Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 2
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lUaJJW&fTHDAY, SEPT. m 1..ST6. SI^^^^ : !_.^'lltHnili^[l*i*i,f»l^ In* .(.".li ' ' '.1.' j JiljMl 1 IJM>»»««»- sssssae: f < * Hats For Smart Dresser As Usual Newest ^ Style! - argest ist!<*tr. ' Best Light Weight Soft Hats ••"•Sin Art' Cottifrtftable Durable 7 Colors . —' |2 $3 to $5 Pur new Fall Lines in- clucle everything in meri'j* wear. Make your selections early m. A.* CJark "* - : %jF *' ' • " -•*•'-, • -------.-- — "" **' " '" " ' Headquarters for Stetson Hats V, h<T !! ( 'r r'. t;v lifTrrf- r;!t -r ; f'l .'1 MORRISON BRIEFS Bui! H!(I! MK* J.-it:- T-!-.. l*, r Mrs K-l HH*«'Vr«an h-"»--' rr!>irtK-<! to j'f.f horn'. iti f .-'hl< .trio :i!'N-r vr3;' ! "'i' In r ntiifht r, A|r« John l'>lfi»jr< r. t^,».,i(.y cfrwff F» ; -Ar vr'trtrwr' R-VftT J« .".f.'.rth'f: TfTTfrflWa y ' on l!t:(#i!i»'K«. Mr i" H. i? Stinrt« i!»ft fhf fir.** ot iho >,v«-. k !'"}• !)! > h<nn" in X*- 1 , 1 . V'.jk ;tfN-r M-'-.'HlirilS !!!*•' •iiimrWT nt iho h«rri»- of h«-r parent*. Mr. and Mrs H. ,A. Hoyd. . Q,MHK Prank Mimlt<>»» w»!H !«• ,M', « Vrroll Tlmi**«?fl> f>ir n-\iRlt with rH - ft-Mvcx in thnt <• ffy. .John '.Pi-Inn Wrfftvl tn S!,"'tliliir on !ni.e- }ti< "if Thursday. Mr* K. «', Ki<*r iif riijciivill'-. !• ft Thursday fur a vipit nt ihp, ' ! " !n '' ul Iwr «on. FV.'i»ik nt .B**<>ni'in, (•> Mr.s. <". 1' «:«HMilinf mill .Mi** .Martha K<-nt?i* i ld spHit >\><iri<-.v.!ny in Clinton, Mis. Mary JTnlUn^hfiifl wf-nt to Htr^rlthg Wuirsday for <-\ few days' \i*-; Your Storage Batterv 1 V/Vil iJli\/I W^«jV HJWiiVI ¥ at32°F. I)ykt-tnn n\'f>nt («> Mt. Thuridiiy for a vl.«it with lH*-mis i Miss JJ<»lfi KIKIX vi.«tu-<1 rrf»inlK hi Bterling Thnrsslay, Airs. Pntil WtJscm r-vent with rH^uflw In <'UuU'«. .Vlrs. JIIP GAZETTE , ILLINOIS, FEIDAY, 8EPT. 29, 1916. t>\ G. Wfiriiikf! w«-nt (o business Ttiur»t!oy. Mr. and Mr«, liaymort'd l.ut*' of ry, lou'n, who have bfwn vialUfrg f«*l- ntivrn in t'Shiciisro, n ttirrU'd t<> tM« nty Tht»r«rtay ami nr Hhort timf nt llif .lutin Hick MJT». lUiljiH l«np anJ !•« nri't Mrf O. J. Aldrtiltt went fo Miss. Mru. A. K, JdPRpr wont tf> f'llnton Thursday for n fow 'lays' visit nt the home of h«'i- mother, Mr». \VtUlam [CERS MJECTED ' <»i f < '•>* • .* ''.'"*?"' .- ' •• • >unty Sunday School Attooiatlon N«w Officer* ention of the Ooun- asBoclation which : IVophetfltown Tuesday y, •was.aaJd to have &«en ygar that bai« gvor }t«,^l(*^tfec!JUnJ ««n<JKi0n .Of the tjbto <*<bm«{tne« WAK not as ' • btft «U who w*re At 'an JntereffUuff were cho»on W*d- !><>nJ«, Jordan,. Hlebcn, of h Overhctoer, Mrtretary—MJas Joo Oo- O- , «ap«rlnt»*noent MorrlMon. Mine 8npt Horns JCHqrt.—Mr*. W. D. Dot- nWy Dept—Miss Mar- Dcpt--Mrs. J. -Mo-- .