*yaitiBiwi: c« iK-S 1 . i^.r»u^^.'^i!^'a6ssiaa?M AmeriVan i ""— ' " " " ""* ' t » ) » l '--'y«i " l ' r ^ «»d.«fa*iCJJ«4ii«|^ ahwVllOO.OOO from him duriuK th»l««t ;HW SJ ,,UI Awocmtlon, which bv«un.h«rr i ? IOHOL *« SHOT A PQLICCMAN. i J-wm.lfcd J«»r riBbtmi yc»r». nhiiiM «uilly to the t-tluy. Tb« <ju«>»itdn »w* l*w» much i - itts '">,!>«>• <•»' «•'»'«• - a '; A - Ta»;«" ,"»«. »ut o( iyait'tWHt aKainitt him- Uv will in-' lu^iuut over »iui ,«t vnrtain tiurt of the j f'" 1 ' * l*w»^*nutn, uu« Blu.t «m MTU.UH.- ( i.u-i Bt>Bt*tif«s4 W <»V». 8. Th« iwuximutu mi-mliersjdn is ttwid to fav»ir t«icludu>B >' w*'»nuJ<-d in n |.i«to| <|IH>I \uth ;* ~ hor»e un LTfuferbaqh W«iu b«-foi« tiu* * ' *nU *«ld that for wurly SPRINGFIELD MAN NAMED. , r .. r ... wlf0, who Ufumuilfd hum- |,sj»m«lel. of HprjutfUfW, a member of #utm, «8<M>i'tliig that tlm Ittwyt-r WHM ; u,,, Illinois mute botird t»f health. h»» of the*' inlw of I burglar ito \li«*u\i!ii'iic lobbitu a two ELOPERS ARE ARRESTED. ,*""*'• - < >»isUu»»h, \Vi«., Hei>i, i'9. " '" " ">"n, au4 Mra. Aswiiw Uviaj-f h«v» pt-cn CLOTHED HER H.USBANO. »-u»ut;ln hw%» Ironx St. L*»uls »»»a ur* iltd . rffi'l »'U Suilii; lu-t'-at the COUuty \Vtlltum Henr,»' KieaKs-r of qiesu on u ntuttMury'vhurtft'.* Tlwy ('runiwHI. fur dnou-e. Anna <J«ov- «*r of thlh «tty «>< tiiut tlK- vviiinun't* huttlmiut. "mortal "ohlhuitionw." »»• pro- !(,e«-n appouiit-d t*y tho ,.. «--iwt!k* showlnjj puymijnt* In *•«•J Kt-di-rutlon ,«f Mt»te Alfdh-ul .•e ulii'tjej tw imv'i- Uvvn, vvriiten !, !; ,!iiinul coniinltwiou on 'trtmutardign-1 third huohnnd. UveH^aiH ami. ^h^'• hu--' hy l.tx't.- , nun vf nu-diwil ctttU'gf*, ." • '«luth«ul anit ovh»Twi«»> (>rorUi>'il for him ' PAPERS ADVANCE PRICE. ! AFTER INTOXICATED 08iVERS. ; K«-n«;p«l utility man in h,i <;o«h»-n hu*- hiv^tiK^iion frwui this ultj liy PROSE THE FREIGHT RATES. Ktoux f*Hy, 25 Th And Kiou un fits , (l , j, j wide >'-inip^ij4ii t« ;iiit'!st ,nn<i ASTHMA SUFFERER lile 7t ty*» i'viUM 'fin-jrsii*'-* v '"^ a:U ' !h ''* aut "* u<lLu!l ' '^Kulntlon* In-r B'fft^ judu.v. ii due tu tin* UH.H nn-il' *" V' a;i "" "l'dn\!i« -tnd atnjM* of iien(- t harm*, of u ^iniflv hiunv U' i atin«*ni i*•»!"' '••' 'iHnitimi , ^tt'i^ntt »itd iij,ingt- of \hinuu' " •" " " ~* 1 aid >o ni.itifal foi ju\ pie^tnl Ion i S. ,-' „'• Mi^ 1 . Vi.iM )i<u!tli. atli'i *i »!•• "t >uU>''f«ut;. 1 »-.i '!i"^«' ii»nl <•! fl"- {--ni S'«!H/in«- A-,« i.Ha i; dt-fl'id Mi- \, i!,. i ii ) Musi hvli ,-_,-,-_ DEATH BURNED. Ite tiinly <.f ajust I.«f!<t lli -I te.i- her, Wl««> Uu'd Ht IU' _"i» t ii'ux j'iri'iiui si :« - vl'' ia*iu t,-> usv^i'- .il.vt i-» (it W jii. vya$ .,t,ini i!...j I'ittr We all Qn4 » food d«tl of wmfort In thinking of • thougjit v« »«ivec w« »t>o«i4 b« 8ucb'thiaWnff ,«•' we do ilwtjt "worn 8*!vea" is o»u»lly «5t)Ut (bo worst MlTM, of o •«?lonwie»« ef ib» wortt M)T«I of pfogt* ufMMy «orw»»j»^<!» . * wey. , a , ^ .•'a jjfiw* tud»y QWII Stone*, Jtcnyiptj «nt tan, YiilWw Jaundice. «t the t TrvmWe. TbouwMuU 0* owe far JJ iiy. -&t«cil n y jfth, a a»<^ v\«t) whore. s. • For . 4 * I

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