—»avld f'uftiw, Training Dept. — USrllrifc A TUG OF WAR 3nUr*tti»9, Ew«nt Whi«h T«k«» Place At Hop* Coiltg* Han flronj Mt. Hope he Hollutid. to , fil* friend* in thl« city,<.tellifiK or *Ti fntormfinv event \vbkjh will . the rmturn of a tuff of tvar tb« js acroiw A nip« Stack rtvc-r, « In no vntlth or d«-|rth, nnd th<? fitrorurcnt of ir ^»k^"lmt«! 6f life ' *naiT~«in siddW. of the rivet. Tho "tutf of wor" then t&kett plivcp. tlve wtroiiK- est wurty pulling (he other throu«J» th» iflfcf to tholr »ldo. Tlw Mr*". Tt*>rt Nt'lRoti retnrn« > f1 dny front u nhwt visit wild rrii-iuls in Htr-rttng. Mrs. Arthur Khox w»-i»t to Hintim Tb'irnduy for a few day.V vlflt \*Uh liwrntim jtfru, , ^ Ttiiir'sUay from 11 vlnJt cif thf im«t few \v«K>J<8 Wieh H'lutivj'« in t'rileutfo. Mlw« Horcn<« lU'fd went to Oltt- ton Xburmlay for a visit with frli-ndn. - j\fr. iirtiJ Mm JIoivx* ami daugh- n-1- ter, CburlotU', of Ht«>r>lnK, athTH-iti -thin t»Hy- Thursday, Chui« \Vllklr>8 of NJftm. Mtnn., is vlsltitiif frJenOs In tJiiB vlclnlly. -Mr«, B. «*. KoWTtw of r.'hlcr»Bi» vlslt- , . . nl h«r brother, ftoger 3on<>H, in c-ity Thiirnday, te tntei-vht to thw |n«nil>«ra 8tat«d that . tftcftQ . Ola hands Avero already raw. the skin havli^f bwn worn oft In pm<(«o}ng. AFINE^OKLET Ph**nphl»t R«c*iv«d At Library In- t«r«»tm0 to Agrloultunil 8tud«nt» i8» A&n.a <?orconuj^iw»' Jfooelvafl at .imblie Hbrufy nevcrvtl phatniineti! out by u lttrg« clu-mlcuJ ilrni. 2 i«sc bookiot^'^jrplatn Ihe Jtur<v-caro nnd lUlt f* rr tfttti 1 thtffttT Hag Won Court* At who : ba« been PITJ- ttmft n't the to whera the «if'tt CO»T»P in thd ftttd Htartlng of suUomo- Wi- jwwi twaonk ft lawt» num- who oomi>*tea in „._ _____ R" fttici seholo.r«hin. huoilred liAvin«r hp«ii offered J>y 1 Institution. Nlnwy-ftvft wu« tho which ff._ r*ccivod ft , hut ranking aixth. JAP YEA DANCE It ft« 4fi|vtnjlr High School Qirl. ' ore whlulr h«JU w tb« mu- W: T h o r o i* »*ft>iooUiing up, in- aiifJ'inentally. Delightful fluv- IP nutriment of lituye building out !*?-,.--•.•—•fc'iT^ ^*H-^ u* a Ileason fr.ults, -oiQrarhum and sugar. cut^e, coHon, tohaoco, rr«wn>« for hay paRture. uoaAtttv, mrawberrfea. other •bettiw,''frult«is v«>g*tu.l>k'K, *tM| truck cropa aJid ehould prove both toi«re«ttng and vaiuaWw material to ttfCrJottltural and coiomcrt'Ihl KPOK- rftjlhy clajmea of the hlKto aehool. Miss Corcoran >hfls 'obtained neve,ml dup- lloat* •coplf* •'wtrtch may b« ; f<?un,d nt tho lJbrary'"»JFe.rteyer the Jnttrtiqtors or pujrtla Ot tfoth th» rural nvhool» and high nchool wish any information on, ta Th«r«<lay for a t*W dnj,"«' vlHlt at horn* of h«r »I*UT, MCH. Jttm«'s ""ilr. ntt<\ Mrs, f!. F. Janwii of T^i- K*fn«», low i», nr«- visiting nt tl»o JUUUH Jacobs When in a Discharged Condition Don't take the chance of ruining an expensive battery. ,,.#- •• * • ' Come to us and let us explain the '**{:•'' correct system of caring for batteries during the winter months. It^wiil^save you money and mater« ially lengtheh the life of your ( battery. \V**t rwturntKl. from Whitewater.- Win., wh«fe .sin- h}»« b<'i-ri vlHlltHa 7iT^-WB'?rT'Tffr8. "^. T- Tn*l«r for de iwst Btveral w«i-K», Mm. Arthur Jloft «uid daughtt-r of rhicttgo, vrlv<«<l Thur««|ay for u vl»lt <u t4w» home of hor i»ar«nt», Afr. an«l Mm. N. B^eker of tfrvlon Urovc, Llttl<* J«mi'iiht»«v .Gilbert, who J. ^W»WS«rjWhl ~ it k Net UIIVD Hot-, Inf bber, who underwent an .iiaa_ IwitOf g«it-4 *totfy wlft«n an "ite'wlUrtot he db|i» to be rt>- mt>V«»d from the hospital n'rid brought to»hle home in thlt» city thi* week aw _.».. .u.. ***;**• ' , on i/tWe pl^rha*e received Wth of .a baby daughter ttp l#i*^;*na. Mrs. j, H. ;Qa41a.luui of '"" ' "aiwae, *kloh .ocicur- .... "5fF«."(Tailahan WOB,! MlflB Kreda. Mar«l)al!, a' roa- •y»&rs ago. ident of 6 TR KNOT HEN RAILROAD flRIDQE ton? Allan., Thurttlay ojiiJ»UB»ttpCTi. f PROPHETSTOWN MEWS. \^ Tpn'»>.» , •' •'• H>r**t * < n *-'|—^ WR BEA'EFIlFMF THE rfANf) Prdphet«t»wn Will Hold a Musical and Fet% Ost. 2p to 21. Bell 74 W 120 W. 3rd St. Interstate 311 SaUi'r<a*y \\\>t . -Thin will the town. JCO-JUULO ^ROO^t OAR DC?4 trhtTiblitlr A ^.m reinfqroed with ^row rods, l« K a "roof ,%»fdenjtiver &" porllon of th* buiMinir and it will be very opc- and fete on Oct. 20 and 21. wften jgmid proh-ram, plenty to eat and a good chance to upend your money will be offered ull who will conw. counlrj' Uu»Morri*>n band will bei»rvnent «ne ilay. there \vl I be ii dunce on one *yeulfe *»d wiUi a bawdir Saturday eventiiB and the Prophetstown band on Saturday »«y- A. concert by «Uh*r band tytttl <tf »# »v«nln*. b» for tb« bene- be one of The wlurte *» fit of ,th.e,tmri(?. tyt -on the- will the, bridge, a,nd re- Ftep*fr -Furtive* At Dopot The' winter .supply ot coal baa been, put .in Bt-.thte Northvturtudn static anfl fcbe compojiy'u boiler inepaeu waA out from Chicago looklnjr over- tha'furnace Thuradaj- and tnaiOiiK the hftCjifwiry repairs In preparation for cotd weather. Mtthodiit Church _ .at »lu> ehyreh'next Sunday, io on "The Jxist Vtiilpn." Kp- wurih League devotional n&etinK at > J?- n). and evening worslilji at 7. Sermon Hiibject, ."A Partln« Word." . With the service** oi thi» day, the v««'k-0f-iHwthei" ywr ronum to; a eio»e. A #pod nuentjanee la deoircd, M. E. Churoh school an<} preuehlnK ser- ices wllJ hfe'held «t the usual hour» text §un4ay\ afternoon. All arc invited to attend o« thl» the "cioainK SabbnJh of the conference year. pottfer, pa»tor. Bapti«t Church Hiblo school.- jit 10 a. in. M at 11. /K. m- Subject. BROTHER DEAD. : Mrsf FnuiK B*Uard. of thlB place. wa« called to Ottumwa, Iowa. Wed- ne«day.inorniptif on account of the death «(U*£mtar teQthw..<*to di^rt o» Sept. 25, and wlu »*» b«ried in New "York wh*re th«y ilv«« /or. ft grout many "year«. Mra. BnUftiil is a foater, child ' for a flower jflmlen Us , »of Utt-;h*|UH<, .. mi th'e * back- itoor of tho kitchen which IB on n. level with th« ..,._.,.. $oor.' \qjhip0<»w^lnftj*in0£«ft<Pt>.y n faucet which will allow the automatically city water to he with no furtwj- worft,*)ii tht part (>f individual, tbe- Mr. Stewart wilt also t&t ' on account of the PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. fcrWL tjolwnan wife, of jUWiftiW*o. J al8<'-'' A ''«l- Crosier, of tlu< Hiim« ,t he )uj»Bf vlHiiorH In •. ahd Mrs, vi. H, (^lif- tuuttfe< ,Uwy ter find K Kan., .*«h4 -wijl* Visit thut city. Th*y r. Abruin of short • Mm* in BM«»t« in the Cowman, for «ev-< MIB8 ViO-' hi, after a visit in Vh«i hoiuu of Mr. and Mm, f8. A, Warnt*.'.returnor 'home to Cllntftn Monday i J, B, Fogwt . Wife Witti 'their ...„-_„„-,, i» t|»^ ttv * * »*w «ot. ins hcW^Wtth will l» operated by -"-••- • He iftol occupy..the C. Take a.Qlasa of iSa»s. Before Hurk or Bladder "Tlje Botharsjfou. The Amorlcttn men and women jmi*t conetahtly tttrain«t Kidney trouble, bec&ufco we : ««t ^>«> niuoh and all our food la rich. Our blood ia Jllletl with uric acid which the kl<meyu strive to Piter oul, tb?>' weaken fr«m overwork, become «lug«i«h; the «lii»}inative tlauues oloii ajid the re»ult l« kidney trouble, blftadw--w««ilui«aa and era! d«Hin# in Ix-tUtlt. When your Kidu«y» fandlv *l80 ; «. B,-v*r'ojrerty, of Jackson, 3Uinn., are jruefita Jn .tho home of r>< an\t.,M<r*.>B. JV, AVawiw-thlu v " ' Edward' gaokcr arid-wife, who iunnur I'ropliftUitowN P^ojtlt*. • anil who rocuntly-tndy<id to ft^mom, thia wuitf. t>ur uuuplu.wlll be"giad to KIIOW-an*' .Very nicely tsitttutad and Mr, Baduu;. »lkws hjN work the beet kind. He thinks that I)* han struck a good openinjur. : ,Mr. and Wr». Andrtw Nel«on altto •Mm. George R«eley, ail of Uenoseo. WMO Kuentu -in the home of Mm Anna to Hnnduy, rwturjitniy Ount-Heo' Jn 'the 'erenlnjf . • Aiieto *m«*la..S«l»wltter*i wa* n JH» . tui« u «toren in Ihe town." , Ida Olson, a winter of Carl Anderdon, Of this place, who has • been a £ue»t b) tb« home for »om,« day«. «•- IffiEGALACf !>.. *5<-pt, l".i. In iln . opinion' <>f liliih officialji- ot thr xtiit"> \ department there \* xoino dutiht UN iti Unbeatable Exterminator Rcitn.Mice and Bua» , Used the World Over - U»cd by U.S.Oovernm«nt the It'KHlity of t!i«-. confiTfiH-i- hi>ld in 'New York by HIV Ulclmrd C'rn'wford, trade ailvlnor nf .Ihe Mritihli •With IciidiiiK banlsiTK and fiit; men. This f.'irt dcvi-lopi-d todity In to ({iiestiitOM u^ to thr iti?*tnicti'in twe«?n the action of tin- <)<>ntuin ivju-j tniKHAdor In ciwferrinF With former ~ ' ' '^rttttd-Bttfc'Trr Jh* Old /?«//**/• Ttimt Never fAiia, *•/S.t.Me.Af On/opljtf* THE RECOG NIZEb STANDARO-AVOID SUBSTITUTES THIS EX-CONVICT LIED HIS WAY TO THE FRONT B£CAM£J*£AL 4hbidt of' "XiiRHOuri diiririff ttu» .ucrinun «*ubmurln<> crlnln and that of Hir Ki'-h- trrt Jn holding f-JitiffTi'iiiM-K-with hsu'k- <>r* ttiul Uu»tiM'»«» tn*«n on matu-m lii ( '< > jijj'jjyjLrray botwynp I'.r^at iirJijji n- ;i t i* l ttib 11 In- brink of tin- pit «ml kllUnl \Vli«*n tin* llnf.'i. wi'r«» ref«irraotl he ili-Mt disioii>Uiu'd for <1<-i>— '»• wliouldn't Imvo for hr« A hiifh officlnl ntut«l frankly t hut it ./ouldbp difficult lu draw a diMtiin-tlon betwetin thr^wo IrmttuiwH. It wan ro- •oallmV In thi« *roniwctlon that t.'ount •4>von liwrnntiirft 1 , tlm tli>nnnn tihibni»wul- U'iiwt by on uciMJUnt of^thu confor- and, also ttfcuUHo of hl« Hy J, \V. (('nltt'il' I'IVKH Ktaff I«HH,'«or Krl't. S9; --= An ( T S-ConTn T l vi'UTiin inmate of Urilihli priwunH, 10- or, wu»- H»y«T*«ly wiirnlnK« to Arm-rlcaim not to null on the Lu«ltaniii.. Attention \ fact that, for tho bunkers and'biinlm*n'men \vho at- Blr. Bifharil ^'rawfortl'M «*onf»»r- iit New; Yorit firf I'lthor directly .in floutin'K wl- «i!h>d todsiy tu the purl ui, U-u«t. r»r Indlri^tly "i or crt'djtn in this country «>r or vxeuutlnK munltioriM con\ he UtlieS.- !__: j. JttliLL iuiik. l:uv, ;vv< Davenport, Iowa. is report t'd to l)o recoveciiiK from an operation for gallstone*!. A tola) of I HO wtuiu'H weie removed. Six «urt?ron8 performed tlio opuration, - POSTMASTER, SHORT, 9UICIDEP. Marion, la., 8k»pl, 2!>.""A Hhortasw of , $200 in tho acoputn» of M. .S. Bhanklin. [M>HtMiiiHter jm-ro, has IKHMI diKedvertHl, It-wmr^annpunrprt^'i ^ dead man. Hlnu»l>lln uliot - _ morning, Mrs. W. A. foolldtfe, nf Otendale, Mm. (Jtuirjje ticluititt. W fttl tt»0t Of A!r». Tool- like lumps of lead.; your hurt* or th« urine is Christ." B. V, V. U. ut 6 p. Hub-1 cloudy, full -of sediment or you «r* obliged U»'»«eH relief two or (fareo times g the Might; if you suffer with hesuUiphe or \Uzzy, 1 wrvouw api-lla, n,i, ~ KvtfniAK worship at 7 p. m. jtH't "Tho Enmity of Sin." rWt>k'onu« T. H. Alarlin. Pr«»byterian Churoh -} school Ut Jo u. in. Mix. !•*• VV, t'uyn*. aupi-rifttenUcat. M*>n'H «U»^. -Morninst worship at tl a. m » 'oimnuuion wrvlc*», with ordinance ui Infant liaptisfBi-. and reception «!' m»«iber» Communion •meditation: K. "lUHiuuvlatit'u. Vif.iory" r. Today P- m. The i<a«tor Will Ii«-K»n if fvening M-rtnons »n "'i' «i)» the Mixitii in 'the l,i|«- -J ' iijti'*ishle!t»ry ftcrrnvur" irTfr- acid Mtotnaalt, or you have rheumatism when the weather ia bud, get from your phartmipiat about four ouucea of Jad taku a tablespiuuiful in a of water before brvaKfaHt for u few days and your JtWnej'H will tln-n- -net Hne, TMa ftunutta «aU«'i*s niadu frum iht acid of'grapwt and lemon Julcw. cornbinud with Uthia, ami UaJ. »>wn UMed for Kvjheratiiina to flush ami sttm- ulaie clotfifuu' kidneys;, to DIGGERS 8TRIKB U«>rt( . -2&,—i*ttirt-or- today 'by -tllt» mu- gi)j\-eiroTflent to the uuthorith's ut tlj» Cnatittrtta cemetery to .tak*< uvitioh ugainst unuiher strike. th«> moat funhionublo burying- ground in Uuenus A I row. is < % ily ctmtroJ. A* th0 city is erabarr*«8tnl the offices, tw nr* of wonoatty, rewtntly wtth- p4>r c*nt |»er month from thp of i^mpSftyea. a delieatw >yay of . tmy trithuut saying outright ~ cut. iii h*'ld that tt iuw» Htr« ! ««t flt»»tn-!ti. . |tuvt> rf«uH»'d 'in 'varloun dt«- particularly uinonu tht- in soiuc city won un<i HI oUicrs U U»*t to ray the S p»»r oent. jTiuuliy tlu- tin- Oliucuritt% vl«H»tk»ry, it wu» tin- nrid*> hi the ui'iia- »<o H iu> Is u ,Hour«e iirltattou. thus Jad jSultK |s iiif.Ypent.lvo,, cannot in iuie. luuJvBh. ji'^d niismk*. TMe \viili anil tht»rv was a terrible scandal 'P)n' rnvii won ijua-kly and t)»vy won't b«? i ut in pwy again. FARMERS OWN THE AUTOS, Mn<h.->'<t. \\ i.- ,. j^ijt- 2;t S!.t!i, ii ii»i rviutivt- tti WAS KILLED. ' , Ind., 8«p't, John <'. dio, \van alint uiul killcil at hiti'inullu'i' ht'if. ' KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT, The day IH mourned by hit* ri-gimT-nt nnd Kciilland Yard illlke us onn of - Knjt- land'tt war hemt's. With a wliolt- ll^t of oonvlc-tlonrt-'brhlnd his name lie lied hi* way into the army, -won Ihe Victoria Cross «ind ftimlly mado tho att.netn*-ni duriiiK the Hli? I'tiHh. Wtory was told here today. ' As a' tribute to the burglar- hero the \Vnr offiro 'Is shiflillnsf his. ., name, but Scttitaiul Vurd rt-mpmbers. bim of old. Ill* bunkies In Franco rocall bin? aa a hollow clu'Oked man, nightly Htopped. who to»»k llftj and dwith a« lightly jTurnniy tni-rnly miiilcd. Hhortly la tor i In- rerfivt'd \l\r> V. «'. nnit IL furloiijjh. JTIu* Loiulon •pntici> tshuok haiulM with" _hjLiji_i:lKiU'i'Aa;.__ .—— "Toihmy "Wi-nt" hack to Kranc«- an.d. over thw pitrapolH tt^uin in tin* A hu: nlu-11 kilU'iI him. u rent t'liUuiatact." Maid it 1\<« did prison acntencPM from tinu' to time by Klowcrlntf JudK*""- had no rciutlv«-K; hlw only friends, I In 'lils foravx riKaltmt the In the M'ul evading of ili'ti.etlw wlVo UMi'ii to rfiunil up tin •lend b»>ro In (h«» tikt (!((>'«, "He itrvt't' <w«-nt afti-r a Huh' Job whfii vvt- 'hud tlfiUinkH witli hitn iintl tu- playvd the game to a .llniith In wnr," WAR AGES KING ALBERT. AVUM-rliunlH. S«"pt. K!». -- Alliprt of M«'lghnn linn ago<l un- <l«r tho lufavy car<*s nnd »6rro\v«i of th«i prt-Hpnt tlnu>, nn»J hi« Iwir la l>ff,'lnuins: to turn-gi'fly," nccnrdlnK' t° tho latMfft, nfvvs frhin tin* Holjtlun front. Ml« inn^oHty mn'cr -loavoa the stniili strip of trrrllory ovi-r which tin* Hi»l-' TfliiTi~~naTf"~HTT1I ill' 1 '*, jvfrairiThjj. from riNijK in pliicuM IIL " hist m«>d;ti will luK.-om*' on«> *>f tWs tr«"a«- ures of a. crack regiment 'of l\B.hifr«._;_ Tho dead Tommy hod juft b«><Mnre- from prison when thu war , where h'ls government has UH If thi» KliiK of Knglund' or ttlent i-'oinearnr w«nt to jinm»t the broki* out. "fBhavin^ wator at nlno," ho sniil with a Kl'in ius Hit) turnkey sltvionunl tht- door behind hint the niifht b*/or« bi« n>U«asi>. "I'li; leaving «aily for tin front." • ' * "You'll toe pack .again in a month," growlfd Uu» oust* liar«U'JH'tl warden JIH iio Switched off tl«> ligUt toMlie \lw~-. Hut 'tho convict shed hi» immw and P«jJico .'record »wlth the prison and .cased by a ]»x rt'crwiline officer, j York school Hoverolim, th«>y have, to go to thlw cornt' Uie Yser, CHILDREN HAVE HEART DISEASE (Hy. .Unltud' Pre««) N«\^ York, Kept. ;'»,—-Hfuj't <|i»<'a«»s amonK school chlUlrcu ht«re is ^iyvonv^ ing u Ki^loUA.uit'iiat'ii.'-l'Jliiubllc-Jtiwiltb.,— accordinB to tig urea available-today In a rt'port by tlm. • health tlcpU.rtinent. Fifteen IhoiisntvtJ of \\\v KdO.OOO Nt*w In a few TOontns hi* wa» ankle ing through a loophole in with hi« officers for was—rt7»rtr unit couldn't S f »>*» -it-.* Buffur today ruutl " B -trr why A TIMFI V they didifr jjtrviver tlic purapvt and mix i! " 111 III,, -it, • f . JU. — HU-w.ui Hrown IM dead hero froln injuries I with thv At lust his opportunity' cmnc, The whvn automobile. uu |, u ,;. 4 ,,j mi m ni j with a howl an.i- t» burglur-Toiiuny yelled will! i;lee UH ran llrinn I'ille ft-i>m the hip, <-vcitemcnt of 'the tl«l»t )u from the •bataliion. A few iuwn city, iij.,. yi»i»t. i'M. — "J'oothachi'yanl^ away a Cerman niHchine «uii l)rou«iit' Henatiir li«?n}'v |Jl t» il'e HtaMm-w in a pil was puurinK ifeiitb iiito l'nivi»t>-lty dcnti.stry C<>||»-KO !»•«». _ the VUiU-tdnn ranks. Tommy ran !u '{'oanw fwtdK, hot water, sand, heavy marchiim and 4u»r.d beils make U n«?e««wary for tint 'boy* on tho lionlcr to Itoep Ilicir Iiowc.;l8 rt'Kular. If you """ " ttav«» a brotliwr ""-or" "fiieiitl at -tlu« front, Bciul pilm now u. l>«x of . In ( i|,,|li;*tcr'« . • CJolden ' Nut'ket Tablets,| H , t hi UK for him. lie will blo»« K iHI f(lr Hl _,, :< 4 (vnii-inhntncw. Sterling ' -wlt'fw J'<«V«'riji.gv..uid_ JH'fi'iigH" ' nun! Tht«' ill "K\«'rv .M»nnti4-j " ttlli bo conduetvrt '' He wants to .hold your trade[ and tries to sell you bm^ds he knows you will* Hk<e He ( is., always ready to rtecomi Ask Mm

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